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You know in forrest gump they say uh life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gon na get in this situation. For this video, i think more applicable would be. Life is like a prairie of kangaroos.

You never know which one's gon na kick you in the dick and uh. This is very applicable to what we are going to discuss here today, as you can see by the title and by the thumbnail, there is an individual whom i've actually never seen before. In my life i saw she followed me a couple days ago. I was like sandy krakowski.

I don't know who this person is. They've got a check mark by their name. They say: they're, uh, uh, a traitor. Full-Time they've got lots of experience, whatever they came out with probably the most disrespectful and uh flat-out stupid, tweets that i've ever seen in my life and today is as perfect an opportunity as any to just point out how silly and how stupid this is.

To. First, stop validate you and second off sort of call out dumb for what for what it is, because this is just a stupid opinion in my opinion, uh, but with that being said, let's get into this: let's not waste too much time. Let's set you some context, so where did this all start? Well, sandy krakowski replied to a tweet that i put out earlier in the day and it was this uh. This is one hell of a wild market, man so much whiplash, and this was a response to.

As you can see, this is 10 17 a.m. This is central standard time. This is in response to watching the whiplashing back and forth of every single stock in the market. Right now i've got pulled up amc.

You can see that amc went bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, there's ping pong ping pong back and forth between bullish and bearish. What one two three four five six seven different times throughout the day tried to make a decision on which direction to go. This is just amc: if you look at the spy, it actually ended up. Closing green and semi is semi bullish.

I mean this sort of bounced down off of what was a move from 414 down to 405 up to 415. is a pretty disgusting, filthy move and that's a whiplash-esque market. Well, i tweeted this out right after you saw this pop-up and then the pop down very whiplashy makes some good sense. Well, coming off of this, you had a individual, whom i just named before uh by the name of sandy krakowski.

Now sandy deleted this tweet uh. If you look back on the replies, only an infamous few will be able to say that they were there. They were there to get to witness uh the absolute uh sort of sort of uh common sense beat down that sandy had to take here and don't pay any attention to how dead my phone was, but i posted the screenshot at 11 16.. She tweeted out.

It's a kangaroo market, uh hoppity, hop hap happened. What she's, referring to by this i'm assuming, is everything's very up and down very jumpy, a bunch of retail traders with the emotional stability of a teenager who have less than two thousand dollars in their account smh. Now i don't know what you were trying to accomplish by by replying that to me i don't know if you, if you've, you know watched what i've done for any amount of time or even looked at my been on my bio fighting, to create equitable markets for All i don't know if you, if you took five seconds to do the research, but you obviously picked the wrong guy to sort of get to side with you on this. This is a pretty cold.

Take uh for many reasons. First off and probably the most important is it's very obvious whose fault this is no matter where the fed tries to shift blame, no matter where the president tries to shift blame. You have to look at things. Very simply, lots of money has been printed.

This is the ramifications of poor economic decisions that have been made by politicians that have been led by corrupt politicians and that have ultimately led to what we're staring at now, which is hyperinflation, 40-year, high inflation rates and a very aggressive fed who was a year late To the party - and i replied that i replied that very straight up, i said retail then make this mess the fed did - and this is uh so drastically important, but we can't even stop there from here. It even gets worse because not only do you have the fed sort of screwing up the way the economy is going you're putting some downwards pressure on the market, as things are, you've got a messed up market maker system. Now guys, you know this as well as i do all the apes out there have watched they've seen some of the absolutely insane moves that take place on a on a day-to-day basis, intraday basis, but this is not a healthy move. If you were to look back not that long ago, if you're, looking at a one-hour candle and and sort of look back on how the spy used to move this is astronomically different, i mean the volatility that you're watching happen.

Right now is not natural. This is not getting moved by people just buying commons, which is to be thought of as stock. This is very simply put derivatives. Derivatives have the option of insane leveraging.

You buy a deep in the money. Call you buy a deep in the money, put you're able to get that hedge for and move a ticker in either direction that you'd like pretty much instantaneously for much less up front firepower. That's, quite simply, is how you can put it, which is then taken care of by market makers. Now, what do market makers want to do? We've talked about this before they want to sell calls they want to sell, puts they want to collect premium well, what better way to collect premium than to do it on both sides of the coin, intraday open up at at 410 go up to 415 down to 405, up to 415 same day, i mean you want to guarantee a way that everybody's getting clapped, except for the institutions and the market makers.

This is the way to do it, because no one, how do you? How do you predict this? You know? How do you predict a squeeze up in an hour? A 10 move, a 10 point move in what 45 minutes 45 minutes. You went from 405 up to 415. market makers. Do this the fed? Does this retail? You tell them like sure? Okay, let's not discount the fact, if they're very, very, very conservatively, there's in my opinion, much more money in an average individual retail account than two thousand dollars.

Let's say it's two thousand two thousand dollars and you multiply that by let's just say across all the stock market, you've maybe got 20 million uh total retail investors. Well, if we were to just do some quick math, let's pull up a calculator, i'm just pulling up a random number by the way. But let's just say that there's we'll even go higher, we'll go we'll go 30 million, 30 million total retail investors, and you multiply that by 2 000. hundreds thousands, millions, billions 60 billion dollars all right 60 billion.

You want to see something up. How much money is in the derivatives market over 1 quadrillion dollars suck my ass, you goon. What are you talking about? You peon. You think that we are doing this.

There's a quadrillion dollars in the derivatives market. You think retail is the one. That's whiplashing this back and forth. Now i don't know what this percentage comes out to 30 billion dollars: 60 billion dollars, whatever it comes out to that's a fraction of a fraction of a quadrillion dollars a fraction of a fraction, and if there's any issues with retail in the least bit and there's Any problems it doesn't come from us, you know money's not doing it if anything may be a lack of education but when's the last time that a book on the stock market's been written up.

You want to look up something stock market mechanics check this out. If i want to go shopping and i want to buy a book on stock market mechanics, what you're going to find is that all this stuff is dated pretty damn far back. Nothing keeps up with the current market. Why? They don't want to teach you that the only way you can find out is by digging trying stuff out test it out.

Do some research back test things you get it wrong. You come back to the drawing board. This is the situation all right. This is the goofiest reply that i've ever seen.

If anything, if you have any merit to stand on sandy uh business and trading mentor made my first million at 30 built 18 companies. What 18 companies have you have you run i've never even heard of you regardless, regardless. If there's any likes to stand on here. The only thing that you can maybe debate is emotionality, but don't even pretend like that doesn't happen at the hedge fund level, because it does all right.

How do you explain melvin capital? How do you explain citadel? How do you explain archaic ghosts? How do you explain the people who trade with their egos thinking that money can just buy them out of any situation? Well, i guess because nine times out of ten it can. But the point still stands. I wanted to drive this home because today is the best possible day that we've had in some recent time to point out how goofy this is and how honestly uh retail investors are sort of just trying to play a game right, we're along for a ride. The market is a wild beast that is sort of got a chip in its neck that is controlled behind the scenes by composite men, who you can think of as market makers and a select few institutions.

The select few who hold the 90 of power in the game, you can do your best to try and guess it, but to say that retail causes. This is is something else and i've seen this opinion pop up five million times uh, and this seemed like a good opportunity to drive this point home, and this is how i'm gon na close off the video. All right. Retail is not the problem.

Retail's part of the solution the moment that capitalism turns into monopolism. That's when you run into a problem - and i guess history repeats itself - you watch capitalism, sort of give breed to uh these monopolies and duopolies and triopolis and whatever you want to say the way that the market currently works, but retail in this grassroots movement and what Apes stand for that is the solution. It's not the problem. I think, especially now in these crazy market circumstances, when things are wild and we're entering what appears to be a recession, it's important to be able to reground yourself in that belief, and that's my belief, my belief is that we as retail, make a difference.

We're not a part of the problem and uh, i guess that's about it. So that's what i got for this video guys. I thought that was an interesting thing to discuss uh. I am actually gon na be going live on twitch by the way i'm gon na tweet this out after i rip a jim cramer video.

You already know a jim cramer. Video is gon na go up on my other channel, but uh i'm gon na go live on twitch after i get all my stuff done and uh i'll tweet that out and we're gon na discuss market stuff. So if you want to come and hang out, it's pretty chill just an opportunity to to sit and chill and talk about whatever and that's what i got so i'll catch. You all later appreciate you tuning in much lovely taps.

By Trey

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  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars martins Sylve says:

    Afa go delete that your number from that comment way start HELLO IM TOTALLY NEW TO CRYPRO

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars martins Sylve says:

    Afa go delete that your number from that comment way start HELLO IM TOTALLY NEW TO CRYPRO

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    2. It's true that option contracts activity has increased by 35% from 2020.
    3. I see the chart on a day like today and I see an overall trend to the downside but the "buy the dip" crowd hasn't completely capitulated, yet.
    4. Be careful not to see conspiracy in market action. Yes, there are bad actors, I am sure. Yes, there is the need for reform. But it's not all a coordinated conspiracy, either.

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