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Market Correction: In this video we discuss the recent market corrections and current market climate.
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Oh god, such a nasty nasty day in the market, jesus jesus christ. That is not what you'd like to see. What is up everybody open the trades trades. We get technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders.

Opinions on these given stocks, like your preference, by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take what i say: the grain of salt. Let's get into the video today my friends and fellow beautiful gorilla gang we're gon na be looking at the nasdaq and i've got three other stocks as well. That i want to give you some affirmation on and they're gon na be microvision, agtc and synthonics. These are probably my top three favorite long-term stocks that i have in my portfolio.

That does not mean that i don't like a whammy. There's not me that i don't, like i said uh. You know a plethora of different stocks on nouveau ex-own right. I think i like excellent, just as much so maybe top four, but i'm going to talk about amc sentence and httc today, and i want to tell you guys, you know give me maybe some some affirmation in terms of what is to come with the market and Why you should not panic right now right so take that for what it is.

First thing that i want to say right: i am down insane insane amount because of the bleeding in the market. Look at this six thousand dollars. 16. Is what i'm down right now.

Of course, i've got some some cash. That's waiting to settle right. I've made some deposits throughout time throughout time, so i've actually got a total market value of 32 425 bucks. However, i gave back a lot of the gains that i made over the last month of my long term investments, but i'm not selling i'm not selling.

In fact, i'm just going to keep adding to my positions that i have in my portfolio today and yesterday have been blood baths. I've been getting smoked down, 10 and, of course part of this is you know due to rkt. You know that whole whole situation, but i was down 3 418 bucks today and 4 571 bucks the day before that. So take that for what it is right, we're in a little bit of a bloodbath of a market, and i don't short stocks.

I don't do put options right because i don't like the idea of devaluing a company in order to give myself some intrinsic money value right, but anyways be patient. That's what i want to talk about so we're looking at the nasdaq here right. What do we see if you, if you have not kept up with any of my videos in this series, we have had a massive massive sell-off. So i waited until the last minute to talk about this, because i don't like the idea of fear-mongering people about a market crash uh, rather we're having a correction right, and i know that every time i post a video like this people say trey.

This is a crash. This is a crash right. This is the pandemic crash. That is a whole different ball game.

A crash is, when you give back more of a retracement than you actually even ran up from so check this out. We ended up retracing below 100 and then up giving back more than the actual run up itself from the base of that last run up, that's a crash right! So don't don't get this out. Don't look at this twisted! This isn't a crash right. So what are we seeing in terms of the last retracement compared to this one? Well, this last retracement retraced about 38.2 percent.

The retracement before that covered pandemic was about 50, which is why i drew up that these two levels of uh support that we were looking for. We want to see a hold here and what do we end up? Getting we pushed through that level of support at 50 50. We ended up closing beneath that, so this retracement or this correction is actually going to be more than 50 marker right. I would guess i'm in my personal opinion now that we've broken, that we've got a candle wick, that that bounced off of that 61.8 percent retracement on the nasdaq, it's very possible to retest that until we get a signified bounce and bottom out.

Because i tell you what the market is really really really good at respecting technicals and it's weird how that works? It's almost like people read the charts, at least the market makers and algorithms do uh. Let me clear my throat really quick jesus yeah, who gave this guy a microphone. Look at this channel. You got ta get him out of here, but anyways.

I find it very likely that we see this retracement down to 61.8 percent right. It's possible is 100 possible. I would personally believe whether it's tomorrow, whether it's friday tacos tomorrow, is friday, whether it's friday monday tuesday right, i think you're gon na end up seeing a retracement of 61.8 percent. Now that we have broken that 50 retracement, my you know best best best case scenario.

I was hoping for a 50 retracement and a bounce, but now that we close beneath that right if we get a second candle that opens and closes beneath this 50 retracement, you better bet your money, we're going to test out this 61.8 retracement. So we are now going to add this into the equation. Here we are going to label that off because i do think that's important right and it does actually line up pretty well and close to a level of resistance in the past. So i would anticipate that you're gon na see it test that out and honestly, i'm gon na draw up a second level down here.

That's gon na give us this double top right. So we got four touch points right here at that 12 196 dollar mark on on the nasdaq, so you've got a couple different levels that this could drop down to right. We tested out that 61.8 retracement if it breaks that we've got a technical setup right here, where we've got one two, three, four, five, six seven different touch points. Eight nine different touch points right, so this is what we're looking now right.

This retracement is gon na end up being a pretty gnarly one. It's been coming down hard and the big big you know, companies have really been getting smoked, are these tech stocks and the green companies and electric vehicles? So if we just take a peek at tesla, tesla had a little bit of a bounce today towards the end of the day after hours, it's still down, but nonetheless, you guys see this getting smoked. Tesla's just been getting railed, railed real hammered right exome. This is a 60-something dollar stock.

Now it's at 31 microvision hit 24 bucks and it hit 12 today right, so the tech companies are getting really really hammered. So the pharmaceuticals i mean, look at bio nanogenomics. This was previously a 15 stock. Now at seven bucks, absolutely insane guys i mean it's.

You can't make this up agtc another biopharma stock. That's when you're getting hammered hit nine dollars at one point. Now it's back down to five bucks sensonics! This is a hybrid between a tech stock and a pharmaceutical company hammered just in a crazy downward channel right now and i'll, give you my explanation as to why why are all these stocks just getting like swacked right now? It's because this is the future. My personal belief, the market, if you want to really really capitalize on the market and where it's going to go, you want to get into innovative products.

You want to buy into technology, you want to buy into green energy, you want to buy into electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles and the equipment and technology that allows that to happen. So that's why these are really getting beat down, because you've got a little bit of. I would say not a bubble, but dipping your toes in both pawns, so you've got kind of this old, traditional style, investing where you rock with your j, your jp morgan right, your banks, your your uh, your manufacturing type companies right and you've got the second bond Over here, where you've got the technology, the green energy, you know the the the electric vehicles and you've got gas and oil over here in this sector right and you kind of dip in your toes in both these ponds. Yet we haven't quite gotten out of this pond.

We haven't quite got all the way into this pond right now, and you've got a little bit of fear right of of whether or not this is a bubble. Are we actually going to move into in transition to this technology uh this this future in technology, into microvision, into fuel cell and to plug power into clean spark into tesla? You know the hole down here, just keep going on and on and on and on right, but i think that's a little bit of fear happening right now. I think that's where this idea of a bubble comes from, and maybe it was a little bit of a bubble right, but tesla is a great example of what's going on in terms of you know a bubble, because their p e ratio is crazy. It's it's out of this world.

I mean they're, not even really a profitable company, yet look at their financials, their annual. You know look at this. I mean how much are they actually bringing home in gross profit compared to their total revenue? Almost nothing - and this just recently changed right, they're recently, starting to pull in a little more income, so keep that in the back of your mind, i think that's an important thing to talk about, so you know that's what's happening with nasdaq right now. You've got that, along with the potential for interest rates, to go up, you've got bonds that are starting to increase in value the bonds increasing in value.

That's not always a good thing to see, so you can think about it like this right. If you've got a plethora of different uh, you know investing firms, whether it be bonds, whether it be a roth ira which you know plays into the stock market uh. You know all these different things. You know interest rates, the house market right, they're all trying to compete for your investment right.

They want your money to go into the market. So what are you seeing right now with bonds, starting to go up in price? Well, you're likely seeing people pull out of the market and invest into bonds, because bonds are going up right when cryptocurrency goes up. This doesn't always go into tangent with the market unless you're talking about blockchain, but crypto sometimes does its own thing, because it's independent of the market right. So if crypto goes up, you can see the same.

Exact thing happen because that's competing for the for the american dollar or whatever dollar, right they're trying to get your money. So when these different investing you know, uh these investing platforms, offer you know, income you'll, see the market start to pull back so bonds going up. Is not good for the market? We don't like to see that honestly bonds bonds are kind of a joke to me. I think it's.

I think it's really funny. I personally would invest in bonds. It's my two cents. I i think the american dollar is a currency that will not be around forever but um.

That's what we're looking at right now so watch for this retracement. What is this going to look like well most of our stocks here today on a negative. You know 2 days about on the nasdaq were smoked. They went down a lot.

I think tesla was down. Five percent microvision was down over ten percent right. Uh we've got mara up in the after hours, but still down today, right. Every single stock just got absolutely swagged.

10. 15. 20. So i'd anticipate if it ends up dropping back down right to that original level.

Um. You know down here that 61.8 percent retracement retest, that or you know we get that retracement down to that 12 196. We've got a technical level of support right. What are we looking at? Well, this candle covered in the end about this much space, i'm just going to drop a box instead and match it up.

So, let's just scroll in and make sure we've got the right. You know size here, try and click on this. I don't know why. It's not clicking there.

We go all right, so this is what we see right. It covered about that much distance, so we're going to cover that much distance again. What is that going to look like 10, 10, 15, again right down to that level of support and then another five to ten percent right here? So you could potentially see it. Pretty gnarly bleed on your stocks right, it's it's very possible, but in long-term stocks, that's when you got to get greedy when people start to fear that is when you get greedy, you got ta, really start honing in and being patient because we're not in a short-term Game right, long-term investments, which is like 70 to 80 of my portfolio.

Personally, you got to be patient. You got to wait, you got to wait, wait, wait, wait, wait it out right because the time will come. There's there's going to be the right time for these to start moving again, corrections do not last forever, and i mean we had a much larger reason for a correction back here in my personal opinion right when we have this w this george w the nasty george W right that uh that ended up piling down you know stock price and that lasted for a long time. We had more of a reason pandemic back here.

How long did this last well? These are daily candles, so you've got one two, three, four, five, six, seven. Eight nine ten: this would have been about three weeks until we started correcting, and that was a much worse scenario there. That was a crash, a legitimate crash right now. How long has this been correcting for one two, three, four: five: six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven twelve thirteen, almost two weeks already almost two straight weeks, would actually be three weeks in the market.

We've been on this slight correction phase and i think that's why i saw youtubers talking about that. Do we have a possible correction coming up right and we ended up getting it. So that's what we're looking at. We, the last three days, have been a blood bath and there's been really slim buying opportunities, whether it be swing trading, whether it be you know, making money on long-term investments.

This has been the time to buy and that's necessarily the time to get excited about making money because we just haven't had it: it's not there so watch for that right. We're looking for that retracement! Now we're looking for a bounce of that 61.8 retracement. We broke that 50 retracement if it ends up breaking below the 61.8. We've got the technical setup with the triple top right here right at that 12 196 dollar mark on the nasdaq.

So i briefly want to touch on microvision, sensonics and agtc. These are all stocks that i hold in my portfolio, they're, all stocks, that i will hold long term, and i i was asked about this on my three hour livestream earlier this morning by a lot of people. Trey is nba as a dead cat is since sonic said, dead cat is agtc a dead cat, and i want to show you that every single one of these stocks i mean, i don't have htc in weibull, it's in my other portfolio, but uh. Every single one of these stocks, i've got a position in and i will continue to hold the position in because i see absolutely no reason to sell i'm right on every single one of these.

Every single one of these i'm read on and you could have done. Maybe done two things you could have maybe sold out your positions and re-bought them at the bottom. Then you risk the the issue of uh. Do i time out the bottom? Am i going to know when i find the bottom right or b you can dollar cost average down and take the opportunity when these, when these drop down that low to buy more, and why would i say that right? Why would i rather do that? Instead of you know, sell out of my positions and uh just buy at the bottom, because a you don't know when the bottom is actually going to come right.

We can't predict that and b look at all this extra money you could have made, and what do i mean by this check this out? Look at this correction, this correction, back when the pandemic kid actually dropped farther below than the previous level of uh of support. Right that previous base and uh, that gives you a huge opportunity to make a crap ton of money on the ride up right. So, if you're buying this whole way down all it's gon na take you is a month. You wait one month from the bottom and you're gon na be sitting so freaking dirty.

You could double your portfolio. You could 100 double it depending on your stock, triple it even who knows right, but you get my point here, my point being that the opportunities in the market will be there, so just be patient microvision, not a dead cat agcc, not a dead cat, send sonics, Not a dead cat, all three of those stocks will treat you well. You just have to be patient, especially because microvision actually has some good news right. So if we look at this um, this was updated two hours ago, microvision to announce fourth quarter.

Full year, 2020 results on march 11, 2021. So we are expecting earnings on march 11.. That should be pretty solid and we actually saw a little bit of a nice bounce when that got announced here in the market uh. Of course, we had a little bit of a bleed here in the after hours down to 1285, but you know that just shows you how terrible the market is right now, so that could be a nice catalyst, especially if the market starts.

Turning green again, you're gon na want to watch for that, because it'll be an opportunity for you to ride some short-term gains and microvision. This is a long-term stock for me, i'm in it for the buyout a minute for the long term right um, but i think it's going to continue to treat me well. So i really wish that i could give you a level this is going to bottom out at, but unfortunately it has broken every single technical level of support right. We, we are beneath every single level of support down to here right.

So now the next level is 8 28.. Are we going to hit 828? Nobody knows nobody can tell you that right because now we're out of the realm of technical analysis. What i can tell you is that the next technical level setup right since we've broken beneath this level of support right here that 1574 mark and beneath here at that 14 mark, so that break under 14 bucks was tough. That's a tough break for microvision.

Unless this is a false breakdown right, in which case we're going to come back up immediately after, but this is uh - this is part of the market correction - that's that's! 100! In so, if you want to wait until you see a nice bounce here, you want to wait until you know we're out of this uh this. This dog hound right just just, don't buy it until you see uh. This is a couple of red. A couple of green days in a row where we actually make some solid progress agtc same thing.

What are we looking at in egc in terms of his technical setup? Well, this looks like the most stupid pump and dump i've ever seen in my life, but pump and dumps usually lasts for one day. One day you see it run next day. You see a dump. We didn't see that happen.

It was a. It was like a two week, long build up to that ten dollar mark and then it's just been a slow grind down back to that five dollar mark that we're at right now. So that's what you're looking at in terms of agtc um! It's not a pump and dump. I don't think it's a dead cat and what i actually like to see is this bounce that we're getting right here off of that five dollar mark that level of support, so that that gives me a little bit of uh.

Some hope i like to see that quite a bit. This has a you know a range of 30 to 35 price targets, depending on the analysts that you talk to and actually just got. Uh dj applied genetic tech price target announced at 14 per share by stifle. So they just got a new.

You know price target from stifle 14 bucks. We should probably raise their overall. You know average analyst price target on the stock. A lot of analysts out there have good things to say about agtc.

I think it's gon na be a company that'll treat you well in the in the long term. This is a long-term hold for me right. If you're looking for an entry point, we've actually got quite a bit of price action to play with a break underneath five dollars. What are you gon na be looking at well, probably somewhere around here at uh, this level, 4.69.

You've got uh. One touch point almost two touch points, three, four, five, six right, you get the picture. So that's a nice level of support that 470 mark 469 and then sonic says the same thing right so adtc had some great news come out. They had conferences.

They went to a bunch of conferences that should have acted as a positive catalyst. Nothing good came out of it, and that's because of this crazy beat down where they're taking in the market and then centonics is no exception either right, they were. They had a little a little bit of a push here at the after hours right right when the after hours hit one up to what would appear to be about three dollars and fifteen cents bled off immediately after people were afraid. They're gon na get the rug pulled out from underneath them, so they had earnings announced today and uh.

You know: they've got their sensations holdings incorporated reports. Q4 2020 financial results, i'm wondering if that's already on here on weeble. It is not, but it will update eventually anywho, you saw some hype and then people pulled out people pulled out, and this is another example right, so companies that have positive news catalyst just getting smoked because of this terrible time in the market. So that's what you're! Looking at but microvision httc sensonics, these are the babies that i'm going to come back to i'm always going to love my girl, mavis, i'm always going to love my girl ajtc, my girl, scentsy right.

We love on the death because we know they're good companies, and this is when you really got to trust, to test your true conviction in a stock. That's when you got to trust the research you've done. That's when you got to trust the numbers that you crunch. That's when you got to trust the qualitative analysis that you've done on a stock right, the technical analysis you've done in stock doesn't really apply here, but the fundamentals still do and i've got 100 true conviction in these companies.

I i will ride these until i have a reason to believe that the fundamental value of the company has changed, and that is that is 100 truth. So if there's anything you pull away from this guys and this market correction, this crazy correction, we've been seeing this bloodbath in the market is stay true to yourself stay convicted right, do not panic sell when you are down right now. These are all unrealized losses. There are no true losses until you hit that sell button and i'm telling you what you are going to regret hitting that sell button.

And if you come back in three months from now, and you said, these stocks have all doubled or tripled, i mean microvision. To being the perfect example right, this, this correction is not gon na last. I would much rather buy a 12 bucks and run it up for a double up to 24 that sell out right now. It just makes no sense to me no sense at all, and that is what i have for the video today.

If you enjoyed it, please drop a like if it does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd, like some more content like this. Lastly, i'm going to fill in the description box down below for weebles is version 4, for the desktop great platform allows you to start trading at 4am. The pre-market views money could get two free stocks. The 100 deposit i'll receive a free stock great for the channel.

My friends and if you're, not interested that is totally fine. I appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos. I also have a link in the description box to the discord. If you want to click on that, there is a link to the patreon on the home page uh.

It will bring you over there. It's five dollars a month for the cheapest plan, join a community of great investors. Uh that'll, allow them a lot smarter than me. I'll be honest with you, so it's great to have that and then links to the merch store as well.

If you'd like to buy yourself a gorilla gang mug or some cool, some cool, merch cool t-shirt, we've got all that stuff available for you as well, and that's what i have for you guys today. Thank you for watching my friends. I will see you all next time and peace.

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