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Oh baby, are we cooking? Are we live, i'm just going to turn off slow mode. I don't think we need slow mode on with as many people as start typically hopping in here right now, boys. Oh you like that voice crack. That was solid.

Oh no f's! In the chat already gnarly, we were uh, we were on time. I think we were on time. We were pretty on time. We were good, we were pretty good weren't, we weren't, we chat.

I think that was solid. We'll give this a couple minutes for people to roll in give her a give her a few minutes. Are you doing uh chorizo super stonky kong, how you doing cold trickle, honey, horsey super show. Mr simon tres amar, mr simon, has basically patented the tray of samar.

He uh he came up with that idea and i think it's uh. It's pretty clever. I don't mind that i don't mind that uh, that treya samar, uh name - that's that's pretty clever stuff. I'm gon na make myself a little bit smaller.

I don't feel like. I have to be this big, that's good! That's good! That'll do say omar omar spin for the early birds. You want me to spin the wheel, we'll spin, the wheel when more people roll in i'll spin a wheel, we can even build one out. We can build one out for you guys, i think that'd be pretty solid, need the squeeze can't afford diesel dude gas prices right now are nuts they're naughty.

I mean it's absolutely crazy and there's an article that came out from market watch a bunch of goof balls. I mean that's just the most meatball statement that i've ever heard in my entire life coming from market watch. Let me tell you when i say i i i you got to be all sorts of disconnected. You've got yellen and you've got marketwatch, who are both completely disconnected from the average american life.

I mean it's, it's really absurd. All you got to do is look at the growth of minimum wage at the rate of growth for inflation, and you can see that that is absolutely not the case. The average american is losing dollar for dollar. Basically, over the last year as inflation has risen uh the the income - i mean it does not make they're making less money.

Their dollar goes not as far as it used to trade. Do you dislike marijuana? I i can't. I don't have an opinion on it. I am in the military notice how the v-wop glitch went away.

I saw that v-wap glitch a couple days ago. I think it was on monday because i didn't live stream yesterday, so it must have been monday but yeah. I think it did. I think it did for sure they need to find the evergrand safe house says mr m, i'm with you man hawkeye.

How are you doing i'm how you doing? How are you doing? I was about to say how i'm doing, but that would make no sense. Yo trades j.s. What do you say about 46 cents per share donkey kong? I saw i saw that he commented on a video js uh. I think his name was trey's dildo and he commented and said bro.

I was just kidding if you were just kidding. I stand by what i said. You uh that you could probably take a good joke, but if you weren't kidding, i also stand by what i said. It is what it is in case.

You missed it, js stopped it on a live stream and said amc is worth 46 cents per share and i went on a long rant talking about how i believe that to be a meatball statement, and i stand by that, whether it was a joke or not. If it was a joke, you're, probably chuckling, if it wasn't a joke uh, you might not be chuckling but either way. You know i stand by. I stand by what i said i stand by it.

Robert robinson. I appreciate that man. Thank you. Thank you.

It's me dude, it's donkey, kong, i'm glad you came in if you're js, i'm glad you're back. You already know. You know how it is. You know how it is.

Why did nickel stop trading uh? Well, i'll. Tell you exactly why nick will stop trading, because when the big boys, the banks, the institutions, the hedge funds, start losing money, and this is actually referenceable check this out, uh nickel stopped trading. Look at this. The london metal exchange has halted nickel trading until at least friday after prices searched 250 percent.

You want to know why it stopped trading, because big boys started losing that's why it stopped trading nichols. I mean we already saw this. We've seen it with amc. You saw with gamestop, you saw with a whole bunch of different names, a bunch of different companies back in january of 2021..

Nickel stopped trading because the big boys were losing that's what happens when the big boys start losing they shut things off. They let them catch. A breather they get their breath back when you're losing they say, go yourself. They say that they say guess what you made your own decision, but when these guys make their own decision they mess up really bad.

They they go short, pretty heavy on some commodities and it gets out of hand. You guys get hey check this out. We're gon na we're gon na slow things down. Let people catch their breath.

Let people get back on their feet. That's kind of what that's the way it goes. I mean we've seen it happened with nickel happy with amc, happy with game, stop happening with bed bath and beyond. Having nokia happen with blackberry, happy with lots of different names, it's wild man! That's why it stopped trading.

Stop trade: how is it fair? It's not fair! Chud, it's not fair at all, but that's i mean you. Could you don't have to have any sort of basic knowledge to see that that's what's happening, nickel stopped trading for the same reason that amc did the same reason. Gamestop did all these different things uh? It's the cool off the market in the same way like if the market was to drop. I don't know the exact percentage.

I think it's like seven percent eight percent - maybe it's ten! The market drop. Let's just say here: ten percent bam minus ten percent. You know what happened: they'd shut it off, they'd, say: guess what too much money is being lost? Let's shut it off, let's get it! Let's, let's quit it, you know they're going up too much. They shut it off.

They let people catch their breath. They let the big boys catch their breath. If you think it's to protect you, that's not the case. That's not the case.

Trey's balls glitter in the sun. I don't know if that's factual, but we'll take your word for it. I've never checked. I guess well yeah one of my thoughts on imp.

I am you know i would think uh. I would think that's not an actual stock, but it really is uh. If you think that's a troll, it's not impp is an actual stock. It's an oil stock.

Uh imp sort of bull flagged out right now. What you're looking for is a hold of this flag uh, you kind of have an upside level of support here. You've got a downside level of resistance outside of a false breakout right here, right you're, taking the overall trend you're. Looking for a breakout of this downside level of resistance, you get that you're.

Looking pretty good oil had a pullback today, and thus all oil penny stocks. Uh, in the same way had a pullback. Today, it's only unfair when all the rich people get screwed, bernie madoff yeah, that's it! That's it exactly man, that's exactly it! Well i'll! Tell you what we waited a good couple minutes for people to roll in uh before we actually get started. I'm gon na draw out the agenda for the day over here on microsoft whiteboard.

But i'd like to take a minute to talk to you guys about why. I was not live yesterday, uh because i didn't really have any explanations i didn't have any tweets. I didn't go, live on, youtube, didn't go live on twitch, i kind of just went dark for 24 hours and i think it's fair to you guys. I like to be honest, uh in whatever situation i'm in so you guys can do.

I still love you of course donkey kong. I got you baby, i got you, i got you but i like to i like to just shoot straight and yesterday man. I truth be told i just had a mental breakdown. I'm not gon na go into the details, that's not really important, but uh.

It was just a really shitty day. Man. I was in a spot where i was reflecting on the culmination of a lot of things that have kind of piled up over the last couple of months and i just needed a day to sit back and reflect on some things, uh. So that's what i did.

I took a day to reflect. You know, there's been a lot of things that we've kind of been dealing with and my problems. Man there are people out there who've got a 10 times worse. I will not minimize your guys struggles in anything that you're doing uh, but that's that's why i didn't go live so i'm gon na leave it at that uh.

I won't dig into the details of it. Things are chill we're back we're cooking with crisco, but uh. That's it, you know, that's all there was so we're back here today. Uh things are chilled.

Things are good, but i just wanted to fill you guys in before uh before we get started so uh with that being said today, as you can see by the title and by the thumbnail there's a lot of stuff, that's happened over the last 24 hours. There's a lot of stuff that's happening. I appreciate the love guys everything's chill. No, we don't i'm not worried about that.

I just want to tell you guys why i wasn't live. That's all it is uh but anyways agenda. Let's go over what i'd like to discuss for this live stream here today, right uh, the title is talking about oil and gas prices. Gas prices are way up.

So i'd like to talk about gas oil market watch as well as politicians, because you can bet your ass right if there is a way to make money on anything, politicians and people who spearhead so to speak. The country, the top one percent, the tippy top of the pyramid scheme - that is, the united states economy - that's supposed to be capitalism right, uh, they're, gon na find a way to make money on it and damn it did they do it. They sure did you already know they did uh we're gon na talk about that here, a little bit because there's some pretty cold takes from a couple of uh different parties. You've got yelling with a pretty cold take.

I want to talk about her she's from the sec. You've got market watch with a pretty cool. Take i'd like to discuss both of these cold takes uh and that'll kind of tie into this gas oil uh sort of situation. So uh we'll talk about that.

A little bit we'll talk about that we'll talk about uh amc, give you an update on that, as well as the broad market uh just roughly speaking, uh, we'll kind of tie that together. I'd also like to briefly look over mullen kind of look at what this is looking like, uh, because i'm sure there's some people out there who are watching this. Like i mentioned before, i kept kept it straight with you. I didn't get a position in mullen.

I'm not gon na be grabbing one uh, just because it's too low of a float it's a 22 million share float. I don't want to feel any sort of financial incentive from that stock uh because it is too low of a float and i feel like i could uh that's unethical. You know so i'm just not going to do it, but i'm going to touch on those three tickers here roughly today and then just let me check discord really quick, because there were some other things that i wanted yeah there it is there it is. I didn't want to forget, and tying into amc is uh another point of uh contention, which is cryptocurrency.

We're gon na talk about amc's ties to cryptocurrency, i'd like to discuss uh biden, because that is a talking point as well. You've got kenny g, the mastermind behind all that is scummy and uh he's got some ties to cryptocurrency and uh. Those are those are some of the big talking points here today. There's also two siblings that were charged for 124 million cryptocurrency fraudulents that i find to be uh fascinating that i'll, probably lightly touch on here, as we uh as we get into the live stream, i'm losing check out the uh.

The list i highlighted one for you: did you yeah it's looking really nice? Is it a discord? Yeah? Oh, let me check this out quick. Like i mentioned before guys, i uh me and alpaca he's the guy that lives with me he's my roommate. We kind of built out a a uh, a spreadsheet, it's an algorithm that that gives us the daily short exempt volume on every single ticker in the market and uh. He just pitched something to me that i'm gon na check out here just for a brief second, before we get started.

Why holy balls, what you guys want to see something whack! You guys want to see this hey chat, you! Let me know if you want to see something just stupid. That's going to make you make you go how's this possible. You want to see something just stupid. I got something just dumb for you right now.

I got something i literally just i just this is breaking news. This is breaking news before we even get into what we were going to talk about here today. You guys want to see something just dumb, uh d hill. I i just can't i can't grab it.

I feel like if i was if i was to get a position. I couldn't talk about it on my channel. I'm not gon na get him mullin, otherwise i would yeah. I saw the unusual wheels bomb, i'm actually gon na we're gon na talk about that here.

Show us check this out, so this ticker highlighted right here: ticker symbol, guilt, uh, golf, india, lima, tango check this out. We have a spreadsheet and this is uh. This updates for us daily and what this is, is a spreadsheet of short exempt volume across every single ticker in the market. If you're to scroll down this list, you see hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of different tickers right it goes all the way down the list.

You can see this. I mean it's going down to 9 000 and some change. So lots of different tickers are in this, and the way that we have this uh sort of programmed is to pitch us the highest overall short exempt volume in comparison. There's a ratio here, the total volume, as well as the overall short volume and this sticker just popped up on the list, now check this out tickets about gilt g-i-l-t.

If you're, looking at the total volume on the day for this stock weeble, has it registered at 1.7 million shares, it was green by about a half a percent which is absurd. If you actually consider the data that just came out - and this is from today. This is march 10th, uh overall short exempt volume. Now, to give you guys a brief update in case, you do not know on what short exempt volume is.

This is actually pretty nuts. I mean the way that this works is pretty freaking silly. This is a market maker mechanism. What market makers do is they make markets right? They, they are liquidity providers, which is essentially just money.

They allow things to move. So this this short exempt volume, is basically exactly what it's exactly what it sounds like. It's short, uh short sale restriction exempt, meaning that, if that ssr is on, they can short on downticks and uh, this short sale, uh short exempt volume. Sev is also uh a way that they can create synthetic shares, basically legally with the intention of returning those shares.

Six days later, right now, what we saw today in guilt is extreme amounts. I mean this is actually pretty wild. The overall volume on the day for this ticker was about 1.57 million, total shares, traded and out of that volume. Uh 95 of it was short exempt volume from market makers.

95 of the volume today was market maker volume holy. That's actually insane. Basically, what this means is. Market makers were in a position today, where they needed 1.5 million shares that they couldn't get and if they make it makes sense.

If you look at it actually because the volume on this stock, this is a 44 41 million share, float stock uh. It doesn't see a lot of volume, so if they needed shares, i mean there are options on this. There could be the potential that they had uh some options that that got hedged for maybe couldn't get hedge for that needed to be that they hedged in a specific manner and 95 percent of the volume today was short exempt volume that came directly from market makers. That's actually absurd: how would it? How is that even possible? How can you justify that? How does that make any freaking sense? I don't get that how how another interesting metric another thing to keep in mind uh! This idea was not mine right.

I didn't get this. I didn't figure this out, i'm not that smart. I got this from from true demon and what true demon does is he watches his short exempt volume uh and the last time that he saw it uh? That large was pro this isn't even as bad as mullen, but nonetheless he found that on mullen when he was back at around 50 cents and it ended up moving up to two bucks. I'm not gon na take a position in this.

It's still pretty low float. It's 41 million shares uh. However, i would keep your eye on it. I would keep your eye on this.

I find that to be a pretty fascinating piece of evidence and typically something you see with those short exempt stocks such as guilt is uh. These stocks have run down from previous ridiculous highs like if you look at mullen. This stock ran down from 16 bucks insane short exempt volume. You look at guilt.

It ran down from 22 bucks now at eight insane short exam volume i mean today you saw 95 percent of the volume being short exempt volume from market makers, which is pretty wild. I mean, if you think, about it. Guilt gi, lt should uh be renamed to guilt g-u-i-l-t because these guys should feel guilty for for what they're doing they should be labeled guilty, go in front of a judge and have to say i plead guilty for basically just being a piece of and manipulating a Stock, i don't understand how this is even green today that doesn't really even make sense, because this is absurd. I mean that's some pretty wild stuff 95 of the total volume today was short exempt and 98 of the short volume today was short exempt.

That's pretty nuts! That's interesting, to say the least, wow sorry for uh for bringing that up. I don't know if you guys wanted to see that or not, but alpaca has pitched that to me and i felt like that was uh long on guild him duncan. That's pretty funny stuff! That's funny we're always long on gilfs right who doesn't like a good. I can't even say that with a straight face, who doesn't like a good guilt baby who doesn't like a good kill, so there's that do with that information? What you will that's definitely on my watch list i'll be keeping an eye on that uh.

Nonetheless, wow, so is it a buy uh? It's got an upside right now, it's also coming up on uh a descending level of resistance. I'd keep an eye on it. I'd keep an eye on it, but nonetheless that's what i have to say about that. That's what i have to say about guilt uh that should catch your eye.

This is this is an extraordinary piece of data uh. I am certainly uh surprised to say the least at that uh that that data that we just looked at that's a lot of short exempt volume. Man, that's pretty wild. So look at tess, look at kala uh! No i'm gon na move on to what we wanted to talk about here today, but that was that was just a big piece.

A big piece to discuss was was guilt, so i'd keep your eye on it at the very least put on your watch list. Watch the price movement see kind of what happens uh and do what you got to do fend for yourself make good decisions. Like i just mentioned, i will not take a position in that. It's level float for myself.

If i do take a position anything i will. Let you guys know, is there options on guilt? There sure are, they sure, are a common denominator between guilt and mullen, and a lot of these stocks that have insane short exempt volume is they always typically seem to have options? Why? Because market makers that use short exam volume typically have to find a way to manage the options market for one reason or another, so uh, interesting, stuff, interesting to say the least. There's uh there's that piece. There's that for you there's that where's crim.

I don't know what you do. I don't know what you're talking about krim's, always here, crims, always cooking with crisco baby. Always anytime, you do the jim cramer impression. I get excited yeah.

I got you trust me bro. I got you, i got you uh. So let me get myself a diet here, we're gon na dive into what i actually want to discuss today, which is the uh the things on that whiteboard spreadsheet for you. Oh that's! Some spoiled ass milk, oh titan's, big sleepy, so gas, bad prices, dog, terrible gas prices check this out.

This is in oklahoma, gas prices near me, four dollars and ten cents, four dollars: 410. 380 399. gas prices are going absolutely nuts right now and uh. On top of this you've seen some pretty cold takes some pretty wild, takes check this out.

Uh so check this out. Let's look at this first we're going to dive into this unusual whales shared a piece of freaking nuts, crazy, crazy information, but the first guy that i'd like to talk about here is market watch and yell it. Marco watch talked about the price of gasoline. They said it isn't really at a high, a record high.

In fact, the inflation adjusted cost of driving a mile was higher for most of the past century. Now we all kind of know what the situation is uh with russia and ukraine and oil we've all seen. The the penny stocks like cei and imp, not to be confused with my pp, i am pp or i am pp they're. Obviously they say that mean it's about the same thing.

You know you get you get the idea, but anyways uh oil's been going nuts and because of that you know, you've got sanctions with oil. You've got the energy independence that the united states perhaps is trying to get into uh, and that's that's kind of made oil uh. A point of contention. I mean oil has been, has been rocketing in price.

People are talking about reaching 150 a barrel uh, which is quite expensive, and the byproduct of that is that gas prices have gone up. Well, you have this super cold, take from market watch, we're talking about gas prices, and i i don't see how you can make this argument in the slightest slightest slightest bit because uh, the americans are just kind of getting shafted. Let's just be honest here: inflation over the past 12 months has only gone up. It's only gone up despite the liars uh that go on mainstream media and say that it's gone down over the past couple of months, inflation's getting pretty good.

I mean we're mad, but it's this inflation's gon na go down. It's been going down, it's gon na get better. Well, that's not! The case i mean cpi data came out today. You saw that it was 7.9 year-over-year growth of inflation, which is a very, very high number.

I still don't think you've reached the true height of inflation, especially now uh, considering what's happening with russia and ukraine. I think that is going to only make inflation worse. So when you talk about gasoline, isn't really at a record high, i don't think the american citizen feels that way, because even if you adjust cost of inflation, the driving difference is people are not getting paid more money. People are not getting paid more money they're.

Not! I mean, let's just let's just keep this straight right: let's keep this straight right now. Let's see this in chat out of everybody in chat that has to buy gas for their vehicle. Do you feel that gas prices at four dollars uh is not affecting your bottom line? Do you feel like this is not the most you've paid for gas uh in perhaps the last 10 years? Maybe it's not the actual height of gas prices, but comparatively to how much you have in your account how much you make do you feel that way, and even still in latin, this is cheap. The cost of living in lawton is relatively cheap in comparison to the rest of the the country.

I think this is very cheap in comparison to some places in in uh california uh. Maybe florida minnesota some big cities, big cities, gas - is always more expensive. I feel like i've got it good at four bucks. I think i've got a good.

You know over six dollars a gallon here, uh most of my 40 years of life and people say that this isn't the all-time high. You know 479 in chicago seven in socal. Seven dollars in socal is nuts 550 in la 612 for pebbles uh, 704. 609.

569.. Six. I was just filled up for 70 dollars for 16 inch gallons yeah. So you guys already get this.

I mean this is this is wild and i try to think to myself. You know why. Why would marketwatch have this opinion and at the same time you had uh you had this earlier today. Yelling says that americans are in good financial shape.

In case you don't know who yellen is uh, we'll just show you guys really quick. Yelling yellen is with the treasury former fed chair, uh, apparently she's, always an economist. You know uh econ economist, whatever you want to say. However, you want to say that, but uh, i think these people, i try to think about the perspective that they have and why they would say these things.

In the first place i mean there's always some sort of bottom line. Reasoning as to why uh people would say these sort of things, and all that i can think of is two things really one of them is they know that this is a wrong opinion, but they state it anyways, because either a they're trying to get people to Believe that narrative or b they know that it's wrong, but they want to get clicks because clicks, equal engagement, engagement equals money. That's the only thing i can think of for that first possibility. The second possibility is that these guys are that out of touch.

Maybe these people are legitimately that out of touch it could be that it really could. I don't know i mean, maybe they are not out of touch, but at the end of the day i can. I can promise you one thing: the state of the economy and the state of americans because of people above us right because of the top one percent really hasn't gotten that much better and i'll. Tell you this right.

I think i'm a! I think, i'm a i'm! A pretty optimistic person i mean i try to find the good in a lot of things. I try to look for the positives and that sort of thing, but the current state of our economy is not good. That's just not good gas prices being this expensive, four dollars, five dollars, six dollars, seven dollars in some spots, you know uh, that's not good inflation at eight percent! That's not good uh! The decisions that the fed have made. That's not good the amount of money.

That's been printed in the last two years, not good it's just it's just not good right now, and that you cannot ignore facts as an economist jail and certainly should be able to recognize that the state of the economy is not good and make sure they go. I don't know if i understand it outfit of the day: dan man, it's uh, a waifu shirt and uh shorts, i'm wearing taco shorts, some good old, taco shorts. I like these. They were uh a gift from my uh, my mom.

She knows that i like to wear running shorts. So that's what i got not good. So uh, you know that's sort of a take. That's a take my my analysis of uh gas prices.

To be completely blunt, i don't, i think it's only gon na get worse. I think you're gon na look back a month or two from now at gas prices today and you're gon na wish you were paying that instead of what you're gon na be paying in a month or two, you do not see my balls. That's a bunch of bs, they were hidden buzz. Shillington says: uh trey, you are one percent.

You keep forgetting. No, i recognize right. I recognize my my situation. You know completely 100.

I know where i'm at i absolutely do. But the thing is: i'm not in a state where i can change policy that is made by the fed. I can't change the amount of money printed. I can't change the decisions made by our politicians, uh those those things are outside of my control, but what i can do is try to live within my means, recognize my roots and where i came from and uh and and try to discuss these topics so that It's out there, you know, i think, that's the most important thing that that personally, i can do i'll.

Tell you this right, uh, i'm a very simple guy. I find happiness in uh in the little things you know, i enjoy a good glass of whiskey. I enjoy a good burger uh. I like watching anime.

You know i mean you guys, see my outfit right now, i'm wearing mismatching socks, taco shorts and uh and a waifu a waifu hoodie. You know it's really the little things for me, man. You know i. I really don't do much.

I don't do much. You did not see my balls get out of here get out of here, but basically that's gas and oil, and on top of that, this is the really big groundbreaking stuff and unusual whales. I don't know how he does this. I don't know how he comes up with this stuff.

I don't know how he finds it, but this tweet, probably i'm 95 sure it's gon na go viral. This is a big big, big, big, big big big deal. This is huge. This right here is a prime example of you having your your butthole spread, open and your somebody's fist just shoves straight down it, and the ethical grounds of this to me are so bad, so bad i've talked about this.

Before. Can you control the the conflict between russia and ukraine? Absolutely not right if you're making money on that situation? That's totally i mean it's information, that's out there. I think it's a fair thing to do, but it definitely makes you raise. You know questions you raise your eyebrows, you think about it, whatever the ethicality of it is up to each individual person, but this the ethicality of this should not even be debatable check this out.

Numerous politicians purchased oil and war stocks before the invasion before the invasion of ukraine before the invasion of ukraine. Before it even happened before soldiers stepped off and anything started happening, bulls started, flying missiles started. Flying people were losing lives, politicians were buying stocks. You want to know why, because they knew what was going to happen before it happened.

Many were on committee privy to info regarding the invasion, including defense and energy. The positions they took have beat the market since november. You've got a bunch of different names here. Debbie schultz virginia fox thomas carper, robert whitman, you can see the returns they made.

64. 42. 40. 40.

38. 37. 36. 34.

34. 28.. I mean this is just absurd. You can see the spy down here has lost 9.92 percent.

All these politicians have bought stocks related in some way, shape or form to energy or war before it began now, let me say this right, maybe, statistically speaking out of these 25 30 people, one two three, four of them just got lucky. They were like you know what uh the russian ukraine situation looks kind of bad uh, i'm gon na buy. You know what actually that that's so stupid. They can't.

I don't know how you could if you're in politics, you just have to be dumb. If you're one of these politicians - and you somehow just got lucky and didn't know it's because you suck at your job and you're, just literally not paying attention anything happening in the world, every single one of these freaking people should know about what's happening, geopolitically speaking with Russian ukraine, they should they really should they really really really should so. I don't see how you can. I can't you can't even justify the lucky part.

There's no luck involved in this. This is just wrong. The weight and the gravity behind what these guys did. Is they made money, anticipating the deaths of people in ukraine? Let's not even sugarcoat this.

These guys got ahead of the ball game. They said, okay, you know what uh there's likely going to be some issues with oil. There's likely going to be some form of conflict between russia and ukraine. Let's make money on it before it happens, and they did they bought stocks related to oil and war, and they printed massive amounts of money 20 when the markets down 10 percent way before by the way way before look at the gains.

Look at this stocks included were purchased after november 1st of 2021. You know how far in advance that is, you know how far ahead of the game they were. I mean this is almost like. It was premeditated.

It makes you wonder if, if everything that happens in the market is just basically decided three four months in advance, these guys somehow knew it really makes you wonder man, i don't know these guys are just crooked. It's crazy! It's crazy! It's hard to believe. I don't know if this is interesting to you guys. I don't know if you want to hear about this, but when i look at this man it just infuriates me i mean i look at this sort of information and it makes you where's pelosi.

Uh. Maybe pelosi is watching her back a little bit here or she missed the mark. I mean we all know nancy all hail, nancy pelosi, the greatest traitor of our times forget warren buffett. Warren buffett is nothing in in the light of our lord and savior nancy pelosi.

It's just it's not even comparable, but maybe just didn't get in. I don't know, maybe she's watching her back. Maybe there's some people knock on her door. I have no idea, but at the end of the day you do have lots of other names here have just absolutely crushed it with various different names: x01.

P10 mos, eog, lmt dvn, just a crap ton of names. You know a crap ton of names who benefited directly off of war before the war happened. Wait, are you seeing the game is rigged man i'll tell you what i'll tell you what this stuff is so discouraging at times it really is like. I think i can relate to everybody here in the chat when i say at times you look at things like this and you think: how will this ever change? How can you ever fix a system like this, because what it comes down to these guys, let me tell you the top 1 of our country.

They are so well off, they're so wealthy that if they want to make people disappear, they can do it. If they want they've owned a problem to go away, they can do it, they can do it, they can pay it off. Why do you think nickel just got suspended? Why i mean it ties into the same reason that these guys can get away with making money on oil and war before it even happened. They've got enough money to make happen.

It's crazy man, it's it's! It's! It's very tough, and the optimist to me is what keeps showing up to the door. You know i like to think that that people can make a difference and nothing's guaranteed. You know i have no idea, what's gon na happen at the end of the day, but holy crap. What do you guys? Think of this? I mean drop it in the chat.

Let's have a discussion. Let's have a discussion about uh about the situation with with oil and war, because we've had a lot of cold takes and we've had. I mean this is just criminal. This this to me, should just be criminal.

These guys, literally just profited off of people dying months in advance, unusual wales. Does the lord's work man. I don't know how he comes up with this on the spot. He is so quick he's so quick education, man.

That's always the answer. Nick you're spot on the money, there is progress. Let's not get this twisted right uh. This is.

This is a good thing. This. You really should be optimistic about this. The difference between now and in two years ago, right is two years.

I don't have to write this. I don't know why i'm going to my whiteboard it's two years ago, people didn't know this stuff was happening. It wasn't being talked about you sure. As aren't gon na see this on mainstream media, you notice that, by the way you notice, when, when unusual wales went and tweeted about uh about this, the full trading report on politicians in 2021 that this wasn't talked about on mainstream media.

Instead, it was talked about on joe rogan's, podcast and uh, and some small outlets that are trying to basically get some numbers to pump that are better than the other ones. Why do you think that is? Why do you think that is i i think it's pretty simple. I think it's because they don't. They don't want this stuff out there, the politicians, the big boys, the guys who can make things disappear just like that, don't want it out there.

Well the same things. You can say here you know you can see it here too elder ring tonight, trey. Oh a fellow trey, how you doing how you doing, i think tonight's gon na be geo guesser. I think we're gon na play some geo gesture.

I actually beat elden ring. It took me probably about 70, tries to beat that final boss, but i did beat it. I started a new game, plus i've kind of been playing that casually uh on my own, but uh yeah i'll play it again. I'll play it again.

It's only criminal if it was you - and i says mike, that's exactly it man, i mean these guys just get bailouts. Nickel halton, just like that amc and gamestop back in january 2021, halted just like that they could take away whatever right of passages you have, but the the beautiful thing really is that people know what's happening now. People know people know, i mean education is really the the game changer. Here people will continue to perform bad actions and bad things until they no longer can live.

That way of life. To the point where hey you have a choice, you either change or we'll change. It for you, that's really what it comes down to and we know now people know now. Do i play warzone nah, not really, i'm not good, with uh with those open world, not open world uh battle, royale style games, not very good at it.

My uh peripheral vision's, pretty bad, but that's that's. That's uh oil, that's sort of the takeaway from that that whole situation, uh amc, spy mullin. You obviously had inflation numbers come out today. Uh.

If you look at the spy, i think that you actually witnessed uh the price in the pre-market. People probably are wondering themselves. Oh man, we had bad, we had bad inflation, i mean inflation came out. Cpi data came out, it was 7.9 year-over-year inflation, which is nasty, which means 12 months ago compared to 12 months ago, we had 7.9 increase of of inflation compared to you know back in that period of time.

So why did the market recover? Why did it bounce? Why was it only down 0.45 percent got priced in i'll? Tell you this right certainty, uncertainty. These are the two mechanisms that bulls and bears operate on. What was the uncertainty? Uncertainty was uh, hey. What is inflation going to be right? What is it? Inflation came out.

7.9 percent got priced in priced now. What's the uncertainty, there is none until until uh. The next cpi data it comes around. You've got a couple days of certainty right, which transitions over to certainty.

So once that got priced in there was not no other uncertainty. At least for the time being, in the very very short term, the daily sort of time frame, uh for the market to drop down on, so inflation came out, bam marked down uh, it got a bounce off of 420. You got another little bounce honestly. I would not be surprised uh to see the spy get some form of a bounce back up to the the top of this trend line, because it hasn't quite done it yet uh it came up there bounced back down broke beneath it, starting to bounce back up.

I think you're gon na see it come up to this red trend line and probably reject again, but we'll see i mean the volume was decently low today, uh, so that could be some form of a false sort of uh break back up high volume days on Red days and low volume days on green days are typically a sign that there could be some more selling pressure. So i think in the grand scheme of things we're not quite out of the woods yet, but i do think we're getting closer. I do think the spy is getting closer to an overall bottom and i stand by that. The uncertainties and the certainties in the market so uh be watching for that, be watching for that in the grand scheme of things.

I appreciate you too tim. Thank you. Thank you for that gasparino claps, his own butt cheeks. That sounds like like a hell of a time.

You can't you can't go wrong there! Huh! You can't go wrong there. Is there a tracking tool of politicians, investments, uh, unusual whales about the closest you can get. I think that's it. I really do i think unusual whales is the closest you're gon na get to be able to track uh what politicians are doing to make money check you manana is i mean tomorrow, i think that's what it means tomorrow, yeah yeah i'll check.

You tomorrow too uh cosmic is saying psa aaa, didn't, say: 90 float, verbiage, excluding index fund shares yeah. He said etf shares. Retail owns over 90 of 516 million issued shares on the float uh yeah. So i've talked about that.

I've talked about that cosmic. So when i say uh retail owns 90 of the float uh, excluding etfs, what that means is they own 90 of the the 512 ish million shares, excluding the float right, uh, excluding etf shares, so uh you're spot on the money. There that's exactly what he said in the earnings call. He stated almost verbatim retail owns 90 of the float excluding etfs, so that is, that is the the actual math behind uh.

The these shares. Can your mom be my mama for a day? Did she tweet something out or what did she tweet something out amc update, though right do we got ta, you want to give you guys uh a basic breakdown in terms of what we got. You guys want an old school. You guys want an old-school breakdown of amc.

Mulliner is a distraction from sin all right. James. I've got nothing against you, brother, absolutely, nothing, nothing, nothing at all right, but i'm going to talk about this because i firmly disagree. I firmly disagree in that thought process.

The market is only a distraction if you allow it to be a distraction. Now are there times in which uh market makers or hedge funds or mainstream media will use a stock to pull attention away from another stock? Absolutely absolutely, but there's actual data right, significant information. Looking at mullen, which i've gone over, there's a video about it, you can go check it out on my channel. I think the name of the video is the most blatant market manipulation.

I've ever seen right i'll, actually pull this up just so you can see really quick exactly what i'm talking about, but i'm pretty sure that uh, i uh that that's the title of the video. Let me just come back to the channel and uh check this out. Quick check it uh yeah right here, the most play market manipulation. I've ever seen watch that video, because in it you can see, there's statistical information short exempt volume that shows literally 100 of the float was shorted by market makers.

That's not that's not a distraction. That's factual, that's data, that's proven that came out from finra and as long as information is reliable from finra, that's legitimate, that's legitimate! That's not a distraction! It's information which you can act upon or you can choose not to act upon, set an opportunity. I'm sure it is one million percent right. They can both be opportunities.

At the exact same time, you can't lay on my keyboard. Buddy get up, titan was laying on the plus sign. Sometimes he does. That can send me an opportunity as well one million percent right, but they can both be opportunities.

That's what it comes down to question crim jamer thoughts on build-a-bear bbw. Well, i don't know what do you want me to tell you, but about bbw i mean we all have a good bbw every now and then build a barrel workshop fantastic. As you can see, it's going up. It's going up down 18 on the day you flip it upside down.

You can see. Build-A-Bear is doing fantastic, great news, inflation, 7.9 year-over-year! That's got to be great. For bbw bbw's gon na go up, inflation's up means. Bbw's up i mean stocks.

Go up you better buy, buy, buy, buy, buy on bbw, i'm bill the bear. You don't know why? Because i'm crim chamber, you know what you don't buy, this stock you're losing money on this thing and you just don't understand, there's an opportunity. You could've look at this. Look at the daily look at the one minute charts.

If you bought here at 14.29, you could have sold at the top at 1606 you're making money. But you don't you don't do that. You don't do that if you don't listen to crim tamer, i told you guys to buy it at 14.29 and instead what do you do? Instead? What do you do you buy it? You buy it yesterday. Eight then 1964..

I don't know why you wouldn't buy it on the one minute that was at the low of the day. I don't know why it would. I don't know why you wouldn't do it you, i wouldn't sell it at the at the high of the day. At the end of close, you guys just got ta think different.

You got ta, you got ta think with a bigger brain, but you can't because you're not grim jammer. Ah man, that's some funny stuff uh. What do i think of bbw, though bbw looks like it did pretty bad today, but there is a gap fill so i'd, be watching for an eventual gap fill once you get a sign of a bottom. A sign of a bottom is gon na.

Look like uh like this: that's a george's w i'd, be finding a double bottom uh, some form of consolidation, followed by a slight uptrend right, so you can see that it bottoms out here you get this slight uptrend, which can signal some form of a reversal. I'd watch for a neckline break. You get that right here. Here's a neckline, you see the break of the neckline and it moves up a little bit you're watching for something along those lines with this bottom right here, you're looking for a bottom, oh man, that's some good stuff, but mullen right.

Let's come back to mullen because i'm sure some people are asking questions about this right now. If you look at this on the daily uh mullen is uh. First, let's do amc. I can't just skip over amc.

We didn't even talk about this amc. Amc right now is still channel trading right. This is really boring stuff to watch volume decently low today, writers, at 25 million shares 25 million shares. You can see.

Yesterday, 39 million shares uh, it's just it's channel trading right. It's currently sitting at 15 and 32 cents down two and a half percent on the day market overall down on the day, did amc recover into the close today, however, yes, i've talked about this time and time and time and time again, uh amc right now is Trading alongside every other single etf, iwm spy, you look at the overall patterns. It is just eerily similar. Are they the exact same? No, but you get this.

This double bottom right here, followed by a move up. Yes, exact same the only difference being that amc didn't have enough strength to get back to uh new intraday highs, like the spy did right, that's really the difference or like iwm. Did it just didn't, have the same strength as these. These uh these two etfs, but at the end of the day you know that's the intraday.

It followed these these two etfs, the spy and iwm, which brings me back to what i've said time and time and time and time again, i hate it just as much as you guys do right. I really want uh amc to diverge away from these uh. These two etfs, but amc, is tied down to right now, uh the movement of the broad market, it's wild to think about right. But i've said this analogy time and time again and what you're really watching is is a wave that has crashed into every single stock.

In the market you're waiting for that wave to pass and when the wave passes, i think you're gon na get a more fair shake at what this ticker will actually do. And until that happens, you know it's it's biting time, it's biting time. Ah, but there's that uh, let me check out really quick. First, i want to see what the short exempt volume today was on mullen, so i'm gon na control, f, this bad boy uh and i'm gon na search in mullen and we'll see what this looks like.

Not crazy, it was four percent, so the short exam volume today was four percent of the overall volume traded. So not a crazy amount. Uh, the big amount of volume actually came from the uh march first march. First was the day that you saw this.

Oh, i got ta come back to mullen uh march. First was the day that you saw this move down. That was the day in which you saw the entire float short exempted uh and i don't know if it was taken care of. Yet if you go one two, three four five six days out, it doesn't look like they bought 22 million shares right.

You don't even have that much i mean you have had that much volume, but i don't know how they could disguise that i mean 22 million shares of straight buying pressure. It's possible right. There is a possibility, let's just poke a hole in the theory here. Mullen.

Could have seen that covering because there is heavy volume i mean you are seeing 100 million plus volume pretty much every single day, except for today there was 83 million uh, so that could have gotten settled and caught up in this mess. But it'd be really surprising to me for them to cover that up without also having to push the price back down with some sort of short interest, and you look at the overall ortex data for this stock, which is based on 85 of the exchange reported data. The other 15 deriving from uh friend to friend, exchanges right. So if a bank lends to a bank uh hedge fund lends to a hedge fund, a ceo lends to a ceo that will not be reported, but nonetheless uh it's at 16.77.

Current short interest of free float, you can see a huge uptick right here that cost to borrow decently low uh. You can see security lending volume, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy high, and you can only imagine why that is. You can only imagine right. You can only imagine what this uptick is from uh.

I i personally believe that the people in mullen right now uh are still there. I personally believe that it is on a downtick right. You look at the hourly. I think this is probably the most useful information you can see that it's wedged out and i think, a level to watch for no straight honesty, not floating your boat, just keeping it real as if it breaks this ascending trend line, it breaks this descending trend line.

I think you can watch this crack down uh back to that 50 60. 70 cents range so watch for that right, uh from a technical perspective that is uh really what you're watching descending level. One two three touch points. One two three touch points in the meantime.

You do still have uh this demand zone right about here and you've got this one right about here, but you can see that it's sort of hovering around uh right now, you're looking for some form of a bounce off of that to hopefully come up and break That downside level of resistance, so uh watch for it it's this month or it's never lou man. I saw tmi's video about lou and i know his his name. I i'm probably gon na get a bunch of people in chat right now, they're gon na come and rail me and that's fine, you do what you got to do, but i i just like i take what he says with a very large grain of salt. Now, if lou is valuable to you, that's what's important right.

If you find value in what he says, he entertains you. He tells you a story. He keeps you going whatever i'm not taking that away from you. Watch lou uh, that's great! That's fantastic! But myself lou tmi matt coors any youtuber any guy on the internet.

They should not be dictating what you do on a day-to-day basis. You should you should be doing that for yourself. You know, i think, at the end of the day, lou is uh, a guy who, who has gotten some things right, he's gotten some things wrong, he's got he's got trust me. Trust me bro, ask information uh and because of that you know, just got ta take what he says with a grain of salt uh.

I think pretty much everything he says with a very large grain of salt. Has he got some stuff right absolutely. Has he gotten some stuff wrong, absolutely uh, i i i just i don't care about him, i'm just being honest with you the last time i thought about that. Guy seriously was when he made that video about uh dwayne, the rock johnson he exposed me.

He exposed my beautiful big freaking 18-inch monster that sits on my desk and i got a good chuckle out of that that was about. I was about the most that louis ever made me laugh my entire life, and for that i'm actually thankful, because that was a funny moment. I will. I will always look back on that and think.

Oh man, that was some good times that was hilarious stuff. That was hilarious stuff. That was some good stuff. Now, let's keep it respectful man, let's keep it respectful at the end of the day, he's just the guy he's a guy like you and me i uh, i'm just not i just don't he does his own thing.

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