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MVIS Stock Analysis: MVIS (Microvision) is a lidar technology based company with ties in the U.S. Army aviation sector, having IVAS technologies in U.S. aviation pilots kevlar helmets. In this MVIS Stock Analysis video, we discuss and analyze the daily price action from a macroscopic and microscopic point of view. We also establish MVIS stock's near and far side support and resistance levels, analyze the VWMA (volume-weighted moving average), EMA (Exponential Moving Average), RSI indicators, overall volume trends, and future price action possibilities, both bearish and bullish.

Follow along on the MVIS playlist to keep up to date with all microvision stock news and release.

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You can't make this stuff up. Yes, let's go. I've been waiting for this for so freaking long guys, i'm so pumped. What is up? Everybody welcome to trace trades.

We do a technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these. Given stocks, like your profits by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take what i say with a grain of salt. Let's get into the video today we're gon na be giving you guys the most filthy disgusting update that i could possibly ask for on ticker symbol. Mvis microvision incorporated my friends, my family.

Oh my gosh. I've been waiting so long for this to happen, because i know what the value of the company is, and we finally are seeing it come to fruition here very excited to talk to you about this today, we're gon na look at the fundamentals: the why? Why should you care about this company? Why should you care about microvision? Why do i think it's a long-term hold? I do have a position in this company over at fidelity, which is in the process of being transferred over here to weeble at this moment, being a really big pain in my butt. But it will eventually come to fruition and then we're going to look at the the recent news sources right, which are why we're seeing this huge push right now, huge news. Article came out here today and then the meat potatoes, which is the charting right.

So we're gon na look at this on the one month chart as well as the one day one minute chart to get both a macroscopic and microscopic perspective of the price action. I've got a couple. Different indicators pulled up right: we've got the rsi, which is a relative strength index anything over 70's overbought. Anything under 30 is oversold.

It's an idea of how bullish or bearish something is gives you an idea of momentum of buying pressure right. Then i've got the 200 dma, which is this purple trend line and the 15 day ma, which is this blue trend line? The 200 ema is the exponential moving average. This is a price action based valuation trend line over a 200-day moving period, which gives you an idea of the macroscopic trend, uh price action right then, we've got the 15-day ma, which is the moving average. This gives you an idea of the price action based valuation trend line over 15 day moving period or the microscopic price action on a stock.

We use these side by side, so we can get an idea of potential breakouts that may be coming up right. If you were able to get into the stock back, when i i said, i think, there's an upcoming run happening, you would be up over 200 right now, which is absolutely filthy, absolutely crushing and guys. I'm really excited to talk about this here today. We're gon na give you some potential entry points for if this does end up pulling back, if it doesn't end up pulling back right, so you can.

You can ride on this train because i'll stand by what i said way back when i do think this is gon na be a triple digit stock by the end of the year. Very bold statement, but this company's got a lot of great stuff going for it, and you saw what happened off of just one news article: it went up 50 in a single day. That's one news: article: let's get into the video we've got way too much to talk about what do they do? What's the? Why microvision is a developer of laser beam scanning technology, the company markets, its technology under the brand name picop? It has developed scanning technology that can be used in products for interactive projection, consumer light, detection, ranging which is lidar automotive, light arm and augmented in mixed reality, picops canadian technology that can be adopted by its customers to create high resolution miniature projection and three-dimensional sensing and Image capture solutions that use laser diodes as the light source, the company offers key components for inclusion in a scanning engine, including its micro electrical mechanical systems, mems and application specific integrated circuits, the company's picops canon technology incorporates its expertise in two-dimensional, mems, lasers, optics and electronics. To create a small form factor scanning engine with lower power needs than many other technologies that projects, video and still image to capture three-dimensional data.

I've got their website pulled up here, and i want to show you what these guys do. Uh we're gon na look at this news article after that you got ta say the best for last guys. You can't eat dessert. First, you got ta eat the main meal.

We're gon na eat the main meal. What is our technology? What's so interesting, right, well check this out, they've got uh they've got this nice foundation here behind their patents. Patents are a great way to guarantee that you get generated revenue every single year year over year. Quite a few different uh patents right here, they've got source coding, silicon design, hardware systems mems, but you've talked about optomechanical, advanced manufacturing capital equipment right a lot of different stuff.

They can capitalize on here then they've got the projection engine and interactive projection engine. This is uh the projection engine about the size of a quarter. It's uh, it's a great high, high quality uh image. You know display that you can put anywhere that you'd, like you, can use this to make pizza.

As you can see, these people do it right here right and then you've got the interactive projection engine, which is just a little bit bigger, right and uh. This is about that big looks like uh, maybe like a bluetooth speaker and it projects around the countertop. You can play candy crush on it. You can do whatever you want on it right, very, very high, uh capabilities.

Honestly, maybe you could even project this in the shower. For all i care, i mean a lot a lot of cool stuff you can do here. We've got the consumer 3d lidar sensor, which is cool. This is uh for smart home applications, great way to keep automation and security with an adaptable, high resolution and low latency 3d lidar sensor right they've got that the projection engine for head mounted displays, and they also have ivas technology, which is utilized by the aviation sector Of the army right now to help them navigate the skies more freely.

They wear this on the kevlars of their helmets, which is a great way to help them navigate the skies they are in works of developing goggles for ivas technology, which would be utilizable by infantrymen armormen uh field artillery guys, so they can navigate the battlegrounds more freely Right be able to navigate and see you know opposing forces on the ground in that way, and then they've got this, which is what everybody is absolutely pumped about right now. The automotive 3d lidar sensor, baby they've, got compact perceptive lidar for hd mapping and active collision avoidance, integrated hardware and software module that incorporates micro vision, perspective 3d ladder sensor with real time object. Classification small size enables preservation of automobile aesthetics. I say this twice.

I say this twice guys: small size enables preservation of automobile aesthetics. This is so huge. This is big because when their presentation comes to fruition in april right they're expected to present this in april, they are going to be really able to negotiate a company acquisition. Now, what is that right? Why does that matter? Company acquisition is when one company buys another company, and this is important for shareholders - you don't get screwed.

In fact, you get paid a crap ton of money and the better. This company is the more money you get paid as a shareholder right, so everybody wins. It is in the best interest of their ceo summit sharma to really maximize company shareholder uh value, and he has publicly said that that is his goal right. He does want that.

To happen guys, i could talk about microvision forever, but we're going to get into the article here and then i'll tell you what happens if this company is bought out. Microvision incorporated announces progress on its automotive long range lidar a sample - oh my god, i'm so pumped. This is finally here february 10th. This is posted today at 305 pm, so check check this out.

Microvision a leader in mems based laser beam. Sensing technology today announced that it has received necessary components and equipment to meet its april, milestone of completing a samples of its long-range lidar sensor. The company also announced that it started outdoor testing of key performance features on its development platform. We expect microvision's long-range lidar sensor.

Lrl sensor, which has been in development for over two years to meet or exceed requirements established by oems for autonomous safety and autonomous driving features, said summit sharma, chief executive officer of microvision. He is the ceo. We expect our first generation lrl sensor to have range of at least 250 meters and the highest resolution at range of any lidar, with 340 vertical lines up to 250 meters, 568 vertical lines up to 120 944 vertical lines up to 60 meters. So this is essentially how much it can reach right.

So the closer you are, the more accurate the the representation of the lidar sensor. Our lrl sensor will also output velocity of moving objects relative to an eagle vehicle across our dynamic field of view and real-time 30 hertz sensor output. The sensor will accelerate development of level 3 autonomous safety and level 4 autonomous driving features that are important to potential customers and interested parties. My friends, my family, oh my freaking gosh, i'm so excited about this, because if this company is bought out right when this, when this presentation happens in april, if it goes well, they're going to be able to negotiate with whoever they want about this buy right this.

This company acquisition and that's gon na be huge because then they can talk about prices and as a shareholder, you get paid per billion dollars in acquisition. So let's say that the company is bought out for 10 billion dollars by apple right. We know that apple's trying to get into the autonomous vehicle sector they're, trying to make autonomous vehicles you'd, be paid per billion dollars in acquisition about seven dollars per share. So, if you're buying out for 10 billion dollars seven times, ten is seventy dollars a share.

That is going to make 22 bucks look silly, absolutely silly, my friends, and that that's a, i think, that's an honest lowball! That's a lowball! If this presentation goes well, they're gon na have offers from a lot of different companies and they can negotiate and pick and choose exactly what they want, which is how i anticipate this going, my friends, so that is why i absolutely love microvision to me. This is a long-term stock. I would not settle for anything this is this beginning. My friends, i think mvis and frsx are both gon na, be companies that you end up seeing four five six x very easily.

I'm not sure why it's not searching, but regardless warsaw autonomous there's another company like this - that, i think, has a lot of potential, but i do like microvision more by far my girl mavis. It is about time, i'm so happy that i can finally show you guys what is going down with this company. It has been a long time in the making, so looking at the charts right now, we do see we have the crossover on the 15 ma over the 200 dma right around here didn't quite touch right, but we see the gap start to form if you were Able to get into microvision when i pointed this out on the charts you would have been able to get in at right around seven dollars and 40 cents. You would be up about 200 on your investment right now, which is just the beginning of microvision's, run right volume in the after hours.

Here is picking up think about all the people that can't trade after hours of pre-market. I think this will end up probably running. It's gon na have a pullback of some sort, which is why i'm presenting this video to you guys. I don't want you to chase this stock right.

I get some people that comment on my videos and say: why are you presenting the stock to us that already ran up? Well, you got to watch the video you got to watch the video friends. If you get into the stock with with entry points that have little little risk right, then you're going to be all right, you're going to be all right. If you get into this stock when it pulls back - and i think likely, the pullback you're gon na see, we can base this off of what we've seen it do in the past. So looking at the past right, we can see like, let's take an example.

Um right around here, so it pulled back pretty harsh right here right and i don't anticipate it's gon na pull back this much this time around, but it pulled back about 61.8 percent was a very heavily shorted stock. I think shorts would be absolutely um, not not intelligent at all to the short this stock right now, with all the momentum it's got, it is possible down the road, but i don't find it very likely right now right and if we actually look at how much It pulled back down here right from this base of this run up to about here. It did pull back before this news came out news, always trump's technical analysis. I've said this time and time again right, but if we take a peek at that, that was a 23.6 retracement which is not bad at all.

That is a very nice retracement. That indicates a lot of strength. Anything over 50 percent honestly says to me: there's a lot of buying pressure. So if we see the exact same thing happen right, what kind of entry points you're gon na be looking at? Well, you can already see that it's trying to hold up as much as much as it can at that 23.6 percent retracement.

We do have a red candle bar, that's hanging just above this box right here, and i think anywhere between these price zones is gon na end up being the best possible entry point into the stock. I don't see it pulling back more than 50, which would be right around this 18 mark. It is possible that it drops down here right, but what i find the most likely is somewhere between 1934 and 20 and 55 cents being the uh the pullback right. It's going to try really hard to hold over that magical 20 barrier, so i find it unlikely.

It is possible, it's possible. We might see a pullback under 20 bucks if it does my friends, my family, i'm telling you right now. This is a long-term stock. If you have to average down, do it do it? Do it? Do it keep some extra dry powder, you're, not gon na regret getting into this.

Of course, i'm not a financial advisor but uh. If this does interest you, this is gon na be worth holding. This is gon na be worth holding. I love this company.

I love what they do. I think they've got a bright bright future. So that's how that looks right now. Rsi is way overbite it's at 78 right now, a lot of buying pressure, a lot of buying momentum, there's a big swing.

In a couple minutes. It went from 51 all the way up to 81, which is a point. I'm not good. At math 30 point swing in uh.

You know about 10 15 20 minutes, which is absolutely disgusting. Beautiful run here for microvision, it's been a long time in the making. That's how it looks right now. So if we come over here to the oh, actually one more thing i wanted to say, i find it likely you're gon na see it form a bullish flag.

What's a bullish flag, it looks something like uh like this, so this is kind of a bullish flag right. We have this nice spike, large large range candle bar and then a little little run up squeeze down a price action, but typically they don't ascend. That just shows you how much buying pressure there is right now on microvision but uh they don't typically ascend. We did end the breaking beneath this ascending level of support right and then this.

This news catalyst came out which always tech, uh, trump's technical analysis, and it's been pulling back now. So what might end up happening? Well, this hasn't played out yet, but i do find it very likely to see a bullish flag play out, which typically looks something like this. You see this squeeze down in price action, this overall compressing, and once we find out a bottom right, if i had to guess where this bottom's gon na - be it's probably gon na - be right around here at about uh, the very worst 1790 very best. You know in 1931.

and if it ends up bouncing off 1931, i find it likely to see this back and forth action where it compresses until the next run happens right. So that's uh, that's my prediction right. I haven't always been right, but sometimes i am which always uh, which is always good, anyways. Looking at the price action today, if you exclude what was happening here, we did see a little bit of uh.

You know a bit of a beatdown. There was uh some price correction, which is typical when a stock has run up over a hundred percent in a matter of like five days or whatever they had. This harsh downward moving channel broke that descending level of support with a wide range candle, uh false break right came back up. You see these wide range candles that matched it broke again.

False break. You get the george w a double bottom. Typically, a sign of an upcoming bullish reversal right, didn't quite play out as a harsh reversal, but nonetheless it was a reversal right. We saw some nice trading sideways trading.

Sideways is typically a slightly uh bullish indicator right. I don't want to say this is neutral, because consolidation typically gives confirmation to uh buyers that a stock is not going to just rip and dip right, and we did not see that here. So it was in a nice moving channel. We see we get that news right breaks above this, this uh setting level of resistance with a wide range candle and it was off to the freaking moon.

My friends looks absolutely disgusting here, uh, just looking at the action right now in the pre-market or in the after hours. I should say we have this nice ascending level of support. We always look for three touch points to validate one, two, three right, we broke it. So now this is not a respected level of support and we are currently in a downward moving channel.

So the correction has begun, which is typical of a stock when it has run up over 50 right. So, in order to break out of this descending level of uh support and resistance, this downward moving channel, we need a wide range candle to either a break beneath this uh descending level of support or or break above this descending level of resistance, and that will signify The end of this overall correction, as i mentioned before, i do find it likely that you see this end somewhere around 38.2 uh percent retracement or 23.6. So if you are looking for an entry point, i would say somewhere between these two levels is going to treat you pretty dang well and if it ends up breaking beneath 38.2 percent. The next level that i find um most likely, although i don't find as likely, is going to be this this level right here that 50 retracement but, as i said before, i know i'll i'll, uh i'll drop a small trend line here.

Just so you have it in the back of your mind, i find it pretty unlikely. This ends up happening, but just by the off chance that it does we have it there. This is the most likely uh course of action to me. There's a stop here at this 19.11 resistance support level.

So that's what i have for the video today guys. I really hope. You've had all the crush here with microvision, i'm so happy for everybody out there that have the patience. Patience always pays.

This company is going to continue to grow, and that is what i have for you today. Thank you for watching the video. My friends and i'll see you all next time. Peace,.

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