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So, let's uh, let's talk about what's uh, what's going on with our girl amy, because amy is doing the dirty nasty disgusting, filthy uh, and i can actually say this by the way: george debia, you all know what this is this pattern right here? Well, let me let me walk it through to you real, quick and we're gon na talk about the the super important stuff. A george w is perhaps the most incredibly uh incredibly accurate pattern that you'll ever see in any sort of stock. Let me draw this up for you really quick here. Stock.

Does something like this? Oh w bottom bottom up, neckline break good stuff, and you do have that right here with uh with amc check this out ortex had a interesting update. We did this. We discussed this yesterday in terms of uh what this kind of looks like this is a glitch if this is real and it does actually seem that it was real because you had another data point follow up today to sort of back it. So i'm going to show you guys really quick, two key data points.

First, one is this in case you weren't in the live stream. Yesterday, let me just go over this really quick, ortex uh reports you about 85 of the exchange reported data, which means that, based off of that anything that was self-reported, anything that was given to finra is here on vortex. So i take over the great assault right. You're not obligated as a short to report all of your short position, all of your lending habits whatever, but we did see a huge spike in security lending volume of 69.97 million shares, far greater than anything that we've ever really seen before right, you can come back Here to back when it's hit 72 bucks, we got down uh 43.22 million total shares landed uh the day two days after that, right two days after 72 bucks, a lot of shares got lent down.

You can only imagine the reasoning for that likely because uh, you saw some form of shorting trying to take place where shorts were trying to take advantage of the huge momentum and make some money on the downside right. Whatever that did happen here, you get basically one and a half times that almost 70 million shares were lent out, and this is followed up by a nice piece of data today, 100 utilization, which is a 22.2 increase from a week ago of 81.82. As you can see on the top of the screen right here, i'm going to show you what this looks like on a graph hulk, dick massive, massive, massive massive move and utilization that is great to see this is. This is really truly a sign that hey we're getting back into checking boxes that get us closer to lots of pressure on short positions, because what comes next right? Well, there's not a lot of uh shares available to lend to borrow that's what 100 utilization means.

Let me draw this out in the easiest way that i possibly can for you uh, so you can, you can see it. You know clears day, here's a pie right and if 100 of this pie, 100 is equal to uh all lendable shares - and you only have eighty percent of those landable shares mapped out. So here's 20 right here - let's just say the rest of this - is 80 80 of that is lent out. Well, there's still 20 of those total lendable shares available, which means there's not a crunch in terms of uh supply.

Right, there's still probably demand, but if there's supply, it's not really going to affect the way that things get priced, especially for a cost to borrow, which is just that annualized interest rate for holding on to a lent out piece of stock. Will you change that picture? Real quick, if 100 of all endable shares, are actually out right. 100 of these lendable shares are out. What does that mean? Well, unless you're creating shares that aren't supposed to exist and you lend those out or you re-hypothecate shares, meaning that you borrow them after you borrowed them uh.

It creates this big web. Essentially of oh, we kind of have this big circle. Jerk of borrowing, that's happening. 100 of these being lent out means that there's no supply available if there's no supply and there's even a little bit of demand right.

That is basic economics. That's where uh banks, institutions, anybody who lends out shares is going to crank up interest rates, cost to borrow rates, which is the next thing i'm personally watching for so you can see the cost of bar right now. Is that one point three percent one point: eight one percent maximum and point five one percent minimum, so that is going to be the next metric. If you have a high cost to borrow that puts pressure on anybody who is holding any length out shares to return those shares, that's the point of a cost of borrowers, saying hey look! These are valuable.

These are valuable shares and there's more risk associated with what you're holding right now, because we don't have extra for you to borrow. So what you have is what you have we're gon na crank that interest rate we don't have a lot of supply. We can see. There's a lot of demand make your choice right! Do what you got to do, that's what you're, seeing as the next box to check.

So, if you're checking out boxes, we've got great short interest right. According to 85 percent of the exchange reported data you're, looking at 21.2 percent uh, which is down a little bit from yesterday, we were at 21.79 uh up today, it's up about 1.15, but nonetheless, it's basically all-time highs. Unless this is true, in which case it was actually 48, but i digress. I've talked about that before we can talk about it again at some point.

If you would like to do so, but that's one box of check right, good short interest, nexus, utilizations, cranked 100 percent next after that is a high cost to borrow, which i'm assuming will come with utilization in the high short interest and then followed by that. You want increased buying pressure, which you are starting to get right. This update today, followed by yesterday uh two straight days of increasing volume today. So far we have 58 million shares of volume.

Yesterday was 51 million shares of volume, that's starting to increase. If you see that continue until it eventually tests out this trend line right here, this descending level of resistance, this white trend line uh - you can actually see a break of that. I'm happy about that. That's sort of what's happening with the utilization piece uh.

It does not appear to be a glitch, and i can show you that just so uh you see it in case there are those who would like to see to believe i've got vortex pulled up right here, check it out. Amc and gamestop short interest utilization update utilization of both gamestop and amc hits 100, as security lending activity is increasing. This is the metric that we just went over right. You can come back to this.

We talked about it in yesterday's live stream. We show you that security lending volume huge massive uptick, 70 million total shares, which you can only presume uh, was a piece of that utilization pie that we were talking about earlier. Security lending activity is increasing, the cost of borrow is increasing rapidly, especially in gamestop. Amc is currently up 11 game, stop up five first big piece.

I think this is actually pretty fascinating. This is tied into uh some of the work that the sec has supposedly been working on, uh so check this out. This tweet is coming from dave, lauer uh, talking about the sec open meeting today, i'm gon na read this off to you dave lauer in case you do not know. Uh most people know who he is, but i'm always going to assume.

There's somebody new in the community trying to get you up to pace if uh, if you'd like to know dave lauer, is a previous employee of citadel citadel securities, the real ones right, the big, bad wolf, the big bad villain, whatever he used to work for citadel. Eventually, he left his job because he didn't like the practices that they they had kept right. He he felt it was constantly a competition of trying to prove how big your wiener is to the guy. Next to you, he didn't like some of the uh.

What felt like riding the line of legalities so he moved on his merry way and has transitioned into trying to fight for better market structure, better market transparency and better market competition through something that he's developing called the uh, the urban terminal. So that's pretty sick i'll dive into that more at some point, i'm sure we're gon na have him back on the channel. He's talked twice before, but he spoke today on this at the sec gov open meeting today, a new rule has been proposed to shorten the settlement cycle from t plus two to t plus one by march thirty. First, two thousand twenty four: what is this settlement cycle right? You see this to shorten the settlement cycle from t plus two to t plus one well, if you want to think about settlement settlement in and of itself, just simply means how long it takes for a transaction to be cleared on both ends of a party.

So if we have a t, plus two settlement system, t plus two meaning t uh, plus two days time, plus two days, uh in parentheses, i'll have days here, what is it proposing or what the sec is proposing is that they get rid of one date. So it would turn into a t plus one settlement cycle, and what does this do right? What would it would what would happen if you, if you tr, changed a uh t plus two to a t, plus one uh, for something such as, for example, short selling? Right? Let's say that that that we change from a t plus two to t plus one. You would have a one day, settlement time, difference in terms of data availability to you, it's more transparent, there's more opportunity to keep track of what's happening on a faster sort of time scale. In the same way, a lot of institutions and market makers and banks are able to get access to information for right.

So with that being said, we continue on dave, lowe's tweet. They want that done by march 31. 2024.. I know there's gon na be a lot of people and i feel this believe me they're, like 2024.

What the heck is this? Why not like tomorrow? Why not at the end of 2022? Why not maybe like 2023 anytime, besides yeah, i get it, i get it for sure uh, but we all know what what the sec is. We all know what any of these major parties these large uh entities are. It's it's a political dance. These guys have to find a way to first off, make sure they're doing it right.

Second, off not piss people off within their own inner circle and, thirdly, jump through many many legality hoops that are tied along with anything. That's that's political, but we all know how the game works right. It really doesn't work that way. A couple seconds left 30 seconds left on the day, it's at 1898 to 97..

When we see that crack over 19., it is tickling the nipple of that 19 mark. We could see it happen and it is uh dangerously close. 1899. The high of the day there's a couple seconds left in the date about 20 seconds or so sitting.

One cent below that for the intraday high uh. Will we get it? I don't know, but it's just looking pretty dang decent. This is an amc, uh pop. That's what we're gon na call the day the amc pop.

It is not bad! It's looking looking chef's kiss, we closed the day 1890 hell of a day for amc hell of a day uh for for the for the meme stocks quote, unquote, that's the day that was the day for uh for our girl amy. So let me tell you what that's pretty beautiful, let's check out ortex final vortex data. On the day we come back to ortex. We can see what uh what kind of is cooking, so you got 21.18 short interest, as i mentioned before in case you're.

Just tuning in you do not know this to all 6 000 of you uh. We did reach 100 utilization, meaning that all available shares, uh out there to lend or to borrow, are in fact being borrowed uh. So there's gon na be a an imbalance between supply and demand. When you have no supply lots of demand, you typically see an increase in cost to borrow average, because that's basic supply and demand - that's basic economics uh, so that costs to borrow is gon na, be the next box to check this is a box checked short interest? This is a box checked utilization next box to check is cost.

To borrow that's what i'm watching for. Personally, you see that cost bar go up, puts pressure on some short positions. You may see some small covering you could you could? Who knows? It's uh, we're all here to say we're all waiting to see what happens, but uh time will tell, but that is what we've got for the day, so apes, fellow brothers and sisters, dudes dudettes, appreciate you much love, as always, we'll be back tomorrow at uh. 1.

30 p.m: central standard time here on the channel for another live stream. Touchdown market news touch on amc, touching on whatever is hot. On the day we appreciate you we'll be back for another one. Much love.

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