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What's up, what's up, what's up? Okay, you guys, you guys are gon na laugh so hard at this you're gon na laugh so hard. At this i was recording a video uh for the channel on sends right and uh. I thought i was recording this, but it turns out. I was not.

I was live streaming, so that's that's phenomenal, oh man, but uh with that being said, i am going to do a live stream. Now we're going to take the next hour to uh cover any questions. You guys have do a little bit of stock review. Uh shoot shoot the buzz and and have a good time so um welcome to all i'm just gon na drink myself.

With that coke. Welcome to all who are watching the video right now, let's drop a drop, a comment: if you're here, let's see what's happening, i will start off by uh just showing you guys. The plays that i'm excited about these are ones that are on my radar. I put out videos on these just recently and i am going to be getting into avgr avenger.

I think this is a solid uh. You could just be a solid swing play as well as a mid to long term hold. I feel pretty good about this one and i'm also really really excited about frs x, oh man. This is one that i like, almost just as much as microvision, so i think this is going to be absolutely filthy.

I'm really excited for that. Ah, let's hear some love in the comments guys what's happening, bring her in. Let's see what's popping anybody home, hello, hello, we've got a couple viewers, let's see what's happening, we're gon na we're gon na do a bit of a q a in a chat, uh chat stream as well as uh check out some stocks. You guys want me to look at since we don't have to trade.

Today we don't get the trade today, which is very sad um. I don't have to work with uh with the army today, but it is a federal holiday. So i am uh just taking up the opportunity to you know, check out some stocks. Do some reading knock out some videos and i'm gon na take a bit of a break here and just uh connect with everybody see what everybody's up to you guys are going to think this is the funniest thing ever so i thought i was uh.

I thought i was recording a video that i was going to put out later today right, i was working through everything doing my research checking it all out and uh. I didn't click record on my uh. My screen. Recording software.

I use obs studio i'll just show you guys this just so you can see it. What i did is i hit start streaming instead of start recording. That was, that was awesome uh. So you guys got to watch me uh record a video on sends in real time.

I hope you guys enjoyed that. I'm sorry for anybody that was watching that that uh, that didn't get their questions answered, but i am going to connect with you guys now. So uh, whatever you want me to cover, we can we can definitely do that. Frsx is one that i'm super excited about, i'm really pumped for this stock uh.

This is this is a stock that i think has five to 10x potential. To be completely honest, this is gon na be a hold for me. I don't currently have a position in frsx but uh. This is what i am in.

The last week was a little rough. I was only up about uh 1300 bucks, so it's not terrible, but there was a point where i was at about 29. The last two days were kind of bleeders. Clwd has been beating me up, biola's been beating me up.

Ship is about neutral, i'm not down a lot in that, but that one's been not as uh, not as nice as i thought it would be, but zome mbis fuel cell apxt they've all been killers. I'm pretty excited, though, i'm gon na i'm gon na do a little bit of uh cleaning up the portfolio, and i'm gon na take some funds that i've gotten here and pump it into frsx and avgr, because i think these are going to be absolutely monster, plays And uh frsx has a lot of potential in the future. I think it's going to be a great hold where's everybody at let's hear, let's hear some love, let's see some stocks in the in the comment section: i'd love to cover some tickers for you guys anybody there well until somebody gets here i'll just show you some Other plays that i'm excited about. I did just recently put out a video on spce space.

This is virginia galactic holdings incorporated and uh. They just recently had a news. Catalyst come on and i'll show you guys this really quick uh. This is just the discord which is pretty cool stuff, but uh.

They just recently had a really sick thing happens. The richard branson company launches rocket from under plane's wing - and this is huge. This is so huge. So we'll just read this quick richard branson's virgin orbit reached space on sunday, eight months after the first demonstration flight of its air-launched rocket system failed.

The company said a 70 foot long launcher. One rocket was released from beneath the wing of a boeing 747 carrier aircraft off the coast of southern california, man. Oh, that's so filthy that looks so cool. Look at this.

I can't believe we live in these kind of times. That's so nuts, like anything, think about this guys. The first iphone came out 12 years ago and now we're launching freaking spacecraft off of airplanes. Do you think you've ever seen the day, oh man, so i think this is gon na be pretty huge for spce.

I did just put a video out on this, but uh. I think they're gon na be pretty killer and then uh, i think, uh. I think it's g sack. No, it's not g sack g pack, i don't remember the ticker symbol, but they're they're uh affiliated with uh with virgin galactic holdings, and i think they're going to have a it's a it's a spack play.

It should be pretty solid um. Let me find it on my channel real quick and i will tell you for sure what the ticker symbol is, but it's going to be pretty huge. I'm really excited we'll. Go back here, check out, uh content, oh v jack.

I was so close man. It's too early. No, it's pretty nice pretty nice time right now, but where's everybody at this is this is gon na be a q, a q, a and stock analysis live stream, we're going to cover any sort of ticker symbols that you guys want so just drop them here. In the comments section - and i will very gladly cover anything that you want me to cover so um, just just looking for looking for a ticker until i get one, though we're just gon na keep covering things that are on my on my radar.

V-Jack is on my radar big time. Spce is on my radar, big time uh. If you, if you just join the stream frs x, i'm gon na be establishing a large position and well i mean large, compared to my account size. I am only about 26, 800 or so, but um i think frsx is going to be a freaking insane company uh.

I think this. This stock in two years from now is going to be 50. 60. 70, bucks, i'm just as high up on frsx as i am on mbis.

If we just take a look at what they are, they they're they're involved with the autonomous driving scene. So if we check out frsx stock i'll, pull them up on market watch and just read it to you really quick, but uh they're, pretty huge, they engage in the research and development of vehicular accident prevention products. This product's qua is quad site, a multi-spectral vision, solution for detection of obstacles and harsh lighting and weather conditions. So it's pretty crazy.

I mean if i pull up their website, really quick, it's very similar to what uh, mbis and vldr do they're pretty cool they're, a good company. I i think they have a lot of potential and i think that this uh these guys are like the the company that sells the pickaxe to the miners right. So you've got these ev sectors: the clean energy companies right like the neo, the tesla, the xpev, the lee, the switchback, the plug and uh foresight, mbis vldr. These are the companies that can really capitalize on that autonomous driving sector.

So they've got this multi-spectral stereo vision. Sensing system, so it's very similar to what mbis uh is working on right now. They are gon na have like a presentation out in april regarding some of their uh, their different um products, they're working on for autonomous driving, but these guys seem like a big big leader. They could do some good things and what's different between these guys and mbis, is they're focused on weather conditions, lightning lighting and weather conditions so being able to drive during blizzards or storms of any sort and uh.

It's pretty good stuff. So i'm excited for it for sure i don't know, i can't see see you guys uh chatting. Maybe it's just not popping up. Maybe you guys are just quiet today, chat rate, i'm not seeing anything in the chat.

What's going on here live chat. What is happening? I dropped this little youtube emoji, i'm just waiting to see something pop up in the chat bar. Maybe it's something on my end. That's not going right, but i'm not seeing anything popping up.

Let me take a quick peek pop out chat. Maybe this! Oh here we go now we're cooking. I figured it out guys we're rocking we're rocking all right, all right, so dave what is up? What's up orlando panagiotis ctrm on tuesday yeah we'll cover that for sure ctrm, no bueno, it's it's been a little bit of a bleeder. It's it's! It didn't go the way that i expected.

If we had some sort of news catalyst, it would really help push it. Skyler, hello, hello, raj. Thank you very much dave appreciate that any news on ctrm well we'll just cover that really quick, ctrm i'll pull up the charts. I do have a position in the stock.

This should be transparent, um and it has been not going the way that i envisioned it to be. To be honest, the charts look really nice, but the one thing i didn't like about this is there wasn't a guaranteed news, catalyst that we had out yet. So if they have any sort of news that comes out, that is going to be a huge push for castro marie time, we're just waiting on some sort of news catalyst to push this, but i don't think it's in dangerous territory. Yet it is still consolidating to some degree, but we also didn't have a a pretty red market for thursday and friday.

It was. It was pretty rough, so i'm still holding this. I think there is potential. This is a swing for me.

I'm willing to hold this for a week to two weeks and i think that it's got some pretty solid potential, so i i'm gon na hold it for now. If anything, i might average down a little bit, but i'm not sweating yet sptk uh they're not popping up on my brokerage, but i will pull them up on yahoo to see. What's up spire technologies, i'm not familiar with what they do um. Are they an ipo company? Are they gon na be ipoint soon? That might be it because i'm not seeing any data on them, but i will cover them in the future.

What do you, what what you reckon about? Clne, clean energy, clean energy, is a good company. Man, thanks for the thanks for saying, hi dale. I appreciate that clean energy fuel cell and plug i like to make this comparison. If you're looking at the ev sector right uh, you've got plug is like tesla, you've got, fuel cell is like neo.

You've got clean energy, which is like xpev right so in order of, i think, um, you know tiers per se on these clean energy sectors and these clean energy stocks. I think that clne is a pretty decent one. I think it'll continue to grow. If we look at them in the last month, they are up, i mean they and 40 cents currently trading at 9.73, so if they continue their growth, they're.

Looking pretty good macroscopically speaking, though we did have the crossover on the 15 vomit back underneath the 200 ema, which is a bearish sign, so they might bleed for a little bit um, but they are in oversold territory, so you're looking for a bounce on the rsi Back up to 70., oh yeah, raj you're cooking with crisco with frsx cciv, is a uh they're rumored to be having a merger with lucid motors and as far as i've seen so far, it has just been a rumor. I haven't seen clear-cut um. You know news articles saying it's going to happen, but if this does happen, it's going to be huge just spread cautiously, because if it doesn't happen, you're gon na see a really really harsh sell-off. So just be cautious, uh there's a lot of anticipation for it, but the charts are really clean right now, it's just growing.

It looks good. The volume is nice. The rsi indicator has been neutralizing a little bit, so it's correcting, but not bad he's the rx. So this is a play that i presented to everybody as uh as a quick swing, and i brought this up back when it was less than a dollar and it had a couple different opportunities to really hit hard.

So you had to sell out when it was like a dollar 42. uh. It might continue to grow we're just looking for another news catalyst here. I don't currently have my position in azrx.

This is just one of the four plays that i presented. I ended up going with zome, but uh. I think azrx will still treat you really nicely. You're just gon na have to wait it out.

This is gon na, be one where you're like these biopharmaceutical companies. You need a news catalyst because there's nothing usually crazy about their financial situation, you're betting on or you're investing in the fact that uh, the potential of growth and the news that is going to be coming out, sean kai. What is up trey greetings from singapore yeah. I appreciate that brother you're, the man you're, the man, that's sick.

I can't believe we reached people from that far away man, that's sick bus, we'll cover bus, quick bus, f, not popping up. I might not have that available on my brokerage account, but i'll take a look here: um i'll pull them up on yahoo. If it lets me bust stock yahoo, all right, we'll take a look at the chart. Quick changes to candlestick i'll look at the one month and change it to a 30 minute, so this must be a recent ipo.

If i had to guess it looks decent um, i don't have any indicators pulled up on here, but just looking at the price action right off the bat. What i'm seeing is a pretty solid, double bottom here and that doesn't look bad i'll move this arrow there. We go there's one bottom out. This is kind of forming the george w.

That's what i like to call it uh and it's looking pretty clean. So we've got two bottom outs here and it is still moving in a pretty nice upward direction. Um, as far as growth goes, it does look like we're consolidating a little bit. So if we can break through this trend line in the future, i think we're going to look pretty good you're going to watch for a break on this upward side.

So maybe, somewhere around like three dollars and 30 cents, it's moving in an upward ascending wedge, though so that's bullish, it looks pretty good mbis. Don't even get me started. This is my baby. I am so excited about nvis, guys, there's a reason.

I put up videos on this every single day and there's a reason that literally half my portfolio was an mbis like i bought it at a terrible time. My dollar cost average was 6.75. I was down three thousand dollars at one point and i don't care if i'm down ten thousand dollars. I will not sell a single share of this stock because it is going to be a huge, huge, huge game player in the automotive scene, they're working on automotive lidar that they're expected to present on in april, and if that presentation goes well, there's rumors of a Buyout with mbis - and i think the potential is very high, with microsoft - apple um tesla.

I know people think tesla is not going to happen because elon musk doesn't like wider because it's ugly and bulky and stuff, but i'm nvidia's sleep guys like if i pull up uh, microvision, really quick and just show you what it looks like this is aesthetic like Microvision looks nice, they're, lidar tech. Let me just switch over to the technology side here. Their lidar tech is small. Like uh, you can't even tell it's on the car.

They've got it's the size of a quarter. Look at that their tech is nice. It looks good. They look, i love nbis, i i could talk about them forever.

Chamoth is a monster with his specs and what he's bringing to the market heck yeah man. I appreciate the love boomstick. What's up kim ctrm i covered. Do i think neo will drop another five to ten percent uh.

It's likely it's likely it's going to keep correcting but don't be nervous about neo, because this is going to be a 100 stock at the end of the year. I'm willing to bet you money on that. I don't have a position in neil, but if i did i'd bet you my position to neo on that zone, uh news about ctrm - i haven't seen any new news yet, but if i do, i will update you guys. I promise zome is a stock i'm holding until late march.

I actually have quite a few videos out on this uh, so deluxe klux, i like that name by the way, that's cool. If you want to check out those videos, i talk about it a lot, but uh zome is a stock i'm holding until late march because of their true forma system. I think they're working in a really niche market, they're gon na - be able to capitalize on that. Really well uh, if we just pull up a fibonacci, really quick, i'm interested to see what this is gon na look like, but based on the run up from the last base, they're holding up pretty well right.

Now i don't think they're gon na. I think that 97 cent range anything below 90 cents. I'd be really surprised if we drop uh. I think it's gon na be a hard push on tuesday.

I expect to push for a 1.48. I can see your comments now tell a doc. I don't know what tele-doc's ticker is d-doc, all right, that's nasty! That's filthy man, uh, it's an expensive stock, but the volume is always there. The volatility isn't anything crazy.

If you look at it on a one-year chart, it does look like it's growing. I think if you get in um, let me just change it back to the one month chart i'd watch for a potential retracement, god dang it watch for a potential retracement to 221 dollars. I think if you see a retracement of 221, it's a good entry point or an opportunity to double down trxc the rxc looks good transcentrix. I i've been actually asked by quite a few people to cover this.

It looks solid guys. I actually like this a lot. Um the charts really clean. If we look at the run up really quick, i'm willing to bet you money that it retraces really nicely.

Oh yeah, that's picture perfect! If you can get in at a dollar 94 on on trxc you're gon na make money. This is extremely bullish. The bomb has been over the 200 ema for like two weeks now. This looks like a jag x run up.

This is very similar to a jagex run up, looks beautiful. I'm missing a lot of these comments, so i'm going to come to the bottom and start from here. If i miss anybody, i apologize tiak is on arc. Okay, that's huge yeah! If anything that ark invests in is going to automatically run up because of uh just because of kathy woods, it's huge, i am still in bio, alex.

This is a stock that i don't know what i'm going to do with uh. I had an opportunity to sell and i didn't i think, if you want to hold this, it's going to be as a midterm. I think if you hold this for a month, you're, probably looking at two dollars. It just depends on your patience where you want to put your money: wwr um, it's not screaming to me right now that it's gon na do anything.

It looks pretty flat to be honest with you. It's currently in a downward channel, so we're gon na be looking to break the trend line. That's coming down here, so watch for a push above 550.. If you see a push up of 550, i think we'll retest, some previous highs, acst, oh yeah, i covered hdst in the past.

I think it's uh. It's got more potential currently than azrx. I like the price action more on this. It's not as flat.

It is bleeding a little bit right now. We are in a downward channel, so watch for a break out of this channel right here. If you see a push above, i would say 60 cents or so 62 cents. I think it'll have some pretty violent movements.

The volume's dying, though it is uh trading neutral, so it's not being oversold. It's just kind of bleeding uh gsat i'll cover that a cover gsat. Oh it's forming a nice bullish flag right now the volume doesn't look terrible. It's coming back a little bit! There's a lot of red bars in there, but this is a pretty clean bullish flag.

So if we see a break above this top trend line, it should be pretty nice watch for a push above uh about 90 cents. If you see a push above 90 to 92 cents, it should be pretty nice. I don't know any news catalyst coming out with global star, but it is on a nice bullish run right now, 15 vomit is crossed. Over 200 ema looks beautiful, momo trying to get kids ready for school while scanning stocks lol fun.

I love it. I love it. I don't have any kids, but if i didn't, i just tell them hey guys, i'm scanning stocks right now you got to make your own bowl of cereal momo, has a pretty pretty gnarly head and shoulders pattern right. Now, i'm not going to tell you that it's going to recover from that it looks like it's entering some bearish territory, so tread cautiously.

We've got the head right here and, of course, if there is any news catalyst coming out, i'm not aware it does help. If you guys tell me if there's any news catalyst too, just that i can take that into consideration, but it's based on the charts, it's looking pretty bearish right now looks like a trend reversal. It is oversold, though, so watch for a hold. I'm gon na drop a fibonacci, quick, uh yeah.

It's already broken the retracement, so it's kind of uncharted territory, i'm not sure ftft. I don't feel bad about. I like ftft. I think this has potential future fintech.

I think this could be a pretty solid hold stock. Like a good midterm to long term uh, i think a good buying opportunity if we retrace it quick, we'll retrace from here. If you can get in at about six bucks, i think you're going to do really well um, we'll cover i covered as the rx. What's iso rays ticker is, it is ry drop the ticker for isolate and then i'll check it out.

Opt i've covered this one before. I think this is going to be a good stock. I think this is a good hold stock, a midterm uh. If we take a look here, it has been trading pretty sideways on the one month.

So a lot of ups and downs, there's opportunities here for swing traders and long-term holders uh, you can short this stock on the rides up. We are looking at resistance, currently sitting right around three dollars and 80 cents or so so watch for a push back underneath that uh. If you see a push above 380, it should be pretty nice but um. There's a george w.

Here we got a double bottom. It's kind of just a mixed bag um. I think, if you're gon na get into this, it's as a as a hold i'd get into this for a midterm hold atv. Oh, oh, my god, that's disgusting! That's so filthy jesus christ.

What is going on with this company? This is like tesla growth. That's disgusting! I'm scared to get into that. To be honest, i mean the trend is beautiful. It's just been literally growing, but we haven't seen a pullback.

Yet the volume is consistent. It hasn't really been overbought, it's been trading just a hair over overbought, but it's been pretty neutral. What makes me nervous is there hasn't been a correction but, historically speaking, the stock really hasn't corrected much looking at it. Just unbiased i mean taking my personal opinions out of the way my trading style.

It looks like it's a growth stock. It looks like if you put your money in right now, it's just going to continue to grow. It looks safe, just be conscious of a pullback, because we haven't seen one inpx broke the downtrend last week, thanks for thanks for specifying it really does help. I appreciate that it looks pretty clean.

It's forming a bullish flag right now and pixon. I don't know what they do, but it does look really nice. I wouldn't worry about this bleed that you saw from that huge run-up, because that's a pretty large run-up so giving back some of that's not the end of the world um. If we look at the retracement here, it's holding up pretty well at that sixty one point: eight percent at a dollar twenty six.

So if you see a push back underneath the buck, twenty five buck, twenty six and it drops more - then it'd be a little bit nervous. But it looks really nice right now switch back, that's a hole in a set of forget it. Stock man switchback is always going to be what it is. It's a huge company if you look at them three months ago, this was a 14 stock.

You look at them six months ago. It was a ten dollar stock. You know this is they're uh they're going to be merging with chargepoint and uh. Switchback is gon na be gnarly.

This is a huge company. I love them. I'd watch for an entry point. If you can, it looks like they're on a downward trend right now.

Washburn entry point: around 35 36 bucks. I covered momo t-h-b-r um they're trading, pretty sideways right now, so it looks like a safe time to enter not oversold territory by any means, but we did have the crossover on the 15 vomit underneath the 200 ema. So if this does play out, i mean i can't guarantee it will, but it looks like it's beginning, a downward trend. So, if you're looking for an opportunity here, it might be as a short unless any news catalyst comes out.

I don't know if any news or press release is coming out with chbr. If they have any, you know financial statements or anything but um just be cautious. It does look like it's trending downwards, jag x, that's a that's! A solid play. Man, jagex is going to treat you well, i think uh we've got some people over on the discord that have jagex right now and they're from uh out of states and they're, saying that it's ripping right now, so i feel good about it.

This is the stock that i think could touch six seven bucks in a month, trit, that's ugly man that doesn't look good cross center on the 15 bomb over the 200 mma. That's bearish um. It doesn't look like we're holding up with this previous level of support. So that's good if we can hold above 810.

That might be a good entry point, but it doesn't look like a good chart. It's not very clean abtk atvk covered as well as jagx, my friend, clwd, hey dee. I appreciate the i appreciate the the support man. That's sick.

I will cover your socks, quick nndm. I appreciate you love my laughter too by the way flaming red van. That's thick, that's sick! Thank you. I really do appreciate the donation.

That's awesome! Uh nndm is a stock where you can set and forget it. This has five to 10x potential. No arc is in nndm from my understanding uh, and this is a huge niche market, they're they're they're they're leaders. For sure.

I think if you want an entry point, if we draw a retracement real, quick you're, looking pretty safe at uh about 10 and 44 cents, this looks pretty good. I think you're not gon na get much better than that right now and then i'll also cover xela exella looks good too. That's a bullish flag. We got a nice clean couple green candles here, it's not a perfect bullish flag.

I suppose, if we draw the pole from the base, it'd be a little nicer, but it is a nice bull. It's a bullish flag. Nonetheless, this looks pretty good watch for a squeeze if it continues to consolidate like this uh watch for a push up of. Like 90 cents, or so i think, if you push above 85 to 90 cents, that's going to bring you a retest of those previous levels.

I have not yet looked in the g ball. I'm glad you brought that up. Gevo looks sexy, that's clean. This has just been pure growth, i'm guessing it's an investor's stock.

I don't know a lot about the company itself, but just based on the charts, it looks good um, we'll retrace this quick. Just look for an entry point for you. I think if you can get in at six dollars and eight cents, you'll do pretty well uh, it's pretty bullish. It looks good.

We've had a crossover on the 15 bomb over the 200 you made for a long time. This has been a nice growth stock. Srne. That's dirty, i wouldn't buy any anything at this point.

Yet that looks like a chase be very careful. We haven't seen a pullback, and this stock historically is pretty volatile. I would bet you money that we see a retracement. Let's just take a look at previous trends, so here we see a retracement to about 61 percent, so i'm betting that it's gon na come back down to about a buck, uh, 820 or so sundial.

This is a hype stock, but nonetheless it has been growing uh. It looks like it's currently on a downward trend, but we do have. The problem is that it broke beneath this uh this bottom out. We had a triple bottom here and it broke beneath that.

So i think it's going to continue to bleed. I covered tell i covered srne cciv rumors yeah, they're rumored, to be uh, merging with lucid, and if that does play out, it's going to be filthy. But if that is a false rumor and it doesn't happen, it's it's going to be a pretty bad rip and dip. The ngo is not done.

The ngo is going to keep ripping they're they're, killing right now, um. If you're looking for an entry point, i would watch potentially for 724, but i'm gon na double check. It does line up pretty well so anywhere between seven dollars and 724. I think, is a good entry.

My guy, i told you, let's, eat we're, always eating baby. Even when we're losing we're eating, but we don't - we don't lose very often so don't worry, energiotis nichola, dice, i've invested in jivo and it's exploded bought it at two dollars and it's ready to go to 10. yeah gevo looks freaking, filthy man. That is the definition of pure filth, you're.

Looking absolutely phenomenal man, that's that's beautiful. What software do i use to see graphs? I use fidelity pro and it's a free software that you can download, but i know that that fidelity pro is great. Weeble is great. I do have a link in the description box if you're interested in weeble, i can get you some free stocks, i'll get some free stocks, it's a great two-way, two-way street, but uh they're, both great for sure.

Some just released a statement from the ceo. I did see that i did see that and uh i think zome, that's gon na be a positive catalyst. I actually plan on covering that in a video in the future. I know i was dropped on the discord.

I'm actually just going to drop over the discord. Quick and check out the link zone right here, so anyone that's not familiar. They issued a letter to shareholders as performer nearest commercialization. I'll, just read the beginning of this.

I am, hopefully you had a pleasant holiday season and wish you had the best during the new year. We're excited for 2021 as a result of the recent increase in the price of our commentaries. Over the last several weeks, investors have been exercising their outstanding warrants, which has resulted in zometa receiving more than 40 million dollars of additional cash through january 15th. This additional infusion of cash further enhances our already very healthy balance sheet.

Our cash and cash equivalents now are in excess of 90 million freaking dollars net of all capital and operating expenditures from the fourth quarter. We expect this amount will be sufficient to fund operations, at least through the calendar year 2023.. This is a huge growth stock guys. I feel really good about zome, i'm telling you right now.

Zome is going to be the next jagx and pngo and mark my freaking words. This is going to be a grand slam. That's why i'm not selling! I was up 80 on this and i know that is not the end. This is gon na be a four or five dollar stock in a couple months, galaxy.

Yes, i sure will cover galaxy. Oh, if i can spell oh man all right. Look at him on a one month, chart quick! Why does it look like? Oh it's because of this? They have that huge rip up the 28 cents. Well, it goes the charts, look goofy, i'm gon na change it to a 10 day.

Maybe that'll look better nope. It does not five day there we go, we'll change it to a five day. 15 minute did have a crossover here. It might be starting a bullish, run 15 volume across over 200 ema looks clean volume is about the same, it's staying consistent.

So it's not super volatile. It shouldn't shouldn't wrench. Your stomach just wanted to show some love we'll be in and out today, since i'm working, but looking forward to your class trying to learn how to read charts on think or swim. Hey appreciate that my friend thanks joe jimmy, thank you so much for the donation.

I really do appreciate that. That's awesome, someone just released a statement from the ceo and i i did cover that it's uh. It should be a huge positive catalyst. Thank you gc.

Also for the donation, you guys rock seriously. That's awesome! I really really appreciate you guys. This is sick. I love doing what we're doing uh macy's i like macy's, i think they're, a good mid-term hold, though don't hold them long.

This is going to be a good covent and uh quarantined recovery stock and, as the country begins to open up, people are going to invest their money in macy's for anticipation of an influx in sales. But macy's is what it is right. So we know that online shopping is the future. That is where people are putting their money now so macy's i just wouldn't hold for longer than until the the country opens up and you're gon na know, because macy's is just gon na start bleeding, and once you see that, like don't worry about this one day, This is just one day: the macroscopic view of macy's is still bullish right.

So a one day correction is not the end of the world. I'm gon na answer. Your question: denzel is fidelity us only. I think so yeah.

How do you set a super chat message? As well as dono, i actually don't know how to do it. I'm gon na be honest. I should know how to do it, but i don't it's my apologies uh. What is any thoughts on whether we'll have a crash on inauguration day mike? I think the best way to put this as a political as possible is anytime.

There is uncertainty in the market, it's usually bearish territory. So if people don't know what to expect, it's likely to be a sell-off day, it'd be an opportunity to short, though, there's always opportunity to make money in the market gnog. Will it rally this week or next, my friend, um dimed, yt g-nog is a stock that you have to not pay attention to the daily fluctuations with, because this is a stock that five or ten years from now is going to be worth 10 times as much As it is now, right, gnoc and dkng are both going to benefit greatly from the legalization of gambling in the states and, as that continues to push this stock is going to continue to grow. Right, so don't mind these day-to-day fluctuations.

If it does drop a little more right, we're going to be fine. This is an opportunity to average down or improve your position in the stock uh. I think still, if you can get in between 1887 and 20 bucks you're gon na make money. The 15 ema obama crossing 200 ema, so i use the 15 day vomit.

You can see that right here. That's this uh light blue line and the 200 ema. Is this one right here, but i know some brokerage accounts. Don't have the bomba if you use weeble, think or swim ameritrade use the the v-wap or the m8.

Those will keep you just fine they'll be a little bit different, but it's about the same amtx. Oh look at that filthy gap up guys, that's so nasty! I love seeing a gap up, there's nothing that gets me smiling like that. Oh it looks pretty good. It looks like it's pulled back a little bit, but don't sweat that i've been willing to bet you if we draw a retracement here that lines up pretty well with this retracement and sure sure is popeye eats spinach it does.

I bet you money. I bet you a lot of money. We're going to hold above 347. that'd be a good entry point.

Clean spark. Clean spark is just correcting right now i wouldn't worry. This is another hold stock. I'd hold this for a for a while a couple years probably see.

Look at their growth they're going to continue to grow guys. Queen spark is good. I am not in canada. I live in minnesota in the states.

I stack. Oh you're asking a question, my bad, my bad hey. What do you think about cpsh? I don't like the gap in the chart, i'll, let you know what i think my friend um. Oh, i don't like that gap either.

That looks like some mm manipulation. The triple m yeah. Typically, when you don't have price action in a zone like this, you eventually feel the gap so you're right in insane. That scares you a little bit because that scares me too.

I don't, i think, there's probably a correction here. I don't know a lot about the company of course, but typically when there's a gap in price action, it eventually gets filled bob macy's at 10, 15. you're doing pretty good. Then man, i wouldn't sweat it.

No problem, gc good entry point for zome anything under a buck is going to treat you great genus. I think this is a good swing trade stock. You can definitely see the volatility here, but the growth of the stock i'm not sold on yet the fundamentals of the company. The premise is there, but they just haven't proven it they're too up and down.

I think this is just a good swing trade opportunity when they bottom out it's a good opportunity to ride up when they top out it's a good opportunity to ride down. I appreciate that kausar support from london, i've never been there. I wanted to run the london marathon, i'm a runner, but uh i'd be it'd, be fun. That's cool, alpp, alpine alpine's, filthy alpine looks really really nice.

It looks like it is beginning an upward swing. We have a little bit of a gap happening here between the 15 bomb and the 200 ema, and this is typically a sign of an incoming run. So if you want to get in right now, i think you're going to do pretty well, i just covered dome. I want to be bullish, so bad.

I was up huge and took profits, but i'm definitely getting back in millennial stock, guys check out this guy's channel. This dude is an og, i'm gon na drop him in the comments here. Show him some love he's the man ttcf analysis, tattooed chef man, this company, as the vegan uh sector, starts to grow guys you're gon na laugh at this. I tried being vegan for a while.

I couldn't do it. I couldn't do it, it wasn't for me, but it is for some people right and uh. Tattooed chef is going to continue to grow, especially with the the increase in demand of vegan options at restaurants. Uh the vegan diets are just increasing throughout the states.

It'll have a good year or two uh - i don't know about their their their q1, but i think it will be a good company starting a youtube channel for investing. That is a great question. Man. I actually have a video out on when i went from zero to a thousand subscribers in 19 days and it covers it extremely well.

But my suggestion to you is: don't get discouraged right. It took me, i think, nine days to get my first 100 subs and then from there. It took me eight days to get my next 900., so just keep grinding, it's going to be worth it and just just learn your stuff. You know you're going to make mistakes.

I've made mistakes on them, move on get better. That's too easy man i'd love to hear that mro oil is pretty hot right. Now we do have a nice gap up here happening between the 15 vomit 200 dma looks nice. It looks like it's growing, i don't know a good entry point per se i'll draw a retracement and see if i see any patterns, it looks like it's going to hold up pretty well at that 38 mark.

So if you can get into 8, i think you'll do well. I am in the military yeah. I appreciate that jake, that's awesome! I i'm also active duty. I work in air defense artillery i'm actually moving out to fort sill oklahoma on uh thursday next week and i'll be training in on patriot weapon systems.

Visl. Thank you for your service too by my friend. I really appreciate you saying that it looks like it's beginning. An upward swing watch for a crossover on the 15 bomb over the 200 ema.

If you see that it's going to get some freaking filthy traction, the volume is moving up. It's approaching overbought territory. If you see that crossover, it's going to be nasty long-term price target on nbis apfc, i'm sorry, i missed you uh apxc, i think, is going to be a 28 to 30 stock of the data merger and if i had 1k right now, where would i put It i would either put in an mvis or frsx. Frsx is going to be a 50 to 70 company in the next two years.

I'm willing to bet my portfolio on that they're both killer, but nvis, i think, is going to be a 20 stock. At the end of the year, i think, five years from now 100 stock, they're they're, so huge um, the autonomous driving sector. They are the guys that are mining right, they're in the coal doing the work and frsx vldr mbis they're selling the pickaxe they're, giving them the gear necessary and people just don't really. There's no there's no hype here.

Yet it's like it's behind and i don't understand why, like people don't realize the potential of these companies, but like these are the big dogs. These are the guys really making the money so they're gon na be huge. Oh cgn, i've covered this stock in the past. This is a stock that i uh.

I hit a grand slam on with everybody here. I know some people made some filthy money on the channel, but i think ocg n is going to be a good two to three month stock like a midterm hold uh as the because they've got like some vaccines out in india and they're, the second most populous Country in the world and as their you know, vaccines continue to roll out. It should continue to grow. I wouldn't be surprised with a retest of like five bucks eventually sends is a good buy in the morning.

Some is a good buy in the morning. I'll tell you that right now, because i've already done the research on those time. I don't know, i don't know if there's any news catalysts that recently came out on time, but looking at the charts, specifically it looks pretty solid. It looks like it's uh consolidating very well that should be confirmation of buyers we're holding up really well above the 61 retracement.

If you can get it at two dollars and five cents. I think it'll treat you well all right. I'm gon na go back up to these guys that dropped uh drop some money because i want to completely honor you guys. I appreciate that gcyt how to grow a youtube channel for investing yeah, so i'll retouch on this again.

But my biggest advice to you is just to keep doing it right because i put out five videos six videos a day when i started the channel - and it took me probably ten days to get my first hundred subscribers right um. But after that, it snowballs, like people, are gon na pay attention to your videos. The youtube algorithm will push your stuff out and uh. It's it's.

You just got ta be patient right so like. If i show you guys my channel really quick i'll, just pull it up on youtube i'll show you guys um the growth of my channel, the analytics and subscriber count. So when i started the channel on december 16th, i was not getting a lot of subs every day. It took a minute, but there just came a point eventually, where i started gaining traction and once you gain the traction, it is no looking back.

It's just going to keep growing, so you just got to get through that wall. Once you get to that 100 sub wall, it's going to keep pushing uh and just make sure that you're up to date with the latest news on stocks - and that's like the biggest suggestion i can have - is really pay attention to your comments. Section um try and cover the stocks that people are talking about, because there's probably a reason they're talking about them right, so try and serve your audience. Don't discover things that you want to talk about cover things that other people want you to talk about, because that's why they're there right that's my biggest advice check.

I like check they're consolidating really well right now. Actually they look like they're about to run again this. It looks good they're on an upward channel. I already did jagx, but i'm high up on jagex.

I think it's gon na touch six or seven bucks. I feel really good about it. Millennial stock investor - i'm gon na give you some love. My friend since i've been supporting since day one, it's only right that i donate thanks for the great content keep going brother.

I appreciate that man, like i said, check out his channel he's, got a really great motivational channel. He knows what he's talking about. I i really highly recommend him rmo. They just recently have a crossover on the 15 bomb over the 200 ema.

So if you see a beginning of a gap up, it should run just looking at the trends in the past um when it has gapped up like this, it does run for quite a while, so it could be a really nice swing or a midterm hold just Based on the charts right now, it looks pretty good stpk whoo that looks pretty dirty. It looks like it's beginning, a correction and if it holds at this 31 level, if you see consolidation here for another day, i think it'd be a good entry point. But if it breaks watch for like 28.74, that's why we got a couple levels of support: okay, yeah. The training was halted at that gap.

Yeah. That makes sense. That makes sense for sure. The same thing happened with jag x, a couple days back and they halted the price action.

I i hate seeing that it's it's definitely brutal clwd. This is going to be a couple week hold for me. I want to watch the price action. I do have a position in clwd i'm down right now, but i'm not sweating.

It um. I think they're going to continue to grow, they're, definitely macroscopically bullish. It's only right that when you grow over a thousand percent in a week that you get back 40 of it, i'm not sweating yet uh, jagex and highly on gon na go off. I agree my friend for sure for sure nspr.

What i don't like to see is these really long wicks on the top of the candles that indicates to me weak buying pressure, they look like they might start to bleed a little bit. The volume is pretty consistent, though so that's good. I don't know anything about the company to be completely honest with you, there's still a macroscopically bullish territory, but it does look like they're beginning to bleed a little bit i'd watch for a whole. It does look like we're in a wedge formation right now and if we break below this trend line in the next trading day and that's going to be right - around 58 cents uh, it's probably gon na - probably rip down pretty bad.

But if it breaks above it should be pretty nice, so just watch for that. Did you tell family and friends the sub tray? How do people find you at first uh? I don't know to be honest: the youtube algorithm man, it's a mystery um to be real. With you, what i did is, i just tried to promote my page as much as i could. So when i made a video, i would take the link and i'd copy and paste it into stock twits and don't be discouraged because you are going to have people in stock with say.

Oh, we got the next bro that thinks he knows everything about stocks. If you pay attention to the one negative comment over the 99 positive uh youtube is just gon na kill you, so i recommend, like um, getting people to stop your channel like family friends like you're, saying and then also just promoting your stuff. So if you can put your videos on on instagram facebook, twitter, snapchat stock, twits, the more people that see it, the faster this is gon na happen. So that's my suggestion, scps.

Ah, i don't like the price action. It's pretty flat, there's not a lot of volume. Going in here, it's been oversold for a while. It does look like it's beginning to do something, but i just want to see a little more price action before i give you an answer.

I appreciate that ernest. Thank you. You're, the man mara, as long as crypto runs tomorrow, will continue to run they're currently in a pretty nice bullish flag right now. If you see a break below this level right here, it's probably going to bleed.

But if you see it push above this top trend line like 25 and 50 cents, it should keep moving. I'm gon na get to uh tim raymond since he dropped five bucks. For me, man, it's great: what is your opinion on check? I just bought it. I know i wait for the news catalyst, but besides that great content, i love it man.

Thank you so much. I really do appreciate your donation you're, the man seriously. I type your name tim tim. Are you on ticker symbol? That's gold! Oh whatever my bad check check does not look bad.

I mentioned this earlier, but i do think they're going to run. They look good they're breaking out of this consolidation channel and it's it's looking pretty nice. So what we're going to be watching for is if we just draw a quick retracement from the base here. If you get a push above two dollars and six cents, it should run.

I have high sentiment, i'm bullish on check. Oh stick! That's cool man for sure for sure you just live on. Macarthur 22nd heck yeah trxc i covered a little bit earlier. Clwd apple apple is what it is.

My friend apple will always be a powerhouse. It's the leader of the the uh, the phone company. Don't pay attention to the day-to-day stuff if you, if you buy apple at 126, bucks, two or three years from now you're going to be up 30 40 50 driv wow, that's clean. This looks like another growth stock man.

It looks like it is what it is. If it looks like a lemon, it tastes like lemon, it's probably a lemon, it's bullish, it looks like it's just gon na continue to grow volume is very consistent. It's actually been up a little bit recently. I think if you buy in you're gon na be safe, do you know? What's up with fuel cell, i am high up on fuel cell.

We are actually expecting their financial statements coming up here. I think on the 21st - and i will be covering a video on that when it comes out, but i think fuel cell is a great hold for all of 2021. they're, a hydrogen-based, clean energy company, so a little bit different than clean energy and plug. I think those both work with electricity, but i buy i'm high up on fuel cell.

I have a position right now. At one point i was up 80. I didn't sell, i'm not going to uh. I think it's going to be a 25 to 30 stock.

Pretty easily scpk is going to be huge mark. My word i'll take your word for it: man, oh yeah, right. I had to pull it up on. Oh, i just typed it wrong scp-k.

It looks good yeah, i i feel good about it. I feel good about how it looks massive blue chip customers. That's what you're looking for what kind of bike you're riding uh it is a uh specialized. I uh.

I got that bike just to do some cardio. I've got uh one of those stationary things we can put the bike down and i just pedal for like an hour every morning, just to get some sweat rolling. I covered spc, i covered uh. Actually, i don't think i covered trxc, my bad, oh, i did cover it, but it looks good.

I think a good entry point is 1.94. It looks bullish. We still have a crossover between the 15 vomit 200 ema, it's bullish territory. I appreciate that tommy.

I have any prediction on mbis for the week i'll cover pola too uh mbis. I think in the next five to ten days is gon na break ten dollars. They are, they are cheating up the last time we saw a run and they gapped up on the 15 bomb over the 200 ema. It ran for like a week, and we just saw the same thing happen now, so i think it is going to run.

I i expect a retest of 810 and then a retest of 9.75, and if we can hold above 10, it will hold above 10. I feel good about it. Pola paula, you're, welcome, oh polar power, it looks pretty clean and honestly, it doesn't look like a bad entry point. It looks like it's corrected, pretty well, actually, yeah.

I think if you can get in around 10.50. It'll do pretty well with pola, but it looks nice. The volume is insane i'm assuming there was some sort of recent news catalyst, but that looks filthy. That looks really nice and i, like the entry point, the risk isn't super high.

Thank you appreciate the advice. Nope no worries sami. I appreciate you watching.

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