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I had a bunch of people yesterday say: trey trey. Why are you? Why are you imitating raj capital? Let me tell you right now. I wish, with all my my soul, that i could imitate that greek god of a voice, but i am just genuinely sick. I'm not making that up so nonetheless, i've been sleeping a lot.

I haven't been on the computer outside of some gaming and trying to lay low, so i can recover. So i wanted to do something for the last uh month or so now, and that was go back to my first video that i ever made on this youtube channel and kind of listen back to it and just compare where things are now compared to then, where I'm at now compared to them where the community is that now compared to then the way things have grown, and i think it's just uh interesting to be able to retrospectively look back on uh where people were in life and uh kind of reflect. And i don't know so if you're interested in that that's what i'm gon na be doing today, if you're not interested in that that's uh, that's totally cool too, but the first video that i ever made was about a stock called veru. Uh vera was a company that at the time, was uh looking into an alternate treatment method to prostate and breast cancer.

Uh - and i remember it - looked like a pretty good swing - trade uh - you can see by the title here: vero stock price prediction, 90 price target and apparently enough it actually went all the way up to 24.50. So i was off by a little bit. I wasn't quite right on that, but nonetheless uh, i'm not even interested in that per se. I just like to listen to the video itself and uh and see kind of what we got rocking here.

What is up everybody that bike for his first youtube? Video on the stock market, so i'd like to preface by saying that i am not a financial advisor, nor do i recommend you take my financial advice. However, i am going to be documenting my journey through the investing world on youtube for anybody. Who'd like to join the journey, uh just keep following along the first stop. You know i listen to the mic now, but i i still have audio problems, i'm still not freaking super great at uh at mixing and all that sort of dumb cause.

I'm just not a tech wizard i'd, consider myself just a probably uh like a karen for technology, but um. I was recording that with my playstation headset i remember i didn't have the elgato right away and uh. I was like man. This sounds so good.

It sounded awful, but uh it's it's it's interesting. Nonetheless, i just wanted to say that piece i'm talking about today is veru incorporated now veru is a company who is researching alternate treatment, methods to prostate and breast cancer. What is interesting about these guys is. The ceo has found a alternate to chemotherapy in the form of a kill now the pill.

What you do with this is you take it every day in place of the chemotherapy? I'm glad that i uh i explained to people why you would take a pill now with the pill. What you do with this. You don't stick that up your rectum, you! Actually, you actually do swallow that via your mouth and it's supposed to do what pills do which, which is help you with whatever the pill, is supposed to help with god and the side effects are very minimal and seems to according to him and his results. Give about the same results as chemotherapy would now i'd like to look at vero as a company, but first, let's take a look at what the charts are.

So you know probably the most interesting thing that i'm noticing right off. The bat is just uh like confidence when i started this youtube channel. Dude i'll, tell you what i was so uncomfortable. I remember sitting in that seat and thinking to myself, people are going to think i'm the stupidest person on planet earth.

People are not going to watch this and i remember coming back when this video first came out and i saw it had 15 views or 10 views. I was like yes, that is money, i'm so glad that 15 people took the time to watch this video um. But that's that's really been the biggest thing that i've noticed so far is just cadence uh, my true personality coming out. I i don't feel as stiff.

I don't feel like i've got ta not be me. I didn't do that right off the bat i was. I was pretty nervous and i was trying to uh. I was trying to take.

I don't know if anyone's ever seen, penguin zero, his name's moist critical on youtube he's. I'm a fan he's probably my favorite youtuber on the platform, but i was trying to sort of take his style of like a super monotonous, uh super monotone, sort of uh approach to the stock market, and i obviously abandoned that. I just decided to do me instead, but it's interesting nonetheless, we're gon na go out to a 10 day view, as you can see 10 days ago. The floor on this was sitting between 3.30 and 3.17, not a lot of volatility, not a lot of movement happening here.

It was hanging around the vma, the volume moving average pretty consistently and there was a little bit of a catalyst, so they released some of the results regarding their research that they found with their phase two drugs and shot the price up exponentially. So right now exponentially the high here we're sitting at about 12. You could have four extra money, so there's a 400 percent growth on the very stock, so you might be thinking. Where is the room for growth still well? You should not take my advice, like i said earlier, because i'm not a financial expert, but i do think there is a lot of upside both in the short term and the long term with business.

So so the one place where i went wrong. Obviously this there was not a long term. I'd say like a year plus out growth, at least as of now. I think the stock is currently trading at like nine dollars, i'll just pull this up here, really quick, yeah, 973 or so, but it did hit 24.57.

So that's an interesting thing, but nonetheless, what i find to be the most fascinating about this is. I was so early in my charting uh sort of education process and i still had a lot of the same concepts that i utilized now, which is really a fascinating thing to see uh a lot of these. I picked up from a guy on youtube. His name was rainer tail uh i'll drop him in the description box.

If you want to check them out, but rain or tail. I just sat down. I remember for a month straight and i watched all of his technical analysis. Videos through like three or four or five times just so i could understand the concepts to a t and then what i would do is i would sit at charts like this one and i would try to apply those concepts to charts as they're moving, not even Necessarily trading them, but just seeing how they react to what i was kind of learning on the internet and it's fascinating i mean i really did.

This is still a nice setup. I look at this now and it still looks like a nice bullish. Setup. You've got this higher low sort of uh stair stepping taking place and it's flagged out.

I mean i at the time i knew what a flag would look like hypothetically on paper, but i i it's it's just really interesting to see. You know it's. I did not know near as much then as i do now, but it's good to see that those basic concepts are still around. You know before with a stock when i'm going to be investing, i do have a position in this stock, so i have a very biased opinion.

Um, just like i said, higher lows higher highs, so you can see here on the 12th on the 10th of uh december, that we have a support level sitting around five dollars or so and then the next day we move up at the lowest point here to About five dollars and ten cents hello today we close tonight. So where do i see this going? I think that very important. You know this doesn't even sound like me, i'm listening to this and if my friends were to watch this video when it first came out, they'd be like what the are you doing trey. Why are you talking like that? Why why why? Why are you not being crazy? You know uh, it's it's a pretty fascinating thing to watch, but i just like listen.

This makes me cringe a little bit. I'm not gon na lie rated will continue to grow, and this is why there are very many analysts that have released data. They have mixed price ranges see. I was talking about analysts here now.

I take analysts with a much much much larger grain of salt than i did back then that was actually a bad reason for me to think that this stock was going to go higher because an analyst said so i i've actually seen before, where an analyst will Put out a price target and what'll happen is the the price will artificially for a day or two sort of jump up, and then big institutions will unload positions. Then it dumps for a week two weeks, three weeks, i'd view it as actually a strategy for mainstream media analysts to sort of uh bag hold retail, and i i definitely i'd check out the source right you want to watch. What analysts are previous predictions are, what their intentions are, who they work for, where they get money from right. That sort of thing, that's all very important, but uh, it was a good pick.

Nonetheless, there was more upcoming catalyst. I don't know if i mentioned this in the video but uh. Hopefully i did, i guess we'll find out from 12 to 19. Most recently was the 19 price prediction, and i can see this happening.

They released great results on the phase 2 trial granted base 3. Is not coming out until about 18 months, from now ceo was on the kramer night show. I was so naive, jesus christ. Another thing to pay attention to is the amount of volume that's been going past me makes me want to cough.

If you look back on before the catalyst had grown this stock, it would be. You know, 15 minutes trade volume of between 6 000 and maybe 2 000 rates. Now you you fast forward a little bit into this range. You can see 344 000 for a 15 minute window, so this is another one of those basic concepts that i'm actually pretty happy that uh i was using in my first video is watching volume.

Volume can be a good indicator of uh sort of unusual or abnormal trading activity, which can give you insight as to when a stock will move. I actually ended up uh utilizing that in a swing trading strategy as time passed, i would use the 15 day moving average, the 200-day exponential moving average, a small scale trend line, large-scale trend line, smoothed out price action and then volume and whatever that 15 would cross. The 200 to the upside, you know that you're getting a gap and short term price to action, and if that was matched by an uptick in volume as well as an up, you know expected upcoming news catalyst. You can take advantage of that.

That's exactly what veru was at this time. I mean if you drew up the indicators, i'm nearly certain. You would see it uh that 15ma and 200 ema - and i didn't even know that i was utilizing. That is what's the funny thing, so it's uh.

It's always interesting how things kind of uh adjust and grow as you go along in life, 8 million 900. 000. Three days ago you saw a high of 13 million yeah. I get it upwards more than it already has grown.

Another thing that i like about this stock is that you're not seeing these sharp increases, followed by immediate drops down to this original three dollar price target. You are seeing these stair steps. I was very repetitive: that's the confidence thing right so, as as you go on in the stock market and i'm not gon na guess anybody right at this point - i said it as it was. I said: i'm going to be documenting my journey through the stock market.

Don't take this as advice, this is me just essentially recording the process and me educating myself me trying to make money me trying to do my thing. I just there was so much for me to learn at this point and i just didn't have the confidence in uh and that i knew enough to be uh. You know the best that i could be, and i still don't think that right, but, as you continue to go and you gain confidence in the things you get right, you learn from the things you get wrong and at this point i was still pretty wet behind The ears you know, um it's it's very interesting to see it. It makes me think of like like watching uh.

What's a good example, it's like watching a newborn deer trying to walk around for the first couple of days and it's just tripping around uh trying to eat grass it'll fall over. It's it's weiner hanging down in the ground. You know, which is a great sign, that the bulls are maintaining control over the stock. There are windows of time where we do have the stock being traded under the vma, but it seems to be outweighed.

The bulls seem to have control of this stock, and i do see this shooting up more than it already has. If any of you have a position in this stock, please let me know in the comments down below. I took a position in this stock. At about 9.10, i will be selling out approximately around 11.50 i'll, be setting a trailing, stop loss at that point, um yeah, that's all i have for what the i said.

I had a nineteen dollar price target and then i said that i'm gon na sell it twelve dollars. That's some genius, nothing like leaving room on the table and i'm gon na, be. I remember this actually pretty pretty uh strongly. I did end up taking profits at like twelve dollars and i remember looking at the chart later and i was like what the were you thinking you dangling, you left so much money on the table and uh.

I guess it is what it is you learn. You live, you learn. Sometimes you lose that's just the way things go, but that's basically the entire video and what i think is the most fascinating about this, and i suppose, where i'll close it off, is you never really know where things are going to be? 10. 11, 12 months from now - and i'm not even talking about myself and my channel - i'm very grateful, i'm very happy, but what i'm the most grateful for is the community, something that i think is undervalued is that community is a currency right.

It's worth something! It's it's uh, it's a leverageable, uh, sort of material and that's to objectify a community per se, but that is the most difficult thing to do to me in today's day and age and where things have gone from here until now is really freaking cool to see. I mean i've just seen the community and all the people involved in in the stock market: retail apes, everybody, that's that's there right, they've, all educated themselves and learned and, like all the things that i used to believe back here, are basically newton void. You know it's! It's it's come and gone, and it's just interesting to see you know so, who knows we're gon na be a year from now right, uh, who knows what what stocks are gon na be at? Who knows what the community's gon na be doing. I like to think good things, but i'm just going to keep putting my freaking nose down and uh waiting for the day, because, ultimately day by day, what i look forward to the most is my subway, a good coke uh, not the not the snortable kind.

You could you could snort uh a can of coke. If you wanted that's kind of weird and uh the community, you know i just love engaging with people and uh having having a place to call home and that's what you guys are to me so hope you guys enjoyed that kind of a typical video but uh. Tomorrow, you can expect if i feel better uh some sort of amc stock video to come out. I want to be able to dig into some good uh some good stuff i'll present it to you and we'll go on with our day so appreciate everybody that watched catch on the next one: marshall love lights, apps, peace,.

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