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To me, all right chat, chat, chat. What's up, what's up, what's up, what's up, what's up youtube, it's your boy, trey, coming back again for another freaking eye live stream! Here we are not late matthew. What are you talking about? It's 5 30 square on the nut? Sack i got on about 10 seconds before the clock turned that's what matters. That's what matters guys come on! Welcome back we're gon na give a couple minutes just so that people can roll in here and then we're gon na get into uh a couple different topics that i've got picked out for the day, but uh it's good to be back.

I've actually got some good news uh that i'm gon na give you guys before we actually get started, because i'm excited i'm excited about this. This is pretty sick uh, but before that, we'll just let some people in we'll say hi to some guys i'll. Let you all uh let y'all roll in drop some gurus in the chat once you uh, once you're freaking locked in so i know, you're all rocking cooking, with crisco, getting ready to hang 10 and uh chill out for an hour. We're gon na be streaming until 6 30 central standard time.

Then i'm going to be uh over in uh my discord for a little bit in case you'd like to check that out. It is absolutely free. It'll stay absolutely free. I i'd have no plans of changing that, otherwise i will probably be in my discord, hop around servers for uh about 30 minutes to 30 to 45 minutes or so so, if you'd like to check that out, i'm gon na pin that uh in the comments up Here i will be there after this live stream.

If you'd like to talk some more whatever it's all up to you chilling anyways, there's a link link should not expire. That is available for you. You can check that out. It is uh.

It is there how you doing catherine, i love seeing those freaking gorillas, baby, tommy, miller, t pit boss, hogg, that's a name you let that really bark you let a name like that. Freaking bark man against the establishment, man, it's it's! It's uh! It's easy! It's easy to be passionate about this sort of stuff ta for dummies, videos, basic patterns and buy, sell signals. I've thought about doing that nila, but uh. Ultimately, i don't think i have, and this is why i think it's because there's already six million videos on youtube, reiterating the same thing that the original person who probably made ta videos said uh.

All that i would be doing is regurgitating information that already exists. If you guys want to see that we can do it, it's up to you at the end of the day uh, but i think there are videos out there that that uh, that could definitely explain it in a solid way. No ape emoji, ah either way, whatever. Whatever we're chilling toronto yeah, i haven't been, i haven't been, but i'd like to go for sure.

Canada, oh you'll, have a good maple leaf. I wanted to make a point that there was no statement from the fire department about the warehouse fire and why they are loading fire into trucks. You know what's also interesting about the fire department. Is they seem to have a freaking diagnostic of the fire before they even went into the building? But i don't know whatever jeffrey says: how's the meb going uh.

This will be the last thing that i touch on before we actually get into the topics. I'd like to discuss, i just want to give it a couple minutes here, but that's the good news that i've got before we dive into uh. What i find to be some absolutely absurd stuff, as you can see by the title and the thumbnail repeat offender i this is, i can't believe it's gotten under the radar for this long steezy, it's a monday, i'm not gon na drink yet. But i appreciate that bro i'll show you what i'll show you this.

We got the black label right here. Kraken is chilling, but we're not gon na point you back. Quite yet. Uh try not to drink sunday through thursday, but anyways uh.

What i was gon na say about the meb is i i think, i'm about four weeks away from my med board for the army being complete. I got all the claims i wanted. I got my eyes stuffed right. I've got four claims for my eyes.

One claim from my heart uh and we're working through the process and i'm expecting within three to four weeks to have my exit orders, meaning my my med board packet has been submitted, it's been processed, it's been accepted, uh and from there it's it's a couple. A couple weeks essentially of uh processing out of the military and at that point i'll be full time uh over here with you guys and that'll, be it'll be a good day. I'm excited too, because i got all the claims that i wanted. I got the four from my eyes.

I got the one from my heart and until that day, this is the good news i uh i'm starting 28 days of leave tomorrow, so starting tomorrow, tuesday uh. I will. I will be here with you guys i'll be live streaming uh here on youtube monday through friday for at least an hour to two hours a day, uh i'll, be on twitch every night, i'll be in discord every day and i'll be active on twitter. So you guys will have me basically full time for the next month, so i'm very excited for that.

That's something i've been looking forward to for a while. Now and i've been waiting a long time like i can't lie. It's been a frustrating process, battling my vision and battling the heart problems and uh whatever uh we're we're nearing the end, we're nearing the end. It's it's pretty exciting, i'm pretty excited for sure.

But with that being said, my friends, let's dive into uh the topics that i would uh, i wanted to talk about today, the one that i find to be the most interesting. This needs to be all over the news. I don't know why it's not already so check this out. This is coming from a twitter account called occupy the fed movement uh.

These guys put together uh, basically a little tweet here. It says breaking news federal reserve, chair powell, which is referring to jerome powell traded during restricted pharmacy blackout period, failed to disclose majority of trade dates, apparently lied about muni bond conflict, u.s senate rushes to confirmation vote on february 15th. More details see - and he links this article well, if you check this out - let's, let's actually just take a back step here - really quick right, let's just think very briefly about the conflict of interest that could potentially be at stake before even diving into the situation at Hand, and just for everybody here as well, if you want, if you're wondering uh about an amc update, i will be giving you that as we go further through the live stream, but i wanted to touch on this first. I've got the ortex data pulled up.

I've got the chart pulled up, we will be going over amc. I want to start off with uh with this news, because i find this to be really groundbreaking stuff. This is crazy. So with that being said, let's think about the conflicts of interest that could possibly exist with uh working for the federal reserve.

We're gon na go over to the handy dandy, white white, microsoft, whiteboard uh, because i love this thing and we're just gon na list. These up right - let's just let's just start right here with this first stop fed what sort of information they deal with that could be classified as uh sensitive information that could you know, i don't know, influence their profitability as a trader. Well, if you're jay pal, this man speaks uh pretty regularly right, he comes out. For example, you look at the spy, the s p 500, and you look at the last time that jerome powell spoke the amount of volatility that this guy had and the effect that he had on the market is undeniable.

Let's go back and check it out bam right here you can see the volume increases you can see that it tanks coming off of basically him giving a nothing burger, uh piece of noose right. So it's very obvious that when they speak when they have metting stock, that meetings talk about inflation, they talk about rate hikes and they talk about jobs and they talk about whatever j pal moves, the market both up and down right so jay powell, if he so Much is sneezes this man sneeze right, he sneezes, he farts the market could go up or down, and this is all to say. Essentially, this man holds a lot of weight in the stock market right he can make things do this. He can make things.

Do this? You think elon musk moves the stock market, no on planet earth moves stocks like jay powell and his handy-dandy printer that never seems to run out of ink uh, except for occasionally right. So with that being said, fed conflicts of interest equal tax right. They have the ability to move the market with whatever decision making they decide to do so once we've established that we want to dive into well. What's this, what's this scandal that we're talking about here, so you look up this article right, i clicked on this.

I checked it out. You've got this, they make it a pretty bold statement. I don't know if i'd go so far as to say the fed scandal is bigger than watergate. I think that's uh, it's a very bold statement.

It could be. Maybe i don't know, we'd have to wait and see uh what this actually looks like, but this article came out 23 hours ago now check this out jay powell traded during restricted. This is a key word. Restricted blackout period failed to disclose most trade dates, apparently lied about munich conflict directed massive wall street bailouts despite conflicts.

Now, there's two big freaking buzzwords here ready for this restricted, restricted, failed to disclose right off the bat. You look at these two pieces of information from j-pop right. What's the first thing that pops in your mind, chad, i'll, tell you what it is right, if your first thing that pops in your mind, is wow, i'm gon na make a lot of money because you got it wrong. No, it's illegal! What he's doing is wrong.

It's up it's illegal straight out illegal. Now, let's dive further into this, and i'm gon na give my my two cents on this, because i've got another article i want to dive into, but we're gon na we're gon na read just a few pieces of information on this and before we keep going uh. Don't mind the bags under my eyes, i i didn't get much sleep last night i was up pretty late, but i'm motivated as and we're ready we're ready to rock anyhow venture who was supposed to serve in the public interest and avoid even the appearance of conflicts. Traded, millions of personal stocks and bonds, while obstructing required public disclosures about those trades for years.

That's not for a day. This isn't for a week, it's not for a month, it's not for six months for years. It's a lot of time, essentially saying hey every time. This guy traded, he wasn't necessarily disclosing the full truth in terms of what he was actually doing, wasn't being transparent, and that's all we're asking for right is transparency.

At the very least, i personally would love to see a world where the federal reserve, politicians, congressmen congress, women can't trade personal stocks with sensitive information, but i digress. Maybe we'll get there someday. Let's just keep reading right. We keep going yet.

The information that has slipped out is damning. It shows powell made trades during the restricted blackout period for pivotal federal, open market committee meetings, pharmacy meetings, an example of this right. Let's just say that jerome powell knows that he's going to flip from dovish to hawkish right. What does this mean? Well, we come back to handy-dandy whiteboard.

We love our good whiteboard over here. They make us smile, real nice, hawkish versus dovish. If you're to look at dovish, i'm probably going to spell this wrong, but i think it's this, i think it's this dovish means essentially uh they're, not gon na, be very aggressive with the economy. They're not trying to tighten things down.

They're gon na let they're gon na keep stimulating or, at the very least, they're gon na. Let things run right. This is typically when you're trying to stimulate the economy you to get money. Moving back you're not really worried about interest rates, you're not really worried about inflation, whatever.

Typically it makes stocks. Do this thing right: the nice, big fat printer arrow, let's just say that he knows all of a sudden. Instead of being dovish he's going to flip the hawkish he's going to start raising rates, he's going to try to combat inflation, he's not really going to tighten it. Try to stimulate the economy, he's going to try to tighten it down right.

What is that going to do? Well if you're telling people that interest rates might go up, you're telling people it's going to be less accessible to borrow cash? Well, you're going to see this because the stock market is a reflection of the economy. If he knows that this transition is coming at a pharmacy meeting, right, that's a conflict of interest. You probably shouldn't be able to trade with that information, especially if you are the one you're, the individual, that is allowing the stock market to either go up or to go down right. So if you notice that let's come back to this, and just reread what i just read, this is insane the information that it slipped out is damning.

It shows power made trades during the restricted blackout period for pivotal federal, open market committee meetings. This is a shocking revelation and constitutes grave and inexcusable misconduct by a high-ranking u.s government official. Essentially, what he did is he had an idea what he was going to talk about. He knew hey, i'm going to do this or i'm going to do that and he traded on that information.

Probably knowing i mean, if he's got half a brain, he can know. Oh inflation's bad if i have to combat inflation stock market probably goes down. Ah, if i'm dovish, if i say things, go up, things probably go up right if he knows that he trades on it, what the else do you need? What else do you need right and what are the consequences going to be? That's an important question because check this out right. Look at these notes here we're still a significant number of trades we're executed during we already read that uh come down.

Yeah powell had at least six sales transactions and one purchase on april 29, 2015. The day of the final pharmc meeting, this is back in 2015.. The title of the video is: why has nobody talked about this? This is 2015 seven freaking years ago, seven years ago, this happened the day of the final pharmacy meeting. You also made two purchases on december 11th, 2015., three days, three days before the pharmacies december 15th or 16th 2015 meetings.

You can see all these different transactions right here. How do you know powell wasn't using multiple to hide disclosure of far more transactions during the restricted blackout period? We're only scratching the surface, and this is just a single year of powell's long tenure. Moreover, powell's illicit trades were not isolated to 2016.. It continues unchecked through the present, so what this is saying, let's just put on our freaking tinfoil hats here, i'm gon na throw my cowboy hat here: let's take a deep dive and what this probably means it means if he was doing this in 2015, and he Has faced no repercussions, not because i haven't heard a thing about this until literally today, until i read this tweet today from occupy the fed movement on twitter, if i haven't heard about this yet until today, i don't know if anybody in chat has, if you have, Let me know that'd be awesome, it probably means he's still doing it.

It probably means there's other people in the federal reserve still doing it. This is illegal, it's insider training to a t. What else do you need, and let me let me just show you one more thing right check this out, if you think to yourself: ah trey trey, maybe maybe it was just 2015 right - could have been. Who knows, i'm always getting a spectacle too skeptical.

Whatever the word is, i'm all worked up. Uh speculative. I was trying to make the words skeptical and speculative, but we we're just gon na make it one word it'll be like uh skeptical. I don't know specul specule, specula, specula, pes, testicles.

I don't know what the word is, but anyways, let's just keep going. This is an article from october 18th of 2021 check this out revealed fed chair jerome powell sold up to five million dollars worth of stock options. Just before dow jones tanked last year, as central bank reels from resignation of two regional chiefs, who also cashed out fed chair, jerome powell sold 1 million to 5 million in stock options, which is kind of an oxymoron, i'm not going to nitpick at vocabulary. But whatever last october, this is a year ago.

This is coming off of essentially him having insider information, knowing what's likely going to be happening with these central bank reels, which was, if you want to rewind, basically a year into the past uh right after march of 2020, you can see uh all the ramifications of What happened after march of 2020? You already know right. Let's just read this real quick: he made the stock sales on october 2020, just as talks between congress and the trump white house over a new stimulus package broke down while covet case counts, deaths and hospitalizations were spiking according to prospect and the weeks after powell's stock Sales, the dow jones industrial average nose dived losing 1600 points in the month of october or six percent of its value. I wonder how he knew that maybe j-pop, maybe maybe he's just a god traitor, maybe he's a wizard, maybe he's got a magic. Eight point just put that magic key play with: what's the stock market gon na do and it went it went then he knew he said.

Well, magic, 8 ball. This is some genius and he just knew, but i doubt it. I doubt it there's no way. There's no way that makes any sense.

So what you have here is in 2020, we have two proofs right off the bat here. Two proofs we've got one in 2015 of him trading on pharmacy information. Three days prior to a pharmacy meeting. We've got this him trading.

Just prior to the dow jones six percent october, pull back. What else do you need this guy has gotten away with such illegalities? I i can't even comprehend how he has a job, let alone how he hasn't faced jail time i mean, let me put it to you this way right. Let me just make a quick comparison to you that we're just gon na take one of those sales we're gon na. Take one of these sales here, really quick and i'm gon na.

Compare it to you what that actually looks like one sale: let's just go low ball low ball and say that he made one million dollars. Let's send one to five million, we'll take the one million number right. He made one million bucks. This is jay pal over here jay powell uh he traded on on information uh about banks, bank reels found out that the stock market was likely going to pull back right.

Why the you doing this, let me reload. We got to keep this going hold up. I will get this real reeled in all right, jay pal. He had one sale worth one million dollars.

He made some money. He got out just at the right time, caught the absolute tip of the wiener and made some cash right face, no penalties. I haven't heard about it no jail time. No fine right makes sense sure.

Well, let's just have an average american. Let's have an average american to make a comparable situation for you really quick right. Let's just say that you've got uh, you've got nancy and we're not gon na go pelosi. We're gon na, say, uh well oc.

We got nancy wellosie over here. It's the opposite of pelosi, right she's, just an average person. She doesn't have information all this insider. You got nancy walosi nancy willowski over here, uh makes, let's say a hundred thousand dollars a year.

Right makes a hundred thousand dollars a year based on federal income, tax, state income tax, a whole bunch of different taxes, uh we'll just we'll. Just take a a very conservative, very conservative, 35 of that right. What's 35 percent of a hundred thousand 35k, let's say that all of a sudden nancy decided she did not want to pay her 35 000 of state and federal income tax. What do you think would happen? Do you think she wouldn't get hit with a fine? Do you think she wouldn't get investigated by the irs? Do you think she wouldn't face some sort of legal penalties? Probably would probably would i mean i don't know.

I know that the government loves that 35 000 they're gon na use that for great things, such as paying uh people like jay pal to steal 1 million dollars right. That makes sense. Don't it if jay powell can get away with making 1 million dollars with no repercussions? Why is it that nancy wolosi doesn't pay 35 000 in taxes and she faces fines, legal allegations, irs investigations and all this sort of jazz, it's nuts? It makes no sense. It makes no sense this guy should not be working for the federal reserve.

Most of these guys, probably shouldn't i don't know what do you think chad, maybe i'm just hallucinating - maybe maybe maybe maybe adam's just not making any sense here, but this makes no sense. None like this pisses me off this pissed me off a lot. You know i'm like i'm an average american, i'm expected to pay my taxes you're supposed to it's supposed to stimulate the economy. It's supposed to go towards good things like education and building roads and paying government officials to regulate the country and the way that they're supposed to, but instead we pay jackasses like this to steal from you.

I don't know. That's that's about all. I got ta say about that, but we got ta talk about this. Why is it? Why is it that just now, 2015, seven years later, this is finally discussed? I i just i i have no idea makes no sense to me makes absolutely no sense, and i wanted to touch on that, because this seems like something that really should be all over the internet.

This is this: is madness it's a bunch of garbage, but that's what i've got to say about that. That's my rant on jerome powell, i'm gon na breathe now reel it in reel it in i'm sorry, whiskey design. I know i got i got worked up. I got worked up drunk powell, man they'll, make you feel some sort of way and make you feel some sort of way, but that's the piece on that right.

Next, let's dive into this unusual wheels tweeted out about an uh, an scc charge that came in on uh big money mic six. This is actually interesting check. This out big money mike six, is charged by the sec for promoting penny stocks and defrauding his followers by pump and dumping them uh. He follows up with this.

The ssc report - uh link, is right here. Both users implicated in the charge are no longer on twitter. Their previous accounts are there uh big money mike had at one time, two million followers, apparently uptrends uh x amount whatever, and they lost a bunch of followers. They got charged with sec whatever these guys, if they were doing illegalities right, they're doing illegal stuff, they should one million percent be charged without a doubt right.

You should face legal implications for pump and dumping your followers. Undoubtedly right. I absolutely stand with that. My question is this: why isn't the sec also going against hedge funds, or perhaps market makers, or perhaps banks or institutions that do the same thing? Why not do you think that the sec went after the banks in 2008 until everything collapsed? Do you think that happened? I don't know when i read up on 2008, i read up on the the financial crisis of what happened with uh mortgage-backed securities doesn't seem like the sec really got involved.

It seemed like uh. If they were to get involved, they were way too late. Maybe it's worth keeping a record of those sort of things. You know on banks on institutions, on market makers, on hedge funds, on mainstream media.

Perhaps i don't know that makes sense to me or or perhaps crim jamer yeah yeah kenny, my man aurum crim jamer. No, i'm just messing. It's all one big club, brother, no you're, right, you're, right, tabasco, dave man we're just getting hit with so much crazy information. Lately it really is nuts.

It really is nuts. You want a canes sick thanks, dude, that's an interesting piece so that guy got some justice served. I suppose personally i'd like to see uh some larger cases get busted down on, because i feel like the department of justice. Doing sort of the sec's job.

Here is a little goofy, i think uh, the fcc kind of has two jobs right: they they create policy and they are supposed to regulate and enforce policy. And what i'm seeing here is doj investigating 30 different short sellers, uh labeled as different titles, whatever and kind of doing the job of what the sec should be doing. It's interesting, i don't know i feel like they could be going after some of these uh. These different names other than just uh guys on twitter, but i'm glad this guy, i'm glad this guy uh, you know got justice.

I suppose got served justice at the very least yeah raising cain's baby, it's gon na be dope. It's gon na be tasty. I can't wait. I can't wait.

No, i'm not going crazy, i'm just tired, i'm tired and i'm excited about what we're talking about this is. This is important stuff. It really is. It really is uh with that being said, there's a couple other things that i want to talk about, but i'd like to dive into what's going on here with amc right, because there's a lot of people here, uh, obviously, who would like to know what's happening uh And amc today was red was read by about 2.87 percent, and you can see here at about three o'clock.

Uh eastern standard time, it'd be about two o'clock central standard time. Uh took a small pullback after what the spy did at relatively the same time right about 3 15 eastern standard time, 2, 15 central standard time, uh spiders, cliff dived. It had 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 green candles. In the last 45 minutes of trading, which is pretty gnarly, i mean that's pretty uh, that's not great! That's not great for one minute chart here.

This is pretty gross and that affected amc. So, let's now look at the the one minute, let's zoom out here to the daily uh. As you guys know, i haven't been sugar coating i've been giving it to you straight. I've been trying to uh pitch you in a way that i think is, is uh the truth.

Instead of this is always going to go up, it's always going to go up. It's always going to go up right, uh. There is some good news here. We have for the time being right for the time being, a short uptrend check this out, i'm going to clear off some lines, i'm going to drive some scratch just so you can see this.

What we have here is a falling wedge right. You can see this descending level of resistance. You can see this descending level of support and it's formed out this pretty decent sized little wedge well within this wedge. If we change over to the four hour, i've showed this before i'll show it again.

Uh you're gon na see that there is a slight and ever so slight uptrend, slash uh double bottom, starting to form up here. It's actually pretty decent. It's not bad. This isn't a guarantee that we've continued on into perhaps a reversal, but it is a sign that you're starting to see a weakening and selling pressure uh.

You also see volume decreasing here on the selling side. If you come over to the daily candles, you can see sort of this decrease in overall volume, as this had a red day lower volume than the previous green day right. We were green by about three percent. Today we were red with less volume.

That typically shows that it's uh a weakening it's selling pressure macd on the daily starting to curl up, but i'm not convinced by that. I'm gon na be honest with you. I think this to me is a sign that at least for now, uh we're starting to see perhaps perhaps uh some consolidation in the grand scheme of things, though right. Let's look at this from a macroscopic perspective, what do you see with amc? We've got a current uh free flow market cap of 7.65 billion dollars.

You can see that we've also got uh 21 short interest based on 85 percent of the exchange reported data. You can also see that the days to cover, which is this green light green line right here - is about 2.58 much higher than it was before. That june run up, meaning that it's an illiquid stock illiquid there's not a lot of uh a lot of not a lot of money. That's coming in and out of this thing right now, because the volume is lower.

Well, if there's lower volume and shorts are going up, as it has been i'll, show you this this trend here, really quick estimated terrain, just a free float, you can see. This was slowly trending up. Well, short, interest is trending up, but the volume is trending down that makes it more difficult for shorts to exit a position, which is what this days to cover uh trendline is indicating to you that it's becoming more difficult for shorts to exit positions. Well, as it becomes more difficult, the ratio of buy to sell volume will make a difference in how the stock moves so, for example, with a 2.55 days to cover 2.58.

Whatever. This is right now uh, and you know, let's just say that the volume on the day was 28 million. I think it's what it was: 29 29 million if there are 110 million total shortage shares on just this data alone, not considering anything else, not considering uh. The the the puts not considering naked, not considering, what's not reported whatever right.

That would take four days minimum to get all of those shares back into the market and that's what that's the honest god truth right. That makes it difficult for shorts to exit positions. So you should find comfort in the fact that shorts have not exited this. Yet while the volume is still low, you will know if you suddenly see the short interest on amc, just vanish, poof thanos snapped and you don't see any difference in price action.

That's a red flag that should be an immediate red flag where you should be asking either ortex. Did you misrepresent the data or two, where the do the shares go right? That's that's really really huge! That's an important thing to be asking so in the short term. Right, i do think you're, actually, due for a perhaps small run back up. That's what you're looking for midterm, i'm waiting for the small, the mid caps to perhaps get a reversal based on the next pharmacy meeting, which is going to talk about rate hikes.

Perhaps the first rate hike will happen in march. I've talked about this before. If you want to check out this video, i think this is a decent one, uh, where we discuss uh the small mid cap crisis that i think is kind of taking place within the stock market. Right now check this out.

Where did this go this one? If you don't believe in market corruption, this will convince you. I think it's a pretty good video. It talks on how small mid cap companies are being targeted by short sellers in this moment in time, which i find to be uh. An obvious telltale sign what's happening right now.

Amc is a part of that amc, gamestop lots of other names, all tied into sort of what's happening, uh with small, mid caps, so in the midterm, i'm waiting for that that first rate hike. I think that will play a difference in how all small mid caps, trade and undoubtedly amc is being held down by, at the very least, the mid cap index, which is the the russell 2000 chopping around right now uh in a bearish trend. It's it's been bearish. Since november honestly, i mean that's the last time that it's been at its all-time high, it's november, 8th and that plays a factor because amc is a very large part of this index fund.

So uh, that's what i'm watching for i think march is perhaps a time in which you see uh. Some of these shorts start to exit positions could be later. Who knows right? It's not a date. It's not a prediction.

We don't do. We don't do dates. We don't do price targets, we don't do any of that uh, because, ultimately, it's all an educated guess, i'm guessing the same as you guys are. This is what i think uh amc is set up for right now make the crime jammer voice.

I don't know what you're talking about. I mean basically, what i'm telling you is short sellers, don't like small mid-cap companies, so what they do is they. They take a bunch of bunch of paper stocks and they strip them up like this. They rip them up.

They throw them in the stock market and they push them down and what you're waiting for is for the stocks go back up, it goes down and it goes go back up. You know what i'm saying, because i'm crim chamber and i'm bald, oh man. I wish more people watch those. I know those jammer videos, probably uh.

They don't hit the same. It's comedy. I know i know how it is, but that's that piece there's the update on on amc on the ortex data. At the end of the day, we're just saying the same things: man, it's uh, it's just that we are - are waiting to see shorts exit positions which they haven't done yet, in fact, they are still loading the barrel.

They're loading it you know, that's it. A thousand percent which brings me to this guy, charles gasparino, i wan na - ask what you guys think check this out. I'm gon na get a poll ripping right now and i'd like to see uh chat's thoughts on. I love that you guys like that dude! That's some good stuff or crim jammer from sad money.

You know why we call it sad money with grim jammer. Well, first off it's because i'm crim chamber and second it's because we'll take so much of your money that all you can do is cry. You'll be sad forever. Stocks will eventually go up, they won't always go down, but you don't get that.

Do you because you're not crimp chamber all right check this out, i'm gon na pull ripping right now. All right. Do you think charles gasparino has information? He isn't sharing about the chicago building and ken griffin potential uh or a ken griffin situation. You think charles gasping has information.

He isn't sharing uh. I can wear this better. Why do you think charles gasparino tweeted about the arsony arson claims from chicago to piss off retail, to gas light retail? You guys decide! So here's a question for you: why do you think charles gasparino tweeted about the arson claims from chicago to piss off retailers, to gaslight retail? You guys vote. I always like taking these polls, it's cool to get a pulse and see what people are thinking.

Uh. I've got i'm not gon na influence. You here right make an honest answer: i'm not here to judge i'm not here to to influence your decisions. The end of the day i just wan na see what you guys have to say, but nonetheless check this out.

He tweeted earlier today the amc apes have lost so much money recently. They have now become arson investigators and apparently deleted this tweet. Why this guy deleted his tweet 36 minutes after posting it, then you get you'll, be hearing from my attorney. I always love that line.

You'll be hearing from my lawyer, fun fact. I never heard about that lawyer ever again, so i don't know if that ever happened or not, but that's that's the joke of the year. Uh anyways. He retweeted this and said this.

The amc apes now known as the amc arson investigators get away with their cultist stock promotion activities because most reporters fear their threats and harassment. Then there's me ha. He always does that. Then there's me huh, i always love.

I love the hop at the end of his tweets. It really is beautiful. It really is a. It really is a thing of art, but anyhow, why do you think he he tweeted this out so far we have a split decision here, 52 say to gaslight retail 48 said to piss off retail.

I think this is interesting that he called it arson. Amc apes have lost so much money recently. They've now become arson investigators as if he is to claim that the building his in his opinion has burned down because of malicious intent. What do you think i'm interested to know? Personally, i worked the warehouse job before i.

Don't know how all warehouses are, but let me tell you a little story story time with trey right, we're gon na paint you a beautiful picture here once upon a time trey collins was uh was a 17 year old young ladle right 17 year old trey over Here he uh, he was very happy uh moderately happy. He worked the warehouse job, so we're gon na put we're gon na put a little bit of a smile on his face. Hair was about down to my neck. I had a little bit of a mullet going on, so this is trey right.

Trey over here stick figure working a warehouse job. What i did for a living back then for that whole summer i worked with my uncle mike. Is i drove a forklift? Forklift essentially, has these these big little jack thingies right, you can see a jack here, see a jack here and it. Oh, that's all up.

Try that again, you see a little jack here. I don't know why it's doing that jack here and it's attached to uh. Essentially, this little platform that i stand on and uh. It looks something like this right and i would sit on that and i'd drive around and i'd pick up pallets well that whole summer that i worked this job, the warehouse was very tall.

The racks went all the way up to the top right feet and feet and feet and feet and feet 40 feet. 50 feet 60 feet some of these forklifts. They would raise up 40 50 feet just to reach a pallet that was on top of those uh. Those specific racks right makes sense, that's how it goes.

I turned 18 that summer, but i started at 17.. I was trained for a while. I turned 18 june 21st that summer and then i actually got the forklift job. I know you have to be a team to drive a forklift, so until then i was cutting boxes, but regardless the point stands we'll change that to 18..

In case you're wondering birthday is june 21, so 18 year old trey, when i was actually driving forklifts regardless. I was working that job and you have these large racks. The boxes are all over the place. The sprinkler system, like 50 60 70 feet in the air way up there way way up there.

So, unless this building this this warehouse, that was storing data information, there's only just boxes stacked to the ceiling, i don't know how the sprinkler system could just fail right. I don't know how that's possible and uh. Here we have charles gasparino coming out and talking about arson i don't know it's. Who knows it's tough to say it's uh, it's my best! Guess it's your best! Guess! That's why i'm asking uh! You know you guys are your opinion.

It's actually pretty even split to piss off retail 48 to gaslight 52. I could see it both ways. I really could is pam in here. Dudes probably should face and realize he had no proof.

He just goes on uh. Maybe he just goes on fox every day and he's just cooked on the heifer. I don't know: ikundao hey how you doing. Hudson hey.

We got another 21 baby in here. That's pretty sick! That's pretty cool! No got me! 4321. dude. I appreciate you stopping in my friend thank you for that.

Thank you for that. That means a lot. I really do appreciate it, no gummy. What do i? What do you do on youtube? Let me check this out.

Quick i've got one more thing. I want to talk about. We do have some time, so i'm just going to read some comments for a little bit. Oh dang, big nuts you're into gaming.

Huh no got me. I uh. I've recently got into gaming a little bit. I'm not uh, i'm not a two million sub channel, but i do enjoy playing uh phasmophobia.

It's a ghost hunting game. I've i've got dying, light too, that's pretty fun. So if you've got any tips, let me know man if you ever want to play. Let me know that'd be a blast minnesota yeah.

I know i i sometimes i miss minnesota. I miss minnesota summers. Minnesota summers are a good time. It's human, but i enjoy, i enjoy minnesota.

Summers for sure is dwayne still on your back. Unfortunately yeah. Oh, i'm just an island boy trying to trying to make it quick. Ah yeah, that's fair! That was just that's fair! That's fair! The piss off retail! You do need faith for gaslighting i'll i'll.

Accept that that's actually that's a fair criticism. That's a fair criticism: is the fire still burning sani? Really that's insane yeah, no gummy i'll. Do that right now, i'll shoot you at the m. I appreciate that bro.

Thank you for that. Thank you for that uh to shot you a follow. You'd have to follow me back and uh. We can chat bro.

I appreciate you or you can shoot me a message either way. My dms are open i'll look for you dad coke for life. I am a big fan of the silver bullet, the diet. It's not bad it does.

The trick does the trick. I think that i had one more thing to talk about, i'm trying to think. Ah it's this all right. I know there's a lot of controversy surrounding joe rogan and i'm not diving into the politics at all.

Right i'd like to discuss briefly: let's talk briefly for one second about who joe rogan is and what he does. So let me give you a backstory right how what's my what's my opinion of joe rogan when i was in high school ma i'd say maybe more like college freshman sophomore year college, i started listening to joe rogan, not regularly i'm not a cultist. I don't follow him religiously. I don't watch him like like, like uh like like, like a stan or anything but he's like i like his opinions.

Sometimes you know i like the conversations better better actually is i like the open dialogue, open dialogue, especially for i think my generation and younger. This is one thing about my generation that frustrates me is open. Dialogue is sometimes difficult to have and i feel like joe rogan one when he talks actually has open dialogue. I think he's brought on extremists from different political parties, both left and right.

I think he's brought on different perspectives, uh in different fields. He really just likes to have open dialogue and i think that's really important for at the very least discussing through uh differences. So what's happening right now that i find to be really fascinating and i tweeted this out and i i know i got some mixed opinions on this. That's okay right.

I expected that one thousand percent expected that uh is this uh joe rogan has spent thousands of hours on podcasts with both opposing and similar views. Purposely that change people's lives for the better four of those thousands of hours being worthy of an outrage makes no sense. Cancel culture is goofy, and what i'm talking about here is joe rogan has talked about controversial things for a long time right. Both sides of the coin because he likes having open dialogue, that's ultimately it what i want to do.

What joe rogan is doing, probably not it'd, probably make me feel kind of uncomfortable. Controversial topics aren't fun to talk about, but at the end of the day this guy has just been. I really think a blessing towards having open dialogue about topics that some people on, especially mainstream media, won't discuss. So what frustrates me a lot is that people try to target him, and i think this is a mainstream media hit piece, i'm not gon na lie.

I see all this uh all these, these these things flying around about him to take him down per se uh - and i didn't see any of this pop out years ago before before the the medical situation with covid, which i'm not gon na discuss right. My stance here is on the person himself. Do you think i'm gon na end this poll? This is actually interesting. I find this fascinating.

Let's have a. Let's have a quick talk about this. Do you think the end of the poll by the way uh to piss off it was a split. The piss off retail, the gaslight was even steven 50 50.

check this out. Do you think joe uh joe, is in the wrong for this controversy, and i don't think he's gon na get taken down. I really don't uh, i think joe is gon na be absolutely fine. What's frustrating to me is that this feels exactly like a mainstream media plant.

It feels like this was a targeted attack on joe rogan, just because a certain political party doesn't like what he has to say and i'm not gon na. I don't talk politics. That's not my thing, i'm not allowed to do it. I don't want to take a stance on this.

I can't legally, while i'm in the military, but what i will say is it doesn't make any sense. It makes no sense. I don't understand that, so the polls going live uh. You drop your opinion, i'd like to know about what you think, uh and also puts on spotify.

You also see there was news that came out here uh earlier today from rumble. They offered him a 100 million dollars. They offered him 100 million dollars to come over to his platform, joe rogan, we're ready to fight alongside you see the note from our ceo uh chris, and the reason for this is that spotify took down quite a few of his podcasts, which is, which is a Form of censorship. I don't think that joe rogan will likely stay with spotify.

I don't know what the legalities of getting out of that contract looks like, but that's uh, that's a pretty hefty dollar sign to get joe rogan on rumble. Interesting for sure. Just you guys know i've never spoken with rumble. I saw this on my twitter feed.

That's the only reason i'm showing you. This is because i know that it's been highly talked about. It's obviously a a trending tweet uh. It explains the spotify situation right.

So we come back to this. I say: uh puts on spot, that's because that was that's, probably just a stupid decision, all right. So far we got this 388 votes. Do you think joe is in the wrong for this controversy? 20, say yes, 80 say no, so it seems the majority of people.

This is actually interesting, because this brings me to exactly what i was talking about before with mainstream media. Mainstream media paints. Whatever picture they want you to see. If they want you to believe that everybody in the world and their grandma and their stepmom who's stuck in the dryer hates somebody they're gon na pitch that down your throat and make you think that oh wow, maybe a lot of people don't like this.

I don't know i don't know, i don't know, but in reality it's a plant. It's a plant to me to me like i've talked with so many people in person like when i was at work earlier today, uh i was talking with some some of my co-workers. I was like hey what do you think of this controversy? You're, like i i don't know it's just kind of weird to me that all of a sudden out of nowhere, it started happening all these different allegations about things that that happened in the last four or five years or whatever uh. And i think, if you have real conversations with real people, open dialogue, just like joe rogan, which is why the reason i like him, you know uh you're gon na, come to find the same thing.

It's pretty fascinating. Also cv cfvi had a pretty crazy move off of uh. Oh context is 1 million percent everything absolutely absolutely absolutely hernan, uh hernandez, absolutely uh, who else got elon to smoke, weed dude, just that alone. That was that was that was one of the craziest podcasts.

Ever i couldn't believe that when i saw that nuts crazy stuff do you think joe is in the wrong 77 and 23 right here, just asking a question right, i'm staying apolitical on this. I just wanted to read uh. You know basically sentiment in terms of what's uh what the thoughts are here, because i find it to be fascinating. I mean this is a.

This is a huge piece of uh joe rogan's huge he's huge. This is uh this. This affects spotify. It's a reason why uh, you saw cfvi move the way that it did today, which is going to be rumble.

If i remember correctly, let me just pull this up, make sure i've got the right one. Cfvi yep, that's that's the one acquisition company. You look at the profile, financials investment, it's a blank check company that is uh supposedly going to be acquiring rumble, so you've got that elon brings a flamethrower and uses it in the hallway. Oh man, that's gnarly.

Do a poll if we think amc is a dead cat yeah? Let's i mean why not we can do it. I always like to gauge sentiment. Do you think amc is a dead cat? You already know my answer to that. The answer is no, but ultimately you guys are making your opinions answer honestly.

So, whatever you want right, we're here to have open dialogue, that's it coming from polybonic seems like an interesting poll. I think i know the results of this will be uh, because we've got some uh, some diamond nipple people in here all right. So far. Let's click on this.

We got 211 votes. 93, no uh 7. Yes, teach people options says chris. I've thought uh.

I've touched on options before if you like to look into that. I've actually got quite a few videos. Let me pull up my playlist here, really quick uh. Where would that be gamma series? I do options mark? Oh, that's, not the one unhedging a picture! Perfect! Nope! That's not it videos, i think it's called options.

101. yeah check it out options, 101 understanding calls and puts. If you click on that, that's my uh. That's my 24-minute walkthrough on how options work.

Nah, timothy, pope, don't sweat! I i i i is dressing truth of the matter. Is this right as a youtuber as a guy on twitter as a guy who have people paying attention to you or a girl right anybody, anybody that has uh people trying to listen. You know, have a dialogue! You're gon na have people that don't like what you have to say, i'm okay with that, i'm okay with that, because at the end of the day i know what i stand for. I know that i have good intentions and i know that ultimately uh the people who drive with that'll - be here - i'm chilling bro without a doubt the nine percent accidentally clicked, oh man.

Ah, i don't want to get youtube premium. I could. I could buy a baconator with that. I will be streaming on twitch tonight, braden for sure for sure for sure for sure, by the way, guys, if you wouldn't mind i'll, only ask one time uh during the live stream here, if you don't mind, dropping a like, i do appreciate it.

I don't have super chats. I've got a free discord. Spin up above it'll stay free, i'm not charging anything it'll stay that way uh. It would mean a lot to me.

It does help out. It does help out. I don't worry about steve. We chilling we chillin.

We chillin we chillin. I accidentally clicked yes, too cl. Look at this. All those nine percent yeses were meant to be no's.

That's definitely it that's. Definitely it oh adam aaron, tweeted yeah. Let me check it out, quick. Let me check it out.

What do you have to say? You asked you get another significant limited edition movie themed nft for amc guests march, one through six, this time, partnering with warner bros on its blockbuster movie, the batman. You must also secure your tickets by february 14th for all details. Uh there, what do you guys? Think of that? Personally, myself, i've always been more of a marvel canon universe over dc, but uh batman's, okay, it's not bad i'll, go watch it for sure. I was a big fan of spider-man.

That was really really good. That was a great movie. I watched it twice worth every uh with every nickel and every dollar that i spent on diet, coke and popcorn and uh and reese's pieces. It wasn't bad, wasn't bad at all.

Where is she that's funny stuff haven't been in a trey? Live in six months, dude, what's up john, it's always silly chicken time, it's always always baby. I like batman. Where is she? I was kind of like a batman mixed with like a like a metal band or something i don't know. I don't know most people.

Don't i don't know, maybe some people do, maybe some people do but i'm really into metal. I have back when i was in high school in college, especially now. I still listen to this uh gent. It's a dj ent.

It's like a groove bot metal. It's pretty fun. I like that stuff. It's always pretty dece, not bad at all you down to burn citadel yeah.

May i i mean if it happens, it happens. I can't, i probably can't say anything like that: uh, while i'm in the army equally hudson my man with the japanese, that's some good stuff. I did cry during spider-man, i'm not gon na lie, i'm not gon na lie. That was a nostalgic moment growing up.

I always loved spider-man man, uh spider-man man, sweater boy, because my dad loved it. It was just something that, like we shared memories on you know, we both we would both watch spider-man. We both watched iron man, probably five times a piece. I was a big fan of toby mcguire andrew garfield.

I think, probably played uh spider-man the best i think toby maguire played the best peter parker uh, and i think i think tom holland is the most canon per se. He plays the comic book spider-man, pretty much to a t which is huge. I'm pickle, rick, oh man, all right bet bet all right guys, that's what i've got for this uh. This live stream.

I want to pop on and talk about the topics that i thought were huge for the day uh. So i i am a mastodon fan, absolutely absolutely uh, but i'm gon na call it for now. If you wan na hop on to discord that is there i'll. Just be gliding around different uh different channels in there.

If you want to check it out, feel free to do so, there will be clips of this live stream that will go back up uh at some point in the next 24 to 48 hours. If you'd like to rewatch some of this stuff, it'll be there uh until then it will uh i'll, be there i'll be on discord. So this quarter right after this, then i'm gon na go on twitch.

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