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Now i know what you're thinking i know what you're thinking. I know what you're thinking you're you're thinking yourself. How are you going to go from? My goal is 30 000, which i i did end up making in my portfolio, i'm sitting at 30, 000 and 844 uh 30. 144 dollars.

Are you going to go from that too? I want to be a millionaire. Well i'll tell you what we're going to make this happen and no matter how long this series takes no matter how many years it takes, i am going to show you guys that you can become a millionaire too, and this is going to be a really fun Journey that i'm excited to start with you guys. So what is up? Everybody welcome to trades trades week of technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders sell opinions on these given stocks. I, like your purpose by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take what i say with a grain of salt.

The reason that i started this channel is because a couple years back, i was about 30 000 deep into medical debt, and i was very fortunate to have some close family friends and mentors that pushed me to work hard and invest my money and i'm happy to Say that not only am i not financially free, but i'm doing pretty well for myself at the age of 23.. So if i can pass along any of the information resources or tools that are given to me here in the community make a couple people better off than they were before. That's all that i can ask for last. If you would not mind drop a like on the video really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this.

Now today, we're going to be starting uh tracking. All of the revenue that i make as an investor in the army, uh from youtube from my patreon from affiliate links and uh the whole nine yards, and i'm going to be tracking the product, the process of becoming a millionaire. Now, right now, i'm not even close to becoming a millionaire. My revenue is it's going to take me a couple years to get to that point based on where i am right now, but i'm going to show you guys the process and that you can do this too.

If you are a content creator, if you are an investor, the whole nine yards so currently, my portfolio is sitting at thirty thousand eight hundred and forty four dollars and i have a game plan in order to get my my portfolio up to 1 million dollars and I'm going to be showing you guys how i plan on doing that. So at this given moment, this is what i have in my portfolio. I have been adding about 500 to 800 every two weeks from my paychecks in the army in order to make this kind of money. Now.

What is my, what does my revenue look like at this given moment? Well, i'm going to show you guys. So if we look up active duty officer, pay chart, you can see exactly how much money i make at any given time. But i will show you right now: anyways in case you're curious. So i'm an o1 which is a second lieutenant in the military and before taxes i make about 3 100 a month now.

Additionally, i do make untaxable income, which is uh bah, and this is basically a basic housing allowance in which the army gives me tax-free money. In order to pay my rent - or in this case my mortgage and depending on where you live in the united states, this this does differ. But after i make my bah and i'm taxed on my income, i make about four thousand dollars a month after taxes before taxes. It's about forty five hundred dollars.

Now this is going to end up being uh one of my smaller income sources, just based on uh. Investing based on youtube based on the patreon based on my affiliate marketing, and i'm going to show you guys exactly how much money i make every single month. So we're going to start off here and just open up a google excel account and show you guys and track all the different income sources that i make so just opening up this uh this blank sheet right now we're gon na start off with income sources and Write this in right here so income sources and then income now starting off, we do have the army, which pays me we're going to say four thousand dollars a month. Next we're going to talk about youtube.

How much money do i make from youtube videos? Well, currently, my channel is sitting at about 2 000 subscribers right. So if you come to my dashboard, you can see not two thousand twelve thousand subscribers and if we come to my dashboard, i do put out videos uh anywhere between eight to ten a day uh. Just because you know how the market is, it's very time, sensitive uh, you need to get information out, otherwise somebody else is going to right um. So i put out between eight to uh ten videos a day and in the last 48 hours my channel has gotten about 41 476 views.

Now the way that youtube pays you uh is they pay you per thousand views based on a cpm rate. So if we pull up my video with the best cpm rate right now, you come over to revenue. This isn't it so, let's just click on this revenue. Tab check out my most highly paid videos during this time period.

I believe it is jagex is paying me. It's about 1087 per view, but that is not the video that pays me the most so, depending on the content that you're putting out especially finance or investing youtubers, your niche does pay you pretty decently cpm rates uh and in this video i make a cpm rate Of about twenty one dollars per thousand views, which, after after youtube takes their cut, is about twelve dollars per thousand views. This video got about uh four point: nine thousand views a total revenue of sixty one dollars and sixty five cents. Now.

This is a unusual amount of revenue. Some videos pay a little more, so videos pay a little bit less, as your channel begins to grow. Advertisers are willing to pay more adsense rates. They're bet they're willing to pay more cpm per thousand views for your channel and you make more money.

So the snowballing effect of youtube is as the channel grows. As you get more views, you continue to make more money, so currently i make anywhere between 150 to as high as 212 dollars per day, putting out the amount of content that i do um and, as the channel begins to grow you're going to continue to see This overall revenue grow so per month. If we, if we meet in the middle on this and say that i make 150 per day - and you take that number times - 30 days - that is currently 4 500 a month from youtube adsense. So we're going to add that in right now youtube adsense, i make 4 500 per day all right next source of income for me is going to be the patreon, and i have the patreon pulled up right here and i'm going to show you guys exactly how Much money i make from patreon right now.

This is with 525 527 active patrons. I make about 3 00 and 51 dollars per month, and this is after they take out their taxes. They take out their cut. They take out all the fees i will be paid.

This on the first of every single month, this total patreon revenue right. So currently this is 3051 a month, but this number is always changing guys. If we, if we looked at this one week ago, my total revenue from patreon would have been about eighteen hundred dollars. So this is going to be a snowballing effect in which i will also show you guys.

The process of i will always be very transparent about how much money i'm making from youtube from my affiliate marketing from the market. The whole nine yards, so patreon is about three thousand fifty one dollars per month. My next source of income is going to be affiliate marketing, and this does vary greatly. It depends a lot on how much how much, how many people end up getting into uh.

My affiliate marketing links such as tubebuddy such as weibull, i am going to be offering my my my setup for my computer that way people can get into that if they are interested, because i do very highly value. My computer and i attribute a lot of my success in the market to the processing, speed and ability for my computer to need to do what it does so now. One of the affiliate marketing programs that i do run through is weeble, and this is never something that i try to push to my viewers. I always just leave a free link in the description box and, if you're interested in signing up you get free stocks.

I get free stocks and we both make a little bit of money right. So this is another source of revenue that i currently make uh because of youtube and because of investing so as it sits right now, i have about 30 free stocks that are currently being transitioned over to my account and with the weeble influencer program, which i recently Signed up for, i will be getting paid at least thirty dollars per stock, with the maximum worth of the stock being up to eighteen hundred dollars. Now i've only gotten one stock out of this so far with the influencer deposit bonus, but i do have a bunch of other stocks in here and, if i add these all up, i have already done that for you. So it's very easy to add my current monthly revenue from weeble affiliate marketing is about 450 dollars now.

Another source of revenue that i do have is going to be the tubebuddy affiliate program, and this is something that hasn't generated me a lot of revenue yet, but it is something that will in the future, as my channel begins to grow as it sits right now. I only have one uh, one member who has used my affiliate link - it's not showing up quite yet, but i got it through my email, so this comes out to about forty four dollars is what i received from his his yearly subscription to tubebuddy. So i will write down another forty four dollars in affiliate marketing and in the future i will have one more affiliate marketing link, which i just got through the process of doing, and this is going to be through amazon. Now, with amazon, i don't have any generated revenue at this given moment, but i will be receiving a commission off of purchases on any of the equipment that i that i promote to you guys and i, of course i will never promote any any sort of equipment Or uh or stuff that i don't personally use and love like.

I love my computer, this this thing's, an absolute beast, uh i'll, promote my my microphone, my uh my keyboard, my mouse. I really enjoy my computer setup, so i wouldn't recommend it to people. If i didn't enjoy it, but this will also be a future source of revenue and then on top of that i have my overall portfolio and my current portfolio is sitting at a cost of thirty thousand eight hundred and forty four dollars. Then in my bank account uh, i currently have sitting about um one thousand dollars until i get paid again here by the army and by all of these different revenue sources.

So my total current revenue and working towards um that one million dollar mark is sitting at well. I suppose i should just click. Add first. Add click these all together, one sec! Let me do this okay.

So, as of uh february 1st of 2021, my total net worth is going to be 42 889 and, as this became continues to grow and as my channel continues to grow, we get more people that join the patreon. My channel begins to grow. I get more views per video, my portfolio grows and i begin to get more overall uh revenue and and margin uh. The margin, obviously is a snowballing effect, as your account gets bigger uh, even if you average five percent a week right well, five percent a week on thirty thousand dollars is a lot different than five percent a week on a hundred thousand dollars right.

So as this begins to grow uh, this is going to be a snowballing effect and i am going to be keeping track of all of the overall revenue that i am pulling from youtube from my patreon from affiliate marketing from my job and for my portfolio and I'm going to be showing you guys every single week how much money i am making and how we are looking at getting towards that goal of being a 1 million air. So as we sit right now, i am sitting at 42 889 and i suppose one thing that i i failed to add into here and i'll just throw this over here is, i am a homeowner. I did purchase a house uh over in fort bragg or fayetteville north carolina by fort bragg, and this house is worth 187 000. That is what i'm paying for a four bedroom three bath.

My mortgage per month comes out to about a thousand dollars a month and, while you may be thinking, you know, this isn't really going to add to your net worth. I do think that it is going to because, as i pay off this home instead of paying rent or uh, you know a lease on a house or an apartment right where the money just goes into the void. I'm basically paying myself into a high yield savings account right. So, as i pay off this house, it's going to continue to appreciate in value it's in a nice neighborhood.

I can do small things to the home in order to improve the overall equity of the house, and this is going to be something that generates me revenue in the future as well. I also plan on having some tenants that are going to be living in the house with me. A couple people that i know in the army, who are gon na, be i'm gon na, be renting out rooms too, and i have a four bedroom apart or a four bedroom house and i'm going to be renting each each house or each room out for six Hundred dollars a month, so that comes out to eighteen hundred dollars a month of generated revenue. So if we add that in over here, which i'll do real quick, that will come out to 45 689.

As of february 1st, including all of my current income sources and my goal in order to really snowball the total amount of money that i'm able to make is, i have a rule. So if we take out this thirty thousand eight hundred and forty four dollars right now, that's money that i'm never going to touch forty five thousand six, eighty, nine minus thirty thousand, eight forty four that comes out to fourteen thousand dollars and fourteen thousand eight hundred and Forty five dollars per month: that's the army, my youtube adsense, my patreon, my affiliate marketing um, my my bank account and my rent so about fourteen thousand eight hundred and forty five dollars per month. Now, i'm only going to be using about five thousand dollars of this to pay my bills to put into my bank account to have fun with and the other nine thousand dollars is going to be put into my portfolio. So i have a very aggressive saving style and i plan on using all the money that i'm making from youtube from uh from all my income streams right to build out my portfolio and let my money work for me.

That way, i can snowball affect the overall portfolio and make more money. So three, two one: zero, nine that comes out to nine thousand eight hundred and forty five dollars that i will be putting into my portfolio per month. So if we do the quick math here - and we take we'll just we'll just round this up to ten thousand dollars, so ten thousand dollars times twelve months in a year that comes out to a yearly yearly portfolio, income of about one hundred and twenty thousand dollars. So, as i put this into my portfolio, i'm not gon na give you guys some sort of percentage that i'm that i'm reaching for, because every every every week in the market is different.

I have been averaging somewhere between 10 and 20 percent per week in the market as of now with all of my different strategies that i that i go through but uh as i put more money into this and beginning to grow, my account uh every single week. This is going to snowball and lead to the portfolio getting closer and closer to that one million dollar mark. So, as it sits right now, like i said, we're at thirty thousand eight hundred forty four dollars. If we, if we lowball this and say i'm going to be putting 120 thousand dollars into this account that comes out to 30, 844 plus 120, that comes out to 150 844 before i have any sort of growth in the portfolio.

So that's how things are looking right now. I have been averaging about 10 per week, which comes out to 40 per month, so uh, if we just take 40 percent per month, uh and i'm not very good at math. But i i i'll tell you what, if we average 40 a month continuously on this portfolio, it is not going to take long before we reach that one million dollar market that one million dollar stone, so that is uh. That is what i have for you guys right now.

Let me know if you enjoy this video idea, i don't think there's a lot of youtubers out there, especially finance youtubers, that share the amount of actual revenue they're making. I think it's a kind of touchy subject, but i always want to be completely transparent with you guys and never make you feel like i'm just misleading you, like i'm, making more money than i am like. I'm cheating the market. Like i uh, you know the whole nine yards.

My biggest goal is always transparency, so i want to completely track this process of revenue from youtube revenue from my portfolio revenue from affiliate marketing. That way, you can make your best decision on whether or not you want to support this channel be a part of the community and the whole nine yards. So that is what i have for you guys today. If you enjoyed the video, please drop a like it.

Really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this. And lastly, i do have that affiliate link for tubebuddy in the description box down below, as i mentioned earlier, a great tool to help get your videos into the eyes of your intended audience. If you do use my link i'll receive a commission off of your purchase. So that is what i have for you guys today.

Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time. Peace.

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