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Today we will discuss the market recap on a rough red day, and talk about the Robinhood hearing from earlier today.
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What is up, what is up, what is up everybody welcome back to another episode of the traders podcast here today, episode: 24 man. I think i think we started this like uh. What would have been about two weeks ago or so, and we've just been going going to town going to flavortown baby, this guy fieri would say, i don't know nobody out there who is uh, who has seen dinos, drive-ins and dives. But let me tell you that has got to be one of my favorite cooking shows out there on the market and i can never get enough of that man.

His hair, his hair, absolutely gets me going not muted. Can everybody hear me all right? So, what's going on beautiful people welcome to another episode of the traders podcast, as i mentioned, we are going to be taking a look at uh amc here today. We're gon na talk about the the hearing that did take place with uh vladimir, who is the ceo of robin hood. I did watch that yes or no yes or no, yes, or no answer the question.

Yes or no. I retract my time i retract my time so good so good. I absolutely can't get enough of that. What's up you silly chicken man just chilling man just another day with my uh with my fellow gorillas fellow gorillas, can't get enough of that stuff.

I have seen some people asking about whammy. There is uh, there is nothing new with uwami as of now so the thing about uh the thing about uamy, my friends is, you are not gon na see anything happen with this stock uh. Nobody out. There knows.

What's going on, all we can do is speculate based on recent news that we have read. I do have a video out talking about a whammy, and essentially the consensus is it was a 2-1 and t-2 halt. A t-1 hall takes place when they have news that they're going to be releasing they've got material news that they're working through and the t2 halt begins when the dissemination of the news has begun. So they're working on getting that news out to the people that need to get the news so that we can hear what's going on.

I have seen some people that have contacted the the management side of uh, whammy and they've all gotten the same answer. So it's pretty hush hush, it's pretty hot huh. Nobody really knows what's going on in terms of uh, what's going on with whammy, but i'll tell you what i've got a good feeling about it. I feel pretty comfortable with the position and i don't think you would have seen this run in the pre-market if it wasn't gon na be good news right.

So that's pretty random. That's a pretty random run. We saw a lot of volume pump into this. We saw 491 000 shares get pumped into this right at 6a.

It would have been 8 am central standard time. So that's pretty crazy, pretty crazy stuff. I am not a cat. I like this stock baby god.

I love that guy dfv for the win baby dfv for the mfn win, not bad stuff anyways. The market today took a huge freaking dump. It was rough. It was rough if we look at the nasdaq today.

It was down about point four five percent and it's very similar to what we saw here yesterday. So the nasdaq had you know a period of time. It was down about a percent and a half or two percent or so and ended up rebounding pretty nicely so nasdaq wide. You know it seems, like the entire market opened up pretty red and some stocks ended up bleeding a little bit.

Some stocks ended up um stagnating, just consolidating for the rest of the day. It was uh, it was. It was a rough day, but you know for how much of a bullish run we've been on for quite some time. It's not it's not out of the question, or i would say you know it's unexpected, let's see a little bit of a slight pullback, so i'm not overly stressed about this until we end up breaking beneath.

You know one of these levels of support right here, right that at that point, i'm gon na be a little more concerned, because that might indicate that we're coming up on a little bit more of a bearish pullback, a bearish trend in the market, but man many Stocks were getting slapped, a lot of stocks got slapped. I think today i was down five percent on my weeble account, so pretty rough, pretty rough day across uh across the board for all stocks, but i wouldn't sweat - i wouldn't sweat about that. It is an opportunity for you to average your it's an average down on stocks, so they drink water, drink water. Thanks guys, i know i know i uh my hotel that i'm staying at right now is actually going to be losing water here in the next next.

12 hours, or so they had a water, water, pipe burst, or something so they're going to be shutting stuff down, which is kind of sad, but you know what do you do? I guess i just have to go over back to uh, diet, coke and diet. Do the ogs have really been taking care of me, but today was a day for you to average down or average up in your positions. My only regret today is that i didn't wait until the end of the day to to dollar cost average down. I ended up purchasing into my shares.

You know sometime here in the pre-market, anticipating that over the last five days we saw about the max amount of bleeding that we would see in some of these companies, so mbis has been selling off the last couple days after peeking out about dollars and eighteen cents. I bought into microvision, i averaged down or averaged up, i should say average up a little bit with about 120 shares total. So i put another two grand into nbis here today. I put another two thousand five hundred dollars into sensonics uh, in my other.

In my other brokerage account, i think i purchased about two thousand dollars of agtc. I ended up buying into eh as well. I've got about a 1400 stake in eh and i bought into this at about 70 bucks. So i'm down on this right now, but i've just got faith.

I've got faith. My friends today was an opportunity for you to average down in your stocks, and i think the time will definitely 100 percent come diet, water, brother. I love it. You need to make a shirt with you drinking a cup of water, hey yeah man, yeah man.

Definitely definitely you know that'd be pretty funny. I just don't like water, it's so bland. It just tastes like nothing tastes like absolutely nothing or hey. Thank you.

So much. My friend, i appreciate that super chat means a lot, so any questions that you guys have today about the hearing that took on with dfv. We can definitely talk about i'm here, for you guys this is going to be a conversation. This is going to be an hour to an hour and a half in which we just talk about the stock market, any questions or concerns you have regarding any tickers any questions or concerns you have regarding the hearing at amc and gamestop right.

I personally have my stake in amc, but nonetheless the situation does stay the same and honestly, that was a very, very solid hearing. I was genuinely impressed by dfv uh and his his uh defense. He was, he was a very solid speaker. He definitely knew what he was talking about.

You could tell he was prepared uh, it wasn't bad, it wasn't bad at all. Also, if you wouldn't mind dropping a like on the video for the gorilla gang here welcome, if you are new to the channel, it is great to have everybody. I'm just going to pin a quick comment here on the top drop a like for your fellow apes. That would be much appreciated, but i've seen a lot of talk and a lot of concerns about a possible market correction.

A lot of people saying that the stock market's going to crash right now, what does what ends up happening? If that is the case, what if we end up coming over back here to the nasdaq right? So if you look at the nasdaq and just take a look at the five-year chart - and you end up seeing another market correction, like we've seen here in the past, where you get you know, these are weekly weekly candles. So we had a one two, three, four. Five five-week sell-off like a month straight sell-off back here right. What happens if we see that again? Well, the overall strategy is just going to change right.

Take take this into consideration. Take the macroscopic perspective into consideration the stock market's selling off. Like you see right here right, that's not the end of the world. Corrections are good.

Corrections are healthy, healthy corrections give you the opportunity to get into stocks on sale, for very, very cheap right so, and that doesn't necessarily mean the entire market's going to be right. Either you just got to pick and choose the stocks that you want to go long in. It presents opportunities for you to go short in stocks. If you do want to do that, personally, i've got kind of a man.

I've got a kind of iffy sentiment on going short on stocks, because i don't like the idea of taking money from institutions such as amc right, so amc institution right if you short of stock down to nothing you're gon na bankrupt the company. I don't like the idea of putting people out of work so personally with my channel, i'm just gon na find i'm gon na have to pick and choose cherry pick a little more. What stocks that i go long in, so that's gon na be my strategy. If we do end up seeing a bearish market right, if we do end up seeing a market correction, a market crash, as some people have been talking about, we just got to change our strategy.

We got to be more careful about what we put our money into and our long-term stocks. You got to double down on that stuff. You got a dollar cost average down at every single opportunity, because in the long term, right in the long term, you are going to see that people end up making money if they just hold their positions. So that's my two cents there, mr dd, thank you.

My friend, i appreciate that i'm i'm spamming um, please teach your young jokes, young, joes about stocks and investing yeah man, so i'm trying my i'm gon na definitely do my best. Without a doubt. I have a lot of a lot of passion for investing in in the market and money so for anybody out there who's not familiar with my story. I stopped saying this in my intro, because people said my intro is too long, and i understand that, like i get it, it was a long intro, but i came from a pretty rough financial background.

My dad was in the army for 24 years. He got out as a first sergeant. He was a special forces. Guy did pretty well but um.

Nonetheless, my parents were divorced, so i never lived with my dad. I lived with my mom and my stepdad, both of which were not very financially well off. So i never! I never came from a great financial background. I think combined.

They made about 25 000 a year enough to take care of me and my sister right. That was, i can't complain about how i was raised at all, but after i graduated high school and was on my own, my dad passed away um about five years ago. It would have been about four it'd be five years off coming here in may, and my mom was somewhere else like we, we didn't have a great relationship for a long time we're starting to. Finally, you know make some uh make some atonements and and connect again, which is awesome, i'm very happy about that.

But nonetheless i took care of myself financially for a long time and i had some rough rough rough situations. There was a summer i lived out of my car didn't do very well. I was living off of ramen, noodles and bananas. I eat bananas because bananas are bananas are cheap as it gets.

You can get like three of them for a dollar, so i just eat. Ramen noodles and bananas sleeping in the back seat of my car and i had a bunch of financial issues come up with some medical stuff. I got a really bad eye virus that put me about 30 000 in debt, so i know how it feels to struggle my friends and that's why i love doing this stuff, because i want to show you that you can genuinely just be some average weeb and Some just normal ape and do really good things so take that for what it is. I know that's a little bit of a ramble uh, i'm gon na get over here to hcmcs.

You know quite a few people asking about hcmc. I think some people a little bit nervous because we've had a couple days sell-off, but also keep in the back of your mind that the market has been read for the last two days. So hcmc is not going to be an exception to that. If you've got a red market, the otc market typically will magnify that.

So the otc market is very, very volatile. You can see swings of 10 20, 30 and then the next day it comes and gives it all all the way back right. So you go up 30, come back down 30, the next day right so there's it's risk. There's risk involved with investing in the otc market and that's because they're not required to uh report their overall financial situation, and because of that, you can see you know some sort of diversification, a little more risk in terms of uh diversification and risk right where people Get a little more nervous holding onto stocks like this, so there's risk involved with hcmc right, but there's also good things to keep in mind as well.

So from my understanding, hcmc had a little bit of uh, oh by the way i do have bitcoin. Now i don't know if you guys are new to the channel or not, but i do have a position in bitcoin. I'm just gon na search up htmc stock. Here really quick and look at the most recent news.

Don't see it here, but from my understanding, the the company did do a share buyback, we're looking stock twits, there's always people talking about that in stock twits stock twits is the best news source that you could find even above seeking alpha. I should say no just just about anything's better than seeking alpha, but nonetheless, so we're gon na look and see if we find anything here on hcmc, but from my understanding they did have a shared buyback and i have seen and read that hcmc and phillip morris Phillip morris is leaning towards paying for the settlement instead of going to court. If that ends up happening, i do think that's gon na be a pretty solid situation. You're gon na end up making money regardless without a doubt, hey look at that.

Look at that! Hey beautiful, but that's my two cents on htmc, i'm still bullish. The situation is still the same. They have to have an answer to the settlement or the court date by february 26th, so that is gon na say the exact same in my opinion, watch henry dent on meet kevin. Is he on me kevin right now, i'm stuck in a million dollar failure.

Interesting um henry dent streamed one hour ago, market open melbourne capitals, crazy excuse to congress man. This guy goes to town look at all the videos. This guy makes one two three four five, six seven eight videos in one day holy crap. This guy goes to town, flavor, town, baby, jesus that is insane i'll check out i'll check for that in the future here coming up, but definitely we'll look into that down the road uh.

I see some people asking about the amc potential buyout and i don't want to get anybody's hopes up with this amc potential buyout right, so this could swing either way. I think that it is likely just based on some things that we have seen. So if we look at the amc, actually i'm going to show this on my twitter, this will be easier to show you guys. So i've got some screenshots shared here on twitter that were shared with me and they are very relevant information, so check this out.

Amc and amazon institutional investors, we have institutional investors from amazon, the manufacturer's life, insurance, company and uh four others nomura american public, and stifle that all took stakes in amc. As of the 12th and 13th american numera public. The manufacturers and stifle all took pretty heavy stakes here in amc and they all invest in amazon pretty heavily. So i i feel pretty confident that it's possible right and then forbes has also been talking about this as well.

Forbes uh released a retweet from about a year ago talking about a potential amazon buyout. We saw that on fox news. People were talking about the the potential of an amazon emc acquisition. I've seen some uh some different speculation.

I've seen some people say that this is a distraction, so that uh, you know, hedge funds can run the price up and then short on the way down. Yadda yadda, it could go both ways. I don't want to get anybody's hopes up. We want to air this out of caution and assume the worst right worst case scenario.

The acquisition doesn't happen. This doesn't necessarily mean that it is not going to happen or when it will happen right. Acquisitions are very under the table. Anybody out there telling you that they know the acquisition is going to happen right, they're, sadly, and frankly, lying because there's no way to know for sure there is no exact uh dead set way to know that it's going to happen, but nonetheless it is very possible.

I could see that being a possibility, especially based on the investors that took stakes in both amazon and amc, so down the road. How long would it take right, it's very hard to say it's very hard to say. Microvision has had toxic buyouts for over six months. Now and we still haven't seen the buyout happen, so it's it's tough to say we can only speculate on when or if that will actually end up happening.

What up gw may the stonks attendees be with you all? Oh beautiful man, gw gw pharma. Is this what you're talking about my friend? Let me know what you mean if you want me to check out gw pharma, i can definitely do that, but i just want you to. Let me know looks like they had a reverse split or something because that's a disgusting gap up you, don't you typically don't see that find a guest later reverse split. How long ago, would this have been that's a nasty gap up i'd be really surprised.

I feel, like that's a reverse split two to one fight to guess: 150 man. Maybe not. I don't know, that's crazy, though, for sure can you take a quick look at j-u-s-h-f 100, my friend so jushi jushi? That sounds like the japanese, uh japanese slang for juicy. I like that, but we're gon na look at this on the one-month chart here: real quick as it's sitting right now.

Juichi is not looking too bad um they're on a nice decent moving channel they're in a little bit of a downward trend, though still bullish in nature. We've got the 15 mma trading over the 200 ema, which is a good sign um, but we want to break out of this downward trend. So we've got a little bit of a downward channel happening right here, a squeeze down in price action. We've got a decent level of resistance descending level of support.

We always look for these three touch points. We get that right. We have that false break above this uh decent level resistance right here, but it's uh. It is it's.

Looking! Okay for now, um you're gon na want you're gon na want to see it push over that decent level of resistance so buy in right. Now i i don't feel comfortable, saying you found the bottom here, it's very possible. It might still bleed. You want to see a candlewick confirmation like a wide range candle that ends up gapping above one of these previous candles, like in a golfing candlestick pattern, that's going to indicate that you've seen the bottom out here.

What's that going to look like to give you an example, uh pretend this is a red candle right here and you see another candle that follows that engulfs, that previous candle right, it's a very wide range candle bar. That's me insignified. I found the bottom and at that point i feel pretty comfortable buying in why why nvis? What's a good price to get in so mvis? I am extremely bullish on because of a lot of different things. I talk about this in a video basically every single day, but it does look like you're gon na gon na get a retest of that uh 16.60 level of support.

So i would watch for that recess of 16.60. I find it pretty likely that you end up seeing that. Unfortunately, i thought that we saw the bottom when i ended up buying it. I bought it because we saw this candlestick pattern right here.

I i averaged up, i should say i averaged it up, because i saw this two lowest high closed candlestick pattern, which usually could be an indicator of an upcoming reversal. You saw bounce off that ascending level of support that nice wide range candle didn't end up happening. It just bled today, so i would hold off. I would hold off and see if we end up testing out 1660.

that'd be a pretty solid, uh entry point. In my opinion, all right did dfv give us a message with cat poster. Oh man, i love that dude. I love that dfv is such a meme.

That dude is so awesome. I god dang. I can just not get enough of that. Guy dfv cat guy be the gamestop investor and up uh gamestop, millionaire keith gill is testifying before congress on thursday meet the investor who up ended wall street with cat memes reaction, gifts and fundamental analysis.

Man, this guy is so cool. He had the cat, meme and uh his headband, his bandana chilling on a poster in the back of the room, so freaking cool this dude handled himself so well. I was genuinely impressed by the way that he he handled that uh. That hearing, that was that was a solid testimony coming coming from this guy keith gill knows his way around some legalities.

There was one part of the uh stream, or i shouldn't say stream, but the hearing where he said i want to make some clarifications and he said uh. I am not a hedge fund, i am not a cat, i am not a cat, i'm not a cat. Dude, oh, i just laughed so hard when i heard that happen, i was like man, you just can't. You can't beat this guy he's as real as it gets.

What a dude honestly, what a dude! Is it a good time to buy into mnxxf keep up the great work you're a very genuine person? I trust hey. Thank you tim. I appreciate that i just like stocks, i'm a weeb just like everybody else that just likes stocks for sure time to buy into mnxsf xxf. So this is an otc market stock.

You cannot buy this on robinhood or weeble. It's not a nice sustaining level of support. Right now, you're gon na adjust this just a hair. I would uh, i would normally say so.

I would normally say so. You have an engulfing candlestick pattern right here. This is an exact perfect example of an engulfing candlestick pattern um, but the fact that we're bleeding off a little bit - it's tough to say for sure we definitely did break out of this downtrend right. So we've got this decent level resistance.

We pushed over that with that uh that nice wide range green engulfing candlestick pattern, but i would watch for a hold above this now. It's gon na act as a level of support. If you see it bounce off this now level of support this descending level of support, that would that would treat you pretty well, i think an entry around 61.6 cents would treat you pretty well, that's on the gh vi merger, so i don't actually know anything about Uh matterport i'd have to do a little more reading into that. So gh ghvi is a holding company they're a blank check company, so they are affected, especially and essentially solely for the the reason of affecting a merger.

So this company doesn't really have any financial situation. There's no way to judge them based off of that, based on the chart setup alone, they hold up really well. Today, the entire market was red as it gets, and there was a lot of buyer sentiment. Trying to hold this up very good consolidation date, which is good um volume is nice and consistent.

They just recently ipo'd, which is very good. You know the floor here is gon na be ten dollars, so that's also good. I feel pretty good about a buy-in. I mean watch the market tomorrow.

If the market is right again, i would hold off. If you see an open and the market opens red, you're, pretty likely gon na see you'll know within the first 20-30 minutes if the market's gon na be red, because after 30 minutes, if the, if the nasdaq is red right, that'll give you a pretty good indication That you're gon na see another red day, but if it's not, i would buy in on this ascending level. Supported 1953. huge cap between the 15 m8200 ema, nice consistent volume, our size, that about neutral right now, so very consolidation-esque right.

You want to see a little more buying momentum swing into this and then i feel pretty comfortable, but we might see another day in the market tomorrow. I'm not going to lie to you. Am i still holding amc? Yes, i am my friend. Yes, i am so.

I watched that whole hearing - i don't know anybody out there who checked it out by the way, if you don't mind, dropping some gorillas in the chat right now, just because uh just do it for the gorilla gang. It really does mean a lot to me, but i am still holding in my amc position. We did see quite a bit of a price action happening here today. I'm going to show you on the daily chart what we saw so right here.

You see this huge, huge push right. You see this big spike in volume right where we got. You know in one minute, windows, 300, 000 plus shares being traded and it bumped all the way up to about 6 and sixty cents. This ended up happening because of a tweet that came out, and i'm gon na show this to you.

Real quick. The tweet came from zack morris, so zack morris ended up tweeting about uh. This amc uh possibility of an acquisition by amazon that was sent out by forbes. This was posted on february 17, 2021, but take with us a grain of salt.

Take it with a grain of salt, my friends, it's not guaranteed that we end up seeing this come to fruition. Nothing in the market is guaranteed. All we can do is speculate based on what we know about the information presented to us so take that for what it is, my friends, but that is what we saw as the reason behind that huge pump in volume right typically, when you see a huge spike In volume like this right, huge bumps right that is caused by a news catalyst, the news catalyst in this instance was forbes and twitter right. So that's what ended up moving the price action here today with amc, saw a little bit of a bleed after that, first minute of the day, we saw a crap ton of volume - 24 24 million shares.

If we look at this on the daily chart and just compare the overall volume on this, it was pretty decently high. It was overall red volume man that is the nastiest setup that i think i've ever seen that looks so gross, but today we saw 128 million in volume, which is three times as high as we've seen the past day. So that's very solid. I don't mind that in the least bit rsi, extremely flat sitting at 48 on the daily chart so take that for what it is as well um.

But that's what we're looking at right now, shane uh change or danger. Whoever wrote the article read the old news. The article is wrong yeah, so i've been around the side of caution. My friend, that's what i've been saying.

I totally agree that uh there's nothing guaranteed about that situation whatsoever um. My the only thing that i feel convicted in is the fact that amz and amazon institutions um are both buying into we have institutions that are buying into both amc and amazon. So take that for what it is. I think that's probably the most relevant thing that i've seen so far here is you can't make that up? That's legit we've seen that in real time we saw that was updated on the 12th and 13th of february, but there are institutions that are stepping into both amazon and emc.

So that's very very possible to to be true right, but take that take that article with a grain of salt. I would rather get people's uh i'd rather tell you guys it's wrong, then, to get your guys's hopes up it's possible, it's 100 possible, but nonetheless nobody knows when or if that is going to happen. Anybody that says they do know for sure, sadly, is probably not telling you the truth, so take that for what it is gon na scroll up here and read out some of the super chats they get everybody tuning in here. I do appreciate that.

Oh sultan, i just named you gw george w the george w baby. What are your thoughts on agtc? Also military air force 16 years, got to support my brother's keeper. I love the channel. Hey, that's awesome! Man! Thank you for your service.

I i have nothing but respect for literally everybody that serves in the country. That's that means a lot to me man, so i actually have a position agtc on both my brokerage accounts. I've got four option: contracts for the 7.5 strike expiring on 19 march. I did not sell them yet.

I was up 700 at one point now, i'm up about 290. uh. I know you guys can't see it at the bottom of my screen, but i'll show you guys right here. Httc.

If you look at my mouse cursor, i've got four contracts, uh up about 72 percent, i'm not selling them yet. I still, i still see some potential upside. I feel very good about where it's at right now uh, but i'm very bullish on g agtc. It's trying really hard to hold up on this descending level of support and we really need to hold that if it doesn't hold there.

You're probably gon na see it come back down to around here at 674.. That'd be my personal opinion, but the techno setup isn't terrible. We do have a little bit of a head and shoulders pattern. So we see a head right here, a shoulder shoulder and then this massive sell-off right, so the entire market was pretty red.

Today we were in a downward moving channel. We broke out of that downward moving channel right here with a little bit of a wide range bar wide range candle and it's consolidating now. So that's good. We have that pendant formation.

We want to see that consolidation consolidation, favors buyers on the other side, we're sitting at about 30. So there's not a lot of bullish momentum right in this right now, but now would be a great time to buy into this. Once you see the art side. Do a little bit of a reversal so take that for what it is any opinion on yale, i'm looking for solid kansas companies to invest in aside from amc, of course, oh baby, of course.

Of course, there's no other way. It is the way. This is the way this is the way, my friends all right, so yell the 15 minute just crossed over tourney back here, a lot of crazy volume. The volume has been dying down a little bit, but online volume dying down on a consolidation phase.

It gives you an opportunity to get into a stock before the next leg up. So consolidation to me is not bad. That looks pretty solid. We got a little bit of a george w form in here two double bottom, a double bottom double bottom, so double uh.

Two bottom outs: i don't know i was about to say a double double bottom double double. I don't know if you guys have ever been in and out, but man i really would f with some in and out right now. I have been eating nothing but microwave dinners, because everything i'm posting is shut down, getting real sick of that i could really go for a juicy burger, but i'll tell you what this looks pretty good. This looks like a nice setup watch for a push over this descending level of resistance right here.

If you end up seeing a push over 6.35 cents, i think it would run. I feel pretty good about that. If you want an entry point - and it keeps respecting this ascending level of support, i would say 615 - is pretty solid. Ghsi your thoughts seventh day out of 10 nasdaq compliance over one dollar deal with malaysian government.

I see some pretty solid potential ghsi, it is uh. It's done a little bit of a slow bleed, so you want to break out of this downward channel. You've got a decent level of resistance. Pretty harsh we've got a descending level of support.

It's in a harsh downward moving channel kind of getting laddered getting lighter a little bit. I'd actually be interested to know what the overall short interest is like here. So we're gon na check it out. I'm gon na check out ghsi here on the on the on ortex, but nonetheless, if it gets over 10 days on that nasdaq compliance, that's going to be pretty significant.

That typically acts as a nice catalyst for people to get into a stock, because it shows some strength in the chart. Setup yeah, not very heavily shorted. I thought it'd be higher. I thought i thought it'd be higher for sure, but nonetheless um, it's a nice setup for sure we just got to get a break out of this descending channel.

The risk here is not super high and in the after hours, it's starting to move a little bit. Pretty choppy price action, not a lot of volume very barcode-esque day, so that that typically happens with not a lot of volume when people are scalping a stock right. So take that for what it is. I see people asking about um, why? How i have my screen? Black, if you come down here to the bottom left and click on this little cog for settings, you can change it to dark mode right here.

The theme is dark mode and you've got the white mode, so you can change it as you'd like. That is how you do that, my friend all right can i look at ccrm. I sure can so i've seen some mixed opinions on ccrm floating around here on the the bubble, but a lot of people think for whatever reason that ccrm is done, that it's not going to do anything again. I disagree with that.

I think they've got some really solid things happening. They they just acquired a new dry bolt carrier vessel, the cam sarmax, so anytime they acquire a new vessel, that's very positive for the company. I don't mind that setup in the least bit and honestly, we saw pretty nice bounce here right, so we got that nice wide range candle. Only that i don't like is this wick.

That's a pretty ugly wick, not not a great wick right there, but we broke out of this downward channel and we're starting to consolidate a little bit. So i don't mind that at all that does not look bad pretty harsh retracement, but i saw a nice bounce off of 61.8 percent. Ideally, would have like to see 50 retracement, but that's not bad. I think that was a pretty solid buying opportunity to me.

This is a midterm, long-term stock. I think it's got potential to hit ten dollars within the next uh. You know four to six months or so. What do you want to think about uh the attack on uavs that caused a 30 drop, so man? My first instinct is that it was just a red day in the market - oh god dang, seeking alpha what the heck.

So, let's just read this quick of course, they're gon na make me pay for an account so age, eagle, aerial, dives. After short reports called stock pump and dump scheme, i'm gon na see if i can find a different article. We believe that uh that uavs was a pump and dump scheme orchestrated by alpha capital installed egg eagle founder and for former chairman brett chil chilcott and other uavs insiders to defraud us investors. In april 2020, rumor of a partnership between amazon and a.g eagle was started by a promotional video uploaded to a.g eagles founder and former chairman brett chilcott's daughters, personal website and youtube account the promo video.

Since then, a 54-page due diligence document has circulated on reddit, which at various times referenced the promo video and suggested that the ag eagles partnership with amazon was real. We have found no evidence of any major ecommerce customer or any drone technology credited to a.g eagle other than reference to the promo video leaked by a.g eagle's, founder and former chairman brett chilcott's daughter. I wonder if these guys have a short position in the company. I don't know man these kind of hit pieces to me are a blip.

It's a blip, it's an opportunity for you to gain another stock for cheap. If you believe in the company's fundamentals right, i don't personally have a stake in uavs. I don't personally right but um. This is giving you an opportunity to buy another stock for cheap.

The market was terrible. Today it was terrible. We got crapped on by quite a few different uh companies and man. It was.

It was rough, but i i would say if you believe in the fundamentals of the company not to sweat it not to sweat it at all, because those kind of hip pieces come out all the time like something that pops in the back of my mind, is Fuel cell a hippies came out on fuel cell after they broke 10 bucks. They went up to 20 for the very first time. If we look back, where would this be back here? So they hit 20 bucks hit piece came out saying this is going to go back down to 10, sell your position sell your position came back down here to about 15 bucks and then ended up coming back up to 25 for a new high, and now it's Hit 29 almost 30 freaking dollars right. So i see a lot of remaining upside.

I see a lot of remaining upside. I think there's a lot of potential still with uh fuel cell in particular, and the same thing's happening right here. They're, this crazy down moving channel down about 17 bucks. So personally, i think you could do the same thing with uavs.

I i think it's a pretty similar situation. That was a harsh sell-off, but i think you're gon na see people scoop up that opportunity to buy in for cheap, especially if you've got fundamental conviction on the company. Thank you maddie. I appreciate that.

That's on idex falling for over a week, i'm bullish on the stock and keep buying more as it continues to dip. There's been a lot of stocks that have been selling off like this man, the clean energy sector and the the ev sector. I think have all been taking hits, so i'm gon na look at neil and see how neo's been doing, but i think it'd be similar. So it's the entire ev sector, my friend, the entire ed sector, is taking a crazy hit right now, along with clean energy.

So i wouldn't sweat it too much. I think they're gon na recover. This is just giving you an opportunity to buy in for cheaper. We just had a quick peek at uh, the technical setup.

We ended up breaking below that ascending level of support with a wide range candle. So we don't like seeing that so the new bottom here is going to depend on a hold over either a this level of support right here or b, a break above this descending level of resistance. So you're going to want to see a push out of this uh, this channel that we're in right. Now it's it's a rough downward trending channel.

You want to see a push and if you get a wide range bar that closes above 3.78 cents on a one-hour candle, i feel pretty comfortable that you see a reversal coming what a nighttime live trade trades wtf. I know why do i ever do this? Why do i ever do this? We live in some crazy times. Man dfe just got me so hyped when he said i am not a cat dude. I was just going to the moon.

I was like yeah go dude go, go, go! That's! What's up love the channel energy? What are your top sources to gather information, yahoo, finance, etc? So i try to find as many sources as i can so. First things. First, i try to get uh water straight or no word straight from the horse's mouth so like i'll, go straight to the weather, the company's website and i'll check out a company website. So you can look at idx's website here and check that out right i'll start.

There and then i want to look at their investors, tab right, look at their press releases and you can read their overall press releases and they give you some pretty solid. Uh dd give you ideas of things that they have that have come out recently and then you can get sometimes ideas of upcoming catalysts right, so events and webcasts, for example, on idex. You can see they got an upcoming event on march 31st, with their their ideonomics q4 and uh fiscal year 2020. Earnings release so i'll check that out first and then, after that, i will look up the companies uh just on the internet, i'll search up, idx stock and i'll look at different news articles that have come out from a bunch of different places, so business insider nasdaq, Fx street yahoo, finance rights - i wouldn't say, stock twice.

You can find out a lot about sentiment on stock twits. But honestly, that's just uh. Sometimes it's noise. You can kind of have your conviction swayed if you, if you pay too much attention to that stuff, so jeff robe's, wardrobe, says 2800 watching only 700 likes smash that mf like for our ape dude.

Thank you, my man. Thank you, my man, if you and i might just do me - one favor smash it a like, because uh, if you do i'll drink some water, if you, if you smash me a like i'll drink, some water, we'll all stay, hydrated and happy here together, but anyways As it's sitting right now, that's that's what i look for. So i look at the most recent news: articles i'll try and scan over nasdaq i'll try to scan over yahoo finance um. You want to look at a couple: different news articles, because you're gon na get different opinions and different resources from different articles.

So you want to pick and choose between the biases. You don't want to just get a confirmation, bias going and only read the good things about a company right, so it'd be very easy for me to just look at mbis. For example, my favorite stock in the market easily and just cherry pick right. The pros and the the positives, but you also got to pay attention to the negatives.

So it's sometimes good to read those hit pieces because some of them are factual. Some have actual validation, but some don't and it's good to to filter out the noise and figure out which ones are legit, which ones aren't hope. The heart is good today, the heart's doing all right. Thank you, my man, so i've been feeling pretty good.

I uh. I haven't had an energy drink since i had that last heart attack um for any of those who are just tuning into the channel here who are new to the channel. I uh i'm 23 years old, first off i'd like to say that, first and foremost but uh, my my um, my family's got a history of of heart issues and seizures, and i was diagnosed with ladder infarctions, which are essentially dr talk for a heart attack, and I went in i got it checked out. They said i've got some damage in the intravascular system in my heart.

So that's that's what's happening right now, but i'm doing okay, i'm doing okay. They also diagnosed me with um supraventricular tachycardia, which is essentially irregular. Beating of the heart that forces those ladder infarctions to happen, but i'm doing okay, man. I appreciate your your concern.

I'm living a happy good life. You always have that hearing tomorrow, so i'm just going to keep enjoying the tomorrows as long as they exist. Dffs. I don't see it, maybe i'm just uh, maybe i'm just a weeb, maybe he meant dffn, i'm not entirely sure.

I don't see a dffs up there for institutional bias. How can you distinguish between passive related eg part of the index fund and active related? A fund manager likes it so to know that, for sure what you can do is check out the individual company, that's investing in something, for instance, if we take a peek at the amc, institutional ownership, right god dang it having a freaking stroke, trying to type this Bad joke bad joke too soon too soon. So let's just come down here check this out, so we can look at the overall institutional ownership here right. We see that dimensional fund advisors sold their stake here.

We've got vanguard that establishes stake. So you look, you can look at vanguard right vanguard. What do they do? We know that uh vanguard does manage mutual funds iras and etfs, so that could very well be an etf fund that they are funding. It's it's it's tough to say with with complete conviction and certainty what they're doing that for right, but that that's what's happening right now.

You sound like breathing more deeply would help your heart and lungs man. I used to be a runner. I was a very, very competitive runner, so it's tough to say um. I like to think that i was a pretty healthy guy um.

I don't know i was about to search up, but we're just gon na come back here to weeble. You have been great. I need advice on plug and blink. I bought on dip and has gone down ever since plug will go back up.

I can say that with the utmost certainty, plug is a great company. The ev sector, right now in the clean energy sector is just getting beat down. The time will come. The time will come when these are starting to go green again.

It's just the green energy sector in general. Blink blink is the same right. So these ev sectors and green energy sectors are just taking a hit. You're gon na know when this bottoms out, because the entire ev and green energy sector will just stop bleeding, and i think the time is coming, i mean you can see right now that the overall growth or the i should say the rate at which they're bleeding Is starting to slow down right, so we're not covering quite as much bad bad ground here, in fact, it does look like they might have actually found a bottom, so we had that initial sell-off and then it held off really well here at that level of support About 40, 44 and 17 cents, so that's how that's sitting right now.

Volume is very consistent, which makes it predictable. I i think the uh. I think this is an opportunity to load the boat without a doubt all right. Thank you for the super chat.

By the way, shia, that does mean a lot to me. Krmd hold herself, hey, there's five bucks get yourself a box of crayons dude. I will get the nicest box of crayons much love, much love. I love me some good crayons krmd, so we'll check out krmd here real quick krmd looks like i tried to have a breakout, but it didn't get it.

So you see this huge wide range candle it got, it got eaten up. Was there a news piece that came out, i'm actually kind of surprised by that not a lot of volume here on the red day, that was a harsh sell-off for not a lot of volume. I mean look at the amount of iron that came in on this one hour window. You saw 247 000 versus 752 000, so literally, a third as much volume as the previous day when we saw that huge spike and that covered a lot of ground.

That's tough oof, that is an m for mini well, it should have been set to w for george w yeah man shoot you want to see hold over this level of support. I don't feel comfortable saying that it's going to end bleeding here. I want to see a wide range candle and gulping candlestick powder signify that we found the bottom. So a candle covers a lot of a lot of range and engulfs these other previous candles.

Otherwise, if it floats around there you're more likely to see it push down. Rsi's at 38, so it's in some pretty hard selling momentum right now, honestly, my friends most of the stocks that are getting beat up right now that aren't doing well, it's just because there was a red day in the market. It was just a red day in the market 100 guys. I want to tell you a little bit about uh this robin hood stuff.

That's going down! This is really frustrating me. So if we come over here and just check out uh vladimir vlad vlad, attentive man so frustrating so this is the ceo and co-founder of robin hood and essentially, what happened today is we had a hearing talking about the some of the fraudulence and manipulation that took Place with robin hood and dude this guy, this freaking guy on on the on the hearing, was just such a lizard man. Oh my god, i guess i'm so confused. I was so confused every single time you get a question asked he would say.

First off, i want to take the opportunity to thank you for asking this question congressman congresswoman. Thank you for taking. Thank you for the opportunity to answer this question. I've been wanting to talk about this and i just want to answer any questions.

He was beating around the bush every single question that was asked like he was asked um. If you guys had, did you guys have the collateral to to be able to fund uh people's people's trades on january 28th at 11am, and he said well no, but in some news articles he said that he did so. You get a lot of mixed opinions from this guy, it's a little bit fishy. I really don't know.

I don't know how to feel i like mustaches, i like mustaches. I don't necessarily like vlad's mustache, i'm not gon na lie. I'm not gon na lie, but you know i'm just not a huge fan of robin hood. I think that i think that there's better apps out there, you know if you, if you are using robinhood, i don't want to smash you.

I don't want to. You know dizzy for using it, but i genuinely do think: there's better platforms out there um there's a lot of fishy stuff going down the fact that they limited buying and not selling tells you everything you need to know right. That was a huge mistake that cuts off supply and demand. At that point, you cut off.

You cut off supply right, so the demand is crazy. You can't buy into a stocks the other way it goes down. It completely messes up the algorithm and the way that the market works right, so he screwed everybody there. I honestly feel so bad for anybody that was tied into that situation with robin hood.

That's it's so sucky. A lot of people lost a crap ton of money because of that move that was a bad bad move. It killed all of the momentum that was happening with amc and gamestop, very tough, uh, vine and momo. What's your take so i'll check out vine, i'm just gon na cover one ticker, if you guys are not mine, just just requesting one ticker, so i can get to as many people as possible.

That would mean a lot to me. So if i had a 401 reverse split, that's why i gapped up so much so it turned four shares into one share. Now it is worth about ten dollars and some change, but it's bleeding. This is the exact reason that i did not get into vine.

I made a video talking about vine and i said i'm not gon na be touching this until i see how people react, how the sentiment is towards vine coming from this uh reverse split. The reason that they did. This reverse split is because comparing um markets or companies with similar market caps, um vine has way more outstanding shares, so they basically just want to condense at least that's what they said right, but most of the time when a company will do a 401 reverse split. It's because they're trying to maintain nasdaq compliance, so it's very tough, it's tough, i was just hold off.

I would hold off on vine for now, outlander griffin. Thank you my friend. I appreciate that thoughts on kmbh approval march, 2nd for uh, 30-13 80 hd, med, okay, mph chem farm, so if they get approved for this will go to the moon. This is one of those plays where, if it gets approved, you're going to see like a 30 40 50 runner someday that'd be insane without a doubt.

I'd be very bullish on it and that's a crazy engulfing candlestick pattern to me. That signifies the bottom. You got to break out of that descending channel right this descending level of resistance and support. You got that wide range candle breaking above that that, to me, is a great technical setup and it's trying to use that decent level of resistance at a level of support.

Now so really get a leg up, so i think you feel pretty safe buying in at this point that looks like a good setup. I saw some people asking about exxon. This is a huge opportunity to load the boat. It's dipping so bad right.

Now it's getting smashed the entire market, as i've been saying, is just getting crushed right now. Why is nano dimensions not popping up nm? Oh, it's nmdm ndm. There we go yeah, so nano dimensions is doing the same thing. This is another 3d printing company.

They came up to about 17 bucks they're in a downward moving channel right now. You've got a little bit of a head and shoulders pattern. So here's a head shoulder shoulder: neckline uh! You might end up seeing a little more of a selloff with nndm, so excellent. What they do, they're a 3d printing company that focuses on metal and sand and ceramics and the dod locked up a contract with these guys, the department of defense and any government-backed institution that buys into a company.

You definitely want to be a part of that. You want to be a part of that, because that is huge. That's absolutely monumental um that could be. That could be very significant.

That's going to be a big money maker in the future. I honestly think that exxon has potential to be 100 company by june or july um. This is a stock that i got some free socks in through my weeble affiliate programming and uh. I i plan on buying more without a doubt once i start getting some uh.

Some money - you know, i start getting paid again here in the future. I'm gon na drop another couple thousand dollars into my account. I am expecting to get paid. I think three thousand dollars pretty soon here next week and once i get that cash i'm gon na drop about 1500 or 2 000 into my weeble account and x zone is going to be one of those companies that i dump some money into.


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