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SPCE Stock Price Prediction: Virgin Galactic Holdings (SPCE) engages in the manufacture of advanced air and space vehicles, and provision of spaceflight services for private indivduals and researchers. It designs spaceships which can fly anyone to space safely without the need for expertise or exhaustive time consuming training. In this SPCE Stock Price Prediction Video, we discuss a macroscopic and microscopic overview of the company. We also establish levels of support and resistance for both investors and traders, analyze the 200 EMA (Exponential Moving average), 20 VAMA (Volume-Adjusted Moving Average), RSI (Relative Strength Index), bullish and bearish trends, technical analysis chart patterns, and potential entry and exit points for traders and investors.

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Guys you're gon na like this one, this is so exciting. I know this isn't a penny stock. I know this isn't a penny stock, but this is going to be so killer. We've got a great catalyst coming up here.

Oh man. What is up? Everybody welcome to trace trades. We have technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders sell opinions on these. Given stocks, i like the profits by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take what i say with a grain of salt.

The reason i started this channel because a couple years back, i was about 30 000 deep in some medical debt, and i was very fortunate to have some close family friends and mentors that pushed me to work hard and invest my money and i'm happy to say That not only am i not financially free, but i'm doing pretty well for myself at the age of 23.. So if i can pass along any of the information resources or tools that are given to me here in the community make a couple of people better off than they were before. That's all that i can ask for. Lastly, if you're not mine, drop a like on the video, i always have to remind myself the point that way, because on my screen it looks like it's this way, but i know it's that way.

It really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this. Now today we're going to be giving a analysis on ticker symbol, sp ce virgin, galactic holdings incorporated and guys. This is going to be massive. Oh, this has got some potential so before we get into the video i'm just gon na give a shout out to the guys over the patreon.

We are 310 members strong. Now adore yeah, jt cali simon there's a guy from israel. I can't read. I can't read israeli, unfortunately, but a guy from israel and ankita stephanie s.

Branson is calling louie david gg. Thank you guys so much for the support. It really does mean a lot. They'll have access to the private discord as well as real-time insight to my personal trading and guys this.

This discord is not oh, it's so filthy, there's so much good nuggets in here. We've got a bunch of different places back place, midterm short term long term. We've got investing assistance, uh, quite a chat in questions bar and guys. I would not have found this play if it wasn't for a member over the discord.

Credit goes for credits due to nissa the unique uh. Thank you so much for uh for bringing this to my radar, i'm actually covering vjack later as well um. But this is a great place if you're interested there's a link to the discord and the patreon in the description down below. So we're going to be running through ticker symbol, spce we're going to look at a couple different things here: level up some level of support and resistance.

Take a look at the three indicators. I've pulled up, don't be scared of these they're super easy to read. This is the rsi, the relative strength index, anything over 74 bot. Anything under 30 is oversold the 200 dma, which is the exponential moving average.

This dark blue line. This is a 200 200-day exponential moving average or a trend line based on price action over 200 day. Moving period and then the 15-day vomit, this is the volume adjusted moving average and then, depending on your brokerage account, this may be called the v-wap or the m-a. It might be slightly different, but it's about the same premise - and this is just a 15-day, uh price action trend line based on the price action over 15 days, and then it does adjust according to the overall volume that goes into a stock.

We'll talk about the overall volume pumping in we'll talk about the different bearish and bullish indicators. We've got coming up. We're gon na talk about the fundamentals of the company, what they are an upcoming news, catalyst or a recent news, catalyst that is going to push the stock price higher. I can almost guarantee you it will um.

So if you wan na you got ta buckle in we've got a lot to talk about here, so we are going to just give you a quick rundown on what spc-e is. If you are not familiar, they engage in the manufacture of advanced air and space vehicles and provision of space flight services for private individuals and researchers. It designs spaceships, which can fly anyone to space safely without the need for expertise or exhaustive time consuming training. The company was founded on may 5th 2017 and is headquartered in las cruces and m, and we do have a recent news: catalyst that should push the stock price up quite a bit.

And that is this. Richard branson company launches rocket from under plane's wing man and that's filthy, look at this live in the future, guys i think back like 10 years ago. I think the first iphone came out 12 years ago. That's so crazy to me: that's so crazy how much we've grown as a civilization, richard branson's virgin orbit, which is this company reached space on sunday, eight months after the first demonstration flight of its air launch rocket system failed.

The company said a 70 foot long launcher. One rocket was released from beneath the wing of a boeing 747 carrier aircraft off the coast of southern california, socal, i'm actually talking with a guy from socal he's in the discord. His name is dr magic fingers. Big things coming from us i'll tell you that right now, but it's pretty good stuff, it ignited moments later and soared towards space and guys for whatever reason or another.

This whole space, uh exploration, this this bringing common people to space thing, is really starting to pick up. I mean i think, elon musk has spacex uh, and this is the this is a market, that's definitely opening up. I think it's going to take some time to really reach where we want it to go, but this is a huge step forward for virgin galactic holdings incorporated, and i do think this is going to be a massive catalyst and a great buying opportunity for you guys To get into a solid, mid to long term hold stock, even if you want to play this as a swing trade and ride the moment, the momentum up, i think this is going to be a filthy play, so filthy, i'm really excited. This is news.

This is huge news, guys that had to be a multi-million or billion dollar. You know uh project for them to get that rocket into space, especially after failing eight months prior, i'm very excited for the stock and just to be transparent. I do not have a position in spce uh, i'm just giving you my straight unbiased opinion, and this looks filthy guys. This looks absolutely dirty.

I'm really excited to see what happens here. So, let's just level off some levels of resistance and support and look at the technical side of things. So we do currently have a double top here at 33.75, which is a little bit bearish of an indicator right. So we did see a price rejection, a little bit of a bleeding the following day, but this is still bullish: territory.

Macroscopically speaking, we have the crossover on the 15 volume over the 200 ema. This is a tool that i use to predict breakouts and uh. This is how i found jag x, the ngo ocgn pte, all of which were either 50 percent, said 300, run-ups and uh. This i mean, of course this isn't a penny stock, so it's not quite capable of going from 30 to 150 in one day or something, but this does have the potential to retest 33.75 and probably push 35.36 37 and as amid the long-term hold, if you don't Have a position in this stock now is a great buying opportunity.

Honestly, it looks it looks really good. So one thing i want to do really quick is drop a fibonacci retracement, and this is actually super easy to read. Don't be scared by this all you're doing is you're, taking the base of this fibonacci you're, drawing it from the bottom of uh of this. This run-up right here right and you draw to the top of the run-up, and what this does is it tells you how much the stock retraced based on you know.

It's run up from the previous leg up and we can see here that we have just about two bounces off of this 38 correction mark and that comes out to about 30 dollars and eight cents. So thirty dollars and eight cents is a significant level. I do think we're going to hold up very well there, uh, of course, with that news catalyst. It's unlikely that we see a touch of that price at market open on tuesday, but if the opportunity presents itself, that is a proven level of support for the stock, and i do think you should hold uh you should you should buy into that position at that.

Given time, if you can uh is going to pay back multiples in the future, i'm just going to pause the video quicker, let's sneeze, all right, we're cooking with crisco. Sorry about that guys. I apologize i apologize. It is what it is, but uh we did have a nice.

You know retracement there at thirty dollars and eight cents. If you can get in anywhere between, i think uh. Thirty one dollars and thirty dollars. You're gon na see a very solid run up on sp ce.

If you can get into this in the pre-market and trade on your brokerage account free market. I know weeble is a great a great platform for that. I do have a link in the description box for weeble, if you're interested in that, but uh. If you can get to this in the pre-market, that is going to be a solid opportunity for you.

I do see this retesting 33.75 and that thirty dollars and eight cent mark is a level of support to watch. So i am going to level that up right here and get rid of this fibonacci just so you can see that, but this is going to be significant, so i i do think that news catalyst is going to push it up a lot. We are in bullish territory. Macroscopically speaking, the volume is trading higher than usual.

The rsi indicator is almost at oversold territory, which is exactly when you want to buy into a stock if you're looking to hold for the midterm, the long term for a swing trade. Of course, day trading is a little bit different, but for a swing, a mid along you're, looking beautiful buying in right now - and i think this is going to pay you off handsomely. It looks so filthy right now guys we do have. I mean this is the last two days has been a little bit bearish right, but macroscopically speaking right uh.

We have run up a lot over the last four or five days and i do anticipate another gap. Up like this, so this is a huge article uh. This is a huge opportunity and i will retouch on this in the future. You know it's tough for me to put out 10 videos a day and cover cover everything everybody wants, but this is one that i actually am very excited to watch and i think it is going to pay you off handsomely.

So that is how it looks right now, on the technical analysis side of things, the volume is great. We are in bullish territory. The rsi indicator is currently oversold, which is a perfect buying opportunity, and i think this is going to have very high potential, not just a test 33.75, but 35 36 37 just by tomorrow. So that is how that looks on the one month chart if you change over to the two-day one minute chart really quick, we'll look for some extra confirmations of potential bullish or bearish signs just giving a completely unbiased opinion that way it can help with your own.

Investing decisions - and you might be scared of this - really gnarly ripped down right, but what you should be comforted by is we say a huge bottom out here: a huge price rejection - and this is a bullish indicator and i'm going to draw a triangle right here. Just so, you can see that this huge dip and rip right there um, that's that is filthy. That looks absolutely beautiful uh. This confirms to me that buyer presence is very high, even though we did see you know it was a negative day.

Negative. Seven point: seven percent buyers did not let it just bleed the entire day right they stepped in. They saw the value in the company. I do think there's a lot of investors here and the way you can know whether this is an investor stock or a trader stock is pay attention, pay attention to the red or the green volume.

When you see a lot of green volume and not a lot of red volume, when the stock corrects that intends and tells you that there's investors still holding their position regardless of the fact that the stock is ripping down right. So we see these huge green bars here a huge amount of buying pressure and then we're not giving that back. There's not a lot of red bars here. So i do.

This is an investor's stock. I do think there's a lot of people that have that see. Potential in spce, which is important right, you need to pay attention to the psychology of people, the sentiment towards the stock from people, because, if you as one person unless you're a billionaire - and you can completely influence the price of this stock, you would depend on other People's money to push the stock price up - that's just how it is in the market, and this is a stock that people are willing to hold. This is a stock that people are willing to buy and not sell, and i think you're going to be paid very handsomely for this last last day i mean we were bleeding.

It was a negative day, but this is the buying opportunity that you were looking for. If you're looking to get an spce, this is a huge huge, buy opinion for me and a huge huge, all the whole opinion old in a huge whole opinion as well. I could very easily see this touching 45 to 50 at the end of the year, and i always give lowball estimates guys. I think this is going to pay you off very very handsomely.

This is gon na, be a big player in the space sector of the stock market, so that is what i have for you guys today. If you enjoyed the video, please drop a like and give a shout out to nissa in the comment. Section drop a whiskey glass for uh, because this is thanks to her that you guys have this on your radar. That's what i love about the channel.

We all work together to do this as a community. This is not just me. I give you guys a technical analysis and uh and we just have so many eyes looking at different things so drop our whiskey glass. Please subscribe if you like, to see more content like this uh, as i do post videos every day and lastly uh i do have an affiliate link in the description box for tubebuddy now.

Tubebuddy is an seo optimization website that i personally pay a nine dollar per month, membership for and it is highly able to attribute growing from zero to eight point - five thousand subscribers in just over a month. So if you're a content creator or looking to become one, i could not recommend this highly enough. It is a great resource to help get your videos into the eyes of your intended audience and if you do use my link i'll receive a commission off of your purchase. I know: what's your cost to you, so it's a great way to support the channel and, if you're not interested, that's totally fine.

I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos, so that's what i have for you guys today. Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time. Peace.

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