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In this video we take a look at AAL (American Airlines) and whether or not this is a good buy, hold, or sell opportunity given the current market conditions and movement.
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What is up, everybody welcome to trace trades, where we give a technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as a buy, hold or sell opinion on these. Given stocks. I'd like to preface by saying that i am not a financial advisor nor expert, i am just some random dude on youtube, so take what i say with a grain of salt. With that being said, today, we are looking at ticker symbol, aal american airlines group incorporated now.

The focus of this video is going to be stocks that may potentially be affected by the stimulus package that was just recently approved by the government. So if you guys have not seen yet, we did just reach a consensus on a new stimulus package. Joe biden has said that this is just the tip of the iceberg. This is basically a down payment for what is to come and with the pfizer vaccine.

Eventually, going to work its way into the american people, there is a lot of opportunity for some stocks to see some massive growth and american airlines is going to be one of those stocks. So i think we should potentially look at this stock as a mid-term hold buying opportunity. Now the 52-week high on american airlines is sitting at 30.78, so we're currently sitting at about half of this price valuation at 15.72, and you could be looking at if we reach that all-time high again in the next six months. A 100 return on your investment.

Now another thing to pay attention to right now is: we are seeing a little bit of abnormal volume in this stock in the pre-market hours. If you look at this, this is a 30 minute time volume indicator and we see 1 million 167 000 shares that were traded during this period of time, and then we see 1 million 847 000 in the most recent half hour. So there is a lot of traction for some reason or another that this stock is getting compared to its usual, so like eleven thousand nine thousand eight hundred um, the most that i saw here was 127 000 and we're seeing people buy this in scoops of millions Right now, that is a very huge buying opportunity and because of the huge red day that we saw within the market just recently, this stock in the pre-market is down from its usual levels. So we closed off the after hours on friday at 16.68 cents and we saw a low in the pre-market here at 15 and 11 cents.

So i do think this is a perfect buying opportunity. I do think that this 15 dollar range 15 to 16 is a great buying opportunity, and that is because we have a very solid level of support that is holding the stock up much higher than we are currently sitting. If you see here, we see price rejection of this level at 16 and 14 cents, one two three four times in the last 30 days. That is a very strong indicator to me that this is a very solid support level, and that means that this stock right now is in oversold territory, and i think some people realize that, which is why you see you, know a lot of shares being traded on American airlines, now how i'm going to be approaching this stock is, i am going to be buying a position in this stock.

I already have. I am sitting down at a an average cost of 15 and 40 cents, as i do see this in the next six months, reaching a price target somewhere around 25 to 30 dollars, as chris sane would normally say, this could be a home run stock. However, here at the channel here at trey's trades part of the family, we would call this stock an opportunity to eat green. This is an opportunity to make lots of money a lot, a lot of opportunity to see some big gains on your investment with not a lot of volatility, so you do need to balance your portfolio.

You don't want to put all of your money into high volatility stocks. This does seem like a safer trade trading opportunity where you're not going to see a lot of ups and downs. Another thing to pay attention to that's very important is this stock does see a lot of volume uh, you know. On an average trading day, you can see 29 million in a 30 minute window, 25 million in a 30 minute window, 29 million, 14 million 21 million.

So there is a lot of open interest in this stock, which is an opportunity to get in and see some movement. Another thing that i do like to see, and this isn't very common. This isn't something you like to see is a day trader or a swing trader, but as a midterm investment. We are below the vma right now the volume moving average by a pretty decent chunk.

The vma is sitting at 16.54 and right now we are nearly a dollar under that and, as you can see here, if we go in on the one day chart the one minute one day chart, you see a pretty heavy price rejection right here at uh. At the 15.05 range - and we have been pretty green since you know, in the last 30 minutes hour, we have seen a little bit of consolidation, a little bit of price movement between a pretty tight window of 15.90 and 15.50. So this may act as a very solid window, a very solid opportunity to buy. However, i am not a financial advisor nor expert and i cannot predict the stock market.

If i could, i would be one rich man, so do your own due diligence and decide if this is an investment that you may be interested in partaking in. I do think this is a great opportunity. I think that the stimulus package getting pushed out is going to push this stock up pretty exponentially over the next. You know six months time period, so, if you're willing to wait and watch your money slowly grow.

This may be one where you want to allocate five percent of your portfolio, ten percent of your portfolio, to have a little bit of really steady, easy, don't think about it kind of growth. That is my game plan with this. Let me know if you have a position in this stock in the comments section down below. Let me know if there any other stocks that you'd like to see that may be affected by the stimulus package or the pfizer vaccine, as i would gladly cover those that is all i have for this video.

Thank you for coming to the channel. Please like, if you enjoyed the video dislike it, if you didn't either way you're helping out the youtube algorithm, and i would greatly appreciate it if you'd like to join the family over here at trey's trades. Please subscribe to the channel i'd love to get to 50. Subscribers by the end of the week, i'm currently sitting at 38 and i'm grateful for every single one of you, but that is all i have for today.

So thank you for coming to the video and i'll see you guys next time, peace.

By Trey

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    100 share position @ avg. cost of $15.77

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