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What's up guys, how are we doing? We are uh we're doing our first live. Video here. Welcome. Welcome my friends.

What is up everybody? Let's hear, let's hear how the day one, let's see how the week went, drop some comments. It was an okay week for me. I i was up a little bit. I think i started monday with 25 000 uh, 400 500.

So i was up about 1300 for the week. I'm content with that. It wasn't anything crazy like last week, but you're not gon na. Have those uh every single day right for a balanced portfolio, or is it just what you happen to have yeah? That's personally, my trading strategy trevor.

That's a great question, so i guess it comes down to your personal uh, your personal preference, but i suppose you can see my portfolio right now. Um, i do try to keep about half of them as uh, as you know, mid to long term plays because i think the risk is lower. Like uh, you don't have to look at those every single day right, whereas the swing plays right. Those uh those take a little more attention and if they go wrong, they can really damage your portfolio pretty bad.

So i try to i'm going to change it to a one-month chart. It'll be bigger, but i try to like just have a good balance. Otherwise, you can run into some problems so just to give you a quick rundown of what we're gon na do today, um i have a uh. You know i get a lot of people that ask me to cover different uh different ticker symbols on my videos, and i just find that i run into some issues because um i i can't just quite.

I can't cover about 50 of them a day. You know so i figured if we do this a couple times a week and we're just able to give people some like rundowns of what's happening with these stocks uh in one condensed place. I can answer all your guys's questions a little bit easier. So that's the game plan for today we're gon na spend the first half hour or so running through um running through different stocks and uh.

You guys recommendations and then we'll take the last half hour here, i'll stream. Until about eight uh and we'll talk about, you know technical analysis, questions how i have my chart set up my personal preference uh for trading any sort of questions you guys have uh. It won't be an issue whatsoever. So that's uh! That's the game plan! Sensei tray! You guys made it that's all it matters.

A little down here started with ak, not 11.5. Oh dang, that's solid, you're up, then that's solid, uh, tt, yo yo, trey truth. Thank you. I appreciate that tt.

No, i do not. I i do have a full-time job. I am an active duty officer in the army, so i uh from from you know five eight, not five o'clock, eight o'clock until about four or five, i typically, you know work full-time and then i wake up early every day i get up at about three a.m: Uh and i i run through the stocks, i make these videos and when i get home from work, i put out more videos and i try to keep up to date with everything that's going on. So that's how that's how i like to do things with that? Being said, let's take a look at some different ticker symbols here, so i'm just seeing some uh some questions pop up, um, we'll start off with naked naked, is a play that i was in and honestly i regret selling i saw i sold for a loss um, A little bit out of impatience, i will be transparent with you guys and just shows my uh.

My closed positions and i did take an l on naked. I was down 115 bucks uh. I bought in for uh, 45 48.5 cents sold out for 46.1 down 115 bucks and i ended up getting into something else, but uh. You know i think naked looks okay uh.

We do have two pretty solid bullish flags right here right now and they're. Looking pretty clean, we did break below that trend line right here. So it's not quite as nice as it was in the past, but it still does look pretty decent. I wouldn't stress too much yet it looks like it's consolidating um.

I think it's. I think it's got a pretty solid potential watch for a hold above 43 cents if it holds about 43 cents. I think you're gon na see a nice bounce up to 47 and then back into the 50 range. That's how naked looking right now uh we'll look at a n i x, really quick! Oh that's! Pretty clean dang! Look at that run up what the heck hold on guys hold on a sec guys i uh it's friday.

You got ta celebrate. I know i typically drink whiskey, please uh, please don't get too mad at me, but i'm gon na be drinking some rum tonight. Yeah and anix looks pretty nice. I don't mind how that looks at all um.

The one thing that i noticed right off the bat is the voma, the volume adjusted moving average, the 15 day vomit is crossed over the 200 ema. So that's a very bullish indicator. We've got a nice gap in between this space right here and it's honestly just moving a really clean upward channel. That's uh! That's about as clean as it gets.

I mean we're moving pretty much at a steady, constant growth. These candles almost line up perfectly. So if we just take the same assumed growth over the next, you know two weeks or so not guaranteeing that'll happen, but will 329 move up to 406 in a week you can assume another 50 cents growth. I wouldn't be surprised with uh, with five bucks, or so that looks pretty clean ipwr.

Let's take a quick look. Ipwr, it looks like a bullish flag, it looks uh it's not in terrible territory. We do have the the vomit crossed over the 200 ema. Again, we've got a nice bunch of green candles right here, a nice clean pole uh.

It looks to me like it's: it's consolidating pretty well, i think it's getting ready to do some uh, some pretty nice action right now that doesn't look bad, but do keep in mind the overall trend here. The one month trend is uh is a little bit consolidation-esque. They've had some a lot of ups and downs, so i don't feel comfortable, saying that they're kind of they're going to run up a crazy amount, but it might be good for a swing trade. I think it looks really good for a swing trade yeah.

I don't know a lot about the company, you know if they have any upcoming news. Catalyst that'd definitely be something to pay attention to with ipwr, but it doesn't look bad. I like the volume's high rsi indicator, is currently neutral, doesn't look too bad um. This could be a huge indicator.

I pay a lot of attention to volume, because that speaks a lot about the psychology of investors and traders who's getting into the stock. So it doesn't look bad right now. Are you stationed big dog andrew? I am gon na be heading out to fort zill, i'm currently in minnesota, i'm doing something called gold bar recruiting and uh. Basically, my job is to bring rotc cadets into the program that i'm working at and then um after that i'll be heading down to fort sill, to train in on patriot air defense artillery systems.

So my job is going to be to shoot stuff out of the sky. It'll be pretty fun. What's good with you, trey trey grind, my friend welcome what is up nice ctrm. I actually have a video out on ctrm i'll cover it very briefly, but it looks pretty bullish to me.

I'm very excited today and yesterday they're, not quite in the in the same realm like i don't like the last two days, price action, but i'd say this is like 60 still bullish. We do have a really nice clean, bullish, flag right here. We do have uh some pretty harsh step stairs down right now, so that's something to pay attention to um, i'm looking for a hold above 30 cents. That's that's! Gon na be my thing.

If i see a break below 30 cents, that's probably going to indicate a bearish trend for a while, but i don't feel like we're there yet just be watching for that. If we break below 30 cents, uh, that's gon na be a little concerning the volume is down a little bit, but that's not the end of the world rsi indicator. We were oversold today, so i'm watching for a bounce on the rsi indicator and i'm looking for some green bars that open, because if we look at um, if we look at the past typically when the stock opens green, it finishes green so and when it opens Red it finishes red, so that's something to pay attention to. If we start tuesday off and uh, we see green bars right off the bat.

That's probably a pretty good sign. I feel pretty good about that for sure. What's your price target on ap, xt, matthew, green, great question, apxt is a midterm hold to me. This is a back play, um and just historically speaking, if you look at what is now g-nog, when g-nog announced that they were going to have a merger or when lca announced they're gon na have a merger, i think they were trading at around 11 and they Capped out at about 28 or so and i'll grant they're different companies.

But what i really like about uh about apxt is they're going to be associated with microsoft and anytime. A company is associated with microsoft, there's going to be a little bit of hype and fomo, because microsoft is just a crazy company. They're um i i've got a good feeling, i think, 28 to 30 dollars pretty low balling. I think you know 35 is honestly possible.

I'll be holding up until the day before the merger is announced, and then i'm getting out, nex and f. Hmm, is this not on the nasdaq? Is this on the ot? No, it shouldn't be. I'm wondering why it doesn't trade during the after hours of pre-market. That's weird um, it looks it looks pretty flat-lined, i'm not gon na lie.

This has been some pretty heavy consolidation. We see a pretty heavy pump right here, followed by a pretty heavy dump, the volume's kind of up and down. I don't see a lot of consistency. Uh but it does look like they're starting up a little bit of a bullish, run right now, so it has potential for a swing trade.

Maybe the the vomit is trading over the 200 ema right now. I can't see it on the 10-day chart for some reason, but if we change it back, oh they're, a recent ipo. That's why okay, i didn't even know that 12 22. yeah they look.

Okay, there's not a lot of price action happening right now. I think that there's better stocks out there, if you do, have your money in it. It looks like right now it is moving. So i wouldn't sweat too much.

It does look like it's on a little bit of a bullish run. The volume is up compared to the past. Rsi indicator is extremely overbought, though, and there's not a lot of data out right now. So it's tough to say um whether or not this is going to correct really harshly i mean in the past.

The way it corrected was pretty neutral, hair below neutral, so this is kind of uncharted territory. I'm not i'm not entirely sure yeah. If i knew about the company more i'd be able to give you a more fair opinion, but right now it looks like it's just not a lot of price action happening recently i mean microscopically speaking. It does look a little more bullish than it has in the past.

So i like to see that i watched for a re-test of this huge candle wick right here and if you see it push above three dollars. I think it's gon na blow up for sure. You're gon na be watching for a hold over. I would argue right here.

At 206., we've got a really long candle wick here. So that's some strong buying pressure, weak selling pressure 206 seems like a pretty critical level um near future of jag x. I cover jag x in a video every single day, but i'm high up on jagex. I think it's going to be a huge company.

I i can see this touching six or seven dollars by the date of their merger uh and i plan on getting a position back in the stock, i'm not currently in it, but uh. I do plan on it, i'm looking for an entry around three dollars and ten cents uh. If you can catch this at three dollars, you're going to be killing, that's absolutely filthy that'd be some some mean entry point um, but jagex is good. They've got a lot of things coming up.

They did announce the merger uh. My tessie is looking really solid, um there's a lot of positive catalysts and one thing that i really pay attention to is we see all this volume coming in right here right all these green bars, but the people aren't selling like the volume is decreasing, but it's Not red bar matching right, so i think there's a lot of investors that are keeping their money in jagx right now, any apps to trade pre-market in the uk. No man, i'm gon. Na, be honest.

I don't know man, i'm i'm from the states. Uh. I've used. Fidelity pro weeble and robin hood, and i know that fidelity lets me trade between 6am cst and, i think p.m.

Cst i know weeble is earlier hours than that. I think you can get into the market at four or five, but i'm not sure if you're able to use wee bowler fidelity in the uk. So that's just my current experience. I hope that helps man nmrt.

It doesn't look like they offer it on uh. On the nasdaq, this might be an otc stock. If i was guessing cara, thank you for saying cheers my friend. What's up? Yes? Yes, yes, oh, i lost a bunch of stuff here.

What the heck, where did it all go? Ctrm your thoughts on ctrm and pte? Next week, i'm a little nervous about pte personally um. It doesn't look terrible right now, but their conference, like the reason i presented this play, is because they had a pretty solid um, pretty solid news conference coming up that biotech, hc, wainwright conference right and that's already passed, and one thing that i look for with swing Trades is um like it's a pretty solid news catalyst, so you look for a good chart set up right. So when i found this, we had the crossover right here. The volume was low, we saw a small bump and then i looked for news catalyst and we had that and then we see this pretty dramatic run up.

But since it's it's kind of been a little bit rough, i mean we are still trading above when i recommended this stock at like 80 cents. So you should still be up right now, if you got in early enough but um, it's tough to say for sure. I'd have to see if they have some upcoming news catalyst, but just looking at the charts it looks like they are entering bearish territory. We'd have the crossover on the 15 vomit underneath the 200 ema.

So that's something to pay attention to you're going to want to watch for a cross back over on the microscopic perspective, and if you do see that it's going to look pretty good, we are in oversold territory right now. The last two days have been pretty rough. So you're gon na look for a trend reversal. It does look like the bears are starting to take control of this stock, the ngo man.

I laugh when i, when i see this stock because uh i wanted to get back in it, but every time i made i made this one video guys and i said uh. It was like this day. It was on the 4th of january, and i bet you money if you go check my channel. It's it's on the 4th of january that i posted this either the end of the day before that.

But i said guys the ngo is going to come back down because they have that news catalyst and i said people are going to take profits like if you want to swing this, take your profits. Then i posted that video and, like 30 people are like why'd. You tell people to do that. This makes me laugh i get where they're coming from this because they did run up right.

I mean, if you stayed in it, you know a dollar or whatever you're. Looking absolutely filthy right now, that's disgusting, but it looks. It looks really bullish um, it's not looking bad. I mean just looking at today's action.

We do have a nice uh bullish flag. For me, we've got this really clean. Huge green candle right here, followed by uh a really nice sort of consolidation happening. It's not it's not the most clean, but it's pretty decent.

I don't mind that it is a consolidation piece happening right here and bullish flags are good, because this confirms to buyers that the stock is going to continue to run up. So that's something to keep in the back of your mind. The longer the stock consolidates the more it favors the bulls which is really good, so it doesn't look bad. I don't know if it's going to pull back any time soon.

It just depends on news catalyst. Coming up hysr, i don't think i've heard of that. I'm going to be honest! Oh no! What the heck! Oh there we go there. We go! Oh - and i heard this - that's nice dang all right wow! I trust guys.

I'm telling you when i see this when i see a really filthy chart, i just can't help but laugh - and this is a filthy chart that looks nice you're. Looking at a really solid entry point right now, i think it's about to rip just the way that the chart looks. We've got a nice supporter here at 17.3 cents resistance. Currently, we've got a couple candle wicks touching right here at 21.33.

I think if we push above, that, you're gon na see a re-test of 23.5 cents. This looks a lot like clwd, which i have a position in i'm hoping that it mirrors that, because i'm currently down on the stock but um it doesn't look bad hysr looks pretty solid. I don't know what your entry point is, but if you got in anywhere you know for less than 15 cents, i'd say pretty safe, just let it ride, there's no reason to take profits right now, because the risk for you is not that high, like the chances Of it coming back down to 10 cents, five cents compared to the upside um, it's pretty slim, so it looks solid. I like the chart, a lot um, it's still a pretty bullish territory too.

I mean you had a couple of uh. This today was a little rough, but um i mean when you go up hundreds of percents in uh in a pretty short period of time. You expect to give some back so i'm not stressing about that oeg. That's one that i've wanted to cover for sure.

Oeg looks nice or not twitch right like oh, that's, nice live thing. We've got a crossover on the vomit right here, so this was about a week ago and it is approaching the 200 ema right now. So it does look like it's slowing down. The volume is decreasing, but it has been oversold for three days in a row right.

So i think, since it has been in oversold territory for a little bit of time now um, it should have a pretty nice bounce back like if we look historically speaking, it hasn't seen this kind of over selling in a minute and when it does, it usually Comes back pretty hard, so i think that it should rebound nicely, but i can't guarantee that the charts don't look bad though it's still bullish territory, i'm not i'm not stressing too much. If we look at levels of support and resistance, 444 is probably the first acting level of resistance and then, if we break below this current consolidation phase that we're in right now you're going to be looking at uh right about here. For the next level of support - and i think that comes out to about 3 and 87 cents - and we've got one two - three four five: six seven different candle wicks to support this. So it looks pretty solid.

I wouldn't stress too much it's not it's not screaming. To me that it's gon na crash, i'm gon na close, the switch should like always stay he's one man, i'm thinking of holding zone until the end of the year. Um, i don't think it'll be bad. I mean, if you're willing to take a chance there.

It doesn't look, doesn't look too bad j skills, cmtr, i'm personally, holding zome until uh until march and then i'll probably end up selling out. That's i'm just playing as a swing trade, but as a mid to long term. I mean it's got potential for sure cmtr. I'm gon na be uh swing.

Trading. I'll probably hold this for one to two weeks like xbox. That's page, oh, wait like every time i wan na come cmtr. Oh it's not on the nasdaq.

I don't know. I can't see it. I'm sorry, brother, sorry, j skills, a trx, ctrm nspr, i'm only going to cover one of those just so i can get some more people but i'll. Look at atr x, quick here like just let it be the eight buck.

Otherwise it's pretty much the exit. I honestly don't feel comfortable giving you any sort of information on this. The candles just don't say anything they're just like to be honest with you. I hate to i hate to shoot you down, but atrx looks pretty rough there's, just no no price action happening here.

It's a pretty dry chart. Sorry, my friend, you think, keep up the vid. Thank you my friend alp. I think this is alpine.

Isn't it xbox? Probably, oh my god. Oh i'm, so glad you brought this up dude. This is a picture-perfect setup. So if we look back here on the last time, this happened - oh my okay, so here's a great example of why i got so excited about this.

That's true! This is how i found jag x, well, jack x. Had that happen back here. Look at this run! If that's any indicator of what's to come, this is the beginning of something filthy. That looks really nice and you do see a little bump in volume right here too.

Oh uh, all the confirmation i would need on alp next is: if you see a little bit of a run up in volume tomorrow or not tomorrow, on tuesday uh, this looks really nice. This looks like a picture-perfect setup. Low risk you're not chasing huge upside potential. Oh yeah, that's dirty ttcf same here.

I wouldn't buy it at this current moment. It does look like it's going, oh right now it might be forming a cup and handle sorry. Okay, i just don't like buying it near all-time highs. I wait for a pullback personally.

Tattoo chef is a great company, though i think they're going to do good things for sure. Hey come to come to the cities tomorrow, sbe switch back, i'm just going to cover one. My friend this is where i can get to more people. I hope you understand khao sar khasar.

I probably said your name wrong man. I can't read g-set. I put an apostrophe at the end of that jeez. This feels like a chase to me.

This isn't my training style but uh if you're good at scalping. This does look pretty filthy. That's pretty bullish territory. We've had a couple days of pullbacks, but that's not the end of the world.

Um i'd be watching for a hold above these candle wicks right here. If you see a bounce off of 81 cents, i'd feel pretty comfortable buying it at that point. But if you don't the next price zone that you're, probably looking at for action, is going to be around 63.2 cents. That's a pretty large gap down the risk is a little bit high.

I would wait a day or two and just see some more price action on that rsi indicator is still overbought. You don't want to buy in an overbought stock. You could short it. Maybe if you, if you want to bet against it macroscopically, it is still bullish, but the last three days have been pretty bearish um just be careful with it.

The ngo already covered my friend jagex is freaking people out. I've heard some talk that the spec doesn't directly affect us. What do you think i feel good about jagex, and i know some people are freaking out about it, but why does it look like that uh? That's why? Okay uh! I feel good about it, because spacker merger deals affect every stock and, from my understanding you guys can correct me if i'm wrong, but from my understanding stocks, are they open uh when the merger begins at ten dollars? I think that happened with apxt as well as lca. I've read about stocks opening at 20, but uh.

I i feel pretty good about jagx. It's got a really nice chart set up. It's got a lot of catalyst coming up, it should be pretty killer. It's under the radar yeah, it is leon what stock? Oh? What did it do? That's beautiful, dude, frs x.

I think this stock ran up today. Didn't it yeah. This is a chase. Ah i wish this was on my radar, but it wasn't.

I think some people over the discord got into this and turned out a pretty filthy profit, but i this is just not my trading style. I hate buying at all-time highs. I almost always get burned. If you do get into it, you know if you want to buy it right now and bet on the fact that it'll keep running watch for a small pullback to maybe around like 767.

That's probably the safest bet. If you want to get in right now, it does look really bullish, though the volume is really high. It's trading higher than normal rsi indicator is a little overbought. Historically speaking, the corrections are pretty harsh and they usually last quite a while, though so just be careful catalyst with acst merger ctrm is ctrm merging with acst.

I didn't know that everyone would use to call each other slots all the time can someone confirm? Does anyone know if they're, if ccrm is merging with acst, what i'm pretty sure ncst is a biopharmaceutical bobby's back there, all right, i'm going to the uh. If anyone finds the answer, just let me know. Oh man, it's hard to keep up. I apologize i'm trying to find uh where i was.

Why not, let me find yeah, okay enjoying some drinks and stock analysis. After a long week, oh zach, my friend, cheers to that my friend that's: what's up, can you go into your recommended reads on learning to trade yeah so well, the way that i got into trading was, i had a friend. It was a family friend. It was actually my my brother-in-law, um he's an optometrist and he talked to me about stocks, and he uh told me about how he's getting into real estate.

And my big thing was, you know real estate's a little bit confusing to me, but the stock market always was intriguing. So i went on youtube and i just googled how to invest, and i wanted upon a couple, different channels and the one that comes to my mind right off the bat. If i come here, real quick is rainer tail rain or tail to me is the best technical analysis teacher on youtube. I learned everything i know about technical analysis fundamentals from this guy and he is so easy to understand.

I could not recommend his channel highly enough seriously, so i would start here i wouldn't even rec. I wouldn't like just start here. You can buy a book right, but books are dry. It's easy to like not pay attention to what you're reading and this guy is very engaging.

So i'd start there for sure. What's your strategy for clwd, i'm looking to get a little bit of a run-up on that so clwd um, i'm down a little bit right! Now i'll be transparent, i bought in at about a 14 cent dollar cost average. If i remember right yeah, but he makes millions so he's fine. Let's take a quick look clwd.

I am in at a dollar cost of 14.4, i'm down a thousand on that. Right. Now i'm not sweating too much, though right, because this this uh this ran up over a thousand percent guys. So a correction of 40 makes sense to me.

I i'm not stressing too much my game plan on that is to swing traded, uh, i'm gon na watch for a push over 17 cents and if we can hold above 21, i'm probably just gon na set it and forget it and keep the money riding, because I honestly only put about two grand in here, so the the upside's high, but the downside is not that high. So if i made it back, um, hey trey what about admp and gsat, i'm gon na cover gsat, because i know that multiple people are gon na. Ask about that gsat looks good, i'm very excited about gsat, and i was hoping that someone would bring this up, because this is actually on my watch list. For next week, we have almost a freaking picture, perfect bullish flag for me right now, so you've got this top peak of this long candle wick whenever you've got a long candle wick like this.

That is as good as it gets for a bullish flag and then we've got the bottom of this uh candle down here on this wick and it's compressing and this compression and spring of price action. If you break through the top trend line, which, in the after hours at least right now, it looks like it'll, do uh should be pretty violent. I'd expect that we re-test 115.. This seems like a pretty good stock to get into i'm not gon na lie.

It's got good volume, rsi we're a little a little above neutral and a little below today. So the the buying opportunity is there and we're trading above the the 200 ema right now with the 15 vomit, so uh it looks, it looks really bullish. I think it's solid uh give me yours. We need to be very careful this year.

The market could crash like crazy. I hope not though yeah that's a really good point, so i this is something you know. I've been trading for about two years or so, but something i know is um the market's been insanely bullish. Ever since the the coven, you know the pandemic, all that sort of stuff, but keep in mind.

You don't need to be a goal in a market to make money right. So if a market is looking bearish for a long period of time, you just got to play with the market's giving you right. So if we see a market reversal and stocks tank for a month straight, you know what i'm going to do is i'm just going to short stocks. You take the exact same.

You know technical analysis that we have right now and you say: hey this stock looks extremely bearish. You know short it. You know, there's there's opportunity to make money. No matter what you do.

That's a good point. I think a lot of people don't realize that andre. So what do you think about ob? I think that is an o obsv man, maybe any glasses. Oh, what the heck? What kind of catalyst did this have holy crap holy toledo? That's filthy yeah! I would, i feel, really uncomfortable getting into that.

I'm not gon na lie, but it looks like a chase to me right off right off the bat but um after a day's price action. I feel, like i'd, have a better indication on this. It does look like we may be seeing the start of a bullish flag, but it's not there. Yet it looks like it's forming you're gon na look for it like the same amount of volume.

This is extremely overbought, so just keep that in the back of your mind, you don't want to buy one macroscopically speaking a stock is overbought if you're gon na swing it right, maybe as a mid to long term investment if you're, if you're looking at that route, It'd be a little bit different, but just be careful, i don't like chasing stocks, but it's uh, it's extremely bullish. Obviously the volume is nuts extremely overbought i'd watch for a pullback and from what i'm seeing right now best level of uh support. There's gon na be right around here, not a lot of price action, though so that's not a great level of support. It's just what we have right now, based on our current price action, jumped into aitx super cheap, but up.

Eighty percent would like your thoughts if you're up 80 i'd take profits, but uh we'll take a look at the charges and see if it looks like it'll continue. Oh man, maybe not it looks pretty bullish. One thing that i'm noticing right off the bat - and i call this the george w h, so you have uh you've got this. This uh double double bottom and i call this a just a w, and this is a polish indicator.

So you can see this w shape right here, that's a bullish sign and we did see that play out. So it looks really good. I don't see any sort of trend reversal coming yet honestly, i think it could keep running. So maybe you can keep learning to ride if you're nervous, take half profits and just let the other half ride and let it run zome is a midterm hold for me.

I'm gon na hold that until late march, personally nwbo it's pretty bearish right now. This is uh, this isn't running. We have that crossover on the 15 day vomit, underneath the 200 ema you're gon na look for a trend reversal. So, just if we look at this on a three-month chart in the past to see how long bearish trends have lasted - it's not showing here we'll change this to 60 minute again.

Well, what i can see here is you're going to watch for a reversal, because there's a pretty large gap right here. I can't guarantee you it's going to bottom out. Yet it doesn't, it maybe has you know, watch for a retest of this level right here. This doesn't seem like a significant level, maybe a hair above that even yeah.

I like that 130.. If we hold above 130, i think that you would you'd be fine getting into the stock, even if you bought it right now at a dollar 35. The downside is five cents, so maybe you know i don't know what that comes out to you, but four percent. Something like that.

Um you just want to make sure it doesn't drop below 130.. Otherwise it seems like it's pretty uncharted territory, oh my goodness. Ah yeah man - i don't know this stock's pretty. It's got a lot of sideways action.

It doesn't look this isn't this isn't my go-to for sure it's not an ideal setup right now. If you want to short the stock, you may make some money, but the the price action's just not very clean, it's kind of up and down. I know we are holding on by all thanks crew guy. Oh it makes me laugh, thank you cosbo, but any uh.

Any price targets to cash out of if it does take off yeah, i hear you, i i'm gon na be honest. I don't feel great about the price action here and i'll, be completely transparent and show you that i am down on bio right now. I'm down 500., 19 or so um. It doesn't look to me on the charts, like we're gon na see any sort of trend reversal and honestly, if we break below 80 cents, i'm probably gon na i'm probably gon na dip, i got it for a dollar cost average of a buck three um.

So i'm gon na be watching honestly. If we see a bounce off 114, i'm gon na be completely content, just uh taking a profit of like fifteen percent or whatever it'd be oh. Why did i tell um tips for beginners good question b ham? So i think the first thing that i wish somebody would have told me when i got into trading is don't get discouraged because you lost money right, so my first 10 trades even after i spent you know a month straight um studying for an hour to a Day my first 10 trades, i think i lost on seven or eight of them and if i'd just given up on that, i wouldn't have you know - turned my portfolio from 10k to nearly 30k in in the last uh in the last month. Right, so don't get discouraged by failure.

Failure just means that you're one step closer to learning how to trade right. It's a learnable skill. I would rather learn to trade five times than take an organic chemistry class ever again in my life. So just don't get discouraged.

Keep at it crnt! Oh, that is such a filthy gap. Oh man, it's uh, it looks like it might be, forming a cup and handle it still looks pretty bullish, you're chasing a little bit with the stock, though so be cautious. The risk is higher, but the volume is much higher. It's dipped down a little bit.

I suppose. That's just one day too, it looks bullish, but i like, having more than one day of price action, to determine if i'm gon na get into a stock. So just be cautious right, it looks like we might have a cup and handle forming here and if that does play out, it should continue to run, but just be cop, be cautious for sure it's uh, it's a little bit risky, hey, b ham, no problem brother. I appreciate that, thank you for watching the stream and thanks for being a part of the channel, let's eat alp.

I already covered that my friend. I hope that you were able to catch that, but if not, this will be on the channel later sundial. Why did it tank in the after hours? That's weird, i'm dirty! It looked like it formed a really nice cup right here. We've got that nice, nice bounce back up to previous levels.

I guess we do kind of have a double top right here, so maybe traders or investors saw this as a reason to get out. I think it's a good buying opportunity, though, if that, if it stays there, i just watch for a bottom out, don't get in until you see it have some sort of reversal. It does look like. We've got a pretty long, wick right here at 60 cents.

So i think it's likely that we see a retest of 60 cents. This is an area that we gapped up to in the past, so i feel pretty confident with that and if you see a gap back down below that to 58 cents watch your price action between these two zones, that'd be a good entry point dropped out of Bio yeah jaden, i don't blame you man, it's been a little rough. I i don't feel great about it either. Honestly, i keep telling myself every day, because i do trust mike he's made some good calls crew guy he's over the discord for those of you that don't know, but um he's a great help, he's a great addition to the channel, and i love having him as A part of the community he's made some good calls, so i trust his opinion uh.

I think it has potential to be a two dollar play. The price action just doesn't look good right now, on bio, great to see you lit live live. I want to ask you about fuel cell: what's going on, okay, so fuel cell had a hit piece out today, um by uh, i think jp and basically they said fuel cells gon na go back to ten dollars. I completely disagree.

I don't think that's gon na happen at all, and i actually wan na show you guys something really quick, i'm going to show you something that was in the discord, and this is some gold and this was dropped by one of the patrons uh. This is cool, so he was messing with the fib retracement for a fuel cell, and he noticed this uh when it ran up to when we see zero percent from 100 right. The correction - almost every single time, was exactly 50. So here we saw correction from 1150 to 650.

We saw a correction from 1392 to 1040, pretty much 50 percent and then the flip side. We saw 2094 down to 1584., that's pretty clean! So if you want to retrace that just use the fibonacci uh - and i think we're pretty close to the bottom out here - i think 1549, mid 15s is gon na, be the bottom out. I think this is gon na be a 30 plus dollar play at the end of the year and i'm low balling. I think it's got a lot more potential than that.

It's an opportunity to buy more honestly, i plan on doing it. I recommend everyone load up on zone if they're holding that stock. I agree my friend it's a solid stock. It's it's set to run.

I seriously think that's going to be a 4-5 bagger ccib and lucid be a little bit careful, because this is just a rumor right. So it's not confirmed yet, and i've actually read a little bit about ccib, potentially not merging with lucid, and if that comes to fruition, you're gon na see a hard hard tank. So that's why i haven't personally gotten into it, but if it does work out, you should make a crap ton of money. The charts are really clean, though it's it's in a really nice upward channel.

If we draw out a trend line, it's pretty much exactly following the same rate of growth. You can see the top here top here top here. It looks. It looks nice if it continues in that channel, it should be nice calvin ctrm.

I personally have a position in caster marie time. I think that it's looking really nice um the charts. As of today's price action, are just a hair, less bullish, but it's still really bullish territory. I'm not convinced that it's gon na tank, i think it's set up for a really nice run.

It's still in a bullish flag formation, um, just not as clean as it was before, so we're gon na be looking for a breakthrough on this trend line. I think if we see a push above 36 37 cents, it should be pretty gnarly should be. Filthy is a no-go in the uk as you need a social security number not sure about weeble, but i think it's the same. I guess ig is the only one.

I've heard that might do it, but i've never used it yeah. To be honest with you man, i i've only ever used fidelity, so i just don't know. What's han gsat i've already covered alp have already covered ind, it's up 62. Today, what what man the market was rough today, what the heck happened here.

That's filthy, dang! Well that looks pretty pretty gnarly. You see a pretty huge spike in volume here um. I don't see the 200 ema, so it must be a recent. Oh man yeah! Well, this could have a pretty crazy run-up.

If you see the, if you see the vomit cross over the ema that'd be an indicator to me that this might go somewhere, but do be cautious because it has run up 62 percent, but the volume is definitely there. I could see it doing something that looks nice just watch for a couple days of price action. Ctrm i covered my friend just done more damage to you. Yup yup, obs bff covered ctrm, jada jada doesn't look um, it's pretty bullish.

I don't mind that we had a little bit of a correction um, but it's not bad 26 damage to me that stuck. I would just watch to make sure that we don't see a double top here. So if we retest this level at 28 cents and it rejects again, you're - probably gon na see some pretty harsh selling pressure, it's an oversold territory or approaching it right now neutral. I guess more than anything but uh.

We do have the crossover right here on the em, the ema and the vomit, so it looks pretty nice, it's not bad. This is looking like a good entry point. To be honest, i do like to see these candle wick rejections, but that indicates to me that there's buying pressures here stopping the the price from running lower. So if you can get in around 11 cents, 11.6 cents, i think you'll be doing pretty well uh tuesday.

Is not going to come close enough, i know it. I tell you what once you start investing the weekends are just never the same. I'm always just looking at my watch like well, i guess i'm not wearing a watch, i'm looking at my phone thinking. Man can we get back to the to the week, yet i tell you: fridays are the new mondays, um frsx, i think there's some people in the discord that are in this stock right now.

Of course, i can't type. I have to kill you now. Oh, my god, is this one? Oh no! This is uh. Okay, i'll change this to a one month, quick yeah.

This looks pretty nice um. You like got my jump there, like i personally, don't like buying it at this current price. If it bounces off 767, then i feel pretty comfortable watch for a bounce off 767 and if you see it start to run up after that, be a good entry point. It looks pretty good it's currently in a little it's approaching overbought territory with the rsi, but the volume is there, it's extremely bullish.

Right now it looks like it's going to continue its run, just watch for a hold up on the volume, because if you lose it, it's probably going to start to bleed um. So as long as the volume stays and you see a bounce off 767, it doesn't reject. Now it does look like it'll keep running yeah bro obsv. I think i covered this one, but i'll double check all right.

I'm going to curious, i don't miss out. Ah man - i don't know this just makes me nervous. I don't like chasing, i think, there's a lot of opportunities in the market. This this looks extremely bullish.

Right. It very well could continue to run. I'm definitely not saying it's going to like just halt, but this looks like a huge chase. I guess i'm gon na have to do some research i'll write this one down on my phone, i'm gon na see if they've got any upcoming news catalyst and if they do i'll make a video on it.

I'll tell how about that? How does that sound? Obsv? Sorry i appreciate that my friend, thanks for bringing that up, feel the satellite covered um yvonne. That's funny not sure why my video notifications doesn't tell me your updates, but i'm checking in in the morning, like i bet this guy overslept nah man, i get up at 3am every day, never gon na. Never let you down be ngo. I uh sheridan.

I have covered that uh. I will be posting this video as well on youtube, so you can watch for it there, but the ngo still looks bullish. I don't see any sort of trend reversal coming. Just very briefly.

We have a nice little uh. You know bullish flag formation right here. It's looking like it'll keep running right now, obs via covered my friend cciv. I think i also covered.

Have you ever gotten into crypto? I kind of dabbled a little bit in mara uh, but i guess it's not really. Crypto uh, it kind of scares me to me you're, investing in the uh in the idea of something rather than something you know i i do think crypto has a lot of potential in the future. Something interesting that i read was the american dollar depreciates in value. Every year, but crypto increases in value, so it could be something in the future.

It's probably just a boat that i missed on to be honest beyond gaxy. Why does it look like that? What the heck uh we'll change this to a 30 minute, maybe that'll, look different. I'm not sure why it's looking like this five day, all right, that's better um! Oh my god! It looks like it's entering some pretty bullish territory. It looks like it might run.

We got a crossover here on the 15. 15 volume over the 200 uh volume is pretty standard, nothing crazy. We were a little overbought, which is why we saw that correction, but it corrected nicely. It looks like it should continue to run.

I, like an entry point around uh point: zero: two, five, eight! No, if you can get in around there, i think you'll do pretty well lmfa. This is that stock that ran up like crazy, isn't it it changes to a one month, don't feel bad yeah. It looks like it might be, forming a bullish flag here. I'm really good with the obviously don't feel bad kid better.

Look next time, yeah! That's a pretty nice! Looking bullish flag! I don't mind that at all. I think the risk is lower too because it looks like we found the bottom. In fact, it looks like we're stair stepping a little bit. I think the entry here looks pretty good if you can get around uh a dollar 78.

I think you're gon na be sitting pretty nice currently in neutral territory, a neutral or oversold, so it's a good entry point for sure they will be in the nasdaq in a month. That's good to know you have to remind me: what's your thoughts about azrx, alright, so i've been asked this one. A lot um and azrx is kind of the same as pte, so um pte was more of a three or four day swing, because i had that biotech conference. I tried to reiterate this as much as i could.

I apologize if, if there was any confusion but um, the biotech wainwright conference is why i wanted to get into those, because it was a really solid news, catalyst. They had a great um, a great chart set up and it looked like it would run and it did like uh. If we look back on the 11th really quick, it ran up crazy in the pre-market. I did suggest you know waking up early if you could for this to get the run-up and it did happen um.

I didn't personally get into azrx, but the opportunity was there uh. It looks like it's kind of flatlining, though the volume's dying out the rsi is not doing anything crazy yeah. I i can't say that it's gon na do anything in the near future. I'm gon na be honest.

Are you sure that's your jump button? I don't know kid jj chicken i like that name man. I appreciate it appreciate the love uh ctrm. I am high up on. I think it's gon na be a good stock analyze thick enable doesn't.

I already covered this a little bit, but just a brief rundown. I think in a day two three days, you're gon na see something pretty pretty filthy, because that's something i think, you're gon na see a push above 35 cents, 38.8 cents, 40 cents. It should be pretty nice pltk. I think this just ipo'd recently didn't it.

It sure did but did it ipo today. I think so one minute chart. Oh my god, to be honest with you. I don't feel comfortable giving you any sort of technical analysis on one day of data, so i'm just going to err on the side of caution and say i would wait for some more time.

Um, it's looking it's looking like it closed higher than it opened. So right off the bat, it's a little bit bearish, but it could be a play down the road we'll definitely revisit it. I don't think he had it. I have not it's looking bearish.

Well, it's a one day chart my bad, my bad, oh just kidding. That looks good, that's pretty filthy. This looks like a really safe entry. Point too.

I would swing trade this i wouldn't. I wouldn't uh mid long term hold this, because i can't guarantee you it's not going to drop below that support um. But if it holds above 217 - and you see a little bit of movement watch for a push forward to 32. And if you see a push above that, i bet you'll be approaching 250 end of day and the volume's there it's being in overbought territory, you could buy in right now, just a hair under neutral.

It looks like a good swing trade opportunity, cowabunga, i'm just gon na eat, buddy, mac and cheese, quick, oh god of pltr. I am high up on pltr the charts. Don't look great right now, but yeah. I think it has potential and we do see here on the three-month chart a triple bottom, so i do think it is due for a run-up pretty soon and i'll draw these out.

Just so you can see them. There's one bottom, here's another bottom! We've got one more bottom, it's looking pretty clean. I don't mind that um solid entry point we're currently trading neutral, so you could get it a little bit lower. But it's not looking bad wait.

You don't like nv iv um, we'll change this to a one minute. Quick 60 minute, the volume's nuts on this that looks nice. That looks dirty. I don't mind that at all it's been running for a while too you're not kidding.

I think it was andre that andre had said this is a bullish market. This is a crazy bullish market. This looks nuts right now uh, i don't i don't mind how that looks at all um well, they're still dating esper. I think getting in right now is a little bit risky.

I wait to see if we have a pullback but of course make your own decisions um a pullback and retest of these candle wicks right here at 96 cents. I think it's pretty likely that we retest a dollar and if we push under a dollar 96 cents should treat you really nicely. If we push 196 cents, 86 cents and a bounce is going to be absolutely filthy, obsv. Ah man, i'm gon na, have to do some research.

A lot of people are recommending this, so there's got ta, be something up with obsv. I'm not sure what sort of news catalyst came up, but you guys are speaking really well on it. So gme. I think that's gamestop, isn't it man? Oh that's so filthy.

I know this happened too. I gamestop has been infamous for just being a bleeder for a long time. Oh, but now, lately, let's look back on the two year. Yeah.

It was a bleeder for about a year, but it's on the up right now. I think the reason that we saw this huge spike is because they made a change in their management team. From my understanding i haven't done a lot of reading on it, but it looks pretty nice right now. It looks like we have one top right here, so there is a little bit of price rejection, but this is still overall bullish.

Um. I watch for a pullback and a retest of this candle wick area right here at 3414.. We do have one two three, four, five, six different candle wicks touching here um, so it should be a pretty significant level. I imagine that if we hold above that - and you see a bounce of a good entry point, it should continue to run.

This is going to be a mid to long term hold. I think if you believe in what gamestop is doing with their change in management. It should be a solid hold sundial bullish. 100.

I would never hold this for a long term trade, but i think this dip right here is an opportunity to get in for cheap we're, still trading extremely bullish right now, and it looks like we're gon na have a retest of that 60 cent mark. So i'd watch to see if we come back down to 60 cents that candle wick is pretty indicative pltr i covered my friend jade i covered lmf8 covered all right, i'll, recover, bngo anonymous you've been you've been in og i'll touch it one more time. It looks bullish, it looks nice. We've got a a pretty small, looking bullish flag right here.

So there's a compressing of price action: consolidation, consolidation, favors buyers, more than sellers. The bomb is still trading way above the 200 ema.

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