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Is up youtube? It is your boy trey and freaking matt coors, in the chat here rocking on the day, how you doing man it's good to hey. Have you been what is going on? It's been a hot minute. I mean i've been talking so much behind. I guess on the other side of the the internet, but uh it's fun to be able to us get back into this chop.

It up live for everyone, man, it's been way too long, honestly, i'm so excited for the day when uh i'm able to do this sort of stuff full-time. If we can sit down and just freaking chat once a week on a live stream and uh just shoot. The or whatever but dude, it's uh, it's a good week and a good day and a good uh good minute to be an ape as always, but how could he not? How can you not be excited about the price action from last week and the momentum the way things are going, dude? Absolutely crazy. I mean truly with both of them.

I mean amc. I think it was july 2nd, it's a like. We had the highest close. All the way since july, 2nd on amc the momentum ever since, like mid-august just like, crushing it and even with gme.

I was talking about this in like one of my streams this weekend they tried to destroy it after the earnings like they had a huge huge gap down, they tried to annihilate it, and there were so many people. Commenting on this is it gme is done. The fun's over this, like this reddit, pushes over and no all day they did on gme after the earnings was running right back up to like more of its recent value, which is like both of these stocks so much strength and to me it's funny like you And i both like with our youtube channels, just talking about it, and then we have like all of these like mainstream media political upon, like everyone, we're wrong we're wrong. It's like what are you talking about right now, you're, crushing it.

I love it. I love it. So much this is uh. This is something that i've found fascinating and i took this to heart when it was told to me it's this analogy of the moon and the wolf.

It's uh, you know when the wolf barks at the moon, nobody bats an eye, but when the moon barks back at the wolf, it's uh. That's a little strange. You know, and in this scenario i think you're looking at the the freaking moon barking back at the wolf, the mainstream media, all these big pictures on on twitter and uh. You know the big news outlets.

It's it's hilarious, i'm just! I can't help but laugh because you know you're winning, you know you're winning at that point. You know it's it's pretty golden, but i'm i'm curious about one thing where you and i sit like it very much - is like a super fortunate position because, like we see the opinion and thoughts and almost the energy of certain people - and i swear like do you - Think about, i feel, like two weeks ago from june the start of june into mid-june. Everyone was super excited like highest levels of excitement. Like you know, our lives were just crazy.

Everyone's lives was crazy and then tail ended june and july. Like i, i i think there was a sense of like okay, it was quiet like people were like what's going on like there was a lack of energy. The show in mid-august in the past two weeks, especially like the energy's coming back, i wouldn't say we're at that top level that we saw in late may of just like everyone going nuts, but like i'm seeing it there's people are happy, they're, energetic, they're, so stoked For like every upcoming trading day, we're back to this situation, where people don't like the weekends, they just want 9 30 to hit again and again and again like and for us like where we are, at least for me, i might dude, i love the energy. I love the excitement, i'm so excited to see like what the next day is always going to bring.

It reminds me of like the weeks before late may it's just like that. You can feel the ball starting to roll the momentum starting to build, and you can't help but be excited about that sort of thing and like everything's confirming it, the short interest is still going up the cost of borrow's starting to go up the momentum's there. The bullish price actions there you're starting to build more, you know people within the community itself and it's good uh good people too. I mean that's, really important uh it's hard to ignore.

I don't know how you can't you can't be excited about it, especially uh. You know watching what's been happening, but guys i appreciate everybody that's tuned in right now we got a thousand people watching uh. We appreciate your time and this is gon na, be me and me and uh matt chatting about a couple different things here. But let's you know, let's just get into uh the meat potatoes of what we really came here to go ahead.

I don't know you speak, you speak, oh no, i'm ready! Let's get into it! Folks, let's get it! I'm excited all right. So i am a dude with no right. I come out straight as i see it and i try to tell things uh with with brutal honesty. You know, and this live stream is about the apes together, strong documentary, and i want to tell you why.

I think this is important right now. You guys can tune in to and out. However, you please, but this is my opinion and i'll. Let matt speak for himself.

I really do believe in this apes together, strong doc because of one main thing and it's stories and it's people the human perspective behind people now, what's what is this actually doing? What is this documentary worth? What is what is it actually going to accomplish? It tells us stories of legitimate people within the ape community within you know, people who have actually been affected, be by maybe 08 or by having their account liquidated back in january or who have really just struggled day by day by day, watching the corruption manipulation. That's taken place for years within the us stock market and economy, and this documentary is a literal way that you get to expose this sort of stuff that you could tell your story. Have your voice heard, because i firmly believe that no great change comes without blood and, to some extent it's your guys's blood, that's that's being shared like you're, sharing this the pain and the bad things that you've gone through to to show. You know what actually happens in in real life.

You know you can speak on this more matt uh than i am right now, but that's my opinion. That's why i really like this documentary and we've got a couple things we're gon na talk about, but uh you go ahead and say your piece about that yeah. So i think with this when this all started, i i was talking tracking, specifically gamestop before 2020.. Like i knew about the story, i saw it on reddit.

I was cooped up in my apartment in brooklyn and i was just on the internet. I was consuming a lot of technology. That's actually why i started my youtube channel, so i was following that and at that point yeah we get it like. It was always pointing at this and we're like how's this possible blah blah blah, but like the reason at first while that was exciting, because you were part of the community, especially when everyone was like physically isolated from each other of like.

Oh okay, like we control this system like it was just a big troll like are you in on the joke or not, and then gamestop had its craziness in january, and that kind of got more attention to it like j, like gme, was doing really well, but Then, of course, we had bbe like all those, including amc and from there all those sympathy plays of those high short squeezes coming back down the two that have made it through the past half year from that is amc and gme and with us now that has Become like a huge aspect of our lives truly like it was for us very, very transformative, as it was for literally millions of other people. I was thinking about why and, like you said, you were alluding a little bit to 2008, where people were like angry and they were carrying that animosity forward. But it's like how do you fight back against such a well-established thing, such as wall street? It's like okay! Well, we didn't really have the opportunity fast forward to 2020 everyone's locked up you're just sitting there not doing anything, and then people on the internet, little corners of the internet, they're starting to say, hang on they're pitching this concept of community. That's in on the joke.

You can make money and you can make wall street pay like right. There, that's a recipe for a great great story, an amazing story and, as this started to develop it went from more of that troll nature. I think at the first of in on the joke with that community. To now i mean it's six months, six months of millions of people learning about the market, and that is super super dangerous.

Like the retail trader, the dumb money aren't going to know. What's going on yeah? Definitely like all the dd we see going on every single day, people who didn't know anything about the stock market a couple months ago, now the the total man hours being put into this it's crazy and like we're, learning and we're starting to notice things that, like Don't add up, they don't really add up and what's weird about this is, i think, one of the reasons it's still alive and why it did so well is because people are hearing about the story and they really resonating with the message that's being sent. So to me, things such as this documentary the apes together strong, it's like we just need more people here about the story and with it you and i both know that there's some mainstream media who's trying to commentate on the story and it's against us they're, prompting It in a way that i would argue, is intellectually dishonest. So for me, when you're saying that people who have been in this from the start, the brothers who everyone's about to meet, who are creating this they've, been in it since day, one.

We are getting the story told from professional film creators, but are also on our side. They are not here to stab us in the back. I'm so excited for this story to get out from the true vision of an ape, and for me i truly think that's one of the best ways we win is the more people who know the truth of this situation. The better our odds are.

I think it's that simple, i i think you're right man, you know this is this. Is me personally you dove into a lot of your story and i always appreciate stories. I came from a really tough spot. You know financially.

I've dug myself some holes and some people dug holes. For me you know controllable's uncontrollables right, but back in january i got into amc as a swing trade. I saw it as an awesome opportunity to make a quick buck on a flip right, because that's what i was doing at the time. I started my youtube channel.

The swing trade stocks and i watched all that freaking corruption and madness, and at the time i i got my account liquidated for what was most of my net worth. I mean i was that sucked i mean that absolutely sucked and i watched that happen to hundreds and hundreds and thousands of other people and that pisses me off that pisses me off to no extent because it was just batted over mainstream media. All those big guys didn't give a single they didn't, they didn't care at all. I mean they painted it as xyz different variables and reasons, and all things will go on.

You'll have to find your way and that's just absolutely nonsense, and i'm not about that and i, like uh, i like the idea of what this brings to the table and there's uh. I think probably the best way to be able to show you uh is just to show you a video, so i've got uh. I've got a video pulled up. These guys have actually put together for you i'll tell you what they've shown me some sneak peeks of what this dock is gon na, be it is disgusting.

It is disgusting. You guys are gon na love. This i'm telling you right now, but anywho, i'm gon na pull this up for you me and matt are gon na chill. We'll give you some time just to watch this uh this freaking video.

Let me make sure it looks good on my end. That does look good and we're gon na play it real, quick, sweet, sweet. I don't think that's playing, that's good. The audio is coming from the wrong spot.

Let me uh change that on my computer, real quick there we go right to invest in what they want. Start that over social media platforms, like reddit, youtube and twitter are leveling the playing field. I also want to say that i support retail investors right to invest in what they want when they want man to support the right of individuals to send a message based on how they invest i'm going to do something. I never do.

Let's come out of my shell and talk about how i'm sick of injustice, i don't believe that the story of this community has been told yet from an insider's perspective and i think that's paramount to understand some of the culture and the social dynamics of. What's really going on, we are just tired of just surviving not having to work 12-hour shifts. Life has always felt like you couldn't win, i'm here for um, my mother, my father and my two brothers. I'm a nobody really um.

I i'm a guy who just needs a win. It's alarming, how little we know about the inner workings of the market. These events are part of a larger story about the intersection of finance and technology. What we're trying to say here is that there are these shares that are just kind of floating around being borrowed and being lent and lent again.

We just know that there are more shares out there than the company had originally issued. I decided i was going to get on youtube and do some studying and do my own research i like to do my own due diligence, nine to five opening bell, closing bell, i'm on stocks - and you start seeing you know other due diligence which is powered by Other apes um, i ended up getting diagnosed with a terminal illness. I've got more love and support from the apes than a lot of people that i personally know i'm not doing this for my from myself, but i just want to you know, fulfill the dreams of my mom be able to build your own house. You have that.

Just want to do the best for my my family, my kids, you feel like you're part of this fight just makes you feel good. You know, because of this community because of this movement, that we can help each other be combat to the hedge funds that are trying to screw over a company that that we like you, that ending was pretty decent. I got to tell you that right now that was not bad. That was not bad i'll.

Do it every time we see guys. These are the mogan brothers in case it's the first time that you've met them, introduce yourselves my man and uh. Let's just hear about you yeah, i'm quinn, mulligan, i'm finley, mulligan uh. We are american brothers, we're twins for brothers and our last name's mulligan uh, we're making this film because, like the guys said, we've been in this since the beginning and um that video you just saw like is just a little snippet, so we had been from the Beginning trying to communicate with people and getting stories from real people that have been experienced, what we've experienced, and we just decided to cut that little thing together to give just everyone a little bit of something because, like the film of course, we're gon na be using Real cameras, there's one back there, real mike's, real sound and what you're going to be getting is a film that will compete with likes netflix apple and all like centered from the community, telling your story so we're super jacked.

A lot of those videos were from submissions that we got and we requested for apes to submit their stories to us. So we can get some of some of your actual stories getting told in film and we were so moved by so many of those stories that we were inspired to kind of cut together, a quick video um to get everyone else as hyped as we are about Getting the story told so, thanks for having us guys, yeah, what's up happy to be here in here and looking up here so with this trey, and i were talking a little bit um and we've noticed one of the best things in this community of why things Do and don't work is basically transparent. Trust like you, have to be honest, transparent at all time, so because of that um for the audience who may know about you may want to know more. Maybe this is the first time meeting you is it cool? If we just ask you a couple questions about like what truly is going on, because we we want everyone to be on the exact same page of what's happening here, yeah hit it absolutely all right.

So i'll start off trey. Obviously we could just go back and forth here absolutely before when i was saying like i know you guys have been in this particular journey: gme amc for quite a while, really just the eight nation. Could you tell us when you got started and like what about the story line near like resonated with you, this narrative of, like you're like hang on? This is something i like and then on top of that at what point were you like? We need to make a dock for the rest of the world to see yeah i mean i had been following wall street beds for a while, mostly because i thought it was funny like it's a ridiculous. It's a ridiculous place.

Um i like camelot so watching that unfold with the value and keith gill and everything else, and in january, like like a lot of people early january's like holy like we have to get into this. Let's because my brother, like you, know, he's a musician, mostly i'm a filmmaker for most of our, you know, careers and for a lot of people like us like there was this opportunity. It seemed to uh jump on a rocket and maybe get yourself out of the grind and to do what you love and what you want to do. It's like fine i've never invested.

I've always wanted to. Let's just do it so i got tried to get a robin hood account which didn't work. Luckily so i ended up going to another broker, but uh we got in and it wasn't really until and then i called my brother and he got in as well, and it wasn't until like january 28th, when they took away the buy button and because the play Worked right, like the due diligence was right, it was working, it was actually happening. We were on the cusp of what could have been the greatest transfer of wealth in history and they stole it from us.

They robbed all of us, and it was in that moment - and i was like, oh my god, what the hell just happened and i called my brother up and said like let's pick up our cameras because we're not like uh financial, you know policymakers, but we are Filmmakers for artists and like those are the tools that we have to tell this story and to do something to help, because the media wasn't doing it right like they were lying about us about all of you, retail investors, and they continue to do so and paint You in a negative fight and with the injustice of that was just a little too much so everyone has their skill set. Everyone has the tools that you know they have available to them to help out in any way they can and for us, that's art filmmaking. So we were inspired by the stories we've been reading. We were frustrated by our own experience with the whole thing and decided that this is.

This is the way we can help yeah it's right thing to do. I like that. You called it robbing because i don't think that's a perspective. That's that's talked about, but it's really the most no way to be able to talk about what happened.

On january 28th, i mean there was one of the large i'd say one of the largest uh. Well, not not maybe the largest, but my point being there was a wealth transfer that took place on that day and it was purposeful and malicious, and a lot of people got hurt and uh messed up because of something they couldn't control. So you guys telling the story of that uh is, is freaking awesome, but i guess my question is uh specifically on the project itself. Right, if i was a viewer right now, i would want to know what stories is this going to tell what's the format, how how am i feeling like i'm contributing to this project uh? What's what's the game plan just walk us through that a little bit yeah? So this is uh.

This gamestop and amc story itself is really unique in that it has it kind of exemplifies very easily a lot of the issues that retail investors face um. So it's it's sort of an easy in for us to tell the stories of these everyday, regular people and also get to the quick of what are some of the biggest ills in our markets. Um. It's it's an opportunity for us to to use these stories with these regular people to try and shed some light on the on some of the more egregious areas where they're being taken advantage of yeah.

I mean you look at what's happening. You know with how much of of retail orders are happening off exchange like what does that do to our actual to the bitness spread on a lit market right, which then trickles down to people in their retirement funds like these issues affect all of us, and it's Our job to kind of ground these things in an event right, so that would happen in january 28th and then crack it open and then dig into all of these other bigger issues and visually. How we'll do that like we'll, have experts speaking on camera? We just interviewed dennis kell here, and we just had a political journalist here today to dig into these really hyper complicated, uh financial issues and then try to in an entertaining and engaging way show how it really does affect everybody that participates in the markets and one Way to make this entertaining it's kind of been handed to us on a platter there's so many memes, there's so many videos and jokes and just hilarious content around this whole thing. Uh, it makes it it makes it easy to make this entertaining.

If it didn't come from people in the community, they would miss that right, like they wouldn't get the jokes and they honestly like to as filmmakers coming through this thing. From the perspective of someone that's gone through the emotions of this roller coaster ride i mean how many lifetimes do all of you feel like you've had in the last nine months. Six thousand right, i feel like i've aged 10 years in the last nine months, yeah and like some other filmmaker coming in you know, isn't gon na get those little things. You know they remember like the ssr days.

You know like this is all like things that we can contribute from the perspective. That is all of your perspective. You know i personally feel like that little last little bit right, there is so unique, because okay people could definitely have a skill set within making films, but it's so much different if you're in the community itself, and then you get the culture of it. So someone can explain it to you, but it's a different thing where that is actually a day-to-day aspect of your own life, your own personality and you're, like you're, integrated into that culture, and i thought that was crazy.

Like i, i think, that's so important and i i think it was fair at first it's like okay, we hear about these guys these two twins who they say they've been in it and they want to make this film and i could get it and i'm sure, There's some people commenting of okay, like what's the the level of skill that will be brought to the table and to be fully transparent with everyone. I shot my part in the dock literally just yesterday, and my jaw hit the ground like seriously. Folks, like it was a full-on crew, there was, there was lights, there was a camera, there was sound, we went over. The questions were some of the best questions.

I've had and now tran i've both done so many different types of interviews and the questions. It was much more based on the psychology of this narrative. What is going on what is going on in wall street right now that affects you me our future generations, the economy all of it at large. That's what this is.

Of course, it's going to be using amc and gme in a certain sense, as a as a beacon and representation of this example. But to me, this documentary truly is fighting for what i feel like we're fighting for just market transparency and fairness and we're trying to get more eyes on where the people are being impacted and screwed over and robbed in the current wall street system. So for me, uh and trey i'd like to hear your experience on this, but, like my my filming experience yesterday, it was it was amazing and like it just got me even more excited um and i don't know if you're allowed to tell us who is or Isn't it, but if you want to like tell us like obviously this stock to my understanding is not just me and trey. So if you guys want to know a little bit more about that, i mean that's the thing it's like you know, like people have, they all have opinions and who should be the ones telling the story and how should it be told right, which is totally fair, But what we want to do as filmmakers is get a broad perspective right like like yeah, there's a couple youtubers in here too, but we also have policy makers, people like actually influencing in, like the sec's policies right, we have journalists that are going to be in Uh apes talking to apes, we want to talk to people in hedge funds like we want to get all perspectives, and everyone has their role to play right.

You know people on reddit and their due diligence for interviewing austin tobit. You know he's an incredible mind in all of this and having a varied experience, i think, is what is going to make this um the right film for this, like you, can't just focus on one area and one niche down like part of this whole thing. It's a web of. We need to untangle not only that, but we need to make sure that this is um a broad enough appeal, so that this story and the message gets told in a very broad way.

So more people see it than just some people on reddit and youtube. This needs to be this, isn't everyone's story if they're involved or not it doesn't matter, your pocketbook is affected by what's happening in this very saga. So it's important that we get as many people watching it as possible as well. You know, i don't know if you guys are believers in omens or not, but the day that i found titan was uh the day that the doc brothers came out to uh to film with me and if you don't know, siamese cats they're.

Typically, a sign of good luck and siamese in thai actually stands for diamond moon. Now i didn't know that when i named him titan, you can ask the doc boys i actually just named him titan, because i was like that cat's name is titan but dude. If there's anything, probably a sign, you need to know this doc is is legit, it's got, ta be this cat. This is not a dead cat man.

Absolutely, but trade loves that cat. He would not or like trying to do the interview and we're like. Maybe let the cat out he's like oh boy, just got in the way yeah my boy. I want to talk about my experience with you guys because i was so absolutely blown away.

So i i met the doc boys in person uh. We went to one of my favorite places in town here and got a burger and a couple brews and just talked over what the project's gon na be, and i had no idea what to expect right. I fill them with a freaking, webcam and uh. I just i just do what i do you know, and these guys roll up in this band and it's like it's got ta, be i don't know what the dollar sign is, but it's way more than we rented it we, but it is legit like they've shown Me some uh some clips and i'm excited for when the time comes, when you guys will be able to see some of this stuff, but it's dirty.

It's dirty! That's all! I'm gon na tell you so i'm gon na tell you yeah it's decent, so i suppose uh i would like to you know if you guys have anything else to say: go ahead, i'll i'll actually save my piece right here. If you have anything else to say, go right ahead, wait, i i have a quick question for them. So with that, like obviously you filmed trey's part, you filled mine um. Obviously, it's like a rough idea, but what kind of like schedule like is this something people are going to expect in like 2023 or like what's the goal with it like? If things go like, obviously it might not be perfect, but like could you inform the people currently watching of like if the schedule went? Ideally, how would that look for everyone? Yeah? I mean the amount of filming and like editing.

We need to do like. We want to be wrapped with the production, and hopefully the editing by the end of the year and, like part of this whole thing is from the start. It's like. Oh man, like there's so much story to tell right.

There could be three movies with this thing and we really want to you know the happy ending to happen and be in the film please it's like that's the big part of it right, but you also have to think about how much has already happened and all Of that is such an important story already so for us we'd like to finish it by the end of the year, uh with hopefully releasing it next year, but like there's, there's months and months in between there. So if something else happens in between there's no reason we couldn't put it in if we want to, but the goal is to finish by the end of the year and have it out for next season having this film released while the interest is high, gives us A good chance of potentially affecting some real change in our markets, uh fighting for transparency and better regulation, so um, it's important to us to get this out in a timely manner. But we don't want to miss anything, of course, and we're going to be as thoughtful as possible when we take into account how we're going to to wrap this project up and make a sequel, yeah yeah money see where you all are, with your millions yeah. First, seeing the sequel is just uh tons of people in lambos love, it tesla, roadsters yeah.

There you go i'd rather go with tesla yeah yeah yeah, okay. So with this project right, how is this being thrown together financially right? This is obviously a very important thing to talk about. We can't we have to be straightforward and uh just answer that question right. I'm sure people are wondering about that.

Walk us through this uh, essentially how this is getting put together. How's, the how's, the doc getting done. It's, it's been crazy from the start. So when we first started this, it was just my brother and i dumping money into it.

So, like i put as much as my wife would allow so i'm all in i yellowed pretty early um and hopefully it pays off, but anyway, so i put in a lot of our own funds and that that's how we started it off and like all those Early videos, you saw like that's all just from us and um we're still using some of the equipment now blah blah blah, but outside of that. That's what we've put into this thing: uh we're doing a combination of crowdfunding funding and looking for investors. So, at a certain level, like it's an investor contribution, but throughout that we have um the community generously um backing the film and why we wanted to do that was like we wanted the ability to have enough funds to compete with. You know to get an oscar and get this in front of as many people as possible, but to do that, we didn't we wanted to have it come from the community as well, because it's important to us that we actually engage and are in some ways, beholden To the community like, we want to make sure that this film reflects the wants and needs of all the people that are going through this i mean when we first started it was, i put a post on reddit.

It was after the hulu documentary came out and everyone was like. Oh my god. What was that and just like them? I had the same reaction, so i put a post on reddit saying on rgme. I think saying who wants a real film about? What's going on right now and because the idea was like, if you want a documentary, we'll make it so the response was huge and we, like, i had another post after that saying: fine we're gon na.

Do it now. What do you wan na in the documentary? What do you want to be about so we sourced the whole original outline for this thing from the people on reddit. You know from those communities and we've built and built and built you know from then on and same with the fundraising like we started with doing crowdfunding, to have this kind of be a community effort to get this film off the ground and so far it's been Incredible, like we've raised like we had an original go like like screw it, let's go for the moon, 500 000 in crowd funding. It's total! So far, we've raised 250 000 dollars about which is mind-boggling to us.

Like we're, you know poor kids from portland like we're. Just trying to make a film here and like the the generosity from the community and like the real need that people have to have the story told right is like it's palpable, so uh. I guess that's the approach anyway, i was long-winded. Sorry, i'm long-winded.

Sorry hey! I feel that that's the way i am too man, absolutely yeah, but you talk faster yeah, that's true. I have uh, i have a quick one, i mean, and i think this is just going to be the elephant in the room. There are many people who are going to end up seeing this that end up saying the only way to possibly support, amc and gme is to buy amc and or gme stock. Why would i put money into this? What's your response? To that i mean.

Is it important to you that people know why what you're doing is important? You know: does it matter to you that that enough people see the story and know what's happening to affect some real change so that you can't be taken advantage of in the way you have been before it just it's there's an investment in a company. You believe in then there's investment in thoughts that you agree with, or you know ideologies if you want to invest in a film that can potentially help push those thoughts and ideologies forward. Then then, that's for you, but i'm not going to tell you how to invest. I mean yeah, it's also like kind of a like.

You know, i i hear them. I hear those people but like i go out to restaurant and i grab a beer once in a while. You know like that money didn't go to gme or amc, but like i went and got the beer and i liked it. I found value in that.

You know i'm not like yelling at my brother for tipping the waitress. You know like it's, like people have income that they do what they want with if they want to support a cause that they believe in like that should be okay, you know so like personally, i don't see a problem with it. If people disagree, that's fine um, but do what you want with your money like if you believe in this story, and you want it, told and think that we're the right people to do it, support the project like. We think we're the right people to do.

Obviously, but you know, i think, there's a pretty good case that this film should be told. The story should be told the narrative should be set by people who've been in it from the start, rather than wait for someone else to do it for us. Yeah i'd prefer they didn't also a nice pull from that crack and trey. I see you, you were talking about beer.

I just felt inspired. I was like oh that's a spice in my life right now. Absolutely cool! Well, go ahead! No! It knobs! You yeah. I guess i was thinking about it like this, like in the event of the moas, for either of these stocks for both of these stocks.

If the story is not commemorated properly, the headlines will be a bunch of people on the internet made a bunch of money and that's how it'll be written. That's how the history books are going to write it and for me, if anyone's watching this right now you have to ask yourself: why are you in this? I know a lot of us are in this to make money who doesn't want to make money. Obviously, that's cool, but on it what's so special about amc and gme to me of why i'm so willing to break all of my trading rules and just diamond hand. This thing either to the moon or to zero, is because i'm trying to affect change and i'm doing it to the best of my ability and obviously clearly our community is getting a bigger voice.

But i don't want this story to end with people just became rich because of a weird thing in the stock market yeah it needs to be pulled properly, so people can better understand the legitimate and illegal things going on day over day over day. So for me, maybe i'm naively optimistic - maybe i don't know what i'm talking about, but if you see something, that's clearly corrupt that we all see now on a daily basis as we're learning more about the market. I almost view it as a duty to fight back against it. Hopefully we're successful in it.

I don't know, but at least we're giving it a fighting, try, yeah and being united in it right like remember when all this started, like back in january, like i'd, wake up and like i was working from home at the time. So i had a very leisurely coffee, um and i checked the ticker i'd go on um rgme get my dd in and then i'd wan na know. What's going on with amc, so i'd check out trey, and i look at that and then like i'd watch, matt stream for a while later in the day and like you know, like they're, like people were getting from information sharing information with each other in an amazing Way - and i i want us to keep that spirit alive too - that's like you can listen to other opinions and and share information with other people and hear dissenting voices and like it's all good, because we're working together to tell the story right. So i think that's a lot of what we're trying to do as well is like we're telling the story for all, like quote apes right, because they all no matter what they're into deserve transparency and fairness.

And we, you know, have our own opinions about how all of this stuff - and it's it's our main goal, to make sure that we're telling a story that works for everybody that helps everybody. That's involved, because it's really easy to lose sight of that and compartmentalize. But we're here for everybody: that's that's involved with this and everyone who's affected by it, whether they know it or not. You know this is one 24 year old, kid's opinion right.

I haven't been on planet earth very long, but i think in life it's very important to have a why a reasoning behind anything right and mine's simple, my uh, my stepdad. He was my pops. That's why i called him. He passed away about five and a half years ago.

You know, and he always told me - uh trey, someday you're gon na break four minutes in the mile, and i never did that. I was never that good, but the point being i can apply that that. Why right that drive into something else, and for me now i look at what is tangible and controllable that the little guy the freaking apes out there can actually make a difference in and if i think, about what i've done or what matt's done or what. Some of these other people have done right.

I think i haven't done anything groundbreaking other than telling my story right. I want your guys stories to be told too. I want you to feel like you're, making a difference and uh. That's ultimately your decisions to make, and i uh more than anything i i just want you guys to be straight chilling and living life and uh drinking cracking if you're into that in water.

If you're not, i think water is poisoned, but it is what it is right. Uh, that's water, water is terrible. Oh every person i've planted earlier, that's ever drink water has died and therefore you already know you already know. No.

You should watch if you haven't seen it watch doctor strangelove you'll find out why decent, but that's that's my thing: go ahead! Go ahead! Um! So with this i guess for people like. Obviously the information is laid out somewhere trade. Do you have the the website that you could run all the viewers through, so this website is in the description box of the video? If you do want to check that out, uh, it is donate. This is like no i'll.

Let the the mulligan brothers come out and say their piece about this, but uh ultimate. This is your guy's decision. I'm not here to push anything on you. This is something if you feel like you want to contribute to a project uh, and you you, you kind of resonate with what the message is feel free to do so right, i'm not here to make that decision, for you guys do what you got to do, But this is the website guerrilla filmmaking.

You can see the the kickoff right here. They've got why crowdfund how it works. The whole walk through talk through the process and the reward tiers, which is actually pretty cool here. So if you're interested in that uh the mogan brothers, you guys can actually talk through this a little bit.

If you want about what this all is, you can probably explain it better than i can yeah i mean the idea is like for with crowdfunding like we want to show our appreciation to backers, so we offer things like t-shirts that our buddies at galactic media designed And we're gon na be printed by uh, some of our friends in portland, hell, yeah, great misplaced screen, printing uh. But anyway it's an idea, like you guys, are helping us. We want to give something back and have you wear your shirt like backers? Only get these things uh, the shirts anyway they're backers only prizes like it's pretty standard, crowdfunding stuff i mean like trey, said like if you believe in this and want to contribute we'd like to thank you for that. By giving you some yeah, the shirts are awesome too yeah.

That's we've gotten a ton of people getting the shirts we're stoked about them, we're stoked to wear them. If you see someone else walking down the street with that shirt, you know they only got that because they're a backer hell yeah the posters too, that they're gon na be like actually printed printed posters, high quality, it's like it's cool stuff that we all like. So i mean it's just it's a way to support the product say thanks yeah, we can give back say. Thank you, uh the way it's gon na work.

Once we close out the crowdfunding october first yeah october, 1st um we're going to begin fulfillment, so you'll receive an email at that point. Saying hey: what's your shirt size? What's your address? What's your preferred name, which will also be in the credits of the documents? It's gon na be the longest credits ever everyone's like credit names are gon na, be just brutal in there, but i got ta say, like you know, you'll be a part of the film. You know in more ways than just uh your story. So it's our way of saying thanks, sweet rock on well, i think it's important to be able to take some time to have some questions answered from people within this live stream.

You know no, no, all complete transparency, that sort of thing so guys, if you have questions for the mogan brothers for myself for matt, please drop them in the chat. You'll see, there's not a super chat thing. That's not turned on you just have to you know. Do your own thing and and whatever and we'll read it and try to get back to you, but while we're waiting for these to come in uh, let's, let's uh, let's i've got an important question for you guys.

So if you had to choose between the rest of your life having to drink out of your nose and uh, i got nothing really. I was trying really hard to grasp with straws, but i got absolutely which is great. It's such a global movement. This whole thing we've talked to people from who live in austria or from tunisia.

We've got people from wales, scotland, germany, that's insane, it's crazy yeah. We love it. So hi hello, hello, world apes, yeah that transparency keep touching on, like transparency, has been super important from the start and if you look at anybody post on reddit, you albeck almost every single comment. I'm responding to on twitter.

Almost every message. Almost every comment we're responding to everybody. It is just the two of us so that we may miss um, but it's a lot. It's a lot of work to respond all those things, but we care deeply about making sure the lines of communication are open.

Canadian needs shape community yeah, hell yeah anyway. Yes, transparency is great. We believe in it. Here's a good.

There was a question earlier: no sydney, it was uh. The daca is going to be shown at amc theaters. I think that's. The question is the dock going to be showing at amc, theaters, uh, adam aaron.

We would love we'd love a really good like deal uh, a really nice one where you it's like it's good for both parties. When we show our movies and premiering theaters, we are going to interview him. Uh he's a voice. That is we're curious to hear about, like the perspective of someone who's, the head of one of these companies, who has been like shorted as much as amc was and is so uh that'll happen, so we'll we'll we'll work something out.

Maybe trey will talk to him for us yeah. That would be great. We would love that. Sometimes we talk about talks, uh yeah and he talks with ryan cohen.

Is there a chance of him being in it or we don't know, there's a chance, yeah yeah he's. I think kind of famously tight-lipped at this point, but we would love to talk to him. If anyone has any connection, let us know yeah hit up. I mean we're gon na hit up regular channels too professional yeah.

The sites are on it. I mean gamestop is important to us as well like it's it's. You know it got me into all this stuff, so yeah yeah, we we're absolutely fascinated by what's going on over there. Benjamin's got a good one.

This is good, it says. Is there worldwide apes in the dock uk ape here? Ah uk apes, our dad's from little scotland carton tillich? So we turn it sadaklasky? Oh! Yes, we would definitely yeah it's it's. It is in the car from the beginning. We want to like it's just a matter of like part of us, the fundraising like getting a crew out.

There is not super cheap, but we're going to fight two tooth and nail to make that happen, and we actually have our picks of who we want to go talk to which apes over across the pond yeah. So we really want to. We have it planned. We just need to make sure that we can do it logistically and with the right proper funding yeah, i see a lot of people are asking, will gary gensler be in it or will dfv be in it dfp? Oh, my god.

I love you phenomenal um. Doesn't he just make you smile like a picture of him that picture of him? Have you seen the memes coming from that? Oh he's, like a magical creature um, i love him uh. We we want to. Obviously so.

We've reached we've been reaching out to proper channels and we're gon na keep working on that, but nothing that we can say gotcha gotcha, gotcha gotcha, are you boys still taking video submissions from ireland here? Would love to be involved, yeah hit it up from april ireland. Yeah, a little bit irish, a little bit of irish yeah, it's tall too totally wrong. They have a whole language over there. You guys should look into that um.

It's a beautiful language, um yeah! We are still doing submissions go to submissions and you can submit your story there, so we can hear what you got to say and do it in the irish. If you want we'll subtitle it later, yeah, just not good enough we're not that good. Yet what other ones do we have coming in? There was one from uh mike making waffles delightful. It was about completion day, but we kind of we kind of went over that um.

Just laying some waffles mike yeah get some waffles, like your head's at. I guess i'll have one while we're in for more to you guys, what's the optimal outcome of this, you make it, it goes. Live people start viewing it. What is your your secret hope like what level do you? What do you think this could do? I think this has potential just because of the inherent story, the human story behind it.

Everyone has been touched by something similar to this in their lives. At some point, i think it has the potential to shine some some big lights on some of these issues and if that's the case enough people see this, then maybe we will get some actual change happening at our highest levels of government yeah. For me, personally, that's a huge hope for this phone. I mean you look at like.

Why were there hearings about game stuff and what happened with robin hood right? It? It didn't happen. They didn't make those hearings for no reason it's because people were outraged and therefore lawmakers were and like uh politicians got outraged like they're, not gon na, do it on their own. We need the people to to want this and to push for it. I feel like normally you have like oh wall street bad is kind of this.

This argument, and like generally, you know, there's a lot, that's right about that. But this is such a sharp spear tip and like something that we can point to and say that thing isn't working for all of us and if the government is working toward like the sec, like they're working on this stuff right now. If this film could even just be enough to tip uh the scale to people for those lawmakers to actually kick it into gear and make real change, i hope that that's what we can do with this thing, you know i don't want to be naive, but, like That's i think that we have real potential here to tell the story right to get enough public sentiment around this to tip the scales and force their hand to actually act on these things. Love it love it.

I mean hell yeah, how much longer for donations says. Bonnie blue sanders. Actually i don't think we talked about that. So that's a good question.

Yeah! We will be closing it out october 1st, so that so september 29th 30th will be the last day. 30Th yeah 31. The last day of september will be the last day for donations. Then you all get your t-shirts and mugs and stickers after we know how many we have to print and print them in the senate.

Yeah you'll have them what happens at this point now that you've already been in the process if certain goal financial goals are not hit. What's the outcome from that we keep riding, i mean, like we've been making movies with, like you know, duct tape and broom. We just ride dirt, i mean in the end like like you, look at what we've produced right like that hype, video you guys saw uh, that's something that my brother and i like. We like the thing took a day to edit like we're we're fast.

I think we're i think, that we're talented enough to do this thing with our resources, but when we get to a certain level like it just it elevates the project i mean having. You know our dp that we have um luke kais beulah, so he shot the the borat movies like this guy's good and what's great about him, is his mix between documentary acumen and narrative filmmaking skills. That's perfect for this project right that wouldn't have happened without crowdfunding. It just wouldn't you know so we'll make a great film, no matter what, but the tools that this allows us to have elevates the project and elevates your stories so which means more people see it, which means there's more chance of some change happening.

I mean, i guess, a little tongue-in-cheek here, but in this community we've previously seen certain things. That's raised a lot of money that in no way yeah. What's the hell like a date, chad got a hundred thousand bucks, so uh come on. I think i didn't even have a rented account.

He gave me nothing for that. What about a movie, i'm gon na hear from you right! Look at my red house yeah like dude! There's! No explaining it like! You know people gon na do what they're gon na do yeah and look. There are scam artists. There are pieces of out there that we're gon na just be trying to make money off of off of silver banks uh, but, like all, we can do is say.

Look at our history look at who we are go crazy on facebook or whatever you want to do and like if you trust us to the end like go for it, but don't jump on a bandwagon. You know just because other people are saying something: yeah. Do your own dd make your own financial decisions like, i think, if you look into who we are and what we've done like you'll be pleasantly surprised at just how down to earth and like actually one of the communities most of my reddit posts are in our Pugs or our pickling or the bread makings, it's pretty good, pickles, hey! That's pug's cube! I like big one. So with with that.

If someone does have a question, because we didn't touch on something here like very specifically, what's the best way for them to actually get a hold of you, is there like an email or twitter?.

By Trey

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  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Evan Scott says:

    the truth needs to be out there to keep the 1% and their propaganda arm, MSM, from twisting the facts. This is when the people stood up together and said enough, you are done picking are pockets in your towers, while we work 60 hrs a week in a hardhat and 2 year old boots just to eat and stay warm,. we stand together and the elite buckle at the knees and beg for mercy!! I would rather die poor than give 1 cent to those lying stealing pieces of Wall Street trash. I hope Citadel and Robbing Hood are remembered like Enron is remembered

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    The mulligan bros are so incredible ♥️👏🏼 the squeeze needs to happen so they can pursue truthful film making with all the funds they can imagine and create documentaries on every topic of corruption!! THE WORLD NEEDS AMAZING PEOPLE LIKE THEM 🚀 🌍

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