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You know i sat here for a while. I'm not gon na lie i've kind of been perusing through my computer, looking at the screens, trying to read stuff and uh think about what to talk about today and bring some relevant information to everybody, and i've got some stuff that i do want to talk about. Uh but this same thought keeps rolling through my head uh over and over, and i i really want to start with this before i get into the video we are going to talk about today, uh freaking citadel, getting the case dismissed about the lawsuit that was presented To them by plantiffs uh we're also gon na talk about the chart. What that's looking like, or text data, we're gon na kind of dig into a little bit of the data that sort of thing, but before that the thing that keeps popping in my head, you know, as i sat here and thought and thought and thought about what To talk about today, the overwhelming thing that i want to say is thank you right and that might sound like a goofy thing, but i want to thank the people who've been in this corner, who have taken this journey, who have ridden the freaking crazy ass bull.

That's been uh amc in the stock market for the last 10 11 months, and it goes beyond just simply watching me because that's not even what i'm thankful for i'm thankful for the way that this has evolved. Despite you know the good and the bad uh mixings, and some of the things that have come from the community, that's built around a stock right, i'm thankful for the education, the wisdom, the knowledge, the the laughs, the memories, the inside jokes that have come from this Community and the way that it's grown and empowered people, i think the most rewarding thing that i've seen so far is people starting to grow their own legs and uh and really build something. You know their own community within the community to try and make other people's lives a little better than they were before and fight for the same thing you know. I remember when i first got at amc that i originally got into this as a swing trade, and maybe a lot of you don't know that right.

I originally back in january, got into the amc as a swing trade and my account got liquidated through all the all the the crazy nonsense, and i i went through some tough times and things changed. You know i looked at the world a little different. I looked at the stock market a little different and in that same way you know i've watched uh the community grow and change and evolve into what it is now which is not just fighting for and talking about, the the potential reality of a moas for amc. But also the reality and potential of actual change within other people's lives and the way the market operates.

So i wanted to start off with that, because on red days like this, i think it's very easy to sometimes forget the humanity and the people behind this and what has truly been accomplished. And i'm thankful for that, and i want to tell you that right if you're, watching and you're one of those people or you're just you know part of the community, you know i'm thankful for you and that's uh. It's it's really a cool thing to see and with that being said, we're going to talk about the stock price today right what happened today what's been going on with the the recent news, so as it sits right now is the red day right down about four Percent in my previous video - not yesterday, but the day before that i talked about two different options here: right either a this is gon na end up being a bull trap or b. This is going to be an inside bar play, a three bar or a four bar play, set up to ultimately get a move up and, as we see here right, it ended up being a bear trap.

There's a bear traps up. Uh you have the potential right. These are called inside bar candles, essentially meaning that uh, when they train within the range of the previous candle. You have sort of a spring-loading tightening effect, uh and, depending on the way that the nature of the previous trading days was you either get a violent move up or a violent move down, and it wasn't necessarily a super violent move down.

But it was comparatively to the previous couple trade days. You were down four percent or about two dollars a buck 72 right, not a fun day. It's not! It's not uh. It's not obviously a blast to watch red days, but same as it's always been right.

You kick your feet back and if the thesis of the stock hasn't changed, you believe in what you believe in right. You just wait. That's, ultimately, all you can do on days like this, my friends, you wait for the day to come. Now i want to talk about this or text data.

This is something i find actually very intriguing because there's two possibilities here: either a utilization has actually dropped a substantial amount due to there just being less shares that are lended out or b. There's a misrepresentation of data to some extent, meaning that either uh there are more shares available to borrow for short sellers or some of these shares were returned and that uh discrepancy could be just simply looking at the shares on loan comparatively to the actual short interest. Because you do see a significant drop there, there was 96 million total shares now, there's 87 and there's 79 million total current short interest, which brings it to about 15.48 shorted float of the stock based on 85 percent of the exchange reported data right. I don't know which of these realities.

It is, but that does not look natural to me, because when you see that sort of return on loan that sort of return on shares either a there was just a massive massive misrepresentation of that. In fact, this is the first time that i've actually seen the shares on loan be the misrepresented data. It's always been the short interest. The short interest has either been lowballed or high ball.

Never the shares on loan. That's always been pretty accurate. That raises some questions. For me right, that's something that i actually wouldn't mind seeing some clarification uh from ortex on, because that's a massive massive massive discrepancy that really doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

You know uh, that's that's something i want to see some some answers to and you should too right. That's a absolutely unnatural movement, especially when you compare it to the actual stock price. It just doesn't match up at all right over the last couple trading days. You have not seen any sort of significant push based on any return shares, as we've seen in the past right.

That just does not make sense in the least bit to me and uh, i'm gon na be watching for that. But more importantly, i want to talk about this, because this actually is pretty incredibly frustrating. It is the uh, the citadel securities lawsuit sort of getting shut down right check. This out federal court dismissed the class action lawsuit by retail investors claiming cereal securities and robin hood.

Conspired to halt gamestop trade - you sent it to what you saw happen here today, i'll link this article in the description box down below. If you want to check this out, but there were plaintiffs that had essentially come forward and said. I do not believe that what citadel robin hood was a good thing. It was nefarious, it was a bad act.

It should be looked into. Please look into this case and essentially what the court found is. There was suspicious activity right. They outlined this here.

Admittedly, these emails may be somewhat suspicious giving the participants in their timing, but they said not enough evidence right. They said. Look, it's your guys's job to present the evidence to us. We don't have enough evidence to uh, basically say yep they're guilty uh.

You need more. You need more and they have up until december 20th to file a amend to the complaint against citadel. So i'm i'm absolutely 100 in belief that they're going to present the new case, but that also implies they have to find new information to present to the court. But that's not what frustrates me right.

I honestly i'm not even surprised by this. I would love to see, obviously that cereal gets busted down on and they even admit right these. These conversations are suspicious and if this was an investigative sort of situation where the court's investigating the freaking city on robin hood, they look into it. But that brings me to my next topic right.

Think back think back on this, because i remember this very very very painfully: it was back when the sec came out and announced they're going to probe reddit driven stocks, uh rallies and gamestop purchase bans. They not only said they're going to investigate this, but they also stated they're going to investigate reddit. Does anyone remember that? Because i remember that what the hell is the sec doing in times like this, going after freaking random ass people on on reddit, a forum filled of freaking crayon eating just a regular everyday people when you've got like this happening on a day-to-day basis. When literally the buy button was taken away, are you telling me? Are you seriously seriously telling me that that is not more important than some people saying i like the stock, i'm gon na, buy it right.

I think this is going to the moon. I think it's going to make some money. I decided to throw some money in it. Maybe maybe they made some, maybe they didn't right, that's what come on.

How are you going after these people, when the real crime was right in front of everybody's faces to see that absolutely blows? My mind like i do not forget that and there's actually this piece right. This is actually brought by forbes. The author of this article is bruce brungberg uh he's a contributor for the uh. The business check this out, when can activities of individuals and online forms such as wall street bets on reddit, raise legal risks for them.

First, charging that person's created a false sense of volume and interest in a stock using sophisticated techniques uh. These are basically uh sophisticated training, uh trading strategies; second, spreading false information to drive a stock price up or down in the form of a pump and dump scheme. Such as using social media to publish a bogus press release about positive earnings, a phony, rumor, yadda yadda, it's just essentially creating fake news. You have to create some sort of promising catalyst that never actually came to fruition.

It was honestly just bs in the first place, where have you ever seen that how is this even something probable by the sec and yet the sec? Basically, just put together a freaking uh double-digit document of nonsense on gamestop a couple about a month ago, right what the hell is that i am frustrated that this has to be the situation where you have planted lawyers coming in having to investigate robin hood, because nobody Else will do the job having to investigate citadel, because no one else will do the job and then cinderella splats it in our face. Super super super flaunty. They come out and say this internet conspiracies and twitter mobs trying to ignore the facts. But the fact is that cereal securities was the preeminent market maker, the retail brokerage community of january 2021, which is i'm sure exactly why they went silent on twitter citadel, the largest liquidity provider in in the freaking united states markets citadel the guys who have been there.

Apparently, since day, one right went silent for so long yeah, okay, i believe that i believe that you just decided uh outright, no twitter's useless, never gon na use that again come on. Why is the sec really really really not looking more deeply into this? Why? Why is this something that you have to see people investigate themselves now? I do think you're gon na get a bottom of this right, but that's frustrating! That's not even frustrating like that's just the thought that pops into my mind is back in january when people got screwed, it's like you're kicking dirt in their faces, and you come back to days like this and it's just the perfect storm right i get it. I feel the emotions, i feel the freaking passion, i feel the energy and the frustration, because i i feel that frustration too. I feel that passion i feel the freaking the tough times that are in front of us and the truth of the matter is right.

People on twitter people on reddit people on youtube, whoever's talking about this stock. They want the same thing as you. They really do right. I'll.

Tell you what i want. I want the stock to have some freaking nasty boom boom candles man just as bad as the freaking next guy. Believe me, i do i do i want to see something be done about this about the bad guys, why the little guys, the bad guys? That's a question that i think people should be asking: why are the little guys getting painted as bad guys by mainstream media? Why were they investigated back in january and yet nothing of fruition came from freaking citadel and robin hood. I guess you had that joke of a freaking uh hearing that took place and roaring kitty had to show up as if he was a freaking market, manipulator right.

Why that why this? I just don't know if i understand that i'm gon na drive a home with this right. This is my final piece for this video i'll. Let you guys go on your way, i'm not stressing about the stock price right. Look at this! What do you see? That's similar, a bunch of people have talked about it.

You guys, let me know in the comments, if you want me to dig into this, because i didn't come up with this theory. This is not something that i came up with, i'm not going to own that i've always said i think amc is going to squeeze like tesla it'll, go through waves of big rips consolidation, big rips, consolidation right. That was my theory and so far it's it's somewhat. You know decent, it's done well, but there's it's been refined.

You have this fractal theory, that's come out and i can talk about this more in detail. If you want. This looks exactly the same as the run-up between january and may i i really do believe. The end of this freaking large large bull flag, this large pennant - you can see that it's held it for a couple days and all that i'm looking for is something similar to this right, where it had the breakout.

It just holds over that for a long enough period of time to get volume. Now this is the main difference. The volume comparatively to back here is just not the same. We don't have the volume, yet we didn't get the volume for the breakout.

That's what i ultimately said i wanted to see. I wanted to see 70 to 100 million total volume on the day to signify that we did in fact get a true breakout. We haven't quite got that yet right, but i do think regardless, even if it was a red day today, even if in the very microscopic uh sort of time frame it hasn't made the move. I do think it's coming right.

I do, i think, in the short term, you're going to see a lot of this until that time comes until that decent sized move. The volume falls through on that and it separates itself away from this 45 to 48.50 level and holds over that because it hasn't done that in a while. But at the end of the day my friends check this out right higher lows: higher highs when's. The last time that we've seen that back here when it was testing a breakout, this is testing a breakout we're waiting.

This is a waiting game. My friends have some patience and borrow some confidence from me because i believe in this catch on the next one, peace.

By Trey

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    Honestly, I think some of these higher-up individuals are putting themselves in a very dangerous situation. I hope they know what they’re doing (spoiler: they don’t).

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