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Let's freaking go: what is up, everybody welcome to choice, trades. We freaking talk fast and don't skip class. I like your preference by saying that i'm going to find your advisor expert so take what i say with the 11 pep attendees. Please, let's get into this video.

So today, my friends, my family, my fellow guerilla gang we're going to give you an update on ticker symbol, amc and i'm actually pretty intrigued by this, because uh this trend is playing up pretty dang. Well, you have a big fat nasty disgusting, double bottom aka. The george w set up with a neckline potential break on the horizon and we're gon na. Do the technical analysis a little bit more here as we get further into the video, but we're going to go with.

Ortex data cover the short interest and all that sort of stuff, the short sale, volume percentage ratio and then finish off with the technical analysis to go on with your day and uh have a little better understanding, hopefully of the way that amc is looking over. The next couple of trade days, which is pretty freaking solid so without further ado baby, let's get into this bad boy, we're gon na start off here with the ortex data. Now the short interest is down by one point: six, one percent, then eighteen point eight nine percent total short interest of free flow. If you don't know what the free float is, this is how many shares are available to trade by the general public, eighty percent of which, by the way, is owned by retail investors, and i find this to be a pretty fascinating piece.

I read this in uh. One of the comments on my youtube page not too long ago, and it was talking about the short interest, relatively speaking to the the overall shorts versus longs held on the stock. Now look at this 18.89 of the stock is shorted into the market. 85 percent of the exchange reported data.

You can assume that this number is conservative and that you could have a higher overall short interest. Keeping this in the back of your mind, remember that 80 of the stock is being owned by retail investors. So what would happen here essentially, is what i would call longs that are whales right. These big institutions, like maybe blackrock or vanguard, who owns stock, are likely lending out the shares that they own long to short positions right.

So a lot of this freaking stock. If this is any confirmation of anything eighteen point, eight nine percent short interest based off of eighty-five percent of the exchange reported data being shorted into the market that the apes are freaking, buying the stock they're holding the stock. They like the stock they wan na freaking, make love to this. Oh just kidding, i'm just playing, but you get my point here right.

This is very solid information. You can see this parabolic move up on the short interest of free float over the last couple of training days. I said this about two weeks ago. I said i would not be surprised now we're watching that discrepancy of shares on loans start to gap away from the actual percent of uh shares that are shorted into the market, wouldn't be surprised if we see a parabolic move up after that data is adjusted and It was adjusted as of 10 august.

You can see that parabolic move happened immediately after that you jump from freaking 15.85, all the up to 17.97. That is because or text is very similar websites. Uh take an estimate based on algorithmic punching right. That gives you an idea of what could be actually happening now.

This is important right. It's just why i say this is a trend to follow and not necessarily concrete evidence of exactly what is happening on a day-to-day basis, but big takeaway. Here the shorts are still adding to the position. They haven't learned their lesson.

They want to be beat down by the big freaking cracking kingdom, chicken tennis baby, and this is what you got working with. So i went through the utilization as well and we're just going to show you this, because it hasn't really changed a whole lot. A whole lot, but it's important to watch 92.56 and the cost to borrow maximum starting to creep its way back up very slowly. This is because of a couple different reasons: scarcity right supply and demand, as well as the risk of short positions coming out, profitable or unprofitable on their positions, i.e, margin cost now the more that stock gets momentum.

The more this thing starts to rip up back to where it's been in the past. The more you're gon na see that cost to borrow start to go up now, i'm curious, so i want to show you this guys. If you go on ortex and you go show, advanced it'll actually show the average day of a share on loan. I think this is interesting because it can show you a general consensus in terms of what the average dollar cost is of some of the short positions that are established into the market.

So we're going to show you that on loan average day on loan, you can see it's actually about 40.88 days. Now, if you go back 40 days just based on these daily candles, i mean i can't i can't it's probably easier with the the actual weeble app itself you go to days here. You can just count it out right. This is about five.

This is about 10. 20 uh. 20. 30.

40.. So a lot of these guys are actually currently profitable on the average day on loan, which is why the cost of borrow has probably been factored down a little bit, because some of the new shorts that have entered positions got in when it was. You know better to do so in the higher stock price, but now that's getting momentum back right. Looking at these daily candles, you can see that cost to borrow reflecting the utilization reflecting the short interest reflecting and the average days on loan starting to go up.

Not a lot of shorts want to establish positions where it's currently trading at. So that's what you got rocking right now, right uh, they are still adding. Obviously you see the short interest going up, but that's the data right. That's what we got cooking up right there.

This is an actually fascinating super fascinating piece, and this is the uh, the short sale volume percentage in terms of how much of amc's vlogging on a daily you know, given period of time, is shorted volume. Now, last friday, it was 59 of the overall volume with shorted volume or 26.9 million shares, there's a lot of freaking shorted volume, especially considering the fact that we were green on the day by what appears to be. What's the exact number one point, two one percent: it was a little bit of a topping tail candle, but we got that clean break over that actual neckline at 35 and we held it throughout today, which is very bullish and we'll get into that more as we Continue on the video, but the shorts are adding their positions. My friends, that's what you really need to know the apes are fighting back and it shows on the technical analysis in more than one way and we're going to get into that.

Actually right now. So i look at a couple different time frames. I want to show you the daily candles. I want to show you the hourly channels, because i think this is probably the most important aspect in terms of being able to predict upcoming bullish trends.

So looking at the daily candles, what did you end up having here? It looks like we may actually end up missing this 25 gap fill retest. I anticipated that it would happen once you got a break underneath 32, but the plus side here my friends, is that it seems to have been a false break. You got a beautiful, beautiful, double bottom george, w filthy nasty setup here on the daily candles, and it's even more evidence on the hourly candles. I mean look at that.

That is an extremely if it plays out an extremely bullish indicator of a potential upcoming reversal back into that 40 plus dollar range the beginning of the next overall bull cycle. Right, i i i would say it was a little early right. I always admit when i'm wrong in my video, probably about two weeks or so ago, maybe a week and a half, i said i think you were at the end of the bare face. Now we haven't really decreased in price over the last two week period of time, but it did take longer than i anticipated to get out of this sort of consolidation zone and stack some nice green momentum and rhythm back into the stock.

And it shows that we have that rhythm, because the volume is starting to increase right. The last three train days - 70 million volume, 57 million in volume, 86 million volume - that's an uptick right. If you have a trend, continuation or something you can tangibly see. That shows proof that you are getting back into the next ape cycle baby likes, perhaps always of uh, this beautiful freaking stock.

So that's what you got rocket on the daily candles on the hourly you uh you've got the 15 ma, that's starting to cross back over the 200 ema, which is a bullish sign that shows the microscopic price action is more bullish than the previous 200 days of Macroscopic price action - and you can see that right - you also have on the hourly candles a bull flag, starting to warm up. I'm excited about this guys. I i really really am. This doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to see an absolutely monstrous move immediately at open tomorrow, but i think it does indicate that you could see if it ends up getting a break out of this bull flag.

A test of that 37 zone, which could bring you 40 in the very near term, you're playing call options right. This is momentum. This is something to pay attention to. This is uh.

This is the stuff that i like to take advantage of. Instead of just pissing money into the abyss, when uh, when the stock isn't doing much, i always say this: first and foremost, stock over options is 100, the way to go. If you don't understand options trading and if you don't want to risk expiration data time, decay, gamma, delta iv, all that stuff right just play stock, it's easy! It's super easy! Don't have to worry about anything and that's uh. That's an important message to pass along, but it's respected.

This upside ascending level of support with four different freaking touch points guys, which is really solid. This actually is the best affirmation that i have that you are on a nice bullish trend is the fact that it's tested this four times anytime. It should test a level of support or resistance. It's a pattern.

It's a trend, it's something that you can see and predict and get some sort of idea of where the stock could be moving in the near future, and the fact that it's rejected four times on a level of support is very bullish. Even if the moment right in that exact moment, it looks bad, looks like you're pulling back hard. It's spring loading, it's tightening it's it's freaking, showing the strength and weakness of both buyers and sellers. In the last four trading days, guys, the buyers have stepped up to the plate.

So what are you watching for leading this next trading day? I'm inclined to believe that this is the beginning of the next bull trend, just based on the volume increasing based on this huge freaking four test. Rejection of this upside level; support based on this massive freaking, hourly bull flag setup. If you're gon na break over 37 guys, i think that neckline and the grand scheme of things on this big fat nasty, double bottom george, w set up the 37 break, is likely gon na bring it to the gap zone, which is 40 bucks. 40 bucks will bring you to 45 45 and bring it to 50..

You can see these psychological levels of resistance that will keep stacking up, as you continue to get momentum in the stock. So that's what you're watching for 37 to 40 is the next big move for amc stock in this overall freaking journey guys. This is a fun video. This is the the stuff you freaking love to see.

So that's what i've got for everybody, blah blah blah notice, we'll drop like super confidence, catch you on the next one lights, apps, always much: love and peace.

By Trey

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