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In this video we talk with r/umu68, author of the AMC $2,000 bull case reddit DD about his breakdown of data regarding AMC's price target.
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What's up, what's up, what's up youtube? How are we doing today welcome back to another episode of the traders podcast, we have a great guest on here today we have got the author of the amc, two thousand dollar price target uh you slash umu. 68. Writing up! That's uh that awesome freaking dd, i could not find. I tell you what we talked about this in the in the amc discord that i'm a part of trying to find some sort of flaw with this, and i couldn't - and i just thought to myself.

Man we've got to get this guy on this freaking genius, this 22 year old, wizard man. You got to introduce yourself. How are we doing today, not too bad man? Uh, it's just it's just peachy man, just ready to go and he'll hopefully help people around with you know all the fun. Let's go around fear on certain doubts for that.

For those that don't know, i'm so glad you disclosed that we like to keep it in a nice plain, simple ape language. I appreciate that man, so just so everybody knows we are uh most likely not going to be reading off super chats until after our guest has gotten off of this live stream. So if that is a problem for you, just make sure that you either a don't, send them or be understand that we won't read those until the end of the live stream and also we are just doing a discord. Call because we want to keep the privacy of our guest at a maximum, so we will not be revealing his face.

He does want to stay disclosed, so that is why we do not have the uh the camera up here, but guys we're gon na be jam-packed. Full of information, it's gon na be a nice joe rogan, podcast style. Conversation very excited to get this going. So tell us a little bit about yourself.

Man, let's get! Let's hear your background you're just talking about it with me before we started this call so yeah. So uh uh, so i just i my backer is in physics, i got a double degree in physics and astrophysics and i just started dabbling in the financial markets. Last year um i was trying to make a garage hedge fund uh, based on some artificial intelligence. I developed, but that didn't work out because you know gme and amc kind of blew it yeah right, but that's it.

That's a good thing. That's a good thing. I i i enjoy. I really do like this uh phenomenon.

That's going on, i believe in you know the value that people will be making out of this out of this play and i believe in the people that you know that are buying this in and, i believe in the power of the internet man. So i'm all for it rock on man, that's sick, so i i can't believe you're 23 years old. We were talking about this before we're the same age, the 97 babies the year of the ox. That is just that lines up way too.

Well for the bulls: yeah yeah yeah we've been going crazy, crazy rock on me. Well, let's just get into the potatoes here we got some people that are freaking excited andrew mo money in the house, thanks for stopping by man. Let's dig into this first dd the inevitability of amc 2k based on current market data and current market behavior. So we can dive into this dd section by section, if you'd like to do so, we can just get your opinion how you want to swing this brother.

Okay, let's go section by section, let's start with where they're hiding, which is in the etfs right right. As we've seen on last wednesday, there was a huge huge dip with apple tesla, blackberry, nokia, um, amc and gme all at the same time right. So my hypothesis was they were. They were shorting the etfs right and then going long on each one other than amc and gme.

This was backed up by their graphs being correlated for basically a month right right, yeah. Whenever amc went up, gme yeah, they were exactly the same chart essentially yeah for entire months and now they're starting to diverge, because more apes have puddled their attention on gme and thus there's way more liquidity in going into gme. After the deep you know, heath, gill's senate hearing right so so we'll keep that on the back burner right, we'll address that after, but let's go through the etfs, so share dts with game. Stop you want to start there yeah yeah, let's start with there.

Let's see! Well, we'll start we'll i'll open up the institutional investors right, okay and uh. There should be a link, i'm on your live stream right now. Could you pull up that link? I think it's in the dd um. Did you send it over to me with the yeah yeah, so uh yeah one second one? Second, it's just.

Let's have everything set up, so here's the institutional buyers, all right so we'll say it over here and so this is a failure to deliver phantom shares. All right so right here we got the institutional investors in both gamestop and amc hold up blackrock sitting at the top right, so yeah black rock setting at the top, and now we have the spreadsheets that more or less confirm it. So i've cross-referenced these numbers off of well fintel's compromise, but before it was compromised right off of finto and ortec, you have to make sure they i you know i wasn't insane so you threw together this google docs uh spreadsheet this spreadsheet right here, yeah. So this more or less summarizes exactly what's going on um, i don't know if it's been updated ever since i used it, but it might be higher now.

Okay, so walk us through each of these columns right you had okay, the ticker is the gma location, gme market value right right: go ahead: yeah, okay, okay! So, let's start with all these etfs. So these are the major etfs that hold both gme and amc right. So, as you can see, there's market caps market values right. So if, if you have the match in gme column, that means this, this etf has both amc and gme.

So people were on the gme discord or were chatting well, and the reddit were chatting about like the xrt right, where they were hiding in the xrt etl that wasn't the only etf they were. It was one of many they had other etfs yeah, one of many. So, as you can see, there are like 30 etfs on the gme tickers right and at the proportional allocations. Are there right and that's why, on witching day they were they reddit started to speculate that uh gme might be thrown out of srt.

We. I can't personally confirm that, but i've sent you links uh like that, do discuss that um prior to this call, so you could go right ahead and deep dive in uh, but so let's go back to the matching right. So, as you can see, there are metric ton of you know, amc and gme like etfs, that match up together, so whenever one shorted, the other one's shorter as well right, so what they do, here's how you throw shortest particular stock. That's in an etf by my understanding, so they go ahead and uh, so they go ahead and short the etf right and then go into the individual securities for each etf and then they go long.

So they stay knit short on whatever they want. In this case it was amc and gme right because they figured that hey apes are throwing cash into this. It's free cash. Why not take it right right and that's where they got over leveraged, so so now go ahead.

Man yeah! So let's so now that we've! Yes know that, now that we confirmed that this data - isn't you know garbage right now, we've confirmed that it isn't garbage. What we can conclude is they. The short interest from february and march have been piling into the etfs, and this is where they were hiding, and this is where you have the phantom shares coming. The failure to deliver is where they create an oversupply vna creating our synthetic shares decreasing.

Well, the demand stays constant because apes help right right right, but the supply went yeah the supply increased by synthetic shares, so you have your price drop. This is where you get your 17 to five. This is where you have your 500 to 30 right, because they created a metric ton of synthetic shares to try and short the actual chairs right and decrease the price. And that's when our mystery buyer on february 25th went ahead and you know they and they put gme on the ssr strategically.

In my opinion, right. They dropped it from a 44.67 to right below 40 and then pumped it back up that put gme on the ssr right right. Then, the next day you had the crazy day where gme got jumped up to 100. It went from 40 to 90 and then 250 after hours they had to trail star half the training for the last 15 minutes, so it wouldn't close above 150 or something - and it was trade halted four times in the day, right, yeah, i'm tracking, so yeah.

So because of that right, because that we have where we are sitting right now at 250 right and we were on the ssr for two days straight right now, what you do on an ssr is, if you're on it, you have to actually short the stock on Uptakes with actual shares right right, but what about uh? Whoever is go ahead. Man finish off yourself. Yes, so i okay, i'm going off yeah, so i'm going off topic we'll address the synthetic shares in a bit okay, but now that what i wanted to establish here is that this data they're hiding in the etfs right and it's been shown that the etfs has Have been, you know, piling in and that's why gme and amc are correlated that's what i wanted to establish. So you that was the whole point of that section.

You think that amc and gamestop are correlated because of these etfs and you've got similar institutional buying. Stepping into you know both these etfs and, i would say, short positions as well, so essentially just just match, buying and selling in the back end of things where people can't see it is that correct, bingo right spot on the money spot on the money, so yeah Yeah, so that's what out of the box yeah. So that's what i believe yeah. So, like you said the sellers, or in this case the synthetic sellers are the same.

Dudes right and the buyers are apes and the same institutional investors. So yeah there you go. You hit it up to a team, so if you have the same buyers and sellers, you have the same supply and demand or correlated supply and demand, and therefore you will have correlated prices, and this has been backed up by the month that we've seen so far. Man, this is spot on the money, so yeah you yeah spot on the money you hit it correctly.

So basically, what he's saying guys is uh you've got gamestop and amc and we're only bringing up gamestop as a comparison right. We're trying to tell you why these two stocks are trending together. We're not we're not trying to be like oh game c is dead, go to gamestop, whatever we're just showing you that the institutional investors are kind of backdooring this, so you've got black black rock vanguard. Usb asset, these are all the gamestop and amc shares hold by uh, held by these companies right that are being backdoor bought into these etfs right.

So long positions and short positions match up with both gamestop and amc, which describes and explains why uh they both mirror each other in price action. However, i do think that it is worth talking about why they have differed now, as of the last one or two weeks, let's get into that man yeah so, like you said, like the spotlight's been on gme, because it's crazy it just everyone thought it was a Dead cat, which it wasn't right, buy a sell out or any of them right. It's not a dead cat. None of these are dead cats right now, hot stocks, um yeah.

So that's the thing so when, when keith scale doubled down right that gave gme the spotlight and when it. When i'd like to say i i will call our mystery institute x right. So mystery institute x, like lowered the gma to the ssr and then pumped it well, they didn't pop it. People saw it wasn't that cat and since they couldn't short it at the optics, it went on a wild ride.

So you have way way more liquidity right. Pumping in into gma to get into this massive what 40 to 250 right and it would it was a 360 before you know that illegal that that illegal uh, like price manipulation, that happened right where it was it was everything went out. There went down at the same time that flash crashed right that would have been on uh march 10., yeah so 40 to 42, 360, that's yeah, so 40, that's 300, roughly around 900 percent, right yeah! So well that's from 360 to 178 and then back up to 250 right because of the more liquidity right so yeah. So i'm talking all the way back from february 25th right where was like 30 years sitting at a low of 38.

okay. So if you pump that up all the way to 360, that's a thousand percent gain. That's crazy right. People will want to buy the stock because it can get way higher right, um, the reddit, the red, the gme subreddit is pushing 500k and the thing that i think institutional buyers don't understand yet is that there aren't just bulls and bears in the market anymore.

They you have to because of the internet. You have to find a new term, it's called apes right. These people will buy and hold dude. That is gold.

I like that. I like that yeah, because no think of them think about it. Yeah think about it right. So bulls right they, but they plan for the future of optimism.

Where bears they're like hey, ev everything's overvalued right. Maybe we should regularize and normalize the market right, whereas apes right they buy at the bottom right and they will not sell till they top out right right, you're, 100 right. This should be a new financial term yeah. This is a new financial term created by the internet and if boomers don't get it, then you know to substitute that.

But i think institutional buyers need to understand this, that if, since the gme subreddit is pushing gma to 500k, they will not sell to 500k right. Similarly, amc right there, i think it can go like personally with a bowl case with a mathematics to 2000 right. People are pushing 1000 people were not going to sell to 1 000 hits, and hopefully that's now - 2 000, but we'll cover. Why? I believe 2000 is a mathematical inevitably in the later, in the call, but going back to the topic of why gme and amc have diversed is liquidity.

It's simple right: it's just not as much liquidity getting pushed into efc amc, because the intention, the media focus is on gme right. So yeah! That's that's exactly! Why, like the magnitude, because if you look at the macroeconomic scales and like just compare amc to gme they're, still very much correlated it's just, the swings are not one to one anymore right, right, yeah! So you look at the afc volume, i mean you got uh 113 million to 250 million getting pumped into the stock. It's a much cheaper stock. Yet gamestop gets you know: 71 million 63 million, so the liquidity or the cash getting pushed into.

It is just a lot higher for gamestop in comparison. That'd be my my hypothesis as well. Man you're spot on yeah, absolutely man, okay, so yeah um. Now the next step yeah after go ahead.

So what was the next you're driving the car man we're here? For some knowledge, okay, gotcha gotcha um, so so we covered why gma and anc are correlated and why they're not anymore um, but we predicted this right so in the in in the subreddit right. So my my personal note is that when amc hits that 25 right and if apes hold right, that's a new high we're in uncharted territory. Technically speaking right. But if apes hold the majority of the float right and we and it is, as short as the data indicates and our hypotheses indicate based on the data, this is a slam.

Dunk, like simple as that, like michael berry, would say: grand slam, man, yeah yeah, it's it's a certainty like he said in the big short right. So let's go back to 2008 right. So in 2008 the mortgage fund, the mortgages, were failing the bonds underlying in 2007. Right but the problem was the premiums were going up right, totally, similar to amc right, similar to amc that we knew this was a grand slam, but the prices kept dropping right right, the institution, the the credit credit, the creator, the credit raters and all they they Kept saying that the mortgages were solid, bank of america almost went to zero until lehman brothers imploded until people lost their houses right right.

This is something they were hiding it. They were, they were keeping another table and they want to show how bad the game was. Getting that they were getting slaughtered right, bingo same with amc like people are seeing hey it's eleven dollars. The media's put the media back then was pushing hey.

No, it's uh housing markets, solid right, no need to worry! Oh same with, here, hey amc and gme are dead, casts they've always popped right. I love that. You keep saying that. I love that you keep saying the dead cat thing.

Yeah well they're the ones pushing it right, so they're, the ones who say it's a dead cat and then we can see mathematically. No, it's not a decade, you're hiding something right like they hit something in 2008 and people paid the price and now they're. On the other end of the stick right, we, the people, can finally take their wealth back using amc and gme. So that's that's why i love this right.

This is this. Is the french revolution of finances forbes or forbes uh? He tracked down the exact article right. So fat check me guys, so there was this article where gme and amc were named, the french revolution of finance. It truly is if this guys can hit 2k and gme 5k well, 500k, my bad according to the rent there, and so in the in my reddit right.

So i've listed the sources so trey. Could you go ahead and go to the player? Thank you for going through the data right. Could you could you scroll down to that? Yes, no problem, so that would be right here. Thank you for going through the data analyzing, this data yeah yeah.

So i haven't done personally as much research on gme, because it's it's a lot. A lot of people are working on it too, so i thought i'd go for you know the people, the stock, that people aren't paying attention to amc, but this these four links go ahead and mathematically detail. Why aim like gme could theoretically get to 137k like no joke right and how enduring yeah like you guys, can go through it yourselves right? This is public knowledge um. This, hopefully, will be pinned under the description right of my other dod, but yeah.

You guys can go through it yourselves, um and just see why it can go to 137k and people are people are holding like you. Can you guys can check right. So if i click on right now and after this goes live people and they might get taken down too by like fintel right, i think it was like 96 to 4 on amc by itself by the buy some ratios. That's what i had seen as well.

Yeah, it was 94 to 6, now yeah, so now, 946 yeah and gme went up. It was 85 to 15, it's 86 to 14. Now people are holding guys, people are holding so regardless of what the media is saying, people are holding, people are not selling out. So yeah so i'll leave like the gme explanation to those four dd for reddit stuff.

You guys can go ahead and read through tear it up, see if you can find any flaws, but yeah absolutely and if you do find any flaws. Just comment down, though, right and ask your questions so um, but it will take you guys, some time yeah, so yeah, let's yeah you, you first met you first, no i was just gon na. I was just gon na say: let's get into the numbers behind the 2k for amc. Where did you come up with? Because from what we've had as a conversation, you said, 2k is the floor for amc and you think that it can hit 10 000.

yeah. So, let's go through those numbers. I think that a lot of people would benefit from the. Why? Why do we think it's gon na be worth two thousand dollars at a minimum minimum? Okay? So, let's, okay, so the re, the math behind it is a feedback loop based on tesla and edgme, okay.

So prior. So what happened with elon musk - and this is my personal theory - is that when he put out that tweet, that hey tesla is overvalued right. The price should be lower short sellers went hey. This is our chats.

Why don't? We short the stock right? This is guaranteed money right and then you have elon's little twitter following said hey, this is when they saw the data pace like hey. This is great value. Let's buy it and that's when the tesla gravy train started right, where it just shorts, kept getting squeezed more buying pressure came in more people foamed in more follow a sphere of mission, i'm missing out right and the price kept going higher and higher and higher until Kathy wood comes on cnbc and says: hey. No.

This could go to 4 000 right and pre-split right, tesla's value around four to five thousand. Now right, that's a lot they're, the most valuable car maker right. So what we had saw there was a short selling feedback loop, as i like to call it or well short destruction, feedback loop more accurately right, whereas the price dipped and people kept buying the dip. So what we saw in amc and gm is people who bought the dip at 550.

People who bought the dip at gme, um, three or 38 right they're up right, they're holding and more people are coming in, creating more and more buying pressure. But, unlike tesla, we have the certain failure to delivers short letter attacks and phantom shares, as well as the etfs, creating way more pressure on the short sale destruction here right. So let's go through the feedback loop. So, are you scroll down to the feedback loop i'll scroll down to that now? Yeah right here, feedback loop for apes, not interested in the math right, so yeah, okay um.

So it started eight bucks right because that's when i was thinking hey, this like uh people are holding, people are holding, people are not selling right, so apes buy and hold right. Hedges, shorts and hedges went ahead and short. We have phantom shares trying to drive the price down. We've seen that right, they tried to get it down to 770 right.

It didn't work because it started it closed around 10 ish last week, yeah right right. The last last couple weeks has gone from five to eight to eight to 11. From my understanding you still there, man did, we lose you yeah from this week, right right and then apes buy and hold more prices increase again right and the same cycle begins now. What we saw here, they there was a massive short life.

This is even surprised me when the entire market went down in a flash crash. At the same time, which means this a feedback loop was amplified because i was expecting a short-lived attack just to not this not to this magnitude right right, so yeah, let's dig into this, this feedback loop man - this is this - is good stuff. So i'm just going to read this straight from your reddit. Dd apes buy and hold hedges short via slas and phantom shares, which is synthetic.

That failure to deliver is the options which aren't being matched with collateral. Apes buy and hold increasing the price and cost of staying short, which causes more options expiring in the money which causes more failures to deliver, which causes more apes to buy and hold. And this rinses and repeats it's a it's an over and over and over, which can infinitely rise the price action, as long as there is positive and bullish sentiment on a stock that is uh, that's my take on that is that is that about what you're getting At yeah so, as we've have we've seen in tesla, but there are a couple critical points here that for our very good for sentiment. So this this is where outline 8 reach 20, because 20 is the previous daily high well daily, like open, close right, because we know on that day it reached like 25 before you know, plummeting and the short selling began, because robin took off that buy button.

But we'll get into that later: okay and that free floating joe yeah. So right now the cycle begins all right: yeah yeah, so the cycle begins to accelerate because a lot of these a lot of these options, they're in the money now right, um and the failure to deliver, starts to compound same cycle apes buy and hold. If apes keeps buying right, apes will get to 40.. The same cycle intensifies with vigor because i believe amc's highest strike price from back in three months was 40 right or correct me.

If i'm wrong, i think you're right. So that means i mean i wasn't looking at it three months ago. I would be honest two months ago was when i started looking at it: go ahead. Yeah so chat, go ahead and fact check me right.

Let's go ahead and fact check me. So if so, if the cycle goes ahead and intensifies with one figure, apes get to 80., and this is when the shorts, as we've seen there be they've, been getting desperate with all the media narratives and you know fud going on right. They become to get hyper desperate right, the fun starts. Like fear, uncertainty doubt starts to spread like crazy, and this is where i believe vanguard said.

Stay the course stay. The course man stay, the core yeah stay the course apes get to 200. right. Failure to delivers are forced to deliver.

This is where the compounded manipulation i speculate. Will it begin to explode because 21 days legally, but i think a lot of took the people took that face at face value. I think it's 21 business days. I thought this was a bit more yeah, yeah, so 21 bits, so that's more than a month right.

So this would also match up with their timelines like hey. Why aren't they covering well legally? They still have more room to go right, but if they keep going tomorrow, this keeps on compounding right, and this is when the sec starts. You know hey, you got ta cover, and this is what we see with the dtc with that new ruling right where they're like hey. This is getting out of hand, you got ta cover now right and then the sec is like hold up hold up right.

We got ta, we got ta, you know step in uh. They they say they a what was that word. They have 60 days to review the decision, and then it takes 10 more business days to implement talking about the dtcc rule right yeah, exactly i'm talking about the dtc rule, because we're 200 right now and that feedback look right. So this is where stars things start to get crazy right, and you have all these catalysts start to compound at the same time, based on the data right based on what we've seen and then apes get to 500..

If apes apes stay the course here and they buy and hold, this is when you'll see short sellers, getting margin called right. So what's a margin call a mark by definition, when you are trading on margin, you are borrowing money from the hedge fund. Well, your broker right to go ahead and conduct trades and therefore you have to put up a bunch of collateral to make sure if you're negative, they they can seize that collateral and they're, not on the hook for the money right. So that's what a margin call is when it gets to 500 and they're this over leveraged and shorts they'll start to get margin called, which will have them go ahead and sell off their other assets to try and cover right.

This, i believe, will not work because of like the previous catalyst, and it will keep going until 7 50 right and it keeps going up and that's when shorts begin to panic margin, calls intensify. They sell off even more assets to maintain, like you know, satisfy requirements, and this is where we go back to the gamma squeeze b. Extreme gamma squeezes start to call into effect, because now you'll have call options that weren't viable a couple months ago. It's going to come in the 500 calls that are going to be made.

The 250 calls are going to be made right, they're all in the money right. That's when you'll see, buying pressure pressure, explode and the feedback loops begins to really really kick in. It's like a positive feedback loop and that's when the rocket ship launches right and the hyper gamma squeezes begin and you get 2000 right. This is this based on data we've seen with tesla right, amd, um, nvidia, right and also what american micro micro devices this company and also gme gme was just the most extreme version of this, but i think amc can really show how extreme it could get.

But this is my opinion, based on the math that i've seen. I really like your perspective on this man. The way that you're breaking it down is really fascinating, because i haven't made this connection with tesla so guys if you're not familiar with tesla. I think that tesla actually was a combination of a short gamma squeeze that had a little bit of an infinite feedback.

Loop man. I never actually even thought about that. I mean look at this guys if you look at tesla back at the beginning of 2020 stock. Uh stock went down for 200 bucks down to 73 and it had this slow and slow and steady rise up to about 900.

Their p e ratio is outrageous. It's insane it's insane scene and, as you talked about elon musk, you know he puts out this. This crazy hit piece about how uh you know: uh tesla's overvalued people start shorting the stock and it blows up it. It goes up to 900 dollars worth trading at right now and that's that's that's spot on the money.

Man, that's crazy! So the way that you're saying this is amc will be sort of a repeat of tesla, where it has this long drawn out game of gamma squeezes uh shorts. You know options expiring in the money sure it's not quite covering yet, and it just keeps compounding and compounding so. Let's hear your hypothesis on this: do you think that amc is going to be a process that takes as long as tesla did to go from 70 up to 900.? Do you think this is going to be a six-month process, a nine-month process, a one-year process? What's your time frame for this, what do you think the volatility is going to be because from what i'm reading with your hypothesis, if this is the same way that it plays out the same as tesla um, it could be a process that takes a while, unless It's an extremely crazy volatile move. What do you think right? So so, let's, let's cover both of them right.

So, let's so first fidelity, i believe, agrees with me um with a projection saying that hey amc could reach 900 by september right so, and fidelity does agree with me. There um, however right the tesla wasn't shorted above a hundred percent, no right totally totally yeah, no yeah. So the fed, like the ceo, came out right on the call right says: hey. There are 450 shares right to the like outstanding right now, but only 210 were issued to the public, which by definition means 210 or most of them were shorted and then 240 of them were synthetic by the minimum and they need to be covered right.

We don't. We just don't know what what timeline they they meet. Those 200 or 40 need to be brought back into real shares, and that's why you have a big fight between the dtc and clx. You know csc, like securities exchange commission um, so that that is a whole political dynamic into it themselves.

But if we go back to your question right straight to the math, whether it could be it's going to be like gme or amc or gme or tesla, i think a combination of both right, because amc has strong strong fundamentals right even without the short squeeze. I think it's a hundred dollar stock because am they they're having deals with netflix they're? Having deals with amazon right, um they're, opening up back up, things are getting back to normal. Vaccines are coming in right. People will go back to the movies right.

It's part of american culture, so the amc fundamentals are there um, unlike well. Tesla's fundamentals are strong now too, but back in the day, not so much right. They're a theoretical company right now, they're a solid blue chip company, but not back. Then i think amc is a stronger company because they've been tested in battle before right, they've been at this while um.

So i it is easily a valuable company um, and so i think the price point is coming in regardless um. But that being said, whether it's gon na go what's my timeline for this. This is a very, very hard question asked, so i think it's gon na squeeze like it's going to so gm's will squeeze first, that's my opinion right, so i think jamie will squeeze first and then amc will follow right because you'll have a bunch of new apes With new millions right, they want a double dip right, they want a double dip and amc will be the game to go right. So, as we've established, i understand that, where subreddits get angry, when you mention amc in the gme discord or gme and the amc discord, but as we've established, they're mathematically tailored right, so they all want to double dip and so as as soon as gme squeezes amc.

Also goes to the moon simple, as that it's just the timing is super hard to predict. Like you said, we know it's gon na happen. We know it's gon na happen. We just don't know when, but if i were to be super conservative, i'd, say five months max five months huh, so super super conservative right super about a liberal, a liberal answer.

I think next month april 19th, probably by the way. Okay. So, let's break this down a little bit, let's get into because i don't like any hard dates. I don't think that's the right thing to do for anybody.

It's never a good thing to do. Do you think that the quadruple witching day with all these call options? Expiring in the money you've got future index options, index futures expiring in the money. Do you think that's gon na be the catalyst that gets the ball rolling down the hill. So you have these: this gamma squeeze potential that can get the ball rolling so that more options expire in the money and it creates that feedback loop so that more people buy more people hold more people, buy more people hold institutional.

You know buyers come into the play right. Let's talk about that a little bit, you know, i definitely think in 19, it's going to be a big day, but i just don't think it's going to be the biggest day. People are expecting right because think about it. It's public information right, which means the big bad guy here citadel understands this understand so they're.

I don't know how they how they've pre-wrapped, but i, if i was not a little, i would try prep hard right, try whatever i can right. So we don't know right, but i don't think 19 is going to be the end. It's definitely going to be the start right. It's definitely gon na be the start and we'll see how gme plays because, like it or not, these two stocks are correlated right totally.

Whenever amc goes up yeah well, whenever gme goes up, amc will go up. That's just how it is right, whether it's a one to one or like a two to one like we saw like so far right. The dips have been two to one for gme, not instead of one to one when gme rose top 20 amg goes up 10 right. That was that's what we've seen so far right um, because because of the problems of too much liquidity, um but yeah, i think 19 will be big, but it won't be the end.

It's gon na kick the ball. It's gon na kick-start it right to gme going to 500k on amc going to 202k, but this is gon na be a long drawn out of five people. Don't get me wrong this? They will will not go down without a fight they will. They will not try to cover; they will the only way we win.

This, in my belief, is if they get margin called, and you think that is going to end up happening with that new dtcc rule right, because that essentially causes these uh these hedge funds, to not be backed for a bailout yeah. Exactly so what? Let's? What do we think about it right? So the macroeconomic implications of a gme amc, hyper million, millionaire class being created right people are going to have money. The capital gains tax is going to be insane. We could wipe out the majority of the national debt like overnight.

Basically and that's why you have institutional buyers like blackrock who control the white house, all their economic advisors are blackrock right, they're on board, with amc and gme. They can wipe out the national debt right. They want the squeeze to happen right and, furthermore, the only person well only institution that loses in this are amc and gme short sellers, particularly citadel, and henceforth the ceo of that was so nervous in the sec. Let's backtrack a little bit, let's backtrack a little bit start interrupt you yeah! Let's talk about wiping out the national debt blackrock and vanguard both own 9.2 million shares of gamestop 6.2 million shares of amc, five million shares of gamestop and seven million shares of amc wipe out the national debt holy freaking crap.

That's do you think? That's what do you think? That's good, i'm giving you the map? Well, let's, why don't we walk to the map? Let's do it yeah 33, 33k yeah. So at 33k, gm is valued at 2.17. Trillion right, that's bigger than apple. So if we do a quick 10 times multiplication at 300k right - that's 20 trillion.

There's no way shorts can cover this right now if it goes to 500k, that's a 1.5 times multiplier chat correct me, but i think that would be around not 4012 but like around 33 trill right. That's a lot of money yeah! So i'm just giving you pure mathematics here right, pure mathematics. Somebody correct me with that right with the exact numbers, but i'm i'm going off like like paper math, where it's like 32 trill. Why do we say you know? Even a fraction of that goes into you know, gme or amc apes right.

What's the national debt right now uh like their badge budget deficit, is it four trill or five trip the national debt somewhere around yeah, so national debt? Why don't we just google that i'll? Just pull it up right now on the live stream, so the u.s national debt clock in real time. U.S national debt is sitting at 28 trillion right. I'm talking about the budget deficit specifically because that's everybody combined right. The u.s federal budget deficit is uh millions.

Billions 3.2 trillion bingo they'd, wipe it out, they'd wipe it out overnight, because even because the capital gains tax is 37 right right yeah. So, even if a fraction of that, even if 10 of that goes to apes right as taxes, they wipe it out so and blackrock is the economic advisor from by the body strategy, which means mathematically. Using this gme they'd be able to wipe out the national debt and would be peachy biden would be the most popular president in american history, and that would be in his best interest right. I don't know if he i don't know specific well, i think blackrock has made that connection, but that's my personal opinion right, but it's in their best interest to make the squeeze happen, because the only person who loses is citadel yeah right, the hedge funds, the amcg Yeah, that's the only people who lose so and now we take the eight factor right.

Let me yeah you're good man, so this is this is where we get yeah. So this is where we get into 10k. Now that apes have money, they're gon na want to multiply that money, guess which candidate's sitting at 2k. At that point, amc yeah right.

We have bingo bingo, so that's where the actual lunacy begins and at that point i haven't worked out all the mathematics yet, but 10k is naughty. It's not unfeasible right because it's an endless feedback loop. It just comes down to what the people think it's worth, yeah exactly and if a and, if you know apes by and hold as they've been doing this, this hits the moon. I guess people assess right public sentiment is this will hit the moon so yeah man, so that's yeah go on go on no you're good.

So i, like i, like your perspective here. I think in order to hit two thousand dollars. I'm just gon na give my feedback on it. I think this is legitimate.

Like i've, i read through all these numbers and the numbers are insane guys. I i'll drop the link to this in the in the chat box if you want to check it out, but i the numbers are crazy and the big thing here is the utilization by all these etfs etfs and options that the numbers there are crazy. So i covered this in a video here earlier today, but companies such as citadel, the majority of their short positions, are coming from uh derivatives or options, put calls or puts not put calls but puts and i'd say 70 of those are coming from put options and Then they're back dooring as well with these etfs, which is a lot of data, that's not not being shown it's being skewed, so you take all this information read through the data i took about an hour to read through all this. It's insanity, it's absolutely crazy.

With all this, in the back of our mind, what our friend here is saying is that it is impossible for them to cover right now and do it in a way that wouldn't cause an ultra super ridiculous, gamma short squeeze. That would push the stock up to infinite potential right now. So, what's the way that we can draw this out is by getting into this endless feedback loop right, so you've got apes, buy which pushes more in the money call options to expire in the money right which which causes more people to buy call options which causes More people to buy and hold, and it's an endless feedback loop of gamma squeezes gamma squeezes gamma squeezes, which will eventually trigger the short squeeze to happen. My question and one that i've seen pop up in the chat a couple of times is this.

So if shorts can't cover their positions, do they go bankrupt and who pays for the shorts? Let's talk about that all right, so basically um the dtck kicks in right. So somebody fact-checked me, but i understand they have somewhere between 67 trillion dollars to a quadrillion. In short, i don't know the exact number i've been hearing 67 to a quadrillion thrown around. I haven't confirmed it myself but feel free to correct me, chat um, but that's where that kicks in, because if you go bankrupt, that means your collateral has to be covered by your insurance and that's what the dtc comes in.

It comes out of their pocket and that's why they want to force the short squeeze asap because they'll be on the hook. If this hits the insanity like that 20 trill for gme, it comes out of their pocket and then the next one or amc also comes out of their pocket right. So, that's that's why you see them effectively going hey, no you've got to cover now right and then the sec goes in and i don't know the politics behind it. Uh, because i'm there's obviously citadel obviously has people in there.

Blackrock also has people in there, but that's why there's a fight going on. I believe right now at the sec, where baden's trying to get a new person, so they could try, like you, know sure, like cause a short squeeze immediately. That's just my personal opinion. I haven't gotten concrete proof on it yet because concrete proof takes a couple days to you know, make sure i'm you know i'm not insane seeing this um, but that's my personal hypothesis from everything i've seen so far, because it makes sense because the dtc said hey.

You got ta cover now, but then everyone starts reporting. It flood goes around that hey they got to cover. Now they got to cover now and then p. They don't cover people sell right and they think the short squeeze is done, but no no! No right! Now.

I believe there's a political fight going on between the dtc sec and the white house via blackrock to see to get this squeeze done. So the dtc and white house i believe, are on the same page because blackrock is are all buttons: economic advisors right right so and the fcc i think, and the only way i would see the re. The reason why they were delayed. If senator has friends in there um and that's why we need to get aoc on this to see to get this transparency, whether or not there's a true conflict of interest there right and because for the sec to delay this right, we've talked about the fiat feedback Loop on the infinite squeeze, but we haven't talked about the feedback loop of short interest where this thing keeps on compounding the longer the short squeeze is delayed right man, that's what they don't get right right.

The longer this thing consolidates at new floors the longer um. You know the farther you can go you're totally right. I i, the part of this, the more rocket fuel, that's being added to the rocket. That's basically what it is mind if i interject something.

I think this is important to talk about you hit it on the head. You hit it on the head. So what's nice about amc's price action right now that i really like in comparison to that mini gamma, squeeze that we saw when i hit 25 bucks. Is this has been healthy growth? It's a slow squeeze of the lemon, we're slowly driving up the price action and putting price uh a pressure on these short positions.

Right and that's that's huge because what's going on, is it's with healthy price action? You don't typically have as unhealthy of corrections, so the run-up has been really nice and smooth and slow, which doesn't scare away investors as there's nothing. I wanted like, when i'm buying into a stock, there's nothing that sucks more than buying when it's just ripping up and down up and down up and down the healthy price action is more likely to attract retail investors. Institutional investors. I think you're gon na step into this, no matter what but you're spot on the money.

Man by saying that this slow burn is good, and it's just adding to the case adding to the flood, adding to the likelihood of these shorts having to cover their positions down the road uh. This is this is healthy. I have never been more bullish on amc than i am right now, man, they just spot on you're spot on the money, yeah yeah, but yeah. That's what i mean by this.

So many factors going in there's politics, there's there's economics, there's financials, there's backdoor dealings like there's so much and apes control the price. Here. That's what's beautiful about this right h set the price right. If apes want 2k 8 we'll get 2k, okay, so yeah, and that's what i meant by this being just the floor right.

This is the floor that i can prove that's why i'm saying 2k totally mean this is what i can yeah. That's what i can mathematically prove so so i think an important thing to disclose when we talk about this is that we're not expecting this to hit 2 000 in a week you're making this connection to tesla, and i want to double down on that that conviction. So what he's talking about tesla is this tesla. Once upon a time, elon musk put out a tweet saying, i don't understand why tesla is worth so much money stock tanks, hedge funds has an opportunity to short the stock and then you've got people like kathy woods and arc and vest who went extremely bullish on Tesla double down on their positions, drove it all the way up to where its peak was at 900, which causes super ultra ridiculous, gamma and short squeeze over the the period of a couple of months right and that's what you're, seeing as an opportunity or a theory With i should say, hypothesis with amc is the same thing could theoretically happen where you've got this ridiculously long.

Gamma squeeze insane traitor sentiment insane options that expire in the money because of all these outside factors coming from the etfs coming from the call options that expire in the money coming from these backdoor naked shorts. These failure to deliveries right this all these different compounding effects that could play into a drawn out experience. So from what i'm gathering my my hypothesis is amc. If you really want to truly experience the true run-up, the potential of the stock could take some time to play out it.

Could i'm not saying it's going to take a year? I don't think that you are either, but i am saying that i wouldn't expect it to be done in a week. We need to play this week by week and watch the price action you'll be able to feel it out from there. What are your thoughts on that man? Let's go back to you? Okay, could you repeat that i was just looking at the chat uh because i mentioned aoac and it's getting political guys, let's take politics out of this uh no yeah! This is just facts right that she's yeah yeah, so i was just looking at the chat and they're saying: hey aoc. This guy's lost my like ignore the politics here, she's, just the one spreading the message here: the more publicity we get on this, the better um.

So ignore all the politics here right, so we are just apes, we're just buying and holding mathematically. This is 2k, but you know that's just my opinion now go. Could you repeat your question real quick yeah, so it wasn't much of a question. I was more so connecting dots.

I was saying that tesla you're, comparing amc's squeeze potential to tesla right because uh or tesla when it's closed, it was a drawn out period right. You had this uh. This run up from what would have been about 70 bucks up to 900, which was a combination of, i would say, call options that repeatedly got stuck in this feedback loop of expiring in the money and then sure positions that were established because daddy elon decided to To badmouth his own company and it got shorted by hedge funds, who knows if that was legitimate if it was planned, i don't really know. I don't think anybody could tell you that.

However, that's that's kind of the the connection we're making is that amc could do the same thing. The the con here. What's the con amc is now worth the same as tesla is right. So people were you, know, hypothetically speaking, investing in tesla for the future prospect of value.

However, amc's future prospect of value, the sentiment towards the stock is decided by the people who are purchasing it. So that's where you can make this connection, because tesla people bought into tesla because they think xyz is the reason why it's worth this much money people buy into amc because they think xyz is why it's worth this much money right. They don't need to be connected. They don't need to be the same prospects, it's not about qualitative analysis or quantitative per se, but more so qualitative right who's buying it.

Why are they buying it? We want to think about those psychological factors and how long this could drag out. So i wanted to connect those dots man, because i thought that was an important point that you made to give a different timeline for people. One last thing you guys will not mind dropping a like on the video. This helps the youtube algorithm helps get this livestream into the eyes of different people, so they can see it.

I tell you what we get this a 3k. We will put down a crack of the kraken, take a little cheers and a toast to our friend here and every gorilla in the chat that is watching this right now drop some girls in the chat. Absolutely appreciate everybody here back to you, my man, our slash umu 68 right. So let's go ahead and address the tesla point.

Like you said, people were investing in the long-term future prospect of tesla and people might not do that with amc because they believe it's a dead cat. I don't think so. No um. I think that amc is embedded into american culture right and there have and when it was a 550 right, people were speculating, it might be bought up by netflix or amazon, and i have a dd on this coming up, i'm just working through all the math on This one um, it's just okay, let's, let's walk through the netflix case right, so netflix is a movie product.

Well, entertainment production, superstar right now right! So if they were to get a hold of amc right, it would be a huge value added for them right right. Totally so yeah, so they they would have the largest american feeder chair for distribution for their movies. Amc shareholders in that hypothetical case would be rewarded, handsomely right and their bet would immediately pay off right and that's i'm going to work on a dd on this one and same with amazon. So, with amazon we've seen this before they've taken out whole foods right prior to the amazon deal, whole foods was struggling right.

They were losing market share, they were regional, not national right and you know they had to have access to data right. Amazon came in swooped in they compensated the shareholders with immense value right and the amazon institutional and buyers have already bought into amc. If i recalls on mark beat or market watch, it's either one of the two. You could just go ahead and fact check i've.

Seen that as well yeah, so i'll ha yeah i'll, have the dd coming up um in a couple days, obviously, but go just going back to your point on vote. What is the value of amazon amc and why should people buy in right? So, if i'm so and then going back to whole foods right, so what we saw with whole foods is they were. They went through a little mini financial revolution where they were able to buy, get back market share. They put everybody else that was competing against them.

Right in the doghouse financially right and they got access to the internet and amazon's customer base, which is basically unlimited liquidity to them right, so they have insanely liquidity to experiment with what they can, what they can and can't do now. If amazon buys amc, they will have the same potential uh. So imagine if amazon goes ahead and turns amc into like a five-star restaurant where you go there, yeah movie's our thing, but you can also grab food. Have some family time right because amc by very definition is family friends and entertainment? That's their product right, that's what they sell.

They sell bonding time. They sell family time. You go on a date. You go to the movies right.

You want us to spend some time with your families. A movie is a great time right, so if amazon would go ahead and try to add value to that right, so you got in the movies. There's a five star restaurant right on the next aisle right: amazon.

By Trey

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