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AMC Stock - an AMC update video, a talk about hidden short interest within Options, and protecting yourself from the options market for new investors.
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Oh, oh i'm sorry, i see you there. I was eating popcorn, like mr popcorn would pretend to do. Oh jeez, oh geez, rick, i'm gon na have such terrible jokes rick. What is up everybody? What's right, traders ready for your talk fast and don't skip classes like the premise by saying i'm going to find survivors experts so take whatever they say to the green assault.

Let's get into the video. So today, my friends, my family, my fellow girl, gang we're going to give you update and take yourself amc, and i want to mostly talk about the derivatives market, because i think there's a lot of uh things out there. That can be better explained about what actually takes place within the options. The calls and the puts within amc stock, and mostly with uh short interest right, because i think amc is a very unique stock.

That's probably the most heavily derivatives trade security within the stock market, and i also want to talk about protecting yourself, especially if you're new, an investor right, if you're you're you're not really uh familiar with the way that options work. I know there's a lot of people that are like that who are just new who wanted to learn about how these things work and how you can best protect yourself right, but before we do that, i'm actually really excited about this. This is the first time that i've ever done an ad integration with a video, and i tried to find the best possible way to make this as creative and interesting as possible. It took me quite a while to put this together, so if you want to watch that check it out right here, it's going to be bam, but before we continue, i need to give a shout out to a legendary sponsor, read shadow legends, baby rage, shadow legends Is an rpg game that is free to download on ios, android and pc rage, shot legends focuses on champion creation in order to build your team of champions to reach the end game.

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Alright. So with that being said, let's get into the video we're gon na start off here with the ortex data and then we're gon na get into the call options chain, because i want to take some time to actually be able to talk about this and the things That concern me, especially within the retail investor core right in terms of the actual short interest, what is actually going on here. Twenty percent of the actually the whole stock you know, is shorted into the market. 103 million total shares costs borrow still nothing significant, and that is because of that utilization rate that you're currently seeing as of right.

Now, you look at the average days on loan, not a lot's changed here either. It is still on that uptrend right. If you were to draw this out, you can see this pretty much clear as day just this huge freaking uptrend, it's continuing to go up, meaning that the shorts that are holding the positions in the stock, the main core of the shorts, have been holding and have Not covered their position, so it is extending out you're able to see more statistical, significant information in terms of who is actually fighting against you right, and that brings me into the actual stock. Now i don't want to do t8 today, that's not my uh.

My main focus, i want to take the time to be able to explain to you why i think the short interest is actually much higher than 103 million shares and where these shorts are actually hiding. Because, true, i i think with amc - and i stand by this - there's really not groundbreaking due diligence to do on any given day right. I think everybody who out there who owns the stock and who, who cares about it and wants to see this thing squeeze. They know the thesis behind it.

If you don't the information's out there right, i'm not here to provide something freaking groundbreaking, but i think i can do is explain to you in a really simple way how shorts are hiding in this stock right now, it's not as simple as there's 103 million shares Out there that are short against the stock based on 85 percent exchange reported finra data. You also have to look at the options market right now. Let's just look at the first of october right all the puts that are currently in the money and all the puts that are currently out the money. The way that these are essentially leveraged is since one contract is worth a hundred shares right.

You've got let's say, for example: 30 total contracts, uh 30. The 30 strike you've got 3 369 contracts. That would come out to a pretty hefty amount of essentially shares short against the stock, especially if those running the money, because in the same way, that calls are hedged for when they run from out the money to in the money, puts it the exact same way. Right so that brings me into a website that i like a lot and i used to use quite a bit more.

It's stonco tracker right now, i'm going to show you this. It shows you all the call options across amc stock and what you kind of have rocking on any given day right. So let's just look at these expirations. How many calls and puts are currently in the money and out the money you can see out the money.

Ninety nine thousand thirty thousand ten thousand eighty four hundred two two hundred sixty thousand being targeted for the first of uh uh january 21st of 2022 right now, that is a pissed ton of short interest. That's a leveraged way for the derivatives market to push the stock up and down, and you really need to be able to consider that when you look at the stock and not look at it, so black and white, because, let's just say, for example, you look at The first of vodka, the first month of you, know god i just woke up from a nap, i'm sorry, my brain's all scattered, but let's just say that you look at the first month of 2022 right january january 21st of 2022. You want to see all the freaking puss that are currently rocking in this thing. It's astronomical, i mean you've, got a crap ton at eight dollars, ten dollars, twelve dollars, thirteen yadda yadda so far, uh so on and so forth.

Right, these things push the stock down. It's a way that you can actually hurt these hedge funds, who are short on the stock right. I wan na be able to talk about that, because that is where i think the majority of the short interest is actually being hidden and you're. Seeing a lot of money move back and forth because it's actively being traded by these big freaking hedge funds and firms.

And the other thing that i want to be able to take the time to talk about right. And this might not apply to a large sum of people, but it is protecting yourself right now. There's a whole different ball game that i think is being played with amc stock on a week to week basis that isn't being talked about. It's an elephant in the room right, i'm not gon na sit here and tell people.

I think it's bad to play, calls right. It's absolutely! Not! If you know what you're doing you have to know what you're doing in order to play college, because you can't make a lot of money playing calls right, but if you're playing weeklies you're, you're, yoloing, weeklies you're, hoping for the best with weekly expiration call options. Let's say this: it's monday and you buy a deep out. The money weekly expiration call option, hoping that the squeeze is just going to magically happen one day right.

That's not the way, that's a whole different ball game than what you're watching with amc stock right. There's absolutely i shouldn't say, absolutely no risk but far less significant risk to buying stock, especially if you don't know what you're doing with call options you have to have a plan and a strategy to use call options to actually make money right. Please. This is, i think, what is honestly hurting this.

The most outside of what i've talked about before months ago is the outside of infiltration. I think people essentially hoping for the best in yoloing on weekly, call expirations on a week to week to week to week basis. It's pissing money into the abyss right now. We've talked about this a million times.

If you are playing leaps right, you're playing months and months out of expiration right. That's, okay, sure you do what you want to do you you're playing momentum, even right. You think that there's momentum on the stock you're expecting it to make a huge freaking gap move just because you understand how charts moving stuff right. You want to play short term.

You do it right, i'm not here to tell you how to live your life and how to spend your money, but the people out there who are new to the stock market, who don't understand how call options work, take the time to learn them. Please, please! I don't want people losing money on weekly expiration call options because they're hoping for something right. It's going. I can't guarantee anything in life.

Is gon na happen right, but i can tell you this, i believe, in this stock. I believe in what it's going to do, but we have to back up our claims by tangible proof. Right we have to be able to say based on xyz. I think it is going to move soon.

I think it's going to make a huge move soon. Then you can take advantage of that right, that's absolutely cool, but things aren't magic right. We don't expect something to just magically poof you're gon na get a big freak. Freaking big fat boom boom candle up to the shadow room out of nowhere right.

That's not just how that's how things work, so please protect yourselves. That's all i'm asking for. I think, if there's anything turning this movement in the least bit the way that amc stock price actually tangibly moves on a day-to-day basis. It's those weekly expiration yolo calls that are getting thrown into this thing every single week, because i see it, i look at the data every single week.

I see this freaking out. The money call option chain continue to grow and continue to grow and continue to grow, and it's because of and i'm almost certain of this, i'm almost certain. I really don't think that's mainly institutions, because just as 80 of this is owned by retail investors, i would imagine that close to that same number is what's actually being held and call options at least calls right by retail investors. Now, that's there's no exact number.

I can give you, but i guarantee you a lot of this. A lot of this derivatives activity is coming from uh the little guy right. We have to be careful. Please please please, please, please, please, please, please.

All i'm asking is that you have a game plan right, you understand what you're doing with calls and puts and all that sort of stuff i wouldn't play put on amc, but you do you, i guess i don't think that's the eighth way uh. You know what you're doing have at it. You know, but if you're learning take the time to learn, it's absolutely freaking. Okay, i just want you guys to protect yourselves.

I want you to hold on to your money because you worked for it. You know don't give it don't give it to the freaking shadow room, don't give it to the hedge, don't give it to any of these guys. That's what i've got for this video, so blah blah blah. I know hush people drop a like consider, subscribing or other my friends catch on the next one lights, apps, much love and peace.

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