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Meme review main review who's that, from guys come on, come on all right a day like today in the market, where you get absolutely freaking schlapped, we got ta start off with uh two little things that we got rocking here. I made this meme by myself. It was a trade offer. I received a large check at money, a printer and insider information for trading.

You receive inflation, small business, shutdowns and gas lighting baby, not a bad gig huh, not a bad deal and secondary in the sport and in the good mood and fun of uh spider-man and the nfts that are being issued by amc and sony pictures. I just threw this together, there's a nice replacement for my previous desktop background, which was also rich greenfield by the way, but i thought that would be a pleasant thing to look at and i think this is actually a fairly new picture of them. It's it's not bad. Is it these glasses? They look like glasses, dude, that's absolutely something guys.

What is up, how we're doing is your boy trey, coming back again for another freaking video and today, i'm gon na be talking about amc stock. I want to talk about. What's happening with inflation, what's happening with the feds, why did the stock market pull back the way it did, but i also want to dive into something pretty fascinating here, which was the these tickets for the spider-man no way home movie. They were going for 25 000.

On ebay guys the price of amc in case you're wondering is in the 30s uh you can you can you, can you know you do you i'm just playing, but nonetheless, we've got quite a bit to talk about. I'm gon na go over the charts as well. Uh, so let's just dive into the video. So today my friends as we know ames had a update right.

The entire market had a rough day, spy finished down 1.95, and this came after some news from jerome powell. He came out and he spoke about inflation. Now, inflation in case you do not know, is a pretty basic idea of supply and demand right. So, if all of a sudden you increase supply demand goes down in this case, supply is the us dollar.

So if you print more money, the value of each dollar or the demand will decrease overall and in the last 18 to 24 months right a year and a half to two year period of time. A lot of money has been printed. In fact, about 40 percent of all existing currency in in the us and the u.s economy was printed in that period of time when covet hit really bad and jerome powell came out today and said it's time to retire. The word transitory, in which he self-labeled.

I think unusual whales on twitter said it best. He self-labeled inflation as transitory as if it was something that would not exist for a long period of time, but this is obviously a very long time coming right. We can see this sort of coming in the midst of uh the last couple of months. If you look at the inflation rates right 2021, you can see it start off nice january february march.

It's slowly ramped up slowly ramped up slowly. Ramped up! That does not look transitory transitory, meaning is not permanent. It's not something! That's going to last forever. In fact, october had a 6.2 inflation rate year over year, comparatively to 2008 that stops any of those months with high inflation in 2008 being the year which we saw the housing market crash right, so this is very obviously predictable.

In fact, i i talked about this briefly today in a short, but i just imagine the conversation that had to happen behind the scenes with jerome powell and his lackeys like they just they rather just sat there and been like you know what uh, how are we Going to convince these guys that this is not a problem like that's, i just don't know how you'd look at anything else in any other way, but the band-aid's starting to leak a little bit right. I'm not here to tell you that i'm predicting a market crash! We've seen the freaking can get kicked down the road a million times and this bled over into amc stock right. We see that here today and i saw a lot of people discussing negative beta negative beta being the idea of a stock with negative beta typically does not react in the same way that the overall general market does amc. Has that negative beta, meaning that, hypothetically speaking, it should not tank when the market pulls back, but i do think there are some holes in that and one of the main holes that i kind of pull away is the amount of small to medium cap index funds That hold amc, for example, vanguard, vanguard.

Just recently reported 4.2 million shares worth of amc on november 29th, right they and by the very definition, are a mid-cap value index fund. So if they're holding amc and the spy takes a pullback, that's the overall market right, even if that's even if institutions on 20 of the stock, that's enough to push the stock price down. Right 20 is a pretty decent margin size on the overall price, and i do think that's what you watched happen here today, but a good way to look at this, and this is actually an idea that i did not come up with myself. I spoke with a guy - i'm not gon na i'm gon na dive into this more after.

I think a little bit, but i want to give you just a key word here and that key word is accumulation right and i'm going to dig into this much much more, but this derives from white cop theory now. The idea of this essentially is that there are periods of time similar to supply and demand zones which i've talked about in the past, where institutions and big boys, big buyers, will try to load up stock and specific price points and i've kind of found. These two zones - accumulation - being this green one, to be very critical for the stock anytime. The stock price comes down to this green box right here.

It typically will hover around consolidate bounce around a little bit and then it'll come back up and it'll kind of duke out juke you out, and it's been repeating that over and over and over and over and over for quite a while now months, right months. Really, since i would argue back in july, mid july july, 16th or so, and every time it is dipped down into that box, you can bet right. It has to have done this. People are loading the boat, because then the stock price goes back up.

Who controls the market, who controls the spy? Who controls the majority of stocks? It's big buyers, they decide which way they want to move the price around, while people are doing what they do right. Think of it like this, the longer this accumulates the more shares that are built up by every average people. Like you and me, the apes by institutions, the bigger the explosion. This could really freaking.

Have i'm telling you there's, there's a reason. This thing's not tanking that it's hovering it's going back and forth doing the freaking juking out your emotions, sort of nonsense. That's been amc for a while. Now it's because that's the way that they want it to be, they want to accumulate whoever these people are right.

These institutions committed as ministers and as many call options and as many blah blah blah as they can in the meantime, while apes are waiting to see what actually ends up happening here, you know. That's that's my thought process on what you're watching right now is. There are big boys loading up stock and today, obviously, being i would say, an asterisk with the overall market. Pullback uh is kind of an aside from that overall sentiment.

So uh i'm looking for a bounce out of this green box. I don't really see this dropping much lower than that 3169 mark that i'll mark this right here in case, you want to pause the video and check that out and the reason i drew these up is very simple. I derive this from any time that you see it bounce back up, uh in any sort of direction right. You see it bounce right here, bounce right here, bounce right here and a bounce, a touch point right there as well.

In the same way, i drew up this red box as points which you can maybe expect a sell-off right, very close, very close, very close uh. It doesn't quite come up all the way here, but nonetheless this is where you see that sort of tip toeing around back and forth. Those are the points in which i'm personally watching for could you move this green box up a little bit the red box up a little bit potentially right, but the big thing for me is those zones uh being spots to look for for potential reversal to give You some sort of comfort right now. What i do want to talk about now that we've gotten that out of the way is this, because this is absolutely hilarious to me: there's actually a spider-man ticket that was listed on ebay, thankfully, to brandon davis, bd uh tweeting.

This out that went for 25, 000, or at least listed. I don't know if this sold i'd have to check back up on it. Anybody knows, please let your boy know, because i've been i've been i've been wanting to know for sure 25 grand for this ticket. You might be thinking yourself right.

Why the why the freaking duplicate? Would anybody pay 25 grand for a ticket that costs 13? And the simple answer to think about here is nfts: that's 100! It there are people out there that are looking at the value and the potential value of something that has 86 000 total supply. Think of that, as the free float right, that's how many actual nfts are going to get issued in this instance as a potential to make money. This is a guy who's, betting, 25, grand and i'm not sure. If he's right, i'm not sure if he's wrong right, maybe it's worth more! Maybe it's going to be worth less, but he's betting that that nft is going to make him money in the long haul or he wouldn't have offered 25 grand for it right.

This brings me ultimately to the power of nfts and why? I think this is such a freaking sweet thing for amc, and you know rumored at the very least gamestop to be doing right. It's an opportunity to create a sub market uh for your your investor core, and in that way, what i mean is you can like i've mentioned before in videos raise capital instead of doing a shared dilution, you can freaking create nfts such as this giveaway. That's partnered up with sony pictures to raise capital. In that way.

Right i can guarantee you amc made stupid fat. Filthy freaking gum stacks off of this promotion. They absolutely did the tickets went absolutely nuts, and that's because of this exec this exhibit god dang it. This exact thing right people see value in nfts and the potential that they hold.

So i think this could actually be something pretty solid. I'm excited to see the direction that amc goes with this, but in that same way it makes you start to wonder at least a little bit about what is happening with the nft space. So i actually want to dive into this a little more. I'm going to make an in-depth video on nfts in case there are people who are curious.

I see a lot of people on twitter talking about this. One of my favorites is share the story behind chair i'll, actually pull up that twitter here. Really quick uh chair created her twitter account based off of my chair. I had a folding chair in my house in north carolina and uh.

She took a picture of just a classic freaking folding chair and i got that because i didn't want to buy a chair for that house. Yet i was there for a couple weeks but uh she she was trey's chair and then she changed over to chair nft and now uh sells nfts and does some pretty freaking cool stuff with it 40 of all, nft proceeds donate to charity, which i think is Sick, this is just like one person that comes to mind, so i have kind of a side tangent, but nonetheless, i think there's a lot of opportunity in the future with this space and it's interesting to talk about, especially when you consider the relevancy that it has With amc you know and big businesses, i would love to see freaking game staff, and i don't talk about this a whole lot, but that's you know my community was built around amc, i'm just being you know, true to you guys, uh, but gamestop, diving into nfts And that space, i wouldn't be surprised to freaking, see them form up some sort of partnership and the blockchain technology behind that and what these guys can do with utility that's what gets me excited for the long term? That's the kind of stuff that makes me want to stick around for the long term after the squeeze is all freaking said and done to be an investor, so i'm jacked about it. I think that uh we've got a lot of things to be happy about. It was a red day, but you got ta zoom out right.

Macroscopically. Think about this. Today was a psychological test. Absolutely 250 million hyakumon pasento was a psychological test because the entire market - all i have to do, is look at the spy, see that it's down two percent look at the freaking you've heard me say: boom boom candles look at this doom doom candle, that's a doom! Doom candle right, that's the entire market having a bad day, take a step back freaking pop back a coke or a mellow yellow eat some chicken, nuggies and uh go on today.

My friends life's going like we'll go on we're chilling we're having a good time. That's what i've got for this freaking video, so flight taps from me and titan, i think, he's somewhere behind this curtain. I have this curtain to try and fix up some sound proofing issues. I i have uh some panels up now, a couple of curtains.

Hopefully, that picks up a problem. You guys, let me know what you think catch on the next one: much love peace.

By Trey

20 thoughts on “The fed did it again”
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    Not selling one share!!! HOLD. Do not sell and rebuy or they get your shares!!!

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    Hey Trey! I'm not sure if it's my headset but I think your mic has some issues.. I'm hearing a lot of pops and slight distortion throughout the video

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Johan Hansen says:

    We are deffently having a good time !! Those hedgefucks cant make me sell My shares !! I love the stonk and I love the Ape Army .. Shills everywhere but hey, they cant sell My shares.. Im having a BLAST !! When the world economy crashes i Will be sipping My draft beers at some tropicol fantasy Island I didnt even know excisted 😄😄😄 partend My french 😂

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    Great Desktop background ! Rich greenfield should shut his capital management stores, if and when AMC squeezes. He should consider retirement then ! Got to find out who are the people investing in his capital management firm ! Looks like bunch of idiots. AMC and Adam Aron got the capital and innovated how theatre chains should be operated in this decade. Same happened with Ryan Cohens Gamestop , the company got enough capital from the squeeze and, then it is and has put the capital to its use and truly innovated how video game company is run all together. Doesn't Rich Greenfield find a pattern in here. Like Matt Kohrs said , Gamestop is currently in the hiring process to bring changes it wants to bring, that would ultimately better the fundamentals of the company in the long term.

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