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Over the past couple days, i guess it'd be three days now. I have worked on sort of a three-part series, uh in which i call the big squeeze theory and the two first parts are out, and this one's gon na be a tl. Dr i've sat here and i've thought for a long time about the best way that i can sort of wrap this up into uh, as short as as possible of a video, because obviously people don't want to watch a half hour long video. So i've summed this down right.

The number one question the number one thing that i could see people saying is: why puts so how about this right? I'm gon na i'm gon na slim this down we're gon na try my view more fat and i want to uh make this even easier, because i think that you know the ultimate question and the ultimate concern ultimately and justifiably so right. One million percent is why switch up, buy and hold right. So here i've got two scenarios: here's a tl, dr! If you want to see the in-depth analysis of everything that brought me to this conclusion, watch the first two videos. This is a playlist there's two scenarios here there are those who buy and hold right.

There are those who play calls and buy and hold this video and the previous three videos are not for those who simply just buy and hold. If you are a buy and holder, i genuinely believe that the the easy fix for you is going to be just not paying attention to the charts. I think that's genuinely important right. That's that's a huge piece of this.

This video, the previous three videos, are for those who feel uh emotionally drained and, let's be honest here i can see it on twitter. I can see sentiment on twitter. I can see sentiment on youtube. I can see sentiment on reddit.

I pay very close attention. I try to stay in touch with everything going on. Let's focus here: let's focus on those who have played calls or do actively play calls and also buy and hold right. Let's talk about the algo up, rips and down rips.

What is one thing that you notice with amc when you pay attention to uh sort of uprip situations right? What you're going to notice on uprip situations is that they happen extremely fast. This would be what i would call an acceleration. The algorithm likes to speed up and move very quickly when the stock goes up. You can be thought of, as you can explain this as a gamma ramp.

You can explain this as some shorts covering you're just playing this, as the algorithm just goes haywire, whatever institutions buying uh whatever, but one thing is apparent. Volume is always very high on up rips and it always moves extremely quickly. You can see this back in june. You can see this back in january.

You can see this uh here in march right high volume, high speed, it happens. What do the down rips do down? Rips are super slow. Typically, what you'll notice is that volume decreases on down rips and that down rips? Last a lot longer than the up rips do here's a slow down, rip very low volume, downrip, and then it comes into another stage of an uprip. What is the psychology behind this? If you want to think about sort of the easiest possible explanation, market makers want to make money.

They typically do two things. They will play uh, they will sell calls and they will sell, puts depending on where it makes sense to do these two things. I'm actually going to have an in-depth options. Master class tomorrow, that's going to explain everything that i know about options.

I'm going to follow this up, i'm going to give you guys the the resources that i think are important, but they want to make money by selling calls and buy selling puts what's the ultimate goal of this to collect premium. Where do they get this premium from those who are buying calls and buying, puts right now, if you think about it in this manner, you go back to my previous two videos and you notice that calls are always uh higher in overall volume than puts our. That means that there's going to be more overall premium for calls than there are for puts the psychology behind this. If all of a sudden call volume slows down exponentially what you're going to notice is that it enters this fast-paced uprip.

What is the point of this? It is to get people to begin buying calls again right now. This isn't inherently a bad thing. There are opportunities to make money, and i think that calls are genuinely important and that's why i hammered down on this. I think the calls are genuinely important, but i don't think that the education is quite there uh for all of retail, yet or for the very very least, you know.

Those who do play calls alongside buy and hold. Remember that we just stated if you are emotionally very level-headed, if you feel very good about yourself just buying and holding uh, and you are even keel every single day, this isn't the video for you, the last three videos are not the video for you right, but If we know this and we look at the psychology of it, the super long scale downrips are trying to accomplish two things. One sell your shares. They want you to sell your shares.

That's the ultimate goal of these super long, drawn out down rips two to collect premium on calls right to collect premium. These come from calls. You can look back, i'm not gon na go over the data right now go check out the previous two videos. Those are still uh, very factual, so knowing this uh, the grand sort of consensus and uh analysis that you can come to the conclusion right would be that these up rips are meant to trap premium from calls into these down rips, it's meant to get a lot Of retail to start buying calls up again to get the flow super super bullish, so they can collect it.

That's what market makers want to do they make money by collecting premium? That brings me to my next point. Obv. I want to discuss accumulation and what this sort of means i'm going to keep this very quick accumulation and what this uh, what this sort of encapsulates. If you look at obv, you can see that the line continues to go up to put this in the most simple way possible.

What this means is that every single rip up, despite the fact that there have been massive downrips, have been meant to accumulate shares. Despite the fact that amc went from 72 down to about 12, not only did retail hold on to their shares, but institution also held on to their shares. This is apparent. There's no there's no arguing this, because it's factual, it's that it's it's it's math! You can see it here right, obv has stayed high, nobody's selling this nobody's selling their shares right.

If that's the case, if we want to to take these two things into consideration, that number one shares are being accumulated right shares are accumulated number two. That premium is being collected on costs. What can be the grand consensus on what the solution is here right if we want to take away the consideration of iv imbalances and that calls are always more expensive than puts, we can do that. You want to take that away.

That's fine! You want to take away the keyboard. The put word: that's fine! Let's take that away. Let's look at what this means. It means that downrip purposes the slow algorithm the deceleration of the algorithm is meant to collect call premium.

This is inherently true. This is one million percent, true uh, because it shows we can look back. We can say that those who are not just buying and holding those who are buying and holding but also playing options, are playing calls and then that premium is being collected. When that premium slows down, you get an uprip which brings us back into an increase in overall call premium being played right.

What this tells us is that there is an inherent cycle that goes back and forth back and forth, back and forth by market makers to try to tire out retail while there is accumulation taking place. So what does this mean? What are my thoughts on this right? If we were to dumb this down and keep this as simple as possible, uh i've got it into two categories: buying holders. Do your think man, i'm telling you i am not here in the least bit you can call me a chill. You can call me uh.

You can call me late for dinner, but she's got ta. Call me trey. That's that's very important here, uh buying holders. Just do your thing.

If you feel emotionally completely level, you don't view green is good, you don't view red is bad. Green is happy. Red is sad, just hang out, i mean that's really it just just just do your thing in no way shape or form. Am i telling you to do anything you know, do you control what you want to do at the end of the day you buy you sell you play calls you play puts i don't care what you do right, that's ultimately your decision, but for these options, players, If for anybody out there, i would actually even expand this just the hair, if you were emotionally imbalanced, if you're in a state of mind that happiness is derived from something that is tangibly uncontrollable, we need to be teaching people education right - this doesn't even inherently mean Puts right, if you want to take this away, if you want to take away the put piece of it, you want it.

You want to step aside from the fact that that i believe puts would change the balance of ivs. We can do that at the very least, though we need to be teaching people how options work and when the right time is to play them right and my my my follow-through right me walking. The walk is that i am going to make a long-formed video tomorrow. It's going to be an options: master class going over the greeks going over uh the mechanics of options, how they change in price strategy of options and things to personally be watching for.

But the education needs to happen because there is inherently something: that's provable, not all. Retail plays options, there are those who simply just buy and hold right. That is absolute fact, but there are those who do who are being stolen from in broad daylight. If we can make two general conclusions, which is one that options make big moves happen, they do right whenever you see big markups uh, that is inherently because of some form of gamma squeezing or failure to deliver covering, which comes from options right.

That is inherently true. If we make that conclusion, we can also make the conclusion of when this thing is not happening, that options are inherently being stolen from are being robbed right. This means that we've got one factor down right. We have inherently some form of a way to disrupt market maker, uh sort of algorithms.

That is absolutely factual. We have to then find a solution to this problem. I've listed out in the last two videos that total an hour and total length very well thought out sort of uh premises here, uh. What i think would work, but at the very least, we need to be able to educate people, how options work and when the best time to play them is because the fact of the matter is there are people who do play them that that need direction.

All right and my general consensus to that is i'm gon na i'm gon na do my part. I'm gon na give you guys an options. Master class, i'm not giving any bias. I'm just gon na tell you how they work uh and from there you can do whatever you wan na do, but this is inherently something that i believe needs to be addressed.

It doesn't matter like. Let me tell you this. This is my final thoughts. This is how i'll close this out with cldr uh.

If you do not want to play, puts that is okay, i'm not telling you to, and no none of those videos that i tell you to play, puts i've told you what i think makes sense to protect yourself from downside to sort of level out the emotionality. That's cool buying and holding is very important, and if you want to view this in any sort of way, what market makers and sort of composite man right, the the grand scheme, the grand scale villain, what these guys want to do is shake and steal from retail That is the point of these super slow, drawn out bleeds steal from retail. That's the point of the slow bleeds and that's the point of the quick rips, the quick rips, psychologically speaking, get people to want to buy the slow bleeds get people shaken up and to leave. I mean you look back the last week how many big people on twitter i saw.

One guy who said he had 56 000 shares, say all of a sudden yeah. I'm out, i'm done i'll, come back when the next rip happens. That's the point: that's what they want. This is what they want these this algorithm and the way that it works.

We have to find a way to manage human psychology. We genuinely genuinely do human psychology is one million percent. What does that play here and the solution to that to me is education? If you don't want to play the game, if you're a buying holder, i just recommend you don't watch any youtube, don't watch youtube, don't engage on twitter, just buy your stock and walk away set price alerts. Genuinely don't watch me, don't watch me, don't please, i'm terrible! Anyways, i'm not i'm sure, i'm not that fun to watch right, but if you are actively watching charts every single day, if you're engaging with twitter every single day, evolution and education is the answer.

We need to keep leveling up and there's without a shadow of a doubt, people losing and market makers making money on options. Collecting premiums selling calls, because you can just see it. The algorithm tells you the story. Super fast algorithm here right went very slow, marked up very quick, because there wasn't that many people in the game that weren't making that much premium on on calls and they were probably making more inputs.

They marked it up right. This is it this. Is it please? I'm gon na do my part, i'm gon na do my part i'm going to make a very long video a well thought out. Video, i'm gon na be formulating this for the next probably 24 hours uh.

What makes sense, but at the end of the day, we have to find a way to educate people on options. That's it. I genuinely think that to be the case, because that is the human psyche. This is it right.

That's what i've got for this video. My friends, i genuinely give a all right uh in the future, if you guys, i held a discord space whatever uh stage. If you want to talk about this, we can uh, but that's what i've got for this video so until the next one i'll catch. You all later appreciate you much lovely taps.


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