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100 utilization is still beating amy down how it's a great question. Let's come over here to this you can see the utilization is in fact, still 100. The short interest is still about the same 20.84 percent uh. So what this comes down to, in my personal opinion is, is very simple.

I'm actually gon na come over here to this, maybe not i'll, just come over to microsoft, whiteboard. So if it's not utilization, that's holding us back if there is no available supply, meaning that 100 utilization uh, you you have all available shares to lend - are - are out on loan out on loan right. That means that there's the option here that since there is no supply, this is one of the situations where it actually makes sense to create some form of a naked short if there's no supply available and there's really high demand. That is when this makes a lot of sense right.

That's sort of one of the options. Second option is this: you have a lot of hedging to the downside, hedging down in the same way that you can gamma squeeze up. For example, we drop a chart here. Uh, let's say that you've got a whole bunch of strikes at about 17 bucks a whole bunch of 18 bucks, a whole bunch of 19 bucks right and the stock is doing this slowly climb, so they climb so the clients break 17.

Then it starts really exponentially. Picking up speed, doing something like this right, this section to me would be a gamma squeeze, because you have these call options that were out the money that run in the money and you get a form of hedging, which is these market makers buying shares from the Market in order to hedge against these call options that may be exercised in the same way, you can have puts being hedged and gamma squeezed to the downside. So if you're gon na go 19 18 17 and all of a sudden, it starts picking up pace. Well then, you're gon na see the exact same thing happen to the downside.

This section would be sort of a gamma squeeze down if there is a high amount of uh put option activity, especially if they're out the money running in the money. These would get hedged to the downside. What should gamma squeeze down third option is this third option is that iwm, which holds a very high value, and you could actually have all three of these sort of being combined right. It's not one or the other.

You could have all three who really knows iwm, which has a very high short interest percentage uh is, is reflecting the actual stock amc right. So if you were to come over here - and you were to look at, for example, amc uh having this weird gap down right gaps down out of nowhere, people were waking up at three in the morning to sell their stock right. That really makes a ton of sense three o'clock central. Well, if you actually come over here, you look at iwm uh.

It did the exact same thing and since amc is a weighted part of iwm uh, iwm gapping down could have enough strength or enough selling pressure. I should say enough selling strength to legitimately push down amc uh. The way that it did so iwm gap down and iwm sell off can also reflect amc's current price. I think all three of these are likely what are at hand here right.

You've probably got shorts created synthetically because we do have a lack of supply, which does create a inherent demand. You likely have some form of a hedge down a gamma squeeze down in this current moment in time, and you likely also have iwm, which is where amc is a part of this etf uh, creating this gap down creating this sell-off contributing to the overall amc price. That's my personal opinion. Give you a quick update in terms of what's going on with the girl, amy right, so amc in order to understand.

You know why the last couple days this has been going down uh the last time that we were open as a market was last friday. We did have monday off uh and over the weekend we had a lot of crazy news come out regarding ukraine and russia, which has obviously pushed uh the spy down right, the spy being sort of the best indicator in terms of the broad market. In my opinion, uh reflects across a lot of different things: it it bears a lot of weight in how iwm trades uh, which then bleeds off until the rest of the market. So if, if the spy represents you know, the majority of blue chips and iwm, you know, represents the majority of small caps mid cap companies uh, you look at amc, you know it's very obvious.

What's happening here. The entire stock market right now looks like a a meme stock. It's it's pretty crazy to actually in real time witness uh the sell-off that we have, because it just seems so surreal uh to see the spy trading like a meme stock. I mean the way that this is computer, like algorithmically, like just laddered down uh over the entirety of the day, is, is pretty wild and crazy to watch right so to understand, what's happening with amc uh.

First, let's come over here to to the broad market right. The spy, the spy is very close to what i would call do or die territory now, there's a line that i'm personally watching for that. If it breaks, i believe, is going to uh really get us down testing that uh that 420, almost it was almost 4 20 69. god that would have been cool.

Could you imagine, could you imagine if this lull was for 2069? That would have been a that. Would have been a big old whole ass meme, but this is uh to me the do or die line right at about 420 and 69 cents. I'm just gon na write this out here, really uh 428 426 actually do or die. I personally believe that if we break beneath this 426 line, you have a lot of room for sell-off and it's no mistake.

It's no coincidence that the very second uh the spy hit this line. It got a bounce and it's because if it breaks beneath that there's a lot of pain ahead of the entire market, it could really bring you down to uh that 420 uh low level 420 mid level which is going to affect how amc trades right and, what's Affecting this is uh the russia, ukraine uh situation. Now there is actually within just a purely market perspective right. Obviously this this whole situation is nobody likes to see uh this sort of massive conflict across across the world uh or for anybody to be wrapped up into a a bad situation, but there there is an inkling of good news here and to me it's that there Is some form of certainty within what's happening between russia and ukraine, so uh? If we were to look at you know sort of this this situation, it's obvious that the conflict is pretty much at hand.

Posturing, which is the idea of essentially uh, both countries, sort of just showing teeth going yeah we're gon na beat you up. You know that that seems to have come to an end, and now it seems nearly certain that a large-scale conflict between the two countries is at hand. What is perhaps the most uh bearing factor what has beared the most weight in terms of the broad market and the sell-off that we've seen to me is the uncertainty of what's going to happen between russia and ukraine, since there is that certainty. So to speak, that hey they're likely going to be some form of a large-scale conflict, uh you're likely going to see uh a direction start to get picked.

You're likely going to have less of this insane chop chop chop chopping around chopping around trying to pick a direction trying to pick a direction that we have for what seems to be the last month or so and uh. To me, i believe if we hold over 426, which would then consequently hold you over 420, you could see a bounce back up into some uh some new levels. That's why to me this is a do or die line, and it would be purely a technical breakdown. If it was to come beneath that 426 13, at least in the short term, this man, charles gasparino, let me let me tell you about this: guy.

There are some beautiful apes out there, some beautiful retail investors, some twitter uh some twitter geniuses who have been going out of their way to document uh charles gasparino for some time. This man in case you do not know who he is - is a a fox business. Uh contributor he's a regular, a regular on on fox who goes on and has a very obvious stance in terms of uh in terms of perhaps millennials gen x, gen, z, people within our sort of generation and uh. His his his sort of outlook on us is very simple: retail dome boomers, smart and uh he's he's kind of gon na die on that hill.

He believes that amc apes. Obviously, everyone probably knows who this guy is. He believes we're all just a bunch of morons. Well, this guy, having gone on the rampage that he has for the last six to nine months, has now begun to delete his tweets.

It's actually pretty fascinating. A lot of people out here have been documenting sort of uh this. This developing story, which is uh, which is pretty sweet and uh, he's he's he's kind of backtracking, he's backtracking hard after a lot of happenings, have sort of uh gone on with the doj investigating uh a number of names out here. You know to say that to say that it's it's you you saw it coming, you know is, is sort of uh doing it dirty it's not enough justice, it's not enough justice to say.

Oh, we saw it coming. You know because when we say we saw it coming, you know we really did see it coming uh. He actually was digging into this guy. His name is uh true demon.

He was digging into him saying i was nominated by the wsj after an extensive process. Breaking numerous stories involving white-collar crimes, you're engaged, oh, no, that's not it! It's this one. I was nominated by you're engaged blah blah blah uh and which that i am exposing which will get me nominated again, get beat nominated again. I always love it at the end of every single tweet.

He goes ah, and let me let me say, he's he's, definitely backtracking and he's going out of his way to uh to really try and rile up some people after deleting his tweets. So, like i said, if this guy tries to gaslight you into believing that uh that you're wrong, when the entire market is getting absolutely smoked right now, don't take any of his garbage. Don't take none of his.

By Trey

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