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The market looks scary - an update on the macroeconomic market as it sits right now.
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Guys, i'm sorry, this video is going to come out late as hell, because this is my third time trying to record it. So first, what happens? Is we get hit with a storm and the power just just freaking, jerks off and drips back on, as i'm like? 10 minutes into that freaking, video and secondly, i re-recorded the whole video. It was like 14 minutes long, it was freaking solid and i listened to it and no goddamn audio, oh god, pop sing. It oh nonetheless we're gon na try again.

So here we are guys. We have a freaking, as you can tell by the title of this video scary, freaking market right now things are looking rocky and beyond uh beyond you know, citadel securities claiming conspiracy, theorists and plants. If lawyers, whatever blah blah blah bunch of nonsense, you really have a macro uh economic factor, they're starting to play into the generalized market, and it's affecting everything i think, there's like five freaking green stocks today, which is bad. I mean things, look really freaking ugly, at least across the blue chips.

A lot of things are getting slammed right now, and amc is no exception to that. So what i'd like to do is kind of talk about what my thought process is behind what you're watching take place in the stock market, because you really are at a pivot point, there's some scary stuff. That could potentially happen as soon as the end of this week, and i do want to talk about it, but before we get into that, what is up everybody we're gon na trace phrases where we could talk fast and don't give glass. Like conversation myself, i'm a friend of mine so take a look at the great assault, let's get into the video, so we're going to start off here with what's actually happening right, so you kind of have a grand scale factor playing into what what's been taking place In the economy, first, you had evergreen right.

Evergrand is a real estate giant from within china, and a lot of the banks that are within the united states. I can guarantee you have siphoned money over to china, right china and a lot of these big. You know freaking real estate giants and that affected the overall stock market. Right you look at the spy.

You can see that you had this massive gap down. This is right around the same time that some of these default concerns from within the chinese economy really started to come to question, and this would not directly affect the u.s stock market if in some way shape or form, it was not connected right. So beyond that, you got a little bit of a recovery and what ended up happening after this recovery. Is it bounced back up? You got a couple days of decent little stretch, nice little bounce.

You can see this sort of uh rejection on this downtrend right. There's a little bit of a downtrend here and it bounced right off that right. You got this huge push back down now. What was the catalyst for this? What's actually happening? Well, frontline news today: you've got this: what happens if the us defaults on its debt and what is this deriving from right? Well, there's first off! I think a really important thing to note is what happened 18 months ago.

18 months ago, you watched covin really start to hit uh the u.s stock market. Right it hit the whole economy. A lot of freaking small businesses got shut down. I worked at buffalo wild wings for about five years and we got shut down right.

That's a freaking corporation. I wasn't allowed to go back to work for a pretty prolonged period of time. It affected a lot of people. In fact, a lot of retail workers, blue collar workers and uh not really a lot of people at the top.

In fact, the wage gap between 2020 and 2021 actually got larger. The people who were sitting at the top one percent made more money than they ever had. The people at the bottom made less money they did before, because the average change right there was less people are going to work right so because of that, what actually ended up happening is the us printed off more money. They they printed out a massive amount of money.

20 of the nation's capital that has ever existed was printed in the last 18 months, 20, nearly 10 trillion freaking dollars, and that inevitably is going to cause some ramifications for the generalized stock market. It's a parabolic increase in supply, while the demand remained relatively the same now, you can't argue with the laws of supply and demand within economy when there is more supply, there's less demand, that's the basis that the stock market kind of runs off of and what you've Seen take place here over the last 18 months is inflated gains margin induced gains that have not been caught up with by the supply. I mean a lot of this growth that you've seen in the spy over the last 18 months is inflationary. I mean just look at the growth that you saw between just 2009 all the way up to freaking 2020 right nice, steady, slow growth.

You have some dip, some rips but generalized, it's a nice overall trend and you can really see this on monthly candles. What you saw here bam march 2020: you saw covered really got freaking bad and went on a pair parabolic sort of move up like you really have not seen from the spy or the us stock market. Ever i mean that's the most insane parabolic growth that you've ever seen, and it's because of that 20 uh margin change, as you saw in terms of the overall us liquidity that is circulating around now. Why is this actually important? This brings me back to the us defaulting on its debt.

Well, because of all this money, that's been printed, you obviously have obligations. You've got debt obligations, it's to a lot of really big players out there and what you have right now is congress voting on whether or not to raise the overall debt ceiling, and that's got ta get decided on by this week or you could be facing a Government shutdown now on the very microscopic what this would do is anybody who works a government facilitated job is not going to be able to go in right. I work for the military right now, i'm an active duty officer, and that could mean oh, i would still have to go in. It depends on the job, but you might not be getting paid right.

That really can hurt some people. I don't know how long this government shutdown will go. It could be a couple days. It could be a week could be a month who freaking knows right, but that is going to affect a lot of people in the microscopic and the macroscopic you're.

Looking at a couple different things here, government shutdown, microscopically speaking we'll be taking money from people's pockets, but macroscopically speaking, it's going to affect the overall stock market because of a couple of different things. If you're defaulting on debt since 1960, the united states has raised the debt ceiling almost 78 times. I think that's the number that i remember we're going to say somewhere between 70 and 80, but 78 is the number that's sticking to my head right now from an article that i read 78 times they've raised that debt ceiling since 1960.. This has not been something that really has not passed, and essentially the argument behind not raising the debt ceiling here is stop kicking the can down the road right.

We got to deal with our problems. We have to face the, i think, inevitable recession that would come from something like printing 10 trillion dollars or 20 of the nation's capital. That has ever existed since the birth of the united states, and you can see that it is reflecting in a couple different things here, so i want to show you this inflation rates the highest they've been year over year, since you already guessed it 2008. 2008.

If you compare this, it's honestly, just as bad 2.6, 4.25. 5.4. 5.4. 5.3.

In 2008. You very freaking similar numbers. So what i would anticipate is based on trend. Is you get a pretty major recession right? You get a pullback in terms of the economy.

That time is coming eventually, i don't know if it's going to be this week next week, a month from now right, but these numbers are numbers they're fact right, and this is deriving from the things that ended up happening from within the federal reserve. So that's one statistic, but the scariest one of them all and the one that really makes me nervous in terms of what's happening here is where that money went to right. Now we got a lot of people who are laid off their jobs, we're getting paid some money right, 600 stimulus check there. Some people were making freaking uh, they were making some some welfare checks, whatever it may be, but the majority of that money that was printed did not go to the average retail worker, the average american, the the bottom 99, and i'm going to show you the reason That i know that first stop.

I want to show you the overnight reverse repurchase agreement market. What is this? It's a transaction between the federal reserve and banks, and essentially what you have here is there's rules and regulations. That say, banks can only have x amount of money sitting in in one place at one time right. So what will happen is the feds and banks overnight will go back and forth between treasury notes, bills right and actual cold part cash, and these numbers have hit astronomical all-time highs up to freaking 1.36 trillion dollars as of september 28th, and where this all start, where This all derived from well, you already freaking, know right.

Look back to march of 2020, the reverse repo market was at 12 billion dollars, pumped up pumped up right to about freaking a couple hundred billion dollars, 207 billion dollars in a flat line for a while and for whatever reason, the feds, all of a sudden decided That it was a great idea to start really pumping up this federal reserve, uh, reverse repurchase agreement that you have going back and forth between banks and the feds, and it is astronomically. It just shows you how much money is actually being held by these banks, because, if they're holding a lot of money there are rules and regulations that say you can't hold on to that much money at one time, and that brings me back to this right. I want to show you this. I have not brought this up yet, but this is a scary statistic right.

This is going to show you. The current currency and circulation say that three times fast crew recruiting circulation, current currency and circulation, but nonetheless, right check this out. This is showing you data as of april of 2000 uh august of 2021. What you see here as currency in circulation? This is measured in billions.

You have 2.18 trillion dollars currently in circulation within the u.s economy. Now think about this for a second right, let's just think about this. Basically, you know i just pulled this up today, and i deduce this just based on what i think and what i what i think i know right if there's 2.18 trillion dollars circulating as of right now, where's the rest of the money where's the rest of that 20 of the nation's liquidity. That's got printed in the last 18 months right.

Well, i think it lines up pretty much way too well with the reverse repo market, exponentially. Parabolic growth in terms of money is getting pushed back and forth between hot potatoes between the feds and banks, and that tells you where the money went right all this money. They got printed sure some average people got a couple pennies off the dollar. Some people got their welfare check.

Some people were had to beg for a 600 stimulus check because they were literally freaking, just barely surviving right and this whole time you've got big banks. Just getting siphoned money like you would not believe, and where does this money go right? Well, i can get into the freaking my opinions and this and that, but ultimately i think a lot of people can come to the same consensus that big banks, politicians and major wall street institutions all work hand in hand in hand between what happens in the us Economy right, they all make these same big decisions together and that ultimately came down to this parabolic margin induced debt, inflated inflationary growth that you've seen pump up the stock market over the last 18 months. It's been absolutely absurd, absolutely disgusting, and this is the culmination of that right, all this freaking debt. All of these problems that you've watched happen.

It all derives from this. It all derives from people at the top right being greedy and the pigs wanting to get fatter, and i hate to say that, because that sounds freaking pessimistic. But i really do think it's true, because the data is here to tell you that it is freaking scary. So what is this going to? What is this going to do? What happens if the government shuts down all right? What's gon na actually happen here, we're gon na see inflation rates go up because if the government shuts down that shows a lack of faith in the u.s stock market, the u.s federal reserve's ability to pay back debt, and so that's gon na raise inflation rates right.

They're gon na say: hey if you can't pay your right, you're gon na pay more interest and that ultimately is going to affect supply and demand. I wouldn't be surprised to see a real real estate sort of pullback a correction of some sort, because if interest rates go up, there's gon na be less overall demand. That'll increase supply because there'll be less buyers, we're just going to lower the overall price, because you can think of supplies, selling pressure, saying hey, there's way too much supply for the amount of demand that currently exists. We've got to bring our prices down, we're going to get people to buy these properties versus now.

It's the exact opposite interest rates are astronomically low. There's way more demand than there is supply, so houses are selling just like this freaking overnight right. It takes you a week to list something and sell it. That's something that'll happen.

The stock market stock market can have a pretty freaking major pullback and just looking at this from a tech perspective, it's at a do or die moment just like the freaking economy, and that brings me back to what i've said a million times the stock markets charts Tell you the story of what's happening in real time within the freaking world. It's under the story of the market. You look at this. You look at the spy.

It tells you the story of what's happening in the generalized market. You look at amc. Tells you the story of what's happening within the apes and the retail versus institutional investor? Freaking war right, you look at amd, tells you the story happening within tech and within chips and within the shortage demands and all that sort of stuff. You look at any stock and it tells you the story about what's happening, that individual sector and the spy right now is at a do or die moment, and it is freaking.

It's scary stuff, i'm not gon na lie to you. It is looking wild, so i'm gon na close it off with this right. What are some things to watch for? What would i look for, but you really want to see if they're gon na raise this debt ceiling or not? Is that good? Is that bad? I'm not here to make that decision for you right. I can't make that decision in the least bit and i can't predict what's gon na happen, i'm just telling you some 24 year old, kids freaking opinions about what i read on the internet.

A couple articles right, but nonetheless you want to see if they're going to raise that, because that's ultimately going to kick the can down the road. Now i would imagine you're going to see some sort of freaking bounce. Some sort of freaking relief push out of some institutional investors, saying hey. That gives me a little bit of faith that the stock market can extend for a couple more weeks and if they do not pass this debt ceiling, if they don't kick the can down the road, i think that's the catalyst man, i think that's the catalyst.

That's gon na push the stock market down pretty dang hard. That's something to watch for right! So that's what i've got right! That's kind of it's a lot of stuff! That's happening! We've got freaking ken griffin admitting to uh getting busted, essentially for some perjury, allegedly right. You've got jim cramer attacking apes. You've got charles gasparino saying that payment for order flow is, is a canadian, a north korean thing they're banning it they're, not banning it right all this sort of crazy stuff, and then you've got this.

There's a lot of wild stuff happening the stock market right on my friends, so stay vigilant, always learn, try and try and do what you can to protect yourselves and, most importantly, i want to close off with this. I was on fox business today with uh with my man, charles payne. He is he's my favorite guy to go on interviews with and to debate about different topics, and we talked about this. It was about the apes because, ultimately, that's what my channel's here for i'm here for you guys.

I want to give you content. I want to give you value that i think you guys are looking for and he asked me this question: are the apes going to be able to diamond hand longer they be able to survive this market and then there's a simple freaking answer for me? You guys have been through a lot of hard stuff over the last nine months. Good moments, bad moments really great times really shitty times, and you survived it all, and it was all for what i like to think. As a general consensus is a pretty simple reason.

You want to speak out against problems like this, because this is ultimately what people have been pissed about within the ape community, with an amc with a gamestop within all these freaking ape stocks. That's why they buy this stuff. That's what i think i think people buy this stuff because they're mad about this sort of thing that affects everybody's lives and they get almost no saying it right. This is noise.

This is your opportunity to make noises your opportunity beyond p l beyond how much money you make to show people what you think on a day-to-day basis about what's happening in the real freaking world. Apes will be fine, no matter what happens here guys. I have a lot of faith in what's to come, for the retail investor and for the freaking gorilla gang and all the apes out there we're speaking out again against market injustice and that's what i've got for this video, so blah blah blah. I don't drop like consider.

Subscribing to my friends catch you on the next one, much love light, taps and peace.

By Trey

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