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Good morning, vietnam, how are we doing baby? It is your boy trey, coming back again for another freaking juicy uh chicken church, video yeah. We had we had a red day today. It was down point six, eight percent and uh. It is what it is.

I'm going to get into the technical analysis and what what i think is coming to fruition the next couple days here but anywho. What is up everybody, women trace trades. We can talk faster, don't give classes like our purpose and i'm not advising experts, don't take what i said. Let's get into the video so today my friends, my family, my fellow girl, again we're going over a couple different things here: i'm gon na go over the oratex data, which is essentially a short uh interest sort of website in which you can track different analytics and Data that is being reported by finra, as well as what is estimated just based on the shares on loan, we're going over the short sale volume percentage that we have.

An idea of what sort of shorting is taking place in the market, based on estimates of what is reported to these guys reported being the key word here, because that is the uh. The information that is made available to them, then we're gon na finish out. For the technical analysis and uh walk you through what i think is going to come to fruition here the next couple days, so you can make the best informed decision for yourself, of course, that is your finance responsibility, your own financial decision. All that i ask is that you have a plan right, have a plan, whether it's derivatives, market or actually owning stock.

I didn't want everybody to walk away from this making money, because that's ultimately what this movement uh is a piece of right now. I think there's more to this, as many many know, it's about saying something to the big guys on wall street that cause stupid money which you can never forget. I think about that all the time, but you also have to take care of yourself financially. So without further ado, let's get into the video so ortex data.

We actually saw an increase overall today in short interest. Now you also might notice here that the current short interest of free flow it went down, and this is something that i would just straight out. Come out and say that i was, i was wrong about it. I thought we were going to see this go up just because the discrepancy between the shares on loan and the short interest was still decently wide.

Any time that you see that margin start to grow. A gap between the shares on the actual short interest. The trend has been that the short interest will go up and start to match that actual shares on loan, but do not fret, because the shorts have not covered their positions and the reason that i can say that very confidently is that if you look at the Free floor on loan, the number didn't change right: it's still at 105 million or 20-ish percent. The number didn't go down whatsoever.

Only the short interest went down, meaning that or texas estimate, which is all they can really do. Since the defending report is the hard set proof based off of 85 percent exchange reported data, their estimate was just a little bit off, so you see that the actual turn interest now is 16.96 based on 85 of the exchange reported data. This is a conservative estimate. It means that it could very easily be higher, doesn't take into consideration the puts in the derivatives market which move the stock up and down if they run in the money or out the money or naked short selling failures.

Delivers is marked on here, uh now, but there's a lot of different facets, as you can see that play into the actual short interest of a stock and the things that make this move to the downside or the upside when things start going in the right direction. So, ah, joke that might spit holy, oh theresa, what the hell is that that was goofy that comes out to 86.73 million total shares current short interest. This is the third consecutive day where the cost to borrow maximum has been over. 10 was 11.96 percent today.

This is an annualized interest rate that any sort of short position or share alone, has to pay if they're going to hold that share loan or short position uh throughout a day or a week or a month or a year. That adds up over time right. So that's a pretty awesome thing that you, as a buyer, never have to worry about. You don't have to worry about an annualized interest rate.

You don't have to worry about potentially being marginal. You have to worry about collateral issues right, there's, there's a whole bunch of things that play into this, and that's actually a confirmation that this is still stepping in the right direction. The reasoning that i think the casa bar has gone up is just based on the fact that the stock price has gone up right. Any sort of short position has either a starting to become red or b lost a lot of profits, which increases the risk of any sort of sharing loan or short position that is currently being lent out by a lender.

Now. Another thing that i like to look at is the on loan average days, and this is continuing to go up. It is currently sitting at this on loan average day 51.55, which would move you pretty close to this 49 range, meaning that the average short position or average share in loan is about net neutral with where the stock price is currently trading. It's very damn close, meaning that you can see a quick pivot over that 50 dollar mark, which is another critical level of resistance which we'll get into here.

When we get into the charting. I think you're gon na see another big move similar to what you saw. 3750, at that 50 mark, but nonetheless you get my point here is the average short position is very fastly, approaching some heavy heavy losses and i'm sure you've read some of these tweets that are floating around, but this week alone has been hundreds of millions of dollars Of losses, the short positions out there, which is i'll, tell you what you could have covered in five: you can short any stock in the freaking market. I'll tell you what you know.

I don't show what stocks? That's not my thing uh, but i think if you're going to there's a million shorts out there that maybe fundamentally makes sense whatever right, even if this stock is fundamentally overvalued, you just got ta get over it. It's been trading like this literally four months. You got ta move on richie, you got ta move on buddy, but that's that's what you're looking at in terms of the data so we're going into the daily short sale volume percentage. You can see that the last two days, the 23rd and the 24th of august, which would be respectively, monday and tuesday - you saw about 53 54 and 54.

The overall market volume was shorted volume now keep this. In the back of your mind, guys that would mean that yesterday's actual volume over half of that was shorted volume and nonetheless, you still saw a 20 green day 20.34 for the upside. It left some room on the table there right. That is phenomenal.

That is phenomenal. Phenomenal phenomenal - and i think a big reason for this is very likely, because you saw a lot of uh derivatives activity, the options market right now. I think it's very important if you are going to play options, that you understand how options work and all that sort of stuff right, but there is very, very, very heavy options activity that you can see playing out here right. You just got 11 000 total open interest here.

24. 000, here 9. 000. Here 11, 000.

Here 29 080. There's a lot of options activity! That's taking place right now in amc, which moves volatility very heavily. Now. This is something that retail takes advantage of, but it's also something that the institutions, the firms and the whales take advantage of which make this so volatile.

So what ended up happening at that break at 37.50? Is you had a technical breakout which brought in potentially some traders right, but also heavy derivatives activity? You got some call options running in the money. You got a mini gamma squeeze. You got maybe some shorts that covered positions, but mostly you just built that momentum back and the same thing could very very easily happen at the 50 mark, and i think that's why you see that we had such heavy shorting yesterday, but nonetheless, the stock price still Reflected very positively because there was so much derivatives activity. There was potential for some of these shorts, some of them to have covered positions, maybe a few million right, but overall guys that's absolute stupid gorilla strength.

I mean that's nasty, so i'm pretty jacked about that. Now, to get into the technical analysis, what you actually have here, no ever right is a little bit of a bear trap, meaning that in the microscopic sort of term, since these are daily candles, maybe the next one or two days. I would not be surprised if you test not necessarily close somewhere down in this fibonacci retracement zone, that i pointed out to you guys in my previous video now to make this very simple. This is just a 50 to 63 retracement, based off of the peak of that run up to about 48 dollars and 30 cents that we saw here in the last uh trading day.

So if we were to pull back, i'm watching for that 42 to 40 zone, most likely the 42 ish range, where you're going to eventually get a bounce and that bounce is going to be critical, because it's going to show that overall trend continuation. Now the beautiful thing here is, we have broken out of a very, very tight trading channel right. I talked about this in my previous video, but we were stuck in this channel here for quite a while. I mean a continuous period of time.

We had this inverse and shoulder head shoulder. Shoulder neckline broke that neckline at 37.50 and moved hard. Now we've got a little bit of what i would call the fluff in the middle well, where the stock price starts to do this and get comfortable in that zone until it eventually tests out that 50 mark now. The newest trend that we have here is just this uh.

This bear this bull trap set up where you got these two topping tails on the stock, and that means that i would not be surprised if at open, you have some sort of push to the downside, followed by a potential pushback up to 50. That's just based on what the trend is saying now anything can happen obviously, and the more data that you have available the easier it is to read these sort of things. So as this continues to trade in that 40 to 50 range you're going to be able to predict the next upcoming moves that are going to happen here, uh with the stocks. So that's what i'm personally watching for so watch for a potential retest of that 40.

Mark and then watch for a bounce back up to the mid 40s to ultimately retest. What i think is gon na be the 50 range sometime within the next week. I really do think i'm still short-term bullish on this there's a lot of great things that are happening right now. It's getting a lot of attention.

The social sentiment is going up, more eyelids are getting on the on the stock. This is heading in the right direction. Right, this is a beautiful step in the right direction and uh. It can even test 50 bucks off this off this bounce, but just based off what we see right now, that is a rejection and that's okay.

It's a part of the process. It's a part of the journey as long as you are willing to accept that and acknowledge the things that are happening in front of you right. We have to see the stock price happening in front of us, you're gon na be sitting. Okay, that's what i've got for this freaking video guys.

So if i can leave you with any parting words, this was said on fox business today and i tweeted it out, and i think this is actually a really cool message and a good thing to be able to pass along to you guys. It was by charles paint, charles payne, said this, and it was uh. It was this, do not give up on making sure you have a level playing field. I think that's huge.

I really do remember what you're fighting for guys remember what you're fighting for, because your voices are being heard and any good change that comes in life comes with noise and so uh. That's what i've got for you anywho light zaps, appreciate all you silly chickens and beautiful apes out there catch y'all, the next one, much love and peace.

By Trey

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