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ZOM Stock Prediction - In this video, we discuss the round overview of 7 different topics: Qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, news, sentiment, timeframe expectations, technical analysis, and cons of the stock. Below are timestamps for specific pieces of the video.
0:00 Intro
1:28 Overview
2:28 Management
12:28 Truforma Product
15:25 Competition
21:46 Pet Care Market Climate
22:39 Quantitative Analysis
22:58 Insider Ownership
23:40 Share Dilution
24:32 Recent Insider Transactions
26:17 Institutional Ownership
29:06 Short Interest
30:59 Income Statements
32:07 Assets & Liabilities
32:58 Cash Flow
33:30 Market Cap/Shares Outstanding
34:22 Truforma Commercialization
37:08 ZOM Sentiment
39:07 Timeframe Benchmarks To Watch For
40:50 Technical Analysis
49:43 Cons
51:49 Outro
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Good morning, vietnam, what is up everybody welcome to trace trades. We have technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders sell opinions on these. Given stocks. I like your first by saying that i'm not a financial advisor and our expert, so let's take it and say the grain of salt, let's get into the video goddamn monster, we're going to be doing a broad overview zone bowl case here today.

All right! This is something that i haven't done in quite a while, but it's going to be a long video. This is a very broad overview with both the pros and the cons to zometica stock and i'm gon na be walking you through exactly my process. What i'm looking for, for a long term stock, a swing trade which would be maybe like a short term, a midterm position right, there's a bunch of different ways that you can play this out in which you will be able to decide for yourself. And i also want to preface by saying that i do not presently have a position in zometica, so i've got no reason to sway your opinions here i have in the past.

I will in the future again, but this is a very volatile stock. I'm going to point out to you some of the reasons why i don't currently have one and why i might uh get one here down the road but anywho, let's get into the video and give you guys the bang for your buck. This is gon na be a long one. So just buckle in this is a picture of a chimpanzee for you guys.

This is how you would say it in uh, japanese, chin, uh, chimpanzee, so pretty interesting stuff. I always got ta always got ta drop a freaking monkey out there for uh for the gorillas that are rocking here with the with the gorilla gangs. So i'm just gon na double check my obs and make sure that you guys can read this all so we're just going to keep scrolling to the right as we need to anywho. These are all the things we're going to touch on here today.

If you want to go to any particular part in the video, i will be time stamping it. So you can go to the specific pieces that you're looking for we're going to go over qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis. Recent news expected news overall sentiment of the stock time frame. So what is this looking like in a month a year, five years and then technical analysis on the one year, as well as the one month, a swing versus a hold sort of position, and then the cons right? What are the downsides that i personally see based on the information that we have dug up here and uh? What should you pay attention to based, on my personal opinion right? So, let's just dig into the video we're gon na start off here with qualitative analysis and i've already dug up the management for you.

So there's specific things that i'm looking for with qualitative analysis. These are the non-tangibles right, um who's in charge of the company. What is their product? What's the demand for their product uh? What does their competition look like? What's the demand in the market split uh market space looking like and then what's the climate right? What's the climate for that that product is it going to increase over time? Is it going to decrease over time? What does it look like in the past? Is there something we should be expecting that's going to drive the price action, so we're going to start off here with the management? Now i've got there's there's four main parts of the leadership team here, and that is robert cohen stephanie, morley and potter and brooke herbst. Who are these guys well? You've got the chief executive officer.

The ceo right here in robert cohen, uh, stephanie morley, would be the president and chief medical officer very important role for a company like zometica as we'll get into here later, the cfo and then the cmo, the chief commercial officer. Now the specific things that i look for is experience as well as things that make them stand out from other competitors, other leaders that that drive a company's team right. So you want to find some good experiences. They've had some reason that makes them stand out from the crowd, so we're starting off here with robert cohen, he's a seasoned medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech executive with a series of positions leading organizations with full p, l, responsibility and previous departmental management experience in virtually all Functional areas, including international sales, r d, health care services, m, a corporate marketing legal affairs, business and tech, a couple of strategic oversight and planning positions.

So i want to find what he's done in the past. He's got a very decorated resume. He's done a lot of things. He's worked in a lot of sectors which makes him stand out from the general public right he's got a lot of experience working with not just medical devices, but also tech, health care services, r d, right, functional areas.

There's a lot of experience that he has he can bring to the table. Diversification is a good thing right. You don't want a one-trick pony, especially for a ceo he's, going to be able to understand a lot of what's going on an example for me is going to be elon, musk right, so elon musk, ceo of tesla. He understands a lot of what's going on, whether it be the technology behind the scenes right, whether it be r d, whether it be uh, you know cost of the product with the specific technology of the product.

Right, you want a ceo, that's pretty uh, capable and understand. What's going on behind the scenes with that being said right, we want to see what he's done in the past and if we just take a quick, peeky weekie here, you can see uh. He founded myro matrix medical, an early stage, biotech device company with a patent protected tech that enables the construction of fully biological human organs for transplant and grew the enterprise, the 90 plus million dollar evaluation over seven years by technology, development, creating and commercializing two products extensive Partnering in business development activities, uh so on and so forth, and what captures my eye here is that he's patented products and he's commercialized two products as well, which is important, because if he's had successful commercialization of products with this different biotech device company, he should be Able to do that well with the truforma system, which is what we're really banking on here with zometica, is the commercialization of truforma going extremely well, so they can start becoming a profitable company before that he built a significant shareholder value as president ceo of travancy pharma, Through tech, product yada, yada yada, so he's had some experience in quite a few different companies. That's good to me, um! The next thing that i would do for you.

If you are a long-term holder of zometico, is dig into these companies, see how successful they were. What were their downfalls? How did they compete in the market, space right and uh how he ended up? Holding that end of the company's deal so outside of that i mean he seems like a pretty solid candidate for a ceo. He does good things he's has. He has good experience what catches my eyes that he has successfully commercialized to other products, which is good and he's got a very wide background in not just medical technology but other things as well, such as you know, legal affairs, business and tech, r d, health care.

Yada yada yada yada next we've got stephanie morley. This is the ce uh, the chief medical officer, the cmo, and this is an important role because, as a veterinarian company, you are looking to have somebody who is competent in that field right and if we dig into her biome, you can see that you know facilities New business opportunities to make sure uh she leads america's veterinary and innovation strategies, facilitates new business opportunities to ensure the delivery of high quality veterinary products by aligning customer needs translational technologies into corporate objectives, she's a trained veterinarian. So that's good she's got a basic understanding of essentially what this product does, which is to help animals, cats and dogs. We're gon na dig into the true form of system as we go through this video.

But it's a good thing that you've got somebody competent. Who is who is well-rounded and that sort of thing right? You can dig through and see her her different degrees that she has i'm not necessarily interested in the degrees. I think you can have very very successful business leaders who went to ordinary average colleges that they have experience that backs up those degrees. That's more interesting to me, so she does have quite a few solid degrees uh.

Personally, i pay more attention to this, which is uh during her tenure with mpi research. She was rapidly promoted, advancing from lower level supervisory roles to vice president of operations by building rapport across functions to instill a culture of collaboration to go from look at this lower level supervisory roles to vice president of operations, that's a pretty large jump and you don't Typically, do that unless you're a very competent good leader right, so you want leaders like this that are working for a company to be able to work through the ranks like that is especially good and for coming from a non-political, non-biased standpoint right. We live in a time and an age where women are discriminated against right. It's it's just factual it is.

You can look at numbers, you can see. That's the truth, and for for a woman to come up through the ranks to do what she's done means that she had to overcome quite a bit of diversity, i'm sure to get in the position that she was in at mpi research, so that that's something that I pay attention to um you're looking to her, for you know, a good understanding of the true form of system uh. It's applications where it's where it's potential growth will be down the road, the the basic nitty-gritty. You know veterinarian uh biology, basics of how this would apply to animals.

So that's good. I'm sure that she was very you know well acquainted and a part of the you know the process of commercializing, the true form of system and getting this where it needs to go which we're going to get into here down the road. But she stands out to me as well. You could dig into her more if you'd like to, but i just want to give you a basic overview on what i'm personally looking for.

Next you've got cpa the chief financial officer and ann cotter. These guys are going to be responsible for essentially everything that is income statements, cash flow assets, liabilities, uh, tax season, auditing, all that sort of stuff she's going to be the big dog in being that cfo and managing the company's financial situation right. So she's primarily responsible for planning implementation management of zometa's finance activities, including business planning, budgeting forecasting negotiations. She served as the company's vice president of finance from august 28, 2018 until october 2020, when she was promoted to her current role.

She's been working with the company for quite a while she's, obviously doing things pretty well. She was the vice president of finance. Before now being the chief financial officer, pretty good stuff, she's got a cpa, obviously so she's well versed in everything that has to do with uh with taxes, auditing that whole sort of situation, fun. Fact, by the way, my roommate back in the day his name was sam cruz.

I called him bobby. He uh he was a cpa and that stuff is goddamn. Japanese, if you had to take a stab at that holy toledo, make sure that you've got some school or something but anywho she's held various consulting controller ship and cfo roles for both private and publicly held companies. So she's got some experience in the field.

Uh she's. Also served as corporate controller promotion technology group, a digital solutions provider from some september 2014 through august 2017, now holds a max master of taxation from capital university law school, so very well verse, she's, had you know, experience in the past. Now she's worked her way through the ranks and zometica good things that i'm seeing great experience right, uh, she's, she's, gotten a master degree in uh. I know cpa all that sort of stuff, that's good to see uh good good candidate.

I don't mind that not in the least bit brought herbs right, he's gon na be the cmo, so he's gon na be responsible for sales marketing uh getting that product in the eyes of the people who need to see it right, everything that is, you know, marketing And administration, so that's good all right, so we're gon na dig into this. This is gon na, be a big piece of the puzzle for getting truforma into the eyes of the right people. This is gon na, be pitching sales pitches right uh getting the product into. Maybe commercial deals, maybe this is getting it to the walmart.

It depends on how they want to play this right if they end up just commercializing this for veterinarian use for doctor use, then it's not. You know as really accessible to the public if they were to drive forward and make this something that's commercializable to a retail store, such as walmart target, et cetera, et cetera, petsmart, whatever it might be. Um there's a lot of upside here with uh potential sales. For true formless system, anywho he's gon na be responsible for that, so known as a highly accomplished and forward-thinking leader he's got over 20 years of experience.

Acute understanding of the animal health market he's honest ability to achieve accelerated revenue, growth, lasting customer relationships and industry-leading results. I want to see any sort of experience that he has, and they do in fact have that here prior to joining zometica, he was executive senior vice president of sales and marketing at i4c innovations before that he served as executive senior director and head of u.s sales. At idxx laboratories, where he was responsible for in clinic and reference lab diagnostics, point of care solutions, information technologies and digital radiography solutions and ide xx is a company that actually have pulled up here. Uh idxx, you can see they're a very successful company.

They have been as high as 573 dollars here in recent times. They've been growing like you would not believe going to freaking tandy town guys. I mean this is a company. That's got some really solid.

Looking freaking income statements, i mean look at this sucker. If this ever ever ends up loading i'll show you exactly what i'm talking about. Give me a second to pause: the video okay. So here we go check this out.

I mean year over year, over year, over year, they have grown consistently. They went from 1.97 billion dollars in total revenue to 2.71 billion dollars in 2020, very consistent growth, a pretty decently profitable company, pulling in about 1.57 billion dollars of that in gross profit. Their cost of revenue, not very high anytime. For me that you're pulling in more than half of your total revenue and gross profit you're doing some things pretty freaking, solid and you've got to look at the overall picture here with a company like idx, ticker, symbol, idx, and if you come back, they used to Be an 84 cent company.

Well, you know news flash by the way, so medica has in fact been that cheap of a company i mean they. They released the ipo back in 2016. They they started off here at what appears to be about a buck. They've been as low as six cents, they've cost as little as freaking six cents guys, and that tells you the story so a lot of potential upside here for zometica.

I am very confident and bullish on the potential growth for a company like this, just based on the experience of bruck herbst right, so he's brought a company from you know the deep, deep valleys and we don't know how long he was. You know he was there, but if we do come back to id xx, he definitely contributed to growth. This has been a company that has grown very significantly over time and i think we'll continue to do so, but my main point being right. He helped drive some of this crazy growth that we see here with this company idxx, so very capable person.

I like his uh his cmo position. Uh, that's like that's a good place to be for him right so now that we've dug through the management we're going to get into the product now i know this is going to be a lengthy video, but i want to give you the best possible. You know outcome that i can. So what is what is interesting about the traforma system? How does this compete in the marketplace? How is this uh, you know something.

That's important right, so true form is demand right. You need a need. You need a need to drive the demand of a product, and the need here is for good pet health they're, a very niche company. They focus very specifically on a couple of things, and that is going to be if it could just find this really quick thyroid and adrenal conditions right, so they're trying to manage the diagnosis and treatment of complex thyroid and adrenal conditions.

That is the purpose of the true form of system right, so that's uh, that's where you're looking at for the demand and the need now something to keep in mind is with covered in quarantine. You have an increase in the overall demand for pets which you know inadvertently increases the demand for good pet health. So that's where the true form of system comes into play and from what i've read. There's not a lot of systems out there that do what these guys do.

This is a patented product right. So this is not something that's copyable. This is a very one one and done sort of you know technology, which i find pretty groundbreaking. It's good stuff.

It works through bulk acoustic wave technology, which is kind of cool stuff, so we're just going to take a quick read through this delivers industry gold standard performance for accurate uh uses. The baw sensor allows for precise measurement without reliance on expensive large footprint and instruments and the use of fluorescence or radioactive substances, and it is a quick product. It gets. You results fast right, so that's something to keep in the back of your mind.

Uh true form. I say assays uh achieve reference lab performance levels, so these are some of the different things that it measures. You know canine and feline uh k9csh tsh, free t4, cortisol eacth coming soon so they're still working on innovating this product uh i'd be interested to see the the breakdown on how much it cost them to create a product like this and how much they're gon na Make in total sales i have dug through that, i know they - they recently sold their first unit of the true former system, but i read through that document and i was not able to find how much they sold it for how much they made profit on. For that true form of system, so that's something you want to watch for down the road as they continue to commercialize this product and get it into the hands of the people who need it right.

So this is the product you're looking at. I think it's got a good space in the marketplace. I think that it could do some pretty good things, especially because you're not just gon na get rid of pets and animals. I mean you got ta, think about this logically.

Now that covenant quarantine is over, you can't just get rid of the cats and dogs that you've purchased. You need to keep them, or the very least give them to somebody else who is still going to end up taking care of them right so great system. I i think, there's not a lot of competition in terms of what the system does and i like that, it's fast right, so it's got very unique technology. Baw technology, it's it's very accurate uh! You can read this down here - meets the most rigorous standards for performance.

Reliability and accuracy, so it's very feasible. It's you know across uh species specific. It's got quick verification and validation processes. You can see you know the college of veterinary medicine partners, auburn, purdue and mississippi state universities have in fact validated this product so very interesting stuff.

If you want to break down uh, you know the specifics of these different numbers and stuff feel free to do so. That's not my cup of tea. I don't know a lot about that sort of thing: competition right, so competition. I've got pulled up here.

A couple different companies that are kind of in that same space as dometica, so you've got pets right. What do these guys do? How do they compare? Why do i bring up the competition piece right? So if there's a market space that is already overly condensed and there's a you know a company out there, that's got a product doing it better than the company that you're trying to invest in you're, probably wasting your time right. You shouldn't be investing in companies when there's already a company that does it better. That makes more money that has better profit margins, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

So you want to dig into what other companies are doing, what your specific company is doing right. So we've got pet pet med express right, so pet med express does uh pet pharmacy, the company markets, prescription and non-prescription pet medications and other health products for dogs and cats direct to the consumer. It offers us a selection of products for dogs and cats. This product contains approximately 3 000 stock keeping units of pet medications.

So they've got a lot, they're very diverse company right, so they're broad overview they're, not such a direct down niche, whereas the truforma system is focusing specifically on thyroid and adrenal gland. You know um monitoring right, so that's that's the big difference here between these two companies, pets and zometica. So i don't view them as a huge competitor, but this is something i wanted to bring to your attention and if you look at their overall growth, they've done pretty well right, they've gone from as low as nine cents to as high as 57. So what i would take away from pets is that you know if zometica does end up doing well.

This is kind of the market space and how you could do well, you know, downside being that pets, since they are so diversified, since they have a lot of different products, as we just read here in their profile right they've got 3 000 stock keeping units of Pet medications, et cetera, et cetera, they are able to uh give money out. I should say, give money, but you know have a product available to a wider market, which means they're going to make more money right. So that's maybe a downside for zometica with that. True performance system, since it is so specialized and unique, they probably won't pull out as much profit as a company like pets.

Another company that i find very interesting is going to be chewy, and this company has done extremely well since their ipo in 2019 uh. Looking at their profile, they're an online seller branded in private label, pet food and grooming supplies so not even close to what zometic is doing. In fact, i would say that these this is going to tie in tandem with zometico. If you see an increase in sales for a company like chewy, that is probably going to indicate that there is an increase in overall demand for pet food, which would mean that there's an increase in demand for pets right, increasing demand for pets would in fact correlate With the fact that you need better health management for pets, which is where zometica comes into the equation, this company has done very well in growth.

Since 2019, they went from 3.53 billion dollars to 4.85 and then 7.15 billion dollars gross profit, not great. This is something i don't like about this company personally, i believe it might be a little bit inflated. I'm not gon na lie to you. I personally wouldn't touch this right.

Now i wouldn't touch chewie. I think he's gon na have a pretty big pullback, but nonetheless, you know this is a company that is pulling in a pretty decent amount of revenue uh and their gross profit kind of could do some work, but this is another direct competitor, uh, one company that I find to be probably the most interesting is this right here? Ide xx labs right, so this is a uh we're just gon na dig into the profile here: a healthcare services and equipment specifically focusing on companion, animal veterinary livestock, poultry, dairy and water testing markets right. So this is where i see a lot of potential for a company like zometica right. This company has traded as low as 84 cents at their lowest point and has had consistent, solid growth up to about 573.99 at its peak right.

So this company has done very, very, very well, and i want to see how it compares to what zometica is doing. So. The company also sells a line of portable electrolytes and blood gas analyzers for the human point of care, medical diagnostics, markets. Uh you've got services for the veterinary market, which the company refers to as a companion.

Animal group, water quality products, diagnostic products, so they're very broad overview. You know not centralized company um ida xx. Labs has a very diversified portfolio in terms of their products that they offer, and this is something that i think zometica will be able to do down the road, an example right. If i was to tell a story, i began my youtube channel, focusing on a very specific narrowed down niche that i wanted to be the best at i focused on just microvision and technical analysis as a channel grew as i was able to diversify a little bit.

I started dabbling in different things: learning, income statements, learning, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, right, uh, pitching different news articles right. You can start to diversify as you've. You know, mastered your individual niche and begun to branch out right. So this is where i see zom could do some good things is by branching out further than their true form of system, and a good company would do something like that right, you're not going to make a million dollars and think to yourself yep, i'm done making Money now you're gon na make that step to make two million dollars: five million dollars, ten million dollars and that's what businesses are meant to do right.

So i think that this is a good example of what zometica could do. I don't think they're even close to the level of ide xx labs as it sits right now, but uh. I do like the fact that that management team right we've got bruck herbst, who did work for this company and he could very well drive us. Knowing you know knowing what he knows, having worked for this company takes some of the ideas that he likes, some of the things that he didn't like apply this to zometico and then make it into something like idexx labs down the road.

So these are some of the big companies that i wanted to point out to you. There is another one zoetis uh. This is a recent company. You know, as of 2013 they're, a pharmaceutical and uh healthcare, company and they're engaged in primarily animal health, medicines and vaccines.

With a focus on both livestock and companion animals, so this would include cats and dogs. This is a company that directly is competition to zometica. They do different things, though right, so you can see here they focus on medicines and vaccines, whereas the truforma system is more of a product that is meant to, i would say, regulate and prevent uh. You know these different things where you need medicines and vaccines you're trying to regulate the thyroid and adrenal gland versus treat the adrenal and thyroid glands.

So keep that in the back of your mind, this is another company. That's got some pretty decent income statements. 2017. 18.

19, 20. very solid, consistent growth. You love seeing something like that and that does reflect in their overall price action, as you can see here on zoetis. So this is where i think the market space is, i think, there's a lot of great potential for a company like zometico, and i think it's very very early on in its potential for growth right.

This is a stock that, if you want to play long term, you can see the potential upside here. It just might take some time right, there's going to be some bumpy parts along the way, especially you know, i think ide xx is a great example of a company in which you could see something like this happening, so keep that, in the back of your mind, I think that it's got a great market potential, it's very niched down in comparison to these other large. You know market cap stocks, so that's kind of what you're looking at in terms of competition, so the climate right i'll dig into the overall climate. What are we? What are we looking at in terms of uh? You know the situation here, so i've got something pulled up um, that is the industry trends.

So, looking at the industry trends, what is important is to see potential for growth in the stock. You know this specific market space over time, so pen market - you know pet care market sizes, valued over usd 232 billion dollars in 2020, is projected to expand at 6.1 cagr from 2021 to 2027.. So that's what i like to see the market climate specifically saying that hey this is probably going to increase in value you're, going to see an increase in capital, that's being expended in the specific market space right. So that means there's gon na be a lot more potential for growth.

More liquidity, getting pumped into the specific space means more liquidity getting pumped into stocks like zometica. So i do like to see that that is a good thing to keep in the back of your mind when you are looking at the current climate for a stock and its company, next we're gon na dig into the quantitative analysis now. This is all things that involve numbers: who's buying the stock. How heavily is this shorted, you wan na look at the income statements, i'm gon na focus primarily on the income statements.

If you look at their cash their liabilities, their assets, we can just you know briefly, run through those and then the market cap and the outstanding shares. These are all important things to keep. In the back of your mind, when you do dig into a company like zometica, so insider ownership, this is where we're going to start off here right now. Now, if we look at the insider ownership, that is 5.17 percent of the total flow now you've got different numbers here.

You've got 4.95 and then you've got 5.17 percent. What's the difference? Well, if you were to come over here to marketwatch, which i've got pulled up, you've got the shares outstanding and the public float right. So the bermuda percentage is higher is because the public float is telling you how many shares are available to the general public after insiders have taken their cut and have their own. You know physical shares and institutions have their own physical shares.

So this is what is tradable to the public. If you were to compare the insider ownership to that that float, that's what you'd be looking at. Otherwise, it is 4.95 of the total shares outstanding, which is 947 million, as it sits right now now. One thing that i have noticed is that they have diluted their overall shares quite a bit over time and the reason that i know this is because i've got a service called trade traded, uh traded, ticks.

I don't know if i'm saying that right, but if you were to come here and look at more statistics, the shares outstanding according to this is 108 million total shares. So i'm not sure this just hasn't been updated in a while, but that shows you that the shares outstanding has gone up significantly over time. They've been very, very heavily diluted, which is going to affect how fast a company is able to grow um, something they could do down the road to to counter this, and that's something that i would watch for is the potential for them to do. A shared buyback.

Uh or some sort of reverse split to decrease the amount of shares that the company is currently uh. That has outstanding right, so just keep that in the back of your mind, that is something that could affect the stock price down the road, but you do have about five percent. We're just gon na call it five percent insider ownership. And if we look at the recent buys and sells right, what do we have well according to fintel, these are the most recent transactions that we've seen take place with zometica stock we've got mcleod christopher ross, who has actually sold.

Where did that go what the heck oopsies all right, so here we go mcleod christopher ross who has sold all of his shares, so he's got no remaining shares. He didn't end up even owning that many he bought it at a dollar, ten sold them uh. 6. 400 total shares, so we didn't have a huge piece of the you know the pie, i'm not overly concerned with that, but he has sold some of his shares here.

Recently. We've got some other people. Morally stephanie, you know herbs bruck caught her in these are all pieces of the uh, the leadership team. As we just went over, they have been awarded stock uh.

You know there was actually options right, so the right to buy and they did end up exercising that at their exercise: price 23 cents, 23 cents, 11 cents, 18 cents right and that's a pretty decent amount of shares that they ended up having. So they all hold. The same amount of shares that, according to you know fintel at the very least, was awarded to them. So that's a pretty big, a pretty big piece of the pie.

I i do like seeing that, but if you do go back all the way to, i think that would be september. 7Th you've got uh johnny powers who actually purchased a warrant in common stock um. You know a pretty decent amount too, 625 and 625 thousand, and the exercise price here was 16 cents and the shares price is 16 cents here back in the day and he hasn't sold out yet so he's still holding a stock. That's worth a pretty penny and i think he's going to continue to hold that at least for now, so i do like to see that they've got a lot of uh they're issuing.

You know stock options, they're issuing derivatives, derivatives and options are one of the same they're issuing those to their their fellow. You know, peers their executive team, their leadership team, and i like seeing that. So that's a good thing. You can see that there's a difference here when they exercise and when it's awarded.

So if you do want to see that it does show you this on fintel next we're going to show you the institutional ownership and there's a pretty decent amount of the pie here. As well, 48 million total shares about five percent together. That makes up about ten percent. Now, i'm gon na be real with you, something that i look for in a company is at least ten percent or higher ownership from insiders or from institutions, and we don't have that for either of these boxes, which is not something that i typically would like.

However, keep in the back of your mind that with this they have diluted, my guess would be that they've diluted their shares outstanding quite a bit since these major buys have taken place. So when you had, you know these companies that bought in big big, big time right when they bought in they could have had. You know a total of 10. 20.

30. 40 total. You know ownership of the stock. At the time i mean based on this trade of ticks.

You know statistics right here: 108 million shares outstanding. If you were to combine the insiders in institutional ownership that would have made up about 100 of the total. You know shares available the share's outstanding, which is going to change the pie here. So if i had to take a stab at it, this is just an assumption.

This is a hypothesis there used to be higher institutional ownership. Overall, you know percentage-wise, but it's gone down because of the fact that they have diluted down to almost one billion total shares outstanding uh. So who are some of the big names that are holding right here? You've got schwab, you've got vanguard, which is one that i always always always pay attention to. I love seeing vanguard, owning a stock, long on a stock and they hold a pretty decent amount.

I mean between these two specific uh. You know indexes that they have 6.7 million here and 604 000 here. So that's a pretty. You know pretty penny.

I do like seeing that blackstone uh looks like they have dumped some shares, so that's something that i would pay attention to. You do have a little bit of sailing as of march 1st from blackstone different from blackrock. I pay more attention to blackrock, but nonetheless that is a company that has sold out uh. You know vanguard down here again: 11.4 million shares of zometica.

So, as of march, this company is really being bought into by some big big big names. Uh, you do have some selling to those as well, though right so jp morgan is sold out to sigma. Uh. You've got savvy management, it's a pretty mixed bag um.

So that's something i do want to point out to you guys that i would dig into that some more. It does look like you know more recently, though there has been more buying than selling jp morgan being the most recent seller on february 19th has sold out 100 of their total shares does not say the amount of shares that they had um, but i'm sure that You could go back and figure that out if you would like to at some point, but vanguard very, very, very easily being the biggest holder in this company. If you make up all their shares together, it's got to be somewhere around 20 million total shares, so they've got a big stake in the company. You know comparatively to the rest of the you know.

The institutional buyers vanguard has some very solid prestige, they're a good. You know, good hedge fund, good institutional buyer uh. I always pay attention to vanguard. I pay attention to blackrock.

Those are two big big companies that i love seeing bought into a stock, so pretty solid institutional ownership. I'd like to see those numbers higher, but i anticipate they have been higher in the past and they could go higher in the future. But that's the current situation completely unbiased. What does a short situation? Look like for zometica? That is gon na, be more of a short-term position right.

So if you look at the total uh, you know short positions on zometica. It's actually increased quite a bit over the last couple of days, so this is ortex. This is a website that i personally pay about 500 a year for to get the most up-to-date information on some stocks right, their utilization is pretty high. This tells you the amount of total lendable shares that are currently being held sitting about 84, which uh, which means that about 16 of the current lendable shares are currently available for lending.

That is an increase of 159 freaking percent, which to me says that, in the short term, you're gon na have a huge potential for a squeeze. Now this is really getting double down on it to verify that right. If we look at the shares on loan, this is the shares that have been lent out on loan right from a lender to a borrower. This would be something like a bank lending to a or a clearinghouse.

You know lending to a hedge fund or institution and it has almost doubled. They went from 58 million total shares to 103 million shares that are currently on loan now. This doesn't necessarily mean that they're all being shorted, they could, you know just be holding those or they could have lent them out to somebody else right, there's different ways that they can play it. But what i would say is, if you take, you know even 75 of that and say 75 million total shares are being shorted.

That is a pretty decent amount of shorting and the reason that the free flow percentage on loan is so low is because it pretty heavily diluted right. One billion total shares makes it a little bit tougher for a good squeeze to happen here. Uh. To be completely honest with you that that's uh, a very similar situation, what you see you would see with amc if they diluted 500 million shares, and i would not like that in the least bit but um.

If there is a squeeze that say it's going to be a decently small one, it could go higher, but just based on the fact, unless there's naked shorting taking place here, which we don't know, we'd have to do some more digging uh, it's a pretty decent amount Of shares on loan and there has been an increasement in total utilization and total shorting in total shares on loans, so uh it does appear that there could be a squeeze potential down the road right income statements. This is what i want to dig into next, and this is probably the biggest downside of zometica as it sits right now and what makes them a very speculative company now. What do i mean by this? This company is currently from my understanding, not profitable. They don't have any total revenue, in fact they are losing money year over year over year, as it sits right now.

Their r d costs and their marketing administrative expenses are both uh, putting them in the red right, so eight million dollars in internal r d, at eight million dollars in total marketing and mixed driving expenses. However, they need to do this sort of thing. It's like putting yourself in debt in order to get yourself down the road like a doctor. Would right! So that's, okay, that they're doing this for right now, uh, it's just gon na take some time for them to become a profitable company, you're, really, depending on their true form of system commercialization going well, because if it doesn't go well, this is gon na be a Flop and they will come back down crashing to those previous lows that they were at before so not a profitable company, big big big con.

This makes them a speculative stock, but you're not investing in this for the income statements, as it sits right now, you're investing in this for potential future growth. That's why it's a riskier play! That's why it's uh! It's gon na have extreme upside right uh, because there is a huge risk involved. If the true form of system flops, you walk away pretty much screwed until they come up with a better product right. So the next thing i want to look at is their total current assets and the total current liabilities right so current assets as we see right now, the total current assets is about 62 uh million dollars and that's a huge increase in 2020., 3.

379. So they've got a pretty decent amount of convertible cash in their assets that we see here right now and if we look at their liabilities right. So let me find uh where the heck, their liabilities are all right. So total current liabilities, two million dollars.

So that's a huge huge, huge huge pro of looking at their balance sheet right here is they've actually got a huge amount of potential cash flow if they needed it right, 66 million dollars they're way outweighed by their total assets by their current liabilities right so they're. Actually, not even in the negative right now they're, not in debt. From my understanding i mean if the total assets outweighs the total liabilities you're looking at a pretty decent. You know you know balance sheet for the company, then, if we were to look at their cash flow and just see what we got rocking right here, their net income - you know year over year over year over year, has been negative.

So they are a bleeding company. As it sits right now, and you can see that this does in fact validate the fact that they have been diluting right. So if you see issuance of capital stock, it has gone up dramatically year over year over year over year, so they are pulling in capital from that, but it does end up diluting the total uh. You know shares outstanding, which makes it more difficult for the stock to increase without some major major buying taking place.

So that's what you're looking at right now with zometica and then, if we look at the you know the market cap and the shares outstanding. I have already briefly touched on this, but i do want to dig into this a little bit. The total market capitalization is sitting at about one point: three, eight billion dollars and their shares outstanding. What is available to the public would be 922 billion, a million which is a public flow.

They've got 947 million total shares outstanding, as it sits right now. So you know big big takeaway for me is going to be the fact that this this stock has been diluted, pretty heavily it's going to take a lot of major buying for this to you know, really increase that market cap and get a decent valuation per share. So that you can get nice returns right because that's what matters at the end of the day, you could have a 100 billion dollar market cap, but if the stock only goes from a dollar to a buck, 10 you're, not looking at that much returns for holding This for a long period of time right, so those are the big takeaways for me on the quantitative analysis, now we're going to get into the news. So what is the recent news? What are the important things to keep in the back of your mind? Well, i have pulled this up and this is the first commercial sale of its true form of platform, and i think this is probably the most important thing that has recently happened right.

So if we just dig into this, i i was not able to find. Let me know in the comment section if you did, but i was not able to find how much they ended up, creating one for and how much they sold it for. But there is a paragraph in here that i think is worth reading that we are going to. You know kind of push you through.

So this is kind of right here. Having a point of care, cortisol test available also was welcomed by audrey cook. Veterinarians rely on serum cortisol measurements to diagnose and manage adrenal diseases and dogs. These conditions can be life-threatening or can significantly impact the quality of life for both the dog and the caregiver.

Having an accurate, reliable patient side, cortisol assay will allow veterinarians to manage canine adrenal diseases more effectively and efficiently and could save lives all right so protected by approximately 70 issued impending patterns. The truforma diagnostic platform uses bulk acoustic wave technology developed by corvo to provide a non-optical and fluorescence-free detection system for use at the point of care, b-a-w tech, also using cell phones and the world's most advanced radar. Communication systems is an extremely reliable and precise technology, and i can validate this because i personally work with radar systems that utilize some of the very same technology right, and that is something that's very important that is going to contribute and there's another thing i want to Point out here this is a pretty interesting piece that they mentioned, so this was actually developed by corvo. This is a company they had to have worked with in order to get that, so we're just going to pull them up and uh.

Show you why i think that could be important. I probably did not spell that right, uh, qrvo that'd, be it q, r, v o so corvo right. If you look at this company, what do they look like 192 freaking dollars, saying 194 at their peak have grown substantially. I mean these are monthly candles, so it did take them quite a bit of time.

This is a company, that's done it very freaking. Well, i mean for them to have worked with corvo and make some pretty decent progress. I mean if we just look at their income statements pretty solid. You know total revenue, 3.24 billion dollars gross profit, not great, but that's why we're not investing in this company uh? We may be seeing some pretty solid growth here in zometico, but this tells you some good things right.

I do like to see that i like to see that they're working with a company like this who does have success. I don't think they would have taken the time to create a product for zometico or at least seek zometica seeking out corvo. For this you know acoustic wave technology uh from from corvo if it wasn't for good reason. So i like seeing that - and the next thing i would look for in the recent news - are - the news coming in the future - would be how much their it costs to create that true form of system and how much total revenue they pull from that right.

So what are their revenue? What is their total net profit uh? The net profit is going to be how much they make after the creation of that technology and paying everybody to make that technology come to fruition right, that's how much money they actually bring home. So i'd watch for that next that'd be the next upcoming news release that i'd be looking for in terms of zometica stock overall sentiment right, so i've got a interesting. I think i already talked about this, but maybe i haven't oh, i definitely have not so this is an overall sentiment for zoe medica now this is a score from zero to 100 and the negative is a bad sentiment right, and this is pretty good sentiment coming From the general public, it has been, you know up and down up and down over the last i would say week or so, but it's maintaining about a 20 bullish sentiment as it sits right now and i think it's going to stay pretty flat-lined until we get Some hard numbers coming from their true form of system and see some hard sales coming out of that uh that situation right until that day, i think you're gon na see you know a pretty overall flatline sentiment in the stock market. However, it is some good bullish sentiment.

If you want to come to this this website, it's just social sentiment, dot io! You can see some notable posts right. What people think about this? I would call them through twitter. I would comb through stock twits. I would comb through reddit and see what kind of research people have done on this and how they're feeling about the stock as it sits right now.

I know that there is a very wishy-washy opinion on zometica, as it sits right now. There's not a lot of people, it's pretty hit or miss. I think some people are kind of pissed off that the stock hasn't gone to a hundred dollars or something yet you know and uh. This is the stock.

That's gon na be very volatile. We're gon na get into that, as i kind of dig through some of the technical analysis, but it's gon na have some ups and it's gon na have some freaking really tough downs, because until they become a profitable company, you're not gon na have consistency. Consistency comes from lack of speculation right so when a stock is making crazy volatile moves, it's because there's speculation. If there's good things happening right, you've got a crap ton of revenue coming in you've got.

You know, pure certainty that the company's going to do good things. It's only going to go up, i mean it's going to do. What tesla does it's going to do? What ide xx labs does right, but we're not there. Yet it's not a profitable company.

There is still speculation, there is still risk and uncertainty. Typically favors bears. So the more uncertain that people are about the stock, the more volatile of moves, you're gon na see, which is why i think you know, in the short term, you've got potential for some good, rinse and repeat swing trading until they have made some hard commercialization moves. In the stock, in which case you know that the situation will change, but we'll get into that more as we dig through the you know, the technical analysis on the stock, so the time frame right, you want to think about the one month, the one year and The five year, what's my personal opinion, i think in the one month it's gon na really depend on.

If we get hard news on how that traforma system commercialization goes, we were expecting their commercialization to take place in march. They did end up selling one unit, but we did not figure out much about that. One unit sale right. We haven't found out how much money they made.

We haven't found out how much they cost them. What we do know is that they sold the unit, so they have made their first successful commercial sale. I want to see them continue to commercialize the product and make money off that product, so they can become a profitable company, so i'll watch over the next month. For that commercialization and then over the next year, i want to see them be a profitable, profitable stock that'd be a checklist that you should be thinking about right a year from now.

If you don't come to 2021 and they've got total revenue in the green they're, not making money they're, not a profitable company, yet that's going to raise some red flags for me right. That's they've had a lot of time to work on this performance system and i really want to see them start to profit off that performance system, not necessarily net profit but total revenue right. We want to see them generating some sales and then they can work on that profit margins ratio down the road right, because if you want to play this long term, you're willing to wait that out. If you believe in what the company is doing and then the five year, i want to see them rival, some of those the growth that you've seen with the company like idx, exxx labs right so idx.

I want to see them do something like this, where they have an increasement in total sales that they're pulling in and some sort of diversification away from the true form of system right. So they successfully nailed that true form of system products they're still hungry. They still get greedy, they still want to make some more money. You make your first million dollars now you want to make that 2 million right.

I want to see them diversify in that overall pet industry niche, where they can. You know, work on some different products. That's what i'd be personally looking for, in terms of you know, boxes to check for zometico for them to continue to be a good, profitable, growing company right now. I want to dig into the technical analysis how i think you can play this off and we're gon na look at this on a one year a one month, then i'm also going to add the five year chart right.

So we're going to look at this for the potential for a swing and for a long term hold. So if we look at this on the all-time charts, i'm just going to clear this off and show you exactly what i'm looking for. In terms of you know the stock setup as it sits right now, so let me just maximize this really quick all right. So, as you see the the ipod or got listed on the uh american uh, the amex right, the the stock exchange and they've went from a dollar all the way up to 298 down to about six cents at their lowest point right.

So if i had to take a stab at it back in 2016, when these guys ipo, there was probably a lot of hype around them, they they may have been working through that uh that zometica stock system, the the platform system for quite some time - and it Took longer than people were going to wait ended up tanking right, so that's a potential risk with the stock as it sits right now. I'm not really concerned with the setup that we have right here to be honest with you.

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