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The real enemy - in this video, I discuss some of the harms and dangers of price targets and dates. In the past months, this has been something that has caused distress and mistrust of what is real and what is not, and it is addressed in this video. #AMC
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Today, i'd like to talk about infiltration, you know who this is: it's your boy, trey from trace trades coming back for another quick video. As always, i'm not a franchise in that financial advice. Make your own decisions. Think when i say the grain of salt uh i'd like to discuss today, something that i've seen taking place over the last six months really since june of 2021 uh.

One of my my greatest fears, uh in terms of threats to this community, would be infiltration right and i thought of this pretty uh concretely, not really abstractly outside the box. This is in terms of uh. You know hedge funds coming into the community hedges whatever or having people who are monitoring and trying to take advantage of psyche of retail investors. Well, you can think of this in a bunch of different ways as well, and i think if you were to branch off infiltration to sort of some sub categories, one of them would be the psyche uh and the way that it affects the psyche of uh everyday People simply by the community itself - and i think what i'd like to discuss here today, to really make this an easier hold for people right is uh price targets, dates right and specifically the dates piece of things.

So if we just take a step back right here right - and we think about this from a psychological perspective, if you knew that you had an upcoming wedding right - let's say that the wedding is uh. I don't know uh june 1st of this year, you're expecting to go to this wedding. It's your sisters, it's a beautiful marriage, you're your sister and her her soon-to-be husband are having a great time and you're just looking forward to this right. Now your life's really hard you're going through the ringer, and that's the one thing that you cannot wait for right and all of a sudden this gets postponed by a year.

Well, what does that do to your psyche and immediate? You have some sort of uh some sort of response to that that situation right, you might feel a little bad. You might be thinking yourself, man. I was really looking forward to that. That was the one thing this summer, that was gon na, be a blast whatever right.

The effect of that is disappointment. Now. This is obviously a much different example than something such as a youtuber or some guy on twitter, giving you a date for the squeeze, but the similarities are still there right. This appointment derives from uh expectations not being met and to be truthful with you.

I don't think there's any person on twitter or on youtube that can tell you the exact dollar or the exact day. This is going to squeeze and i've seen it time and time and time again where we have people try to predict uh the days that you're going to see major run-ups and, to be frank with you, i've done that before right, i've come out and tried to Take guesses educated guesses at months, and even then i i don't know that that was the right decision to make right, educated guesses at months in which you'd see a decent sized move up. Well, let's think about it like this right. There are people.

There are stock. Analysts who get paid money simply to take educated, guesses and price targets of companies. This is what they do right. They go to school for this sort of thing they get hired by a big firm.

They get hired by. I don't know some certain media outlet, whatever to take educated guesses at what a stock will do price wise and even then they don't they're down to a date right i've yet to see a stock analyst that tries to predict the day-to-day price action down to the Penny uh because that's what they get paid to do and we're just a bunch of youtubers man. We could take educated guesses. All we want, but there's there's some inherent risk to that right and in my video yesterday i told people.

Amc is not a game, and what i mean by that is uh. There's real people's money on the line right and people uh may feel inclined, even if it's not necessarily the right thing to do, to make financial decisions based on uh predictions right, based on dates based on price targets based on x y and z, and the way That you guys can avoid any sort of that disappointment and that letdown is to let go of that expectation of a date, because that's the wrong sort of due diligence that people should be doing right, because what happens right well, if you're right, you look like the Messiah, but has anybody been right about that yet perhaps not right? Maybe somebody will be right down the road, but the moral of the story here for me is: should we be wasting time on trying to figure out the exact day? This is gon na move, or should we be trying to figure out the mechanics and the? Why of why? This has not moved yet right, uh expectations, that's really an important thing for me. Psyche, psychology of people right um, don't put yourself in a situation where you're, depending on a date or a time or or this or that for your money to come back into your pocket. That's where people are set up to fail and that's where i think people really run into some issues uh instead, let's think about this right.

What are the knowns? What are the the known factors in terms of what's happening with amc right now, right, shorts have not covered positions, you're still looking at a 19 and some change short interest according to exchange reported data. Who knows what it actually is right? I use this smearly as as a benchmark, because i'm i'm pretty frustrated with, what's even reported in the first place, as we've seen so many errors and glitches right are there still people interested in the stock right? I believe that there is, i see, an incredible amount of engagement on my twitter feed every single day on reddit on my youtube channel right. A lot of people are still interested in this stock. In fact, i think, probably more than ever right, it's important to watch these things at the end of the day, uh, the gas lighting and the corruption and the manipulation.

The infiltration is so incredible that we as a community have resorted sometimes to pointing fingers at each other, as if we're the issue right this, this freaking guy on twitter is is uh, is, is the problem on why the stock is down or this guy? He he's the one uh. If i hadn't listened to him, i wouldn't have lost all this money when, in reality right, the person you should be pointing at is the market makers and the hedge funds who create this sort of situation in the first place. Because if you look back from january to june, i think this is a stock that was primarily moved by retail versus now. It's a stock that seems to be primarily moved by algorithms, and that is your enemy, and if algorithms are basically controlling the stock price right, they move this thing around.

They, they ping-pong it back and forth, as you guys have all seen right. It's not our place to take guesses at dates and exact prices uh. Nobody knows nobody knows so. The moral of this video right.

The moral of the story here for me, is as a member of this community as a shareholder in amc. Your attention is valuable. Your time is valuable. Where do you want to put that time best to make you feel comfortable with your position? Is it watching uh watching some some date prediction sort of video, some sort of uh, some sort of silver bullet sort of situation, or are you gon na find comfort in knowing the conviction behind your trade right, the conviction behind your investment, because that's what this is At this point, my friends, you have to have a conviction in this uh situation to be able to hold the way that people ask you to right.

The way that you're asking yourself to the way that the community uh the community talks about. That's really the importance here so uh kind of a kind of an over the place all over the place. Video, that's that's sort of where my mind is right. Now is how can we think about ways to keep people comfortable with being uncomfortable right, and i think that derives at least for me right.

This is me talking at a personal experience. I don't get uncomfortable watching the stock price, not in the least bit i get uncomfortable uh with the psyche and the psychology of the community. I think that's the most valuable asset that we have is the community and we have to keep the community strong, and sometimes that means saying hard truths. Sometimes that means uh.

We have to redirect a little bit, but at the end of the day, uh that infiltration, which i talked about the beginning of the video, comes back to that right, don't infiltrate ourselves that doesn't make any sense. We want to focus on the right things, uh and i don't think dates and and prices down to the day-to-day to date to day to day whatever. I don't think, that's it and that's why i've kind of moved into a different direction. So that's what i've got for this video, my friends, if you have anything for me, leave in the comment section down below.

I do read those and i appreciate you very much catch y'all. Next, one much lovely taps, peace.

By Trey

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