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In this video, we dig into the 500M share dilution interview that AMC CEO Adam Aron partook in with CNBC and break down the real takeaways from this conversation.
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Dude, look at this thing: that's freaking, sick, that's so cool code, strong you're, a beast dude check this out. We got a new trace trade shirt with the freaking whiskey glass. By the way, i very much appreciate james for sending in this freaking single malt welsh whiskey. Thank you brother.

I appreciate that immensely. I can't wait to dig into that, but regardless we got a lot to dive into here today. Welcome back to the channel to trace trades, we're gon na be digging into the cnbc. 500 million share dilution piece.

I have uh. I got this from a group on facebook that i'm a part of uh and they they dug into and, as you guys know, the the amc 500 million share dilution. This is an insane amount of fun. That's spreading on twitter on youtube on reddit on discords.

So many people are going absolutely ballistic over this thing, even though we already know a bunch about it, and i feel like a good use of my energy and time here today. Discussing amc is going to be gosh. I should pull my glasses on. I can't read that is going to be discussing this 500 million share dilution, so i have uh, thankfully, because of this amc.

You know group that i'm a part of on facebook, the breakdown of what actually happened. On the cnbc interview, i watched a clip it of that and they took probably the worst pieces of every single piece of that interview and plastered it as this. Oh man, the end of the world, the end of the world, we're screwed they're gon na they're gon na immediately dump 500 million shares into the market. It's going to destroy the you know the run for amc, that's just not the case, so i wanted to dive into exactly what happened here.

Give you the basic rundown on the information that was given to us by the ceo adam aaron, by the way i'm going to be trying to get him onto a podcast to discuss. What's going on with amc stock, some of the things that he's been discussing on different news articles and different news presses, so we can try and get down to the bottom of that. So that is something that we're trying to do here on the channel stay tuned. I'll, let you guys know if we do have anything coming up and then the wolf of wall street video with jordan belford is coming out on wednesday.

So without further ado, let's get into the video i'm not a financial advisor. There's, not financial advice. Take what i say: the grain of salt either way: let's dig into it, so i've got two pages of what i found to be the most critical information from this interview and we're just gon na read this off piece by piece so uh. If we were just to read this, the one thing i'm bummed about is that you gave me no churchill.

How can you give me no churchill adam? He says this. I did in the middle of the dire times when we were tight in cash on an earnings. Call, as you were, adding uh alluding, i quoted the famous we'll fight them on the beaches. Churchill speech saying that amc was in a war uh.

Why is this not drawing right now? Pull this back up? Well, whatever i don't need to was in a war like mentality, we were not going to let hedge funds or short sellers take us out and we were going to throw everything we had at saving amc and we think that's exactly what we've done so adam aaron Is paying very, very close attention to what is happening with the stock price? He he knows the game right. He knows it's being very heavily short sale, uh sold. He knows that they're hedge funds, that are trying to bankrupt the company and he actually very blatantly states that as we go through this interview process, he says this now we're not totally out of the woods yet. We still need more vaccinations to come.

We need more movies to be released. We do need to see return of normalcy in the united states, but as we look ahead, we think the odds are much better uh, that that will be the outcome now. What is this he's essentially alluding to is, as it sits right now, amc theaters themselves are not generating a lot of revenue, which means they're not generating a lot of profit. This is a company that is in debt right.

We know that we know that right off. The bat we know they have a lot of interest rates they're paying on their loans for their debt. They they ended up raising about 700 million dollars to combat the short-term bankruptcy that we saw as an issue with this company right uh and the the congress godzilla movie, which, by the way, i'm going to watch here tonight at an actual amc theaters. I'm going to be buying myself, the freaking 20 popcorn, a 20 uh freaking uh cup of diet, coke, i'm gon na give myself six thousand milk duds every single an inch of profit.

Go. I'm gon na drop a hundred bucks easily! That's okay, going to amc theaters, but uh. The converse's godzilla movie is a step in the right direction for them to start actually generating some revenue, and you guys are gon na like what he has to say about this down the road. So he continues to talk with jim cramer.

We continue down through this interview, and i wan na focus primarily on some of the really big pieces here which comes in this third page now. This is where there's a lot of really critical information, especially regarding that 500 million share dilution fund, which stands for fear and certainty, a doubt that has been spreading across the market. So with that being said, let's just get into this adam. I don't want to belabor this point, but jim's question is so key.

You know black widow among some was seen as a bit of a large tale about the window because they held their cards earlier in the year and they finally push it back for two months. But as jim says, you can get it at home and it's a lot has been written about the fact that disney didn't really do exhibit exhibitors any favors. Do you agree with that? So essentially, what he's asking is hey? We can watch kong, vs godzilla on a streaming service at home. Why do you think you're going to benefit from the fact that you're releasing kong vs godzilla when you can watch this on hbo max right, and he addresses this this issue right here and he says well, look i'd rather not comment publicly about what disney is doing.

I don't think that's really highly important. I will tell you that disney and amc as two companies have been very close partners for decades and decades, and i expect to be very close partners with disney for decades and decades to come, and i want to kind of touch on what he says here. This could be some interesting stuff. He says we expect to be partners with disney for decades and decades to come and we have been for decades and decades.

In the past, amc is a company, that's existed for 100 plus years and disney is ever evolving. Disney has streaming services now, which you can watch disney, plus right. They actually branched away from netflix and have their own freaking streaming service. So with that being said, right, if disney is an ever evolving company and amc is going to move forward as an ever evolving company it'd be interesting to see what kind of partnerships they can come up with, which would kind of tie into the possibilities of where This 500 million share dilution possibility right.

That's the key words here which we're gon na dig into may come into effect is with companies like disney or with netflix, or with amazon or with any sort of other streaming service that could benefit from acquiring or taking a large stake in a company like amc. So he addresses that right off the bat he says you look, you know we, we don't want to address disney, because we don't really think this is an issue worth discussing with disney, as it sits right now so moving forward, i'm not worried about the competition from The home godzilla versus kong was available at home on some streaming services and almost a quarter of a million people were at our theaters last night, just in the united states alone on a wednesday. So this movie debuted on the 31st of march, which was in fact a wednesday, and it saw a quarter of a million people - 250 000 people that went to watch. That's a good omen.

He says right so essentially what this is saying just assume that each movie ticket cost you. You know eight bucks, 10 bucks right, you go watch this movie. You've got a quarter of a million people that came in on that day alone and obviously you're not taking all those profits. But what i am alluding to is with a quarter million people you charge them 10 bucks.

A pop. I mean you made a pretty good amount of money - 2.5 million dollars - something like that, based off of just the first day of sales alone on khan versus godzilla. So uh, it's it's it's a start right. We have the beginning of a momentum, shift to get them moving in the right direction, so they can start generating some actual revenue again down the road.

So good omen, that's what he's addressing is. I don't think this is going to be an issue. I don't think the fact that this i mean, even though it is available on a streaming service. I don't think this is going to affect the long-term potential of people coming to a movie theater, and i can speak of that.

You know from personal experience. Think about yourself right, covert and quarantine. How how sick of sitting in your home are you right now i mean i can watch any movie. I want any time i want.

I've got netflix, i've got hulu, i've got freaking, crunchyroll, i've seen every anime on the planet, but you can't make up for real life experiences right, there's something that's valuable about sitting in a movie theater with your friends or by yourself and experiencing something outside of your Home right, the the setting plays a major major factor in creating memories, creating good vibes, positivity uh, all that sort of stuff it plays into the equation right, and you can't get that from just sitting at home, uh. Looking at a computer screen watching kong, vs godzilla, i mean it's gon na be a freaking good movie. But how can you recreate the way that made you feel when you went and sat at amc theaters, you watched it. You know what you're standing for with the amc theaters, you know itself the stock itself right, there's a lot of people that are in that situation that have good sentimental value towards the company right now, so we're gon na continue on people.

You know if this pandemic has taught us anything. People want to get out of their houses in their apartments and going to the movie. Theater is something that people have loved for more than a century and it's a cheap date. It's a cheap night out and a very nice break from being cooped up where you live 24 7., which is essentially what i just said right, quarantine and cove has been going on for a freaking year plus right.

This is just based off those. Those numbers were based off the united states alone, as he alludes to right here in this piece of the uh. You know the interview right. So that's a big piece of the equation.

I don't want my freaking mouse isn't drawing right now, but that's okay, so jim cramer goes on to add here and honestly, jim cramer wasn't even trying to poke at him too bad. It was cnbc they kind of twisted the novel a little bit, but he comes back and says i couldn't agree more adam to me. It is a date. I mean the dinner, i got a restaurant, but the date is to go to the movies talk about partners.

You have a very interesting partner in the people who are on reddit and wall street bets, and i know what you earlier said. You find it so appealing about the right phenomenon. Is the affection and allegiance that americans have across the country, and you point blank say that it is really true that millions and millions of people rally behind saving amc? So i don't know, i think they could rally behind 500 million shares. So what jim cramer is addressing now is the fact that you've got kind of a cult following for amc, because, to be frank, that's what we are we're freaking cult following that just loves this stock baby.

We just love this stock and he's addressing that. He says. Look based on the fact that you've got a cult following that is going to do whatever it takes for this company to stay afloat, you'd think that they would rally behind 500 million shares. Personally, this is my opinion.

This is just my basic thoughts. I voted no against the 500 million share dilution bigger because based off the information that i had right, it didn't make sense for me personally to approve that right and people have already casted their votes. Maybe there are some people who haven't, but regardless they're gon na have an opportunity again to pitch this. If more people voted yes to proposal six, which would allow them to uh to further adjourn the proposal for proposal, one which was right.

The dilution of 500 million shares, which may not even be enacted, which is what i want to get into here, where the source of the fund is where i think the most important information to talk about lies. So let's dig into this and show you exactly what he had to say, because this is really critical. I've pointed this out a million times. I've said this a million times, but this is coming straight from the freaking ceo's mouth, so you can't make this up.

You freaking can't well, look jim, you know, save amc was a hashtag that was trending on twitter, the single most tweeted hashtag, one of those days in january. Look, there are a lot of things going on in the so-called reddit phenomenon, but i think one of them is that there are a lot of people out there who have an affection for amc who did not see who did not want to see hedge funds shorter Stock and try to force us into bankruptcy right, so he recognizes what's going on just the same as we do this guy's, not a freaking, i mean he's an ape just like us he's, but he's not stupid, he's not stupid at all. He runs a freaking company right. He knows what he's doing.

He knows what he's doing entirely. So if he recognizes that there are hedge funds out there trying to force them into bankruptcy right and there's likely some really backhand ways to make that happen, and he publicly says that on cnbc. That says something. So that's something worth pointing out.

You got to really pay attention to wording right, because when, when you've got ceos of companies coming onto a news, you know release a press release and talking about something. They know what they're doing right: they've trained for this sort of stuff, they're trained. To specifically word things, the way that they are supposed to word them and they stood by our side, and we appreciate that and now as we go forward, we want to run this company right. These people are now our shareholders and we want to do what's best for our shareholders and it's important that he says that, because a lot of companies out there will not pay as much attention to their shareholders right they're not focused on that right.

They're focused on. What's best for the company, not necessarily what's best for the companies shareholders, so i always pay attention to when a ceo or executive, a chief executive officer has anything to say about shareholders, and he does specifically address that right here. He has our best interest in mind, increased long-term shareholder value and, as you said, one of the smartest ways we can do that right now is increase. The available share count on amc, uh and then use those shares wisely, and this is the important piece that we got to get into not in the next week in the next month and even in the next year, but over the next five weeks.

Five months. Five years 10 weeks, 10 months and 10 years, so what is he saying? That's a lot to unpack and a lot to unload he's saying, even if, even if this 500 million share dilution, this 500 million share - you know availability is what a better word for it. Would be is approved, this doesn't mean he's going to automatically dump 500 million shares into the market and crash the stock. That's not in his best interest right, you're gon na scare off a crap ton of investors that way by just dumping into the market.

What he's saying is that hey we're gon na have this 500 million share availability so that we have flexibility to do whatever the heck? We want right. So here's an example: they have 450 million shares outstanding right now that are circulating in the market, but they have availability to about 550 million shares right if they, if they wanted to, and they had to, they could issue another 100 million shares directly into the market. To help affect stock price, to keep the company afloat right, to raise capital, to raise revenue, to keep bankruptcy off the table, any of those things that they wanted to do right. It's entirely possible and that's he's addressing that clear as day you know, cooking with crisco clears as it gets right, you're looking at the freaking blue sky right now he's saying it.

He says we're not going to just dump 500 million shares into the market. This is long-term perspective right 10 weeks, 10 months 10 years. This is the long-term perspective that he's taking so keep that, in the back of your mind, you read my mind. The last question i thought the shorts were trying to just drive you out of business.

I thought the shorts were taking the stock down, creating some level of fear which they have and then making it so the bonds rolled over making it hard for you to be able to raise money. You hit upon what i think was actual truth about the shorts and adam aaron addresses this. He says: look i do there clearly were people who are campaigning to force us to run dry on cash, and this is the hedge funds. This is your citadel.

This is your melvin capital. This is any major hedge fund that was shorting the stock right. What they were trying to do, because this makes total sense. If you short a company - and you you, you sell it at 100.

Bucks, like, i suppose, that's a bad example. You sell it at, let's say five bucks right and they go bankrupt, they're zero dollars. You know you know to buy back, you don't have to pay taxes either. You don't have to buy back your shares.

You just had you know all the profit in the world where you just benefit from them going bankrupt it's in the best interest of these big. You know short sellers to bankrupt companies, so that's their goal, and he recognizes that so to continue on right. Once you get in the cycle of approaching insolvency, it's almost a self-fulfilling prophecy, and most companies get in that zone wind up having to file for bankruptcies. What are you saying, by contrast, because of the confidence in amc in our future, by retail investors, we sold over 800 million dollars worth of stock in december and january alone, and we raised a lot of money.

We boasted our cash reserves and we, as i say in the press statement in mid-january, we took near-term imminent bankruptcy completely off the table, so this company is not in the next year. I remember him saying on previous interviews and in danger of bankruptcy in the least bit right. This 500 million share dilution is looking even more long-term. It's looking 10 months, 10 weeks, uh 10 weeks 10 months, 10 years down the road to continue to survive and do well as a company to grow as a company to benefit shareholder value, right, they're, playing a long game, which is something that i've alluded to.

With this stock, is we don't know how long things are going to take? We can we can take estimated guesses based on you know, a public legislature. That's getting passed based on. You know the federal reserve based on bond yields based on uh dtcc, sec filings, whatever it may be. We could take guesses and ways that this can affect the stock price, but we, we don't know, is the ultimate you know and and game here and that's what he's saying is this we're keeping the back of our mind the long game we want to give you Guys, the bang for your buck, no matter how long it takes because we believe in the company so we're going to continue on.

Where are we going with this? We bolstered our cash reserves and we, as i say in the press statement, already read that now with vaccinations moving at a very brisk pace with new movie releases coming with people coming back to theaters and quantity. Again, as was the case last night with godzilla vs kong, this is uh. This was you know. This took place on thursday and released on march 31st, and we think it will be the case with other new movies released in april may and june and july.

Look, we got a bright future, so we're going to continue on here. There's not much left on this particular piece of the interview, but jim cramer finishes off by saying i just want to be sure: it's there's a little ticker. That said, it was 500 million. I thought i heard 500 million shares and that's really you know regarding the shared dilution.

This is maybe the most important piece of the entire interview is him addressing the 500 million share dilution that got distorted and and manipulated by these big news media outlet sources? This is exactly what he says. My experience is that jim cramer is never wrong and you are correct, so threw a little good joke in there. I know he's entitled to his opinion. I don't know about that, but yeah it is what it is.

We have asked our shareholders for approval for 500 million new shares to be authorized. This doesn't mean we'll use all those shares right away. Look at this look at this. This is really important stuff.

This doesn't mean that we'll use all of these shares right away, but it does give the company optionality and flexibility an optionality. Flexibility when you're navigating these uncharted waters of pandemic are very good things. This doesn't mean we'll use all those shares right away. That's what he's saying guys - that's very, very, very, very key information right, so he's addressed this in the plainest english way possible right.

Even if and i voted no, i voted. No. I didn't even vote yes to this. I'm just saying, even if this happens, which i don't even think it's going to even if this happens right, the company is not going to just try to destroy the stock price right they're, going to find every single possible strategic business uh method to keep the stock Afloat and to grow as a company and to maximize shareholder value.

These are all things that have been publicly stated by the ceo of the company. I'm not even i'm, not bullshitting, you anything, there's nothing speculative about this. This is coming straight from his freaking mouth right. The ceo himself has just plain as day stated that hey we're trying to maximize shareholder value - it's 500 million share dilution, we're thinking long freaking term, we're not just going to dump these into the market.

This is for optionality and flexibility. We're trying to benefit the shareholders of the company. We want to do the best thing that we can for everybody out there, the reddit users, the freaking, save amc, twitter, twitter, guys right we're doing everything we can to help the little guy right. We don't want to get bankrupted by these freaking short sellers and these hedge funds.

We want to maximize the value of all the apes out there who have been rocking with the amc gang and that's that's coming straight from his mouth. So, what's the big takeaway from this, why did i want to dig through this because the amount of stupid, freaking fun and that's circulating around on discord? Twitter, youtube? Reddit. All these different places is absolute. It's junk! It's just absolutely garbage.

It makes no sense. It's just stupid, bs, fake news, and it's gotten you know just twisted and manipulated by these media sources. So big takeaway right dig into this. If you want all the certainty in the world, compare this to the cnbc interview right, i'm not going to make this a 50 minute video.

But if you want to compare what actually happened to the cnbc interview, your mind is going to be freaking blown right. Do some digging don't believe everything here at the first glance, even for me right, i've been wrong in the past fact check everything fact check everything right because we've, this has been something that's been talked about, an immense amount right. We brought this up on the channel. Freaking weeks ago, and now it's just recirculating to spread fear and certainly a doubt along among the masses right so don't fall for this stuff right uh.

If you're gon na sell at least let it be for a reason that makes sense, because there is risk involved right, there's nothing guaranteed about this. I've said this forever. It's called wall street bets now wall street guarantees. There's nothing guaranteed about this, but what i will say is this is not a valid reason to sell right.

This has been very actively addressed. We know what his reasoning is. We know why they want to do this. 500 million share dilution, or at least the ability to have the availability and flexibility and optionality to have this.

You know available to them right. So don't let it be a reason if, if you want to get out because you have you know financial responsibilities, you got to keep the roof over your head. Maybe you over leverage, maybe you have too much money in there. You played with the money you shouldn't.

Have uh there's a million different things? That's okay! Right! That's totally! Fine! I i get that right, but this is just bs. This is straight up, fake news, stupid news and that's what i've got for this. I just wanted to dive through that and give you guys the real deal breakdown of what actually happened with this interview. So that is what i've got for you guys today.

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    We got an AMC theater here in Beaverton, OR. Im gonna be going there REAL soon

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    I’m all in AMC, the retail investor has been manipulated by hedge funds since the beginning of the market until now. Buy for freedom and because they’re trying cheat the system with restrictions and limiting buying, Wall Street only caused a sell off making the little guy only sell or get burnt, while hedge funds get to play by different rules. Saying time for the little guy to sit out. Burn the dirty hedge funds betting against us to the ground or at least bankrupt them. We need everyone’s help, this is a war. We will win… AMC will be going parabolic but keep holding because Diamond 💎 Hands. PT $250+ The longer we hold, the more hedges have to cover huge. Making the sky the limit. SPREAD THE WORD PLEASE Check out that beautiful short interest we’re about to beat GameStop and Volkwagen hold on tight don’t be manipulated by news media’s using everyone as pawns we will win. Keep buying this outstanding float. We will be rewarded heavily for our service. HEDGE FUNDS ARE NAKED SHORTING AND SHORT LADDERING AMC TO KEEP US DOWN BUT ONLY POSTPONES Beautiful SQUEEZE BECAUSE THEY WILL HAVE TO COVER IN BLOCKS TO MAKE UP FOR RECOGNIZED LOSSES. BUY IN ON THIS GOLD MINE OPPORTUNITY, EVERYDAY WE BUY AND HOLD SHORT SELLERS HAVE ACCRUING MARGIN INTEREST WHICH IS INCREASING DAILY VERY RAPIDLY. 💎🙌🏻

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ꧂ CeeJ DIY꧁ says:

    TREY this is so funny I made a t-shirts for my husbund and AMC video on my chanel and the views were 1k and were going more up and all of a sudden the views are dropping more and more every day and now is only showing 300 views THISIS INSANE THEY ARE CENSORING ME for one AMC VIDEO really!!!

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars HeatherSapia says:

    Trey that’s awesome if you could get the CEO on. Speaking direct to the people!!! Hope it can happen 🤞

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James F. Lategano Jr. says:

    Trey, thank you for the hope you share♡
    About the question: Why would people watch movies in AMC theaters; when the
    new movies will be streaming on tv ?
    Well… live sports are on tv… But people go to the games, that they could see on tv for free. If we expect sports to sell tickets, why not AMC ?
    If people go to sport events, that are broadcast live; doesn't it also seem likely, that people will go to the movies, and watch movies that are also being broadcast live?
    We pay thousands, for bootleg tickets, to
    attend games and events, that are broadcast live!!! We know this is true, so why is there doubt, about people paying to see new movies, in AMC theaters???
    I expect that there are millians of people,
    who will spend millions of dollars, to continue to go to movie theaters. Why?
    Well, there are millions of people, who buy 'take out' food, even though they could cook at home, and save a lot of money!!! If we understand this reality, for sports and food… Why is this so impossible to understand, about movies? Movies are only part of painting the town. We also will take a taxi, although we could walk.
    We also will spend 3, 4, 5 times as much, at a bar, for drinks we could buy, at one tenth the amount, from a liquor store. We all know this is true; so why is it so hard to believe, that our behavior will be different, about movies?
    Movies are part of the romance, that we share with each other. Spending money on a date, is part of the the excitement !!!
    Are we going to stop buying flowers, to give to our partners… because it is less expensive to forget the flowers?
    What about those horse buggy rides?
    And will we forget about giving gifts, because it's less expensive that way?
    We often choose gifts, BECAUSE they're expensive, and part of the romantic dance. I expect that we will
    also continue to make dates at the movies, for the same reasons, that we buy diamond rings… To share our love, with one another♡*

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Treend says:

    Dude you need to go through your comments and delete that scammer. I'm pretty sure most people are not naive and get that he is s scammer. But some may not be. You dont want any of your listeners getting scammed

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Planez says:

    Recently hit 1000$ invested. Sorry apes but I don't think I can invest more at the moment. Stay strong and hold for all the bananas 💪

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars VuLe says:

    Also, Netflix blocked passwords sharing logging. In a way, that will force people to go to AMC to see movies.

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