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Hold up, let me make sure, maybe make sure i'm seeing this right hold on hold on. Oh that'll, do that'll, do let me hold that hold okay, let's see, let's see, damn that's not a bad day! Oh baby holy toledo, not a bad freaking. We were down at one point, like 10, 11, 12 percent, finishing green i'll. Take that all day baby, what is up everybody on to chase trades, really freaking talk fast and don't skip class like premise by saying that i'm not a financial advisor and our expert.

So take away, say the greatest solve, let's get into the video. So today, my friends, my family, my fellow guru again when we talk about ticker symbol, amc here, giving you the usual update talking about the ortex data, short volume, percentage ratio, or i want to talk about stock tracker. The call offers that are in the money as well as about how many available shares there are to borrow finish off with the second technical analysis. I got ta slow down.

You always know it's a good day when i start talking two times as fast as i usually do, but and then you know that will leave you some parting words. So without further ado, my my fellow apes, my king kong, loving, let's do this. It's gon na start off here with vortex, so the short interest went down just a little bit here today down about 1.54, nothing to be worried about it's doing this thing right, the back and forth back and forth back and forth as miniature interest of free flow. Coming saying about 18.56 - and yesterday was at 18.85, so it went up yesterday a decent little chunk from 18.2 for 18.85 half a percent change couldn't say that 94.92 million total shares short interest according to 85 percent of the exchange reported data right.

If there's any sort of reporting that takes place, that can be thought of essentially as financial fraudulence right, some sort of manipulation, corruption, bad stuff right. That's where the ious naked shorts, all the sort of bad practices that are taking place in the stock market, that we're exactly talking about happen right. On top of that, you've got failure to deliver which is derived from call options that are expired in the money. They don't get delivered on yada yada.

We know there's a ton of those as well and that's what's really happening here in amc stock right. It's doing this. It's doing the up and down up and down. I want to talk about this a little bit, because this is something i find very peculiar.

Is this sort of tesla like squeeze, because the short interest on amc has always been? You know kind of floating around this area and whenever it goes down, it goes right back up right and it continues to slow and steady climb with nice. Huge volatile, freaking rips up, followed by some dips and then this that's right, training, sideways training, sideways training, sideways and you're. Watching that happen right now, even with the fact that we dropped down momentarily to about 39 or so so, that's a pretty beautiful thing to see right, torrentis, absolutely beautiful. There could be many many many many many more.

I do believe there are a lot of naked shorts out there, a tangible amount we don't know, there's no way to val, validate or prove that substantially in any sort of way. Favorite delivers also there. So, let's look at uh the short sale volume percentage. I think this is a good way to get a sort of a pulse on the shortening that's taking place in the market on any given day, and it's found on bottom at about 38 on the 6th, which would have been tuesday.

So yesterday wednesday we had about 39, so it's found that nice ground floor, even steven sort of area, a lot of heavy short selling that took place between the 25th and i would argue, the 30th. So if we go back and look at the chart here, i just want to show you what that time period would have looked like 25th right here through the 30th. You had honestly a lot of strength. The stock actually went up during that heavy short selling period of time, so any sort of shorts that are established in this area right here between the 25th and the 30th.

You know how many of those guys are positive right now there could be some right. There could be some, but should that scare you? No because the short interest is still exponentially high and they could have actually been scalp shorting the stock right. This doesn't tell you whether or not people are holding the stock destroyed it that day just says that they're shorting taking place. So that's something to consider short interest shorting taking place all there right.

The setup is there. You can get this essentially as the raised ceiling. It raises the opportunity for the the freaking longs the apes here to make their big fat stupid attendees when the tandy man comes to crack down on hedgy chime. That's what it really is.

She was available to borrow about 1.8 million. It's floating around that same sort of level, but a good thing to see is the utilization is about 89.92, starting to make a little bit of a push up right up about 3.56 percent, which means that shares on loan is going up. I say this because that means that there are going to be more shares available to borrow there are more shares available on loan right, because you can think of this as a two-step process. Shares on loan equals more shares that are available for shorts, to establish short positions from lenders right lenders can shorten to the market or they can borrow out to other people who are lendees that want to shorten it to the market.

It's entirely up to the people who took those shares out on loan, essentially borrowing stock, that they do not have, and that creates this feedback loop process where shorts get sent into the market. That's why they've got about 1.8 million available to borrow that's why the cost to borrow is also not extremely high, because the utilization isn't maxed out. There are shares available to borrow that cost to borrow and that demand is going to go up as this gets more risky right. It's this ebb and flow, and i want to show you this to a t with this cost, to borrow sort of metric right here.

Now, let's just check this out when we have that huge run up to about 72 dollars, you had you know a lot of confirmation, biases leading up to that point, which is why i said you know that i thought you were going to see a nice push. Honestly, the squeeze in mayor june was that correct in saying the squeeze in may and june. No, but did we get a nice push which can be considered a small small mini midi squeeze which shorts did cover positions yes, and once that constant bar goes back up? That's another confirmation that you're pushing in the right direction to get another sort of nice. Decent move like that so be watching for it, casa bar will go up as there are less shares available to borrow when the utilization starts to go back up, which it is starting to do now.

Now beautiful beautiful thing we have on the technical analysis. My friends is that we got that balance off of 41. I got to be real with you. I've said this before i'll say it again.

This was a coin flip. It was a coin flip. You could have seen this drop down below 40 bucks and, if it sold off, it would have hit down at 30. 32 bucks extends the timeline.

You get some people out there who get a little bit frustrated a little bit emotional right. It's a tough time. You have to weather that, but it didn't happen. We got the more bullish scenario, which was something that i predicted in yesterday's video as a possibility is that bounce off at 40 dollars, then i think you'd get a 20 plus bounce nope, not a chance, not a chance.

Jackie chan, oh jeez, you got ta slow down. I just almost choked on my spit again, but we're sitting at 48.86 here with a bounce off of 39. Now that's 11 swing at the peak of the day, which was about 50 bucks beautiful. That's a picture! Perfect bullish, bounce and you're gon na really see that here with the daily candles now check this out.

This is an engulfing candlestick pattern. That's beautiful! That rejection here is a really good thing. True, we did end up breaking beneath this bull flag, pennant right this. This overall huge ascending level of support, which did mean you're gon na see a little bit of sell-off in the coming days, which did happen right.

That's something you were prepared for it was something that was a possibility and it came to fruition now that you're ready for it. You know you can expect a pretty decent dip buy, but that was an opportunity right here. If you were long on the stock and you're looking for that, freaking tiny town squeeze baby, so that was beautiful. Hopefully some people out there caught that 39 40 dip.

If you made some cash on that you're holding some shares cowabunga, my friends, that is what's up, i'm freaking jacked for you beautiful thing to see and that's what you're looking at right now in terms of the technical analysis. So what do you want to see in the following day? You want to see the volume continue to follow through, because the volume today was beautiful, 144 million shares of total volume, which was a lot higher than the previous couple days and notice. This you see this beautiful sort of bowling out formation right where it had this downtrend smoothed out for a bit. Now it's going back up, you can think of this very similarly to sort of a cup or a handle in a cup and handle formation.

Where you can expect this nice incline in terms of how volume ends up revving, so you're getting that man, i mean. Look at the overall trend. You can see it. You don't have to know a lot about how charts work or technical analysis works, to see the volume starting to pick back up.

Volume brings volatility. Volatility brings a higher price valuations if it's followed back by buying pressure. So that's what you're watching for is that nice volume push over 100 million shares of total volume to continue on that trend, i think you're, i'm more inclined to believe you're gon na have a green day tomorrow. I've said this before right when i think it's gon na be a red day.

I'll just tell you when i think it's gon na be a green day. I'll just tell you and i think, you're more inclined to believe and see a green day come in the next trading day, especially considering that we had such a beautiful day we're up 2.44 in the after hours. Right now, just pushed over 49 a nice clean move over 50 bucks. My friends is gon na bring you to the next level of resistance which is right.

Around here adds man, that's crazy, that's so cool about 52 and a half dollars, and it could easily crush that. So the reason i think you saw such a nice move from 40 all the way up to almost 50, because there's not a lot of price action here. Most of the price action was very volatile. There's not a lot of floor and when there's a lot of floor, lock consolidation a lot of this stuff.

It takes more time and more pressure to break through those walls. Well, a lot of walls here right, not a lot of price action between these zones, which is why it was easy to knock down so you're watching, for if you break 50, bucks holds 50 bucks 52 and a half ish dollars is the next level of resistance. Until you get to the top of that overall trading zone, which is 60 dollars right right back to square one, it just gave you a nice freaking, cheap, tasty discount to buy some shares at and if you were able to freaking congratulations i mean that's almost half Price 60 bucks compared to 39 half price. I've said this on twitter.

I've said it before i'll say it again. Price is psychological. If you think a stock is worth x, but it's actually trading at x, minus y. Why get worried man? I don't even mean that pun, i didn't mean that pun.

Why get worried you shouldn't be? You should be getting excited rubbing your freaking hands together going let's eat this fear man, because that's what this was. I understand hard times come. You got ta weather hard times. If you have true conviction, you've done your research.

You know the price that you're willing to sell this at you. Just got ta hold it on man, you got ta, be patient, and this is the game of patience. It is right, get excited, be happy about green days, but also be ready to weather red days, because you're gon na have more of those you're gon na have more green days. You have more red days, they all make the journey, freaking, beautiful and sweet and that's kind of what i've got for this entire video.

I want to finish this off by just talking briefly about my medical stuff, because i don't want a pity party, at least bit. That's why i saved it for the end of the video, but i do need to say this because i have to prioritize myself to some extent. My medical situation is really complex and there's a real risk of me going blind. I have to.

I have to admit that i got to be real and top that off with essentially my heart problems that i've been dealing with there's a lot of stuff on my plate right now. So, if i'm not as active on twitter and i'm not as active on youtube, i'm not putting out two videos a day, maybe some days i only put on one so i'm gon na try most days get out two, but some days i might only put out One maybe it'll be a day where i miss you know understand where that's coming from. I can't give anything to you. If i'm not giving anything to myself, you know.

I can't if i have nothing left to give, there's nothing there i'd much rather provide you guys. Real valuable, you know information myself, real, valuable me so that you guys are pulling something away from that. You know uh, i'm i'm doing my best to really keep to grips and handle the situation, but there's hard times. You know so all that i ask for some understanding if i'm not online as much some days.

You know, i'm not even saying i'm gon na just freaking drop off the planet, but that's something i need to kind of you know put out there because it's legit it is. You know i i'm actually a little bit nervous, i'm nervous with uh how this uveitis stuff is is going and it's it's a lot of appointments and a lot of medical. You know i've. I've been in a doctor's office, literally the last five straight days.

It's a lot of stuff, so patience, some understanding, uh 95 of people are awesome about that, and i don't even know why i'm bringing it up - maybe just maybe just uh, because i'm worried about it, but nonetheless that's the last little piece i want to put up With this video, that's what i've got for you guys so blah blah blah. Let's go drop a like one of my friends catch on the next one light taps little heavier light; taps no, lighter taps later, all right catch on the next one, much love and peace.

By Trey

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