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Ken griffin td ameritrade, both of these are very interesting situations where we appear to have two individual circumstances. That may not be a coincidence, ken griffin fleeing the country td, ameritrade being tied to a building that was burned to the ground, perhaps intentionally check out this video. We're going to talk about that here today. Hope you all enjoy it much love late tips.

It is a beautiful day, i'll tell you what i'm really excited to talk about this stuff. I know there's this is circulating around twitter, pretty heavily uh and i'll. Give you guys the the gist of it but uh. I want to dive into these documents personally with you guys and kind of walk through.

What's what's sort of happening here, uh, but td ameritrade, i don't know, there's some sketchy sort of stuff. That's happening right now, i'll tell you that i'll tell you that there's uh there's news of essentially a building burning down to the ground right now and i'm gon na i'm gon na pull up a tab just so that you can see this then we're gon na Dive into a legal document just so that you can see exactly what i'm talking about here, but check this out. This is coming from nazim complete credit to him. This is why i retweeted him before i even started to discuss this uh.

He found this document as well, and people in the comments section were very, very helpful. I find it fascinating how twitter is able to do an investigation worthy of probably the department of justice uh in the matter of hours once uh, once news comes out i'll tell you what the power of the internet is beautiful. It is quite the beast. It is quite a beautiful thing, but you see this.

The doj announces about an ongoing investigation into short selling in an off-site document storage facility burns outside of chicago illinois, weird, how that works, huh, weird, how the doj suddenly says we're kind of investigating we're looking into some different stuff. We want to see what's going on and uh out of nowhere, you see, you see a building stacked to the ceiling with documents burned to the ground, guess who's who the facilities connected to td ameritrade. A lot of the records are stored at that facility yup coincidence and on this document that he shared. I wanted to find the actual document myself just to make sure that these screenshots were from the same document, because we cannot see that with our own eyes.

Right. All that you see is the address, and then you see uh td ameritrade farther up in the in the document, not necessarily right here on this page, even uh. So i decided to dig deep. I wanted to figure out what's going on with this uh with this td ameritrade stuff and make sure that it wasn't just a bunch of because we've seen it we've seen, we've seen news, we've seen uh we've seen stuff, that's kind of goofy.

So, let's just do a brief investigation into what this is. So if you look up 1200 humbrok circle uh, you can see that this this building has uh burned. Mysteriously to the ground check this out. Bartlett firefighters battling large warehouse fire document storage facility.

Bartlett firefighters battling large warehouse fire at document storage facility watch, live, firefighters are battling. A massive fire had destroyed a warehouse at the brewster creek business park in west, suburban bartlett. Chopper 7 was over the scene at access. A secured document storage facility in the 1200 block of humbrot circle just after 4 p.m.

I actually know a couple people, ah there's a dude who i play fasmaphobia with on twitch at night uh his name's sas. He lives uh. I think 20 minutes from this location. That's actually pretty wild to me.

He is very, very, very, very close to this uh and he's within striking distance. This is real stuff. The smoke from the fire was so intense. The plume was visible on abc 7's live doppler 7 max weather radar.

The bartlett fire department said its entire force is responding to the scene and it's not yet released any information in a statement, access that all its employees evacuated the building and are safe, weird, how they all knew that there was a fire that somehow you know a Building that completely burned to the ground, there was nobody injured and there was nobody killed. I don't know - and we read on the company added - that it is working with local authorities to determine the cause of the fire, so either a they are actually looking into the cause of the fire. This is a complete accident or b they're, damn good storytellers, but the address for this building is 1200 block of humbroc circle, just after 4 p.m. Right, so what do we see in common here? Well, this bartlett 1200 blah blah blah started yesterday at 6, 07 pm.

You see uh this tweet come out 1200 humbrok circle uh, and you see a picture of the building literally burning to the ground, with tons of documents in there lots and lots boxes, full of documents containing i'm sure, sensitive data and information uh, and these two screenshots. So the actual pdf that's being referenced here. Is this one right here so if you'd like to read this yourself feel free to do so, you can fact check me we're all about fact. Checking here right, get stuff wrong, uh.

Who knows what happens, but this seems pretty damning. So what this this is saying is uh right here: uniform application for investment advisor registration report by exempt reporting advisors. You can see this right here. Full legal name of td ameritrade td ameritrade is very obviously the party involved in this 149 page legally tying document to the sec.

May i add, there's some weight to that right. Your name's on a piece of paper, that's associated with the sec. You can then, therefore assume that there's some sort of tie uh legally, where you're not really allowed to lie uh. These documents are actually the way that people were able to find uh jim chanos's twitter account because he was hiding behind a twitter account where his name wasn't public.

However, jim chanos had to register his twitter account with the sec and that twitter account was actually verifiably tied to jim chanos, so people were able to deduce that just based on the fact that it's an illegally tied sec document. Well, you continue down this uh. This article to page 17., we're going to come down here to page 17., there's an interesting little piece of information that uh that is tied to the document check this out location of books and records, section one dot, l dot. You can see a couple different addresses here check this out.

The first one is 607 lambert point drive city, hazelwood, state missouri, they've got uh, they've got some some information over. Here you go down one more. You see this off-site storage facility for records not required to be kept on site name of entity where books and records are kept access, numbered street 1200 hum bract circle, city, bartlett, state, illinois, united states. It is the exact same information handled by a third party.

Unaffiliated record keeper, this address is undeniably without a shadow of a doubt, legally tied. So the only way this is not somehow tied to tdm ameritrade is if this sec document this legally binding document, is absolute croaks, it's it's. If it's right, that is some wild stuff, like the fact that this isn't already been deduced like i, i refuse to believe that, if the internet, if twitter could figure out within a couple hours within a day of this building being set ablaze, that it was somehow Tied to td ameritrade, i refuse to believe that the people who are being reported - the information - do not have access to knowing this like. How could you not especially if you've been in the area? I'm sure you know a guy who knows a guy? Who knows a guy who knows a guy's cousin? You know those guys stepmom and those guys stepmom's son, that worked at that building in chicago illinois at 1200, humbrok circle, bartlett uh, other piece of information that i found interesting.

This is coming from the same guy nazim. So this one i can't verify - i don't know, i'm actually a little bit skeptical of this. I'm not gon na lie to you. I want to talk about it nonetheless, because who knows it could be something, and if people have information, please share it in the chat.

I would love to read it uh, but this is from the same account breaking news. Ken griffin has fled the country like a little kevin griffin. In case you do not know. I'm assuming most people know is the ceo of citadel.

He runs the the company, he runs the the market maker, he runs the hedge fund. He is the mastermind that the ultimate villain that uh that plays out in this storyline uh there's a picture of a private plane. You would assume leaving from chicago coming out of the country uh. You can see the type 2012 bombardier bd 700 global 6500 kp holdings, llc uh.

So the only thing that i can think of is if this kp holdings llc is somehow tied to uh ken griffin. So we can just check this out. Oh what that can't be no way no way. No, what are we living in? What kind of world is this chat? Please give me a reason right now.

Give me a reason why i shouldn't believe what i'm seeing. Please give me a single reason. Give me a one reason to believe that this isn't legit, please please. This is really damn hard to look away from kp holdings llc leaving from chicago plane flying out of the country.

We don't know why he's flying out. We can't prove anything right when did this happen, when did he leave? This was on february 3rd 2022 and then this next tweet came out 12 hours ago, dude two-hour time difference what boys girls, what the is happening. How is this? How is this? What what what come on come on? That's a little strange, that's sauce, that is sus. That is really really sus, boys and girls.

I don't know ken griffin's tied to kp holdings llc. Let me just walk you through this check this out. This is open corporates uh this. This was established 28 january 2003 about 19 years ago.

You can see the company name, kp holdings, llc edition of officer, kenneth c griffin member. This was on uh, 2020 uh december 29th, up until 2021 january 5th, i'm assuming it was the last day this was updated. Ken griffin is really tied to this. That's pretty wild, i don't know man, i don't think you can you.

Can you can't assume you can't assume that he's directly tied to that building burning to the ground, but it is strange. I'm not gon na lie that an entire t, ameritrade facil, associated building, is burning to the ground and within 24 hours, ken griffin's flying out of the country, or at least somebody that ken griffin is associated with you'd, have to assume maybe ken's not on the plane. But if he's associated with kp holdings, maybe it's somebody that ken griffin's associated with that's on the plane - i don't know that's some wild stuff. We are watching what this is simulation.

This is a simulation dude holy crap, bro bro come on. This is some tinfoil hat stuff. We can't make any assumptions right. This is in fact this is opinion.

This is probably some sea tier seater uh evidence. It's just stating out two facts right. We see two facts here. We see that that kp holdings is associated with ken griffin.

Kp holdings also has a plane that left from chicago and is clearly going out of the country. Maybe ken griffin was on the plane. Maybe he was not. We also see within 24 hours that a building associated with td ameritrade in chicago, which is also where ken griffin is from burned to the ground, which is also a storage facility.

You can see this based on the overall document in which we just highlighted off-site storage facility for records not required to be kept on site 1200 humbrok circle, third-party unaffiliated record keeper. That's us baby, z, tier yeah, oh baby. You already know you already know: dude boys and girls. Do me a favor, please, please do me a favor this guy.

This guy deserves a like on these tweets. His truth is stranger than fiction. Trey says ryan, bro you're, not even wrong. I mean we just live in the most strange times.

It's honestly, it's honestly just mind-blowing that this is real life. I mean think about this. Think about how crazy the last year of shenanigans has been that we have kind of been living through. I mean we've really been living through some wild stuff.

You watched hundreds of millions and billions of dollars get thanos snapped out of existence january 2021 a year ago, right a year and a month ago. That is insane that, like just think about the the the weight that that carries how crazy that is, because that's millions of people who just bam, evaporated money, evaporated out of your hands. That, in and of itself, is like a simulation. That seems like something that would be in a movie, but that was real life.

That's not fiction! That's truth. Movies will be made about that. Talking about the experiences that we, the people retail investors have lived through. That is insane to me.

I mean think about that. Think about that single fact alone, and then you look at other stuff. I mean i think, about this a lot you look at facebook, which i talked about yesterday on my stream and the fact that they just evaporated 25 of their total market cap of what at the time was eight huh, no, oh yeah, 800 billion dollars now they're A 562 billion dollar market cap they just poof hundreds of billions of dollars, gone just like that toasted. It's insane.

I mean we're living in some crazy, crazy times guys and you throw in some of these crazy world events. Uh, ukraine, russia, china, the united states sending soldiers into europe. You've got uh inflation in turkey. At 50, 49 you've got uh, you've got jerome powell doing absolutely insane.

Flip-Flopping between hawkish and davis. You've got you've got uh. I can't even guys this is. This is a developing story that i think deserves some attention.

Uh and i tweeted out both of these different reference points, so nazim uh finding this he is the original right. I give absolute credit to this guy. I take none of it. I wouldn't have even known this existed if he didn't post this story uh.

I just dived into it further to to check and see if this was all legit before speaking on it and the documents check out. It looks pretty legit uh and nothing is ever a coincidence. So nazim you got that absolutely nailed on the head. That is some damn good information, my guy uh worth sharing without a doubt.

So there you go.

By Trey

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