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There are certain things in life that are known certainties. The sun is likely to go up when the sun goes up. The moon is probably going to go down. I will probably take a in the morning or have some sort of caffeine and there'll always be another coin.

Well, just as we just spoke of uh, we have another one of those coins sort of on our table here today, and that is what i would like to discuss. You guys kind of know my opinions on cryptocurrency uh. I think that the space is sort of plagued in a way by a lack of regulation, a lack of punishment. I think the wheels of justice kind of have to spin a little bit quicker to put some pressure on projects like this that exist uh, and because of that, i keep my hands clean from the whole space.

I want nothing to do with cryptocurrency until i i i can see that sort of the problems that exist are gone uh, and i always ask myself this question. I think this is a good question to ask: is what intrinsic value is this going to be providing for me? Well, the amc token at face value. If you're just to see this, you can see. They've got 10 000 followers they're following 557 people, uh they're tweeting.

About this token, that's gon na be coming out in uh april of 2022 uh. You look at this. You kind of sort of take a spot, look at it and you might think 10 000 followers. They look pretty legit whatever uh, but it's not that simple and to me the interactions on this, the engagement on their tweets and sort of what you would get back from a twitter audit uh is alarming, first off a lot of people kind of found out about This, this posted up by yahoo finance uh today april 13th, at 10 35 a.m.

The apes movement community announces the official debut of the amc token. First off this headline kind of i don't know, i don't know about this. Dude the apes movement community announces. I don't recall anybody announcing this and kind of right off the bat where i was floored and where i felt very weird, is i hadn't read about this on twitter one time until this this article it came out and if i have not heard about it or You have not heard about it and you keep up with twitter.

You keep up with reddit, you keep up with this and that you're just trying to stay in the loop. Whatever uh, you probably would have gotten some sort of inkling. If this was a true community member trying to create an amc token right, uh didn't hear that's kind of a red flag right off the bat you can read this. You can essentially see the amc.

Token is going to be uh. It's going to go, live they're, going to try to sell this coin. That's going to have a fair launch event: uh, no pre-sale initial coin, offering seed round blah blah blah blah blah just kind of describing what this is gon na look like as it launches uh and right right. When i see this, i'm thinking to myself, this is kind of weird man, so alpaca who happens to be my assistant, quick story uh, my my assistant, my my line, guy he's a he's, a great guy, his name's alpaca, and he has a connection with one of The producers at yahoo finance the guy's name's kevin uh, not throwing him under the bus.

Maybe he had absolutely no affiliation with sort of what happened here, uh with this article coming out, but he reached out to him a good couple hours ago. Maybe three four hours ago, we have not heard back, but we informed them uh that we believe this to be a high risk. Scam, high risk rug, pull sort of situation, and we did tell them they're going to be making a video about this. So hopefully, they're able to address this situation moving forward as to me, this is a little bit irresponsible.

I feel like yahoo finance if they had done uh what took alpaca five minutes to do. They would probably see that this is likely not a very safe investment, and this sort of to me just kind of opens up the door for those who, maybe don't know any better, to dump money into something that ultimately is going to get rug pulled. You want an example of a rug pull and what could happen here. Just look in the cryptocurrency market.

Probably the most famous one is the squid coin: rug, pull uh! There's you can. You can see beautiful pictures of this all over the internet and this happens very very, very frequently across uh. This isn't even squid coin, but whale farm token, for example, rug pulled this happens all the time lots of coins get rug, pulled uh, and i personally would would be pretty nervous about that exact risk taking place with uh with this one. So what do we? Do? You kind of look at this twitter.

You look at what kind of is happening right now and you look at their tweets. Let's just pick a random tweet, you can see. They've got 10 000 followers and four likes on this tweet and who's sort of replying to these tweets, yeah kind of a bot looking guy kind of a bot looking guy kind of a bot great project mate. Let's talk send me a dm.

I have a large number of verified people to do the promos. For you this sounds pretty authentic, legit. 273. 000 followers.

This guy has uh very little engagement as well. You can only imagine what joy crypto is doing on on the the project here. Uh, let's go up and check on another one truth will prevail. Glad people are kind of picking up on this by the way uh.

You just have some really interesting. You know engagement that is taking place with these tweets uh some verified accounts, commenting that you got ta wonder where the these these guys got the their their platform in the first place: tick: tock, tick, tock, like look at this juan hernan la fauci, uh, uh, uh, Uh julio, who the are these people, who are you who are you? Why are you paying attention to this project? How have i never seen you in the amc community once and you're promoting this coin? You know a lot of red flags here, so you look at this. You look at their engagement. You look at the very little sort of engagement they're.

Getting you look at sort of well. This is obviously not a bot. Eric is paying attention here. Rug, pull! Scam! Token, scam, token pump and dump amazing.

I would like to contact you. Could you send me come on, so you look further check this out. You look at the the twitter audit. The website is

You pump in this uh this username this handle and what this website will tell you is that 5879 of these followers are fake, uh, maybe right off the bat they decided. They want to pay for good engagement. Good followers good likes good comments, whatever uh very possible, who knows, but at the end of the day, what i'm looking at right now is is over half of their followers are just fake followers how's that possible very easy to go online and buy followers. If you want to do something like that, and this to me, i mean i'm glad this is still 18 days away, so we can just crush this thing, while it's still trying to get its feet off the ground.

This to me is just sketch i mean it's super super sus, uh and it doesn't take. I mean i don't even probably need to say this people are already on top of it, but for those who maybe don't know, uh always ask this question. What is the intrinsic value behind what i am holding right now? Will this have any sort of disruption in the market? Is this gon na actually do something for me, uh whatever i think i mean this. This amc token we might as well change the name to ass mega.

The ass mega token take that logo off there and represent that community, because we don't want you to we don't even watch you remotely close to our stuff. You know uh these guys. These guys follow me right now. I think maybe they're trying to get.

I don't know some engagement from me, uh positive, wise, not gon na happen. This is just sketch, so i wanted to throw that out there i had. I had different plans for today's video but uh. I i feel that this is probably important to discuss uh, because i really don't want people getting kind of leeched off of here.

So there's that there's kind of there's kind of the update on on this. Not much more really needs to be said. This is already fishy. If i hear anything from uh kevin from yahoo finance i'll, let you guys know uh, pretty self self self.

Explanatory, straightforward, no name no face. Doesn't follow anybody really in the movement no affiliation with the movement? The people commenting on this have no affiliation with the with the movement. It is just uh and that's kind of what i got for this video so yeah there you go appreciate you all. I hope you had a great day: i'm gon na eat some reese's sticks and uh, that's about it.

Catch y'all. Later much love.

By Trey

28 thoughts on “These guys are trying to scam you”
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    Now i need 27 likes and 22 replies on how good Dude Bro is

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    Surely AMC should take legal action against the token and the media pushing it

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  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Piccleman says:

    You'd probably bring more attention to this if you didn't make the title of this video so vague. Might wanna at least put the name of the coin in it

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