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Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, wan na start off the video with a little bit of perspective. Ah today was an extremely extremely red day in the market. One like we haven't seen in a minute. To be honest, i mean that's just a doom doom candle to be quite frank, uh, and i wanted to give some perspective on amc right, uh, something i find to be pretty interesting.

If you look back on that june run up and what happened before, that june run up right, you look at all this ping ping-pong ping-pong, ping-ponging back and forth on the candles uh you're gon na notice, one thing in terms of data and similarities to the data That we have uh presently right now, right. One of them is that the utilization was 100. The days to cover, which is the actual short interest divided by the average daily volume over a given period of time, is two plus meaning that it's very difficult for shorts. To cover positions, it would take over two days presently for uh all shorts that are presently in the stock to get out based on the average volume that we see every day, and the shares on loan is about 130 million total shares some of these metrics actually, By the way, days to cover is slightly higher than we saw back in june, and the shares on loan also just slightly higher than we saw back in june uh.

And i want to start off the video with this, because i think it's important to keep that perspective when you're looking at the broad market right now, the broad market sort of being the core difference, the core denominator. That's that's changing the game, changing the outcome! Uh! That's really the only difference. The difference is the broad market. Amc is in a better shoe than it was uh in june of 2021.

Fundamentally speaking, it's in a better technical shoe than it was back in june of 2021. The difference is the broad market, and i wanted to be able to talk about that uh, as that is important before we get into this video guys. How are we doing it's your portrait from traceroute coming back with another video and thank you for watching our expert. So take whatever you see the greatest salt uh, let's get into this beast, we've got a couple different things to talk about.

I am actually going to split up two different videos today. Second, one will be coming out after this talking about uh the fed the the broad market, because i think that deserves to be a video in and of itself uh. But there's a couple of things that i wanted to discuss specifically for uh amc, melvin capital uh. This this goofy chicken, this guy uh, is such a meatball.

I mean i look at him and you just think to yourself, man uh. All these guys wearing suits what the heck are. They doing. I mean they're supposed to be there to beat the market, and i had this conversation in my discord.

The other day i found this be pretty interesting. The one there was a there was a guy. I think his name was apollo. Apollo was in discord with me and we were discussing sort of the the current situation with hedge funds and the shift that's taking place and what he meant by that.

What we meant by that is, there are less retail investors, depending on melvin capital, on the citadels onto this, on the that to manage their money. There's something really cool happening over the last two years where people have been starting to manage their own money uh, and no wonder why? Because you look at this this, this freaking chicken right here - gabe platkins, melvin capital reboots, after crushing string of losses, this guy has done nothing but lose money, and i think back on when citadel gave him a two billion dollar cash infusion, and i think to myself Why why even bother? Why why give this gambling addict any money at all he's? Obviously he does and he doesn't know what he's doing. I mean you're, just shorting the wrong stocks, especially now you look at the market. Melvin capital is infamous for shorting the stock uh stock market lots of stocks.

What are you doing? I mean this is: there's been lots of opportunity to make your money back shorting stocks, you look across the board at a lot of different names. How are you losing? How are you losing, i don't understand, how are you, how are you losing as a short seller right now? Are you buying literally the only are you shorting, the five, only green stocks in the market right now? What the? What do you do? It doesn't make any sense and what really blows my mind here uh this is a talks by the way this is not confirmed. This does not mean that it's going to happen uh. But what blows my mind here? Are investors? You look at melvin capital.

You look at sort of the situation right now and the investors that have put money into this hedge fund to manage for them all right. What are you, what are you doing? What are you doing if i was these guys, he'd be suing people? I mean if you think about this from the outside. Looking in, if you were to uh, take somebody's money and lose it, they can sue you. You know if you were to manhandle manhandle, i don't know.

I said that twice manage uh somebody's money you get sued. If i was the investors in this in this hedge fund and you see melvin capital trying to just say. Ah, you know what we kind of messed up. It is what it is and move on and start a new company i'd be going for a class action.

I mean, i really think there's a case here for a class action and i doubt anybody that's watching this uh has money invested in melvin capital, but if you do uh, maybe worth looking into, i don't know - maybe maybe maybe stewie can give you a little bit Of a heads up, maybe stewie, can can help you get a little bit of a start on that. A little bit of a class-action lawsuit, maybe brian, maybe brian - will give you a little bit of money to help you out with this thing uh. I i just think this is hilarious. I mean you look at this uh and you you look at the fact that uh these investors have just gotten screwed and it makes you just ask questions man.

It makes you wonder how these guys can get away with this and just and just move on as if nothing happened and try to start over. I actually have an active bet going in case you're curious. I'm gon na pull this up with uh rensol he's part of the the gamestop community and i'm gon na show you guys this here really quick uh regarding uh, whether or not investors will pull out check this out. While these guys can just lose all the money, their investors gave them and get to say.

Well, let's try again uh renzel commented as you can see right here, and he said this. The investors could choose to keep their money out or reinvest want to do a bet on if they will or not - and i said man - i got money on them, keeping it in all right. I'll, take the other side, then losers. Uh loser pays first round of beers screenshot waiting patiently.

If i lose, i got you on some whiskey, so i guess we'll see what happens? Man it's a it's! A goofy situation brings me to the next thing: cnn, plus cnn, plus uh. This. This actually makes me smile man, i i i i when i saw this, i let out the most maniacal diabolical laugh that you could have possibly imagined uh reading this freaking hilarious, article, uh cnn, plus in case you're curious, is expected to shut down how much money Got pushed into cnn plus which, by the way, is a streaming company a streaming service that was supposed to perhaps put out movie theater business movie theaters were supposed to die because of streaming. Well guess what you you're, going out of business warner, bros discovery expected to shut down cnn plus this made me smile, like you, wouldn't believe, and what this is really representative up to me.

You've seen a lot of things come out the last couple of days. You watch netflix absolutely burn to the ground and i i really hope some people said trey. Would you play calls on the bounce of netflix? My answer was no. I personally would not uh and i i hope that nobody else did.

Of course it's your money. You do what you got to do, i'm not telling you to buy, i'm not telling you to sell, but uh netflix, not doing great disney, not doing great cnn plus expected to go out of business, not doing great uh, and on top of that you look at Mainstream media and sort of the traditional media newspapers uh the news streaming services, all these different things that were sort of an outlet for media to try and wrap your head around the retail public's head around whatever they want you to believe it seems to be dying Dying - and that is such a breath of fresh air - i mean genuinely - i - i am so jacked to see this, because that means that retail, the little guy genuinely is gaining some control here. I've said this for a while, and i truly truly do believe it. I do think that the future is not going to be in the hands of these guys.

I don't know how long it will take, maybe years whatever, but once upon a time uh a couple months back four or five months back, i was offered a job to work for a mainstream media company and i turned it down. You know. I don't know why. Two main reasons, one, i think they're gon na die and two i think, there's scum, take that for what it is with that being said, that's all i got ta say about cnn plus.

I thought that was interesting. Uh. I wan na talk the most about amc, because amc has a very interesting uh sort of setup right now, and i've talked about this many many times. If you haven't seen the video uh check out my theory, the the title of the video, i'm just gon na pull this up here, really quick.

The title of the video is, if you're gon na watch any of my videos watch this one. It's talking about call options, put options, uh differential in terms of premium cost and what you're gon na notice right now, if you watch that video is that i pay very close attention to the cost of calls versus puts, and one thing that caught my eye right Now is, if you look at the at the money strikes, meaning that the the strike price is about equal to whatever the current stock price is. You will find that calls are actually more expensive than puts. You can look at one strikeout, you're, gon na see the 16 and a half's or 27 cents for puts you see they're 36 cents for calls.

You go out. Another one 13 cents for puts you go out for calls it's 21 cents. All this to say. Why is this important right? It's important, because this means it is going to be more profitable for market makers who sell calls sell, puts to start selling puts to start collecting premium on puts now.

What does this mean in the grand scheme of things right? Well, if i was to draw this out, let's just extend this chart a little ways out uh if they started to collect premiums on, puts right here right what i would expect to start happening, and this is starting to coil up. It's been building for a couple days now the imbalance towards puts versus calls now, which is actually inherently bullish. What i would expect to happen is a gradual push back up, because this is inherent uh. Buying pressure selling puts is buying pressure because they want the stock price to go up max payne is going to gravitate towards that lower end of the spectrum uh, which is the put side, and that is inherently bullish.

This is a good thing. This is genuinely a good thing. This is what i wanted to see a couple weeks back when i made that video, because this is going to change the way that the stock moves to the upside in a very, very positive way. And i wanted to mention that, because, coincidentally amc is in what i would consider to be a load zone, i'm going to bring back up uh everything that had drawn out you're going to look at this really quick and, like i mentioned before, i am going to Talk about the spy, because the spy uh had a lot to do with sort of what happened here today in a video after this, but uh market was red today drastically red spy was down uh.

Let me find the ticker quick. It was down 1.5 on the day and iwm is down even more right. This drags everything down, especially amc, and even considering that it really was not that much pain. I mean this is a very strong day coming out of amy and i think a lot of that has to do with the imbalance and the fact that it is in what i would consider to be a load zone.

This is not the time. In my humble opinion, i would not be looking at the chart right now and thinking uh. Oh, this is gon na start going down drastically for a very long time. I really don't actually see that unless, in one scenario, the spy continues to die, uh spy die spy continues to sell off for just a month.

Two months three months is going to drag down amc and every everything else with it i mean in this situation. I've used this analogy before uh, but that is a tidal wave coming in, and this is the shoreline and on that shoreline you just got a bunch of freaking houses, and every single house represents different companies that are going to get hit by this wave right. That's the situation where i think this strength zone is not going to matter much but uh. I i genuinely believe this is a pretty solid spot to be in there's a lot of strength, there's a lot of price action and, more importantly, there's a lot of volume.

Uh between that 12 to 16 range - and what i mean by that is a lot of people - have an average price in that 12 16 range uh, which holds up the stock. That's a lot of strength to hold up the ticker uh and i personally believe this is a pretty solid, looking opportunity for a bounce uh. If i had to take a stab at it, you know going into tomorrow. The spy has to have some sort of green day for amc to truly be green, quote unquote, uh.

But i i'm very happy, i'm very happy to see this imbalance starting to take place on the options chain, because that is going to gravitate to stock up. It is don't look like right now, right, uh, don't look like it right now, because the spy just had the worst day possible. I mean this is genuinely what what what today had to do, uh with the stock price, but you take this factor out right. You take that out, you put this green day in place and i think it would have been up four five, six seven percent today right and i think that time is coming, so i wanted to to gravitate back towards perspective right.

Let's talk about perspective here. Remember what i just mentioned at the beginning of the video utilization on this maxed out days to cover on this very high two plus this is higher than it was back in june, when we ran shares on loan slightly higher than back in june. When we ran the difference, is the broad market, the setup is there, the call options chain uh has decreased in price, puts are more expensive that is going to make market makers want to start selling puts. This is inherently all good things.

The difference is the market. You are waiting on the broad market to give some life into small, mid caps, and amc is going to do what she's going to do. I'm telling you i i i can say this with a high level of certainty. The spy stops die and amy will rise.

Call me eminem i'll catch. You all later appreciate you much lovely taps. Peace.

By Trey

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