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Good after evening, beautiful, ladies and germs, is your boy, trey, jermaine, cowman, xiaoming collins, coming back again here with trace trades to give you another freaking, video and i'll. Tell you! What are you guys, sick of these silly chicken citadel securities vlad tenef? All these big players trying to back up all this nonsense taking place saying: oh it never happened, it never did well. I've got some interesting stuff for you and i want to talk primarily about insider trading today before we actually get started in the video i've done. A little bit of digging in terms of some previous insider trading, uh studies that have been done and that's what i would consider the citadel securities and robin hood debacle that you watched take place back in january.

It was insider training, they had information that was not readily available to the public. They decided to hit the freaking kill button and it wiped out millions of people's freaking portfolios in the blink of an eye, and that sort of thing happens very freaking frequently, and i want to show you something here really quick. I think the best way that i can highlight this is by showing you something and uh talking about some different statistics, so we're gon na start off the video right here right right, but this study looked at deals from 1996 to 2012, which is as long as I've ever seen anybody try to do it. They looked at stock options.

In particular, it's probably the most detailed mathematically, statistically significant study. That's ever been done. They came to the conclusion just on the statistics that the the sample they discovered literally, would be three and a trillion like winning the lottery for them to be wrong, in terms of the rate to to claim that it was random. That's just random, but - and it's just it's remarkable, my question is 25.

How does the sec decide, which ones well that's to go after that's one of the things that actually came out in the study, which was they compared their own results with all the litigation the securities pursued during that time period, and what you realize is the sec Is only finding going after a small group of it, they mostly go after deals that are huge um, probably for headline uh for headlines or famous people famous people, we've talked obviously about mickelson and whatnot and clearly that's how they seem to approach it. For some reason they like to go after companies or deals where the buyer, if the buyer is a foreign buyer, there's actually a stronger likelihood, the sec uh will come out will pursue it. What they miss. What the sec misses routinely is deals that can announced, but then collapse and aren't completed later, so people may trade on inside information ahead of an announcement.

If the deal doesn't happen, the sec, almost it's like they put blinders on and forget that it never happened because they figure you get. Oh man three and a trillion chance for you not to make money based on insider trading. Insider information, let that freaking sink into your head, i think that's a great way to start the video. So before we get started.

What is up, everybody want to trace traders where we can talk faster, don't skip class, i'm going to purpose by saying i'm not a fun advisor expert, so take away, say the greatest self. Let's get into the video. So today, my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang as you can see by the title. I want to talk about what's happening here with robin hood, with uh citadel, with with vlad 10 of kenny griffin, all these freaking big players coming out and claiming as if none of these things ever freaking happen, because you have a plethora of examples to dig through And the most important thing that i can tell you right now is any person who's committed, a major major crime, the layman brothers, a couple different studies that i'm going to show you guys they're, never going to come straight up and tell you just clear as day.

I committed this crime. Put me in prison. They're gon na bet that they're lawyers, which they've paid millions of dollars, i would assume, are gon na be able to freaking bail them out and i'm gon na walk you through a couple different things here. So before we get started, i want to talk about how many people think the stock market's rigged, because, ultimately to me, that's what i'm fighting for that's what a lot of people are fighting for and it's over half nearly 50 percent of americans now say the stock Market is rigged against individual investors and what's the reasoning for that right? Well, you can look at freaking naked short selling.

You look at failure to delivers. You can look at infiltration, you look at the freaking headlines, but the the truth of the matter is it's the way that the whole system is systematically built right payment for order flow being the best way to profit within the stock market coming from people just simply Fulfilling trades that most of the time are already rigged because payment for order flow is often completed by people like citadel right who also trade in the markets. That's extra information. What i would consider to be insider trading conflict of interest right.

The whole system is built that way, and i want to show you a couple different things that uh have popped up, that, i think, are pretty freaking, scary and fascinating. I'm going to show you a couple different case studies right, here's one - and this i cannot believe has not been talked about more because it's just frankly outrageous federal reserve gets caught insider trading, zero punishment, given as of september 21st. This article came out about a week ago to think that such trading is acceptable because it is supposedly allowed by fed's. Current policies only highlights that the fed's policies are woefully deficient right.

You've got three different names here: powell held between 1.25 million and 2.5 million dollars of municipal bonds, boston, vet. President eric rosengren held between 151 and 800 grand worth of real estate investment trusts that own mortgage backed securities richmond fed. President thomas barkin held 1.35 million to 3 million in individual corporate bonds purchased before 2020. All this information based upon insider information, which then makes it insider trading you've, also got nancy pelosi right now.

This is a very famous individual who people just gravitate towards her trades because she never seems to be wrong because it's insider information, and also because it's insider freaking trading right one example. I've got a couple other ones, and these are more in line with what i have been talking about with citadel with vlad 10, that all the apes are freaking fixated on right. Here's this! This is what i've got for you there's five different case studies. I picked the two that i think are the most interesting i'm gon na start off with the less interesting one, and that is uh tiger asia management llc.

This happened back in 2014 is when this article was published and essentially i'll, just read. Some very brief points. In here, you've got tiger asia llc tiger asian management llc, who who had a president right? He was the manager of this whole freaking uh firm, and he got busted for insider trade. Now read this here: really quick, we're gon na go through it really fast bill sung hook, huang uh, kuk hwang is its founder and portfolio manager.

Taiga asia has no physical presence or employees in hong kong. In 2009 the hong kong securities and futures commission alleged integra asia had engaged in insider trading and price manipulation on chinese bank stocks. The insider trading took place between december 2008 and january 2009 and those are important dates right, but it's going to come back to that. The u.s securities and exchange commission sec began its investigation in october 2010, two years later, right, two years later and not until december of 2013 was a tiger asia case finally settled in both hong kong and the united states.

They pled guilty agreed to pay settlements for illicit gains of law enforcement, penalties issued by the sfc sec and u.s attorney's office for the district of new jersey, the hedge fund, which had returned an average annual gain of around 50 yadda yadda yadda, was given a serious And painful lesson for lucid trading activities by regulatory bodies both at home and abroad, and what you have here is very blatant: freaking, manipulation, stock price manipulation, insider trading. They get to make money, basically at the expense of things that other people will likely never know. Just because of the freaking shoes that they were in - and you saw that happen here with this guy right with with freaking bill, sung huang as the founder and portfolio manager of this specific firm. Do you think for a second, this guy ever thought once about coming out and freaking ratting himself, giving up all the money he made going and saying you know what screw you lawyer, i'm actually i'm actually just gon na eat the costs that i've already paid you And i'm gon na come out because uh, it's just the right thing to do these guys.

They don't do that they're, not gon na. Do that here's another one - and this is i actually like mark cuban right. You can take this with an absolute neutral sort of stance, but this is also insider trading, which is to a t right. I'd consider a very similar thing to what's happened with citadel and robin hood check this out in fall of 2008, the sec levied civil charges against mark cuban for legend insider trading.

Essentially, what you had happened here is mark cuban was invested in a company called right, you had the ceo come to mark cuban and he essentially told the guy hey, look we're going to be doing a an offering we're going to raise some capital they're Going to do a secondary equity offering in the near future, and they wanted him to buy some additional shares of the company so mark cuban uh thinking about his major stake in the company, which is 6.3 of the freaking company decides you know what i don't really Want to do that because i know the stock price is going to go down, so he liquidates he liquidates and the stock price. The next day drops 10 lower. Now i think, there's tears in terms of insider trading. They kind of put him in those shoes without really much of his decision being able to be made there.

He just had to make do with the information he had, so that could go either way right, but nonetheless mark cuban a guy that i would actually respect a pretty decent amount. Who, i think, is one of the better guys out there right committed to insider trading. Do you think he's ever going to come out straight forth and say i committed to insider trading i committed to something that is technically illegal. No he's not i've never heard.

I've never heard him say that right. Maybe he addresses it after the fact, but these guys right mark cuban i'd say as an asterisk right, but nonetheless these guys are not going to come out and straight forth. Tell you, i did something illegal put me in jail. Find me do what you got to do right: here's another one: u.s sec, charters, ex goldman compliance analyst with insider trading, this sort of stuff that was two hours ago.

You can find freaking articles like this, every god dang day guys i mean it is out there. It's out there, it's out there it's out there and ultimately that brings me back to this right. How does this relate to everything going on with robin hood and with citadel? Well, if you didn't see my last video, you haven't been keeping up. Essentially they they got busted with some pretty damning evidence saying: look, you guys lied.

You committed to perjury perjury being lying under, oh and that from the information that's available to us right now, it really sure does look that way. So this is actually coming from this article right here, i'm going to pull this out for you, so you can see it. This is an article called the united states district court, southern district of florida, the january 2021 short squeeze trading litigation. It is it's pretty legit stuff right, amended, consolidated class action, complaint deriving from this, and some really smart apes out there dug through this whole freaking document and found this.

What i would consider to be probably the most crucial part of that whole freaking document. According to former citadel security senior, vice president in an internal chat with central securities head of execution services on january 28th, and i'm going to come back to this that date at 1, 48 pm robin and moving the following equity positions to closing only amc, gma nokia, Bb naked cost express bbby all pco serial acknowledges may cause some big moves. When asked about options at 1, 55 pm, utc citadel stated options moving to closing only in all symbols i sold an essentially what that means is no stock, no options closing positions. Only then they say this robinhood new at the highest level of the company, that its risk management system was strained to the breaking point.

During the week of january 25th, roberto securities president and ceo james, jim smart. However, you say that lieutenant points to is making the ultimate call to pco says an internal chat. I sold my amc today fyi tomorrow morning we are moving gamestop to 100, so you are aware i sold my amc today. I sold my amc today.

I sold my amc today. He says right, look at this insider god, damn training there's no in between here. He had information made available to him and he decided. You know what i know: stock price is going to freaking tank, so i'm just i'm out, i'm out even after the nscc exercises, discretion to reduce the capital call to protect the system from robin hood's admitted default.

Robin hood held fast to its decision to implement a position closing on to policy deciding before 8 am pco top 4 symbols, blah blah blah blah. You guys can read it. We aren't paying three billion dollars worth each time, we're robbing a customer trades market makers such as citadel securities, actually buy or sell the shares and determine what price the customer gets determine what price the customer gets right. I want to come back to this because there's a couple of very important details in here.

On january 27th, we executed an astonishing 7.4 billion shares on behalf of retail investors. You see this we're gon na come back to the original freaking tweet cinderella. Securities did not ask robin or any other firm to restrict or limit his trading activity on january 27th. Well, let's look at this right.

What days are in here january 28th, according to former city security senior? Vice president internal chat with cinderella, securities head of execution services on january 28th at 1, 48 p.m. Robin hood moving the following equity positions. To closing only. Why would they know that if they did not speak to robin hood directly, there's no excuse absolutely none.

I have to see the most damning evidence in the world to believe for a single freaking. Second, this did not take place because this is out there. This is a freaking legit document. This is some real freaking stuff guys i mean that is out there.

That's out there, that's out there, that's out there and this sort of thing. My friends, i'm telling you right now, i'm a young kid, i'm 24 years old. I don't, i don't know much about the world, but i can't tell you this if i was in those shoes - and i knew that i messed up that bad and i screwed millions of people out of their money. I would never in a million years this guy.

If i was kenny griffin, what do you do you either put yourself in prison for life or you lie and guess what he's doing he's lying? He wouldn't go to prison for life, but you get my point i feel like he should. I feel like he stole. He stole from millions of people, you know and that's ultimately, what we come back to with freaking amc. Guys right, look back think back.

I think back all the freaking time, i'm so passionate about this stuff. I mean it's just got my freaking fury raging again, like i'm thinking about this and just the freaking conversations that had to have been had to kill the buy button back then to make these decisions and ultimately, what i think is still continuous efforts to push the Stock price down and i'm sure, i'm sure, they're much smarter. All these guys who knows these are all allegations, i'm sure they're being much smarter about the way they can conversate with each other. But nonetheless we come back to this insider trading.

The act of using information that is not readily available to the public happens every day. I am almost willing to guarantee it almost every single day these articles and studies out there endlessly. You could sit and read for 24 hours right, and this is an example of one that i think someday is going to end up in books. It's going to end up in movies.

It's going to be absolutely outrageous, and i'm telling you this right now. I want to be on a side of history that spoke out against that freaking nonsense and that's what i've got for this video, so blah blah blah. You know the whole spiel catch on the next one subscribe like the channel. Whatever you want to do, peace out.

My friends.

By Trey

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