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00:00 Intro - AMC, MULN, Small Cap Thesis
00:42 AMC - Batman
02:43 Gasparino, the Fruit Loop
04:06 AMC Channeling
05:06 Negative Beta
09:21 Ortex Data
17:19 Small Caps & Oil BOOM
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Good morning afternoon or evening, boys or girls, boys and girls, not boys or girls, how are we doing it's your boy, trey. I've got a couple different topics here today right, so we're going to go over uh sort of the the amc situation. I also want to touch on mullen because at the end of the day, uh the options chain right now is something absolutely worth looking into uh. I don't presently have a position tomorrow.

It's gon na stay that way, but i do want to discuss it and give you guys an update in terms of what that is actually looking like uh, so we're gon na go over that and then lastly uh the small mid cap thesis behind sort of uh. What is going to take the rotation into full effect? We're just going to touch on that. Give an update on that. So, if you want to look at all these things feel free to check out this video uh yeah it'd be pretty cool, so enjoy uh.

So with that being said, you know, i i think this ties into the small mid-cap thesis that i've got you know amc is going to tie into that batman. Obviously, uh could be some sort of a catalyst, but i stand by this. You know a lot of people could say yeah, but the movie could be what causes a decent sized move. You would need the movie to outperform every single other movie in history by 10x revenue on opening weekend to have that sort of impact, and it's not even because that's what it should take.

It's because, no matter what sort of good news or good catalyst this stock has whatever kind of earnings call it has nobody. The the people who short this are trying to push this down. The market makers have pushed this down the options chain, the short selling, the mainstream media bashing. All that stuff you got ta, have a lights out fundamental reason for this to keep moving just because they want to move it down.

So much that's really what it comes down to uh, but nonetheless i mean you look at batman opening weekend and uh. You can just see that this is performed very well uh. Let's check this out. The batman has a great opening weekend at the box office.

Despite not putting up spider-man numbers, what a dumbass article by the way, what like what? What is this this is like an oxymoron, i mean, that's just is just like a backhanded compliment. Not every movie can be spider-man. You can see the weekend grossing uh titles weekend. Gross domestic gross uh and the batman comes in at 128 million dollars across 4 417 theaters, which is absolutely crazy.

So it's done extremely well. You can see this right here. If you continue to read, there's never any question that matt reeves the batman would nominate dominate the field in the top 10 rankings. It was clear that the film will become the second since march 2020 to earn over 100 million dollars in its first three days, uh.

So fantastic numbers, you know, uh people will ask so i will easily easily say that uh that batman obviously will not cause some sort of major move, as we witnessed here today. There's too many things that are pulling the market in one direction or another is uh. Has he tweeted anything, no ways youtube got shut down again this guy literally just can't help himself. You just can't help himself bruh you watching the same market.

I am if you weren't in oil today everything was red. Go pick some other cherries, you froot loop, goddamn tingling, this guy. He just can't help himself. You know what this guy does.

Charles is on. The charlie, charlie gasparino is on the shooter and he says to himself. You know these stupid ass, amc apes. How about that? Gamma squeeze now how about that game of squeeze, even though you look at the the freaking spy in the morning, the market's down, how much? How much was it down the day? Three percent - and you want to go after some meme stock quote unquote, go look at the market.

What happened today! I mean it's very obvious: what's happening right now, this meatball, what a freaking, meatball god dang fruit, loop uh! Where are we at? I forgot? Oh yeah we're gon na look at amc's uh price right, we're gon na look at the chart because, after that i wanted to touch on a couple other things. If you look at this chart, the levels that amc's got to respect is still here. You know i've talked about this before i'll talk about it again, uh you, you got to keep track of uh the channel that we're trading right now, so this channel uh for amc for a girl, amy, is currently between about 15 bucks and some change, and about 18.50 and some change it's bounced back and forth. It's broken beneath this line a little ways.

It's broken above that line a little ways, and it always kind of comes back and we're stuck in this range bound training with these two key levels. Uh this. This green line, this red line, this white line and then the two boxes right, the two boxes: sort of representing a demand zone and a supply zone in which it keeps bouncing ping pong ping-ponging back and forth between until uh until it actually gets the move either Up or down above either of those lines, so where do we stand right? Where does amc stand? Where does amy stand until we actually end up getting the move that we want to see? Well, i think it's going to keep range bound trading truthfully until the uncertainties with russia end. The question that i have is is actually this.

This doesn't make any sense. This makes no sense right. So, let's talk about actually a pretty interesting statistic: uh with amc called negative beta. Now what is negative beta right? How does negative beta make any sense? We could go through all the details.

All the like, the x plus y minus z, plus the the elon's son's name or whatever the hell you know we can go through that, but let's just break it down psychologically speaking if beta equals market conditions, so to speak, right, uh market goes up. Stock goes up market up stock up right. That makes sense. What would that mean? Well, it would mean that the same buyers and sellers that are pushing the market up or down are the same buyers and sellers of any given stock.

Negative beta, then, would be the opposite of that. That's what negative means right so negative, beta meaning market up stock down, or vice versa, mark it down stock up. This would mean that the buyers and sellers of the current market are not the same. Do not equal the buyers and sellers of that x given stock now amc uh has been on and off a negative beta stock, and i want to ask you a really interesting question right, because this is this is what you're supposed to believe.

If this is the case right, if we are a negative beta stock, we are supposed to do the opposite of whatever the market does. We know that ninety percent of the stock is owned by retail investors, a ish ish, excluding etfs uh. As of the last earnings, call right, retail equals 90 of the float, so why the then does it move like the market? This is the question that we have to ask you guys right. Do you believe and write this in chat? Yes or no, do you believe that the current market right? Do you believe that the buyers of amc are also the buyers that are moving the spy up and down? If you do, then beta makes sense right, not having negative beta makes some sort of sense.

I can see that i can see that that could make sense at that point, but if you don't believe that this is what's supposed to happen, that's what's supposed to happen, which tells you the weight of this ten percent that moves the stock around you don't even Need this it's just greater than greater weight bearing and that ten percent than the ninety percent. This is a really good freaking question: why does the 10 percent move around amc so much that just doesn't? I don't understand, like that's something that i'm really not wrapping my mind around is amc, is literally the perfect stock to have negative beta because 90 of it's owned by retail investors that don't even freaking touch it. So, who knows maybe at some point the negative beta starts to make sense again. This is something that i believe you should be seeing.

You should be seeing this with amc but you're, not which means there's a couple different scenarios either a uh, i would say, there's probably three. A 90 is not retail right. That number could be wrong, but i believe this to be the least likely of the scenarios right. Adam aaron is legally tied to statements like this.

I don't believe he would state that, knowing that there could be legal ramifications of him lying about such a statement. He'd get in trouble for that right, b, uh, synthetics options, 10 percent, etc. Right. These three things are what are actually moving the stock price around, preventing it from being a negative beta, stock or c retail is beta.

We're not alpha. Retail is beta, meaning that we're buying the same stocks to move the s, p, 500 up and down on any given day, tesla, apple, etc, etc. Microsoft, all the big blue chips right. These are the three situations that i can personally see.

I don't think that it's a right that doesn't seem like a situation that makes sense to me. Uh is retail, buying these stocks. I think some of them right, but is it enough to actually reverse this negative beta situation? I doubt it that doesn't make sense to me. This is what makes the most sense.

I think that synthetic shares options and uh the ten percent of actual stock floating around for trading is is what actually bears weight uh for this situation, so, nonetheless, since negative beta seems to not bear any weight. What you're banking on is uh is amc getting out of this channel because of the lack of uncertainty that bears thrive on you know, there's a very high short interest in amc right now, that's being reported based on 85 percent of data 20.86. This hasn't changed a whole lot, uh that is still the same as it was 100 utilization still same as it was cost. To borrow maximum, however, is going up a little bit, that's at 2.73.

So that's actually a slight uptick and you can see that here in the actual line that is uh moving up. Just a hair utilization is still high on loan average day uh. This is at about 72 days, which would put that average cost about the same. As i mentioned before, still in that 20 to 30 dollar range as uh as it was so uh, that's that's kind of what you're looking at right, we're still watching for the uncertainties with russia, china, taiwan, uh that whole situation to sort of uh steamroll itself took Care of itself and uh, i think that the small, mid cap rotation will really truly uh, take effect, the way that it should so i'm not talking about just the oil stocks around today, indo, not cai nuts, there's a lot of craziness that took place today in The market - hopefully you guys, were able to make some cash if you were playing that uh, but nonetheless i think that's, ultimately what it's going to take, because obviously oil was a catalyst in and of itself.

Oil rips like that right, you're, just going to see you're going to see oil make the moves. Oil stocks make the moves that they did so bed bath and beyond. Bbby yeah. That's because of ryan cohen ryan cohen, took stake in it.

Ten percent and uh that when i was announced you know, uh retail, presumably was very excited, but i want to touch on more than just the hair right. I did make a video on this. If you don't have a position, that's totally cool uh. Just give me a couple minutes of your time, so mullin is a stock that i personally believe it has been manipulated beyond.

Even what words could truly tell right before i touched on this going over short exempts. Now, if you don't know what a short exempt is i'm not going to spend a ton of time on this? This is going to be abbreviated as uh as s e. Now, what does s e stand for obviously short exempts, so the short exempts in mullen m-u-l-n right we're over a hundred percent greater than uh a hundred percent in a single day insane and now? What does this mean since the short exempt uh equals a couple different things? It means uh, you can actually create synthetic shares. This is a situation in which market makers quote unquote need to create supply because there's none that's actually available to them synthetic shares available here.

It also means that these shortage shares uh can violate the ssr, which allows them to short on a downtick down tick, and the last thing that's most notable is typically you've got six days uh to return these or locate a share if it was short exempt. Uh - and this is not sec audited - this is self uh self regulated by market makers, which means that there's, a lot of that probably happens so nonetheless, right uh mullen on march 1st of 2022 had 22 million total shares short exempt. This in and of itself could create a float of more than two times. The actual 22 million shares that are supposed to be uh circulating right.

I'm going to show you this just a reference point. If you look at the actual 22 million share float, it is right here for you uh, that is what was circulating and having 22 million shares. Total short exempt means that literally the mathematics don't make sense. So that's the preface here right now mullen all that being said, one of the most obvious blatant naked short selling, manipulated stocks that apply ever that have really ever happened that blatantly that obviously had a decent move up 34.

But that's not what that gets me excited right. As i stated before, i don't have a position in this, i'm not in mullet. I've got no skin in the game uh. I just want to see the people who are in it actually crush this thing.

What i find to be fascinating is looking at the options chain right now. If you don't play options, that's chill, but there's actually an opportunity here, uh for what i believe to be the most crooked messed up situation in terms of numbers per float that i've ever seen. Look at this look at the one dollar strike the two and a half, the four, the 5 and the 7.5. What do you see here? 22.

000. Open interest. 26. 000, open interest.

7. 000. 5. 000.

6. 000. Now, let's just take this top one, just the bear freaking minimum to paint out this picture to show you how crooked this is that market makers can do this, because market makers dug their own hole and they did that short exempt problem right. Having literally 100 of the flow to short extent, volume, look at this now, 22 000 open interest.

Total calls at the one dollar strike ran in the money today. Now we all know how uh hedging works right: 22, 000 contracts uh times 100. That's how you how it works! You add two zeros zero zero, which would be twenty two: zero: zero, zero, zero zero one, two three one, two three bam: two million two hundred thousand shares could potentially run in the money here or did run in the money right. These have to be hedged for because this is market makers essentially saying yes uh.

These could be uh exercised, so we have to have the stock by the off chance that they are. This pushes price up. Well, you continue to do this right. You've got these two million different shares that are hedged here.

This could be 2.6 million shares that are hedged here. This could be uh. 700 000 shares 500, 000 sure 600 000 shares and then all the other strikes from various dates that run in the money, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera right. You can already see how crooked it is that market makers are able to do this uh because it exceeds the float right.

You add these short exempts to the options chain, and what do you have? You have a situation in which literally 250 to 300 percent of the float could be circulating at any given time and these market makers. This is literally how he would they would get burned. Market makers would get burned on this. They would get torched to the ground.

So i'm going to be watching this pretty anxiously, i'm not telling you to buy, i'm not telling you to sell you do what you got to do. I think there's already the people who who are in this that want to be in this. I've got no incentive. You know, i think it's it's important to talk about these situations because then you are, you are in tune you're in key, with literally the manipulation having in front of your eyes so uh.

I. I think this is a really weird situation. Man, i don't know how this makes sense. How can a market maker write up that many contracts right contracts? How can they write up this? Many, especially when you've already had these short exempt failures from market makers? You know, i think it's a situation that needs to get cooked.

It needs to get absolutely taken care of uh. Hey. Are you doing gary gary renshaw, thanks for stopping in? I appreciate you appreciate that i appreciate that uh, but that's what i've got to say about that. You know i'm not in i'm not in mullen.

I've got no incentive for it. I'm going to make that as painfully clear as i possibly can uh you guys do. Ultimately, what you got to do so uh, that's the piece that i have to say about mullen. That's what i have to say about amc and that's what i've got to say about the small mid-cap thesis.

I think you still got to watch what happens with russia. I'm still nervous about cyber attacks. I i think that i think people are really underestimating uh cyber attacks. Right now, i think that's a situation that could really wreck some havoc on the u.s economy.

Uh. I think oil ultimately is going to rise. Uh raise inflation. I think that's something that's going to hurt the economy a lot, a lot, a lot, the the cost of oil.

Right now i mean, if you're buying oil right now and you're, making money all you're doing is hedging gas prices. Let's be absolutely honest: uh you're hedging gas prices, certainty in the market is holding back. Currently, i personally believe amc now that you will notice right that you did have sort of a uh, a a rotation start to begin, as lots of small caps started to move the way they did today right. But an important thing to note is that all of these were in some way shape or form.

Uh oil companies right cei. The last couple of days has been moving because of oil. You can look at, i think it's uh indo yeah, indonesia, energy. This stock went from 3.90 up to 86 bucks.

I mean that's just the short squeezes that ever see one and a super low float stock. At that 1.57 million total shares uh oil oil company right. They started moving when you had all the different sanctions with uh with russia on the table and uh. Those sort of conversations are being had right: oil, small caps, really what moved today outside of a couple different names right now.

One of those names is bed bath and beyond. Bed bath and beyond, had a decent sized move. Uh, coming off of ryan cohen, actually having a stake in the company. I believe there was a 10 stake.

Chat, feel free to correct me if i am uh if i'm wrong, but i'm pretty sure it was 10 right, 10 ownership by ryan cohen. You know it had a fantastic monstrous move at one point: it was up over 100, which is absolutely disgusting, so outside of a couple of key names with catalysts to drive it uh mullen being one that did not have a catalyst which i still do not have A position in i'm going to be completely real with you guys right too overflow. I've said it before i'll say it again: it's a 22 million share float stock. I don't want to feel responsible uh for pumping my own bags uh at the expense of others.

So i'm not gon na be doing that right. I'm just gon na stay out of that and i'm gon na talk about it from a unbiased uh perspective, but nonetheless uh most of the small caps that moved today were the uh oil companies right. So uncertainty in the market, i think it's really going to drive home that next move for amc. When that time does come and when the russia situation does de-escalate uh, i think you're going to see a decent-sized move there uh when the time comes.

Obviously retail ownership. 90, i think sentiment for this stock is absolutely key. Key. It's really kiki.

Do you love me? Are you writing, so you never ever leave from beside me cause. I want you, so that's kind of what we got for the day. Uh, if you want to drop a like drop a like, if you want to drop this like drop a dislike, i don't care. If you sub, do it, if you want do it, if you don't uh at the end of the day, that's that's about it.

So till the next one catch y'all later much love like daps voice, crack peace, that's funny stuff.

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