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Fuel Cell Stock Analysis: FuelCell Energy Stock is a company centered around clean energy alternatives, and is very similar to companies PLUG (Plug Power) and CLNE (Clean Energy). FuelCell is retracing many of the moves that PLUG made in its climb to $30, and FuelCell could very easily cover the same trends. In this Fuel Cell Stock Analysis video, we analyze a macroscopic and microscopic overview of the company. We also establish levels of support and resistance for both investors and traders, analyze the 200 EMA (Exponential Moving average), 20 VWMA (Volume-Weighted Moving Average), RSI (Relative Strength Index), bullish and bearish trends, technical analysis chart patterns, and potential entry and exit points for traders and investors.
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Oh ho ho guys i've got a good one for you today. What is up everybody welcome to trades trades. We have technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these. Given stocks man, what a freaking day for fuel cell, what is up? Ah the reason that i started this channel is because uh, oh, let me start over uh.

I don't think the premise by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert, i'm just some random dude on youtube, so take what i say with a grain of salt. The reason i started this channel is because a couple years back, i was about 30 000 deep in some medical debt, and i was very fortunate to have some close family friends and mentors that pushed me to work hard and invest my money, and i am happy To say that i am not only not financially free but doing pretty well for myself at the age of 23.. So if i could pass along any of the information resources or tools here the community and make a couple of people's lives better off than they were before, that's all i can ask for and guys i got my undergraduate nutrition. So i'm telling you anybody can learn how to do this uh.

Lastly, food and i might drop a like on the video really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this now quick shout out to the guys over the patreon. We have had quite a few new people join us today. We are sitting at 188 members, almost 200 uh. Absolutely awesome, you guys all rock.

I appreciate the support so much uh cosmo kx, casey dan kim aaron, stivi, uh, retesh, raheem sharpa. Thank you guys so much. It really does mean a lot to me. They'll have access to the private discord as well as real-time insight to my personal trading and then watch out for the scammer guys.

This isn't me you'll know it's not me, because it doesn't have the great box around my name: don't buy his crap, don't buy it don't buy whatever he's selling and report them on youtube or uh, go go, find them and hunt them down. Uh we're gon na give you an update on ticker symbol, fcel fuel cell energy incorporated and we're gon na run through a couple different things here. I've got a news. Article pulled up that we will chat about uh.

We'll look at this from a macroscopic point of view. I've got the rsi indicator, pull up the relative strength index, anything over 70 being overbought. Anything under 30 oversold we'll talk about the 200 ema, which is a 200-day moving average trend line based on the price action over 200 days - and i was corrected on this - this is actually the 15 day vomit uh. Thank you to whoever said that in the comment section i didn't realize.

I was saying that wrong, but this is the 15 day volume adjusted moving average, which is just a 15 day average trend line that takes into consideration overall volume. Uh we're going to talk about what these mean. We've got a couple different uh important areas, uh located on here we're gon na talk about some bullish movements that we're seeing some bullish patterns and then we're looking at a two day. One minute uh chart as well.

So just a quick update, if you don't know what fuel cell is, if you're new to the channel or you're not invested at this moment, they are they're developing environmentally responsible, distributed baseload power solutions through proprietary molten carbonate, fuel cell technology. It develops turnkey, distributed power, generation solutions and provides comprehensive services for the life of the power plant um. There are up to 90 000 members on stock twits up 12 message, volume up 7.7 percent in sentiment they had a 21 day almost again, which is so filthy. Oh guys, i'm loving this and, i suspect the reason being - and this was posted today on january 12th, updated four hours ago.

Renault and plug power are to develop fuel cell commercial vehicles. That looks oh, that's sexy. Look at that! Look at that stuff guys so i'll leave a link to this in the description down below, but we'll just take a quick read. So french car maker, renault and us hydrogen specialist plug power have joined forces to develop hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles lcv.

They said on tuesday, which is today, the companies have signed a memorandum of understanding to launch a france-based 5050 joint venture by the end of june, targeting a more than 30 share of the fuel cell powered lcv market in europe. A joint statement said this shot up plugged 16 to 62 bucks. The shot up, you'll sell to nearly twenty dollars, which it looks like we are coming up on. Oh man, that's just as i said that it tanked um we're approaching twenty dollars in the after hours.

Right now, uh, it's such a filthy day, man, i'm so pumped about fuel cell guys um. This was a penny stock. Not that long ago, if we look at this on the one month chart, this was under 10 bucks on uh. You know the last day it was under 10 was the 18th of december.

So this is not even a month's time. This thing has 2x uh nearly 3x and we are looking at an absolute powerhouse of a of a company honestly, i think that 25 price target that i'd set for you guys is lowballing. At this point, i think that this is absolutely going to crush that that price target that we had set on this we're looking at an absolute monster, so the volume on this looks great. We have, you know a little bit higher than usual trading volume, although it has been steadily rising over the last five days.

As we can see, the volatility has, increased, volume does drive, volatility and volatility drives higher price valuations and we are looking at some beautiful price valuations right now, uh the rsi indicator. We are over 70 right now, which is oversold territory and, historically speaking, when we look at the stock anytime that it has been oversold, the corrections are more steep than other stocks, so we have approached that 30 mark. So when the pullback does happen just anticipate when it does as it usually, you know we unless your tesla pullbacks happen in the stock market. I anticipate that it'll, be you know.

Maybe a couple bucks right so just keep that in the back of your mind, if you are holding this for a mid to long term investment um that the pullback will happen and just historically speaking, they are usually a little bit rough. But as you can also see, historically speaking, we do bounce back, just fine, so um, i think fuel cell is going to keep doing what they do. The clean energy sector is going to keep doing what they do, we're looking at an absolute powerhouse of a stock right now, so we did have the volume adjusted moving average cross over the 200 period ema back here, and this would have been on the 5th of January and ever since all we've been doing, is gapping these two lines and guys that is absolutely beautiful. The larger the gap between these two lines on the charts, the more bullish a stock is - and this is looking like absolutely bull - run territory.

There's no bears in sight. The last couple hours of the day were completely green. No red bars no red candles. That is oh you'd, love to see that look at this look at the volume, all green, all green, oh man.

So that's a beautiful looking beautiful looking gap between the 200 ema and the vama. If we do see that cross back under the the vama underneath the 200 ema, you know that is something to keep in the back of your mind as bearish territory. So i would expect you know with uh what we saw here, the the vomited cross back underneath the 200 ema it didn't. Last long, we lasted about a day lasted about a day here, um.

So, just historically speaking, looking at this, you know the the pullbacks don't seem to last that long, we're looking at one two three days here and then we had a little bump back up one two days, maybe three and then we've been off to the races since So i think that the price action on this is extremely clean. We've had some some absolutely filthy days lately and moving forward. I think this is just you know. 20 bucks is obviously the next target to hit if we don't hit in the in the after hours.

Right now, so current levels of support and resistance, this previous level of resistance, will now be an acting level of support and we're looking at about 16.90, we'll call that 17 bucks. Now we did push through this level of resistance today, pretty pretty effortlessly we're. Looking absolutely nice there, so if you're, looking at an entry point, if you're not currently in this stock, you're looking to get into this as a mid to long-term investment, because i do think this is going to be a great stock for 2021. You know i, i think very easily it could reach that 35 40 dollar mark.

At this point, i'm going to upgrade my my price target on that, as we are absolutely crushing everything that i thought this could do over the period of a couple of days. But you know if you're looking to get into this watch for a pullback and a retest of that 1698. If it does happen - and if not you know, we are looking at a support level right around here, just above the vama at about 18 and 20 cents, and i'm not going to get into a pullback will happen tomorrow, as we are trending extremely bullish right now. So just keep that in the back of your mind, um, but if it does happen, you know that 18 40 1850 mark does look like a first acting level of support, followed by about 17 bucks.

So uh, hopefully you are holding a position in the stock. I have talked about it pretty frequently on the channel. If you're new to the channel fuel cell's awesome, i love fuel cell. I think they're going to be the next plug and if we look at plug right now guys it's mirroring the same things that plug is doing, i mean plug five days ago, was trading at 35 bucks they're up at 70 right now.

This is a little bit scary. Oh man, that's extremely insane, so plugs. Looking. Absolutely awesome.

I'd be willing to bet you money that cleans looking. You know not super great. They are forming a pretty nice uh. I bet they're even on the day, but you know cleans.

Looking nice fuel cells looking nice plugs looking nice, i, like i like fuel cell the best as a as a growth stock. I think they do have the best potential out of those three for growth. You know plug is running the game right now, but fuel cell to me is a close second, and especially with that partnership with plug. I do think that the upside is extremely high in this company.

We're looking extremely bullish right now. The overall trend is awesome. I will drop a couple different uh trend lines that we're looking at, so we have been in a very solid upward channel right here. If we do draw this out, you know if this would extend beyond you know we're looking at potentially touching up at that 20 mark.

If we continue that growth, so that's looking phenomenal, we did break out of a somewhat small downward channel. I would say yesterday, maybe into today in the in the uh the pre-market, so we did break through a slightly downward channel right, i'm looking very nice and clean and uh i'd. It's i'm not going to say this is continue to have 20 days every single day, but this is kind of where we're looking right now, guys that looks that looks filthy and uh. You know i anticipate tomorrow being another green day and it feels really good to be able to say that we've had this many green days, because i know for a long time.

People were like. I don't know man, fuel cell was fuel cells under 10. Bucks like like uh less than a month ago, that doesn't it doesn't seem. I don't know if i trust this, i'm telling you fuel cell is a monster.

This looks absolutely filthy, so we're gon na change this to a two-day chart, uh and just to be completely transparent. I do have a position in the stock. You know i do have a dollar cost average of about eleven dollars and uh eighteen cents currently sitting with 229 shares up about uh seventy percent eighteen hundred bucks total my big killer has been mvis, but i, if you've watched the channel for a while, you know That i'm long mvis throughout all of 2021, there that's a whole different ball game, but i'm currently looking at the two date one minute chart here. Sorry, i'm so excited guys.

I'm talking i'm talking fast. Everyone always tells me, i'm rapping. Everyone always tells me. I need a new microphone, my microphone's, it's a pretty nice microphone.

I don't know why white people don't like it, but um anyways. If you look at that two day, one minute charts here i'll drop, some new levels of support and resistance and honestly the levels of resistance, we're looking at levels of support. This has been pretty much straight up, so these aren't very strong levels of support. If you're looking to day or swing trade, this stock, i will recommend not shorting you'd, be trading completely aggress against the grain here.

This is absolutely bullish territory. This looks so filthy um, but we are looking at levels of 1826, 1866 and 1904. So if we do see a pullback which it does not look like, we will, it is possible, but it's not looking like it at this current moment. That's what you're going to look at as a potential entry point to ride up for a day trade.

So you know you could enter in 1826 and then ride it. Up to you know, previous levels of support and uh they'd be active levels of resistance, we're probably looking at this 20 mark, which it does look like we're going to cross over here in the after hours. At this given moment, um so you're going to be looking to you know, get in. I see a bounce off of a support level get back in right up here into this level of resistance and exit your trade.

If we do look at the volume adjusted moving average in the 200 ema here on the uh the two day, one minute chart, we do have double confirmation of bullish territory. We have the cross over here. Uh the gap is is not as large as uh on the one month chart, but that is because the price action was pretty smooth and clean. We didn't see any drastic spikes right.

The volume is spread out throughout the day, pretty nice and evenly uh. It's just been nice clean movements and in the after hours, we're looking even nastier guys. This is filthy. I'm really loving that um the rsi indicator here you know we have been in that 70 territory pretty much the entire day.

The last two days, the volume is up right. This is unusual trading volume, which is why we see that increase in volatility. The 20 gain on the day, looking very, very nice and uh guys. I couldn't i couldn't say this anymore.

Clearly, this is a completely unbiased opinion. Um, the charts are completely bullish. I that a trend reversal will eventually come, but there is absolutely nothing on the charts pointing towards that right now. This has just been straight up movement.

This is this is as clean as it gets. Look at this this lines. Up almost perfectly that's filthy, that's so disgustingly filthy um. So i i'd keep holding your positions.

If you have, if you have a position in the stock, don't worry about a dip if the dip dumps does come, we'll come back up, i'm going to continue to hold and honestly, like i said, i think that 25 price target is gon na happen. A lot sooner than we thought so that was my update on ticker symbol, fcel fuel cell energy, incorporated. If you enjoyed the video, please drop a like. It really does help support the channel.

Consider subscribing, if you like, to see more content like this and lastly, i do have an affiliate link in the description box down below for tubebuddy. Now. Tubebuddy is an seo optimization website that i personally pay a nine dollar per month. Membership for - and it is highly what i attribute growing from zero to six thousand subscribers in a little over three weeks.

So if you're a content creator or looking to become one, i very highly recommend this and i will receive a commission off your purchase at no extra cost to you. So there's a great way to support the channel if you're interested and if not. I just appreciate you guys giving me your time and watching my videos, so thank you for coming today and i will see you all next time my friends, peace.

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