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MVIS Stock Analysis: MVIS (Microvision) is a lidar technology based company with ties in the U.S. Army aviation sector, having IVAS technologies in U.S. aviation pilots kevlar helmets. Today (Jan 4, 2021), MVIS is down about 3% during regular trading hours, and is on a 7 day bearish run. In this MVIS Stock Analysis video, we give discuss and analyze the daily price action from a macroscopic and microscopic point of view. We also establish MVIS stock's near and far side support and resistance levels, analyze the VWMA (volume-weighted moving average), RSI indicators, overall volume trends, and future price action possibilities, both bearish and bullish.

Follow along on the MVIS playlist to keep up to date with all microvision stock news and release.
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What is up, everybody welcome to trades trades, ruby of technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these. Given stocks. I'd like to preface by saying that i am not a financial advisor nor expert, i am just some random - do on youtube, so take what i say with a grain of salt. The reason i started this channel is because a couple years back, i was about 30 000 deep in some pretty bad medical debt, and i was very fortunate to have some close family friends and mentors that pushed me to work really hard and invest my money in The market and i'm happy to say that i am now a financially free guy and doing very well for myself.

So, if i can pass along any of the information, resources are tools to you guys to make your lives a little bit better off than they were before. That's all i can ask for. Lastly, if you would not mind dropping a like on the video, it really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this, as i do post videos every day, multiple times a day and with that being said today, we're Going to be giving a little bit of an update on ticker symbol, mvis micro vision, incorporated this is one of the stocks that i try to update daily. As i do have a very heavy position in this stock.

I will pull up my positions and i have about to do 1978 shares in this stock at a dollar cost average of 678, and i am down a pretty decent amount in this right now. I am down about a little over two thousand dollars. However, i so firmly and strongly believe in this stock that i am not going to sell no matter what, because i see this being a huge huge hold for the year of 2021 and some great things happening so for this video we're going to talk about the Average volume that we've been seeing on nvis we're going to talk about the volume weighted moving average bullish and bearish trends, a macroscopic and microscopic view on the stock price action, as well as establish resistance and support levels in both the the six month chart and the One day, one minute chart that way. If you're a mid-term mid to long-term investor, you can play it that way or if you're a swing or day trader.

You can play it that way as well, but before we get going we're gon na give a brief overview of what the company is. In case you're new to the channel microvision incorporated engages in the development of laser beam scanning technology. It offers its product under the picop brand pcp scanning technology has addressing the following market segments. Interactive and non-interactive projected displays 3d perceptive lidar sensing for consumer electronics, augmented mixed reality and 3d perceptive lidar sensing for automotive, active collision avoidance.

They are headquartered in redmond, washington and one of my subscribers. I know this doesn't really matter, but one of my subscribers said that they live pretty close to microvision, so that's pretty cool whoever you were. I remember that conversation so um microvision is a really cool company, because they're currently working on lidar, that they are planning on presenting for automotive uh use in april. Now we're expecting this presentation sometime in april, and i believe that if we get any sort of public relations or news catalyst talking about how this research is going, how the progress is going towards lidar automotive.

We should see a pretty significant bump in microvision and we have also just recently passed an ndaa override on the defense bill for 740 billion dollars. Now this is a big deal, because microvision has ibas technology, which is what is used in u.s army aviators. They wear this on their kevlars or or helmets. That's what we call in the army is kevlars and it helps them navigate the skies more freely.

Now this is a big deal. It's it's a huge tie to the to the army. It's a huge source of revenue that could possibly come in the future, and i do see this generating some revenue for the year of 2021.. Of course, we'll have to wait until q4 statements come out, but i do think they are going to be positive.

We're going to see some growth and it should be a very solid gig. So, with that being said, let's establish some levels of support and resistance in the six-month chart. We do have a little better confirmation right here of the 510 resistance level. We do have two candlesticks that have touched in the last two days and we also have a little bit of price action happening right here.

We had a couple days of consolidation. We had a candlestick touch. We had this red candle a little bit of uh selling pressure. We had some buyers, try to shoot the price up, however uh it was weak.

We had stronger selling pressures, so we did have a down day that day and 5 11 510 is looking like a very solid resistance level. Now, in the near side, um our support level as i was very solid support level, and in the six month chart we do have a couple of different resistance levels to pay attention to. We do have this right here, 665 as an immediate resistance level, which is, coincidentally, where the volume weighted moving average is trading right now and then, in the long term, you're going to have to touch a couple different levels to get back to all-time highs. We're looking at 7.65, which i think is a little ways down the road, but it will eventually happen and then we are peaked out at 9.75.

We did see this price valuation on the 22nd of december now the volume weighted moving average. What this is indicating to us is that we are in extremely bearish territory. We have been on a bearish run for quite some time now. You can see out of the last one two three four five six seven days that only one day was bullish and it was not much price moving right.

We went from you, know, six dollars and one cent to 618. As a close, although we did reach 663, we did not hold those levels, so we are in bearish territory the downward pressure. The selling pressure may continue and we may retest this 511 support. Now i can see this playing out a couple different ways.

Right 511. Is the acting level of support? We may see a bounce off of this. This 511 mark right. It may shoot here come back up and we could work our way back up towards 665 right.

That is a possibility. The other possibility is going to be that we see that we re-test this 511 support level, and then we we drop down to lower lows, in which case the next level of support is looking right around. Here we do have a level of support which was a prior level of resistance right around four dollars. Now this is a pretty significant sell-off.

You know. Maybe we could argue. We have a secondary support right here at about 4.81 cents. We do have a candlestick touching right here, so it is possible that we see this first.

However, if we do drop below 481, four dollars is most likely. The next area that we drop down to now. I'm not saying that we're gon na drop down to four dollars. However, i am saying that uh, we are currently on a bearish trend and it's not fun for me to watch either right.

I've got a pretty heavy stake in this stock. I am down a decent amount of money, but if we do continue to drop, that is not a reason to panic. That is not a reason to sell. If anything, if you believe in this company long term of course, do your own due diligence make your own financial decisions, but i believe in this company long term.

I think it's going to do good things for this year and many years to come. The best thing to do when the stock drops like that is to improve your position by buying more shares at a lower price valuation. You're going to dollar cost average down, and i was asked what dollar cost average means. It just means that you purchase shares at a lower price than you are currently averaged out at thus lowering your average cost to a new price valuation.

So if we do drop down to 481, our dollar cost average down. If you're going to hold this mid to long term, if we drop down to four dollars, that is a huge buying opportunity, a great opportunity to dollar cost average and increase your position in the stock, and that is what i would be personally doing. If we do see the stock continue to drop now, the other way this can play out is we see the stock bounce off of 511 and approach 665 like i mentioned prior, and if we do bounce back to 665, you know we may see a little bit Of price action and a little bit of consolidation between these ranges right here, five. Ninety eight, we'll just call it six dollars.

We may see a little bit of a bounce between six dollars and 665, so you know something looking like this 665 back down to six dollars and then back up to 665, and ideally that is what we're looking for is a little bit of consolidation to build A better base build higher lows and higher highs. Moving towards the next overall uh bullish trend. Now the volume is higher than it has been in the past, and i do like to see that. However, as i've stated, volume drives volatility and volatility drives higher price valuations.

On the flip side, it can do the same thing right. So since we're seeing more volume, we are seeing more harsh sell-offs and i do believe that this stock is in pretty oversold territory. If you pull up the rsi, which is the relative strength index, it does indicate um how the stock is trending, and you can see that we have been trending towards this 30 uh rsi, which is an indicator of oversold territory. So we were pretty drastically overbought when we reach this 9.75, and that is why we're seeing a correction, you know when you see a run up from you know: 1.80, all the way up to 975.

In a matter of two weeks, you are gon na. Have a price correction, you're gon na give some of that back and um bio nano, which is a stock that i was just recently and i'll make a video on that in another situation is up about a thousand and some percent over the last week, and it Is going to do the same thing i 100 guarantee it when it'll happen. Who knows right? We can't predict the future if we could we'd be making millions of dollars, maybe wizards, but this is a normal trend in the market right, so don't panic. That is all that, i can say is if you really believe in this company, don't panic sell you're going to regret it if you're going to do anything if you're going to sell at let's say 520, the best the best case scenario, if you're not going the Dollar cost average is to get out and then get back in when you see the price get lower, but i'd recommend um, just dollar cost averaging, because you never know when we're gon na hit the bottom on a stock right.

This could be the bottom right here. For all we know we could, we could begin a bullish run very soon. It's just tough to say so. That is a six month chart.

We have here the one day one minute chart if you're a dare swing trader and we do currently have you know 5 15. As a immediate level of support, we did touch down to 510, as we spoke about here um. So it is possible that we see that as a secondary level of support, so i'll just draw that up. So you have it there to look at five dollars and ten cents.

We have one candlestick confirmation here and then our next level of support, which is right now, acting as a level of resistance, is going to be right here at 528 and then again at right about here 547, and this acted as a level of resistance. In the past, you can see that we had a false breakout drop back down resistance resistance, resistance, price rejection, heavy selling pressure - and this is where we've kind of been consolidating is between. You know this 515 and 525 range. So this is currently where the the price is sitting now.

One thing that i do find interesting about this stock and the current price action. Is, you see a lot of movement in the after hours and pre-market? Typically, we see a decent amount of run-up either in the after hours of the pre-market, like you can see here, had a pretty solid run-up from you know, 529 to all the way up to 565, and then we did touch over six dollars today, so um. If you are a day or swing trader, it may not be a terrible idea to buy into a stock before close and see how the price action plays out as uh this. This stock does have a tendency to gap either up or down um.

We do have quite a bit of price action in these in all these zones, so um there's not a huge amount of risk with the gapping i would say, but that is also a way that you can play it. Just keep that in mind. The overall trend of this stock, it does tend to have a little bit of movement in the after hours and pre-market so um with that being said, we have one more level of resistance that i want you to look at, and that is going to be right About here at 594 and then again at six dollars, i'm not going to draw that up. You guys can see it at six dollars um.

So if you are looking to get into the stock right now, it does seem like shorting. It is the momentum right. We are in very bearish territory, so the best case scenario for you most likely is going to be. We retest this 515 and then 510 support level.

It does not bounce it drops. You enter your position there and then you can see that we have a secondary support. 481. If you see price rejection here we drop below, we don't bounce.

You know then you're looking at four dollars is where we see the most amount of price action in the future, so you could probably make a pretty decent profit off of shorting this stock. I'm not personally going to do it because i'm not going to bet against the company that i really believe in, but that is an option right. If we do switch over to a bullish trend on this stock, you could say all right: we're going to bounce off 515, we break through 529 breakthrough 547.. This is going to be a great entry point for you right.

Let's say that we open the market right around here and we come down to 515. We bounce we break through these resistance levels. We come up to 594. You know you got a pretty solid margin of return there.

So, there's a couple different ways that you can play this, but i would just write these numbers down as potential entry and exit points, depending on how much risk you like to take what you're looking for for a margin personally, when i'm date or swing trading, i, Like to aim for anywhere between ten to thirty percent, uh you're doing pretty well for yourself, of course, that's not quite going to be possible with uh. With with this. You know it could be it's tough to say i mean we did start the day up. Ten percent and then now we're down the day.

Uh. I don't know three percent. So that's about a thirteen percent. You know margin right there um, so you can make a pretty decent profit off of this.

If you're looking for a one day, quick, quick, uh, quick bat to first base, you know, so that is what i would do if you were a day or swing trader on micro vision. So that is what i have on the updated price action on microvision. I hope that was helpful for you guys if you have any questions, please let me know in the comment section down below. I will try to get to you all as best as i can.

I am long on this stock. I really really highly believe in what they're going to do in 2021. I do have a large stake in this, as you saw in my portfolio. I am down a large sum of money at the moment, but that does not scare me in the least bit right.

This is a penny stock, of course, so it is very highly volatile. There is risk involved so make sure that you do your own risk management decide if this is a worthwhile investment for you, if you're going to be able to stomach being down 15. You know 20 5, whatever it ends up being until we get the next run up. Make sure that you decide that's worth it for you.

It is for me because i've done a lot of research on this company. I believe in what they're doing um, but that is not going to be meant for everybody, so that is what i have for microvision. If you enjoyed the video, please drop a like uh and also consider subscribing. If you like to see more content like this, i do cover microvision every single day.

So, if you'd like an update on the stock, you can get it that way. And lastly, i do have an affiliate to tubebuddy in the description box down below and tubebuddy is an seo optimization website that i personally pay a nine dollar per month subscription fee for, and i highly attribute, tubebuddy to being able to grow to a thousand subscribers. In only 17 days right because what they do, is they optimize your thumbnail, your title, your tags, your description, and they they rank you amongst other videos. So you can see how your video is searching on youtube.

So if that interests you, if you're a content, creator or you're thinking about being a content creator, i couldn't recommend it more uh. If you do use my affiliate link, i do receive a commission off of your purchase and it's a great way to support the channel. So if you're not interested, that is totally okay, i'm just glad to have you here as part of the community here at trey's, trades and uh. That is what i have for the video.

So thank you for coming to the video, my friends and i will see you all next time. Peace.

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