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If you place a market order, a retail market order, 90 95 do not go to the lit exchanges, do not go to nasdaq or new york stock exchange, they go to wholesalers and they don't have. Let's just take a break here for a sec right. I see a lot of people talk about dark pools and uh. There's a difference between dark pools and wholesalers and wholesaler is an internalizer i'm going to draw this up in a very, very simple way.

Just so we can have that differential, because terminology is key right. Uh when people say dark pools, 95 of the time, what they mean to say is uh wholesalers right, there's a difference, so you've got ats, which are alternative trading systems. You can think of these as the deep dark, bad dark pool right. This is the dp ats.

Alternate training system is a dark pool. This is where large institutions go to fill orders, so this could be like a roth. This could be a 401k. This could even be some large institutions right.

This could be like a wells, fargo or uh, or a jp morgan or a anything right. It could be a lot of different things. Uh there is nefarious activity that takes place within a dark pool. However, the big big big bad villain is otc internalizers or wholesalers.

Otc over-the-counter is the process of internalizing orders. This is citadel. This right here is citadel. What they will do is they have their own portfolio of given securities, for example, let's just say out of the 516 million shares of amc that currently circulates citadel owns.

Let's just say 50 million of them right, they buy these and they sell them and they buy them and they sell them over and over and over and over and over and over. Well, when you have an order, that's internalized, it's wholesaled. What will happen? Is you got retail over here who goes and they send an order over to their broker? This is broker broker goes to a wholesaler, the wholesaler typically giving a kickback, which is payment for order flow back to the broker, and this order gets filled. Otc internalizers could very easily have bought that stock days ago.

Let's say they bought that stock right now, let's just say that amc, for example, they decided they wanted to buy it at uh. I don't know they. They bought amc at the absolute bottom of a dip. They caught amc at, let's just say 1465.

and all of a sudden you put in an order right now, at 1482, you'll get filled for 1482, while they purchase at 14.65. They'll give you that share basically selling it to you right. They sell you that share and they made a profit off of you. You conflict of interest.

That is what is about payment for order flow. Is them profiting off of you trading? They can do that. They can do that. So it's important to be able to differentiate that right, because that's what's taking place, that's it citadel.

Has almost that's no! It's it's not absolutely no ties right. They have some ties, i'm sure to dark pools internalizing. They literally handle the orders they deal with it. They take every order because it's them in virtue, citadel and virtue that handle all these orders and they handle those transactions.

They could have filled them a day ago. Five minutes ago, a week ago, a month ago, a year ago, right, it's important to be able to differentiate that so when, when he says wholesalers, that's what he's referring to, and i just want to make that clarity. Uh in case there are people who didn't know right, because that's citadel those are the villains. Those are the bad guys that steal from you.

It is by the way in case you're wondering where lamp is. Let me just show you this quick. I've had a lot of people asking lamp is still alive and well and there's titan over there he's licking the the sink water he's really goofy cat, but lamp is fully operational. Let me turn around real quick.

I've got a cowboy hat on her lamp is on. Lamp is off, there's our daily lamp check in there's titan and now we're gon na move on with our with our uh with our day.

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