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You guys want to see the most intense character, development you've, probably seen in your entire life. There's no movie that'll compare you can't even look at vegeta from dragon ball. It's even got my name on it. Sometimes i forget they ever think you see the day.

I drank water, probably not guys, welcome back to trey's trades. I know it's. It's strange, two videos in a day uh, but i had to talk about the fed stuff earlier uh you already know the deal like brothers were saying that i'm not punching five financial advice. Please send yourself a granny salt that was kind of mumbo jumbo, let's get into the video.

So today i'm going to give you guys an update on uh two different tickers. I haven't given an update on amc in a couple days. I do like to touch on this. I kind of want to look at what the chart is currently looking like and then we'll also touch on uh.

Briefly, the data uh as as it has remained fairly similar, but i am going to just show you guys that so you can see that and then this weekend i talked about a trade that i was going to be picking up, which was bbig and i did End up grabbing that today, as i mentioned in my previous video in case, you did not see it. I did not have a position over the weekend. I didn't get one on friday. I did pick it up today after market open uh.

I do want to touch on a couple different things for that. A lot of people were talking about tide. I looked at this uh purely as a trade. I'm not gon na be holding this as an investment.

I stand by that, but in case you're curious and you like to change your mind, you know you do what you got ta do. I will touch on this briefly uh. Just so you can see it. There's gon na, be i'm sure, more detailed videos out there that discuss tide and the implications of what that looks like, but i'll give you the basics right.

So you can see that we're also going to talk about the tech setup and the new levels that i'm personally going to be watching, for, as we are kind of, i don't want to stay in a do or die point, but there is opportunity for both upside And downside i i i'm kind of in the middle right now right. I think you could see retracement, i'm going to show you exactly uh what i'm talking about. So, let's start off here with amc. I'm barely going to touch on this.

I i don't like spending too much time on the data. Not a lot has changed right, uh, the biggest difference that you can really notice is this days to cover, which is the three month uh on loan time frame. Basically, what this is saying is short interest over uh the average time volume and in this instance, it's taking the average daily volume over a three month period of time. Basically, what this is saying is uh.

You know this is a pretty ill-liquid stock. It's difficult for shorts to be exiting a position. Casabar is slightly up right, not a lot to discuss here in terms of the data, so i'm gon na leave it at that which brings me into the actual chart itself now. I want to talk about this specifically because i've been talking a lot about small and mid-cap companies and uh.

My thesis right and i've painted this out a couple different times right uh. It's no surprise at this point that i personally believe over the next one to two months. You're gon na see a lot of small mid cap companies go through squeezes and nice moves up as shorts begin to cover different positions. That includes amc, but i haven't talked uh, perhaps in terms of what i should be on amc specifically and how that is going to be affecting this stock.

So i want to touch on that right. So, with shorts, covering positions, exiting positions across small, mid cap companies, amc being qualified as a mid cap company that is going to tie into amc now, i've talked a lot about. You know the daily levels, the weekly levels, even the monthly levels - things you should be watching for that - get us into sort of the next step up, and i think that 1850 to 20 mark is very critical. Uh - and i made a statement today on twitter that i think is probably worth uh noting here just so that you guys have that credibility.

On my end that if i'm wrong, i can tell you so uh in a month's time when that does uh happen or not happen, but i think in 30 days from now uh amc is going to have a nice move. I think 30 days from now. Amc is going to be uh much higher in price than it is currently because i think that you're about to witness the small mid cap, uh sort of what's the what's the word for it, there's a word for that. It sounds nice and i want to say it because it's like freaking, it's a smart word.

Oh, come on rotation, yeah, we're gon na rotate it a small minute. That's not even a smart word. What are you talking about tree god, damn dangling but anyways uh? That is going to include amc and what i think you're watching for is this falling wedge setup now bbig, i mentioned this last weekend - is coming out of a falling wedge setup very similar to amc, albeit it's a different overall time frame. This is uh dating back to what appears to be august, 30th or so, and this one on amc dates back to about june right different time frames, all together, which means different moves.

They're different stocks, they've got different, floats they've got different, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah different investors. You can go down the list, but nonetheless uh. What you're looking for on amc is the exact same thing that happened here with bbig, which is a break a clean break of this falling wedge setup on both significant levels. Right now.

Why do i say that when you see this descending level of support, you can see the two descending levels of resistance? So what you're watching for is a clean break over both of these, with significant enough volume to consider that hey this seems pretty likely to get a decent sized move up now. Is that going to happen tomorrow? Is it going to happen a week from now two weeks from now? I don't know the exact day, i'm not that i'm not that much of a wizard, but what i will tell you is a couple things to be watching for so that you are prepared and ready to know that. Yes, this is the bottom. I do think you're going to see a nice move.

I do think you're going to see this thing. Uh start to cook. Pretty nice. You want to see it break, obviously break this falling wedge, but that can't be the only thing you want a couple different things and it's the same exact thing that uh that this stock, this ticker just happened to.

Do you want to see specific uh moving averages? Do a crossover now, i'm going to show you the ones that i use you guys can use the only uh whatever you want, but i use the 21ma and the nine-day ema. So i like to see that 21 and the 9 do a specific crossover, and i i'm going to show you this here really quick with an example uh with bbig, so check this out on the four hour. What happened on the four hour here is this short term. Nine ema crossover the 21 m8 i'm gon na be personally watching for that on a four hour time frame where the nine ema crosses the 21 m8.

That's going to be a pretty good sign, so i'm going to be watching for this specifically last thing is the volume. Now there is an actual advantage here with amc, and that is that is a illiquid stock right now, given that 90 of this float, excluding etfs is owned by retail investors. Basically, what this is saying is nobody's trading right, so, if nobody's trading it where's the volume. You just answer your own question by asking yourself a question: i mean it's pretty straightforward.

The stock does not see a lot of volume on a day-to-day basis like it has in the past uh. Today, for example, it's uh 34 million total volume, so i'd be looking for something like 60 70 75 80 million total volume. For me to look at this and say you know what this looks like, it actually may break out of this falling wedge on the actual move itself right. So, let's just say, hypothetically speaking, that amc uh tomorrow was to break out.

Let's just say, for whatever reason: i went all the way up to 22 bucks and the volume was 80 90. 100 million total shares. You look for that continuation the next day and you've got yourself an actual solid shot. At a reversal i mean this is pretty textbook.

This is a textbook looking falling wedge. This is an actual ta pattern. I can guarantee you that when it breaks out of this, it's gon na break out of it with a big big big move, and you can watch for that right. So that's personally what i'm watching for and if you wan na look at this on a very macro time frame and not sweat the the daily levels, the weekly levels, the monthly levels, the look at 18 to look at this.

Look at that connect. Some dots connect. These dots connect, these dots connect, these dots super simple and what you're watching for is a break out of these two lines that connect those dots uh, that i talked about: right, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot here, dot, dot, dot and, hopefully, a dot That that surpasses it, i don't know we'll, wait and see it could end up coming back down to 12 bucks 13 bucks uh, but i personally believe, as i mentioned before, the small mid cap rotation is going to continue. So i wanted to touch on this briefly.

As i do think, that does serve some significance and that's what i've got to say: uh for right now on amc, we did finish the day, slightly red riding a minor uptrend uh. To be frank with you, it is a rising wedge setup this. This sort of short-term move that you are seeing on our girl amc. I'm just going to show you this, so you can see it.

This is a rising wedge, which typically means you're going to see some form of a retracement. I know that the fed is stocking on the 23rd of march here that could end up being the day. Maybe it's today, maybe it's tomorrow, who knows at the end of the day uh, but i think you will probably see some form of retracement before it. Attempts to uh break out of that falling wedge brings me to bbig.

I want to touch briefly on this, as i did talk about it uh this weekend, as i mentioned, i didn't have a position yet, but a lot of people in the comments section were talking about thai uh. I already mentioned this at the beginning. I'm trading this uh, i'm gon na hold on to this. For maybe a couple days, maybe a week, maybe two weeks it depends on what the levels look like uh, but tide is an actual dividend.

Spin-Off that's going to be taking place with bbig. If you want to invest in this and the reason that i'm bringing this up is because some people may be interested in this, if you are uh, you definitely want to study more about what this actually means. But i'm going to give you a brief rundown right. Bpi g-stock, how does the tide, crypto spin-off dividend, actually work? Uh from what i gather and feel free to correct me in the comment section down below you guys are great resources of information.

You're all smart people right, but you're gon na be receiving uh a specific amount of the tied cryptocurrency for every 10 shares of bbig that you own, and this came directly from uh the actual article here itself. So we can read through this check this out. Investors are very excited by the idea of the kryptide spinoff because they want the increased exposure to a booming market while retaining their stakes and bbig in its promising social media platform. Essentially, bbig is attempting to compete with tick.

Now, i've got to be honest with you. I don't think anything uh that has a similar sort of uh platform is going to compete with tik-tok. I think they've got brand supremacy. I think they're very well established bbig would have to be able to create something.

That's uh, night and day legs above what tik tok already is, and i'm not talking about whether you like it or you, don't like it. What i'm talking about is that people watch it. People use it. It gets a lot of downloads.

It gets a lot of view time, which means it makes a crap ton of money, tough to compete with right, that's an already established company, but nonetheless the actual uh crypto spin-off kryptide. That could catch your interest here so uh. If you do want to receive that uh that crypto spin-off dividend uh look into this, this is important to to discuss and to look at. As you can see right here, 10 shares of bbig one owns they're going to receive one share of tied stock uh.

You will be able to receive that uh that crypto spin-off dividend uh, if you would like to invest in the company, so uh, there's that for you with that being said, that's as much as i'm gon na talk about it. That was a very basic level. I do think that you should do some more digging uh if you are going to invest in the company. If you are interested in that, please look it up and if you want me to make a full fundamental analysis of the stocking of the crypto uh.

Just let me know - and i can definitely do that too, but i will not be uh holding this for a prolonged, prolonged period of time, okay uh, so the next thing is going to be the actual tech setup. Now today was a great day. Obviously you had a 23 move up, however, the one thing that makes me a little sweaty right now, i'm just gon na shoot straight. I don't like uh.

I don't like this. I got ta be honest. Is this gap? There was a massive massive gap up and we've all seen it. We all know this.

We all know how gaps work right typically, when you have a gap in candles, especially on a daily time frame - and you can even see this on the 15 minute time frame. You look at this on the 15 minute. There is a noticeable gap here where there's no price action. You fill those gaps right, so there is an actual chance that you do see this retrace at the very least, to tap to tap down at this gap.

Fill at 282, which it did do today right attack there and uh rejected once here, almost twice back here, uh, but there's a possibility that you do see that retrace into tomorrow. So what i would say is currently happening with bbig. If you are a holder in this stock is its channel trading, it wants to decide whether or not to break through what appears to be a short-term demand zone which is going to be this green box right here. Our supply zone, as it was supply zone, which is basically a rejection.

This is where computers stepped in and say: nope kill it pull it plug. You cannot pass and just shut it down right if it breaks above this. I think you're gon na see this move up to close to four dollars. On the other hand, you've got this gap fill and it may end up coming down to fill that gap, in which case, i think you would actually see a nice reversal and a nice bottom out at the bottom of the gap uh, which is at the bottom Of this white and green box, the green box is the the small scale, the 15 minute gap.

The white box is the daily gap so be watching for that uh. I'm watching these two specific levels. These i wrote this down on the agenda because uh it's it's sort of an in-between land right now. I think in the next week two weeks you are going to see this move up nicely uh, but if you're looking for a dip buy, if you do want to get an opportunity to get in on bbig, i think it is going to be at the bottom Of that gap fill if you were not able to grab a position today, so what i would say in two different perspectives, if you already invested uh you're already, you already have your your position established right, uh be watching those levels, and i don't know if you Guys have stop losses, i'm not here to tell you to buy, i'm not here to tell you to sell whatever uh it's entirely up to you.

What you want to do. Those are just levels that i'm personally watching for, if you're looking for a dip buy, that is where i personally would be looking to get into the stock i'd be watching for that gap. Fill uh if that opportunity presented itself so watch for that right. If it does end up breaking down underneath this white line, there's a pretty solid chance that you do see it fill the gap or at least tap down to this green box, which is between 260 or so to 268, and the whole box comes up to about 282, so uh that'd be a pretty solid dip buying opportunity if it presents itself it may not.

Maybe in the after hours after i post this video, it cracks right through the supply zone. You see this rocket up and it goes up to four bucks. It's very possible, i mean who knows i'm watching this minute by minute right now, i actually tick up as i talk so it's kind of funny, but nonetheless it's set up pretty nice. I stand by everything else that i said in my previous video just want to give you an update on the technicals.

I wanted to briefly touch on tide for anybody who may be interested in investing in this. I know there's some really smart people on twitter. If you want to look up actually i'm going to show you this right now, if you want to look up some dd, some due diligence whatever on bbig, simply to search bbig in uh, the search bar you're going gon na see people talking about it, and i Can guarantee you uh you're gon na find some really smart people who can uh give you the ins and outs of the fundamentals of the company, as i mentioned before, i'm just not going to be uh investing in this for a prolonged period of time. I am going to be treating this as a trade, so that's, i suppose, the update that i've got for you uh.

On that note, i i don't know what i'm gon na do. I've got a picture of lou on my lamp. I might i might look at him uh and i don't know just look at his picture. Maybe i'll take a nap.

Maybe i'll go get some subway, but with that i'll catch you on the next one appreciate you tuning in as always much lovely taps and peace.

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