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Now is the time to be greedy. I genuinely believe that uh, i really do. I'm gon na go over a couple different things here today, uh looking at the the spy chart, the amc chart uh the the market. Looking like absolute dog uh, you know we're gon na go over all these things and there's a saying that really does go.

It's uh. When people are being fearful, you must be greedy and when people are greedy, you must be fearful uh, and i think that you are in a situation of max fear that does not line up with uh the chart, and i think you are gon na see a Rally uh in the broad market and then i think the broad market will continue to lower lows uh, but i'm gon na talk about that. You know as a whole as we get into it, so guys welcome back to trades trades. It's great to see you like you're, probably saying that i'm not a firefighter.

I find this vice, please gon na say they're gon na salt, let's get into it before we do i'd like to go over this. I streamed for uh about three days straight on anti-juice, in the description box down below, for we, the investors uh, we the investors, sec letter, number zero, one payment for order flow, and if you want to read the entirety of this, it goes into great detail About uh, you know core problems that retail sees within payment for order flow and uh. It has gotten up to 71 443 signatures. Now i was hoping pretty pretty uh liberally to see a hundred thousand, not gon na lie uh.

So if you have not signed this yet this can make a difference, and i appreciate everybody that has stopped in. I appreciate everybody that signed it. I, i really do think this can make a difference. It's a way to vocalize uh, what we'd like to see for change and ultimately uh.

It's a it's a win-win situation. You know if it doesn't do anything then nothing changed, but if it does you're in a better spot than you were before, so i want to start off with that now before we really dive into my thoughts, and i really do think this is going to be The case uh, we got to look at the spy chart. The spy chart right now is is in a massive massive pain, uh state and something i always like to pay attention to, and i'm just gon na point this out to you guys really quick is uh trend and pattern, and what you're gon na notice with trend And pattern is that it likes to respect certain levels and bounce up and down and up and down and up and down between particular levels, uh every single day right. You can see that right here, i've got four lines drawn up.

I've drawn this up before i don't know what you'd call this. I just considered a down channel trading sort of thing uh, but every time it taps the level it likes to come up to a different, respected level. For instance, here you see a bounce up to the second to the top. Second to the top you're gon na bounce to the bottom gets the bounce to the second to the top gets a bounce down to the second to the bottom.

It just goes back and forth back and forth back and forth. Well, what you're going to see now is there's been a very long. Generalized downtrend there's been a lot of pain, uh in the spy in the market, and it obviously feels surreal. I mean i mentioned this before, but the spy has been in a seven week, downtrend uh, which is the longest since before the 2008 crash i mean even then, you didn't get seven weeks of pure pain and pure red.

Something really critical happened. I talked about this in a video, and i want to convert this over to what it would look like for. Meme stocks quote: unquote: amc gamestop, uh all these different names because, as i mentioned in the beginning of the video, i think there's a period of time available right now, uh to be greedy when people are fearful uh and i mean that you convert, that's whatever you Want it to mean you know uh, but i i think that for this point in time you are coming dangerously close uh to what a bottom looks like uh. Don't think it's the bottom, i don't and that's why i said at the beginning of the video.

I think you're gon na see a move up, followed by a move down to lower lows. I stand by that. I, i don't think the pain's done yet, because i come back to the same thing. Uh, nothing has economically changed really.

The only thing that i see is that 50 basis point hikes have been priced thin that doesn't take away from the inflationary problem and if the market sees that inflation's actually getting worse, if that's a scenario here well, then there's certainly going to be more pain in Stake here, as the fed will likely have to have conversations about a more aggressive basis, point hike. But if you look back in uh in 2008, which you're going to find - and i talked about this in the previous video is fib levels - are very well respected. Every time it touches a fib level, it's a bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce bounce and it keeps kind of doing the same yo-yo back and forth right taps down here. At about this fib level, which comes out to the 786 comes up almost to the 618.

Comes down here to the zero back up to the seven eight six they're very well respected levels, right, uh down to the t, and even back here you see that there are these. These massive massive bear market rallies that almost look like they would escape a downtrend, but don't quite do so, and you can see that back here as well. You see this crash, it's kind of a flash crash. This is covid, remember, uh, fib levels are very well respected.

So now we're fast forwarding to here you fast forward to 2022 and where we're sitting currently - and you have tapped down on this fib level, the 382, the 382 fib level just got tapped, just got bounced and i think you're going to see a pretty wicked follow-through On this, it's going to translate and convert to all sorts of different names. Most importantly, amc. I've preached this forever. Uh that i think amy is, is going to turn green when the market gets a rally uh and there's a reason for it.

The reason behind that is because, if you were to look at when amy had her peak right back in march, when we had that nice rally up to 34 dollars and everything got kind of shafted and taken off from underneath our feet, uh 34 bucks was the Peak which was march 29th coincidentally, this was also the same peak of the bear market rally that the spy had on march 29th. You can see that the absolute high on that rally was on march 29th. That's not a coincidence. What it means is that amc uh has the same buyers and sellers presently as the broad market as the spy.

In fact, i would even go as far as to say that the spy kind of manipulates, the rest of the market, into whatever the spy is doing. That's what a bear market is right. It's sort of uh, manipulating things to to move alongside what big money is either fearful of or being greedy for, and i feel like those those movements are exacerbated, especially in these uh and these sort of market conditions. Now, there's a reason that you can even add on to this, you can add on to the fact that i think you're gon na get a three one, eight bounce and put on a little bit of a tin, foil hat here for this one.

I know this is a typical of me, but this is based on uh. What i believe is priced in so check this article out right pharmacy, mate minutes preview. Will the fed have to sell mbs now check this out tomorrow? Many of you may not know, but there's going to be a 5c release. 5C will release the minutes of the may policy meeting on wednesday may 25th and markets have already priced into more 50 basis.

Point fed rate hikes now. There's speculation in terms of whether or not the fed is actually going to be hyper, aggressive and we've seen this flip-flopping go both ways right, you've seen the flap to uh. Oh we're gon na be really dovish. This is fine back they're really hawkish, which means all we got ta be really aggressive with rate hikes.

They just go back and forth back and forth back and forth back and forth back and forth. Uh, we've seen 75 basis point hikes on the table and off the table and on the table and off the table, probably three times in the last couple of months, and i think that this is some white cop all right. This is some white cough man, but i think it's possible. I think that pharmacy, when this releases, you could see that the fed is gon na, be a little more dovish than people are expecting uh.

Do i think that means that's. What they're gon na stick to? Not necessarily, but i do think, the market's a big freaking game that just swings around and swings around and whenever uh big money wants to move stock, a certain direction, it's kind of funny how, coincidentally move comes out in whichever direction they want money to go. I don't know i could be wrong here, but i think that there is the opportunity and the the possibility that this comes out tomorrow and you see sort of a capitulation. You know uh an opportunity for the fed to breathe some life back into the markets.

Kind of relieve the stress of a lot of investors, particularly retail investors, to then just crash it down more and i think that's genuinely what's gon na happen for the broad market uh for the time being, what does that level? Look like well uh. I think it's gon na be this 236 back in uh 2020, when you saw the big covet wipe back in 2008 when you saw the housing financial crisis uh, the same sort of bounce happened and i think the same one's gon na happen here. So my my sort of uh a goal rally point for the spy and i i'm really confident this is going to translate in amc, because i'm going to show you the chart here in a little while uh my a goal. Rally point is right here on this fib level, which comes out to 422.

Now i've touched on this before uh, but but i want to really drive this home for amy uh and what i think will happen after is this this white line. I think it's gon na come back down, maybe not following this pattern, maybe not following that trend, but i think it'll tap here and it's gon na come back down to that 384-ish mark uh, in which case you are gon na see imo. In my opinion, uh. Some more downside, i really do believe that is uh possible.

I'm actually gon na adjust the fib a little bit, because i don't think that is right on the money like that to be as close as possible. Just give you a really solid there we go. It's actually 379.94, so there you go uh 379 94 is about where i think you're gon na get that bounce, which lines up, coincidentally, very, very well with this line right here. So if you look at that, you can see that line you can plus or minus a buck a buck 50 right stocks kind of have a range.

You can see: hey uh! If i think it's gon na hit this line, then you add sort of a margin for error zone which is plus or minus the dollar uh, and i'd be watching for that. Off of that, i think, there's gon na be some sort of fundamental news that comes out. Maybe inflation's not getting good uh. You know better at a fast enough rate of growth.

Maybe the fed decides they want to go back to being really hawkish, because we know they love the flip-flop whatever it may be. Uh. I think at that point you're going to see it move down. This also, coincidentally, would look a lot like this rally.

It was about 11 rally and this move would be about a 9.1 percent uh rally, it'd be it'd, be a pretty solid little move, i think, it'd take maybe five to ten days. Five to ten days is about the the the levels that i would give for. That rally, which gives an opportunity it gives an opportunity to be greedy when others are fearful uh. So that's that you know in these tough times.

I do think it is important to manage risk. There's no such thing as a perfect hedge. In any scenario, you know uh, but we can't do our best to try, which brings me to this. During a time period of hyperinflation on certain monetary policy extended real estate prices and a following stock market, it's more important than ever to consider alternative investment strategies, and these different investment strategies would mean diversifying across different asset classes.

Did you know that contemporary art is one of the oldest asset classes and from 1995 until 2020 has given a total return of 174 percent greater than the s p, 500, 174 percent better and listen to this stat? This is actually pretty crazy. According to s p, global 94 of fund managers couldn't beat their respective index fund uh respectively. So how does the average investor even have a chance to get better than average returns? Well, especially now, while we're in a bear market, you have to be able to branch out and look at different asset classes and diversify into those as necessary. This isn't something i typically talk about on my channel either this could be considered things like real estate, uh, cryptocurrency bonds, you get the deal, etc, etc, but one of the alternative investments that i think a lot of people are overlooking and that i'm excited about is Blue chip, art now blue chip art, is something that many people such as you and me.

Blue collar workers have not been able to afford uh, because they're very expensive they've typically been reserved for the top sort of one percent of investors in the world uh because they are very pricey to purchase. These investors have done well from 1995 until 2021 uh. It has outpaced the s p, 500 by 164 and almost doubles the appreciation of real estate gold and 90 of cryptocurrencies. You know how i feel about cryptocurrencies.

Well, since you can't afford to buy a picasso for millions of dollars. What masterworks has done is allow you to buy shares or a portion of the pie in one of these paintings. I'm excited to share with our community and give you priority access to uh the link down below in the description box. For today's sponsor, which is masterworks, masterworks uses over 60 000 different data points to find financially attractive, paintings, buy them and then hold them and sell them after they've accrued a good chunk of value and, if you'd like to you, know, buy and sell and trade.

These paintings, that is also an option, as this does act as a secondary market, the results well in 2020, they netted a return of about 32 and in 2021 they returned about 31, and that was just based off of two paintings, one of those being banksy with Results like that, it's no one or 325 000 people so far have signed up for masterworks. So, if you'd like to join just click on the link in the description box down below uh to join masterworks and that's about what i got for, you so appreciate it back to it. So that being said, i've talked about what i find to be the most important on the spy uh pharmacy minutes i've given sort of some speculation. This is not fact.

This is an opinion uh regarding what i think is possible with the pharmacy minutes and how the fed's going to sort of talk about that uh. Since the notes are coming out here relatively soon. I want to close this off with amy uh. I saw a tweet from charles gasparino and, if you don't know who charlie gasparino is good you're, better off anyways uh, but but he came out and he was saying that that apes are going to sell under 10.

Now i can't predict the future. I'm not a genius, i'm not a wizard. I don't know with absolute certainty anything, but what i will tell you is that makes absolutely no sense. Uh you do what you got to do everyone's situation's different, but i'd say for the average person the average person, if they have money invested in this - that they do not need in this present moment.

This is like the absolute worst time because i th i see this see this. I see this as a short-term bottom uh. I don't know if it's the absolute bottom. If the spy continues down lower, i think that amy will go down lower with it.

I do uh, but if the spy is done, this could be the absolute bottom uh, in which case i i think you're. This is. This is just a price. I'm gon na tell you why? Uh, where we're at right now with amc, is damn close to a zero percent uh retracement right.

What you're gon na see here is a couple things that i've marked on the rsi chart and on the physical, tangible chart two patterns right. What you're gon na notice with these patterns is very straightforward, very simple, stuff uh. So, let's just start with this right: we're gon na look over here at this point in the chart. What you're going to find is the rsi has a pattern tends to dip very, very, very close to that 30 mark right tap tap.

What here right here? What are you going to see well right here, you see taps down to what appears to be about 25. over here taps down to a super duper low, super oversold territory about 24., and we haven't quite gotten the bounce off of this. Yet what this looks a lot like to me is back here when you got this dip down about 25 small little move comes back down and re-test that 30 rsi and gets a really really solid rally, and this rally would line up, coincidentally, very well with a Couple key things: i've seen the executive order, that's expiring in case you don't know uh there is. There is an executive order, expiring on june 3rd and to wrap it up in the most simple way possible uh.

It ties up a lot with uh china and specifically chinese uh sort of military investment strategies from uh people who invest within the united states and the last two times that that order expired. What you found was that meme stocks, for whatever reason or another, had massive moves up now. If you were to ask me uh two times i i it's a pattern three times, you should really start paying attention. So if this third time on june 3rd uh, you see this expire and you get a massive move.

Well, first off happy anniversary, but second off that's worth a nickel and to me that would seem a lot like a collateralizing uh of different assets. I think that'd be a way for hedge funds, market makers, institutions, banks, whatever whoever it is uh to be hiding money in those specific names. So with that said, you line that up with uh gamestop coming up, they've got uh a call happening relatively soon uh. You line that up with june 3rd you'll end up with pharmacy minutes.

You line it up with the the point at which we are on the chart, which i think is damn near peak fear. I don't see how much more fear you can instill in a stock. Uh that has right now, i generally don't don't have any clue, because this is this is like it's time for a relief rally. It really is don't think we're the the broad market is done right, not speaking primarily on amc talking about the spy and if the spy has more pain.

I think it's going to reflect on everything. I don't think that the pain is done. It's about what i think is gon na happen, but i think it's time for a relief rally. I really do uh what that looks like and what it has looked like in the past.

If it tracks right, i'm not gon na draw it up to the day or anything, i'm not a wizard uh, but it's this. This is the second piece of the puzzle every time it's tap this line. Eventually, it finds its way back up to this trend line right here, tap, tap trend, trend, tap trend, tap! Well. What we would expect is they will continue on following this pattern.

What would that look like? Well, it's highly dependent on how quickly this thing makes uh a decent sized move. I am on log by the way in case the chart looks a little bit different to you. It's just a little easier for me to read, but i think it looks something like this. Probably a decent sized move, followed by sort of an acceleration period and, depending on the timeline it could be anywhere within, i could see it rallying in the very short term.

Uh to test this trend line to about 24 uh 24 at a peak low, depending on how long this takes of about 22. uh. If it breaks that well, you know what happens with uh with these sort of trends. Uh breakouts of technical levels like this are critically important.

Uh as it gives you an idea of what you can expect down. The road and we'd be looking for fib levels, right you'd be looking for that 382. 33 bucks, the 0.5, the 618, the 786 and then the one uh last thing that i want to touch on. Is this a lot of people talk about the june run up and and uh and and how it got kind of pulled? It got rugged right in terms of how high this thing could go and i'm in complete agreements with you, and i want to show you something just to sit on - i'm not even going to give you my opinion.

I want you to think about this because think back on june uh what killed the momentum right. It was a hit piece article that came out that said that amc sold a couple of shares right. They diluted a couple shares well even a massive amount right, very, very minuscule mountain that seemed to have killed the momentum of the stock. Now i personally believe that that article was dropped for one reason and one reason only it was to kill momentum.

Why? Because ta is crazy, that's why check this out if you want to give an idea of what to expect in the future on a run right, i like to look at numbers i like to look at charts. I like to look at lines uh, you can say whatever you want. I think it's worth a nickel and here's a reason why? Uh, if you want to guess how high a chart will go when you have a breakout, we have a breakdown. Fibs are amazing.

Here's why, if you draw from the top to the bottom, meaning the top of a run to the bottom of a uh, a dip right? What you'll find is that it has extended fib levels, one six, one, eight, two, six one, eight three, six one. Eight four point: two three: six and charts like to respect these lines. Well, if you're line up the chart right here to this fib level, what you're going to find is it just barely barely barely went beyond this 4.236. It's actually pretty absurd.

It really is now, if i'm gon na, take this a step further and take this and what you're gon na find. Is it hovered just beneath? Let me extend this out just a hair, the three six one eight levels are crazy. Now why do i say this right, because many people ask - and this is sort of how i'll wrap things up many people ask where uh, where the peak will be. What's my price target uh and what i would tell you is this: if numbers are respected right, that means that they're manipulated in a way that they respect these fib levels or these lines or whatever it may be.

You can get an idea of where things are going to go on the in the future. If you were to have a similar breakout, as you did in june, or as you did in january, you could probably look between this three six, one eight and the four two three six could be right. It could be wrong. Take a lot of money.

Take a big push uh, but it's worth thinking about you know uh. I suppose that's what i got. There was a lot to talk about. There was a lot of things i had going uh going through my head.

Sorry, i'm talking a little slower today. I might see my seem out of it, whatever i'm kind of recovering slowly intraday, because i was streaming for so so freaking long over the weekend. But that's what i got for you guys. I appreciate you all hope to catch you soon, much lovely taps and peace.

By Trey

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