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Good morning, vietnam, how are we doing it's your boy trey coming back again for another freaking video and today we're going to be giving you an update on freaking, uh amc and what's been going down right. We had a red day today down about 4.19 and intraday. It was actually a pretty scary looking flush it was. It was a nasty flush to the downside about 25 and 31 cents, but for the most part, this is still respecting ta, very, very well, and i'm going to touch on that as we get into the video.

I want to give you some reassurance, some points to look for, because that did get touched on uh. All all the level points right that i mapped out on the previous video. This speed line right here, these two channels they're being respected, and that means something right. It means these are points to watch for that are going to apply future price action uh into the future, apply to a future price section in the future, but before we get into that little fun fact for you uh this shirt, doki doki.

That actually means in japanese. My heart is beating fast, so welcome to trey's trades. We freaking talk fast and our hearts are beating fast. You know how it goes like the purpose by saying i'm not fighting to find out a financial place.

Do what you got to do make your best decisions for yourself financially, please do not over leverage yourself. I just wanted to everyone. Everybody be able to sleep well at night right, that's the most important thing for me, so we're gon na go over starting off here with the ortex data. I touched on this previously right, i'm touching on this a lot more because i can tell i can feel, but there's a lot of people who just need reassurance in terms of the big picture of things, and you don't need that.

Coming from me right, you guys already know what you're looking at, but if you want somebody to tell you, you know the exact same thing, the short interest is still going up, there's a very obvious trend here: the yellow line being the short interest. You can see this has gone up over the past couple days that we've seen this downwards pressure and that does make sense when you look at the overall volume on amc stock right. Consider this. If you look at the overall volume on the stock, you can see an uptick on this downside pressure.

There's two different possibilities here: either a that means that retail is selling or b. It means that there's shorts selling and when there's short selling, that would spike up an increase in volume, and that makes sense when you look at the overall short interest increasing on a day-to-day basis, such as it has right. Looking at that shares on loans up seven percent, nearly uh on a seven day period of time, you look at the short interest that is up about seven percent on a one week, period of time, free flow alone, seven percent - you get the picture here. There are shorts that are purposely going out of their way to add to the volume to purposefully, uh, try to push price down to specific levels, and this is essentially where computers and algorithms do what they do because look at the stock right.

Look at the price. Look at the charts - this is very obviously a significant level to watch, for this is the level in which you have to make a purposeful decision in a purposeful move to push a stock down right that comes from short sellers that comes from institutions. That is what you're watching happen right now. It's ammunition getting loaded into the freaking revolver and they're, spinning it and they're, spinning it and they're spinning it and they're spinning it and they're spinning it right you're watching that happen days to cover.

This is short interest, divided by some sort of time frame. In this case on this chart, it is three months that is the highest short interest that we have seen since back in january, our days to cover, since back in january, it's very, very high. It was much higher before that uh. This would have been back in what looks to be january 7th, but the day of the actual decent size moved to 25 right.

That's what it was i mean the days to cover was at 1.10, which just shows you how difficult it's going to be for shorts to get out of positions when there is a nice size move, and i know i know i know it's very easy for me To sit behind the screen and say well well, trey, it's still selling off right, but, as we all know, just the same as a stock cannot go up forever. A stock cannot go down forever. This is an ebb and flow of the cycle of amc. Now i've talked about this before very briefly, but i think it's important to note that i i think - and i truly do think that amc is going to squeeze a lot like tesla in cycles, and what do i mean by that? I mentioned this back in videos in march and what i mean by that is not necessarily the the way that it's going to do it, but in the cyclic manner, tesla has gone through large bowl cycles bear cycles, bull cycles, bare cycles, retracements and and next moves Right, it's done that for a very long period of time and, ultimately bringing it up to 1200 at its peak and in that same way i think what you're seeing with amc is very similar to that.

So if i was to pull up, for example, tesla right now - and we were looking at the overall tesla short interest - it's not going to look the same in terms of numbers uh for tesla. But i'd. Imagine that you see there are ebbs and flows right, ebbs and flows in terms of short interest. You see this cyclic sort of nature for shorts, piling into positions very, very high short interest back here, right sitting that freaking 10.71 of the overall float and then as they exit it gets a nice leg up.

They start to establish some more over. Here gets a nice leg up right, you get the point of this. I do truly think that is what you're watching with amc and this dives into a theory that many many apes have been talking about. Many smart people much more intelligent than myself, which is why cough theory right the the idea of you being against one entity within the stock market, which is composite man and i'm gon na dig into that more at some given point, but the entire nature of what I'm talking about here is this is a part of that cyclic nature that cyclic journey and it can be hard to watch right.

But if there's anything, that's going to make you rest easier. It's confidence in the setup right. It's confidence in the due diligence and i you can borrow that from me. Absolutely 150 000 can and that's what i'm here for right, i'm here for you guys to borrow confidence if you need it, but in the same way you can instill that confidence in yourself.

If you know levels to watch for right, so what am i looking at? Here's? Here's! What i see you look at the four hour chart and this is still a potential reversal setup and the reasoning behind that is from these different speed lines. Here's one in particular right this speed line, derives from a touch point here. A touch point here, a touch point here, a breakthrough, and then that was acting as resistance now, acting as support you fast forward right. What do you see now well in that same way, that it was being respected as a resistance? Now it is acting as a support.

You can see that very clearly touch point touch, point touch point false breakdown and a hold. Now. What you would like to see is a break out of this channel these down these descending levels of uh resistance, acting as speed lines, you want to break over those levels to confirm essentially a reversal back into some different territory in water. Now, in yesterday's video i said this particular level.

This green box is very important because if we break beneath that, that is uh downward pressure that could bring you to the downside, a little ways and you did get a false breakdown underneath that right. You can see that very clearly right here, but the nice thing about this is that reversal and the respecting of this line right here right. This is very technical. You can see this rejection off of this downside level of resistance, a rejection on this upside level of support, and it's just hovering between this sort of little uh, wedge setup that you see right here right check this out.

That's a pretty much a picture-perfect sort of wedge that you get where it's respecting these different levels so heading into monday, or maybe even tuesday, right it's going to break either hard up or hard down in either direction if it was to break down right. What do you want to watch for what what's the particular levels to see? Well, i'm going to change this back to the four hour chart and i'm going to show you uh, where you get the next little hesitation, the next little bit of chop. This is going to be back here right, so what i would particularly label would be different demand zones. This right here to me would be considered a demand zone.

It's the choppy sort of consolidation-esque price action before decent size. Move up that to me would be a level in which you can expect some sort of a potential reversal. In the same way, you have that here, potential uh chop, slash consolidation before decent size, move up both of these zones to me are spots in which you can see this move back to the upside. Now this one's already been broken right, so that would leave us this one and if it was to come back down here what you're looking at no straight up 19.76 right.

You also get some chop right here down at that 24 level. So here's another one where you get i'd say it's a little less strong than the previous one, but this does still act as some form of a demand zone where you could potentially see some form of a bounce, and you can already see that it kind of Respected that right, that 25-ish dollar level, in which it's bounced off of previous price action from uh back in may right. It touched that it touched that and it got a nice little decent size. Bounce off of it and uh that demand zone acted in a very positive manner.

You can see that right here, right touch, damn near uh, the bottom of that level and then just bounce right back up. That's what you're looking at right for the downside upside! What do you want to see, as i stated in yesterday's video, you want to break over both of these descending levels of resistance. That's what i'm particularly watching for, and i can't tell you with certainty right. I said yesterday's video.

It could happen that day. It could happen tomorrow could happen the next day. This is a potential reversal set up. I think you're close to the bottom.

I really do i to be blunt with you. I said yesterday that i thought this was the bottom right here at 27.58 and i was wrong. I was it did not stop at 27.58, but it was a false breakdown off of that level. It didn't hold it into the end of the day, which is a positive thing right.

That is a potential reversal setup there's another. You know potential way that i can really say that is don't stress. This is technical. This is shorts, but purposefully intentionally pushing price down, and it's it's it's on a chart right.

You can see the specific levels that we're just trying to hold the most confidence that i can give to you. The best message that i can give to you is to believe in what you know believe in what you've taught others believe in the diligence and the time that has gone into this and believe in your neighbors and in the community. Borrow strength from others. Learn from others learn from all the mistakes that i've made or that others have made and the successes that i've had and the successes that others have had right, we're all here for each other lean on each other, it's okay! To do that right! I suppose! That's what i've got for this video, so i'm gon na go get myself a burger and uh probably play a few video games and hang out.

I hope you guys all have a freaking fantastic weekend catch on the next one, much lovely taps, peace.

By Trey

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