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This is the first time i'm using video software. This is weird, so one thing i forgot, i want to add this at the front of the video is i actually got a hold of corey tumer uh, my my buddy alpaca. He was able to actually get his phone over, we talked to him and he this guy was actually hacked right. So this is something i tweeted out, but i did want to put this on youtube as well, so that anybody who was curious about what's actually happening here could track that right.

Uh, the guy was hacked right, he's it's one of those situations where it's the spider-man meme, where there's an impersonator that uh that was being impersonated by an impersonator. So it's like this impersonation impersonation, impersonation, triple kind of but buddy situation here and uh. It wasn't on him right, so i do want to put that out there. So anybody who was wondering can track that and now we can get into the video i'm trying to get tightened up here.

Guys, i'm really trying my best titan come here. Buddy come here. We got him uh. I brought him to the vet and uh.

They checked him for a bunch of stuff. They checked him for uh, you know for rabies, they checked his fecal matter uh, they checked him for fleas and they found that they had fleas because he was a straight cat before he got him so uh we got him treated. He's got this stuff on his neck. There's like a one-time treatment going in for another appointment here in a couple weeks, and we also got him a flea collar and uh.

We put it on him today and titan is not freaking. Uh he's not hanging and cracking kingdom right now, he's really not freaking he's not digging that thing, but we got ta take care of the little dude until he's. Freaking uh he's good to go. Nonetheless, what is up everybody on the tradespace? We freaking talk fast.

I'm building a class like the premise by saying i'm going to find your advisor expert, so take what i say: the queen of salt, let's get into the video so today, my friends, my family, my fellow ruler, gang, it's obviously not a fun day to to make A video of these of this nature right. It's it's easy in the last couple days to feel like you're, just kind of getting slumped just getting smacked and to be completely plumb with you. I wish i could come out here today and say that tomorrow's outlook is better right, but i do want to talk about controllable factors and the actual stock price in and of itself has an individual person is not something that you can control unless you're someone like Melvin capital or or citadel who controls freaking billions of dollars of liquidity, in which case uh, kenny griffin. If you're watching this and you want to go along on the stock, you can piss off.

You go along on something else, i'm just playing, but nonetheless we're over a couple different things here right. We do have good news in terms of the ortex data short interest, because that has increased over the last 24 hours. The options flow not looking good, it looks, it looks pretty freaking bearish, i'm not going to lie to you guys and we are going to finish it off with uh. Just a look at the charts like a brief one and we all kind of know the short short-term microscopic direction that things are slowly moving in right now and we have to be real with that right.

We have to to not expect one day uh a miracle in the next 10. 20 minutes. You know an hour two hours what's laid out right now is is sadly what you're watching happen. You know and uh.

I want to talk about the controllables at the end, which i think is the best possible way that i can. I can wrap this up, because that is ultimately what we can do as individual people right. It's control the inner circle. You've got this inner circle of things you can do in the outer circle in which you cannot do so.

Uh we're gon na go over a couple of things here. Let's get into the freaking video, so we're gon na start off here with the vortex data, and this is actually looking pretty decent right. It did go up today. It's up: 4.8 percent, 19.54 uh, current short interest of free float and you look at the overall stock and i do have a hypothesis, a theory that you are watching some of these institutions liquidate out of the position which is forcing some of this.

This uh, you know short down, but of course you have other factors that are coming into play here. You've got the evergreen situation, which is uh. It forced the whole market to gap down on the last trade day on monday, and it's kind of just playing a factor. On top of that, you have the short interest.

You have the dark pool trading which is taking up over freaking half of amc's volume and if people don't think that's a problem, i don't know what you're looking at man just the name, just the name dark pool. It sounds like deadpool right, deadpool's cool though so i shouldn't shouldn't get them twisted like that, oh man. Ah, what am i doing terrible example, because i, with deadpool heavy, but i do not with dark pools i'll, tell you that right now, just the name, though seriously there's all these different things that are playing into the amc stock price like dark pools like naked short Selling, like failure delivers like heavy derivatives, puts that are getting hidden at short interest, and you can see it pushing the price down and short interest is a piece of that right. You see, the short interest is going up.

Utilization is going back up, it's at 90.98 percent cost to borrow no significant change, but is the stock being heavily shorted afterwards cover their positions? You know the answer to both of these questions. Just by looking at the stock and looking at the overall data right, it is a heavily short stock. There's a lot of big names out there, a lot of bigwigs who are trying to push this down and say piss off to the little guys into the apes. And i've said this message a million times.

But it hasn't changed right and the day that the data changes for me is the day that you cross that bridge, but has the data change? Have things actually changed? How the problems been solved are dark pools? Still, an issue within the stock market is payment for order flow, one of the best ways for big brokerages and big firms to make money within the stock market. Yes, right, there's all these systemic problems that still exist and amc being the culmination of that being sort of the physical manifestation of all these problems that people are mad about. None of those things have changed. You can see that right here in front of you with the data.

Now this is a tough thing to talk about right. I looked at the options flow yesterday. This is unusual whales. This is essentially just a way to gauge uh future price action, microscopic price action to the up or the downside and looking at the data yesterday it was extremely bearish.

You had a lot of puts that rolling into the overall stock and you have the same thing to date. Right and i said in yesterday's video. I don't think you're done watching this pain yet and just based on the overall trend, based on the fact that you really haven't gotten much of a bounce on the stock right, based on the fact that the the options flow is still extremely bearish. It sucks to say, but there is still heavy freaking put interest in the stock they're targeting the 37 strike they're also targeting that november date, and i don't necessarily think that means going to watch us drain freaking all the way up to november.

But i do think it means that there is a short-term move for the downside still to come, and that kind of brings me into the actual chart itself and my message i want to close this off with. Where is this currently trading right? Well, it did break this up. Trend amc broke the upgrade it's it's currently in a new downtrend. That's the trend that ended up coming in fruition.

In my one of my previous videos, i think it was. Last friday, i said you were channel training and i was uncertain, which way this is going to go. The options flow is split straight down the middle. That ta was literally just amc, trading back and forth in the channel between 40 and 52 bucks.

You were watching that happen and waiting to see which direction this would go and it went down. There's no other way. To put it right. You have all these big firms out there who are pushing the stock price down who are shorting.

This stock you've got some selling pressure coming from probably institutions, maybe maybe a couple of people right, but overall, this is the picture you're looking at the picture, you're looking at straight as it gets, is the people that are making you mad making this happen. You know the mass majority of this being owned by retail investors you're not going to have just some random joe schmoe, who says: hey, look i'm going to buy mcstock because i like the fundamentals and blah blah blah they're in it because of the exact 8 movement. The reason that people are in this is because they're frustrated and pissed off, with the way that the system works, that the the top are built to stay at the top by means like what you're watching happen with with uh the stock market. Right now right, massive amounts of debt, massive amounts of leveraging massive amounts of inflation, inflationary sort of price that you watch happen on the stock market.

Every day i mean just looking at the spy think about the fact that colby was almost 18 months ago, and the spy up until just recently has just been ripping for all-time highs. It's just been ripping non-stop for almost a year and a half. You know it makes absolutely no sense, and this is not normal. This is inflationary.

This is a bunch of leveraged cash, a bunch of freaking margin, that's just getting pumped into the stock market. On top of all the freaking tactics that come to fruition to push stocks up or down whichever direction these big firms want to move things, and with that being said, amc is being affected by that right. Now it absolutely 100 days. You know: where is this? Where is this looking at right? Now, you know, i don't like bullshitting people, i like to tell you it how it is, and it looks like there is more downside.

So, looking at this overall stock, i found the most success in terms of being able to predict uh moves up and down by looking at supply and demand zones. Now, what does that mean? It's choppy price action, or essentially just consolidation up and down trading, before a big move, either up or down, and the next zone that this could potentially fall down to just like i did here today right, i put that out in yesterday's video said. This is probably gon na see this drop down, so if it continues on the downtrend is right here right. It could potentially drop down to this level right here and that sucks to say it really.

Does it really does 35 to about 36 10? Maybe is the sort of the next down zone if it does continue on this, this freaking straight ladder down that you're watching these big hedge funds push on on stock now the bolt case scenario and i'd freaking love to see it. But, to be completely honest, i'm optimistic, but i'm being realistic here the bold case scenarios it gets a bounce out of this demand zone back up into that 41 dollar range, which one's more likely, which one's the the more realistic situation. To be honest with you guys into tomorrow, based on the data based on the options flow, you've got 80 percent of call put premium coming in as put 73 volume as put volume right, the overall trend is bearish. I i think in the short term, you are gon na watch, the stock go down and i these videos are tough to make.

They are because i feel the same way that you guys do and it's easy when the stock is green and ripping to say i knew it. We were right. We were right, we're doing the right thing. You know it's hard when the stock is not doing what you think when you're, when your conviction, your hypothesis is being tested, you know that's what this is right now it's a test, it's a the price is a test as of right now now can i predict How long this downtrend is going to go? I i i really can't i mean i could take a stab at it.

I can look at the freaking daily candles and and do some form of ta and this and that, but the truth of the matter is: there's a lot of big world outside factors playing into the stock market right now, which are influencing the stock market itself. Individual securities itself and big firms in and of themselves and that's playing into the way this is trading right. Now it's playing into the price action you know, so i think that's more important than ta is right now to take a macroscopic view at the world and what's actually happening to get an idea of what could potentially go down here and the economy looks, looks tough. So what i'm hoping for? I think this is the best case scenario.

I'm going to give you my final words after that we'll leave it on your way. Is my hypothesis right? I have a theory. I think that what you're watching happen right now is the 20 of institutions who own this stock are liquidating out of all their main long positions that they've just been holding for a prolonged period of time and that's not necessarily a bad thing, because if that's bought Up and that's a big if right, apes have to buy that up. If that's bought up by apes and that's controlled by h, you guys are increasing.

The apes increase the overall amount of money, the amount of shares that are controlled by everyday average freaking people who love eating bananas, who love drinking kraken, who wear their glasses when they sit at the desk, even though they freaking they freaking suck. You know that is a short-term problem that can make a long-term uh solution and in some sort of sense now. Obviously it's your own guys's financial responsibility, your own decision, all they ask is you have a plan, you don't over leverage into anything. I want everybody to feed themselves.

I want you to keep the roof over your head and all that sort of stuff and i'm gon na leave you with this right. Controllables and uncontrollables. Can you control the outside world right now? Can you control evergreen? Can you control that whole situation, that's starting to look a lot like the lehman brothers from 2008? Can you control the stock price right now as an individual person? No, but you can't control your psychology. You can't control how you react to every other person on planet earth.

You can't control what you choose to read and not read. You can choose how you interact with people right now. I say all these things, not because it's some feel good bunch of right, but because it actually matters for a stock like this is driven by sentiment. That's driven by a community right.

The community crumbles that affects things that is going to 100 affect the way that you look at the stock price because think about it. From this perspective, if there's a new buyer that came in today right and their first experience with the amc community is good. Yeah they're going to stick around because they want to stand for those people they're going to fight for the brother on their left and the sister on their right. You know, but if it's something else that changes the picture, control, which you can control right, you can control.

When you buy, you can control. When you sell, you can control your psychology and you control what you digest right. Fixate on that fixate on the things that you can control, don't don't uh, don't worry about the things that you cannot try and make noise right. That's what i that's! What i try to do about the things that i can't control i make it known.

I speak out against it, but at the end of the day there is only the things that you can do as an individual person and focus on that right. That's going to make a difference and the way that you handle this. You know look at it as a long-term investment, as i have said, for nine months right, because you're not going to stress out over any individual day of price action. If you think it's worth this, but it's actually trading at this.

You know that's the best way that can put that, and hopefully that leaves you with uh some sort of. I don't know something better than you came, i'm no freaking wizard, i'm! No, i'm! No! I'm no guru, i'm just a freaking guy who's, trying to wear his glasses, who who sometimes cuts a part in the side of his head and likes to drink, cracking and that's what i've got for this video, so blah blah blah people drop it like consider. Subscribing everything my friends catch the next one, much lovely taps and peace.

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