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Today we will recap the INSANE day of trading, and talk stocks and investing.
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All right we're starting up sick. You see me so we're cooking. I can see you up here all right, all right all right here we go baby. What's up everybody we're starting uh, we're starting up a new series here on youtube.

Oh man, you guys this is gon na be fun, so this is flacco flacco, introduce yourself real, quick flacco. You want to introduce yourself, no man all right guys, so we're gon na be talking about inuv. Today, everybody here uh flac over here drop it in the comments. If you can hear flacco there we go looks like they can hear you, man all right.

So let me introduce you quick. This is uh. This is flacco. We are gon na be talking about some different stocks and stuff.

This is gon na, be the beginning of a series. It's just gon na, be the traders podcast and uh. It's just gon na be basically a pretty chillax uh talk about the stock market, just bsn different strategies and uh. Oh it doesn't sound like they can hear you shoot.

I've got headphones in. I guess, let's see quick right, yeah hard fat, no! Oh man, flacco! What do you want to do you want to do you want to come back to this when we can figure out the technical stuff or what you do this again tomorrow, all right all right, i'll roll this by myself i'll! Do it again tomorrow, all right all right guys so flacco join us in tomorrow? We're gon na do this again, but we're just gon na talk about the stock market today and inuv man guys. I can't even begin to tell you how freaking crazy this stock was. I cannot even i can't even describe this.

I brought this everybody's attention um yesterday i was, i was doing a little bit of reading and this was brought out to me in the discord by uh one of the members and oh, my god, dude i lost. I lost all cool that i had when i saw the chart set up on this. So if you look at this on the one month chart, we had the crossover on the 15 vomit over the 200 ema um. We had the the news article come out about vanguard, putting in 2.6 million shares or just under a million dollars into the company.

Look at this freaking volume. That is insane, that's so insane and you know what's even crazier guys. This is up to a dollar 66 right now in the after hours. That's so nasty, that's so nasty guys.

How was your guys's portfolios today? Thank you for the four dollar stand dollar. I appreciate that a lot you're, the man you freaking rock. I appreciate everybody. What's up youtube, what's up youtube bro, i love you so much since i and you be, and maybe bile no dude biola is gon na be one of them.

I guarantee you. Bio is gon na, be one of them. I'm i'm just as pumped about this. As i am uh inuv, and that's because they have a webinar on thursday and we're already seeing a pump right here, we're already seeing people start to push volume into the stock and we're two days away from this webinar.

That is massive. Biola is going to be so unrealistically filthy. I cannot wait so biola's been a hit dude guys. I went from 26 500, my portfolio to 30 312 dollars.

Today, i feel like you could have thrown a dart at uh at a board of stocks and just picked a random stock just and you just made money today, the market was insane once check going up, we'll put that up eventually uh i'll update on check i'll Pull it up really quick, but check was a it's been consolidating. This isn't bad. Typically, when a stock consolidates like this for a long period of time, it favors it favors bulls, it's more bullish than anything. So that's good! You invested 20k into bngo.

Today, please help. Oh man, i think they just had a direct offering didn't they. It depends on what you bought in at i'd, consider taking profits and then reinvesting after, because there's probably gon na be a pullback, but it's it's not the end of the world bng! Oh, oh, my god, i thought they're gon na pick 10 bucks. Today.

This has been such a filthy run-up. You have 1400 bucks today, jl anderson man, filthy. I had a guy in the discord today that said trey i'm up uh, i'm up 20 thousand dollars because of your call on inuv, and i didn't i didn't do it by myself right. I gave complete credit to ben uh over the discord for finding that plane.

Uh - and i just looked at the charts - i i looked at it too. I gave him some double confirmation. I said: let's do it, let's send it. This looks like a grand slam and it worked out.

What's with check, yeah man, it's just consolidating, don't worry yet. Don't worry yet it is still growing. It's just consolidating. We just need another news.

Catalyst and a little bit of volume you bought by all buy will pay you well. I think bile is gon na very easily retest, the dollar. Fifty what happened to jag x stock um, don't sweat jagex, yet it's okay! They had another consolidation day. What you're waiting on is the merger so from what i've read.

I've read up this on stock to it. So take it for what it is. You know it's. It could be people just pumping the stock, but i have read that uh we're expecting the merger to be announced sometime in the next two to three weeks and when that happens, uh it'll depend on how the stock works out right.

But from my understanding, any sort of merger stock starts out automatically at uh at ten dollars great day up thirteen hundred bucks. What's jeff when's jagex gon na hit uh, it could take a while. It might just take a minute. I i'd say at least two or three weeks crtm this one's been pissing me off.

I think you mean ctrm. I so highly debated selling out of my position in ctrm today and uh and putting it into uh putting in the inuv, and i really wish i did - i'm not gon na lie. I really really wish. I did because i would have been disgusting but uh.

I don't know what's happening here yet guys it's consolidating it's not bad. We were still green on the day. It just wasn't a lot of movement right, so i think once we, if we look at a retracement quick from the bottom of this run up, it looks like we need to push through this level right here at about 37 cents and if we can push above 37 cents, i think it'll start moving up 800 bucks. Thank you larry.

He just recently joined the discord. I really appreciate that you guys rock jack x caught jagex at the low today. Still it is looking promising yeah big time. Big time.

Jagex just be patient. Patience is gon na pay on that up, 20 dylan money, anonymous anyone know what's up with the ngo they had an offering bienjo had an offering. So what i would consider doing is taking profits watch for the bottom out and reinvest i'm new to stocks and only invested about 360 dollars and i'm up 125. Today, man, that means you're up like 30, you crushed heck yeah dude, i'm only up, like i shouldn't, say only any time: you're up nine percent on a day, you're doing pretty good, which means you crushed.

Your calls were on point today. Thank you, katie, it's uh. I was kind of bummed about last week's calls because some of them hit, like you know, 10 20, 30 you're, not gon na hit 100 every week right, but the windows were really small, so i felt kind of bad, but this week has been crushing it's. It's really fun sends, as a screamer sense is absolutely crushing right now.

I love this. That's so disgusting. Oh, that makes me happy to see man that is such a clean run-up. Look at that you want to know you want to know all the technical analysis you need to see on this check it out i'll drop a nice chart for you.

It looks something like this. This is the technical analysis that you need right now on sends just up sawyer french dude. I went to college with him. That's crazy! St john's minnesota, hey bro, buy bitcoin my son.

I used to call everybody in college, my son, that's funny. I appreciate the five dollars my friend, that's sick, you're in biola and uh sends yeah you're doing good. It's viral and sensible, keep crushing you're doing great cciv fuel cell obsv, clwd and ctrm man, everyone's crushing abgr. I think avgr did okay.

If i remember right, yeah they're still up on the day, they're looking good if you bought it during the pre-market or even at market open you're. Looking solid volume is decent. It's a little overbought, nothing terrible! I have not sold ctrm yet i did sell it up. Naked, i i put a video out talking about recapping my positions and i did get out of naked, i'm not in that right now i took a small loss.

I know the naked went back up, though i think it got. It went back up right after i sold out. I didn't sell out it because i don't think i have potential it just wasn't moving and i wanted to get into bio. I wanted to get into uh um freaking.

I can't remember why i'm just so amped right now i nev i want to get into those two plays, so i just got out of naked what would be the stock to buy tomorrow? Oh flacco, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, man, ah pissing, all of us off ctrm man, it's tough. I slept on everything all my money in nbis, neo and nndm. Mbis is pretty well date. Mbis is waking up.

My girl mavis, i love mavis. I am very devoted to my girlfriend. I love her to death, but if i had to have a side chick, they would be mavis stock to buy. Tomorrow, though i uh - i really, i wouldn't recommend chasing but uh, but this stock looks pretty solid right now.

Inuv inv is really disgusting. This is so filthy. It's at a dollar 72 man, that's so nasty price target and entry and pt and et for bio. I think that bio can hit about a buck 50..

That's my that's my ticket on it. I'm going to scroll to the bottom, so i can stay up to date. On this talk, bio, i will talk. Bio bile is looking filthy, we're expecting uh a webinar on bio on thursday, and i will show you this from the private discord just that i'm not misinterpreting anything.

There was a link in here, so i'm gon na go down to bio and pull up. This link really quick and it's right here - upcoming events on the 22nd of january - we're expecting a special meeting of stockholders. So that's going to be on friday and then i think there was another article too. If i remember right, yeah, dental webinars and we're expecting this.

We're expecting this on: where is it january? 21St, thursday, 4 p.m to 5, 30 p.m. Pt, and this could be really solid. So i think that's why we're starting to see a run up here with bile. I'm really excited about it.

If we draw a retracement, really quick we're going to look at a couple of levels to watch for man this, i was really hoping that we'd get flacco on here. Flacco, we'll figure this out man. It was last minute we had this all planned out and it just didn't pan out at the last minute, but you guys can expect this again in the future. The traders podcast will live on we're pushing this uh.

This 98 cent range that dollar mark is kicking us right now. So if we get over a dollar, i think you're going to see a push for a buck 15. buy mbis tomorrow, mbis is going to keep ripping guys check grts! Oh my god. That's up over 200 percent.

What happened? Jesus christ? Oh! I thought i headed out of the park with inuv, but wow. That's nasty! What happened! What kind of news came out on this? That's gr ts! Why gritstone oncology is bolting higher today shares of the clinical stage? Biotech rose by as much as 44 in pre-market. The drug maker stock is heating up today in response to an agreement with the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases to initiate a phase one trial of its second generation stars covet vaccine candidate man. Anyone that got in on that run up you got me beat you got me beat for sure.

I inuv only went up. Uh 120, you got me beat, that's pretty nasty. Mbis is going to retest 10. I completely am loving mbis right now, inuv price target.

I can you know i was very skeptical buying into this guys. I wanted to get this at 80 cents because i didn't think it was going to go over a buck 10, a buck 20.. I was thinking over. Maybe five days we'd see the levels rat right now, but it's just buying pressure like there's.

Absolutely no reason for me to believe that it's not going to keep ripping like look at this look at the candles look at how clean these candles are. If we change this to a one day, chart one minute and just zoom in here on the price action for the day, look at how clean this is like there's no long wicks at the top of these candles guys. This is straight buying pressure, there's! No! It's like it's just it's just up and into the into the after hours. It's just going up like.

Ah that's just nasty, i don't know, i think it's gon na break two dollars at the end of after hours. If it keeps up like this, i plan on holding this for a couple months. As long as vanguard has a position. I'm gon na hold my position i'll.

Tell you that right now buying price for inuv, i feel so uncomfortable, saying a good buy price for this. Just because uh this is such a heavy chase right now, because it is up over 123 on the day and we ended at block 45 we're at 1.74 right now. So this is literally up over a dollar from where we opened that it opened at 65 cents or closed at 65 cents right. So i think if you want to get into this watch for a pullback around 1.39, i think that's the safest thing that i can say ptn ptm they're, pretty good.

I don't mind that i i had to play in ptn once upon a time i mean no. I got into pte i'm just kidding, i didn't have a play in this. It looks good though the volume is picking up a little bit. The vom is over the 200dma.

It's gapping up. We closed a lot higher than we opened. That looks good yeah. I don't mind that check there all right bet there, man, i'm telling you i'm telling you you literally, could have thrown a dart at a dart board of stocks, and if you put your money into whatever stock you hit, you probably would have made money today.

These days are so rare, but this looks exactly like inuv. It's literally, the exact exact same chart huge huge pump in volume up 63 that looks pretty filthy and it's still climbing in the after hours, which is really crazy. I'm curious what the retracement looks like volume is. Nuts rsi is extremely overbought, it might retrace to 290, but if it doesn't, i think it'll drop down to about 263, which lines up with some candles check band.

A couple people have told me to look in the band wow. Look at that volume holy crap. I feel like every stock in the market. Right now is just getting crushed.

That's insane! You got in for less than a penny. You have got to be a very happy guy right now. Oh this looks like clwd when it did its run-up, and now clwd is just pissing me off band looks pretty nuts i'm gon na look at a retracement. Just like give you an idea of an entry point if you got in for less than a penny, don't i wouldn't even touch it because at that point, what's a risk? You know the chance of it going back down to less than a penny.

I think you're. Looking fine but a retracement, i i think the most likely thing is back down to about two cents. Uh. I think that's about point zero, one, seven look for that.

I love grits, especially cheese grits. However ptn and z sand, not a big winner. It's just on my radar as a safe money, bag, catcher, good stuff, good stuff, flacco flacco is really good, guys we're going to have black one and another guy from the discord named ben sometime this week and you guys are going to love them. They are very insightful guys.

They've got a great trading strategy and this is gon na, be something we're gon na do moving forward. I hope you guys are excited for that. It's gon na be the traders podcast we're gon na talk literally just about stocks. Uh covered price action on the day, any hot stocks.

We can talk about bngo. If you want, with the direct offering we can talk about band uh. We can talk about where we think the market's going. It's gon na be a lot of fun.

So sptk people have been telling me to check this out, especially in the discord. I probably typed that wrong. Oh man, i can't find it now stpk, that's what it is that doesn't look too bad. It's starting to gap up too, that looks good um.

Looking like we're coming up on a level of resistance right here, this looks like a pretty significant level. 37. You break that. I think you're going to be pushing 39 40.

sgbx guys. I want to hear about your margins today. I want everybody in the comment section to drop some margins. There are people on the discord that had margins today of like 50 to 100 percent.

That is so filthy. That's so filthy man. That is what the definition of cooking with crisco is, but sgpx sg blocks looks pretty solid. It's been growing really steadily.

This is a solid growth stock. We've been on a pretty solid upward channel. Rsi has never really been approaching overbought, it's just growing. If it continues.

This channel, i would anticipate that we see a high somewhere around nine dollars tomorrow, most likely because of your call on bio. I got in at 84 cents, you're sitting beautiful, i'm telling you bio is going to keep running. I am going to be looking to sell bio, probably thursday, take some profits, but this should be very, very close to another grand slam stock. I think it's going to pretty easily push through this dollar 31 mark and then a dollar 35 i'm in a dollar cost average of 97 cents.

I averaged down today, but i'm in at 96.8 cents with 7 000 shares, and i'm going to be looking to hold this until probably about a buck 50 and i'll be very content, locking in 50 margin on this they got a price target from citron of 100. What that's pretty nasty i'm gon na write that one down man, i'm gon na - do a little more reading on that i don't wan na give you a hard opinion yet, but i am gon na look into that and if i, if i think it's a solid Play i will definitely update on that. I promise you stpk. Thank you.

I appreciate that that was coming from boomstick boomstick's, a part of the patreon too he's over the twitch stream. I appreciate you. My friend i came up on dare today sends an inuv but sold my own uv with little profits. Oh, i feel you ah because i see where you're coming from today.

There was a period of time where i was a little bit nervous. I was like this is probably the run-up and if i buy in right now, i'm just gon na get screwed and i think it was about a dollar ten. We were sitting we were sitting about here. I was like that's probably about it.

This is probably about the ceiling and we touched 99 cents and it was literally off to the races like i saw a touch of buck 25 and it touched back down at a dollar twelve, and i made a quick, quick wit decision and i said all right: I'm getting out of ship, i'm the ship has left the dock, i'm getting in an inuv. That was such a bad pun, and i that's that's what i pivoted over, and this is honestly unrealistic. Growth like this looks like tesla. This looks like tesla penny stocks and even now in the after hours, it's at 1.80.

I can't believe this. This is so gross like i. I don't see a reason why it's gon na stop running yet the volume's there. It was consistent the entire day.

It wasn't just a pump. This is literally just millions of people buying the stock. That's crazy, aez uh, let's see, looks pretty clean yeah. The volume is a little bit sporadic we're a little bit overbought today, but just looking at the trends here, it's not typically overcorrected too harshly uh.

So it looks like a pretty clean stock if you're looking to get in i'm going to retrace it real, quick and just see what we're looking at for a level and you're, probably going to be looking at either 65 cents or 67 cents. I think somewhere in that window, you're gon na do pretty well and it does line up really well with some previous levels of support. We do have a couple different candles touching here, so i think that 65 cent mark is your best bet for sure you got an inuv at 89 cents. Ah man, i'm telling you so i actually stayed in ship this morning because they had a news release saying that they're going to be presenting today at like 8 o'clock pacific time i was like all right.

You know what i'd like to make some profits back on this. I was down a little bit about 150 bucks and i stayed in that stock thinking i'll have a time to get into on a dip on uh on inuv, and that did not happen. So i was like all right: i'm up about 100 bucks right now and i think it was actually a little less than that. But i'll just show you guys just so you can see.

I was up about 65 dollars. I said screw it. I'm gon na. Take my money over to inuv: i did it we're looking really nice right now, good call! You got in absolutely beautiful.

That's filthy 1. 000 shares 97 cents money. What do i think about blackberry blackberry? From my understanding that looks good. That looks really good.

The volume is picking up, the rsi is a little overbought. Historically speaking, the price action is kind of flat, so this is uncharted territory. I don't know how it's going to correct. Last time i corrected to adjust the air below neutral.

I think your best bet here with the run up is going to be i'm going to take it from this base right here. I think it's probably gon na correct to 1120. If you're looking for an entry point, we do have a couple different candle wicks here. So that's a good level of support watch for 11 20., but it looks good.

I know they have a new phone coming out. Uh they're gon na get back into the phone game. I can see that being solid for sure. Grts is filthy, filthy, oh yeah.

That's so filthy one second i'll find a possible decent buying price right. This happens to me every time i give you guys these crazy plays, and i just get stuck in my head. I'm like i got ta. I got ta like finish off this play before i move over to this one, but sometimes you don't have time to make those decisions like.

If you see that the stock is in your buy zone, you might have five minutes to make that decision, and sometimes i'm just too slow to pull the trigger, sends filthy, filthy, filthy, filthy. This is a nasty stock guys i uh i'm enjoying a little bit of rum because we had a hell of a day. My portfolio was at 26 000 this morning and i am up to about 30 in some change, i'm very happy guy. I hope you guys crush it too sense is great and i see no reason why i won't keep running yet the rsi over when it's corrected in the past.

It's pretty neutral, uh volume is there it's actually higher than it was the previous trading day. Huge gap between the 15 vom and 200 ema filthy, it looks really nice zome. I have a video coming out later, so i'm not gon na quite touch on that, but i'm not worried about zome you're, a positive ten percent on the day. I am still very high on this.

I'm gon na be holding this until late march. I think this is a five bagger. If you wait two months five bagger. How do i invest 500 this week? Well, i would give you two ideas: mbis buying at 650.

I think it's gon na touch ten dollars in the next ten days or i would recommend uh if you really want to be safe. This is going to be a growth stock, no matter what, if you're, looking for like long-term growth frsx two years from now, i could easily see being a 70 company. So if you get into this, i think you're always going to do well jaguar health price target for end of january, that's hard to say, i feel i feel better, giving you a price target by the merger date. So three weeks from now, i think that's a little past january, but uh if the merger goes through you're guaranteed ten dollars from my understanding, clsn, i sure can check that out.

I don't know what this company does, but the volume is pretty consistent. Rsi indicator has been: it's been pretty slow growing, it's growing for sure it doesn't look bad. I think there's more volatile and higher moving stocks right now on the market, but this doesn't look bad. It looks like it's just doing a little bit of uh retesting of a retracement level.

If you can see a push above 93 cents, i think you're likely going to see a dollar npis is going to leach any day now, probably should have played more than 11 on it. Oh man jmd, it's not too late. This is this stock. Is so volatile.

You have an opportunity. I can easily see this. Well, maybe not, but maybe i can see it touching 650 again. I can't believe every single stock i own right now is crushing man that feels good.

I was negative three thousand dollars on nvis for literally a month guys. I need this moment that feels so good. I feel so good, but i think it's a high volatile stock. If you can get into this at 650 to 660 you'll do well.

I'm gon na scroll, the bottom just so that i can keep up with everybody. Can you look at acst? I sure. Can my friend consolidating yeah, it's not bad volume is consistent. Rsi indicator is trading a hair above neutral.

It looks like it's getting ready for another takeoff. Oh actually, i think you're very close to another takeoff. If you have any sort of news catalyst coming out on an acst soon, it should take off. We've got the 15 vomit just crossed over the 200 ema.

That's a sexy chart that looks really nice. Look at this. This is what it looks like the last time this happened the last time the chart looked like this. We had a pretty solid run for about five days.

Acst looks good. This looks like a pretty big bind. I like that jagx great, buy right now, big big big buy. Can you check and what's your thoughts on ocugen ocgn? This is going to be a stock that trades sideways for a really long time and gaps.

That's their history. So they're uh they're, a company, that's got uh works and ties with india, the second most populous country in the world and the deal with that is they have a vaccine and anytime. It gets any sort of news coverage right in that country. You're going to see a huge pump and you saw that here right, but lately it's been trading a little bit sideways.

I think it's getting ready. We do just recently at the crossover on the 15 bomb over the 200 ema, but i think the next time you see this move, it's gon na be a gap. It's gon na be a gap up in the pre-market like this. That would be tough to hold something negative three thousand dollars man, it would be if i didn't have strong conviction of the company.

I just don't think people realize that these lidar companies like mvis vldr frsx. These are the guys selling the pickaxe to these big companies. Like uh, tesla, neo, eventually, microsoft and apple, like they're gon na make a lot of money. People it's just behind it's a little behind.

That's all it is: let's go cocp i'll check out quick, also, look at vbiv and midi. There were so many stocks that went nuts today. This is insane, that's so crazy. It looks like a chase to me.

I would tread very cautiously. This looks a lot like the run-up from inuv. If we see a retracement, it's probably gon na be a 211. That's the most likely course of action.

Worst case scenario is two dollars i don't like buying at all-time highs, though wait for at least some sort of pullback. That way, you know you're not getting into trouble i'll. Look at midi, quick midi doesn't look bad. It looks like through tracing right now it's getting a little bit back from what what it gave.

I am anticipating that we see a retest of 17 cents and if you see a bounce off of 17 cents, it looks like a good entry. Our sides, it's approaching oversold territory and anytime you're gon na hold a stock the best time to buy. It is when it's being oversold right, because that means it's undervalued, so just pay attention to that. If you can get on this, when it's oversold you're gon na, do pretty well, i'm gon na scroll back down to the bottom, so i can keep up with everybody.

Gevo yeah people want me to cover jeevo. I know what i know i didn't know it from my understanding. This is a huge huge hold stock, because biden works very very closely with, i think the founder of the company and i've seen estimates that have floated around anywhere between fifty dollars to seventy dollars. In the long term, i think jiva looks really nice uh.

If you can get in on any sort of pullback. I think you're gon na do extremely well so watch for that. I think if we hold ten dollars, we won't see a retracement, but if we don't probably about 960, is gon na be the pullback level. Volume is huge right now, it's up 72 percent on the day.

Oh, how many stocks went just crazy, that's nuts! I can't believe that i can't believe how many stocks are going nuts right now. This is so abnormal. That's nuts i'll cover football. Quick football is another good hold in stock.

They uh. The only reason you see this downward trend is because they went freaking crazy. After a huge run-up so like they were trading for 12 bucks and went all the way up to 62. and they just corrected and now we're getting back on track, i think now you're getting pretty close to a good time to buy so i'll.

Take a quick look uh if you're looking to hold this long term. This is probably a solid time to buy it's being oversold, retracement um you're, probably looking at from the top here, you see a push above 39 uh you'll, probably see it just come back into bullish territory. I covered ptn, but i'll cover towel quick. You just can't lose these days honestly, everybody's making money.

I love this. I love this. This is so good. Tail looks pretty solid.

It's been slowly climbing the volume picked up the last two days. It's been in overbought territory for a long time, though, so be very careful uh. I will retrace this just to give you an idea of what you might be able to expect. I think most likely course of action is going to be 227.

That's where i see the most candlesticks we've got one two three four five different touch points here. I think 227 is likely where you'll see retracement. If it happens, it might not happen right. I'd be willing to bet you if we look at inuv again, it's just still going absolutely nuts.

They could very well do the same thing, so it might not come back. I wonder what nbis is doing 7 10. i'll. Take it i'll.

Take it anytime, it's green! I'm happy, can i see xela, i sure. Can you guys like the shirt? This is a christmas gift. It's habit. It's one of the breweries here in local minnesota, good stuff, exella looks really nice and i know this was brought to my attention as a stock to potential stock uh and honestly guys.

I don't think any of you brought like bad stocks to my attention. Like you all brought me the stocks, you did because you think they have potential it's like at the end of the day you have to like just choose one. You know what i mean that doesn't discount any of your guys's work or credit like at the other day. I just have to choose one that i like a lot and xela looked good like it obviously worked out and i'm very very happy for the guys out there that made money.

So i just thought there would never be any hard feelings if, like i don't cover your stock or it's not one that i push to uh to the channel. You know, because i really do appreciate you guys doing this. It's really cool so with all that that mushy stuff out of the way uh we'll just do a quick retracement look at a good entry point, pretty likely that we'll see a retracement to 87 cents. If we do uh, it is currently still trading pretty bullish.

In the after hours, it's looking pretty mean yeah that looks nice up 25 on the day, it's pretty overbought. Historically speaking, it doesn't correct too harshly. It looks like a pretty safe play. It's not near the all-time high.

Yet it's approaching. Oh, that looks nice. It's got a big fat cup right here. If you see a handle form, we play this out and you see a little dip right here.

That is bullish territory, that's as bullish as it would get so watch for that. If we know best stock for this week tomorrow, 200 guaranteed - oh man, that'd be pretty gnarly that'd, be pretty nasty. P-E-I sold 25 shares at 51. You can't be mad taking profit man for sure i mean no one would have guessed that would have happened.

I never guessed that pei, that's pretty filthy man. I don't know why i ran up, but we do have a nice bullish flag here and that's on the charts at least looks extremely nice. So what i'm seeing right off the bat is we had a break through this channel right here? There was compressing. You see a compressing and price action, which is confirmation of buyers that it's a good stock to buy.

You see this push above that resistance line, that trend line, and it was just off the races. So that's what i'm seeing is a really nice clean, bullish, flag pushed through volume, followed it up. It's been overbought, it was a perfect storm. It looks good.

Is it too late for inuv? If you guys have been a part of the channel for a while? You know that i do not like chasing stocks, that's not my trading style. Some people get away with it. I've almost always gotten burned, chasing stocks and, like honestly, i felt kind of iffy getting into this. When i got into the dollar 13.

uh - and i feel really, if you're getting in at 1.77 right now - not to say that's not gon na work right if it continues to run you're gon na be very happy making money, but just know that the risk is Higher, if you're buying it now, because this is uncharted territory, this is one day of price action where we're covering over a dollar of price action right. So if we do have a pullback you're, looking at maybe 1.55, a dollar 35 like it's just a little risky. So be careful, i'm going to scroll to the bottom, so i'm keeping up with everybody. I know i'm missing people, i'm really trying your best.

I i appreciate everybody's comments crazy to see how fast you've grown brother. Congratulations. I have a channel too and still trying to grow it. Thank you roger.

I really appreciate that you're, the man for sure for sure you live in p.a. You live in pei money, obsv i'll check that out quick, hey! Thank you so much to black bear for the for the donation. I will cover oeg for you, my friend, that i really do appreciate. They don't have to do that guys.

I do this just because i love to this is another stock that people recommended to me and i don't think you could have gone wrong getting into literally any stock today, uh uh somewhere up here, somebody said every stock did well, except for the ones in my Portfolio and i felt so bad for you, my friend i like your shirt bro, it looks trippy money. The retracement tool in fidelity is right here. You click draw, and it's just fibonacci retracement super easy, but anyways i'm going to come back down to this obsv looks pretty good. It's got a very nice clean run-up right here.

It has been overbought, but today was not actually that overbought. It looks like a slight correction and you are still green, which is huge. This reminds me of zom's charts for the day. So if we look at zone gapped up in the pre-market and then just kind of bled, obsv looks kind of the same gapped up in the pre-market and just kind of bled, but it's bouncing back pretty nice right now.

That looks good. I wonder if zome's bouncing, i didn't even look yeah sitting about the same, but obs-v looks good uh, i think a pretty safe buy. It will depend on the retracements. Let me check it might come back down to 414.

It might not, though it looks like it's gon na push above this retracement line, so that might be all that it gives, and i actually like that - a lot because there's a gap right here in price action and it's stopped immediately at that gap, i'm using fidelity Pro thank you for asking new sub here. Can you talk about isaiah worldwide took my profits today, but can you give us your feedback, great channel and content by the way? Thank you, marco. I appreciate that. Uh, i don't know is isaiah.

Is that just a sticker? Oh yeah, nice! Well, i don't know anything about the company, i'll be honest, but i can't tell you what the charts look like and the charts look really clean. They look super good. The gap between the 15 vomit, the 200ma is growing every single day. Rsi has approached overbought and it corrects very neutral.

It looks like a solid growth stock. Honestly, it's uh, it's been nothing but up looks super clean. It's holding up really well at the retracement level, it looks solid. Now i'm going to cover oeg for plague.

I really really appreciate you, my friend thank you, so much orbital energy is looking really good. I like that a lot there's a gap between the 15 volume 200ma right now, the rsi. We were green on the day four percent and we actually traded below neutral for quite a while. So i think, there's a lot of room left to run here.

It looks like. Actually, this is one of the safer buys that i've seen today this one. I don't mind at all: i'm gon na draw a retracement to see how that lines up - yeah, that's nice, so this is acting as a level resistance, we're using this retracement at 38 percent. As a level of support that comes out to 388..

It looks like a safe buy. I like that good call plug thanks for bringing that up, i'm going to scroll to the bottom, so i can keep up with everybody. Can i explain the differences in the levels of my patreon? Definitely can so. I've got three different levels.

The five dollar discord is a uh primary and uh open discord to anybody. So if you pay the five dollars a month for the patreon, you are completely able to get into that and i'll show you everything that we have available uh. We have a bunch of i clicked on the wrong thing: we've got, uh spec plays short term plays cold stocks, midterm plays long term, plays investing assistance and chat and questions and uh you. You do get real-time insight to my personal training as well, and then the ten dollar tier uh gives you access to the advanced discord, and the difference here is that the advanced discord has been for people who aren't looking to have their questions.

Answered they'd like to surround themselves with people who have a better understanding of investing, whereas with the primary discord we're completely open to uh, beginning level investors, so we can help you grow uh and help you do what you need to do. Some people are just in different places, you know, so i have those two as separate alternates in case you'd like to do that. I hope that answers your question top three picks for penny stocks this week. Also, thanks for your hard work, looking forward to many episodes of traders podcasts in the future, god bless.

Thank you. My friend c-o-c-p i'm gon na cover that too, but uh. My three favorite picks right now. Um, i think if you want to hold stocks, i think frsx looks really nice.

I think you're going to do well with inuv and i think you're going to do well with mbis and i know i've got half my portfolio on mbis. But that's because i believe in the company. I've done a lot of due diligence on these guys. So those are my three favorite penny stocks right now and all of them are heating up.

Mbis is about to rip um. I mean you can't really consider frsx at penny stock anymore, but it was uh and then inuv is obviously doing what it's doing like. That's all the proof in the pudding there uh, but i will cover cocp quick 50 price target. That's really high.

I don't know what these guys do, but the the volume is nuts i'm gon na have to look into this more i'll write this down. I did cover this a little bit earlier. No, i didn't just kidding oh yeah, i did i've got a retracement here, but it looks good. It looks solid, uh watch for a retracement back to about two dollars and ten cents uh i'll look into the the price target, though ctrm ccrm has been kind of bumming me out.

I really want to see it push so bad i've been holding the stock because i like how the chart setup is, but it just hasn't been doing it man. Ah, it needs to push above this level at 37 cents and tested it earlier today and just couldn't break it. So we bled the rest of the day. So if you see a push above 37 cents, i think we'll be good.

Am i going to buy the dip of bngo when they do the share, offering that's a good question. Part of me wants to part of me not really i'm gon. Na be honest. I put out a video once and i know it's probably none of you guys watching, but i put out a video after they did their their first offering right here and they were starting to bleed.

I said: hey guys, the ngo did a direct offering i'm pulling out and if you're, unless you're mid-term or long-term, holding the stock and you're swing trading right. I recommend you get out too, and i got like a ton of people that hated on me for that. So i just tried to stay away from the ngo, because i i just didn't want to deal with it. I know that's a dumb reason, but i i just think there's other stocks for me.

I appreciate you asking, though i really do all right, i'm gon na start at the bottom here again: fuel cell. Oh, thank you. I really wanted to talk about this baby fuel cell's killing right now. Oh everyone was telling me in the discord they said you should have sold the 20 man and i i didn't agree uh.

Well, not everybody said that i should correct myself a lot of people sold at 20. and i just think that this is going to be a 30 or 35 dollar play. I think there's a lot of room to run left so i held. I still have my complete position in uh fuel cell, and i was up about two two grand or so, and i didn't sell anything you can see here.

I still have 229 shares. Still a dollar cost average of 11 18.. I'm feeling really good about that. Mbis i'll cover that again i'll talk about mbis any day of the week.

Mvis is heating up. They look so good right now. We're gon na change this to a 15-minute chart. Look at this guys.

It's been green for every day for five days. I think if we see a retest here of you can spend, i spend a lot you can tell. I spend a lot of time on these charts because i love this company, but if we see a recess of 739, i think it's off to eight dollars for sure jonathan. Thank you.

I really appreciate that entering nvis michael, i think a good entry point is gon na be around six dollars and fifty cents most days. We do see that price range, so i think you're gon na do really well, if you get it under 650. love the energy. Thank you, maria.

I appreciate that it was a good day. It's hard, not to not hard not to have high energy. After a day like this, you could have every stock was just going nuts, you really couldn't beat it. It was nice um.

Would it be good to answer? Oh, i already answered that yeah. Just look for 650. sngx i'll cover quick uh. To be honest with you, it is moving up, but these are really ugly candle wicks.

This indicates really weak buying pressure and a lot of selling pressure. So i'm not entirely sure. I don't think this is short attacked, but if it is sword attacked, you should see a pretty mean squeeze on this, the volume's there it was overbought. We have a huge gap between the 15 vomit, the 200 ema that opened up here.

As of the pre-market, i'm gon na change it to the one month chart see how that looks. Why did we see the sell-off that's nasty holy crap? It looks like it's beginning a run. It doesn't look bad. I like that, a lot anybody that i'm missing.

I really apologize. I'm trying my best to get to everybody that i can frsx for 925. Is that all right, thomas, that is a great question - never sell that stock for the rest of your life, but no! No! No! No! Don't do that. I'm just kidding you you're doing really good you'll do fine.

I think if you hold that stock a month from now, you're gon na be looking at 13 14 bucks pretty easily. If you look at this a year from now 30 or 40 dollars for sure gevo, please advise jeebo is a big hole, hold hold, hold, don't sell, there is a live upside here. This is a hold stock. Uh biden taking office is going to be huge for this company.

He has direct relations with the founder of gevo. This is going to be a big stock for 2021.. What is my position in inuv? That is a good question. I will show you.

I have a dollar cost average of 113 200 shares uh and about 3190, so i got it with about 2 500 bucks. Honestly, i wish i would have put in more. My big regret for the day. If i had one is that i didn't sell out of ctrm and put it into inuv, but at the end of the day you can't be mad about profit right and i am up money on inuv.

So i really can't say much. I i'm living pretty good. I'm happy with that gsat, hey larry! I appreciate you saying that i appreciate you saying that for real i just try to be transparent with you guys, gsat global star. I've heard really good things about this and it looks really nice on the charts.

It looks like it's just consolidating right now. The volume is dying a little bit, but consolidation slightly favors buyers. This is acting as confirmation of buyers. That is not highly risk.

There's not a lot of risk involved. That's a pretty clean bullish flag. It's tightening up really! Nice right now, if you see this play out and you see a push above - probably about 97 cents, it should break a dollar and push towards these all-time highs at a buck 15.. Do i have more stocks for this or next week i will have more for next week, but i'm gon na be riding out.

Bio bio, i think, is going to be a buck 35 to a buck 50.. I think uh, i'm going to keep writing out. Uh iv: oh, what am i doing not ibuin? I keep getting the ticker wrong on this inuv. I don't know.

I can't remember that guys. I'm gon na keep writing out inuv. This stock looks pretty mean, and those are my two favorite right now, but i also think avgr is gon na be good avenger. These are my three favorites castor cell ctrm, i'm holding it for now, i'm holding it for now i'll update you guys.

If i do sell, if i decide to, but i'm going to hold it for now, it's still consolidating. The only reason i was upset today is because there was other stocks that were running that i had my eye on and i was holding a stock that wasn't moving and there's nothing that frustrates you more than fomo man, not that i gave into that. But you get what i mean why, thursday for bio lace? Hey. I really do appreciate the two dollars too marco.

Thank you. That's awesome buy a current price uh. I think if you can get bile slip it anywhere in that 90 cent range you're going to make a lot of money thursday. There is a webinar that we're expecting out of bio i'll show this to you really quick.

They have a special meeting of stockholders here. Where was it? I have it on the discord here. It is dental webinars, so it's on thursday we're expecting them to give a laser, assisted, pediatric, dentistry case review, and if that goes well, that's that's going to happen. At 4 pm pacific time, that should be really solid.

I think anywhere between a buck 35 and a buck 50 is pretty realistic. Flacco black, my man, you did well with avgr god. He makes some good calls. Abgr was a good call.

He did really well. What's my price target on abgr and can we look at jagx uh abgr? It's tough to say. I think this is a better midterm hole to long term hold. I could see this being graduate uh a graduate at a penny stock, realm someday for sure uh and then we'll give you another look at jagx again, but jagex to me is going to be a uh, a mid hold stock, you're gon na be looking at two Or three weeks until the merger is announced and then when it is announced, it's gon na be pretty filthy uh.

I think automatically it's gon na bring this to ten dollars. So if you're holding at three bucks - and you can wait three weeks - you're looking at 300 margin - that's on ddd - the volume is dying a little bit, but it is still growing, which is a positive sign to me. Hmm, the gap is still growing. It looks pretty good if the volume starts pushing again.

I really like ddd. It corrects really well from the overbought territory on the rsi, the gaps growing between the 15 volume and the 200 dma. I'm going to look at a retracement quick. Let me pull up a fibonacci.

I think worst case scenario, we'll see this retrace of 28 that'd be a pretty good, buy, moose versus bears and balls dude. I really appreciate you making that video that was really cool. I watched that that was really really well detailed. If anybody's interested in checking out his channel, it's uh, it's pretty good.

I recommend it i'm using robinhood. Do you recommend a particular app or company? I think weeble is really good and fidelity is really good. I personally use fidelity just because i, like the chart setup. Why did i type that in i like fidelity personally, just because of the chart setup, but weibull does have 4am um trading for pre-market, which is really nice.

So if you're interested in that, i do have a link to weeble it'll, give you four free stocks. If you deposit 100 bucks, but i don't really care you can do whatever you want man sand dollar. Thank you so much for the five dollars. I really appreciate that i will check out vizil.

That is so awesome you guys rock vizzle looks pretty mean the volume has been really consistently high the last three days. Oh, that's so filthy. I wish i had more money, guys i've been putting money in so many stocks, i'd watch for a retracement at 244. It seems like a pretty safe buy, but it is gapping in the pre-market right now, which seems like a lot of stocks are doing overbought territory.

So i wouldn't recommend buying right now it is risky, but it looks filthy if you have a position right now. I continue to hold uh thoughts on cnet, i'm at a huge loss currently in at 388 cnet. I'm sorry to hear that you're losing man you're at 388 is that i heard okay, so you bought on the run up then huh. I hate to break it to you man, but i don't see any sort of reversal coming which sucks but hey, don't feel bad.

Let me show you something: i've lost on positions too, i've closed out of ocgn, naked and lee all for losses. Sometimes you lose sometimes the best thing you can do when you're losing is just accept your loss and move your money somewhere else where it can make that money back. That's my best advice too. It just doesn't look like it's going anywhere right now, the volume's! Not there, it's pretty flat trading sideways you're gon na look for some sort of news catalyst, otherwise you're gon na be sitting there for a while ellie.

Thank you so much for ten dollars. Wow, you guys are so crazy. I really you really don't have to do that. I'm just doing this.

I love doing it. This is fun. For me. That means a lot.

Thank you. Thank you so much. I am on stock twits alto gaming. Thanks for asking i'm on stock twitch, you can check me out.

My name is trey's trades on stock twits. I do post on there. Sometimes i should more often, but i do work full time. So i do my best flacco black ptn gon na be the move.

I'm about to look more into it ptn, let me check that out. Black or black is usually spot on with his predictions. I'm gon na look more into it too, because the chart looks pretty good 87 cents. If i can get 87 cents on this, i feel pretty safe, i'm gon na scroll to the bottom.

So i can keep up here. Oh dude, esky suman! Thank you! So much you guys, rock you guys are so cool. I really really appreciate you guys supporting me that you definitely don't have to do that. Thank you so much rmni investor day february, 1st uh agp emerging growth conference february 4th rmni.

Let me check it out. Investor day february, 1st, i'm anticipating you're, going to continue to see a run-up, i'm guessing that's what this is right here. This huge gap between the the 15 volume 200 made it's gapping every day, it's continuous growth. There hasn't been any pullbacks.

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