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Today we will recap the week, talk about stocks you're interested in, and answer any questions you may have!
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What's up, everybody welcome to another traders, podcast, i'm so excited for this. I love doing these guys. Oh man, it's gon na be a lot of fun. Gon na be a lot of fun, so uh we're just gon na talk about uh recap of the market.

Talk about some different things that you guys want me to cover uh in case any of you are wondering. I'm currently chilling out in kansas city uh little little ways away from there, but uh i'm about i'm in the process of moving. So i'm going to be heading out to oklahoma, fort sills, where i'm training in on air defense, artillery uh bullock so i'll be out there until about june, and then i'm moving out to fort bragg in north carolina. I bought a house out there in fayetteville, so i'm gon na be chilling out there and uh.

That's where i'll be living in about six months or so. But you know right now: we're chilling in a hotel just knocking out some videos - and you know just chat with the community - see what's up so uh we're gon na talk about some different stocks that you guys want to cover. Uh give a little recap on how the week went. Uh answer any questions you have on technical analysis, the whole nine yards.

So this is all about you guys it's all about the community. It's all about what you want me to discuss, so we'll just go with it and we'll stream as long as as long as we feel like we want to so trey the don oliver. Thank you very much. Thank you very much for joining uh keith english.

Can we discuss t-r-c-h or h-s-r-y anyone looking or holding these two, and can we get an update on sundial well i'll start off here with trch porch light energy resources, so this chart looks absolutely beautiful. This is actually really really nice. We've got a lot of consistent volume, a little bit of a pullback here on friday, but nothing concerning to me right now and what i'm actually liking to see. A lot is that we've had a lot of pretty overbought territory, but the corrections are not harsh whatsoever.

This has been very smooth movement and compared to the rest of the market. Uh i mean this. Does this looks kind of boring just because there's so many stocks that are climbing 100 200 a day, but this is about as textbook as it gets it's in a really nice upward moving channel right now, we've got really smooth price action. Uh trch looks great yeah.

I like this, a lot if you're looking for an entry point i'll, just draw a quick fibonacci retracement on this from the base of the run up to the peak change the color on this. Just so that it's a little easier to see. I think if you get in around 1.61, you'll do pretty well for sure go kansas city kc here, yeah, that's good stuff, steve rock! On i don't mind kansas. I like the chiefs, i'm all for patrick mahomes.

I it sucks to see a concussion, but it looks like he's back in practice. Um epic, thank you. Cjf m101. Can we do bio? Yes, we can i'll give you a nice little update on bio.

I did put a video out on this, but in case you weren't able to catch it. They did recently have their uh their shareholders meeting and they were discussing a possible reverse split and i'm actually really pumped to see this uh. They they convened the meeting and they decided against it up until some date in february. So we are not expecting to see a reverse split on bio and i think that's why you saw a nice little pump in price action here.

At the end of the day into the extended hours, we did touch about a dollar 23 on bio, but this is still a really healthy looking chart. The volume is down a little bit. Still i'm going to be personally holding this until at least next thursday. I will be transparent and show you.

I do have a position. I'm currently sitting in with 7 000 shares at a dollar cost average of 96.8. My price target on this is gon na, be a push above a dollar fifty and uh. If there's momentum i'll ride it, if there's not i'll, take profits with a 50 margin yeah, i hope that answered your question on the bile shareholders meeting osama nate trch baby.

I did just cover that i think uh yeah the chart looks clean. I think if you get in at 1.61, you'll do really well retraces, really well very clean movement volumes, consistent, not oversold on the rsi, it looks very safe. I like it a lot idex big money play man. I love idex.

This is a huge, huge company. A lot of people slept on idex because it has a history of being a pump and dump stock. So if you look at it over the last year, you can see, we've got quite a few huge spikes, followed by like months of just just dipping away. Just bleeding and uh this kind of scared, some people away, but they've actually got some really substantial growth happening right now, a lot of good things.

I think this is going to be the beginning of a huge run for sure we see this crossover on the 15 vomit over the 200 ema uh back in mid-november, and since then it's been pretty bullish. If you've gotten in right here at 1.13, you'd be up 200 right now, i don't think the growth is gon na stop. It looks nice um. Let me go back up here.

Can you check out tnxp? It looks like a nice swing. Sure. Can my friend good good, ask oscar chained over to the one month chart really quick 60 minute window. Tnxp looks good volume's down a little bit, but the correction wasn't very harsh here.

It doesn't look like there's too much risk involved, i'm going to draw a retracement and just see it looks like looks like we're getting ready for the next uh next run. For sure it looks. Very nice looks like uh we're gon na be looking for a test of support right around here at about a dollar seven. If you see a push up of a dollar seven, i think it's very likely that we see this uh touch of buck.

15. 1.25 momentum is definitely with the bulls right now. I don't see any reason why we'd see a trend reversal, ah rsi hasn't even approached oversold yet so or overbought. I should say it hasn't approached over bot yet so i think there's still some room to run here.

It looks like a perfect swing for sure. Tnxp looks great, oh thank you. I am a bot, the man himself i finally caught a lobster livestream. Thank you so much for the donation, my friend, i really appreciate that you guys definitely don't have to do that, but it's it's so appreciated.

I really appreciate this for sure. It's just fun doing these live streams. I i love looking at different stocks and, honestly, it gives me ideas of what to look for in the next week for myself with trades, so uh, it's a lot of fun, we'll take a look at snpw up over 2500 in a week. That's nasty man, i'm so annoyed.

Why can't this be clwd huh? Why not? That's disgusting? I picked the wrong micro penny stock. This is a crazy micro cap stock right here volume is insane. It's gapping up literally every single day. We've got this huge crossover with the 15 bomb over the 200 ema.

It has been overbought for a while, though, so we might be looking at a correction coming soon. I can't guarantee that, but it has been in overbought territory for a very long time now. So i'm just going to give us an idea of what we can expect if there is one there's potential here in a different, different, a couple different ways, so this could have already been the retracement. We do see what looks like a bottom mount finished off the day at eight cents, not a lot of price action here on this last day, so this might end up being the bottom.

Let me drop a level of support real fast. It looks like 7.28 cents might be a pretty solid entry point if you're looking, but just be very careful because it has gone up over 25 per hundred percent a week. So if you get into this and it tanks, you're gon na be hurting for sure uh. I made a mistake with clwd i'll always be transparent with the stocks that i mistimed, or i i didn't do well on clwd is one that i haven't done well on i'm down a pretty decent chunk in this down.

1400 bucks. 45. I definitely miss tying. My entry, so i just don't - want you guys to get caught in a similar situation, but uh just be careful for sure.

There's a lot of risk here, but this is a sexy chart that looks nice volume. Is there uh correction? In the past i mean we. Don't have a lot of price action or volume here, so it's tough to say, but it looks like it's. It's extremely bullish and it might have found the bottom so that looks nice tn xp looked at looks great, looks good.

I envu you've got 1200 shares at 1.44. Oh, i think you mean inuv yeah. I got you, i got you inuv. I do have a position in.

I love this stock. There's a lot of a lot of potential here. So the thing that really catches my eye, the most is they have this platform called intent key, and that is an ad platform where they can. They can either be a competition to companies like youtube.

Facebook, google, twitter, all those major ad companies or these big name companies - could utilize this intent key feature to help get better ads into the eyes of their viewers. There's a lot of money in ads guys. I think this could be a huge huge market. So i love a nouveau if you're in a dollar 44, it looks like we found a nice bottom here, i'll change the color on this.

So it's easier to see, but we did see a nice bottom out right around here at a dollar fifty one. I think. That's gon na be the basement so sitting on a dollar. Forty four you're, looking really nice, my dollar cost average on this, i think, is a buck.

Thirteen and i'm not planning on selling anything anytime, soon, uh, a new dollar, thirteen, five, i'm up 56 percent and i feel no pressure whatsoever to sell. I think this chart looks a lot like a bngo type run-up watching all the way from sheffield england, dude raheem. That's pretty sick, it's good to see that much reach, i'm glad you're tuned in he's going to play steve. Yes, sir.

Let's talk about bile, should i hold into it or sell off and buy sends i'm looking to add more shares on zone. This is the reason i try to make some profits and buy more shares on zone before it flies up. Yeah. That's a good question below um.

I'm sorry, if i said your name wrong buy. All, i think, is a great stock and the risk is a lot lower now that they announced that they're not going to be affecting a reverse split, so they do have an up known uh. They have an upcoming known catalyst in that webinar. Next thursday, they are going to be discussing some different tech that we that they're, using like the water lace system, the diode tissue system, uh and bio, i think, is gon na - be a pretty big runner.

This is about 24 of my portfolio right now. I've got seven thousand two hundred eighty dollars in this up five hundred bucks, seven percent seven percent - i don't feel any pressure to sell yet this is an extremely bullish chart. Uh we're doing a little bit of consolidating right now and we're holding really well above that dollar range and then also keep in mind. If we are on uh what day would this be? Now one two, i don't think we held here.

No, oh yeah! We did. We closed above a dollar, didn't we? Why don't we close that? Okay, so we're on day two of the nasdaq compliance, so once they hit 10 days in a row of holding over a dollar, i expect to see a pretty hard push. I'm gon na be holding this for at least until thursday and potentially longer uh as far as sends go, though, sends is a great great company and they did find the bottom here. Uh nice little bounce off of this two dollars and seven cent mark i'll change.

The color on this, so it's easier to read, but i think sends is a company that has potential to touch that eight to ten dollar range. It's a kind of similar company in a sense of what that not what they do, but the potential to buy all they just have a little bit of a head start they're at 262. Right now they were at 91 cents previously, but i do think since onyx did find the bottom. It is on an upward movement right now uh and we do see a little bit of price action.

I had a nice video out on this talking about their direct, offering they they improved their direct offering or they increased it to 100 million dollars. And you see this little sell off here, and that was a huge opportunity to get into the stock, because i do think sensonics is great, no matter which way you go. I think you're going to do well, since sonic's has more of the proven growth right, whereas bio you're, more investing in the potential for growth. It hasn't quite done that huge run-up.

Yet so it's it's completely dependent on what you what's. Your preference is with risk. A new i did i covered that i love a new i'm holding that for the midterm couple months. At least i really like their intent key feature.

I think it's huge i'm gon na scroll down to the bottom here, so i can keep up with everybody as well as i can um. Can you say, exit entry prices on ato, since you didn't include them in the vid yeah, no problem. I apologize for not mentioning that. Oh god, i really like that chart guys that is so nasty.

That's a filthy chart uh. If you're looking for an entry into etos, i'm going to draw a quick retracement just to give us some ideas of support levels that have been utilized here in the past and it does line up extremely well that dollar 73 mark. So you see one two, three, almost four uh, i'm actually gon na draw a new level of support just to make this a little cleaner one, two, three, four, five, six seven eight touch points. If you can get into this at a dollar.

Seventy five. I think you do extremely well uh and atos has a lot of big news catalyst coming up, so i can see this touching three four five bucks within the next couple weeks. It all depends on how comfortable you are with holding. So if you're, looking for a swing, trade and you're up 30, 40 50 percent be completely happy taking profits right, you're not going to do do bad there, but if you're looking for a hold like a mid-term hold, i think you'll do well in that way too.

There's a lot of opportunities with etos, but watch for that dollar. 75. That looks like the best entry point to me. It might not happen.

We are on a pretty heavy bullish swing right now. There's a lot of pressure. Uh buying pressure a lot a lot of long candle wicks down here, so weak selling pressure and strong buying pressure. So we might not get the opportunity, but if it does present itself, that's the best entry point gevo i'll cover that quick gevo coming for joel gonzalez.

This is a hold to me if you have a position at gevo, you're, sitting real nice right now and with uh with biden in office, he's got administration or ties with the founder of the company. I think this is going to be a huge huge hit for 2021. uh. I would continue to hold if you're looking for an entry into the stock.

I don't know if it'll happen, but watch for a pullback to 8.35. I think it's unlikely, but that is where we've got a nice level of support uh. If you don't see that happen, it looks like this is a weak level of support, so i'm not guaranteeing this will happen, but nine dollars and seventy one cents under ten bucks. I think you'll do pretty well nice fat double bottom right here, uh, i call it the george w the george w for winning - and this is an ascending double bottom movement, which is extremely bullish.

I have see, i see no reason whatsoever for a upcoming trend reversal. It looks very, very clean. That's a nice looking chart um tell y'all check that out tell tell coming to joe prentice. Oh i've looked at this in the past and obviously it did some pretty pretty good running.

That's nice! That looks pretty beautiful. I'm gon na change! The color on this quick, so you guys, can read it uh. If you have a position in this you're, looking you're, looking really nice, if you've gotten in at a dollar 35 man. This is so sexy.

What a nice chart! God dang! I think an entry point is three dollars: three dollars and three cents. We've got one two three different candle wicks touching here, pretty strong level of support over a five-day period; uh, it doesn't look bad whatsoever. I like that um looks like the beginning of a bullish flag formation too and bullish flags. Typically, if you break the top of the trend line, it should be pretty violent.

I'd expect a pretty hard push and this is actually a pretty cheap stock. Still, i could see a lot of potential here now, i'm not guaranteeing this happens, but if it continues to play out this way, you'll likely see something like this, where it consolidates for a little while and then you see a push above this top trend line and Then what would follow that is a lot of buying pressure, so bullish flags like this. What they do is it's confirmation to buyers through consolidation that you're not just looking at a rip and dip, meaning that a stock just it'd be like a pump and dump you're. Seeing the stock push and then immediately come back to previous lows, this is guarantee or not guaranteeing, but it's confirmation of buyers that that won't happen gives a little bit of uh conviction right and, as we see this play out, if it does happen, you see a Push above this top trend line, so maybe like three dollars and 35 cents you'll - probably do pretty.

Well you better change the color for those of us that are color blind, oh sand dollar! You can't see the white shoot. I didn't even think of that sand. Dollar. Can you see this, i'm not color blind, so i can't i can't confirm i apologize yeah, no problem, joe.

Let me know in the comments real quick. If you can see this, if you can i'll change it to a different color, i really do appreciate the donation too, sam dollar. Thank you very much. That means a lot to me, i'll i'll, get back to you as soon as red, green colorblind.

Okay, hmm! Well, i don't know what color i could change the candles to that's, probably not gon na be much help either way. I do appreciate the donation. I hope you can see the white trend lines here, i'll, try and keep them white. I think that's the best.

I can probably do all right cool cool cool right on i'm going to cover uh frsx, quick, that's the frsx is for larry fitzpatrick larry. I appreciate your presence by the way you're you're an og you. I always see your name popping up in the comments. I i know that i don't get back to everybody.

I really do apologize posting six to ten videos a day. It just gets kind of it gets difficult for sure, but i do try my best if we're looking at frsx quick as i figured it would it has grown a lot. I think if you hold this company for a year, you're going to see a 10x on your money. This is an absolutely filthy stock.

Uh we saw a long period of consolidation, followed by a nice deep run. Up volume is up compared to what it has been in the past down a little bit right in the last couple days, but i do anticipate that we're going to continue to see a push on this. I don't think this is a a trader stock. I think this is more of a uh, an investor's stock, a lot of green volume not backed up by red volume which to me the psychology of the charts, is saying that uh that people would rather hold this than sell it.

Ah, in the past, we've seen a little bit of pretty harsh corrections right right. That was a long bleed, but i don't know if we're gon na see that again right. So we saw a little bit of a sell-off here, but people scoop that up pretty much instantly, so i think it'll continue to push. It looks very nice large gap between the 15 bomb and the 200 ema.

I stand by what i said with this. With this company, i think that's a huge huge hold position: um ontx i'll look at ontx. I actually want to look at oeg first, but then oncx oeg, coming from cjfm101. Take a quick look at the charts here.

Um, just looking at this right now looks like the beginning of another bullish, flag formation, a lot of good volume. It's very consistent volume. The corrections on the chart are not typically very harsh and when they are, it's corrected pretty fast right. So we're not seeing long periods of time where this is being oversold.

I think people really like this stock, a lot just based on the charts um. I like the consistency and volume i like this nice long consolidation period. I think this is the beginning of another run up. I think you'll likely see another two or three day push on this.

The gap between the 15 bomb and the 200 ema has been hanging for a long time. I mean if you got into this man, if anybody got into this for a buck 20. You are sitting so freaking, filthy right now, that is nice. That looks really nice.

Oh you'd, be up like 400. That's nasty. This chart looks good. It looks really good.

I think you're, probably gon na see a little bit of a pullback immediately um, but it should keep pushing. I think you'll likely see a support level and a bottom out at 448.. That's my guess! If i had to guess, i think it'll probably bottom out at 448., this previous high right here will probably act as a level of support. A lot of candles touching right here, i'll change this to white for sand dollars since these red red, green red, green color, blind 464.

somewhere between 464 and 448. I think is where you're going to see a bottom out potentially add your position, but i would keep holding it looks good uh we'll come back up to ontx, it's just consolidating right now. The gap between the 15 bomb on the 200 ema is starting to thin. A little bit, but i wouldn't be concerned.

Unless you see a cross under this, is still bullish territory. It's still stair stepping we're still seeing higher highs and higher lows established every single day, which i really like to see a lot so you're, seeing a nice hold here, uh at 65.7 cents and then another nice hold here at 70 cents. I think if you see a bounce right here, it should be pretty dirty and it looks like there's actually a pretty decent amount of buying pressure because look at these long candle, wicks right here. That indicates really weak selling pressure.

And i love to see that that's music to my ears. That means, even though it's consolidating and not moving up, there's still buyers that are trying to keep the price at that specific range. So i i think it'll keep ripping. It looks good.

It's just consolidating right now: volume is down a little bit but um. Otherwise it doesn't look. Bad rsi is usually pretty neutral. On the correction side of things looks clean, i'm gon na scroll down to the bottom, so i can keep up with everybody i'll.

Take a look at e h, e h coming out for mike castro holy freaking nuts. Oh god, that's nasty dude holy toledo. I don't even know what to think of that. I mean if it looks like a lemon.

It smells like lemon tastes like a lemon, probably lemon man. I mean this is hi, i'm i'm still in here that was housekeeping uh yeah. This chart looks nice, though i think i think, if you're looking for an entry get in around 63 68.63 uh, but it looks it looks like it's still bullish guys. I mean it's: it's just stair stepping every single day, even when we're when we're going through price correction.

Some of these have just been consolidation periods housekeeping knocked on my door, i'm currently in a hotel, if you, if you just tuned in i'm, currently chilling in uh, currently chilling in a hotel in kansas yeah. It looks nice, though that looks real nice volume's. Consistent corrections have not been brutal whatsoever, looks very very nice yeah. I didn't say this uh, i'm good to go.

Thank you appreciate it. Sorry guys the the housekeeping people over here at uh at the hotel they wanted to know if i wanted room service, but i'm chilling i'm good to go uh. Sorry for the start, for the interruption see in the discord too. Larry appreciate that great entry, guys oscar, is a new long-term hold.

I think anub is at least the midterm old and potentially a long-term hold and i'll update this, as i see more things develop, but i really like their intent. Key service uh there's a lot of money in ads and that's what that focuses on is getting ads into the right eyes of potential viewers and uh people that want things and there's. Oh, you could really crush with that. So um i like it a lot.

I'm gon na continue to hold this for at least a couple months. Jt cali, thank you for the donation. I really appreciate that my friend, that's awesome. You really didn't have to do that.

Can you check out alp 100 alp looks really good. It looks really good. Volume is consistent, we're down a little bit from what we've seen in the past. But what i really like to see is we're climbing right now off of not a lot of volume.

So, even though there's not a lot of volume pumping into the stock, it's still climbing and we've got a nice gap forming here between the 15 volume and the 200 ema. There's a really crucial point in time coming up here on the charts, so you're gon na need to watch for a push over this big big line of uh resistance. If you see a bounce off of this you'll likely see push down to some of these previous supports, i think pretty likely is you know right around here. I think it'll likely come back down to 220 or so, but if it pushes through 463, it's going to continue to climb uh lpp looks good.

I really really like to see that it's climbing off of not a lot of volume, because once the volume steps in buyers step into this, it's going to be parabolic, and i i absolutely mean that lpp looks great. This is a dirty chart. Man i got ta cut some dead weight in my portfolio. Ctrms hasn't been doing bad.

I mean i am up, but clwd is crushing me right now. I don't know what else to get out of, though, because i like fuel cell, i, like bio mbis, is my baby zome i really enjoy. I just need more money, that's what it is. But alp looks good.

It's a great question. I hope that helped you jt cali. They are trying to fluff my pillow again, that's funny larry. I love it gsat for kc we'll check this out.

Quick gsat looks good. It's going through a little bit of a correction right now, but it does look like it found a nice bottom. So i'm interested to see what this looks like from the base down here and sure enough dollar. Five dollar five looks like a very solid support line.

We do see some candle wicks that drop beneath this, but overall it held very well. So it looks like it's about to make a bounce off of that dollar five range. I think if you buy in right now, even at a dollar 13, i think he'll do well. It looks like it's beginning, the the start of a cup and handle, and i think the reason we saw this little bit of bleeding right here is because we've got a nice little flag formation right here, uh and we broke beneath the bottom trend line.

So seven or eight times out of ten, when you see this kind of formation, you're likely to see a push up, but instead we saw a break of the bottom trend line and when that happens, it's usually pretty violent. So we did see a break beneath this bottom trend line uh this level of support, and once we pushed underneath that uh it just bled a little bit, but it does look like it's making a correction. I think if you're buying right now, it's a very minimal risk volume is consistent. It was pretty oversold, but it's a good time to buy.

You want to buy when it's below neutral, so that looks nice housekeeping housekeeping. I can see it. You can really grow your account guys just have a game plan, stick to it, be content with gains and don't chase. That's a good point oscar.

My philosophy guys is nickel and dime over time. I'm telling you uh, i didn't have a crazy week. I was up. I think four and a half thousand dollars.

I had twenty six thousand three hundred dollars at the end of uh last week, so if you just slowly and continually knock out those ten percent, twenty percent - thirty 30 margins on these swing trades, it's gon na, add up over time like you, don't need to double Your account in a day right, so if i make four thousand dollars a week for 52 weeks and i'm not saying that's gon na happen, but it's possible i'll grow my account to two hundred eight thousand dollars in a year and i'm 100 satisfied with that. Like i don't need instant gratification, we're doing this as a business, not to gamble, so i just want to double down on that. That's good, oscar, i'm gon na scroll down to the bottom, just to keep up with everybody. Gte has been consolidating and is going to swing nicely.

Just have to have the patience to swing it i'll. Take a quick look at gte. It is consolidating yeah for sure for sure the volume is consistent, uh, it's bleeding a little bit, but it's not bad. This kind of reminds me of the price action happening right now on zone, so i'll change over to zone really quick.

Just to give you an idea and zone's kind of doing the same thing, it's just getting ready! So look at this. If we look at this little window, we had about three days of consolidation before the next leg up one two three four days of a little bit of bleeding and it looks like it found a bottom. So gte, i think, is looking like a very similar stock. I just don't know if we found the bottom yet it's potential that we have.

It does look like a double bottom right here, which is reassuring. We got the double bottom george w, which is typically a bullish, sign, a typical pattern of a trend reversal. So entry point i think, you're doing pretty well at 51 cents. I think that'll hold up pretty well, but if you see it slipping down to 49 cents, i think it'll be pretty good.

I like that, a little better glad your move is going well. So far. Thank you cosmo. I appreciate that.

I really do uh it's it's it's good. I'm excited for the new journey ahead of me and getting moving forward with my career in the army, cheers mate. I am in it and hoping it swings next week. Good luck, casey! It looks good, it looks good cocp i'll cover that real, quick cocp for liam oh, didn't type.

That right cocp looks very nice right now. I think this is a very safe entry point. We've got a pretty nice retracement to the 50 mark uh holding up really well at a level of support. We've got a lot of candle wicks touching right here at two dollars and four cents.

So if you hold, it looks like it bounced. I mean it looks like a pretty solid trend reversal right now: volume pretty consistent. Besides this huge spike, the the correction wasn't very harsh and, historically speaking, it's not typically very harsh, but it does look like the the beginning of a trend reversal. I like that a lot.

It looks very clean, good entry point around two dollars and four cents to 208. If you see a small pullback, i don't know if it'll happen, but if it does that's a good entry point watch for a retest of and 35 cents. If you see a push above this resistance, i think you see 259, that's a beautiful swing. Big homie trey always comes in clutch.

Thank you, my friend i i just enjoy doing this casey, we'll take a look at midi. Oh, why can't clwd do this? Ah, god dang it every time i see this chart, i just get annoyed. Oh man, it's a nice looking chart, though this looks really really good uh. We found a nice little bottom right here at this 13 cent mark candle touches below that a little bit, but previous acting level of resistance.

Bottomed out nice volume a little bit uh inconsistent, but i do like that. It's it looks like it's going to move for sure, um i'd watch for a retest of 29 cents. If you see a push above that it should be pretty violent, i can see it playing on a couple different ways. It might touch this and bounce down and i think that this 23 cent mark is gon na be a very solid, acting level of support, um or it can push through and it'll likely test, 30 32 cents, 35 cents and just keep moving up the chain.

But that's a bullish chart big gap between the 15 vomit 200 ema volume. Is there uh rsi correction? We are we're currently on an upswing right now uh. This is definitely bullish. Trending ctrm news.

Yesterday i saw that they had purchased a a new vessel, but i haven't seen the news as of yesterday, so i'm going to pull it up and take a quick look. Oh that's cool heck, yeah. 15.3 million dollar debt. Financing.

9. 45 a.m. That's probably why we saw a pretty good push on him. Huh mean it wasn't much, but it does look like in the after hours they're starting to swing a little bit more, which i do like to see ctrm i i still don't know i really want to get into au ph, and i don't know where else to Pull my funds from except for ctrm, because aaph is going to be a insane play.

This is going to make a lot of people a lot of money, but ctrm does look like it's beginning. Another upswing like it's, been consolidating really well. It looks like it's holding about 40 cents now. I think it's getting ready for another movement, but ah i just don't know i'm torn i'm torn.

I just need more money, that's what it comes down to that's huge though i mean that could be a good push. No problem modesto voxel boxlight corporation, it looks like uh, they might have found a bottom, i'm not entirely sure. Yet we see a nice bounce here at two dollars and five cents, and there is a couple different candle wicks touching here by the looks of it i'll. Just take a quick peek: we've got two candle wicks, so it's not a very strong level of support, but it's there it's a level of support.

Nonetheless um this could go either way. Still, this is still bullish territory, but it may continue to bleed a little bit yet volume is down our side. The correction hasn't been too bad um. That's that's something i definitely like about box light, but i think this is a good hold stock, a good midterm.

Um, it has been growing over time if you look over three months: 1.59. 208. So it's it's moving slowly, but it's moving. I just watch for it to bottom out, i'm not sure if it's bottomed out yet it looks like it might have, but we haven't seen enough of a bounce for me to say that it has.

We ended the day on a red candle, so watch for another bounce off of 203 and i'd feel a little more confident. I'm gon na scroll, the bottom just to keep up with everybody naov we'll cover that quick, that's beautiful, oh baby! What's catching my eye right off the bat is this right here: that is a picture-perfect bounce off of a previous level of resistance. Now this is an acting level of support at 1.30. I find it very unlikely that we push below 1.30.

Here volume is up, it does look like a little bit of a pump and dump, but this is still stair-stepping right. So this previous level of resistance, acting as a level of support, i think it's a pretty safe entry at 1.30. I don't know anything about the company, but just looking at the charts i mean it does look like we were attracting some new volume, so i'm assuming there was a huge news, catalyst that came out with this uh. I i bet there's a lot of bag holders right now.

I bet a lot of people bought at the top of this because of uh some hype and stuff, but it looks like we may have a trend reversal, i'm not entirely sure yet, but i do like to see that bounce off a dollar thirty, if it pushes Below that, there's not a lot of price action here, though, if it pushes below that, i think the next level of support you're looking at is probably right around here - dollar nineteen, and if it doesn't hold that it'll bleed, but it looks like it should hold the Buck 30., so that does look like a pretty safe entry point. I just watched for about a half hour of price action. Hey. I appreciate that larry larry says i just want to thank you for your service to our country, especially in this horrible time.

I know that everybody else feels the same way, so i just wanted to throw that out there. No it's it's all good for real. I i just enjoy. I enjoy everything about my life right now.

I love the community. Here i love my job. I get to go to work and come back and play on some charts and it's a lot of fun. Thank you for your service, appreciate it oscar adxs i covered idex earlier jagex jag x, oh man, i got ta clean this chart up.

You can tell. I spent a lot of time on here. Let me remove some of this junk, so it's easier to read to do: remove remove okay, so looking at jagx right now, it's getting ready for another leg up. We see a nice bottom out right here at uh, three dollars and ten cents i'll change this to the white indicator.

Just for my uh, my fellow friends that are color blind, so three dollars and ten cents uh was a good bottom. It looks like it's getting ready to run again watch for a push above three dollars and 41 cents. That is the current acting level of resistance, and if we push above that, i think it's likely. We see the beginning of another bullish trend and what i really like to see is this uh, this nice rebound off of this.

This uh dip right here, so you see a dip. It pushes down to about 2.80 and immediately comes back up and double double bottomed out with the george w at 310. So i think it's getting ready if you want to get an entry point. 310 looks very safe, 80 xs i'll cover that quick adx s.

Oh, oh man, that's nice! That's a good find! That's a good find! I like that nice clean bullish flag. It looks like it tried to break beneath, but it didn't work so i'll. Just drop a quick triangle on here. I actually haven't.

Even ever looked at this stock, that's that's pretty impressive! That doesn't look bad at all. So if you see a break above this top trend line, which it looks like it's getting ready to do, i think you're pretty likely to see a hard push watch for a break above 78 cents. It does look like it's getting ready to rip for sure volume is consistent. Corrections aren't very harsh rsi only dropping down to about 40 at the lowest point 38, so the risk isn't super high.

Just based on previous trends, i, like it a lot stpt. It's not popping up. I'm sorry! I'm sorry rob! Oh! No! That's eddie! My apologies! I'm sorry! Eddie ocgn, not a problem! Ah, not a lot of volume here, it's kind of stagnating. I think so.

If i remember right, i presented ocg as a quick double up play. They released some news about uh covert vaccine for india, the second most populous country in the world, and we saw an initial huge gap up right. A lot of people made a lot of money but uh until some new news comes out. I think it's going to continue to stagnate.

It's not doing anything bad, but it's not doing anything good either. It's just kind of sitting here. I'd watch for an increase in volume and watch for any sort of news release on ocg ocgn. What concerns me is: there's no volume here, nao, oh naob, i covered by all yeah no problem liam, i'm glad i could help bile for next week.

I still feel very, very good about this is a stock that i have a position in currently sitting at a dollar nine. They were, they were uh, they were down four and a half percent on the day, but we did recover basically to neutral five cents uh at the after hours and i'm very excited that they they decided not to go through with or it was declined. The the reverse split, this would have turned a lot of investors off and i think it would have plummeted, but now that we know that's not going to happen at least for now, i feel very comfortable holding bio uh. The charts look extremely nice.

It looks like it's trying really hard to push for the next level up um, but one thing just to be transparent is there is a little bit of selling pressure here. So we've got a couple of really long candle wicks touching at this level at 120., and if we don't push above that soon it might start getting short attacked so watch for a hold over a buck if it holds over a dollar. I think the risk isn't very high, but if it breaks below a dollar, it's probably going to retest that 80 85 cent range jag x i'll cover that again, quick but jagex isn't bad yeah. It looks good.

It looks like it's uh, it's bottomed out. It's ready for the next leg. Up volume hasn't been doing much, but once they start releasing more news about their merger. It'll come back.

This is just a stock. That's to take some patience. It's still very bullish. It's just been consolidating a little bit of up and down movement, but it looks very good right now.

Gene i'll, take a look at that quick, oh holy, that's nasty! That's a pretty huge gap up! Oh jesus christ! Well, it has been bleeding since the gap up. So if you buy at the top you're, probably hurting right now, i feel that i've been a bag holder before, but it does look like it bottomed out. So that looks nice. That is a good thing to see still bullish territory.

It could go either way. Macroscopically speaking, this is still bullish territory. We did set a new higher low, which is good. We didn't give it all back.

We gave back a lot of it, but we didn't give it all back. So that is good to see uh quick, retracement yeah i broke beneath the retracement, so the fibonacci is not going to tell us much. It does tell us, though, that there's a pretty solid resistance at 640.. So if you see a push to 640, it'll probably start moving again, but it looks like right now it's going to consolidate for a little while not a lot of volume here.

So it looks like this might have been a pump and dump stock. To be completely honest, um yeah, i'm just concerned about the volume we lost it all. So it's back to these regular amounts of volume, i'm guessing it was one huge news release just based on the charts and then people took profits and moved on well. They've got a catalyst on 128..

Well, that'll be good! I'm glad you said that i didn't read that right off the bat. My apologies so that catalyst for 128, if you're willing to hold for a while it should be good um we're going to probably see an increase in that volume. Again that changes things a lot. I'm glad you said that, but as of now, you're, probably not gon na see much price action until maybe a day or two before that, in anticipation for the stock, i'm gon na scroll, the bottom just to keep up with everybody auph had fda approval 8 pm On friday night, i'm so glad you brought that up.

I've got a video out on this. This is the stock i'm getting into i'm very, very excited for aph, because uh they they were halted. Actually, people tried buying into this and it was halted because there was way too much demand. I think this has.

This has a lot of potential to go 50 to 100 percent in a single day. Um there's a lot it's gon na be crazy. Volume is definitely there. We see a huge, huge uh consistency in volume.

We've got the gap right here between the 15 vomit, 200 ema um and the deal they're striking is worth one billion dollars um, but they're they're expecting one billion dollars in revenue and the company is worth i think, 1.8 billion dollars their market cap. If i remember right i'll check quickly just to verify au ph, so if they're a market cap of 1.88 billion dollars - and this deal is one billion dollars - you can assume - well, i suppose, not assume, but you can speculate that it can grow at least 50 based On that, that's what other people are probably going to be looking at. So i think this is going to have a lot of potential to touch 22. 25.

30, but just tread very cautiously. Don't don't be uh, don't be sad whatsoever with taking your profits. Ctrm i'll. Take a quick look, it looks good.

They had news. Come out recently saying they're gon na start refinancing some debt uh. I have that article pulled up right here: 15.3 million dollar debt financing. So that's that's! Uh! That's good! I think investors like to see that if you see a push above 42 cents, i bet you will retest some of these previous highs.

Uh. It looks very bullish right now. Volume is consistent. Uh we've got a little bit of selling pressure here, some long wicks on the top, so this could go either way, but it is still trending bullish.

Nonetheless, a little bit of a bullish flag, not a clean one. We've got some long wicks here, but it is a bullish flag. So currently favoring some heavy movement kevin says trey. My wife said you were going to cover look at jada.

I hope you didn't lie to her. No, i i didn't lie i'll. Take a look i'll. Take a look, i promise you, my man looking at jada right off the bat it looks like it's uh.

It did a little bit of consolidating volume pretty consistent. It was oversold for a pretty long period of time, so, if you're able to buy in during that time, i think the risk was pretty low. You just had to be patient with the movement, but it's hanging just below this 18 retracement. So if you see it pushing a hold above that, i think it's pretty likely that we retest some previous levels of uh support which will be acting levels of resistance and right off the bat.

What's catching my eye, we've got um one, two, three, four: five: six. Seven, eight nine nine different touch points right here at 18.79, so this is a very long, a very strong, acting level of resistance. If we push above 1879, i think it's very pretty likely that we see a nice push for some of these previous highs. Uh volume we're gon na be looking for a little more volume.

Something like this all right. The volume is down a little bit. Our side has not touched over bot in a while, but it is getting ready to. It looks like it's just getting ready.

I like that it consolidated very well after this little bump right here. It didn't just give it all back. It looks pretty bullish. We have oh, i didn't even look at that right off the bat.

This could be the beginning of a nice run. We've got this gap up happening here between the 15 vomit, the 200 ema. It looks like the beginning of the next run very similar to right here, very similar that looks good trxc i'll cover that one more time trxe is looking real good. Real good ah looks like it's getting ready for the next leg and what i like to see a lot is once we see, we see this really big green candle, that can scare some people and you might see profit taking, but we didn't see that we didn't See that at all - and it's currently using this 391 retracement level as a line of resistance.

So if you see a push through 391, i think it's pretty likely. We push to 444 and then all-time highs, extremely bullish, large gap between the 15 volume and 200 ema, consistent volume corrections, not very harsh, usually when it corrects it's only down to the low 40s. So there's not a ton of risk involved just based on previous trends. If you're looking for an entry point, uh 359 is probably going to be the likely level of support.

So if you can get a 359, i think you'll do pretty well uh scroll down to the bottom, just to keep up with everybody zome i'll cover zone. This is a hold for me. Oh, i got ta clean up this chart man. Why do i do this to myself terrible? You can tell.

I spend way too much time on zone way too much time. That is ugly. I'm gon na get rid of all this junk, but i like zome a lot. They have a true forma system which they're working on right now and, if you're not familiar with what truforma is i'll just show you the website, really quick, but essentially it is a system, that's going to help, regulate the thyroid and uh.

Let's, just let's just pull it up the thyroid and adrenal gland in pets, specifically dogs and cats, and they can commercialize this. I think it's a very niche market that not a lot of uh competition exists in uh, and i know some people have hits out on zone they're like i don't know why you'd ever get in zone, they uh they have a bad history of financials and, like I get that there's risk involved for sure, but with most penny stocks, they're penny stocks for a reason, and it's because you're investing in the idea of the potential for growth and not previous growth right. So if you were investing in zone for previous growth, it would already be worth 30 dollars, but it's, but it's not because the previous growth isn't there yet right and that's why the risk reward. The reward is so high because the risk is high as well.

So i feel good about zoma, i'm still holding. It looks like we found a nice bottom out here at uh at about in 91 cents and that lines up really well with some previous candles. I like to see that a lot looks like we're beginning the next. Next run, the gap is still there between the 15 vomit 200 ema, it's still bullish.

I think it's just consolidating it was consolidating for a while, but it looks like we might have found a bottom out. So if we see a push above a dollar again, i think it'll it'll bring some action for sure acst. I think acst went nuts, didn't it. No, that was easy rx, but acsc also did some pretty good stuff looks like the beginning of a cup and handle formation here cup right there volume volumes up and down.

It's not super consistent. So it's not going to be as easy to predict, but the corrections are not harsh, which i like to see and if you're buying right now you're not sitting too bad. It's not at the bottom. But it's near the bottom, which i do like to see.

So we've got a nice support right here with a couple different candles, touching right at 77 cents. If you see it bounce back down to 77 cents, that's a good entry, but i don't think 82 cents is bad either. I think the upside here is pretty high. The risk is pretty low watch for an increase in volume.

If you can buy this under a 50 rsi, i think you'll do really well. It's definitely bullish. It's still moving acs 2 looks good. I'm gon na come to the bottom.

I'm sorry for everybody that i'm missing, i really do apologize. I try to get to as many people as i can. Novn is another ticker that should swing i'm up 20. Looking to get another 15 before i pull the trigger on vn.

Oh wait! Oh novn! That looks good that doesn't look bad at all yeah, we got ta. Oh that's a filthy, double bottom! That's nice! Look at this! That's a picture-perfect george w that looks like the beginning of another run without a doubt, heavy heavy buying pressure here and that's with not a lot of volume which i like to see. That's nice. This looks good.

If you see a push, for, i would say, 1.45 push over a dollar 45. We've got like five different touch points here. One two, three, four, five, six six different touch points push through that'll, be pretty violent. I think it'll be nice very, very nice.

That's a good swing opportunity exella! I have looked at this in the past - apparently not today, but i have looked at this filthy, filthy, filthy cup and handle right here, double bottom out right here, triple bottom, actually, yeah, it's getting ready! This thing is getting ready to do something for sure, not a lot of volume. So that's why it's consolidating, but if you see another push in volume here, man look at the growth off of almost no volume, guys, i'm telling you if this gets any sort of volume it's going to be insane because it's growing right now with almost nobody trading. It that's dirty, that's real dirty! I like that a lot, i think, a safe entry point is, if you see it bottom out, one more time at 95 cents and god, if you see a quadruple bottom on this, that is the most bullish indicator. You could possibly ask for that says this thing is going to go to pound town, i'm telling you.

This looks really good, really, really good. I would hold if you have a position and if you want to establish a position under 98 cents, 95 95 cents, preferably larry lee, says you're the man tray. Thank you for what you do. I appreciate that my friend i enjoyed it.

This is play for me. It's a lot of fun: uh trey! I love the video watching from the uk. What do i think of uh dsgt? I'm glad you're watching jonathan appreciate that appreciate the love. Take a quick look here.

Just draw a retracement.

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