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UAMY Stock Hot Penny Play: UAMY engages in the exploration, production and sale of precious metals. It operates through the following segments: United States Antimony operations, Mexican Antimony Operations and United States Zeolite Operations. In this UAMY Stock Penny Play video, we discuss current events and catalysts that could push the stock price to extreme margins of growth, as well as a macroscopic and microscopic overview of the company. We also establish levels of support and resistance for both investors and traders, analyze the 200 EMA (Exponential Moving average), 14 MA, RSI (Relative Strength Index), bullish and bearish trends, technical analysis chart patterns, and potential entry and exit points for traders and investors.
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All right guys, all right guys, you need to make this happen. You need to make this happen, get your boy over here and let him know let him know that he needs to tell me what he thinks of this impersonation. If you can't handle the heat at least hot stocks, to stay out of the kitchen and consider investing in an index fund, oh man, my my man, he uh commented on one of my videos here just recently much love to you, much love to you. What is up, everybody welcome to trey's trades.

We have technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holder, sell opinions on these. Given stocks, i like the profits by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take what i say with a grain of salt. Let's get into the video today, my friends we're gon na be giving you guys an update on ticker symbol. U a m y whammy - i have had this uh up here on the channel here before this is gon na, be an update on the video there's, some nice news that has come out that i want to cover the ticker symbol will be up here in the Top left for you on the screen, if you're interested in checking that out, but we're going to be running through the fundamentals of the company: the why? Why should you care? Where is the potential for growth here right? I do think this is a good midterm stock.

In the in the short term, but also has good long-term potential, and i will be giving you guys, you know updates as to when i decide to buy or sell out of this company. If i do so right, i do have a position in them right now with about 800 shares, and i think this is going to be nothing compared to you know, i'm actually planning on doing some portfolio rebalancing over here on my uh. My fidelity account as well as my weeble account guys, and i have got a lot of good things to say about ooh amy, so we're gon na run through the fundamentals. Some recent news catalyst right, so we can get an idea of what might happen here.

Why we're seeing the price action that we are and then the meat potatoes, which is the chart, set up right? We'll look at this on the one month chart as well as the one day one minute chart to get both a macroscopic and microscopic perspective of the stock. I've got a couple. Different indicators pulled up right. I've got the rsi, which is a relative strength index.

Anything over 70 is overbought. Anything under 30 is oversold. Then i have the 200 ema, which is this purple trend line and the 15 day ma, which is this blue trend line. The 200 dma is the exponential moving average, and this is a price action based valuation trend line over a 200 day moving period, and then we have the 15 day ma, which is the moving average.

Some brokerage accounts call this the sma, the simple moving average. They are one in the same. This is a 15-day price action based evaluation trend line, which gives us a microscopic perspective of price action. You look at these both side by side that we can get an idea of when you see potential, breakouts or breakdowns in a stock to get both the best entry points and possible exit points.

In that way rid of you guys, you know some different bearish and bullish patterns, bearish and bullish patterns. We are seeing here on the charts, as well as entry points right. We're dropping fibonacci, give you an idea of overall strength. Here.

We've got the most disgusting filthy, uh bullish flag that i think i've seen in quite some time here forming on whammy and i'm very excited to talk about this, my friends let's get into the video. So what is the wine? What do these guys do? What is whammy all right, so united states, antimony corporation, is engaged in the production and sale of antimony, silver, gold and zealot products, the one that catches my eye is antimony, although silver and gold also does play a factor here. The company has a mining transportation, milling smelting and marketing company. It has three segments united states, antimony operations, mexican antimony operations and united states zealot operations.

Its operations include a smelter and metal refinery in montana and a smelter in over three mils in mexico. It operates through antimony division and zealot division. Its antimony, smelter and metal metals plant is located in the burns mining district of sanders county montana. It also sells antimony metal for use in bearings, storage batteries and ordnance.

This property includes over two five acre mill sites bear river. Zealot company has zealot on the united states bureau of land management land. The property has over two dryer circuits, one for lines, one and two and one for the raymond mill. The raymond mill has a rated capacity of over 10 tons per hour now.

What is the? Why here? Why does this matter right? So, what's really really great about the market right now, where money is going, is there's a lot of a lot of good money? Moving around into these clean energy plays - and that is where antimony comes into play here, so with what we have right now with electric vehicles autonomous vehicles. Antimony is an actual resource that is utilized in these batteries that go into these ev vehicles right. This could play a big role so, like hypothetically speaking right, what is a company that could that could benefit from this? I'm not saying this is going to happen. I'm just giving you a hypothetical right, tesla right, so tesla has autonomous vehicles, they have electric vehicles and if they were to use antimony as a resource inside their electric batteries right the batteries that fuel their electric cars.

That could be a huge huge pro. So i do have their website pulled up here. We are going to take a quick peek at this uh just so that you can look at uh what they are, what they do right. So we see this right here, uh they are based in a couple different places right, so we can see out here: mining in sierra guadalupe, uh, zacatecas, mexico, united stands.

Antimony corporation is a rapidly growing natural resource company that is increasing its raw material supply of antimony. From properties in mexico and third parties around the world, usac has produced various antimony products since 1969 and is a fully integrated mining transportation, milling smelting and selling company. So what is antimony we're just going to take a quick peek at this antimony metal is typically sold by the ton in ingots. The ingot size is 17.5 inches long by seven inches wide, not super important.

Weighing about that much some purchases of metal do not need full truck loads to accommodate this. We do sell smaller amounts by ingot um, but what is really interesting here? I do have this pulled up on stock twitch. There are some people that have you know differing opinions here, but antimony is, you know, a very niche market, there's not a lot of people that are investing in antimony as a stock right check. This out, china produces and take this with a grain of salt.

This is coming off of stock twits. China produces eighty percent of antimony in the world. Doe wants to move away from china's dependence, who is largest producer of antimony in the usa. Do the math, uh et cetera, et cetera? Another thing that i find interesting is the potential for a department of defense uh.

You know contract here and i can see this being a real thing because you know being an air defense artillery activity officer. You know we do work with. You know batteries and different kinds of coolants with the patriot systems that you know in my job i work with specifically and antimony being a much less risky. You know metal type of uh.

You know material that'll be used in these batteries could be very significant, so check this out. Uh military specification mill, a86 mil a alpha 8625 anodic coatings for aluminum and aluminum alloys. The specification is a model for much of the anodizing specified for military and aerospace products. It covers requirements for six types and two classes of anodizing for non-architectural applications.

Mill alpha 8625 also forms a basis for many anodizing specifications that are proprietary to individual individual companies. Nearly all these proprietary specifications refer to one or more requirements of this mil spec. The specification includes broad processing conditions for anodizing. It also gives important performance and acceptance criteria for such attributes as coding, weight, corrosion resistance, light, fastness pain, adhesion, abrasion resistance and dying.

Additionally, standards are set for general appearance, workmanship, contact marks, inspection process, control and testing, and what you're looking here is that uh transaction information, so the award type, is a definitive uh contract. You know we can't see supplemental agreement for work within scope. That's the reason for modification right and that's a pretty big decent dollar sign right. There, 510 000 dollars for whammy, which is the current vendor.

Now that could be pretty significant. If you see some sort of contract come from, you know whammy and the dod the department of defense, that is some big money. There's a lot of money tied into the department of defense. You know that's a big piece of why i was very bullish on microvision uh.

Well, a long ways back. There was a two billion dollar contract that was pushed into microvision by the dod for some of their lidar tech to be utilized. In the you know, the aviation sector of the army, and if you see that come with uh whammy, i'm not saying it's necessarily going to happen right, but that's a big deal now, the one that everybody is buzzing about. This is the big big news that everybody is going absolutely haywire for is this uemi? This one has potential to go big.

This is posted 32 minutes ago here on reddit. Look at battery play that, in my opinion, has potential for three dollars: near-term and we'll be keeping some shares long-term for sure bill gates is an investor in the storage battery company ambry that they will potentially be supplying. Antimony to additionally, us antimony is pleased to announce that it signed a non-binding letter of interest regarding the potential supply of antimony with ambry, a company that utilizes antimony and its novel off-grid storage batteries. They haven't, dropped any public relations on this, yet oohammy plus bill gates.

Battery company offering closes tuesday clean, offering tons of cash. This news was only in the 8k. Finally, so when they pr this, we see two to 250 no problem in my opinion, and i totally agree what he's talking about here is this 8k. This 8k was posted.

Let me just find the date on this really quick on february 12th. Today is the 15th, so this would have been about three days ago and essentially, what we saw here is, as was mentioned right. We saw this offering offerings typically do drop the share price of a stock, and if we come over here and look at the charts, i'd be willing to bet. You did see that happen.

So we have the 12th right here. We saw a small little sell-off right and it did bottom out saw this wide-range candle uh this engulfing candlestick pattern in uh. This basically confirms that we saw a bullish reversal. We found the bottom there it kept in this bullish flag.

We respected that at any level of support and that's what we're seeing right now, but within this 8k we did see they're talking with ambry. Now what is ambry? Let me just pull this up for you really quick, ambry we're just going to look at this uh. This company batteries for clean energy ambry, if they do end up, you know making a potential deal with this company with ambry right additional u.s antimony's pleased that it has announced a non-binding letter of interest regarding the potential supply of antimony with ambry right bill gates is In this company, this is going to be absolutely monumental for this stock. In fact, this is giving me some really big fuel cell vibes, my friends, i'm telling you if this really takes off.

If they get this deal with ambry to go right, i could. I could very easily see this being a fuel cell type grower and guys i've been telling you fuel cell as long as well as chris saying right that fuel cell would be a big company and they're continuing to grow right. There they've almost touched 30 dollars, which is absolutely insane and whammy could beat the next big stock, in my opinion, still selling for very cheap. I don't think it's too late to get into this company right.

I have made money on this play in the past. I've bought it and i've sold out, and i don't think i'm gon na be selling out of this anytime soon. I think this has got some really really big potential, so that is some of the most recent news that we do have here. They did have that direct offering, which is closing on february 16th, so that is going to be very significant.

If you see any sort of news come out regarding you know a binding letter of interest with ambry and whammy, you know u.s antimony, that is going to be an absolutely monumental, crushing part of the stock. That's going to really move the price action, it will be absolutely filthy. So, looking at the stock here right on the price action in the charts we do have the one month chart pulled up and what i noticed right off the bat is we get the 15 mm crossing over the 200 ema right here right, which signifies a breakout. That's one confirmation i always look for.

We've got a small bump in volume right, that's the second confirmation that i look for and then we we had a news catalyst right. We've got a reason for this stock to blow up, and that was all three confirmations that i look for in a good stock to either swing trade or get into as a solid swing position. So we did have this. Nice run up touched about two dollars and four cents and formed a beautiful bullish flag.

So you've got the descending level of support this descending level of resistance. We always look for at least three touch points to signify a respected level of support or resistance in that manner, and this is a nice clean, bullish flag. So this is the flag right here: the pull of a pull of the flag right. We got them nice weight.

Nice range wide range, candle bars and uh the the flag itself. So with that, if we do have a break above this descending level of resistance of the bullish flag, it will come with some violent, violent price action. It would be hard it'll, be a hard move. So what are you looking at as a potential entry point? Well, i do think this is going to be a respected level of support.

There's a sending level of support right. We do have the three touch points. So in the pre-market, if you are able to grab this at a dollar 54, i do think that's going to treat you pretty freaking decent right and then, if you do see a push above this descending level of resistance at about 1.61. This is a tight price.

So, my friends, when the stock squeezes down this hard price action, that's typically getting ready for the next explosive move. My friends, this is absolutely disgusting chart. I can't believe i'm looking at this. This is like a picture.

Perfect bullish, flag move, so i feel very good about this. If we do get that news release from uh, ambry and antimony us antimony, you know confirming that deal that is going to be monumental and anytime. You see big names like bill gates, microsoft, apple, tesla, being thrown into a small small cap stock like this, that is very significant, so i feel very good about it. Whammy, that's what we're looking like as a good entry point in the pre-market 1.54 cents.

If you see a break and you want to get in on a momentum, run right, i do think you get in a 1.63 to 1.65 that'll treat you pretty well as well, but the risk is going to be much lower if you do get in at that Dollar 54 range. The rsi is currently trading at 51., so pretty neutral, not a lot of risk there in terms of downside and the volume did pull back here a little bit, but the volume is still trading abnormal in comparison to what we have seen here in the past. You can see that in the past you know in a one hour window we would see about three million shares and at the low points here now we're seeing 4 million shares. 1.4 million shares 4.3 right.

So you guys get the picture. This is starting to heat up. I feel very, very good about the potential here for whammy, and that is what the one month chart is looking like. So if you go more here to the one day, one minute chart for any last minute confirmations, we did a little bit of barcoding right, which typically does come with a little less volume volume is going to drive the volatility without the volatility you do not have.

As nice of price action, but we do still have this nice ascending level of support and if we do want to just get this extra touch point right here we have one two three right, so that is nice and confirmed. We have the 15 ma trading over the 200 ema the entire day. With this little push in volume. That was that's all it took right.

Then we saw this little bit of barcoding here, but otherwise we ended the day. You know in bullish territory, so that is double confirmation that right now the stock is in some nice bullish territory. I do anticipate, there's gon na be a green day on tuesday tomorrow. I feel very good about where this is at right now.

That is what i have for the video, so if you guys enjoyed it, please drop a like. It really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this. Lastly, i have an affiliate link in the description box down below for weeble weeble. This is the version 4 for the desktop absolutely great platform uh it is.

It allows you to start trading 4am in the pre-market up until about 8pm in the extended hours use. My link, you get two free stocks, so the 100 deposit i receive a free stock, great to support the channel and, if you're, not interested, that is totally fine. My friends, i just appreciate your support. I also do have a merch store in the description box.

If you are interested in joining the gorilla gang buying some cool stuff, if not that's cool too, my friends, thank you for watching the video. That is all that i have for you guys today and i'll see you all next time. My friends, peace.

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