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UAMY Stock Hot Penny Play: UAMY engages in the exploration, production and sale of precious metals. It operates through the following segments: United States Antimony operations, Mexican Antimony Operations and United States Zeolite Operations. In this UAMY Stock Penny Play video, we discuss current events and catalysts that could push the stock price to extreme margins of growth, as well as a macroscopic and microscopic overview of the company. We also establish levels of support and resistance for both investors and traders, analyze the 200 EMA (Exponential Moving average), 14 MA, RSI (Relative Strength Index), bullish and bearish trends, technical analysis chart patterns, and potential entry and exit points for traders and investors.
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How's it going everyone it's sam. Ah man, i've never get sick of that bro much love, much love! What is up, everybody welcome to trace trades. We get technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these. Given stocks, i like the purpose by saying that i'm not a financial advisor and our experts so take what i say with a grain of salt.

Let's get right into the video today, we're gon na be showing you guys ticker symbol, u-a-m-y, ooh amy. This is a stock that i do have a position in to be completely transparent. I will show you that i do have an 800 share stake in the stock at a dollar cost average about a buck 64. uh up about 32 bucks, nothing crazy! I did sell out of ctrm to get into this now that i don't like uh ccrm right, but i do see a lot of potential for whammy and i'm going to show you some reasons why so we're going to be looking at uamy? What the company is? The why why should you care the fundamentals right, we're going to show you the website, we're going to show you this uh, this article that i've got pulled up from stock twits? Take it for what it is, but it isn't a relevant source and then we are going to show you the the financial situation, the potential for growth and the one month chart as well as the one day.

One minute chart the charting setup right: the meat potatoes. What we love doing to give you a macroscopic and microscopic perspective of the stock and the price action i've got a couple. Different indicators pulled up right, the rsi, which is a relative strength index. Anything over 70 is overbought.

Anything under 30 is oversold. This gives you an idea of momentum, bullish and bearish momentum right typically, when something's over 70, it is likely overvalued and then i've got two different indicators pulled up right here, which is the 200 ema, this purple trendline and the 15 ma the blue trend line. The 200 ema is the exponential moving average. This is a price action based valuation trend line over a 200-day moving period, which gives us a macroscopic perspective of price action and then the 15 day m a is the moving average.

Some brokerage accounts call this the sma, the simple moving average, and this is a price action based valuation trend line over a 15 day moving period, which gives us a microscopic perspective of price action. We use these side by side, so we can get. You know an idea of when recent price action is breaking away from the overall macroscopic trend gives us an idea of breakouts that are coming up. We're gon na give you guys some entry points here, so you don't get caught chasing this stock.

I do think this is a good midterm to long-term hold uh. To give you some perspective, i am likely going to be holding this for at least a couple of weeks, perhaps longer, depending on how the price action plays out i'll. Keep you guys up to date with everything, but let's get right into the video, so what it was, what is it whammy? What is the why, right? Why should you care? Well, let's just take a quick read: united states, antimony corporation or whammy, is engaged in the production and sale of antimony, silver, gold and zealot products. The company is a mining transportation, milling smelting and marketing company.

It has three segments united states, antimony operations, mexican antimony operations and united states zealot operations. Its operations include a smelter and a metal refinery in montana and a smelter in over three mills in mexico. It operates through antimony division and zealot division. Its antimony, smelter and metals plant is located in the burns martian district of sanders county montana.

It also sells antimony metal for use in bearings, storage batteries and ordinance. The property includes over two five acre mill sites bear river. Zealot company has zelda on the united states bureau of land management land. The property has over two dryer circuits, one for lines, one and two and one for the raymond mill.

The raymond mill has a rated capacity of over 10 tons per hour. The thing that catches my eye, my friends, is the antimony right. They say that they they uh, they engage in the production of sale of antimony, silver, gold and zealot products. The antimony is 100.

What interests me - and i want to show you guys something really quick i had i had my financial friend pulled up. I was actually watching a video before before i got down here and uh yeah. You got to support the youtube community. You know what i mean.

That's how she goes anyways i've got their website pulled up here. It does look kind of old, i'm not gon na lie. This looks like some of the military websites that i have to use from the 90s, but that's all right. Essentially, let's just take a quick peek here right, united states, antimony corporation, is a rapidly growing new natural resource company that is increasing its raw material supply of antimony from properties in mexico and third parties around the world.

Usac has produced various antimony products since 1969 and is a fully integrated mining transportation, milling smelting and selling company. So we just take a quick peek at what antimony is right. Why does this matter? Well, let's just take a quick peek, our antimony, smelter and precious metals plant is located in the burns mining district of sanders county montana, my family's from montana, that's pretty cool. Approximately 15 miles west of thompson falls montana.

I have no idea where that is. We hold two patented mill sites where the plant is located. We have no proven reserves or probable reserves of antimony, as these terms are defined by the securities and exchange commission. Environmental restrictions.

Uh preclude mining at this site. Mining was suspended in december 1983 because antimony can be purchased more economically from foreign sources. That's not the case anymore. In our existing operations in montana, we produce antimony oxide, sodium, antimony, uh, antimony, metal and precious metals.

Antimony oxide is a fine white powder, yada yada yada. We believe we are both both domestically and worldwide. Due to the following. We have a reputation for quality products, delivered on a timely basis.

We have two of the three operating antimony smelters in north and central america, we're the major domestic producer of antimony products. We can ship on north shore notice to domestic customers. We are verbally integrated with raw materials from our own mines, mills and smelter in mexico, along with the raw materials from exclusive supply agreements, we have with numerous ore and raw materials suppliers as a vertically integrated company. We'll have more control over raw material costs.

So being you know, stationed and located in the states is a good thing right. It costs less money to in-source rather than to outsource materials, and antimony is cool, because this is a material that is oftentimes used in electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles right. So you guys already know you guys already know. Neo is a pop in stock tesla's, a pop and stock right.

Antimony is going to be an important, important piece of that puzzle. Uh, that's right! These guys are kind of like the the the company selling the pickaxe to the coal miners right and it's the same analogy not quite the same thing but um. That's that's kind of what you're looking at here and typically the company's selling the mine. You know the the pickaxes makes a lot more money than the company mining and i saw this article that was uh.

It was shared by discord, so perhaps everybody over there for pointing this out, but this is this is pretty interesting. This is coming off of stock to it, so take it for what it is, but ambry batteries for clean energy investors poised for accelerated growth. The energy storage market is projected to exceed 50 billion dollars in annual system revenue in 2030, and ambry is projecting a sizable share of sales sales. At that time, ambry has raised over 70 million dollars in equity financing since its founding in 2010.

Ambry's investors include bill gates, coastline, ventures, total klp enterprises and building insurance burn. Our investments share a long-term belief that our electricity storage technology will transform the electric power industry everywhere and get this. If this name didn't catch your attention, i don't know what the heck would bill gates. Ambry's investors include bill gates, bill gates is a smart man.

I'll tell you that right now, but uh something i found very interesting yesterday. In the after hours, there were 17 million shares traded in the after hours. Yesterday, in the first 30 minutes today, there's already been 1.5 million in volume on whammy. Ambry wants a whammy.

Bill gates wants ambry, so you guys get the connection here right. I think this is a huge reason why we saw this big push, because we, if we look at the news right on on uh, there's nothing that came out directly. So i think it's this rumor uh it's this buy the rumor type news right. It's a buy.

Remember to sell the news kind of thing and right what's happening because of that is you're. Getting hype. Hype drives stock price, it drives volume, volume drives volatility. Volatility drives the higher price valuations.

So we're just going to take a quick look at the financial situation before we get into the video right. This is going to be a stock you're, investing in the idea, the potential for growth, not previous growth, which is often the case with penny stocks right. So if you look at the gross profit, you know over the last couple years: 19. 18.

17. 16.. You know not much growth, it's been kind of stagnant up and down up and down, they were a little bit worse than they were in 2018, with about 1.43 million dollars in uh, as i was with negative money in gross profit, so they were not a profitable Company last year they were down a lot 53 103, which is quite a bit right, and if we look at the stock price later, you guys will see you know. They've been they've been a company that hasn't had a lot of potential yet.

But that does not concern me, so let me show you guys the overall price action over the last couple of years right. We can take a quick, peek, they've been up and down up and down up and down, but they're coming up, pretty close here to a pretty critical level. So we already passed this level of uh resistance right here, which is going to be about 95.9 cents. But we're coming up very close to a five-year high, which is a dollar and five cents.

If we look at the all-time right, the all-time highs, we are quite a ways away. You know from from reaching some of these previous levels up here in the four dollar range, but it's not entirely impossible to see that this company does start pushing pretty hard uh for some of these new all-time highs and guys there's a lot of momentum. I know you guys are probably thinking well shoot. This is already up, you know, 70 or 80 percent in the after hours and pre-market combined, but i still think there's potential here, which is why i'm presenting it to you and i'm going to show you how to get into this stock without much risk, which is What the whole point of these videos are don't chase.

We don't do that as traders traders are the only well, i should say t-r-e-y-d-e-r-s. We don't do that as traders man - oh it wouldn't be. It wouldn't be one of my videos without a stupid joke. I'll tell you that anyways uh, so what we do have here is what i love a lot as a as a play.

Is we just had the crossover of the 15 ma over the 200 ema? This is the picture-perfect definition of catching the beginning of an upcoming run breakout. So we do have the 15ma crossover 200 email, which typically indicates a change in microscopic price action compared to the overall picture right you're, seeing a a gap up a little bit. We've got a nice gap right here and it has pulled back a little bit here in the pre-market which gives people an opportunity to get into the stock. If you would like to do so and as that stock twits uh, you know, article did mention.

The volume was insane 17 million shares traded in after hours yesterday, already 1.5 million volume in 30 minutes today, as of 3 am to whenever that was posted. I suppose i could check really quick. It would have been 335, so you guys get the picture here. That is insane volume and if we look at the you know the daily chart here we're gon na just pull that up.

So we get an idea of how much the stock usually sees and usually in a day it sees about 9.3 million 23 million here yesterday. So that's that's significant! That's a significant change in volume, action right and, as i said, volume drives volatility volatility is going to drive the higher price valuations. So what are we looking at right now? What is a good entry point of this? Well, a good stock. My friends is going to retrace about 50 and that's at the most right.

So if we see a stock retrace 50 that is and it bounces right, that's an entry point. That's an entry point opportunity for you guys to get into the stock with a little. Not not near as much risk, and we do see that actually lines up extremely well with a level of support right here we do have one two three different candle wick touches at that dollar 47 mark. But what we also see is: we've already had a bounce right here off of the 38.2 retracement, which is an insane level of strength.

That tells me, my friends, that there are people still holding this stock, even though it is extremely extremely overbought. Now this isn't me telling you to chase right. I don't want you guys chasing stocks. We want to get the best possible entry point into a company, but if you do find it slipping in between these two levels of support between a dollar 48 and a dollar 61, i do think that's going to treat you pretty well as an entry point into The stock - i don't think it's too late to get into this, and i know that's this is uh.

This probably sounds crazy because it is 77 on the rsi right now, that's high! That's really high! This means this is extremely controlled by bullish momentum and it's bullish territory. It's probably overvalued right, but i can see this trend continuing and that doesn't this isn't me telling you get into this right away in the morning right. We want to buy stocks when they pull back, because that decreases our risk as investors right. So you end up seeing this pull back to 1.61 and it and it doesn't bounce right.

You see a wide range candle bar and a wide range candle bar for your for your uh. You know information is something that looks like this right. It's a candle! Stick that covers a lot of price action right, so you're gon na see you know a candle that breaks down this level of support. Like this, you maybe see like a short, a small candlestick like that.

You know a small bounce, followed by a wide range candle bar that breaks down here. At that point you know that that level of support has been broken right if you're, just tiptoeing around it, that's that's likely not a respected level of uh. It's it's not gon na break that respect level support like if you see something like this right, followed by an immediate two lows: high close candlestick pattern, which is a red candle, like you see here, followed by a green candle that matches that exact same candle. You're, probably fine - that was probably a false breakdown, and at that point you could probably ride that momentum up right.

That correction is also going to bring the rsi down. If you do see this bounce back down to a buck, 61 it'll likely be somewhere around here. 65 60 on the rsi, which is still a little bit high, but if it does come down to a 1.48 that would probably be about neutral, and i don't mind you guys getting into this at neutral. I think that's going to treat you pretty well.

As i said, i do have a position in this stock so take that for what it is right, i don't want to be bs you guys ever. I always want to be transparent. That is the current situation there. So just to double down.

I think a good entry point is going to be somewhere between a buck 61 and a 1.48. I like a dollar 48. More there's definitely less risk involved, but if you do end up getting it at a buck 61 and it does break that later, what you can do is dollar costs average down when it hits a dollar forty eight. So let's say you have a thousand dollars right.

Maybe you put in five six seven hundred of it right away at a dollar sixty one and then by the off chance that it does break down beneath that right. You're gon na have that extra three four hundred bucks, the dollar cost average down and dry powder. That way, you can, you know, get the most bang for your buck with this stock. So that's how that's looking right now.

We've got an insane insane upward, moving channel with uh. You know three different touch points here, one two: three: we always look for three different touch points to validate any level of support or resistance, and we do indeed have that right. We have this ascending level of support that is being very well respected if we do end up breaking beneath that, i would i don't want you guys getting into this using this the same level of support as as a level, which is why i didn't show it Until now, i do anticipate we're gon na break that right, but we do have this this level at a buck 61 that should treat us pretty well regardless, and then we also have you know this level of resistance right around here, which is going to act as A level of resistance throughout the day i do anticipate you're going to see us break. That, though, because, as was mentioned earlier, the volume on the stock is insanely insanely high, we saw, i think, 30 million in volume um in the 17 million in volume in the after hours yesterday and already a lot of volume here in the pre-market.

So i think it's gon na be a slam dunk. This is gon na be on some people's radars. You're gon na see some traders come in here. That's really gon na push the price action.

I i feel very excited about it. Now we're gon na check out the one day one minute chart if you'd like to check out any of the things that i labeled just rewind the video and pause it and you can check that out. But the price action was pretty flat here, literally right up until the after hours. That is when we saw this huge run up.

We had this clean upward, moving channel right plenty of touch points here at least three easily. We ended up breaking that with a wide range candle bar right. A little bit of a bleed volume died down a little bit right, consolidated just stay here and we started another upward moving channel. It's this kind of choppy price action so take that for what it is, but the pre-market already.

We are seeing a lot in volume, a lot a lot in volume. We saw this huge spike up to about two dollars and four cents followed by a wide range candle bar that broke down. This is setting level of support and it is offering us an opportunity to get into the stock. If you don't already have a position, so we already have broken through this descending uh level of resistance, right, um and now we are we're evening out a little bit.

So this does look like it might be the floor for now, which isn't the end of the world right. I do think once 6am hits and you get more people that get in here with the with the pre-market, extended hours trading with fidelity. You know 212 ameritrade. Whatever you might have that the stock is gon na it's gon na have some pretty booming action.

Come the string of 52 on the rsi. We do still have this nice gap here between the 15 mm and the 200 ema, giving double confirmation that this is in fact in bullish territory. Right now on the daily chart, this is neutral. That's the hair above neutral, so i do think there's a lot of opportunity here, and that is what i have for the video.

So if you guys enjoyed it, please drop a like if it does help support the channel and consider subscribing. If you like to see more content like this, lastly, i have an affiliate link in the description box down below for weeble. This is version four for the desktop absolutely great platform. Uh allows you to start training at 4am in the pre-market.

If you use my link, you get two free stocks with 100 deposit, i receive a free stock grab to support the channel and if you're not interested, my friends, that's totally fine. I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos, so that is what i have for you guys today. Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time. Peace,.


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    Mining was suspended in December 1983, because antimony could be purchased more economically from foreign sources.

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