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This is an analysis on the technical breakdown of the VERU stock. Let me know if you have a position in this stock in the comments below.
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What is up everybody? This is trade trades for his first youtube, video on the stock market. So i'd like to preface by saying that i am not a financial advisor, nor do i recommend you take my financial advice. However, i am going to be documenting my journey through the investing world on youtube for anybody. Who'd like to join the journey uh just keep following along the first stop that i'd like to talk about today is veru incorporated.

Now. Veru is a company who is researching alternate treatment, methods to prostate and breast cancer. What is interesting about these guys is. The ceo has found a alternate to chemotherapy in the form of a pill now the pill.

What you do with this is you? Take it every day in place of the chemotherapy and the side, effects are very minimal and seems to according to him and his results give about the same results as chemotherapy would now i'd like to look at vero as a company um, but first, let's take a Look at what the charts are saying here, so we're going to go out to a 10-day view and, as you can see 10 days ago, the floor on this was sitting between 3.30 and 3.17. So not a lot of volatility, not a lot of movement happening here. It was hanging around the vma, the volume moving average pretty consistently and there was a little bit of a catalyst, so they released some of the results regarding their research that they'd found with their phase two drug and shot the price up exponentially. So right now, if you look at this three dollars and thirty cents and the high here we're sitting at about 12 dollars, you could have four extra money.

So there's a 400 percent growth on the various stock. So you might be thinking. Where is the room for growth still well, you should not take my advice like i said earlier, because i'm not a financial expert, but i do think there is a lot of upside both in the short term and the long term with this stock. So what i like to look for with a stock when i'm going to be investing, which i do have a position in this stock.

So i have a very biased opinion. Um to preface is a stair step in lower, as i was in higher lows and higher highs. So you can see here on the 12th on the 10th of uh december, that we have a support level sitting around five dollars or so and then the next day we move up at the lowest point here to about five dollars and ten cents. On the next day, we have a low of about eight dollars and eighty cents.

The next day we have a low of nine dollars and seventy cents, and today we closed off with a low of nine dollars and 90 about. So where do i see this going? I think that very incorporated will continue to grow, and this is why there are very many analysts that have released data on very incorporated. They have mixed price ranges from twelve dollars to nineteen dollars. Most recently was the nineteen 19 price prediction, and i can see this happening.

They released great results on the phase 2 trials granted base 3 is not coming out until about 18 months. From now, the ceo was on the cramer tonight show and that could act as a great catalyst moving forward for the company. Another thing to pay attention to is the amount of volume that's been going into this stock. So if you look back on before the catalyst had grown this stock, it was seeing you know a 15 minute trade volume of between 6 000 and maybe 15 000 trades.

Now you you fast forward a little bit into this range. You can see 344 000 for a 15 minute window. The high here is 8 million 900 000 for trade volume. Three days ago, you saw a high of 13 million 500 000 in a 15-minute time frame.

Now we do see levels of volume beginning to drop over the last two days. However, i do think that the catalyst that has been released by multiple analysts could push this stock upwards more than it already has grown. Another thing that i like about this stock is that you're not seeing these sharp increases, followed by immediate drops down to this original three dollar price target. You are seeing these stair steps of higher lows that are being established day by day and the stock is genuinely trading above the vma, which is a great sign that the bulls are maintaining control over the stock.

There are windows of time where we do have the stock being traded under the vma, but it seems to be outweighed. The polls seem to have control of this stock, and i do see this shooting up more than it already has. If any of you have a position in this stock, please let me know in the comments down below i took a position in this stock at about nine dollars and ten cents, i will be selling out approximately around eleven fifty twelve dollars i'll be setting a trailing. Stop loss at that point, um yeah! That's all! I have for veru incorporated thanks for coming to the video i'd love.

If this got 100 views - and i would also love if, by the end of the week, i could get up to 50 subscribers - that is a very lofty goal, but this is something that i will be doing on a daily basis. So if that is something that interests you please subscribe to the channel, please like the video to help the youtube, algorithm and i'll, be seeing you guys next time, peace.

By Trey

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    U all know that he's only popular by my comment I made. It's funny how some people can't take a joke.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sleepy says:

    jeez these guys started recently and with a lot of 100 and 200 views on the first videos after this one. the progression is like this was made in 2009 or something lol. i made two music videos in 2015 that got a few thousand views and got discouraged and quit early! about to work up the mental energy to try again

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    Raining here today. The page has really grown. Both your dads would be so proud. Keep it humble.

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    You can tell he tried to control his fast talking.. Now he's just like eff it, ima be me!! & it works! ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿค˜

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DM Trader says:

    Always fun to watch someone's first YouTube video, I'm guessing you figured out the microphone/audio issues and added the jar of enthusiasm you drink before every video. Keep on rockin' Trey!

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brian Wallace says:

    Wow your confidence, conviction, views snd subscriber base has exploded. Technology too lol

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Amanda M says:

    Had to check out the 1st video. You have become comfortable and confident. Love to see the growth brother ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿฆ

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars M says:

    GME backup plan spot!

    since Gangnam style was overrun by AMC shills

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    Greetings from Singapore!~
    Who would have thought you will appear on fox news , cnbc and be an advocate for stock market transparencies 6 months later…
    Keep it up brooo. you have my utmost respect! Best of luck to your heart & overall health too.

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    Trey, when we get our TENDIES… you need to go big or go home. You have to do something huge after the squeeze, just something. Anything. For or with the ape community. I want people to remember you 200 years from now. This squeeze … whatโ€™s about to happen, its just the beginning. We must stay together, as one. This is the way. Thank you for everything brother. You are one the best humans Iโ€™ve ever known Out to make the world a better place ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฆ I will follow until we die ๐Ÿ’Ž

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