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Yo yo yo. We are not late. Okay, we're absolutely on time. How are we doing it's? Your boy trey back again for another live stream.

We're gon na wait here a sec for some people to roll in and uh, then we'll get we'll get freaking moving, but until then just gon na say uh say hi to everybody in chat how we doing probably hiding dwayne, not not dwayne's dwayne's chilling dwayne's. Still here having the time of his life, not today alex alex the day trades on time right on time. We made it right on time baby, not even a little bit late, yeah whistle. While you work it's funny, unless you say that uh blackout, jaeger, because uh people always get annoyed when i whistle - because i always i whistle all the time all the time - it's it's wild stuff drop, some freaking uh, some some gorillas in the chat we do have Uh a green day for amc, which we will talk about here, uh as we progress through the uh, the live stream.

It's great to see you great to see you guys. Are you doing d, the great senior miss jon doors you doing for korea grizzly bear! This? Is easy, god, damn it come to ireland says steve i'd love to come to ireland someday man! Trust me when i say that i i'm irish. So it's that's right up my alley. Hey big, daddy, big, daddy, chet, yeah! Don't don't uh, don't worry about it! Man! I didn't i didn't do it, that's not me.

I don't take credit for that. I don't take any credit for that. A couple people uh had talked about uh muln, actually, uh. True demon had stopped into my live stream sometime last week.

I think it was thursday. Maybe wednesday - and he mentioned m-u-l-n uh - he's got a great call like i said i uh. I just mentioned that i'm not going to uh. You know be talking specifically about it on my channel uh and in terms of uh a recommendation of any sorts.

You know. I stand by that for sure i was actually going over some of the numbers behind muln and why it's doing what it's doing, uh full disclosure. I actually don't have a position. I have no position in mul in uh and i i had pretty good feeling that it would run you know, but i just didn't want to have to think about whether or not it was the right or wrong thing to do, especially with a 20 million share.

Float to talk about on my channel or or or the likes so uh mulln, the the interesting thing behind this i'm actually gon na make a whole video uh regarding not in terms of hey. You should buy this when it's up 177, because i think there's a lot of risk inherently by doing something like that right, if you're, making money you're making money, but why it's making money today, uh news came out and it's it's pretty good to see in terms Of uh crushing some really bad people that were trying to crush this stock, which i'll talk about as we progress through the live stream, uh or not. Maybe not the live stream, but a video at the very least at some point in the in the near future. Michael, how you doing yeah we'll talk about citadel as well, we'll talk about citadel as well.

I appreciate that roland appreciate that uh hey. How are you doing dylan? No, i haven't checked the amc or text. Yet we will. We will i'm just waiting for people to roll in it uh.

It makes more sense for me to wait for everyone to get in here or the majority of people to get in here before we start talking about what we're going to talk about. This is kind of the the order of uh events for the day that i'd like to discuss. I'm just gon na walk. You guys through sort of my game plan here, really quick.

Oh, this is backwards. That would do it all right, so this is kind of what i'd like to go over for the day here. Is the agenda uh first off i'd like to start by talking about the russia, ukraine situation uh, because obviously there has been a lot of escalations on a lot of new uh talk. That's come from that uh that whole ordeal, so i think that's definitely worth paying a little bit of attention to, and at least talking about for a brief moment in time, as it has reflected in uh the way that things have traded uh at the very least Futures, you know the spy coming into today down about one and a half percent uh.

A lot of that is due to sort of what's been happening with russia and uh ukraine, so we we should definitely uh spend at least a moment talking about that. I'd also like to go over uh, obviously, then, after amc and earnings, because we do have earnings coming up, and i will be streaming that by the way, if you'd like to check that out, i will be uh streaming that entire earnings call coming into tomorrow. That way, you guys can uh you can listen to that because i think that's a great opportunity, colleen wilson, i hope you're doing well too. I appreciate you stopping in.

Thank you, trey's charts. You guys come up with the craziest names. That's some good stuff! Oh man! Uh so after efc earnings there was also some pretty interesting stuff. That's come out about citadel uh and 65 billion dollars in essentially stocks sold and not yet bought, and i i'll walk through that.

Pretty simply you know, that's that's got some. It's pretty easy to explain in my opinion, uh, if you guys have any counters to that, you can. Let me know, sold and not yet, but we'll discuss that here very briefly and i'm pretty sure there was one other thing that i thought uh was interesting. We'll go over the vortex data here um, i thought for sure there might have been something else, but maybe not uh.

It might come to me, but that's the the order of events for at least right now, all right. So let's start off here with this right. The russia nuclear alert uh - you woke up today. If you woke up today and you looked at the spy you looked at the broad market, you saw a pretty pretty blatant gap down right uh.

I think in my last video i talked about my thesis that it goes out about one to three months and in that i said that i thought you saw a little bit of over confidence, uh and correction in the market off of that bounce from 410 dollars. Up to about 438 now we're sitting at about 431 for the time being. Well, you had some news come out essentially uh from the russia situation and putin, obviously bearing some teeth here with uh. A very dangerous uh threat now check this out.

If we click on this article, no russian muscle movements after putin's nuclear readiness alert, the us says what this is uh you know, essentially talking about, is putin having made uh at the very least, threats of nuclear weapons being utilized in some way, shape, form or capacity. Uh and that's obviously spooked the markets a little bit right in my in my one to three month, thesis video uh, which is up on my youtube channel. If you haven't seen it yet, it did come from the live stream uh. That is, that is where we talked about things.

So if you were there, you were there. If not, you can uh. You can see it right here. I don't normally say this.

That is uh, that is, the location of uh uh, the entire you know thesis in and of itself, but in that i basically stated look unless there's some other uncertainties that come from russia to continue pain in the markets. I believe this to be the case. Uh sooner rather than later, and this uh uncertainty is one that will have to be dealt with in my personal opinion, uh for the markets to continue their rally and their recovery. The way that we have seen the rally and recover uh for the last couple trading days, uh coming out of the market coming out of the spy and amc holding very, very strong, considering that the spy is down one point: four: three percent.

I did show this here briefly before it is up three point: seven, four percent of the day, almost tapped up to 20 bucks right and this is coming into earnings tomorrow. So it's no surprise that there's some people who are at least a little bit excited coming into earnings right. It's uh, i think, there's a lot of people who are expecting a continuation of uh positive growth out of amc, we're excited to see what adam aaron has to say in terms of uh how the company is going to continue to evolve and to grow coming into Uh coming into this next quarter, how are you doing well, bowler, it's good to see you it's good to see you, but with that being said, you know before we even dive into amc uh this this russian nuclear alert right, let's kind of dive into whether whether Or not, we believe this is uh sort of a fluff if it's a bluff or if it's something that could actually happen right now, a lot of people when the russian ukraine conflict was slowly starting to escalate. Uh believed that putin would not uh declare war wouldn't invade right.

If they really didn't think this was going to happen, they didn't think that uh putin would actually take on ukraine. You know i saw uh, it wasn't the the absolute majority by any means, but there was enough people for you to to say you know what yeah this seems to be an opinion that at least bears some weight uh amongst people on twitter and youtube and uh. Just some people have talked to in real life right. A lot of people didn't think this would actually happen.

So now that it has happened, it shows that when he says something it, it at least bears some form of weight uh, which is what biden says. The u.s says no reason to change nuclear alert levels after putin. Threats now. Does that mean that we are going to go to nuclear war right, not necessarily right? It's entirely dependent on that not being a bluff, but it does to me say if there's any crazy on planet earth that would actually execute something like this.

It would be putin. I think it would be this guy, uh and i've had this question asked a couple times: uh world war iii, tray world war iii, russia, ukraine's, not enough for world war iii. I think there are two things that are cyber attacks. If russia decides to go cyber in terms of uh the conflict and the attacks that they've been taking, i think that is uh really worth raising an eyebrow towards in terms of getting a lot of other countries involved right.

A lot of other countries would step in the second one would be obviously nuclear right. Nuclear is a big deal. It's a big big deal. If something like that were to happen, that's pretty serious that supersedes a lot of stocks and money and markets and uh.

I i think that comes down to basic human life and basic human condition in which we really have to pay attention to the day-to-day today today, in terms of uh, what's happening with uh with this russia situation and how they're gon na continue to evolve. Out of this conflict, that's begun in ukraine. Now i wan na i wan na completely come off the record and tell you guys this when i had made this video right here right. I talked about it just a second ago.

I don't normally say this. I have to admit i did not consider uh nuclear war even being a possibility, doesn't mean it's happening right. Do we absolutely know uh without a shadow of a doubt that that putin is going to initiate some form of a nuclear attack uh? No, we don't know that right, but if that was to happen, if this then that right, if there is nuclear war, i i myself would personally believe that that that one to three-month target will not happen. I think in that case i would be wrong right.

I want to say that, first and foremost, if you do see some form of a nuclear war uh my thesis, which is small and mid-cap companies, which would include amc and gamestop right, small mid cap companies, uh will have mass covering in one to three months. Basically, my thesis behind this uh lying on certainty in the market right, i think, there's a lot more certainty in the market than there was uh. I think that will not be the case if there's any form of a nuclear nuclear conflict so uh. I want to come off the record and say that right here and right now, because i think that's really important right.

This is this is a really big deal. This is a really big deal. Thermal someone, please nudge, tray on thermobaric bombs. I got ta be honest with you.

I don't know what that is. Let's check this out while we're at it what are thromobaric bombs, new weapon putin could unleash on ukraine. Let me tell you guys if you uh, if you want to keep up with this russia, ukraine situation, you literally have to sit here and watch what's happening on an hour to hour to hour basis. That's how fast this situation evolves.

It's it's really really crazy. I mean i just tweeted out. I can't believe the world that we're living in right now, because things just don't seem real. It's really hard to conceptualize, what's happening across the world uh overseas right now, uh thermobaric weapons are the most brutal war weapons that exist apart from nuclear weapons.

Experts say russia's military offensive against ukraine could take a horrifying turn if vladimir putin uses thermobaric weapons against the former soviet territory. Worried experts have warned thermobaric weapons are considered to be one of the most brutal war weapons that exist. You can only imagine the ramifications of using a weapon like that, if it's only second to a nuclear warhead, so uh body melting weapons, that sounds pretty intense - that doesn't sound great dang. I saw bloomberg earlier.

They were saying that too showing russell 2000 and its stocks set up to go higher. I think if, if this this nuclear situation didn't happen, you'd see the spy continue its rally at the very least consolidate uh, maybe a slight retracement who knows how much of a retracement right but uh, i think the move down today is is obviously 100 pricing in By the way, pricing in the uncertainty of uh the russia situation with nuclear warheads, i personally believe right. Let's watch for this. This is some sort of a resolution here, uh the continuation to me, the continuation of the spy rally that we have seen over the past couple of days is very, very simple right.

Uncertainty needs to transition back to certainty. What's the only uncertainty really that lies in the market right now? Well, you do have potentially cyber that could happen right. I i don't. This hasn't really been talked about, but if it does get talked about uncertainty right, this would be a new one.

The next one. Obviously the one that's currently active uh is going to be this nuclear situation. Until that nuclear situation is taken off the table, we go from uncertainty to certainty uh. I i.

I don't think that the market could have potentially priced to sell, and i think you could still see some news come out that can move uh the spy back down in a in some form way shape or form of uh retracement, which then is obviously going to Drag other stocks down with it, at least in the short term, so watch for that right watch watch the situation with uh with russia. I think that's going to give you some form of an inkling of what to expect in terms of the broad market. That is the uncertainty that i see right now, if you guys have any others that you uh, that you can think of you know you want to drop it in chat. Please do uh, we can.

We can look at it right. It's definitely worth definitely worth looking at for sure, which brings me over to uh to amc right. Amc coming into tomorrow is green by 4.76 up 84 cents on the day and has formed what appears to be a inverse head and shoulders. Neckline breakout check this out.

Shoulder shoulder head break out of this uh, this downside level of resistance. This is actually a falling wedge, nice falling wedge breakout by the way, and it's coming up to hopefully retest again, this red box check this out this supply zone at 1986 up to about 20.35 or so is the the big bar to step over. That could really get us back up into that 23 24 range, where i personally believe the next supply zone to be a supply zone by the way, essentially being a point which algorithms, computers, uh institutions, even market makers in terms of options, price pinning uh, will will Have selling pressure or buying pressure depending on if the price is above or below those specific boxes uh, they essentially come from consolidation points before big moves up or big moves down. You can see this move down right here, consolidation right before that this would then be classified as a supply and or demand zone depending on where the price is trading.

I mark supply zones as red boxes and demand zones as green boxes just so that they're easy uh easy to see. So this right here in my eyes would be some form of a demand zone right, very simple, stuff right here, so coming into earnings uh tomorrow. What i am looking for and what you, what you really would like to see, is obviously a continuation of the growth quarter over quarter over quarter over quarter that we've seen coming out of uh coming out of amc and we've had some great uh great movies that Have come out here as of late, that have really boosted sort of the box office numbers that i think are going to continue uh the growth that we have seen out of uh out of amc. So what do we? What do we have here right? This is the estimated earnings per share, eps uh.

For short, if you ever see eps, that's what that actually stands for uh for q4, which is set to release tomorrow. Uh they're expecting a minus point: one nine uh cents right, negative 19.333, uh, whatever, whatever whatever and uh. What you're looking for is a beat right. You want to see a continuation.

You want to see a beat coming out of uh out of amc to see. I i personally believe a pretty decent move right. I remember they released pretty decently early uh, positive ebitda and i think that's a good inkling and a good sign. I don't see any possible reason why the executives and adam aaron would have chose essentially to release that information early if it wasn't, because they believe that you're going to see a really solid q4 coming out of the company right.

Maybe maybe they just wanted to get people hyped up, amped up or whatever right, but i i i think that you're gon na be looking at something nice. I think that that's actually possible uh, you see. Mass mandates are starting to lift in various states. For for, for differing reasons right uh, i saw the california, according to unusual whales, whatever source that he got his information from uh the california schools are starting to lift mass mandates off of students that go to school, which is a good sign that just shows you That there's uh there's less limitations for people to go out into public to go to movie theaters.

You you're gon na see movie theaters continuing to open up the way that they have so that they can continue to uh, make more money more revenue and continue to grow in the way that they have, which is uh, obviously only going to help their earnings right. Uh so we'll see we'll see, i think that you also this is just uh. This is my personal opinion right if i was to to rank this in terms of uh reliability. Uh i'd put i'd probably put it about here right.

If this is like absolute fact - and this is speculation - i think that i'm probably about here - i think that adam aaron a.a during this earnings call, will likely release some form of news, not even just about the the the financials behind the company, but in terms of Future moving forward, uh different avenues of approach, they're going to take to make revenue and or nfts, i think they're going to talk more about nfts, and i also think they're going to talk more about potential future revenue in some new way shape for more capacity. So i'm going to be watching for that, i'm going to be watching for that. Specifically, i would like to see him talking about uh expanding upon his nft uh situation and what they're going to do to continue with uh future revenue, new uh growth, essentially new business strategies and uh debt. That is big.

This is the very let me let me just be absolutely clear with you guys. Debt is not a bad thing right if, if managed properly, but if there's anything in the world, that's holding back amc from a fundamental perspective which believe it or not is is how shorts get a thesis behind a stock right. Stronger fundamentals means you have less reason to short a stock. Weaker fundamentals mean you have more reason to short stock there's a reason, in my opinion, that amc has been uh chronically shorted between 15 and 20 for over 12 months.

It's uh. It comes down to debt, not necessarily the fact that they're not going, i don't think they're going out of business. I think most shorts recognize that at this point, but i would like to see that debt uh have some form of a strategy plan. That is, that is probably my one.

Big critique is uh. Yes, they are going to be pushing to the right. They're gon na have much more time to pay off a lot of the debt that they have on their books right now, which is great right. That's a way to be able to strategize and uh.

They actually lower their interest rates. Uh they've got more time. They can use their cash on hand to expand the business in the way that they want uh. But if you get rid of this debt right, you get rid of a short thesis altogether, because it's very obvious, unless there's another pandemic in the next 12 months or or covert, goes through something absolutely crazy.

Uh that there's really no risk of uh going out of business or bankruptcy, we'll just write bank rupt c. This is really off the table. Bankruptcy doesn't make any sense whatsoever, so uh debt revenue, uh and nfts. I want to see them talk about that during this.

This next moving uh earnings call, and i guess time will tell on what they decide to uh to do pretty good stuff. Lastly, for amc, i'd like to discuss the ortex data, while i'm pulling this up, i'm just gon na look at chat here really quick, uh xrp will run the new financial system man. It is a very interesting concept to think about blockchain uh technologies being utilized within the stock market. I think sometime the next 15 20 years uh.

What i would love to see is some form of a hybrid stock market that can utilize blockchain, and the thing that i like the most about blockchain is blockchain, doesn't lie, you'd, be able to track if you could find a wallet for an institution, every single transaction That they have, unless they had an unregistered wallet that was being utilized instead of the one that they had registered with the sec. If that's what it came to right uh. So if an institution says that they're short on a stock x amount but they're actually short double that well you you can just check that, because it's gon na be in the blockchain. Everybody has a ledger of every transaction as long as you can get your hands on uh the wallets that you're looking for.

So it's it's uh. It's very interesting. Look at citadel's financial release, yeah! I'm definitely going to man, definitely going to plan on it uh. This is sort of the agenda, so, if you want to see us talk about the uh, the citadel situation uh, that is, that is coming up here after we uh, we dive into amc a little bit more uh here today, but amc ortex data, i'm not going To spend a ton of time on this, there's not a huge difference.

20.45. Current short interest of free float comes out to about 104.75 million total shares about the same right. It really hasn't changed a whole lot, and this comes down to utilization. There's really not any shares available to lend any shares available to borrow they're all out on loan uh and this cost to borrow maximum slash average uh is sort of a level that you'd like to watch as we continue on.

It's been slowly writing an uptrend. Slowly, ever so slowly, this light green line down here you can see 1.04 coming up to about 1.17, so it's been slowly increasing and today you see it at 1.32, which would actually be a drastic increase as compared to 1.17, as we have seen here, uh in The past, so we're gon na get rid of these two lines here, really quick, and i also want to look at the on loan average days. This is beginning to climb again - and this is an important metric - that i'd actually take one second to discuss 73.59 average days on loan right. This is actually very fascinating.

Why does this matter? Why does this average days on loan matter? We're at 100 utilization we're at 100 utilization and this is actually a useful metric to track because the longer that you're at 100 utilization, the more likely uh, statistically speaking, looking at evidence backed by actually uh uh collegiate studies right very, very intense studies. Looking at some data behind uh four share recalls when, when a 100 utilization is on the table uh, you typically see those shares get recalled as weeks passed forcibly by the lenders. So the lend d will have to return the shares if the lender goes all right. All right baby, it's time to pay up, give me my shares back.

I want it back doesn't matter what the price is at does not matter, and that can force a essentially uh a force cover effect. And if you see this average day on loan, all of a sudden start to drop at the exact same time as utilization drops drastically, you know what happened to me. That's a force share recall, so i'm going to be watching for that and watching this continue to grow up right. Going up going up going up going up as utilization has been maxed out.

This to me is essential to saying yep. This uh does appear to be the case unless there are any shares that are returned, which there haven't been right. They've been about the same for quite some time now. Uh this should continue to climb utilization should drop off.

If this begins to drop off and if it doesn't well, then you should ask yourself a question in terms of what's actually happening there, and this is uh. Perhaps the last thing that i'd like to say regarding the ortex data, when you, when you talk about naked short selling, right naked short selling, this is uh. This is this is a metric that happens in specific situations right. It comes down to this high demand.

One box no supply now. What do i mean by this? If there's high demand for a short position, for instance, let's just say that uh the stock is going up, which it is right now and there are shorts that want to add to their positions average down. So that they're not getting beat up too bad right, there's some demand for the stock. All right, you can check that box no supply.

This would come down to are there shares available to lend or to borrow 100 utilization, currently right, which is uh, basically meaning that all shares that are available to lend or to borrow, are out on loan or are being borrowed. This is a situation in which there's very low, minimal or no supply right. So if these two boxes are met, if these two things have happened, there's high demand, there's no supply and there's somebody out there who wants to short a stock. I've talked about this before and i've always, i always feel bad.

I always feel bad because i really don't really know what to say uh in terms of this, but this is a situation which naked short selling is a very realistic possibility. These are these are points in time in which, if, if there are people out there short sellers that want the short stock illegally uh, they do it, they do it. I think the majority of manipulation and corruption across amc happens in derivatives market. I stand by that and i absolutely will, but this is a situation in which you can actually see this take place.

This is uh. This could actually happen. You could see this naked short selling right now. Uh with high demand, no supply 100 utilization, no shares available to borrow uh.

If it comes down to it, you know this is where it would make sense. This is where it would make sense absolutely cost. The bar was at about one point: three percent ravenstown says: ortex is a scam. Remember it's only 85 percent of the data, so this is actually an interesting topic right uh.

I was actually in a call in a discord with uh, a guy from vortex. His name was peter and there was a question asked. I think it was a very good question, because a lot of people have been skeptical about that 85 data variability. Essentially, the question was this: let's just go over this really quick.

The question was: why 85 right? Why do we only get 85 of any sort of data that comes from your company right, uh? Why? Why can't we just have all of it, and his answer was very simple. He basically said this: we get 85. This is our estimate, because you can have essentially a friend to friend lending a back and forth stock right. Let's say i want to give you uh a hundred thousand shares short of apple, and you give me back this amount of money and then vice versa.

We can flip it back and forth that can happen between institution institution institution, the bank bank, the bank friend to friend whale to whale right. Let's say that there's some 100 millionaire or billionaire out there that wants to do that. They actually don't technically have to report that as long as it's considered a friend to friend transaction, you can actually do that and get around the loophole uh of having to report your actual short interest right. So it comes down to this 85 excludes friend to friend situations and there's a lot of shady stuff that i am absolutely certain, can happen between this right here.

Imagine, for example, let's just have a hypothetical. This is absolutely hypothetical. I have absolutely no no reason to say that this is fact uh, but let's talk about it, why not you know this? Is this could be a situation that could happen hypothetical speaking, let's just say that uh that citadel over here has, i don't know. Uh 60 billion dollars and out of that 60 billion dollars, they wanted to go short on on uh amc, for example.

They want to go short, 500 million right and there's not really any shares available to lender to borrow. Well, we all know about rehypothecation. That's how gamestop had the registered short interest of well over one hundred percent at one point in time, reha re-hypothecation is essentially when a share gets shorted and borrowed more than once. So let's say that uh you've got one person over here right.

This guy decides all right. I'm gon na lend out stock uh this guy over here decides that he wants to grab that. Then he lends out that stock. Then this guy over here decides that he wants to lend out that stock, and then you just have this.

This the same share shorted one two three different times from the original lender right here. That is the idea of rehypothecation. That can actually happen right. That's an absolute uh, absolute thing that can't happen right.

So what happens then? If a share that was friend to friend not part of the ortex 85 exchange reported data, finra reported data. What happens then, if uh, if citadel, gets lent from a friend right, let's say their friend over here is just some whale. I don't know. Maybe maybe it's just the guy who runs an institution? Maybe it's melvin, maybe he's the ceo of melvin friend of friend melvin goes over to ken griffin.

Ken goes hey man. I really like the short uh. 500 million share dollars worth of stock. He hands him over.

The stock ken hands him over the money right and then from here ken decides all right. I'm actually gon na borrow this out to somebody else, and then this guy shorts it lends it out. He lends it out, he lends it out and it goes on and on and on and on and on. Well, you can have a absolute cluster situation in which a share has been rehypothecated over and over and over again coming from that 15 number right here, the 15 not reported data coming from uh ortex, so that's uh, that's sort of the situation.

Does it mean that ortex is is not valuable? I don't think so right. I think that it's it's all. Data must be taken with a grain of salt. I think most data you have to take with a massive grain of salt, because it's only as good as its original source than the original source, and many many many many times is - is quite frankly, frustrating and sometimes right, uh, but we really have no other metrics To run on you know, uh, it just is what it is.

Uh get my blood checked. I think my blood's okay, if i look tired it's just because i i i didn't sleep much last night, just didn't sleep much! That's all it is. So that's uh! That's sort of the situation that my assessment for now, based on uh amc and uh, the broad market uh we're gon na take a little bit of time here. I'm just gon na read chat for uh for a minute and then we can dive into uh sort of the citadel situation and uh talk about that a little bit but uh it's uh.

We we have a very broad difference in terms of what's happening across different stocks in the in the market: spy down, 1.1 percent amc coming into earnings tomorrow, green about 4.76 riding a slight downside right now, slight slight slight uh, you can see that there's sort of A descending level of resistance right here you get a breakout from there. You could see a pretty decent size. Move time will tell you, look fine man. Thank you jeffrey.

I appreciate that the beard man i i dig the beard. I really do. I i prefer having a beard, i feel like it uh. It suits me a little bit.

Better beards are like uh makeup for men. That's what it comes down to kind of got to cover up the mug man. That's that's exactly it! That's exactly it! Dude elden ring alden ring real sam is nasty. It's such a great game such a great game.

I will be streaming amc earnings, absolutely absolutely man. I've never really been able to sleep well, uh, but as of late things, have things have been wild. The situation in in uh in with the russian ukraine conflict is definitely weighed heavy on my heart. You know i i got uh some people that i know who could very easily uh get involved in that situation.

If the united states gets involved and to pretend that uh - that's not on my mind, is - is hard to do. You know uh that keeps me up at night. I've been thinking about those people, hey thanks, jack, no titan. Stop! Look at me every time you jump on the desk buddy, i put you down.

No i'll get down. Goofball yeah, i think elder ring deserves gay, deserves game of the year that uh it is a fantastic game, fantastic for sure get some sleepy idiot. I appreciate that man appreciate that uh yeah titan's, looking easy he's a big boy he's getting real big he's gotten real real big he's, a big boy, uh zachary says yo trey as a streamer. Is it worth hiring an editor while i'm kind of poor right now? This is my thought process zach.

I i've i like to think of myself as uh jack of all trades master of none. I myself right. If i don't have a skill, a skill set and editing by the way is not a skill set that i possess for full transparency. I i pay.

I pay a guy to to edit uh edit my videos, because i i don't possess that skill set. I have very basic understandings uh currently, but you can get by without an editor right. You really really can right so for for myself. For myself, i uh.

I never edited a single video that went on this channel for the first. I i want to say 10 months that i had it 11. i mean editing is something that i i got into as i progressed. What it comes down to ultimately uh is you just have to make content that is about the people right, if you, if you view it in the sense of i am here, because i want to to build a great community, and i want to provide value to People, instead of i want to get subscribers and views and this and that uh those come right.

It's it's not you chase the subscribers and the views uh, it's it's you put out good stuff and the subscribers and views just come so uh. I think editing. If you don't have that skill set, you don't want to learn it, it's something that should come. Second, i mean totally dependent on what content you make right, but if you're, if you're getting into streaming uh, i don't think it's as important as just making good stuff man just put in a good time continue to grow.

Yeah good content is absolutely important. Audio uh frequency for sure man, yeah, diet, coke, oh just a non, never mind all right. So let's continue on. Let's get into uh the citadel situation.

This is uh all over the place on twitter right now. This is actually pretty freaking wild to uh to see happening. Let's dive into this, if you look up citadel right, now, check this out statement of financial condition for citadel llc, interesting set of figures here, kenny what you doing - and you can see here, statement of financial condition. This is coming from uh uh, a report that was released today directly from citadel securities llc uh.

You can actually see by the way you always want to check for this, because there are other citadels that exist citadel securities. Llc is the big bad wolf citadel. The real guy right uh, so this is this - is good stuff to be looking at. There's a lot of really smart people on twitter who have digested this already, but i'll break this down for you in a very simple way: uh assets, liabilities check this out.

This is expressed in u.s dollars and millions. So when you see uh, for example, 79 123, that means 79 billion dollars. When you see total liabilities at 74 909 that means 74 billion dollars, meaning that their total assets versus total liabilities. They have a difference of about five billion dollars and you can see this right here.

Security sold not yet purchased at fair value. Now i look at this as short selling right short selling securities sold not yet purchased at fair value: 65.7 billion dollars. Uh short, that is my consensus. That is my takeaway from this huge huge, huge number.

That's come from citadel right now check this out citadel uh, 65 billion dollars, uh in assets sold and not yet purchased sounds a lot like short selling. Right sounds a lot. Like short selling, now, if you're gon na come back and you're gon na look at their total assets, what are their total assets? Total assets, 79 billion dollars, cash 546 million they're sitting on a lot of different securities right 73 billion dollars in total securities right here. They've got securities borrowed 1.8 uh billion.

It's a crazy, crazy, crazy amount of money right, but there's really not a big difference between their actual assets and their liabilities. That's what catches my eye, the most! That's! What catches my eye! The most is the difference between their assets and liabilities. It's very clear to me that they are uh. They are heavily short in the market, heavily short in the market.

So who knows where that money is right? We we really need to see some differences in uh. What is actually reported to uh the general public, the general consensus retail in terms of uh institutions, of what they're, what they're dabbling in, because there's really not a lot of transparency there. You really can't see what a lot of institutions are doing with their money across different securities and different assets across the market. But let me tell you that's a lot of money to be short and i actually have my fingers crossed.

I have my fingers crossed and i'll tell you why my fingers are crossed, that the uncertainty in the market very soon ends, because if it does it's a lot of money, if they're short that much money - man, god damn they'd - get they'd get burned, they would get Burned yeah, i got that writing tablet. Finally, finally, i it's hard to write with my mouse it's hard to write my mouse. Please watch this documentary to understand what's happening in ukraine, uh what documentary rnld um. So when moon i'm about to just try to give my wife, my life insurance, i don't know what i do uh.

What do you mean by that? I decay? What i do. Can you expand man? I hope that's i i hope you're hanging in there. Okay check the link. I don't see a link uh.

Should we be placing put options on russia? I know it's not financial advice, just asking andy myself personally uh. What i would tell you is until there is certainty in the market, you could see more downside. So what i'm personally watching for is: will this this uh nuclear situation, the nuclear threats, the whatever whatever uh? Will this end, because that to me is the uncertainty? This comes back to here. Uh cyber attacks, nuclear right now nuclear seems to be on the table.

It's being very highly talked about. This is an uncertainty right. Uncertainty breeds bears, bears obviously move the market down. So if you continue to see the uncertainty regarding, is there actually gon na be some form of a nuclear uh conflict coming from russia? You could see more downside of the market if this gets dissolved, uh resolved and there's really no actual nuclear situation and putin comes out, and he says yeah psych just kidding we're not actually gon na.

Do this uh we're gon na continue to uh to to do what we're doing, but we're not gon na go nuclear. If that happens, then i think the markets will rally uh. That's why you know the certainties that came out from russia actually invading ukraine moved the market up. They had the immediate gap down it priced in that that conflict.

Then it recovered, because there was no more uncertainty. The nuclear situation is the new uncertainty, so uh you're watching for that to resolve itself cyber attacks. I've got written down because i think that's another uh facet in which russia would be very likely to attack. Now that i've thought about it more and more and more right, uh, and if cyber attacks do happen, that would be the next uncertainty next, if not nuclear, if the nuclear situation, let's just hypothetically, say nuclear gets resolved, right, bam, putin comes out and says: yep we're Good, the markets start to rally, you see, uh, it's been moving down, moving down and all of a sudden, no nuclear rally, and then they announce the cyber attack or they get exposed for a cyber attack guarantee that uncertainty is gon na move stocks down because uh Russia could, hypothetically speaking, conduct a cyber attack on any country.

Basically, if they wanted to you know, i'm gon na ask this usually every day on stream. I can see it here. Mike's saying i hope the military doesn't trip you to europe in the near future. I will not be going to europe so there's, there's two different branches in the military.

Uh you've got well, not branches, but uh branch offs. I should say, you've got this and you've got this force com, ground pounders. These are guys that deploy tradoc educators, trainers. This is me i won't uh.

I won't deploy steezy. What's up baby, it's good to see you it's good to see you. I'm gon na get myself a diet here, real quick hold on one sec. Now, no, don't bite me.

Don't bite, don't bite. Are you so cranky you're, so cranky? No, no ow! Why do you go so far out of your way? All right? I'm sorry! Goofball yeah diet, baby! It is the way this a dick. After how long have people been waking up from the mainstream media, hypnosis hypnosis and realizing that all our news is now everyone jumps back on the wagon as soon as they start screaming more, please do dd kyle kyle shaw team. Unless these are all fake photos, i don't know what to tell you, my man there's no dd to be done when people are dying.

This is real. Now i agree with you right. Mainstream media is hypnosis a lot of brainwashes people. Don't doubt that i'm with you trust me, i'm with you, but real people are dying.

Let's not let's, let's not pretend, let's not pretend anything else, right, that's what it comes down to, but that's very real and there's. Unless you can find me a better source of information right uh. It's it's basically the lesser of two evils. Would you rather stay uninformed or would you rather watch mainstream media, so you can keep up on what's happening, that's what it comes down to, but please, let's not pretend this isn't real.

Do you think people are investing in russian stock uh well by the dip? I'm pretty sure i saw that the the russian market was actually closed today and we'll stay closed into tomorrow, uh pretty much an executive order coming from uh putin, you have seen an absolute meltdown, a meltdown. I mean that's a meltdown right. There look at this gross gross crazy, stuff, crazy stuff. What i would be careful of, if anything, right if anything regarding the russia, ukraine, uh war, is that yeah right right right there in chat.

Someone just said this stories, some of the stories some of the stories regarding specifics. Specifics right, some of those could be false, but the grand take away is not the stories. It's it's what's happening there with ukraine. I think a picture.

Uh can say a thousand words. I think a picture says a lot uh. You want to be able to verify things before before, making any sort of statements or claims, but uh very real for sure very real for sure amc right now, by the way, my friends trying to break back over the volume at average price and out of this Uh very small scale: five minute micro downtrend, you can see it's at about and 50 cents right now break out of this white line coming into the after hours uh in about 40 minutes, or so you could see a decent size move uh here today. Twenty dollars is ultimately the make you holla level uh, looking at the one hour uh at about uh, this level 1984 up to about 2050, or so you should see a pretty decent move, paulo nope all right do.

I think we get rug tomorrow, uh if you're talking about amc, it really comes down to uh. I i i stand by my my conviction here. It comes down to the broad market. Amc has been tracking iwm in the spy pretty much verbatim.

This is actually the first day in a long time in which amc has kind of done its own thing, and i believe that is because uh of earnings coming up tomorrow, spy trying to get a decent little bounce here, iwm, actually just flipped green on the day And let me tell you, let me tell you this small mid cap etf, baby. Let's go that's pretty nice! That's pretty nice, this small mid-cap etf, just about to flip green on the day. This has lots and lots of stock such as amc within it uh. I i i'm gon na be watching this very closely.

I really challenge you guys to do the same thing if you uh, if you, if you want to see decent movers uh such as amc and gamestop and other small, mid cap companies, this is the this. Is the etf the track to get sort of a consensus on whether or not you're going to see some pain for shorts out there that are pile driving into some of these small mid-caps? What's up with d-wack, slightly green on the day, a little bit red, uh or not red a little bit of a retracement? Looking for a break out of this line, very simple connect, a few dots. This is the dot right here break out of this level. You should see a decent size move, that's what i'm watching for flat top right here at about uh 91.50 yeah dylan's life, i'm with you, man, dylan's life, is saying.

I believe there is a shitload of money in the market waiting for good earnings reports. There's a lot of money that wants to be protected right now, uh. I think a lot of people, a lot of institutions, big whales, are sitting heavy on cash until conflict sort of resolves itself. I think uh very likely.

There's someone always who knows you know there's all there are there's always someone who knows is what wales always says: unusual whales on twitter and i think, there's a lot of people right around here. Not let's just not pretend that every single institution got out at 479. 88, 98 right but i'd say between uh, 460 and 480, maybe even all the way down here to 458 uh. You had some institutions that were kind of watching the conflict and listening to some of the politicians within the united states, watching the situation escalate.

They're, like you know what this uncertainty, even if there's good earnings, looks like there's going to be some rugs. I don't want to touch it. A lot of those guys really aren't. Aren't traders they don't they don't try and take five-minute.

10-Minute 15-minute scallops because they're playing with a lot of money uh, so i think i think, once you see these uncertainties, sort of walk away and continue on. I think that's what's gon na happen, hey i'm doing well! Man! Thank you too now. I hope you're doing well too. It's good to see you does mullen tanker squeeze, i'm actually gon na be making a uh a video on mullen, and let me make this perfectly clear: i do not own mullen and i'm not recommending you buy mullet.

What i want to talk about is the manipulation within this stock, because it's blatant mullen, i'm not even going to go over to this live stream, because i don't even want to clip it. I want to make it its own video, uh and, like i said before, let me really reiterate this. I don't own any it's up. 180.

Today, it's risky, i don't own any and i'm not recommending a buy or sell. You guys make your own financial decisions here. I want to look at it solely from an objective standpoint, not from a financial standpoint, and then you can make whatever decision that you want to make uh after that uh, but mullet is, is actually very interesting. I got tipped off to this by uh truedemon on twitter and discord.

He actually stopped in the live stream once uh last week. I think it was either wednesday or thursday, maybe friday, sometime between wednesday and friday uh, and these guys were in this play. I think the 22nd of february, if i remember correctly, 22nd or 23rd of february uh, they they they looked at this beast. I got it very early and uh.

What i'll give you just an inkling of a hint on what this guy told me and, like i said, i'd, take no credit, it's absolutely this dude! I i did not find this. I did not even understand it until he was explaining it to me, but short, exempts is really the beast here. It's not even short interest. It's short exempts which comes down to a couple of really bad people that wanted to watch this stock die and that's what makes me mad makes me actually furious to see uh names, companies hopes, dreams, innovations, employees, families get wiped because some greedy hedge decides they want To make money on something that uh that they think is worthless, or maybe even that isn't worthless, but uh they just wan na they just wan na get it as close to zero as they possibly can now check this out too check this out right.

Why mullen automotive shares are ripping higher today? Well, guess what they were announced the ev battery news uh or where is this one just came out today? I think yeah uh eevee manufacturer mullen automotive, announced progress on solid state. Polymer battery pack development bam they're, trying to get into evs. You know what happens if this company actually makes it, maybe they will maybe they won't, but how the are we supposed to know if they go they go bankrupt because of short sellers. That's what i'm going to talk about i'm going to talk about that pretty in in depth, because i that frustrates me frustrates me a lot.

Mulan is a good movie great movie. They did. They did kill that company coffee, it's good to see it bouncing today. I i i enjoy.

I don't enjoy necessarily watching all shorts burn, but the ones that try to bankrupt companies - man they've, got it coming. They've got it coming without a doubt. Afc, breaking this down trend right here, uh this white line trying to get that move back over the volume at average price watch for this momentum level right here, this momentum level about 1883 - that is sort of your golden goose. You see a break over that and i think you can see a pretty decent little movement i'll mark this in red as the momentum level over 1883.

I think you can see it pop back up into the 19 range must be nice to go up 100 on just good news. Well, let's just be real, though right look at this on a daily chart. This has been long overdue. These guys have been getting slapped slap slapped for a good minute.

I mean from from november 17th, just three months prior they have gotten smacked down from 16 bucks to a low of 52 cents. I mean come on now on low volume on low volume. At that i mean this is a low float stock. Don't get me wrong, but there's something pretty goofy about that man there's something pretty goofy about that.

In my opinion, is this a big break in trends watching the uh, the global situation with russia? Keep your eye on that ask subway to bring back the pulled. Pork sandwich says: travis a dude. I have no idea if they'll ever do that, i don't have any connects. I have no wins.

I have absolutely no wins. Who knows guys by the way, if you wouldn't mind doing me, one favor just drop a like on the on the live stream. I do appreciate that. That's the only thing i'm gon na ask of you uh.

It does mean a lot to me. It helps out do what you got ta do what the that was. Weird, hey, mr simon, how you doing man it's good to see you! It's good to see you positive earnings equal red day, uh, i'm watching for a beat. I want to see a beat hey, i'm glad that worked out for you, andrew the new.

Oh, no! No! No! No! No! No! Let's not! Let's not! Let's not make that comparison. Ty went pretty gnarly on me; he got my. He got my wrist pretty good just now. He bit me pretty good.

No, you can't come up here. I know what you're about to do stay down. No, no! Hey! Look at this!.

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