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Wow boy, what's up guys how we doing it's your boy, trey coming back again for the usual youtube, live stream, no apps in the chat get out of here with that get out of here with that get out of that get out of that, whatever that it's Gon na be back, how are we doing? Obviously, the market is looking pretty goofy, but we're going to give it a couple minutes here before we get rolling into uh. What we want to talk about here today, because uh, we just want to wait for some people to roll in. How are we doing it's good to see you hunter? No f's, no apps money, mind how you doing it's good to see you money, mellow, maxi king. We are witnessing a crazy ass sell-off.

It has been a long time since we've seen these uh, maybe not a long time, but this is. This is obviously some scary, scary territory that uh the spy is uh is walking in right now holy crap jimbo. What's up bowler 1x48, a good ass question man, i don't know that was brutal, holy crap, infinite light, so oklahoma got hit by a storm and uh. My power legitimately went out at uh.

I think it was like 44 hours in i had four hours to go and uh. We just we just lost power uh across the entire apartment complex, it was pretty gnarly but 44 is uh is as far as i got. I suppose global traders good to see you ramone says, are we done i'm going to address this uh as more people roll in here we're going to give it four or five minutes. Uh, probably start talking real solid at about 137 or so uh.

But the simple answer is uh is no right. There's there's a lot of uncontrollable factors outside of just a singular stock that are at hand here, and i'm gon na discuss that as we kind of venture on throughout this uh throughout this live stream. We've got two more incoming two more yeah whole market's getting it's the whole market. It's not a singular stock man good to see you david nicole.

What's up sander nah, i wouldn't say they're shills right everyone's everyone's freaking out. I think it's uh. It's not surprising! To see people a little bit nervous, you know uh the market's a little nerve-wracking right now, there's a lot of crazy stuff happening. So if you're to look at the spy, you know, for example, being down to 1.35 and you you're dangerously close to a do or die line that could bring us into uh some newer lows down here at about 420 and some change.

It's it's uh. It's not surprising, you know, i, i think a lot of people are are rightfully a little bit nervous. Tony i'd be waiting to see when the entire market gets a bottom personally right. Ultimately, it's up to you and what you want to do uh, but i'm watching to see if this is gon na.

If the spy of the broad market's gon na tiptoe its way back down to 420 bucks and test uh, some more lows, we'll wait and see what happens ginger, it's good to see you nate good, to see my man, i'm gon na get myself a diet, get Ourselves, ready to rock and roll for this live stream and uh. By the time i sit back down, we should be ready to discuss what's happening in the broad market at amc. Oh man, on a different note on a different note, completely unrelated to stocks. I bought myself uh adobe animate just so i could uh.

I could get back into drying stuff up and this is a cool ass platform. So i've got myself a wacom board that i uh that i bought for that 48 hour live stream, so i can draw and stuff and uh. This thing is dirty. This is really nice.

It's uh! It's a lot of fun to be able to draw on this compared to microsoft. Whiteboard, so you guys are not ready, you're, not ready for uh the crazy animations and stuff that we've got coming for you in the in the future and uh and the the the the way that we'll be able to discuss different tickers. It is going to be a blast, got my diet. We're chilling that time, beautiful, beautiful, not looking good, yeah whole market's, not looking great right now, man whole market's looking pretty you got to keep those cards covered.

What cards? What cards? Are you talking about? Yeah? It's a good time. It's a beautiful nose, it's a beautiful nose. I don't know what you're talking about. What are you talking about? Willis president, is speaking yeah.

You definitely have an uptick in volume right here that uh. That definitely is playing a factor and we can actually bring that up biden to address russia, ukraine crisis as uh white house uh. Let me come back here, let's see if we can find it to watch it live. If i can find uh the vitamin talk, we can listen in on that real quick.

They still would prefer this to be hashed out through diplomatic means um, but from what he said about the sanctions that is directly what we've been hearing from the hill and earlier today, mitch mcconnell, put out a statement saying that there needed to be tough sanctions got Himself stuck behind the dryer again goofy meatball, meaning you know legislative branch as well needed to take the lead on that um. Now that other countries are also discussing sanctions as well. So um, oh it's over! Oh! What do you do? Drop some f's drop some apps in the chat. That is what it is.

It is what it is well with that being said, we can obviously discuss uh on a different note, what's sort of happening across uh the market today, and it's it's very obvious that uh that amc is doing poorly right. What do we have that's kind of taking place? Well, if you simply just google, ukraine, russia news, i mean you can honestly look at google trends and i bet you this is. I haven't even looked yet, but we're just going to take a peek and see what's trending across google. I'd only imagine that uh that that russia is is likely a a big, a big search topic.

Russia, ukraine yeah massive massive massive amounts of uh of discussion taking place with russia and ukraine right now. That's the f's in the chat, but nonetheless give you a quick update in terms of what's going on with the girl, amy right, so amc in order to understand. You know why the last couple days this has been going down uh the last time that we were open as a market was last friday. We did have monday off uh and over the weekend we had a lot of crazy news come out regarding ukraine and russia, which has obviously pushed uh the spy down right, the spy being sort of the best indicator in terms of the broad market.

In my opinion, uh reflects across a lot of different things: it it bears a lot of weight in how iwm trades uh, which then bleeds off into the rest of the market. So if, if the spy represents you know, the majority of blue chips and iwm, you know, represents the majority of small caps mid cap companies uh, you look at amc, you know it's very obvious. What's happening here, the entire stock market right now looks like uh a meme stock. It's pretty crazy to actually in real time witness uh the sell-off that we have, because it just seems so surreal uh to see the spy trading like a meme stock.

I mean the way that this is computer, like algorithmically, like just laddered down uh over the entirety of the day, is, is pretty wild and and crazy to watch right so to understand, what's happening with amc uh. First, let's come over here to to the broad market right, the spy, uh, there's a couple of key levels and i'm actually gon na clean up my chart here, a little bit, i'm gon na start it from scratch. Right. Let me just draw this up for you from scratch.

The spy is very close to what i would call do or die territory now, there's a line that i'm personally watching for that. If it breaks, i believe, is going to uh really get us down testing that uh that 420. Ah almost it was almost 4 20 69. god that would have been cool.

Could you imagine, could you imagine if this lull was 4 20 69? That would have been a that would have been a big whole ass meme, but this is uh to me the do or die line right at about 420 and 69 cents. I'm just gon na write this out here, really uh 428 426 actually do or die. I personally believe that if we break beneath this 426 line, you have a lot of room for sell-off and it's no mistake. It's no coincidence that the very second uh the spy hit this line.

It got a bounce and it's because if it breaks beneath that there's a lot of pain ahead of the entire market, it could really bring you down to uh that 420 uh low level 420 mid level which is going to affect how amc trades right and, what's Affecting this is uh the russia, ukraine uh situation. Now there is actually within just a purely market perspective right. Obviously this this whole situation is nobody likes to see uh this sort of massive conflict across across the world uh or for anybody to be wrapped up into a bad situation, but there there is an inkling of good news here and to me it's that there is Some form of certainty within what's happening between russia and ukraine, so uh. If we were to look at you, know, sort of this this situation, it's obvious that the conflict is pretty much at hand.

Posturing, which is the idea of essentially uh, both countries, sort of just showing teeth going. You know that that seems to have come to an end, and now it seems nearly certain that a a large-scale conflict between the two countries is at hand. What is perhaps the most uh bearing factor what has beared the most weight in terms of the broad market and the sell-off that we've seen to me is the uncertainty of what's going to happen between russia and ukraine, since there is that certainty. So to speak, that hey they're likely going to be some form of a large-scale conflict, uh you're likely going to see uh a direction start to get picked.

You're likely going to have less of this insane chop chop chop chopping around chopping around trying to pick a direction trying to pick a direction that we have for what seems to be the last month or so and uh. To me, i believe if we hold over 426, which would then consequently hold you over 420, you could see it bounce back up into some uh some new levels. That's why to me this is a do or die line, and it would be purely a technical breakdown. If it was to come beneath that 426 13, at least in the short term uh it's it's, that idea of uh buy the rumors, sell the news right.

Once the news comes out, the certainty comes out. Uh you're gon na get a little bit of a different direction in how the market reacts to uh the situation. The market was a song. It would be that weird scoopity poop kanye put out a few years ago.

Man, if we wouldn't get copyrighted strike, uh copyright, stroke, stroked striked. What would the word be? I have no idea. Oh no! Oh! No! Oh! No! No! No! No! No! I don't know what the word is, but if i want to get copyright striked i'd play that song, because that's a that's a pretty solid representation glock. It's this this market's, absolutely dick uh.

It's it's pretty brutal to watch, but i do believe that there's certainty in the market, at least to some extent at this point right. We we know what's happening between russia and ukraine, so to me now it's a game of all right. Well, is it going to hold certain specific technical levels so now you're watching to see hey? Is this going to break the do or die line? Is this going to hold over 426 10, which is going to reflect over to iwm the small mid cap by small, mid cap index, the russell 2000, which is then gon na bleed into uh our girl amy, which is obviously getting the kicked out of her today? Now i want you guys to know right all these all these geniuses on twitter, all all the charles gasparinos, all the jim chanoses, all these guys right, uh, they're, gon na sit here and they're gon na bark at you, they're gon na, say. Oh, look, look! Look! Amc's down it's down, it's down: seven percent: it's getting cracked, it's getting cheap, clap, baby! Oh, we were right the whole time.

Every single stock in the market outside of a very select few are getting their cheeks clapped. It is. It is the absolute truth of the situation, and i see people in the chat saying stop watching the line. You know, i'm i'm simply here to tell you that uh, i'm explaining this way outside of just amc.

This is not an amc thing. This is a broad market. This is a conflict. This is a predetermined, uncontrollable factor that is moving the stock market and amc the way that it is as of right now.

So do not let people out there tell you, oh you're, so dumb for buying this stock right now, oh my god! This is such a investment, because, right now, if you buy anything, it looks like a investment right. The moral of the story is this: we do now know that the russian ukraine conflict is very likely to happen and that certainty is worth a nickel. I don't know if it's today, i don't know if it's tomorrow, i don't know if it's if we break 426 13 or if we come down to 420 and some change right, we could i'm not gon na sit here and act like we won't. You know.

It's definitely possible. Who knows you know, but what i will say is it is. It is valuable to see uh that certainty come out because it is going to play a factor in getting a direction picked, and i personally believe that direction is gon na be some form of a bounce uh if it holds over this 426 level, and does that Come back down to 420, so uh, that's that's sort of the situation which brings us into amc right, amc. Obviously, uh is not holding levels to any extent right now we did get some form of a bounce here at that low about 16 and 10 cents.

Up to uh a high now of 1677, but across the market i mean you, look at amc. You look at game. Stop you look at a lot of retail favorites, uh they're, all getting cracked down on pretty hard game. Stop holding much stronger, however, uh compared to the amc today, uh, so that is uh that is sort of what you've got happening in terms of uh these stocks, but they're all reflecting they're all reflecting to a t without a shadow of a doubt.

The broad market right broad market getting smoked the way that it is it's. It's like a wave right and uh every single stock out there, whether it's a large cap, mid cap, small cap, is gon na get smoked the exact same way, tesla down five point: six, seven percent, as if it was a as it was a smaller mid cap Company you look at nvidia: what's this stock doing down, two percent amd, i think, is actually green, or at least it was green uh. So this is one of the exceptions to sort of what's happening here, but you can come and look at, perhaps roadblocks, uh roadblocks getting smoked, pretty damn bad uh. You've got other stocks such as microsoft, which is down half a percent.

You've got apple down 2.67. I mean these moves for blue chip. Stocks are pretty unusual right to see this across the entire market. You already know what's happening right.

This is not. This is not an issue of oh my, my investment's wrong. I'm wrong! I'm wrong! I'm wrong! Well, what's wrong! Is that uh people weren't able to predict this this russia, ukraine conflict, perhaps six months in advance right, that's really what it comes down to tesla is sort of a meme ain't. It it sort of is it sort of is thanks for the thanks for raising cain's pack.

I appreciate that. Oh, this is gon na slap. This is gon na slap, happy birthday, trey uh close, i think my birthday's, you know what actually thank you whatever we're all with it. Happy birthday, happy birthday to me: oh man, you got y'all are some goofy goofy chickens.

I love it. 100 utilization is still beating. Amy down how it's a great question: let's come over here to this uh ortex right! If you were to look at ortex and you look at the amc short interest data uh, what would you find right? Well, let's just let's just show you here really quick amc. Come over here to the shorts you can see, the utilization is in fact, still 100.

The short interest is still about the same 20.84 percent uh. So what this comes down to, in my personal opinion is, is very simple. I'm actually gon na come over here to this uh to kind of get an idea of what i think are the possibilities here, maybe not i'll. Just come over to microsoft, whiteboard whiteboard's, easier for now microsoft whiteboard! So if it's not utilization, that's holding us back.

You sort of have two options right. One two first option is that uh there are some form of shorts that are being created, shorts created, synthetically, actually i'd, say, there's three options. So here's one right if there is no available supply, meaning that 100 utilization uh you have all available shares to lend - are out on loan out on loan right. That means that there's the option here that since there is no supply, this is one of the situations where it actually makes sense to create some form of a naked short if there's no supply available and there's really high demand.

That is when this makes a lot of sense right. That's sort of one of the options. Second option is this: you have a lot of hedging to the downside, hedging down in the same way that you can gamma squeeze up. For example, we drop a chart here.

Uh, let's say that you've got a whole bunch of strikes at about 17 bucks a whole bunch of 18 bucks, a whole bunch at 19. Bucks right and the stock is doing this slowly climb, so they climb so the clients break 17, and it starts really exponentially picking up speed. Doing something like this right. This section to me would be a gamma squeeze, because you have these call options that were out the money that run in the money and you get a form of hedging, which is these market makers buying shares from the market in order to hedge against these call Options that may be exercised in the same way you can have puts being hedged and gamma squeezed to the downside.

So if you're gon na go 19 18 17 and all of a sudden, it starts picking up pace. Well then, you're gon na see the exact same thing happen to the downside. This section would be sort of a gamma squeeze down if there is a high amount of uh put option activity, especially if they're out the money running in the money. These would get hedged to the downside, which would gamma squeeze down third option.

Is this third option? Is that iwm, which holds a very high value, and you could actually have all three of these sort of being combined right? It's not one or the other. You could have all three who really knows iwm, which has a very high short interest percentage uh is, is reflecting the actual stock amc right. So if you were to come over here - and you were to look at, for example, amc uh having this weird gap down right gaps down out of nowhere, people were waking up at three in the morning to sell their stock right. That really makes a ton of sense three o'clock central.

Well, if you actually over here, you look at iwm uh, it did the exact same thing and since amc is a weighted part of iwm uh, iwm gapping down could have enough strength or enough selling pressure. I should say enough selling strength to legitimately push down amc uh, the way that it did so iwm gap down an iwm sell-off can also reflect amc's current price. I think all three of these are likely what are at hand here right. You've probably got shorts created synthetically because we do have a lack of supply, which does create a inherent demand.

You likely have some form of a hedge down a gamma squeeze down in this current moment in time, and you likely also have iwm, which is where amc is a part of this etf uh, creating this gap down creating this sell-off contributing to the overall amc price. That's my personal opinion that does seem to be playing a role here without a doubt. Ah, gsm is uh green, almost yeah. It's back to uh half a percent, half a percent away, just nice to see for sure i'm over your way in two years time, i'll buy you a birthday, drink james! I i definitely take you up on that.

I don't know where people get this whole birthday birthday thing from it's. Certainly not my birthday. Spy is definitely trying to get a bounce off of this uh. This do or die level about 426 dollars and 10 cents, which is reflecting across pretty much everything.

Amc is trying to do the same thing. Iwm is trying to do the same thing. Gamestop is trying to do the same thing. Uh amd is certainly getting some strength back into it right now.

Getting some legs back underneath it as uh spy has reclaimed this 430 level watch to see if this holds uh or breaks above the volume weighted average price. If this does hold and break above the volume average price, you could see a continuation of this move uh, which would obviously be a good thing for the broad market here, and it looks like it's definitely trying to test out that broad level uh that volume in Average price, which is the average price that anybody paid on the day for a share of the s, p 500 a hold over that and the break back up. You could see a pretty crazy, crazy, uh reversal, which is obviously a good thing to watch here in real time, comedy skit being carlson tucker. Oh well, maybe baby titan's here uh he's he's over here somewhere hold on hey buddy, you finally chilling out hey! What's up you goofball there, he is he's actually decently calm right now, nope! Well, that changed quick, say: hi, say: hi buddy, don't bite me! You don't want to get your face too close to titan he'll he'll wamp, you, no ow, ow ow! Stop! Stop! I'm just trying to piss hold on stop, stop be good, be good, be good! Oh god buddy! You are an i'm, not even being mean to you.

What did i do to you? It's! No! No! No! No! No you're gon na sit here like that. You wan na bite me all right i'll. Let you go ah stop. Oh, my he's got toys.

Believe me when i say it he's just he's just a dick he's, just a dick here's that bounce here's, that bounce here for our girl, amy uh. While this is sort of doing it's uh, it's dirty another, pretty interesting thing, that's sort of been happening right now is uh our boy, charles gasp, burrito, that cat is going to eat you trey! Oh trust me when i go to bed. Ah god damn you! Oh, a goddamn knee no come here, be honest. You got round up, though cause you picked him up.

I wasn't even mean to him. You know that rattles them up dumb man. This is why we can't have nice things. Big, f, no, i'm still alive.

I was just putting titan in my room: hmm, this man yeah my knees. My knee got. My knee got absolutely this man, charles gasparino. Let me let me tell you about this.

Guy. There are some beautiful apes out there, some beautiful retail investors, some twitter uh some twitter geniuses who have been going out of their way to document uh charles gasparino for some time. This man in case you do not know who he is - is a a fox business. Uh contributor he's a regular, a regular on on fox who goes on and has a very obvious stance in terms of uh in terms of perhaps millennials gen x, gen, z, people within our our sort of generation and uh.

His his his sort of outlook on us is very simple: retail dome boomers, smart and uh he's he's kind of gon na die on that hill. He believes that amc apes. Obviously, everyone probably knows who this guy is. He believes we're all just a bunch of morons.

Well, this guy, having gone on the rampage that he has for the last six to nine months, has now begun to delete his tweets. It's actually pretty fascinating. A lot of people out here have been documenting sort of uh this. This developing story, which is uh, which is pretty sweet and uh, he's he's he's kind of backtracking, he's backtracking hard after a lot of happenings, have sort of uh gone on with the doj investigating uh a number of names out here.

You know to say that to say that it's it's you you saw it coming, you know is, is sort of uh doing it dirty it's not enough justice, it's not enough justice to say. Oh, we saw it coming. You know because when we say we saw it coming, you know we really did see it coming uh. He actually was digging into this guy.

His name is uh true demon. He was digging into him saying i was nominated by the wsj after an extensive process. Breaking numerous stories involving white-collar crimes, you're engaged, oh, no, that's not it! It's this one. I was nominated by you're engaged blah blah blah uh and which that i am exposing which will get me nominated again, get beat nominated again.

I always love it at the end of every single tweet. He goes ah, and let me let me say, he's he's, definitely backtracking and he's going out of his way to uh to really try and rile up some people after leading his tweets. So, like i said, if this guy tries to gaslight you into believing that uh that you're wrong, when the entire market is getting absolutely smoked, right now, don't take any of his garbage. Don't take none of his none of it, absolutely none of it.

It will get you it'll, get you nowhere, ben, how you doing. Yeah hdf how's trading floor, they're, pretty cool, dudes yeah. True demon is a good guy. He he uh.

I like him a lot because he genuinely wants to help people. He works pretty damn hard. It's good to see amc is definitely getting some form of bounce. Here i wouldn't quite say it's burr i mean we've got.

We've got a ways to go today, uh with the spy, but i do think this could be some form of a bottom, and this do or die line here is definitely proving to be pretty decently strong. Let me tell you right as much as some people hate the line uh the line the line is worth the nickel. Where does this come from back here? Bounce bounce? It's worth a nickel! This reflects how amc is bouncing right now, right, amc bouncing. At the same time that the spy is bouncing at the same time, that iwm is bouncing it's worth a nickel right it.

It definitely does help. How am i recovering from my 48 hour stream says jay smith? Oh my god. Let me tell you, let me tell you when i say that was difficult, that it was difficult. I i i i don't think i've ever gone through uh sort of the lengthy.

How do i describe it? It wasn't even that i was tired right being tired. I've been tired before you know, being tired is fine uh in that entire stream i slept about four hours or so uh. What was difficult was keeping up the high energy and trying to entertain that was that was definitely uh. The hard part of that 48 hour stream, but it was fun.

Let me tell you, i actually learned a lot. I i learned a lot about myself. You know it was great to see people show up and have a good time and do what they had to do and uh you know, have fun honestly, that's what it comes down to so, if you're tuned in for that uh 48 hour stream. Let me just say that i appreciate you: thanks for stopping in it was a lot of fun jamie's journey yeah, i'm good, i'm chilling and uh.

I should probably address this as well, because there was a lot of people over the weekend, especially that were uh concerned about me, and let me let me just come out. You know here first and foremost and say that i appreciate people's concern right. I i genuinely do, and but it's unnecessary, i'm gon na tell you why uh i i i'm not very shy right. I'm not shy about telling people what i'm not doing.

Well, you can go back to my youtube channel. You can look right. There is lots of lots of moments in time in which i came out publicly and i stated look i'm doing shitty, i'm doing really bad. I thought uh, i i thought.

Oh man, you know, i don't know when this is going to end. I don't know when uh, when, when the when, when shit's going to get better - and i brought it out - i just said it - i said it how it was, and people said you got to keep your upbeat energy. You got to keep doing this. You got to keep doing that, but i kept telling people shooting straight anyways because i think you guys deserve that like if i'm in a bad mental space - and it affects my my work ethic, it affects the way that i can deliver information.

I'm gon na tell you guys, you know that's what it comes down to and uh. When i tell you now that i'm actually well i'm doing well. This is the best that i've mentally felt in a long time and like what it comes down to for me is that i'm here i'm here, i'm able to sit down at my desk and live stream and do the things that i enjoy doing with with you Guys, i'm able to live stream here on twitch, i'm able to live stream here on youtube, i'm able to create content and and hopefully educate and uh - get back into a better situation than we were before. So when i, when i tell you guys that i'm doing well, i promise you i'm doing well, and i mean that right.

I promise you. This is the best i've been in a very long time. So uh don't sweat people, people can say what they want on twitter. You know, ultimately, if they think i'm not well, they can do whatever they want, but this is the best i've felt in a very long time.

There we go amy come back out to test this volume, eight average price flat top about here. That is the next level to watch, for, if it breaks over, the v y t j vega says, did he say one selloff over sure did check this out, though i'll come back to it, because i know there's a lot of people who kind of tuned in Over the last uh five 10 15 minutes when selloff over. Let me draw this out what the that was kind of goofy all right. Ah, it's a little too close when sell-off still too close over one super super simple: buy a rumor sell news.

In this case. It's the opposite, because this is the this: is the s p 500 going down, so it would be cell rumor buy news. What's the rumor rumor equals russia conflict news equals actually happening? I personally believe that the sell-off for the broad market will stop once we have all the uncertainty sort of washed away. The first uncertainty was the fed right and they kind of uh.

They gave, i wouldn't say, complete certainty in terms of what's gon na happen here. Uh with uh rate rate hikes and stuff, but you do have a pretty decent idea right, uh the fed did come out publicly and say hey. This is kind of what you can expect in terms of uh are tapering away from uh buying assets. So what you can expect in terms of rate hikes and then the secondary one which is holding us back holding the market down, is uh russia and ukraine right russia.

Ukraine is playing a very large part in uh the broad market right now, the s p and uh iwm, pulling back the way that it is once these two uncertainties sort of are washed away. That is when i believe that the broad market is going to move back up right and we kind of have this beginning to happen. This is the news now that doesn't necessarily mean that, in the very very minute short term that uh the sell-off is over uh. Maybe something changes, maybe russia comes out and they state like uh we're gon na drop a nuke on on ukraine or or ukraine says, vice versa, or maybe some other country gets involved which is going to drag it into a larger scale.

Conflict there's. Obviously, those sort of uncontrollable uncertainties that out of the flip of a dime could bam slap down and uh and crush the stock market again. But you can't predict those things right and the very in the way that uh the stock market works. What you're doing is trying to proactively react to whatever news is coming out and uh this these two pieces, perhaps the biggest, is the fed and russia ukraine conflict uh.

I think you're coming decently close to some certainty in the in the way that these are going to uh affect the broad market. So once russia and ukraine, you know the conflict begins. I think you'll actually watch the market go back up and it sounds kind of backwards right. It sounds backwards to think that hey you know, war happening is gon na move the market up, but uh.

It's it's the idea of war, it's the rumor of war that that moves the market down. I mean if you were to uh, if you look historically at some other conflicts like, for example, a hundred years ago, if you look back a hundred years ago and the way that uh world war ii sort of affected the stock market, the initial sell-off definitely happened. But that actually uh encouraged economic growth within the united states. It sounds as backwards, but that's what actually happened.

It creates jobs, especially within manufacturing, of different military goods and equipment and services uh that soldiers will have to use and in the same way you know if the united states gets involved. It would do the exact same thing. I think you'd see a lot of uh industrial goods companies and perhaps even tech, depending on how advanced uh, how advanced this ends up being have some pretty decent moves, it's tough to say as of right now, but i think it's definitely possible crimp jamer, better than Trey couldn't couldn't agree more man, oh god, i'm grip. Jammer.

I don't know, i don't know what to tell you. We are basically putting this out for you in simple context, but nobody wants to listen. What krip, jammer has to say doesn't make any sense. Don't make any sense to me at all get to meet jesus yo, yo wtf, i i don't know if that's like a meme or some sort of context that i'm not understanding we get to meet jesus soon, guys, brother or sister.

You know whatever you are whatever your gender. I really hope. That's a joke. Man stay well, keep your mental up.

If you have a twitter or something - and you want to talk shoot me a message, but that's not the answer. If that's what you're referencing, please shoot me a message. Please i mean that you. I hope, i'm misunderstanding that i really do shoot me.

A message on twitter i'll be watching man i'll be watching. I'm gon na take a quick bite of some chicken here. Oh, he was referencing world war three. Ah i'm glad i'm just dumb.

I'm glad i'm just dumb i'd much. Rather that's what he's talking about much, rather all right, interesting joke! My friend just stay well stay! Well, i got me right in my chest. I had a sinking feeling after that, i'm just watching out for people uh my my bad drop, some f's in the chat for dingling over here. I thought he was talking about being in a bad spot.

That's all that's what it was dang crazy stuff. What am i eating? Raisin canes, raisin, canes, baby, it's pretty decent stuff! Ah yeah, it's good! It's good yeah, guys, i'm not religious, i'm not religious, but that doesn't mean you can't respect people that are that's all that it is. Oh man, that is slapping, looks like that's going to hold over the v y amc rejected off the v. Wap iwm broke, the v.

Wap tesla broke the v wob uh. Personally, i would not be taking any positions right now way too much volatility. I think iv is most likely juiced absolutely juiced to the nipples right now. Uh, you don't want to be buying stuff when ivy is juiced like this volume is really really high.

You've got insane amounts of volatility uh when, when is best to pick up options, it's sort of spots like this, where it's trading sideways, you kind of, have to get an idea of where the direction's gon na be, but when it's trading sideways like that is, when Implied volatility is the absolute best uh, so i wouldn't be grabbing anything in the spy right now. That's just me feels like a really heavy chase and it feels like i'm not getting a very good deal, but you could continue to see this move up could continue to see this move up for sure, uh right now. It's sort of flat topping at about 432, 70 or so could see this come up to as high as 434 31, another flat top-ish sort of uh level man. The volatility in the market is absolute lunacy.

The way that this thing trades the way the spy trades right now is like a meme. I've never seen a stock like the spy just so insanely whiplashy. This thing is just there's back and forth back and forth, back and forth, back and forth forever and ever and ever and ever and ever jesus break out over the flat top. I think you you do have sort of a likelihood of coming back up here.

To probably first this level, secondly, 434 31., we'll see if it catches it or not. If not uh, you could see this sort of pop down into the the v wap you do have what appears to be perhaps some form of a wedge in the making could be it's a small one. It's a small one and it's kind of backwards. So maybe not yeah, no, i wouldn't say so and yeah i just wouldn't touch it.

I just wouldn't touch it. I wouldn't touch it. Alco's still, training seems that way seems that way. Spy's drunk is f, dude, drunk af, it's ridiculous.

How is the market like today ginger, it's not great? The market is getting some form of bounce, which is nice, that's obviously a good thing to see uh, but it's volatile, crazy, crazy price action happening with across the market right now for sure amy got that v, not quite it's it's a little ways off. That 1707 is the next level to be watching for for that time, for another rug poll, don't you think uh nah, we don't really know yet we don't know yet. You know the spy's got to pick a direction like i said before right. I mentioned this before this is exactly what i mean uh.

This is by rumor cell news territory and the opposite for the spy. It's cell rumor buy news right now, the rumors out and the news news is actually happening. Uh, russia, ukraine situation. I think you're going to see the market actually pick a direction that could we don't have enough of a confirmation.

Yet right we don't know with absolute certainty if the the spy is really going to reverse absolutely after 425 86 level, but i i do think you're going to get a direction very very shortly. Oh johnson dude, when i say attack on titan, gets my freaking nut. Sack just quivering i mean it dude, the the the last the final season of attack on titan when it ends. I think i'm legitimately going to shed tears because it is so good.

It's so good like i i cannot i cannot fathom. I cannot speak on it enough how solid the animations have been for this final season of attack on titan. It's been truly a work of art. It's been beautiful.

It's been a beautiful, beautiful thing to watch yeah man jamie's journeys uh. Well, if you look at this on the four hour, this is probably the best sort of spot to be watching for there's a couple different levels, uh in which you can see some movement in either direction. This is obviously a pretty highly contented level at 16 and 12 cents back and forth back and forth back and forth, back and forth back and forth. I think there is if it breaks down beneath that the potential for it to come down about 15, 27 or so yeah.

I do get attacked from titan. He freaking drew blood on my knee man. Oh, i get so sick of a bite me like that, but i don't think he's gon na calm down till he gets older, cowboy beatbot better than attack on titan nah they're, both great they're, both great for different reasons, but i like attack on titan. Better.

That's just me, i think it's goaded. I've watched a lot of different anime lots and lots and lots of different anime. I've got an anime leg sleeve, with vegeta shenron sasuke naruto luffy from one piece asta from black clover. I've got the colossal titan uh.

I've seen lots you know. Attack on titan to me is the best. The best story, i'm not going to spoil. Don't worry, no spoilers, i'm not that kind of guy i won't spoil but attack on titan has the best story, doesn't necessarily mean it's.

It's the best nostalgia. It doesn't necessarily mean because for me the most nostalgic anime is dragon ball. Dragon ball, z, uh, but i think aot is the best story. Uh to me.

It's not even debatable the twists and turns that they have in that thing is just nasty. It's pretty pretty sick ampl gains. Let's go is this one uh one of the pumps pumps of the day, that's doing pretty good, holding pretty strong. I do watch demon, slayer yeah, they just finished up the last season - uh, not this last sunday, but the sunday before by the way.

Guys, if you want to do me, one favor right, the broad market might suck, but we do not suck we are. We are. We are great great people and uh. One thing that i would love more than anything in the world is is a pity like or two on the live stream, as it does help out uh, the channel and whatnot, and more than anything it just puts a big old grin on my face.

I love seeing uh the number 69 and i love seeing people uh people people show some love and support. So i do appreciate that if you do take the time to do so, uh, that's all i'm asking for appreciate it. We're gon na be here uh. As usual at this time, every single day, do you not have to wear your glasses anymore? Put your glasses on mike they're ugly, i hate wearing them.

They don't help my vision. They just help my eyes, not hurt spy might be rejecting here if the s b - 500 thanks for the 69s in the chat. I appreciate that guys. Spy looks like i might be rejecting here and if it does uh levels that i'd personally be watching for you've got this sort of upside level support.

This is a ways down, though, so, if it was to do it now that looks like this that'd be a hell of a dump, though we'll wait and see we'll wait and see uh. Otherwise, the volume average price v wap sort of curling up here as people are buying into the clothes uh. That would be what appears to be about 4, 30, 86 or so hold over that you can see some nice stuff, but guys this is a. This is actually something i'd like to talk about quite a bit.

I would like to talk about this because i think it's important whiplash across the market now some people here are simply just buying and holding amc. That's absolutely! Okay! Right! If that's what you like to do, then, then you do what you got to do. You know, but there are other others here who are trading the market right and if you were trading the market right now, the amount of whiplash that you were experiencing is perhaps the greatest it's ever been right. I've never seen whiplash in the markets like this.

Until the last couple weeks or so uh and the big thing that i can tell you about training the market, what i've learned with my my own experience, uh having traded within this whiplash, is uh. Take profits on trades, please if you're up money on trades take profits. Please please please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please make your bag. Obviously you got to do what you got to do, but in these conditions, when the market can flip on a dime like this, so unpredictably right, it's best to take your cash because it is just whiplashing around the amount of of back and forth back and forth.

Back and forth back and forth, we've seen uh across the spy lately has been incredibly crazy, uh and this reflects every other stock in the stock market. So uh. I just want to send that home. I've i've seen a couple people that i know uh sort of get caught in the whiplash i've gotten caught in a couple of times.

To be honest, you know i've gotten whiplash pretty hard more than once here uh, and we don't want that happening. I want you guys making your bag. If you are trading it does i'm looking back at the 2008 chart, it looks pretty crazy, oh harry. I don't think i knew what 69 was until after uh, maybe sophomore junior year of high school, pretty crazy does look like a rejection off the flat top yeah.

If it holds the v wap, you could see it bounce back up, but uh. That's a double top setup right there uh. Let's look at this on a couple different time frames: 15 minute: that's uh, two highs low, close uh. You really wanted to hold the v here.

Five minute looks like a rejection. 30 minute looks like a bull trap. Hour. Looks like a rejection.

Four hour looks like it's still going lower lows, so i personally uh, if i was long on on calls right now, i would probably be looking to take take the profits on that off of that reversal. I would not try to be taking a a put if i was to take one until broken beneath this volume, at average price, or even better this. This wick out right here at about 430 59.. That would be where i would uh.

I would trade the some spy puts here tom. What i've got to say to you. You know i saw tom mars comment here, uh what i would say regarding the amc's done argument. It's the same argument that that charles gasparino has.

I would just direct you to the rest of the market right now. Right. If you look at the rest of the market, you see that the spy the last three days has gone down 2.1 6.65 and point six three percent. It's very obvious, what's at hand here right, very, very, very, very obvious.

What's at hand here, uh it's it's outside of his singular stock. You can say the same thing about tesla right now. You can say the same thing about and grant other different companies right. I absolutely understand that, but perhaps a a better uh, a better comparison would be, i don't know gamestop and amc different companies.

We can't compare them fundamentally speaking, but when you look at things like gamestop right or, let's just say, prague or let's say bbig all these stocks that are retail favorites - that for one reason or another for a different fundamental reason or a different uh data driven reason. Uh retail investors love when you look at all these stocks, so they're all doing the same exact thing because of the market right. You already know your answer. It's not that a singular stock is done.

It's that the broad market is it's getting right now, uh! That's really what's at hand here right, no he's not an idiot right he's, i'm assuming he's feeling some sort of way. Man, i'm assuming he's feeling some sort of way. That's what it comes down to that's. If, if that's what he believes, you know i'm not here to convince him.

Otherwise, i'm just giving my counter argument. People aren't idiots because they have a different opinion uh. They just have a different opinion. I'm not here to convince him, i'm here to discount her with a different argument.

We will be doing another crim jamer episode, yeah uh. I meant to do one last friday, but i wanted to rest up for the the weekend live stream that i did and uh it that live stream. Oh, my god that took a lot of uh mental preparation that was nuts that was a wild wild stream. Crazy stuff looks like amc, might get a bounce here along with uh, with the spy.

Let's see if it rejects off this flat top again or if it gets some sort of a move back up talk about d-wack, pre-market man - oh my god, was it dwack pre-market up like 35-40 percent. It went from 83.40 up to 138 bucks and then just pooped its pants, that's just nasty i mean. Does that move look natural to you! This just looks like a huge ass pump and dump looks like a big pump and dump it's nuts, it's nuts, how the heck is that even possible profit takers? I guess i don't know when it comes down to what i probably look at is uh volume profile. How many people were probably near break even uh, that bought within this 175 range way back in the day? That's probably the question that i would ask right when you look at uh holdings concentration on d-wack and it breaks up to about 138 bucks.

Probably what i would want to know is uh at 138 bucks, which is up here, how many people were not red anymore. You know how many people were able to walk, walk away from being a bag holder - probably quite a few, and i would guess that some of those people likely took their took their profits or their break-even and they walked away. In other news, though, you obviously have some uh some some outside influence in the broad market. Here pity like.

Thank you solid. We need those pity likes. Those really do help us out here. I'm gon na take another bite of chicken real quick.

This is my first meal of the day. Give me one sec: hmm, ah yeah brendan jesus yeah, goofy, goofy, goobers man, goofy goofy, love to see it when we playing uh poker again, we'll probably have some some twitch nights where we play that uh that free room. That's pretty fun. It's a good time.

Just watch on twitch you get you'll, know. You'll know uh, be right back guys, chad, i'm just gon na take a quick piss shouldn't. Take too long uh give me about 60 seconds. I will wash my hands okay.

Every time i don't wash my hands. I know you guys get on my ass uh. So let me just give you one sec i'll, be right back to do that. I'm gon na wash my hands.

Don't worry you you, you all right, we washed them they're clean there. I washed them. I washed my hands. Yes, i did.

My hands are clean. I washed them. No. I also took a.

I also took a yeah, no you're, not wrong you're, not wrong hog. Farmer. Absolutely spot on the money actually spot on. No, i did i swear.

I swear blacklight those hands. That's funny! That's funny! They're clean see when i, when it's when it's when it's this, when it's number two, you wash every time, no matter what you got, you got ta you got ta, i'm gon na keep these on the top little easier to watch them both dummy. You told me my mando, pooper pee lick my fingers now past i'll pass the titan jump on you on the way to the to the to the head tray uh. No, he was actually passed out, see what i do when he's when he's acting crazy, like that, is i put him in my room and uh he he he takes a nap.

He calms down a little bit. It's it's definitely helpful. Do a gasparino episode all right! Here's a question we'll actually run a poll we'll actually run a poll. Should we have a special guest for the next episode of crim jamer uh.

Let's just have it this way. Should we do a crim episode, friday or uh garl's casparino, crim garls, you guys. Let me know we'll roll with whatever you guys want, but they're a solid number. Two, that's clever! Michael, that's clever! I see what you did there.

I see what you did there microvision microvision, also getting slapped around. I mean this is a part of the the small mid cap game. If you look at the market cap on this, it's now uh half a billion dollars and along with uh, you know the small mid caps that have been getting pummeled microvision's been a part of that right, they've, gotten absolutely smoked, and on top of that microvision over The past uh, you know a couple couple months - has really not put out any inkling of uh information regarding getting bought out by an electric vehicle company for their uh, their lidar tech. And when you were going through the insane insane growth that we saw with electric vehicles and microvision has no news, you know it's a little discouraging right, it's a little discouraging in terms of them getting bought out, which is ultimately what their goal was.

As a company is getting bought out for the lidar tech, so you really are banking on that, at least from a fundamental perspective. Uh, you want to see microvision get bought out for their for their lidar tech via an electric vehicle company of uh some capacity. That's my personal opinion. You could see some form of a data data driven squeeze.

I do think that microvision is a very cheap, buy right now uh, but that's entirely pivotal on them uh, creating a form of business via their their buyout for the lighter attack. They do have other cool tech right, but i think that the the lidar was was really the the nail in the coffin for the coolest stuff that they personally had uh. That's just one guy's, humble and personal opinion. Ah yeah that could well, you can walk in my room at any point.

You can walk in my room, any point. What it comes down to is uh titan wants to play and when he plays, he doesn't know how to pull his punches. He's a very, very strong cat, uh he's a very uh, very playful cat and uh. He he needs a lot of attention.

There's really no other way. To put it, then that cat just needs a lot of attention. He's a crap ton looks like garls might be uh taking the cake here today looks like we. We may get a guest appearance from garl's uh girls casparino.

That would be pretty interesting smell. My fingers. They smell clean, they smell like soap. Am i enjoying my clean toilet it it holds uh it does its job.

Does his job? Does putin poop? You think so you think so. But you know it's uh, it's tough to say what our man does and doesn't do. Huh he's.

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