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What's up guys, what's up, what's up, what's up youtube, welcome to the masked trades it's great to be here. My name is uh. My name is the dm tmt, i'm tmt, it's great to see you all. I hope you're having a spectacular day if you, if you get a message from me on whatsapp, don't worry, i'm just trying to scam you! Oh man, it's been too long how the freaking piss are we doing guys it's been a minute, we're back in it.

We're back in it we're back in it we're back in it robert thompson, brb, oh alberts, gaming, good, to see all you guys we're gon na give this uh we're gon na give this a couple minutes so that uh people can kind of roll in the chat And we can get the the ball rolling and we'll get into the charts and stuff, but i got ta say i've missed you guys, it's good to be back a little update on me. Uh i haven't done a live stream in quite some time. Figured it's. You know i should probably explain my failures a little bit uh, i am officially out of uh the military, we're wrapped up man we're wrapped up my meb uh, which is a med board, uh processed everything got taken.

Care of, i ultimately ended up getting claims from my left eye and for my heart so because of that they medically discharged me, which now means that i'm full time at home uh. So you guys will get a lot of me. Uh there's good things and bad things about that whole process, but more than anything man, it's a chapter that ends in another chapter that begins. You know so uh, i'm pretty chill, i'm pretty chill.

This is good. What else is new uh? I got a second cat. His name is dale. Dale is currently residing in north carolina, which is where i'll be moving to uh for a short period of time, probably a couple of years.

I think the real estate market's gon na pull back pretty hard in the next two to three years. So i'm waiting to move out to florida until i can buy a house uh a house out there. Sorry i'll put the mass back on i'm sorry, i'm sorry, bull, busting, bucks, i'll put it back on there. You go so i'm waiting to buy a house until uh real estate cools off because i think that is coming.

But for the meantime uh titan is chilling here. He's he's living his best life uh dale is over in north carolina and uh i'll be heading out. There, in about a month, yeah i'm hoping to be out there by about my birthday, which is june 21st of 2022. uh.

So that's what's going on with uh the masked tray dirt, ah so funny so good uh. What else? What else? What else my mom lives with me now uh? She moved out of the crib in montana. She was living with my grandparents for a pretty long time. She wanted a change of scenery, so i offered her my bedroom and now i sleep on the couch and she just kind of we kind of chill out.

You know, uh. We watched stranger things season, four that was pretty decent uh left off at a cliffhanger spot. If you've seen stranger, things drop, some gorillas in the chat i got ta know that, first and foremost, that's gon na be uh. That's that's a great show.

That's honestly, netflix is saving. Grace is stranger things. What a freaking fantastic show uh, but that's, i suppose, what's really really been up with uh with this chicken yeah yeah not much not much else. I suppose new what's been what's been rocking with you guys, you guys been hanging out.

Huh mark are not beating you up too bad needs like two more episodes. I know the episodes were so uh. There wasn't that many of them there were seven, but they were like an hour and 20 minutes a piece, and i think that kind of explains why uh, why you got sort of the lesser episodes yeah look at all those gorillas see this. This is a bunch of uh bunch of chickens with some great great taste.

I love it. Jeebus matui says trey. Can i get a shout out for my b day today, yeah happy birthday, bro, happy birthday drop some more gorillas in the chat for uh. For the birthday boy, who's, a big boy, who's, the big boy, who's, a big boy, who's, a big boy, big, happy birthday, boy, happy birthday, bro, i'm happy for you! That's awesome! I hope you uh get some cake or something hell.

Yeah black zeus, good to see you bro, this volume is from traders. The price going down is traders, amc is the most heavily traded stock. Derivatives in amy are definitely uh very, very heavily traded and that uh that moves the volatility around a pretty pretty insane amount. I got to say by the way: uh.

Don't think me too bad chat. All right. I don't want you beating me up, don't don't don't get, don't get, don't hit the rope. I promise i will go see it.

I haven't seen top gun maverick yet i know i know i'm sorry, i'm sorry don't get too mad. I apologize ahead of time. I have not seen top gun yet, but i'm going to number one and number two. This has got to be the first time that i have seen a a move off of purely fundamental news, which is uh actually pretty sick.

I mean really there's the the explanation for what you saw today out of the pre-market move. The only real explanation that you can have is is particularly two things. Brian hunt thanks for the the membership. I appreciate that uh two things number one you've got all-time highs in terms of vortex data and we are gon na change over to the monitor here, a little bit like i said, i'm just waiting a couple minutes for people to roll in the chat as we Uh have not been live in quite some time.

Uh number one is that you're at 22.68. Current short interest on free flow costs to borrow, is rising exponentially to about 10 percent or so shares on loans. At 175 million total shares, which is a seven percent increase from about a week ago. Uh things are looking crazy.

I mean you got some really really crazy. Metrics utilization's been maxed out now for nearly three months uh. So that's definitely a factor right. You got a little bit of pressure here, uh on the lended side of things, which is kind of a capitulation.

You could say right. You've reached some lows: titan bros, what's up dude, what's up it's good to see, you they've got a capitulation in terms of value for the for the company and then what is the actual expectation for the stock itself? So you've got that and then secondly, uh box office record sales for memorial day weekend right having phenomenal phenomenal opening weekend on top gun, maverick and lining it up with memorial day is pretty massive, and you combine these two things, mr simon, it's good to see you You combine these two things, then you get sort of that huge upside move that we saw in the pre-market now, unfortunately, uh i've mentioned this in many many many videos and i get it i'm gon na show screens. Don't worry, don't worry, i'm just waiting about 10 minutes for people to roll in i've mentioned this in many videos, but a big piece of uh of amy and gamestop and the meme stocks. Whatever a big piece of it is how the spy is performing on any.

Given day now, i know i know i know i know i know negative beta negative beta negative beta people, mention it all the time uh, but the problem with with negative beta is. You have to be able to see that on the chart and we haven't, and what we have seen is that if the spy is red, typically amc, gamestop or right of the spy is green. Typically, amc and gamestop are green. This kind of ties into what i've talked about with the bear market in the past in many of my videos uh, and that kind of falls back into when a bear market hits and when things are looking kind of rough.

That translates overall to uh small, mid caps, more so even than large cap companies dude dabsworth. Thanks for the membership man ernie a share, recall gon na murder, the shorts hardcore yeah, no, no, definitely man. You saw that. You really did.

I suppose now. This is a good time if any uh, let me get back onto the screen and i'll show you what what ernie's talking about this is actually a really valid point. If you look back right, let's just take a peek back at uh. What we've seen with with amy in the past, what he's talking about when he says a force share recall, is when utilization is maxed out like this.

So there's a statistic, and i can't remember what the exact statistic is, but when utilization is at a hundred percent for a prolonged period of time, which is something that you have seen with uh with amc now, since what appears to be way back in february 8th. So it's been almost four months of amy being capped out in terms of utilization, which translates to shares being lent out right. So if there's, let's just say, x, amount of shares that are available for lending it's, a 180 million shares right and you've got 100 of those shares on loan. The utilization, which is the slices of the pie, would be maxed out when shares are maxed out like this, you have sort of pressure right and the pressure increases, the more that cost to borrow starts to go up, which is, by the way, a correlation that we're.

Finally, starting to see you got ta cost a bar of about 10 or so, which is lenders saying. Okay, i see a little bit more risk in the markets than we have seen in some time. I'm going to raise that cost to borrow, which is an annualized interest rate now. Do you guys want me to dive into cost? To borrow, i think this is something that a lot of people actually uh.

They kind of just talk about, but maybe don't know what the metrics behind it are. It's actually pretty easy to figure out uh you i didn't ask for your opinion. I'm gon na i'm just gon na. Do it anyways ball, the handy dandy, whiteboard, we're gon na.

Do a little bit of doodling, doodling, wounding and uh just show you guys what it is diamond dave thanks for the membership. I appreciate that man. Thank you so much uh. So if you want to know what ctb is in the most simple way possible gorillas in the chat, if you get any value from this cost to borrow - is an annualized interest rate.

That's attached to a share alone. This is why it's so important uh when it's talked about people will say, there's pressure on short position right. It costs you nothing to hold, but it costs a short everything uh to be short right and that's because of an annualized interest rate. So what this is? If amy's cost, to borrow average right now is 10, what that is saying is that, as of today, this present day, uh annually you're going to see that if a short position or a share length out is held they're holding for about a 10 annual uh interest Rate, so what you do is you divide this by every single day that is presently tradable, which is about 360 days.

So if you're gon na take 10 and divide that by 360, you would get how much it costs every single day to simply just hold uh that short position. So let's just take point one uh or 360 divided by point one. I did that backwards. Point one divided by three sixty.

It would cost then point zero, zero, zero, two uh, which comes out to zero two. You move this twice about point: zero, two percent a day cost them that much a day just to hold something that tells you something right. That's information and what this all ties back to is utilization and as that cost to borrow, goes up that utilization gets kind of forced. You force a hand a little bit, and this happened back in june, when costa bar was incredibly high back in june.

A forced share recall began in which lenders at any point in time can say: poof, i'm gon na snap, my fingers and guess what you guys, whoever i'm lending stock to you can go your mom i'm taking these shares back. Give me give me give me give me give me, give me, give me right cause the bar is too, i don't want you, i don't want you touching these. No more, you got to get your hands off this stuff and you you bring them back, and that is uh. That is what ernie was talking about.

So i felt like valuable information to share. So there you go. What's up scott, it's good to see you man uh in terms of uh future schedule, though in case you guys are curious. Give you guys an update on what to expect.

I talked about this on twitter. I talked about it on my youtube channel and all that sort of jazz uh, but we are going to be live streaming every day that the market is open here on trace trades from uh from here on out until stated. Otherwise, the game plan is very simple uh. I am going to be live from 1 to 3 p.m, central standard time on youtube and then right at 3 o'clock like clockwork, i'm going to have a video that sort of summarizes anything that i found to be important.

Regarding the the broad market, the economy, uh, amc stock, the spy everything that kind of happens will go up right when the stream ends and that'll be ready for you. If you'd like to see it right, i also stream on twitch uh dot tv anti juicer, starting at seven o'clock p.m. Eastern, which is six central. If you'd like to tune in there, you sure can uh, but just know that that is not stock related.

That's just a place to hang out if you're interested, uh amy on the day most interesting thing and what i think should probably be noted, is this right here right. So what ended up happening? You got this huge push. Uh, you got the the massive sort of uh top gun, maverick move that that the numbers reflected over the weekend. You got that the net, the nice record, uh push and amy - got a move off of that right.

If you were to actually tie up sort of what that gain percentage looked like uh, you can do that by coming here. You look at the close on the previous day and you take it to the top. You can see that we were up roughly about 15. 16 percent uh from the bottom of yesterday.

It could have been a hair, more we'll call it 15 16 percent uh you get that top right there and then it forms a pattern. This is a technical pattern, uh that kind of tied along with the spy, and if you look at the spy you can see the weakness i was actually pretty impressed. I was impressed and happy to see uh how much strength amy had considering the gap down in the spy coming into uh sort of the morning, but the spy weakness, uh sort of reflected right. You get the sell-off immediately, a market open and that volume sort of pulled into amy as it pulled off into this head and shoulders pattern.

You can see the head here, you can see the shoulder, you can see the shoulder and you just get that pretty decent size sell-off right, breaks this neckline, and then it comes down to a fib retracement of some sort right. That's really what you got here today as you're looking at uh this this sell-off and we are up 2.29 percent and, to be honest with you, you got another small head and shoulders right here, but, as i've mentioned before, and as i will state once again, uh In my videos, i personally believe that amy is in a really good spot and i'm gon na tell you why right and if you have questions about it, this is the place to ask i'd, be very, very happy to walk you through my thought process. Uh, as i think it is pretty interesting information ernie, i think the borrowed share they were holding were finally sold to market today, plus some scalping, it's very possible man. We can speculate that, but the the truth of the matter is, i couldn't tell you with certainty right, but nonetheless, what i personally think uh you are you are in for is this move right here right? So if we were to look at this uh a pattern that amy has respected for quite some time and one that i haven't seen talked about a whole lot to be to be quite honest with you.

Is this right here right? So, if you're to look at sort of the moves that that amc has back and forth right, what it'll do is respect this channel. You have a falling level of resistance, a falling level of support and every time that it taps one of these channels. It typically has a response to the upper the downside for this resistance line. It has moved the downside for the support.

It's moved up right and every time it attacks here, you can expect sort of that follow through now. Conveniently i've seen a lot of people talk about this and, if you have heard about this, you've talked about it. You've read about it drop a gorilla in the chat. It's the uh uh the executive order that is expiring on june 3rd.

If you know what i'm talking about, you know, you know, drop some gorillas and i got to say by the way i was pretty speculative on that people were bringing that up to me about a week ago, and i said man no dates no get out of Here with that nonsense, i'm gon na baptize you in the holy water, truth and uh. Lo and behold they got some pretty nice moves coming into june 3rd. Is it correlated? Maybe is it because of that? Maybe i couldn't tell you without with certainty, but what we can say is that there's there is really really solid, uh movement and and expectations that you can maybe see coming forward into the next couple of days. Uh you've got gamestop earnings.

You've got this june 3rd executive order. A lot of people have done due diligence on that. I am, quite frankly not intelligent enough to have uh figured out myself, so props do where props is due, but it does line up with this sort of move. Right looks pretty similar to back here.

This moved from 13 up to about 34.. However, i don't think it'll go quite up to 34 before you have really have that test moment. This is your holy grail line, this right here, every time it's tapped this, even when i was at 63, when i was at 50, when i was at 43, when i was at 32 uh 34 and this time, if it does it in the next couple of Days right around june 10th or so it'll be about 26 bucks. If you break this line, that is going to be the holy grail that is going to bring you.

The nasty boom boom candles, the nasty volume which we saw way back here - that uh that really nice opportunity squeeze volume where you're gon na put some pain on uh current short positions in the stock, and until that happens right, we got to stay cool comp collected And look at things for what they are, which is uh channel trading deciding which way do i want to go? Which way do i want to go? Which way is this actually going to end up sort of pivoting? For now i think it's on an upswing. I think you're, looking at sort of this move to reclaim this uh, this previous flag pattern. This triangle pattern, get a bounce off that support line and come up and hopefully test the top of this trend line. So far, it's been pretty pretty spot on every time.

It's tapped this, it is come to its respected line to back to the up or the downside, uh and that's sort of what you can expect and i'm expecting that out of out of amc right, that's about what i'm looking at right! Now, if you look at gamestop on the day, gamestop has done very similar things uh. You can look at these trend lines and see that most of the time when it taps these, what you get is a bing, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang and it's just kind of bouncing back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. And i expect it to tap about here on this trend line, which is about 165 bucks and from there it's got to make a decision. Does it want to break out, or is it going to uh retrace and keep winding up and testing time until it ultimately makes this decision so uh? That's what i'm looking at now that you're not in the military.

You can play yu-gi-oh with me rooma09. Can you guys drop some gorillas for for the the yu-gi-oh player out here? How many, how many yu-gi-oh fans out there me and my roommate bobby when i was in uh college, we always used to walk around st john's and uh. Oh, it's funny. I was just talking about bobby and then a guy in chat named bobby jones said this guy's a nut sack, that's something that bobby would have said to me back in the day, but we used to walk around in the halls and say john's any time.

We'd see each other, we just point at each other. We go black magician the yu-gi-oh reference man uh. It was tons of fun, tons of fun, tons of fun for sure yeah uh other than that. You know that's sort of my outlook on amy.

My my outlook on the spy is about the same. I've talked about this for quite some time now, uh. I think if it rejects off of this fib retracement at about the 236, which i've talked about for quite some time, which is 418 uh, you're gon na see it re-test 400 bucks and from 400 bucks. I think you would see it re-test this 382, which is about 380..

Now uh. We haven't quite tapped this line, yet this is a pretty critical, interesting time, uh for the spy and i'm interested to see which direction it ends up. Picking it's uh uh. No, i wouldn't say a low volume day, it's sort of like a rest day by the by the looks of it, and i am pretty happy with this bottoming tail.

This actually sets the spy up for a three bar play for some more upside, which would uh, which actually be pretty nice uh. We got a couple in about an hour and a half left of the day for it to determine which way i'd like to go. Uh i stood by rejection off of the 236 for quite some time now and if it does that, that's that's what i think if it breaks this 236, i think you're gon na watch. It come up to about 440 and you guys know what that means.

For amc and gamestop right, i've talked about this. For too long you got uh people. People in the youtube comment section have been mad for for a long time, because i scream the same thing. I say guys guys guys, listen, listen, listen! I know.

I know spy green amy green. We don't want it to be that way, but that's just that's just the way that it's been. You know you look back to march 29th when the spy reached the peak of its rally. The same thing happened for amc and the spy continues to rally.

Well, you kind of know: what's going to come so uh, that's my expectation, that's what i think i'm going to stick to it got to play. The yu-gi-oh tcg on xbox was legit, as i haven't played it. I haven't played that i got to be honest. What's up mary, i i did play yu-gi-oh back in the day when i was a kid, though i would tell you this back.

In first grade i had a friend named leo and uh leo. I remember had a grudge against me for about six years. We weren't friends back in first grade but come junior high in high school. We were, we were pretty good buddies but leo uh said to me in like eighth grade he said trey.

You want to know why i hated you for so long and i said uh. I said why i don't know what you're talking about, and i didn't even remember this. I didn't remember this until they told me, but i think it's hilarious and he does too. He said uh.

My mom told me. I couldn't ever hang out with you ever again. Even if there's a fire, because you stole all my yu-gi-oh cards - and i thought back about it - i think what the heck is he talking about, but what it was is he borrowed me his yu-gi-oh cards and i never gave them back. Oh man, so first great trade man that you shouldn't have given me your yugioh cards.

I guess i'm just never going to give them to you. It is what it is. Yo good to see you frederick, yeah me too jariah me too and bakugan i i played. I played a lot of bakugan and uh yugioh back in the day, uh.

Oh, what else of note right a couple other things that have been happening today? Uh, i do have a video coming out talking about biden's, take on inflation uh at about three o'clock, central, which is about an hour and a half. So we can talk about that. The video wraps it pretty well mullet is also making a move today, and what this move in mullet is. If you're curious is a technical, uh, sort of relief bounce, it's a pretty important one.

At that what you've got here is i always look for touch points. You can draw multiple sort of uh support and resistance lines, just by looking for at least three touch points in either given direction, and you get that right here right. So, if you look at this, you got ta touch. You got ta touch, you got ta touch! You got ta touch, you got ta touch and it broke out of this trend line and is rejected off of this next very important one, and what i would consider this to be is sort of like a like a speed move out of mullen.

I haven't looked at this on the intraday. I've just seen people sort of nibbling on it. All that i would say, as i always do is be very careful if you're buying this as a trade uh up 40 51 right, there's a there's, a saying that i find to be very important and - and it's pretty simple right. If you're going to be late to a trade, you can that's, okay, you can be late to a trade just, but you got to admit one thing: you got to realize this right off the bat if you're late, you have to be okay with the fact that You will not make as much money than those who were early and you have to be willing to accept more risk.

So, if you're going to trade this, except that you will have more risk and accept that you are late and then from there the decision's on you, so i'm not going to tell you what to do either way. I don't have a position in mullen uh, but it has been moving. This is coming off of a technical breakout. If i was looking at it on the day uh, i think the longest you know as long as it kind of holds this up trend, you can see more upside uh.

It's very possible volume is looking pretty good on the day if you're looking at this on the daily it is, i mean pretty pretty square square nuts, very solid volume coming off of news that came out today as well uh, it doesn't look bad just just uh, Be careful, that's all i'm asking for if you're looking at this for levels, i think very important to note is sort of this level right here at about two dollars and eight cents if it can break this trend line, which it hasn't done yet right if it Rejects off that trend line, i think you're gon na see it come back down to about a dollar. So just be careful just be careful! That's all i ask uh watch yourself, protect your money, be smart! You all know you all know what uh, what the, what the sayings is. I don't i don't got ta tell you that, what's up maddie b, how you doing man shares on loan yeah i'll show that again, this is the current data for amy, which is actually pretty phenomenal. Unless you were asking about mullins, in which case i can show you that as well, but uh you've currently got 175 million total shares on loan, which is a seven percent increase from about a week ago.

Uh. This is pretty phenomenal and normally i don't like looking at ortex data non-stop. So, that's that's a change, that's sort of a shift that i guess we're gon na have to get used to as we as we chill here with the new stock streams and stuff, but uh. The the shares on loan is at an all-time high, and that's why i do find that to be significant and what's even really cool about this is the days to cover being where it's at.

Why is this important? Well, these covers is representative of volume, alongside short interest. If you have low volume alongside a high short interest, you have a very high days to cover sort of metric and what that means is. It would take presently uh, based on a three month, average volume uh. A short all the shorts in this stock 3.46 days to exit, if volume stayed exactly consistent with the average volume daily that we have seen over the last three months.

That tells you how much liquidity there is. It tells you that this is a decently illiquid stock. In comparison to how many shorts are currently uh established in the stock, that's good that tells you why cost to borrow is going up the higher this metric goes up, the more pressure there is and the more risk there is for a short to be able to Get out if things really hit the fan uh. So that's your shares on loan shares on loan up pretty high cost of borrow.

Finally, seeing uh an increase in overall metric, which i am uh pretty happy with, you can see it's a pretty significant increase. I mean, if you look at this, this is still lagging. This cost to borrow, says 3.23. This says 10.

That's still lagging pretty strong. You know ten percent, i know where that would fall. If you look back here uh to june, i think they'll line up with that's ten percent, so that'd be an increase from one point. Seven three up to this line, which is a pretty pretty drastic drastic uh increase in overall uh ctb cost.

To borrow that annualized interest rate, which is interesting, you know all the metrics are lining towards uh. There's a lot, a lot of ammunition, sort of lorded, lorded load it in the gun. You know uh, and then you know what that means. You know what that means.

Frank b, i don't know, i don't know i mean my idea of managing risk is uh. If i want to make ramen noodles, i i boil the water uh and then i put the the package of dry noodles in my mouth and i drink the boiling water. That's pretty good risk management right. That's that's my idea of risk management.

What it means for you, i've i've got no idea, i mean so maybe maybe you drink the boiling water first and then you eat the ramen. I couldn't tell you that's up to you. I can't make that decision for you, but everybody is different. You know everybody is different, you do you at the end of the day, you heard that biden's long speech was amazing.

I'll tell you the honest truth behind biden's speech. In my opinion, i think that the biden's speech was a lot of uh. Nothing burger, i got ta be honest. I've got a very in-depth video talking about this stuff, so i won't eat up too much of your time uh, because if you want to watch really in-depth thoughts you can, but this is my thoughts on everything that biden sort of discussed today.

Regarding inflation, i i've got like uh, i call it doctor desire obstacle steak resolution. I don't know what the resolution here is, but to me the the big three things that he mentioned was number one, not demeaning the federal reserve. It's like what that reminded me of is uh when, when a kid, when a kid's like stealing a cookie out of the cookie jar and the parent's like. Ah it's, okay, that's not a big deal.

It's all fine! We're chilling we're chilling! It's no biggie when, in reality, he's just got to get his ass spanked right. I think the fed needs a lot of pressure number two cheaper goods for families, they focus on gas supply chain, uh, repairing infrastructure, improving infrastructure and then reducing foreign ocean costs and fees. I didn't really have a plan for this. There was no plan attached which i'm not a fan of.

Lastly, was tax reforms talked about fixing billionaire tax loopholes? To me, this feels unrealistic. It didn't have a plan attached. Cutting the deficit also seems aggressive, didn't really have a plan attached uh. I don't know to me.

It was a lot of buzzwords with not a lot of uh, not a lot of follow through which i'm i'm i'm pretty amp out. Ah, nothing burgers about the best way that i can probably put it. It felt to me like a big, nothing burger, yeah, it's good to be back snow wave, it's gon na be back! Let me tell you, let me tell you i'll, be honest with you, guys, chad, i'll, be honest with you. If you want, if you want uh, do you want the honest-to-god truth on why i haven't started streaming on youtube uh sooner i'll.

Tell you right the honest to god truth. Is it took me a lot of mental shift to accept uh criticism, and i don't mean that and like uh i'm bitching out, i can't take criticism sort of way but like uh, when you show up every day - and this is something that i actually commend - matt Coopers for like him or like him or don't like him, uh, that's up to you, i'm not here to decide that for you, but something i commend matt for is that he's able to take criticism at least to some extent and keep pushing forward, because i couldn't Do it you know i reached sort of a turning point. Where uh, i felt that my happiness day to day was being influenced by the one percent loud minority. That uh felt some sort of way about the the things that i would talk about on live streams or the videos that i would make.

So i took a step back. I just did and now i feel pretty mentally healthy, i feel pretty rejuvenated. I feel i feel good and i feel ready to get back at the wheel and i'm happy that i did it to be honest and that's why i'm back, because i'm ready to step back up to the plate. So there you have it.

I figured you guys deserved an explanation. There's your explanation hope that's worth a nickel and uh it's gon na, be it's gon na, be here i'm just here, so i don't get fined. Oh man, todd is gon na, be back man. It's gon na be back uh.

I will not give you advice on redbox. What i will do is i'll look at a chart and i'll tell you what it looks like. I have actually been going over this on twitch for quite some time. I said on twitch the other day that this looks a lot like a closing bar of volume, and i stand by that.

So what a closing bar of volume looks like by the books i'll draw this up in the most simple way possible. Just so that there's a reference point moving forward, a closing bar of volume is typically indicative of the top short term of a stock right, so what red box is done if this is uh price over here? This is time and on the other side of the axis is volume right. Let's say this is volume right. If price is going up going up going up going up and all of a sudden, you get this followed by a small sell-off and the volume is doing something like this slowly: ramping, slowly, ramping, ramping, ramping and then bam.

You get a huge candle bar. The most important thing is that this candle bar right here is actually larger than all the other previous candle bars. This is what i would call a closing bar of volume. It has a peak uh.

The prices hit at least a short-term midterm high, and then you have a massive massive daily candle bar and then the next day volume drops off significantly alongside a sell-off. This to me indicates a short-term time which i got. I saw the red box now. Believe me, i've seen the red box or tex numbers.

I don't i don't understand it, you can't you can't. I know blah blah blah rehypothecation, it's it's the books. You got a guy who says this is musher. I'm gon na give it to you.

You can have this and then i actually i want to give this to you and then he says i'm going to actually now i'm going to take this structure. That's been borrowed two times and i'm going to give this to you and it says swinging back and forth 10 freaking times uh, and what that does is create a short interest of over a hundred percent. Well, guess the what it has happening again: 154 percent. Current short interest of free float according to ortex, this is sort of over 100 by the books it's being reported as over 100.

I don't get it. This happened with gamestop, and this to me shows you the fragility of the market. That shows you the problems with the markets, and it's right here in front of our faces again: costa borrow 700 short interest: 154 percent utilization maxed. All the metrics are telling you dude is that this has been manipulated, rehypothecated shorted into oblivion.

If you look at the chart, what do you know 25 bucks down to a goddamn dollar 65.? It's there again, you're watching it again and honestly. This brings me happiness. I know there are people out there who will say red box is a distraction. Red box is a distraction you're entitled to your opinion.

You say whatever you want, i get it, but let me tell you these people, the people who work for redbox, the people who buy redbox the people who want to go out and rent the movie whatever it may be, do their thing uh this influences them. If your stock is shredded over 100, that is unfair. That is unfair, you're, not even giving this a fair opportunity for the market to decide whether or not this company should be alive or should be dead. It's messed up and you're, squeezing some shorts out, which i'm happy to see now redbox is from what i've heard being acquired uh.

If anybody has more insight, they'd like to add to that feel free to add in the comment in the chat, you know i'm chilling either way but uh. I do think, despite my feelings, i'm reading the chart i'm staying unbiased, i'm just reading it as it is. I do think this is due for more downside. You have uh low volume coming off of this peak right here.

This closing bar coming off of the last couple days of really solid, run. Uh topping tail right here. Unless this fib retracement down to the 0.5 is the bottom uh, i think you could see more uh. That is a decent decent candle.

I don't like how low volume is this to me says at you could see more downside. It is possible, so i'd be watching for it. I want the volume to sort of close a little higher in the day, and i don't like this as a red candle. This closes green.

I like it a lot more. This candle closes green and i think you could see more upside. I take a big push so we'll see we will see that uh if it closes green, i think there's more upside. If not, i think you're going to retrace down further to probably the 618, which is about 5 and 15 cents david.

Thank you man. Thank you, dude! Thank you for being you and everything you've done. I i really haven't done that much man. Let me tell you the only thing that i've done is made.

You guys suffer through uh, a terrible, terrible live stream with uh dog dial up internet. This is so to all the people, especially the twitchers man uh. In the last six to seven months, the twitch, the twitch gang, has had the deal with probably the worst internet of all time and to everybody that's put up with that. I'm sorry oklahoma's doing you dirty oklahoma's got the worst internet i've ever seen in my entire life.

I'm not kidding like. I think, if i think, if i hot spotted my cat, if my cat was a freaking cell phone receiver, i'd get better internet than oklahoma. It is so awful awful. I called the i called my internet provider the other day and i said, hey guys, listen! My my internet sucks, it's dog like i need this fixed and they said well, it's probably because you got rid of our router and modem and then i clap back and i said well.

Actually, i did a speed test with the router and modem and it was so bad that i had to buy a new router modem and it was better with a new router modem, but it still sucks. So you got ta fix my internet and it still sucks. So if the stream ever drops man, it is what it is. I don't know what to tell you.

It is what it is. Did you find those guys that pushed in your on ark? Oh yeah, oh yeah, we did what's a good broker to hold amy and i'm infidelity and i'm worried. Can you help me out trey mark i'm not here to give you advice uh? What i will say is that i personally like think or swim, and i actually should i should talk about this right. I was in a space call with jay brown and there was an individual.

I can't remember his name but uh he he. He came up to speak and he had some fair criticism. He asked me this. He said trey i'll, never forget when you went on fox business and charles payne asked you a question uh or fox fox payne had guests and one of the guests asked you a question.

The guest asked you: what broker would you recommend and you told them - thinkorswim td ameritrade, now full disclosure, thinkorswim td ameritrade, is one of the biggest payment for order flow benefiters that probably exist. They make a substantial substantial amount of money from p5 payment for order flow. Is essentially a conflict of interest that exists between a broker and a market maker, the broker will get a kickback from the market maker, essentially for sending their mcdonald's order through their drive through. But i want to tell you why i like thinker swin, you have the optionality to decide where your order gets routed.

That to me is powerful uh. Also to note, and also of importance, is that when you decide to send your order to anything other than a dark pool or a wholesaler or to push it to a certain exchange uh, you will pay a fee, but that fee buys you freedom right. If you're trading for free, if you're buying for free you're selling for free it's because you are the product, do not forget that and thinkorswim gives you that optionality. So that's why i like thinkorswim, i think it's nice.

I think it's a great platform if you're looking for charting, i think the best charting that exists is trading view uh. I used to say that i liked weebles charting more, but i think that that uh, that tradingview's got better overall uh tools and i'm not affiliated. I'm not affiliated with weeble think or swim or tradingview. I just think that tradingview's got the best uh charting tools available.

Josh. Thank you man. I appreciate you bbig play. I do not like that tide was uh delayed, bad, bad, bad, bad.

It looks bad for the company. I am not a fan of uh of tide, getting uh delayed at all nothing's free fernie's spot on man. Nothing is free all right uh. If it is free.

You are the product, think of facebook right. Think of facebook, facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, all of it's free because you're the product, your eyeballs, your watch time, uh your time on screen, pays the big boys they're dollars. I wonder how i wonder i wonder dude. I wonder how mark zucker lizard is one of the richest people in the world, but he doesn't charge for his product.

Weird doesn't make any sense so strange, ah, but bbig. If it holds this yellow line, i think it's going to bounce back up to about 315.. If it breaks this yellow line, i think it'll gap fill down about a buck 59 i'll draw this out just so you can see it beneath this yellow line. I think gap filled down to about here bounce off the yellow line.

I think it'll come back to about here. This is the pattern it's been respecting for a very long time: bounce bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce bounce and it's gon na keep doing that channel trading until it picks a direction yo. What's up once fighting thanks for stopping in dude, i appreciate you. Do i still talk to adam aaron uh? I do not.

I do not sergey. Thank you, man for anybody. That's asked and i have seen your guys's questions about it. I i want to come and tell you this pretty straight right.

Uh people have said trey. What are you gon na have adam aaron back there's so many things we got ta catch up on. He dropped some f's in the chat for the dip that thought that waited six months to start live streaming again. We got a lot to catch up on uh.

I've reached out to adam aaron. Believe me believe me believe me believe me believe me. I've reached out to adam aaron uh. I've got his phone number uh.

I've texted him more than once about a lot of things, actually a lot of concerns that i've had and things that i found to be important uh and he has made it clear that in for the for the current time being, he has no interest in uh. Doing another interview, but if that changes you guys will uh be the first to know to be honest with you, i'm looking at it from the the negative perspective. Whatever perspective i possibly can uh my demeanor and my approach to speaking has definitely changed right. There's some people who are mad about it and i understand that it is what it is but uh.

I take a much more direct approach and i think i'm i'm far more open with sort of uh. The way that i try to articulate things. I don't sugarcoat it. I swear uh, i'm not as as uh media friendly, as maybe i was a year ago, and i get that maybe he doesn't want that exposure.

Adam aaron is a very media friendly sort of guy, and i don't take that media friendly sort of approach anymore. It just is what it is. That could be it. Ah, so who knows maybe one day but not right.

Now, it's just not what it is. You don't feel being vaporized by a nuke, they say: do you think you actually would do you think of a new kit? You would feel it that's actually scary to think about amy pulling off head and shoulders pattern, as you can see right here, if we're uh. Just looking at this right now, uh yeah, there's your neckline breaking the neck you're watching for 13.94 1394 will be your daily mark. Looking at the five minute, if you're gon na zoom out, i'm gon na show you guys the one hour and i'm gon na show you a pretty uh pretty cool tool.

This is a retracement tool, fib fibonacci retracement sergey. Thank you for that trey. What do you think about a 1450 call for july 8th? I will not give you advice on that. I appreciate uh.

I appreciate that. I appreciate the question. What i will tell you is that the pattern that i see on the chart - and this is your decision - this is your call - i will not tell you what to do. I think that the chart will do this.

I've been wrong in the past. I've been right in the past, the decision is in your hands, but i'm going to show you guys how fibs work check this out. Fibs very simply put if you want to guess where a stock is going to retrace to meaning uh pull back to go down to you want to draw from the bottom to the top. You take the peak, the absolute top wick and you take the bottom of the previous sell-off, which is right here right.

I would consider this to be the newest, short-term uptrend, and what you're looking for is fib levels right. Amy typically likes the 618, which, if you were to to see where that pull back to uh, if it doesn't hold here, i think that'd be about 1273 or so i don't know if that would happen today. I don't know if it would happen tomorrow, but 1273 has been pretty well respected, but i watched these fib lines right now, instead of out of fib line 382, it's uh, no wonder by the way, as when you look at things it lines up pretty well with, Where it bounced uh, if it bounces off here, that tells you something: fibs are pretty pretty well respected and they're uh they're useful the grand scheme of things uh. This is what i think's gon na happen.

I think you're going to watch this test. This trend line at about 25, 25 24 26 bucks depends on time frame what about a billion dollar call aj bass. Let me tell you: okay, i think the best play guys write this down, write this down, write this down, write this down, write this down all right, the best play that you can make right now, friday, expiration 1 billion trillion dollar call all right. I want you to take your life savings, your farm, your cat at the farm.

I want you to take the cow's milk drink. It sell the cow after you, milk, it one more time and drink that milk take all the money you make from selling all that dump it into the billion trillion dollar call for friday. You will make so much money that lemon pep attendees will be raining from the sky like cloudy, with a chance of meatballs dude you're gon na catch that in your mouth have a great day. Dude that'll be beautiful.

Oh man, i'm joking, i'm joking, i'm joking! I saw somebody in chat say i will sue i'm joking, i'm joking! Oh man, uh any thoughts on the executive order going to effect on the third. So john i've seen the the research behind this and essentially what it's saying in the most simple way that i can put it guys in the chat feel free to correct me if i'm misspeaking uh, but from the from the context, that's provided in the most simple Way i can i can, i can describe it, there's an executive order. That's got re-signed twice and within that executive order that expired is essentially a way for uh chinese securities to be purchased and possibly used as collateral. Now the last two times of this executive order expired.

You saw massive moves up for some reason within meme stock. Some people have hypothesized that uh there is collateral liquidity shares, uh derivatives that are being somehow hidden within the chinese market and then every time that that executive order has expired. Uh you've seen massive run-ups, so what people are hypothesizing is, if biden does not re-sign this executive order that expires on june 3rd, you can see a continued push to the upside for the meme stocks, such as amc and gamestop. It is possible right.

There is definitely a correlation there. I don't know if it's a causation. What i would say is it's good to be pleasantly surprised, uh. That correlation definitely exists.

I don't know if that's going to to translate or if it's not going to translate, but i do know that the chart looks looks pretty solid, gabriel uh. Please do not spam things in chat. I would appreciate, if you do not. I am not going to give you advice on whether or not you should buy calls or puts i try to be educational.

I try to share things that i find to be valuable and there's lots of i've got lots of videos out that explain, call options and charting in great great detail so uh. If you want to check that out, feel free to do so. I think that is uh, that is pretty decently valuable. So that's up to you, that's up to you, man, that is up to you, but that is my opinion.

That's my opinion on the the may third uh, the june third thing and probably the most interesting, and this is actually a perspective that was given to me by by somebody in twitch not too long ago. Uh somebody's shared with me that they think it that that biden will not resign it because he's got political interest in what happens with uh taiwan, which i actually found to be interesting. I think that they might be honest, something there. So if you do not see uh binding resign that executive order, you probably know why why people like money dude, it is what it is johnny it's good to be back dude, it's good to be back white socks or black socks.

Oh rev! I got you check this out check this out white socks or black socks. Ah black socks, always let me take my shoes off bam. You guys also be happy to know that my shorts are pretty long. Today.

Look at this wow wow. They almost go to my knees, incredible beautiful glad to have you back hope. Life is treating well been uh gme, since the sneeze, the sneeze, think i sneezed on my monitor god, damn it. I appreciate you dude.

Thank you. Am i missing something on grom? How hasn't this been found? Yet low floating ran 25 last friday with minimal sell-off today says: anon grom. I think it was brought up not too long ago. Let me check it, probably because it was a pretty quiet move, not a lot of volume on it.

It wasn't like a pretty drastic increase in volume, uh red day today about 4.1 percent. I wouldn't quite say, though, that it's out of the clear this is a very similar, a similar situation to mullet uh. This is about what mullins chart looks like right now, so mullen's got these two falling resistance lines and if i can break this second one, that's where the true upside is on grom, there's an opportunity, there's an opportunity for this to be a pretty good move and Probably the most interest is the obv, the on balance volume showing a really significant increase in accumulation. I would imagine that this uh this company had some form of dilution.

I don't know if anybody knows the answer to that, i haven't looked it up uh. I would imagine typically, when you see huge spikes in obvi like this. A dilution is a piece of the puzzle there, but uh you're. Looking for a break here, you break 81 cents.

I think you see a pretty decent move so uh. That would be the magic magic mic number for me magic uncle mike. If you're looking at the data, you can find this man just looking at that red box data. Pisses me off dude.

I just get mad ugh, pretty low, very, very low short interest.

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