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What's up, what's up, what's up, what's up youtube, we're back baby man? It has been way too freaking long god, i've missed this! That's been it's been way too freaking long guys. I am so happy to be back doing another live stream with the freaking gorilla gang. Let's start this off the right way by dropping some freaking gorillas in the chat baby, i've missed you guys immensely. This is an absolute honor to be back rocking cooking with crisco with the community here and uh.

Looking at some some live price action in the stock market so glad to have you all back we're gon na go over the basic details of what's kind of going on by the way i saw some super chats pop up here. I want to address those. Thank you to wall street assassin saying he went through withdrawals that made me laugh dude wall street assassin, you're a true g, and then i saw somebody say: let's get this to a thousand likes, and i appreciate that too. You guys know me.

I don't like hunting for those but uh we do do the uh, the old cheers and i've got two bottles rocking me right now. I've got some cracking uh over here in the in the left left side of my. I think it's a desk another desk. This was sent to me by somebody named james.

I don't know if you guys remember, but i actually had him on a live stream once and he sent me this in the mail. It's a single malt, welsh, whiskey, pandering. I gave this a good good couple. Sips and it's actually not too freaking bad guys, so uh we'll put one of these down, but i'll tell you what we get this to 3 500 likes.

We would be putting down some of the kraken or some of the pendulum and give it a good toast and cheers to the community glad to have you guys back guess, who's back back again. Trey is back still a friend, not playing anywho. I've got some interesting information according to or tech, so we're gon na start off here and give you guys the rundown vortex is a service that i pay about 500 a year to get the most up-to-date information. It offers me a variety of different information, but the stuff that i like to see primarily is the short interest and what's interesting here, is they added an update which is actually really cool and it's a live update? It's today's changes, and this is pretty cool to see so the short interest change has gone up by about 5.65 percent uh, and you can see that there's about 755 000 shares that were returned.

While we have 7.54 million shares that were borrowed baby, you know what that means. It means we're cooking with crisco guys, and i absolutely love seeing that. So that means that the short interest is going up. That is a large reason why we likely saw the sell-off that we saw here right away at the beginning of the day and that's where we're sitting right now so uh pretty decent amount of short interest.

We've got what appears to be about 119 million shares on loan uh. That doesn't necessarily mean that all of these are being shorted. However, what that does mean? Is you have two transactions that take place? You've got two people, one transaction. I should say first person: you've got a lender who will lend out 120 million shares over to let's say a hedge fund, and the hedge fund can either sort these into the market or lend them out to somebody else or just hold on to them.

Right majority of the time, if they are being lent, though you know, they are paying a cost to borrow fee which is currently sitting at about 2.64. So it makes more sense for them to play with those those shares either to a lend them out to somebody else who will likely short them or to be short them themselves, so uh. I would imagine that these are the actual, tangible shares that are currently being shorted. That is not obviously including naked shorts, which we know obviously is very likely happening uh, but we just can't put a tangible number on that.

Then we have the utilization right here. So the utilization is at 88.46 percent. If you are not familiar, this is just referring to how much of the current lendable short shares are currently being held. So that means out of all endable shares that only about 12 are remaining available to borrow, and this number has actually been slowly going up very ever so slightly.

It's kind of about three point: eight four percent over the last seven days. So that's good. If you're looking fintel, i take this with a grain of salt - i always say this, but it's been like a freaking week and a half since i've been able to live stream, so i'm just trying to run through everything uh. I use this to get an idea of what we have in terms of short share.

Availability. Don't take this as a hard number, as we know that they take the total volume from all glasses glasses. You guys got it. I left them in the bathroom.

Give me one sec hold on. I always forget. I always forget. No, it's a good thing.

I've got some apes watching my back. It's a good thing. It's a good thing. I got some apes watching my back but anyways.

We know i'm gon na. Take the total volume from all exchanges, but let's take the short volume from limited exchanges, so i take this number with a grain of salt. What i do look at it, as is a trend and whether we're going up or down in terms of short share availability. This gives us an idea of how much the stock market or amc and specifically is being shorted, so about 2.6 million according to fintel uh, no crazy numbers here, i've got stonko tracker pulled up as well.

This gives us an idea of how many call options are expiring in the money which can lead to failure to delivers if these are not delivered. So right now we got about 24 998 and if we expire at 11, that is 31 000. That would be in the money on friday, so we're looking over here at uh, the open interest and at 11 bucks. We currently have about 17 888 total uh call options, plus that 13 000 would add up to about 31 000, which is where i'm assuming they're getting that number.

So that's what we're looking at right now in terms of the the crazy numbers, i also have the uh, the short website pulled up here. This gives us an idea of the true uh, long and short positions that were established on a day-to-day basis. This gives us a percentage, so we got a short volume percent yesterday of 38 day before that it was at 47.. So you can see this is a pretty heavily short stock.

It's not a dead cat. Never was a dead cat, never will be a freaking dead cat. She was a napping cat and we just got to be patient. We got to remember the long term game here guys, so that was really long-winded, but i wanted to catch everybody up to speed on what we're looking at right now, with this current situation, there is one other thing that i kind of want to address, and it Was posted about seven days ago now i wanted to go on a live stream and address this.

However, obviously, with you know the different things going on in my life, i wasn't able to get on a live stream and make this happen. So this was in regards to trey's trades. This was sent to me by somebody my own personal discord, and i think, there's some speculation. Going on that.

This might have happened, will happen will happen down the road whatever it might be, and i want to address it. So it says this: there is a chance that high subscriber uh youtube content providers will be infiltrated by hedge funds. They will get offered large sums of money to steer the crowd in the wrong direction. They may even get threatened.

This is purely speculation, again stay the course, and i want to let you guys know that i have not been offered any money by hedge funds uh and if i am offered money by hedge funds, i have this as an analogy for you. Why would i settle for pennies, where i can walk away with millions right? Keep this in the back of your mind, if we were to pull up microsoft, whiteboard really quick and just show you something really fast right. We got ta pull up the microsoft whiteboard. You know what it is you know: trey come on.

If you come to a trace, trades video, you got ta know we're pulling up this microsoft, freaking whiteboard guys. I promise you guys, i'm gon na get to these super chats. I'm gon na get to the chat bar, but i want to get through all my whole spiel that i kind of wanted to address. So why would i settle for it? Let's just say i don't know like fifty thousand dollars.

That sounds like something people would offer i've seen that number float around for different stocks. Fifty thousand dollars right. If i was offered fifty grand, why would i do that when currently i hold? How many shares? How many shares do? I even have right now: 3. 367.

Right so 3, 367 and let's say hypothetically this squeezes to 2k right. That's gon na make me a six millionaire. I'm not gon na settle for pennies. When i know i can make six million dollars, that's asinine! That makes no sense at all.

It's a bunch of dog, so you guys don't have to worry about that, i'm not selling out and furthermore, it's a lot more than the money right. So i'm not looking for any sort of uh compensation. That's going to betray the apes, i'm not selling out to any no freaking hedgies, because you guys know me. The whole reason that i got into this was because i wanted to swing trade it and after watching what happened.

The situation with robin hood, the freaking, halts all the people that got screwed and lost money. I took it here right. I got pissed off and i wanted to stay the course and help out people and give a platform for the average everyday ape who wants their opinion heard right and that's what it comes down to for me is. This is a moral obligation.

I really feel like calling to to help out everybody here, because i'm the same, i'm the same same as you guys right, i'm an average everyday weeb, i'm an ape who likes anime stocks and cracking you know, and i just want to be able to provide that Platform for everybody else, so don't have to worry about that. That is never going to happen. I'm never going to sell out and that's what i've got for that so now that i've kind of gotten through the meat potatoes of uh. What we're looking at here, i'm gon na start digging through this chat bar good to see everybody here.

I don't care if you are watching this on a tv app slap that, like you, know what it is per usual guys, i'm telling you this is 3500! Dropping that uh dropping back a shot of the kraken for uh, for the gorilla gang give a good toast. You know what it is gg. I missed you brother, welcome back! Thank you for that. Let's get it! Let's get it never! Leave trade we'll protect! You huddle! Amc thank you, alex uh, alex in the chat again you're the real robin hood 2k too low.

Oh yeah. We got 20k 20 million 20 million billion. Oh guys, i've missed this too much. This is a blast we have.

Mr trey hope your hard work isn't getting. You two down man. No i'm doing good. There was one thing that kind of was a kick in the nuts and i'm sure that everybody's seen it at this point, but there was some information in my discord which i'm not going to disclose.

If you saw it, you know if you didn't see it, my lawyer advises against saying anything, but there was some things that happened in my discord that got leaked out to the public and there's some speculation that uh that i'm trying to spread fun, that i've been Spot out by hedgies and i'm trying to get you guys out of the place so that i can get out of the play whatever it might be, and i want to clarify that that is not the case right. So you don't have to worry about me trying to trying to get out of amc. You don't have to worry about me um. Where was i going? I was getting these freaking rambles, but you don't got to worry about that right.

So i'm here, i'm chilling. I'm cooking with crisco baby, so we missed you too yeah dude. I missed you guys. I missed you guys.

Trays is true, silverback! No, i'm just a regular everyday ape. I'm telling you it's this thing! It's this thing, apes, together, baby! You know what it is when you were gone, we realize how much we enjoy you stay strong for us trey. I will the one thing that i didn't like about that whole situation is. I got emails dms on twitter instagram, my discord, um about like legal threats and death threats, like people say they're gon na show up to my house.

If i publish that video, so i'm gon na be very careful about the information that i release on any videos about amc, i'm gon na talk. I talk to my lawyer. That's why i wasn't on for the last, like 24 hours, you just told me to kind of stay off the internet and let things sizzle a little bit and uh yeah. That's as much as i'm going to say about that.

I've got things that i can't say and things that i can't so hopefully you guys understand. I appreciate everybody immensely, it's great to have everybody here. I'm chilling and cooking babies, so no sweat, anime socks and kraken t-shirt. You know it.

You know it man, you know it holy toledo. He's back. Can i get an oh yeah? Oh yeah trey adopted me as your son, i'm 30 years old, but i can act like a 10 year old father you're adopted you're adopted. I got you, i've got.

I've got about 150 000 suns and about 30 thousand dollars. If my uh, my youtube analytics, are correct: uh trey, i don't know if you see this but check your game on twitter, uh, natty, red goals found you something you may like to keep i'll check that out nathan. I will i promise you so i try to get everybody's. You know messages on discord, twitter, instagram, all that sort of stuff.

But to be honest with you guys - and i'm sure you realize at this point - there's just a crap ton of stuff to piece through. So it is what it is, but um anyways this live stream is meant for you guys. So if you have any questions about the dilution fund, the kong sales man, that's been some good stuff. The live price action.

Do you want any ticker requests that you want to check out in terms of technical analysis? We can definitely do that uh, it's entirely back for you guys, so we straight chilling we're straight chilling. It's finally squeezing we'll get there. Man we'll get there we'll get there buy a hundred amc shares. Oh i got ta address this first.

Somebody said check your whatsapp, so jake burbari. I do not have a whatsapp. I will never send you my whatsapp number and i'll never ask for your whatsapp number. If you see that scammer in the comments section on any single one of my videos, that is not me - don't fall for that bs that guy's trying to steal your money, so you can make money in crypto or something i'll see.

If i can find it really. Quick because there's always that freaking dingling, i hate that dingling he's always always. I've got that guy blocked like 6 000 times and just never goes away. Never freaking goes away.

Let's see, let's see we got yep. This is the one so you'll notice that me, because it doesn't have a check mark by my name, his name and uh. I updated my profile picture, so that's not my profile picture anymore. Mine's got the gorilla in it.

Baby we've got the freaking gorilla, so you'll know you'll know because they'll differ, they'll differ, amc only groups show some rockets hey, you know what it is. You know what it is. What are your thoughts on crypto? I got ta scroll back up. This always happens all right.

What are your thoughts on crypto alt season pump? Btt has been climbing. Even though voyager has a huge weight list. Please say: go pack uh, no, no! No you're, not gon na get me with that. I'm a vikings fan man come on.

Come on you guys know from minnesota. You guys know from minnesota all right. So what we got here all right, btt has been climbing. The voyager has a huge wait list.

Yeah btt is doing pretty well, i mean it's. I mean if you look at this technically wise, it's got a beautiful, ascending level of support, beautiful ascending level of uh resistance. So it's in a nice upward moving channel aside from a false breakout right here, which you know it is what it is but um. I think it's a pretty good long-term hold as it sits right now.

I mean it's. It's moving really smooth. If you're able to buy this freaking dip right here, you're sitting really really pretty but um. What do we got in terms of technical analysis right now? This is usually a pretty good setup for me, um for a swing trade.

So if i was to look at this we're on a four-hour channel, a candle right now, you've got the 15 mma trading over the 200m. I just crossed it, which is typically my favorite sort of play to get in for a quick swing trade. Maybe it's like one day, two days five days whatever it is, i would watch for a test of that level of resistance. If you want to rock this um and then for future reference with btt, you can see that it trades in a pretty tight price zone.

I mean uh. We had this level of support right here and it bounced back and forth back and forth between resistance and support. You could have you know, swing traded, that you know pretty much endlessly and i think you'll continue to be able to do so and then on top of that, come on guys. You already know what it is.

I got ta say anything they're, gon na say anything. Do i got ta say anything: do i even got ta say it come on, don't make me say it well, i'ma say it anyway. We got a george w. You know what it is.

We got a big fat george w. So if you break this neckline right here, it should come with a pretty decent move. So i'd watch for that watch for that break over the neckline, which would look something like this about 25 60 or so you got it wolf of wall street video. Yes, i'm glad you addressed that that is coming out tomorrow, so i i am paying a hefty amount of cash on a month to month basis right now on lawyer fees and i'm helping out one of my my family members with some medical bills so um.

I know that there are always those people who speculate and say trey. How come you don't put more money into amc? You know, and i i understand where you're coming from i currently hold. What is this thirty four thousand dollars worth of amc was was like thirty. Six thousand, i had twenty seven hundred shares and it was a thirty six thousand dollars.

When i was trading at fourteen bucks dropped back down to nine. I try to buy on a day-to-day basis, so you know the price price uh price average fluctuates, but you know i'm sitting at about 367 right now with a total value of 34 grand and that's just because i've got lawyer fees that i'm paying i'm trying to Take care of my my family member uh she's, it's actually my mom she's she's got some issues right now with blood clots. She got covened and after she got it, she she got blood clots in her lungs and her legs. So i'm just trying to send her.

Some cash every month so that can help her. You know, stand her feet and, and you know, keep cooking keep cooking so got to take care of your family before all else - and you know i i'm going to be here either way so we're going to keep adding until the freaking day comes baby. So here we go 500 amc shares to welcome back trey 2k likes. Oh wait done plug the discord in the gorilla gang uh yeah.

If you want to check it out, feel free to do so. The the discord is in the description box down below. I try. Not to plug stuff, because i know it gets annoying.

I always hate when youtubers do that, but you don't want to check that out. It is in the description box. It's five bucks a month for the patreon to keep it cheap, so you guys can hop in whenever you want and we just added something really cool. It's called an ai stock bot.

So if you want to check that out, it's actually really cool it offers you um different, analytics based off of ai for swing trades, bullseye options, sweeps insider trading, important news, catalyst, analyst, upgrades great little stuff and a good community so go check that out feel free To do so, i'm definitely going to pray, for i appreciate that guys. Thank you. Thank you really does mean a lot to me. I there's really been a lot going on in my life.

I know: there's a million rumors and myths spreading on stock twits twitter, discord. Uh reddit blah blah blah blah blah, but, to be honest with you, i've just got stuff going on with work. My eyes have been up and down up and down. I've got some lawyer stuff that i'm going through right now, with with you know, a couple different things that i can't disclose and then i've just got some health issues.

You know for different family members, so just try to take care of everybody as well as take care of the gorilla gang guys. So no excuses for me. I'm chilling i'm straight chilling. It's good to be here.

Traders have another 500 to my amc position. Hold the line and be patient. That's what i love to see baby. There was a guy on my discord.

Ghost you better be watching right now. He said he adds 500 shares a day right now, so drop some freaking gorillas in the chat for ghosts and 500 shares a day right now. That is absolutely monstrous here to win my tesla, i stand by it man this ends up hitting 600 bucks. I am buying myself a tesla roadster and i'm buying one other lucky person out there, a tesla model x, so uh.

This hits 600 bucks. You hold me to it. I've said it a million times and i'll say it a million more. You know what it is.

You know what it is all right. Welcome back. I like this stock, not a dead cat. We missed your energy great good to have you.

Everybody appreciate that. Thank you. I've honestly missed it. It's been a lot of fun.

It's been a lot of. It's been a lot of fun to do these and you don't realize what you mentioned miss until it's gone. You know i really have missed this: a pretty decent amount. It's just the community man like i'm, just a huge extrovert, oh she's, pulling back down to about 10 10 right now.

Are we having a little bit of a sell-off the level twos? You see that same bs with the the ask bid. Walls right so you've got huge block trades taking place in both sides of the spectrum right now whoa. What is this almost pumped up to 10, 18 or so touch? The v-wap got a little bit of rejection. So let me walk you through the process right here and what we see in terms of technical analysis right, so we saw a test of the v-wap, the volumetric average price.

Now, what does this tell you? It tells you on a daily basis what the average price is, that people are holding the stock that bought that day right. So when you trade beneath the v-wap, it means that most people are bag holders. On the day when you're trading above the v-wop, it means that most people are not bag holders. It means they're green on the day.

So if you are trading above that volume at average price that gold indicator is, it is standard gold color on on weeble, you can't change that. If you'd like to you just come over here to uh edit indicators, you can come over to vwop and click on the color and it changes it for you, but i just i just keep it as gold, because gold slaps baby, you know what it is, but Anyways, when you test that v-wap and it rejects that always acts as a level of resistance, so we saw a test of the v-wap rejected came back down. It looks like we're getting a little bit of a buying pressure back in here again nice pump and volume. There about 517 000 shares in that one minute window on the ask: we got that same sort of wall but building up sent by cent by cent on the ask which is typically short sellers right: that's not stereotypical trading patterns.

So if you were to look at sensonics for example right this is i mean you got a large amount of shares on the ask, but it's different sizes right, whereas on amc, it's like the same size on every single penny spread and honestly since sonic's. That's pretty unusual trading anywho, so if you're coming here to plug power right, don't have that you come over here to uh fuel cell. No, that's not right! Fuel cell! Don't have that. You come over to zom.

What do we got? Whoa zoma's got some crazy volume by the way i put out a video on zone and nobody freaking uh. I got a lot of flack for they're like why are you talking about this stock? If you don't own it, but i don't always talk about stocks that i own guys. You know what that is. I just try to give you guys what you want, but anyways.

I call it dropping down to about a buck 20 uh and it ended up coming down to a buck 11 and bouncing. So i thought i was going to bounce off. A buck. 20 came back about 10 cents lower than that, but it was a pretty good guess.

I'm pretty satisfied with that uh short-term analysis. So uh, i know matthew perry owns two thousand shares of it of zometica. Hopefully, you're cooking with crisco man hope you're, making some freaking fat cash fat cash. You know what it is all right.

Thank you to code fire appreciate that, like this video trey you're awesome, we got your six appreciate that man, by the way we're 12 likes away. 9 likes away from getting that cracking down the hatch baby. You know what it is. Thank you to all music hayden says anime stocks and kraken we'll get that we'll get that t-shirt.

One day. One day i sent you a message on twitter. Would you be willing to share the attendees with my saint jude fundraiser thanks brother 100 man, i'm gon na get back to a lot of different things, so when this ends up going to the moon baby, as we know it will, by the way, did you check Out this sweet shirt, this gorilla gang shirt, i'm freaking pumped about it uh they get a code strong for putting that together. Dude looks sick but anywho once this pops off i'm going to donate to a couple different corporations.

I'm going to give to my my track team back at my college that i graduated from my rotc program that i commissioned from i'm going to give to the community. So obviously, i'm going to buy a tesla for one lucky person. I'm gon na give some to the wounded warriors project. I'm gon na give some to you know a variety of different uh.

You got ta get back. You know you got ta get back, that's all it is. That's all it is man. That's all she wrote come back here to amc what we got cooking, what we got cooking god dang bob saget man.

This has been an absolute. I seriously missed this a lot. I forgot how happy this makes me. This is seriously my favorite stuff, my favorite stuff uh, we'll pay to hear you say: what's poppin all right, are you ready for this? You ready for this? What's poppin, you know what it is man you know what it is.

We got that 3 500 likes down the hatch guys. So you know what that means. You know what that means. You always know what that means.

We got ta put her down so drinking out of that george w cup gon na be giving back that good ol cheers to the community, the crew, the gorilla gang, because you guys make this freaking possible. So, as always, when we have these live streams, we try to do a toast or cheers at least to some extent, and this is what i've got for you so cheers to the gorilla gang for waiting on me right. I do not consider myself the leader of this pack. I am an ape just like you guys, but nonetheless i get to pass along the voice of a lot of people.

That means a lot to me. You know it really does, and you don't realize what you miss until it's not in your grasp right. So i i wasn't able to be as consistent due to a variety of different factors and you guys stuck around right. You waited for me.

Your support was overwhelming. Your support for each other, it was overwhelming right. That is incredible, and this is for you guys so that cheers this toast goes to the apes out there who diamond-handed the crap out of this thing, while i was down down in the dirt deal with some other problems for a while. So, thank you guys so much.

I hope that you guys are all cooking with crisco, because i'll tell you what you kept me up. You guys kept me kept me up, and that means a lot to me, so, ah beautiful and chasing with that good stuff, you guys be proud of me. I haven't actually had an energy drink in like four days, i'm getting like four hours of sleep. That's a step up.

Anybody who's watching this live stream knows that four or five hours for me, decent, that's freaking, decent right there, decent drinking coffee out of the george w cup, two i'd love to see it. Man, that's gold! All right, amc currently saying about ten dollars and twelve cents. Looking at the ask, you've got that same sort of wall put up one thing that i've noticed - and this has been discussed a little bit on the live streams before is that during the pre-market and the after hours, you don't have that same sort of algorithmic buying And selling that slaps itself on that bid in the ask - and i want to be blunt when i say something here - i don't think that all of these bid and asks are just shorts right. I think some of these are whales that are long uh.

That bid could very well be whales that are long or what this could be is shorts, that that are slapping the ask and that are purchasing back within two three four cent spreads, but keep this in the back of your mind, right them doing. That is not going to change the end game right, they're, they're, they're, making back pennies when they've lost millions right. Keep that in the back of your mind, so don't be discouraged by the fact that hey, oh no melvin capital made back a couple thousand dollars. Let me back a million dollars.

That's pennies! That's freaking, piss they're, making back piss in comparison. It's just not the same! So uh! That's what you're looking at right here and then pre-market in the after hours. You don't typically see this happen right. So that's something you should keep in the back of your mind when you're referencing the price action here - and i get this question all the time.

Why do we think that that amc, you know, can't move during the regular market hours and it's because of this, and because, in order to push through these walls, we need an insane amount of volume. Well, what would that mean right? Well, if you look back at yesterday, we saw a pretty decent amount of volume in comparison. What we've had today so far, 29 million total shares. Yesterday we had 95 million, which actually isn't that much in comparison.

What we've seen in the past, but keep in the back of your mind that we had a really good. Do we really have that freaking scammer in my chat bar right now you freaking bastard, get out of here god dang it bob saget, that's insanity! Thank you. Vegas chef, andrew dude: what is this? What is this outlandish that doesn't make any sense dude the trey's trades bot is in the chat, drop some gorillas in the chat for the trades trades. That's the dumbest thing i've ever seen.

Oh that's dumb! That's crazy! That's crazy! But anywho we had a great catalyst yesterday right, so the ceo adam aaron was on an interview talking about uh. The 500 million share dilution talking about the kong sales which, by the way freaking decent, they were doing really solid and i actually retweeted this on my twitter. So i go over to my twitter, really quick. If you wan na follow me feel free to do so.

It's uh, it's just at trades. Tray, there's also a scam account. That is not this. This is my exact handle so word letter for letter letter for letter make sure that you are putting that in.

If you want to follow it, but if not i'm chilling either way but anywho i uh i talked about this. I retweeted, i think the exact article. So, let's see if i can find it really quick um by the way you guys have been recommending that i watched jujutsu kaizen and i finally got around to it and oh the toledo. That is an insane anime.

It's so good! I i didn't know what to think. I didn't know what to think but dang that gives me some good vibes. I've been really digging it. Also we're going to bring in on brittany taylor on the 9th, so brittany taylor's going to be coming on to the live stream.

If you're not familiar with her, she is an actress and one of the largest, if not the largest uh youtube female youtubers, so very excited to have her on that'll be very cool, um yeah. This is right here, brittany, luis taylor, so we're gon na bring around and have a chat about amc stocks. Investing just uh have a conversation, it'll be a podcast style interview, but anyways. I want to find that retweet that i had tweets and replies.

It was regarding the kong sales, so i don't remember the exact number, but i know that i retweeted it here. It is yeah all right, so warner, bros pictures, godzilla, vs kong is currently crushing the global box office, charts 300 million dollars with record debut baby, and i watched that freaking movie. Oh, it was good if you guys have not seen godzilla versus kong. I watched it twice.

I watched it twice and both times i paid 100 bucks for my ticket, my oversized popcorn, my my 300. You know milliliters of diet, coke and some milk duds baby and that slapped that freaking slap dude. It was so good, but uh make sure you're supporting the cause. If you are holding the amc, i mean obviously make sure that you're taking care of yourself financially first, but the sales were freaking decent and obviously they don't keep all 300 million dollars of that they do have to pay out to the directors of the movie.

The people who created the movie, but with movies right, you have um revenue that is created from the the popcorn, the diet, coke, the pop the candy, whatever it might be, all that sort of stuff they make cash directly off of that. So just make sure you're supporting the cause. If you are available to do so. If you want to watch kong, vs godzilla, i would recommend doing it in the theater.

I watched it on imax my own local amc baby. I posted that sucker on twitter. It was so freaking dope, it was so good. I had to watch it twice.

I just had to team kong all day. I was so pop. I won't reckon for anybody. I won't reckon for anybody.

Khan gets his his moment of glory. He gets his moment of glory, but it uh it took a minute. I was a little. I was a little sad.

I was a little sad. I will say that there is a clear winner between kong and godzilla that won't record for anybody, but it was decent. It was decent trey. I just got 340 calls on amc, expiring june 18th.

Ah, there you go man there you go uh, i hope they. I hope they pan out for you. The only thing that i'm you know cautious about is we don't know the exact day in which this is gon na end up going to the moon right uh. Nobody knows what i will say is that i think i think there.

This is just speculation right. I can't back up any of these claims. This is just my personal thoughts and opinions. I think that there is likely backdoor conversations that happen between institutions and you know different institutions.

We know this, we know there's insider training that takes place. That is beyond our comprehension and understanding. So i think if there are longs on this, which, by the way, have been increasing an astronomical amount on amc in the past, who knows how long? But if there are longs on this, it's pretty likely. There's some planning.

That's taking place with those long, so i'm gon na pull up the institutional investors. Really quick - and i know, there's been some really big ones and the ones that catch my eye, in particular vanguard, blackrock right. Those are always the two big uh. You know, hedge funds, that that i pay attention to because they're, huge and vanguard and blackrock are both in long on amc with a pretty decent amount of shares.

I mean 7.6 million shares. No joke. 5.9 million shares here. No freaking joke right.

That's a 4.67 ownership which is really decent. We've had new buyers step into the game on a pretty frequent basis, nothing as of today, nothing as of yesterday, but uh. I mean it's increasing day by day by day, and that's a good thing for me to personally see i mean the biggest one we've seen is from sesquihana, with 3.2 million total shares, which makes them a pretty decent uh. You know partial owner in the company.

I mean that's almost 10 million total shares, which is freaking not bad, and that bad not bad. I like it. I like it i'll, tell you that right now, but uh, that's that's! That's my take. That's my take.

I i remember reading a comment, one time this guy said this guy said uh. If i made a dollar for every time, trey gave his two cents, because that's one of my sayings i got, i always have a million catch phrases. One of my catchphrases is that's just my two cents, maybe maybe think about that. The fact that i always say that, but i'm just chilling - oh man, okay, coming back to it, hey trey great, to see you so i received a call last week from someone claiming to be with amc wanting me to vote.

Yes on all amc proposals. Does this sound like a scam by the way he uh, i said hell, no um, so i would, i would say, that's a scam. Personally, i don't think they'd have access to your personal phone number. I would just assume uh.

I would assume that it's it's a scam right, so you are able, from my understanding, you guys feel free to correct me. I'm not gon na claim that i know it without with 100 certainty, but from my understanding you are able to change your vote. If you do want to do so right, there's been a lot of speculation about the 500 million share dilution. This is my personal opinion.

With the 500 million share dilution right, i'm not against it, um, i'm just not for it right now. So the big thing that ant managers walked away saying is: if it gets passed right, the 500 million share dilution they're a not going to dump them all into the market immediately right that doesn't make any sense for a company to do and b. He said we may never even use them right, it's just for him to keep in his back pocket if they needed it right. So it's not worth spreading all this fud which stands for fear and certainty and doubt which is just spreading like freaking wildfire right now.

It makes absolutely no sense how many people are going ape over this stuff. I mean we've talked we've known. This is a thing for literally a month. It's insanity, it makes no sense.

So don't let this freak you guys out. We don't need to be panicking over this 500 million dilution right. You have the opportunity to vote. You have your opportunity to have your personal opinion heard.

Um just weigh the pros and cons right. Do you think it's worth doing right now, or do you think it's worth waiting on? Personally? What i did is. I voted yes to proposal six um that way they can further adjourn the meeting to a different day issue. Another proxy statement saying hey: this is what we plan on doing with the shares, or the very least just delaying time right.

So if it delays time it squeezes well. At that point it i mean, let me screw it. Oh, my god, i got ta calm down. I can't surround these live streams like that.

No f bombs, no bombs, but anyways. I would say you know screw it right. At that point, i don't care if you pass the 500 million dilution because it is going to help the company long term, but in the short term for a squeeze. You know that that would kill a lot of momentum.

So um, that's my personal opinion. You guys do what you want to do it's entirely up to you, guys right, you pull the trigger, i'm not going to tell you what to do. You know, i'm just going to tell you what i like, because i like the stock baby. I like the stock and i like anime, i like cracking, i like the apes.

That's all she wrote. It's been called twice asking me to vote as well. Oh i've been called twice interesting, so i've never got called about that. I've never been called about that.

I got ta be honest. The news job is to make money, not tell you the truth. You said it man seriously. I was so freaking.

You guys had to have uh thought the same thing you had to have thought the same thing uh when you guys are you guys, are cracking me up. I'm telling you what my chat bar is the best one on any youtube youtube channel, because you guys crack me up. The community is just great uh. That's what i get for dropping the f bomb i'll, never leave it down, never leave it down um, but i watched that that cnbc interview with adam aaron, i was so pissed off.

It was the dumbest. Ah, oh god they just butchered him. They butchered him freaking, jim cramer and cnbc twisted the out of that whole conversation and made it uh made it different. You know it made, it seem, like i mean weeble actually had to send out a correction because they were so quick to pull the trigger on the freaking news before even getting the details right, which doesn't make any sense.

You know, and i think, there's a lesson to be learned: there's power behind what you say: uh, because that news article spread a crap ton of fun. I mean if it altered the stock price, that news article altered stock price. I mean it's exactly what it is. The fear and certainty doubt play to the equation and we don't need that sort of stuff.

So it shows you man, it shows you they just care about getting the word out and honestly. I think they are personally colluding with some of those hedge funds that are short on the stock. I i just don't see any i mean they call us stupid money, they call us dumb money, they call they don't they're, trying to scrutinize us for our own personal decisions and investing right. Now i want to make one thing super clear with this: there is nothing guaranteed about amc and there's nothing guaranteed about gamestop right.

Nobody knows what's going to happen, technical analysis, i mean on a day-to-day basis, if freaking, if jordan, belford or elon musk, i mean if one person tweets something bam. They're gon na go freaking nuts, i mean you can't predict anything about these stocks right now. There's nothing guaranteed. This is risky right.

If this is your first investment, i want you to walk away. Knowing this is risky right. This is super risky and there's nothing guaranteed about it, but we live in a free market where we get to decide what we want to do with our money right. I try to make it perfectly clear.

The risks involved with amc right, don't invest money you're not going to lose pay yourself. First feed your family. Keep the roof over your head, make sure that you have all of your obligations taken care of right. That is the first and foremost important thing, but we have the opportunity to invest what we want to invest in right and them trying to to scare us out of our money to try and tell us that things aren't what they are.

It doesn't make any freaking sense guys, so i'm just i'm just on a rant, but you know what it is. You know what it is all right, anywho back to it. What's your take on the last week from jordan belford regarding gme and bitcoin, i haven't seen it yet. I got ta be honest with you, but i better check it out now by the way, if you're just tuning in we are bringing on jordan belfort uh tomorrow, there's gon na be a video it'll be coming out tomorrow night.

I forgot that's not his handle, but it'll be coming out tomorrow night, so be watching for that. If you were following me on ch, you would have heard this last wednesday, jamie and bitcoin all right. Well, let me turn off drake, because i know that i've got drake playing in the background right now and i will turn this on. So we can listen to it all right turn that off desktop audio nope that ain't on yet um, it's probably under sources.

Isn't it desktop audio headphones, no board members, all right here we go, you can do. Bitcoin stocks can be played with by the board members. People can do major blocks of inside selling. They can do secondaries.

There's all these things. That can happen to a stock that can dramatically reduce it. Look at his shoes man up too long above his fundamental value. So, theoretically, if gamestop stayed up in the hundreds and hundreds of dollars a share, when there was nothing good going on with the company, what they could do is they would issue a secondary and raise a half a billion dollars 300 a share and then try to Use that capital to build a different type of company and that would cause the stock to get crushed.

So, ultimately, you can't compare cryptocurrency to stock and also you can't just always think that would be the bull market. You always got to remember that you're playing, but there's a lot of money to be made on the edge of the knife. I'll tell you that! Oh i like that. I, like that, dude what a freaking genius, what a genius this guy, he put it in the the freaking simplest ape language possible.

There's a lot of money to be made on the edge of the knife. I don't think anybody could have said that in a better, smoother brain ape way holy freaking toledo, man, dang dang wow. Personally, i like blockchain, i like bitcoin, but there's a lot of money to be made on the tip of the knife. That's that's a smart way to put it guys, uh! It's interesting, that's very interesting for sure we're going to test the vwop by the way i didn't even catch this sitting at 10 and 19 cents right now, however, that last candle was at 10 22., so got a little bit of momentum here it does look like We found a bottom at 10 bucks, so we are on the up and up uh broke out of this descending level of resistance.

If we look at this on a trend, uh line right, so we have this descending level of resistance. We got a break consolidation phase right here, a false break right here. This is an example of a little bit of a you know, a false break, so we had a level of resistance. Uh support, i should say a 1006 ended up being a false breakdown.

Only three minute candles that stayed underneath that push back up now we're staying at about ten dollars and nineteen cents. After that, false breakdown, which is the opposite of a false break out uh. It can have both ways right so keep down the back of your mind. That's what we're looking at right now we ain't freaking, leaving we like the stock baby.

It looks like we are going to get that breaker with the v-wop guys back into some good bullish territory. Honestly, today's been a little bit flat. It's been a flat price action day, not a lot happening, but we're getting there we're freaking getting there baby all right so happy to see you back man. Do you think we should have voted? Yes, knowing the ceo has our best interest, possibly laying another future opportunity.

You can change your vote if you'd like to it's 100 optional, you can do that. You can go back to your original proxy vote. Just make sure you go back to your email and change the vote personally, um i'll tell you what i did. This is uh.

I i decided to wait, not because i don't trust the company, but just because i want to ponder some more opinions before i decide to change my answer right. I do think the ceo has our best interest in mind. Um. I think that he wants to keep the control in the company's hands right, and i don't think that he's going to issue the shares unless he absolutely needs to or there's a big opportunity for business personally if they get passed on, may 4th what will probably end Up happening in my personal opinion is they'll sit on them, they're going to sit on this until they see a reason to believe that uh.

You know they need to issue those shares to raise some capital. So i see you guys are dropping dtcc005 in the chat bar. I'm going to be honest with you. I i haven't read that new dtcc ruling yet, but what i can do for you is uh, make a video on that tonight.

So uh, it's gon na. Take me a little bit of time. I want to be able to get you guys, a good opinion, a good answer on what that new rule means, because i haven't seen it yet. I spent the majority of the morning, which is why i started live streaming at about noon today.

I spent the majority of the morning doing some paperwork for work. So, as you guys, oh, i didn't even give you guys an update. Did i shoot so with work? You guys know that i've had some medical issues right. I've got my eye issue which, by the way, is doing pretty good right now i got a steroid injection, not too long ago, which is keeping it under wraps.

This is actually the best. My left eye has been in honestly about two months, so that's a good thing to see, but then i've also got my heart issues and i went into the cardiologist and they ran a a stress test and a ultrasound and they finally found what's going on. At least they think they think that what happened is i have a heart shunt now i don't i'm not entirely sure what this is. You know i've got an idea, but i'll pull this up.

Really quick from my understanding. It's essentially like a hole in my right. Ventricle, so cardiac shine is a pattern of blood flow in the heart that deviates from the normal circuit of the circulatory system. From my understanding with my job um, that is going to be a disqualifier, so i i've been advised to start filling out some paperwork so that i can um begin the process too, and now there's nothing guaranteed here.

You know i'm i'm staying very a political and opinionated here, but i've just been filling out some paperwork. So that's uh! That's why i haven't gotten to that dtcc005. Yet i do see you guys dropping it in here. I promise you i am going to get around to it.

Uh that'll be a video for tonight. So keep that in the back of your mind, that's why i have not gotten to that yet. But i promise you i will we will read through that and we will uh get you an answer. So hope you think.

Thank you guys for understanding. I hope you do. Uh means a lot to me. We will get to that, though.

I think that andrew mulmoney did put together a video on that. If you want to check it out, though, if you want to check out that dtcc stuff, he has made a video on that it is available on his channel uh we're just going to cover the amc, live price action and different uh different stocks, different tickers, that Are popping baby uh give me some technical analysis, talk about uh, you know the the dilution stuff and the kong sales live price action. That's that's my specialty. You know my thing is technical analysis and uh.

I just don't. I haven't read into the dtcc stuff. Yet so i want to be honest with you guys, please uh, don't drop a super chat for that, because i don't want you to waste your money. Keep that in your pocket right i'd much much much! Rather, you spent that on amc than asking me a question that i actually don't have an answer for right now, so i'm always gon na be real with you.

I don't know. I don't know the answer to that right now, but i will get you an answer. Uh, when i don't know things it's just not gon na be something i can do right now. So that's my answer, for you guys hope that is uh 100 cool with you cool with you, anywho all right uh, where to leave off as promised, provide venmo.

I will send you some money from hatozaki small batch japanese whiskey, like i promised, sent you a pm on twitter albert wong, no way dude no way albert wong. You really want to do that. I mean it is in the description box down below. If you want to it's entirely up to you, you don't got ta uh, i don't have a link, but i do have the handle and the handle is at trades.

Tray spelled uh t-r-a-d-e-s-t-r-e, uh nope just kidding it's trade, trade uh trace god dang it pop. Second. I suck i'm just gon na drop in the chat bar. If you want to do that, feel free to do so.

Uh. If not that's cool too, you know, i'm actually really excited. I saw somebody say this trade trade talk stock goes up. It's awesome because every time i would do live streams, this would only go down.

It would only go down. I swear to god. I swear to god. It was like a bad luck charm, so it's freaking cool to see that we're we're actually live streaming.

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