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MVIS Stock Analysis: MVIS (Microvision) is a lidar technology based company with ties in the U.S. Army aviation sector, having IVAS technologies in U.S. aviation pilots kevlar helmets. In this MVIS Stock Analysis video, we discuss and analyze the daily price action from a macroscopic and microscopic point of view. We also establish MVIS stock's near and far side support and resistance levels, analyze the VWMA (volume-weighted moving average), EMA (Exponential Moving Average), RSI indicators, overall volume trends, and future price action possibilities, both bearish and bullish.

Follow along on the MVIS playlist to keep up to date with all microvision stock news and release.

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Oh, oh, my god, my friends, oh my god, i'm so pumped for this, i'm so pumped for this video we've got some great great stuff to talk about here today. What is up everybody welcome to trey's trades. We give technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these. Given stocks, like your profits by saying that i'm not a financial, advisor or expert so take what i say with a grain of salt.

Let's get into the video today, my friends are gon na, be talking about my girl, my girl, ticker symbol, mvis mavis, micro vision, man. I love everything about this company. I've been on this back when they were about four dollars and fifty cents i hold on to this, like you would not believe - and we've got some great stuff to talk about here today, so we're gon na look into the fundamentals: the why? Why should you care? Why is this a good company? I personally do have a position in this company. I'm gon na be holding this for the long term.

This is a stock that i will not sell for absolutely anything, probably my favorite stock in the entire market. To be completely blunt with you and we're gon na talk about why that is the fundamentals and then we're gon na look at some recent news right. Some speculation that could help drive the price action here and give us an idea of where this might go. In the future, and then the meat and potatoes which is the chart, so i'm going to show you the one month chart as well as the one day one minute chart to give both a macroscopic and microscopic perspective of the price action.

I've got a couple of indicators pulled up right, the rsi, which is a relative strength index. Anything over 70 is overbought. Anything under 30 is oversold. This gives us an idea of both bullish and bearish, buying pressure or selling pressure, and then we've got the 200 dma and the 15 day.

M8. The 200 ema is the exponential moving average. This is a price action based valuation trend line over a 200-day moving period. It gives us a macroscopic perspective of price action and then the 15-day ma, which is the moving average.

Some brokerage accounts, call this the sma, the simple moving average. They are one in the same. This is a 15-day price, action-based valuation trend line which gives us a microscopic perspective of price action. When you use these side by side, you do get an idea of when you might see potential breakouts coinciding with overall volume pumping into the stock.

So we're gon na look at this pretty closely here and then we're gon na give you some potential entry points exit points right. If you are looking to get this as a swing trade, instead of a long-term hold, which is my personal preference with this company, we've got a lot to talk about so let's get into the video. So what is the wide if you're not familiar with what microvision does what they are? Who they are we're going to give you a little bit of a description here. Microvision incorporated is a developer of laser beam scanning technology, the company markets, its technology under the brand name picop.

It has developed scanning technology that can be used in practice, products for interactive projection, consumer light detection, ranging automotive, lidar and augmented and mixed reality, picop scanning technology that can be adopted by its customers to create high resolution miniature projection and three-dimensional sensing and image capture solutions That use laser diodes as a light source. The company offers key components for inclusion in a scanning engine, including its micro electrical mechanical systems. The mems and application specific integrated circuits, the company's pop scanning technology incorporates its expertise in two-dimensional, mems, lasers, optics and electronics to create a small form factor scanning engine with lower power needs than many other technologies that projects, video and still image to capture three-dimensional data. Now i'm gon na pull up their website here for us really quick just so we can take a quick peek at what these guys do.

It does not seem to be pulling up here right now, but i will pull this up uh really fast for you. So microvision what they do so, let's just take a quick peek at the company they're. Basically, a technology based company. If we look at their overall technology, they've got a lot of different stuff, so they've got the patents right.

So patents are a great thing because they guarantee you generated revenue and growth over time, you're guaranteed cash and some sort of income, and you can sell these patents for cash. If you are in a tight pinch with financials, we know that's not the case. Currently with microvision, we have had the ceo come out forthright and say: hey we're not in danger of a direct offering, although we we might see one here. That was a while back right, but um they're, not in danger of you, know cash issues.

So that's a good thing to have in the back pocket. Just by the off chance. It happens. They've got capital equipment, advanced manufacturing, optomechanical design, mems systems, hardware, silicon source coating, the whole nine yards.

Then we got the projection engine and interactive projection engine. These are both very small, very sleek, aesthetic um. You know pieces of technology about the size of a quarter. For this and a couple quarters here, so this is cool.

It displays right onto a countertop very similar to what you might see in terms of you know, other projection engines, but what's different is this is more utilizable in a home setting. So this isn't. What gets me really excited? It's cool. It is very cool.

The interaction projection engine is much cooler, though, so this would be similar to an app. You know an i ipad or a tablet right where you can play on this except you're, not going to get your your your screen, dirty right, you can play. Let's say you want to watch. You know a video on how to make a pizza while you're making a pizza you can 100 do that.

You've got the consumer 3d ladder sensor, which is absolutely awesome for smart home applications great for security. You know it's very adaptable: low latency, 3d lidar sensor. Very great technology here, they've got the projection engine for head mounted displays as well as iv a s technology that is utilized by the air for not the air force, the aviation sector of the army right. This helps them navigate.

The skies more clearly gives them real time. You know technological data and feedback based on what's happening in the skies, and you can see that here uh, you know, augmented. Reality is something that is growing in popularity throughout the world, and i can see this really taking off here in the future. So you get this miniature hd display technology to enable the future of ar plus mr plus vr virtual reality.

What gets us really excited is this automotive, 3d lidar sensor. This is going to be a big money, uh pinch for these guys and, what's really exciting, is they have in uh the automotive lidar presentation coming here in april and they did recently release you know their prototype on this stuff. So if we look at their prototype for the automotive lidar, i'm just gon na pull this up for us really quick. You can take a quick peek at what i'm talking about so progress on its automotive lidar.

The stock went insane when this did happen. We can look at the charts. This was you can see exactly where it was. I don't even need to say, but you guys get the picture.

People went insane over this right, so microvision announces progress on its automotive long-range lidar a sample their their their first sample of the lidar. Look how small and sleek that is, my friends, that's tiny! That's awesome! So a leader in mem's base laser beam. Sensing technology today announced it has received necessary components and equipment to meet its april, milestone of completing a samples of its long-range lidar sensor. That's not what i'm excited about here today.

What i'm excited about here today is this right here check this out: ford dissolves, its 7.6 percent stake and velodyne lidar holy toledo. That's awesome! This is this is absolutely crazy, because ford, as we know, is trying to get into the autonomous vehicle and electric vehicle game. They had a stake in velodyne lidar. My friends, you know, will be the icing on the cake.

It'll be the icing on the cake is if they invested in microvision. Oh that'll be insane, i'm not saying that's happened yet, but this was released on february 15th, which is today at 8 37 a.m. Now that is significant. Significant news, ford motor co has dissolved its stake and velodin lidar incorporated a maker of sensors used in self-driving cars.

According to a regulatory filing on monday, as of september 30th, ford had a passive stake of 7.6 or 13.07 million shares in velodyne, so take that with a grain of salt. This is not a large stake in the company. This doesn't indicate they're gon na have a partnership, but it does say that hey we have interest in this company. We have interest in them doing well.

I feel pretty comfortable putting my money here. They took that interest out veto den is one of several companies vying to supply automakers with lidar a sensor that generates a three-dimensional map of the road ahead. So this is pretty significant stuff. That's that's pretty huge, and what's what also catches my eye? Is this judy caron is the new.

This is a while back. This is december 1st of 2020, but it's still significant microvision announces addition of judy quran to its board of directors check this out, microvision innovative leader in solid state, lidar sensor and ultra miniature. Laser display technology based on his proprietary laser beam scanning technology today announced jody quran, was appointed to its board of directors. Quran is an accomplished senior automotive executive with over 30 years of experience of vehicle program, engineering and technology leadership.

Quran has a strong record of leading innovation at ford motor company, where she served in a number of executive positions, including director of technology strategy, where she developed the cross vehicle global strategy for key new technologies, including assisted driving in infotainment, new electrical architectures and connectivity. So might be a coincidence who knows right, but this is definitely something to consider. That's a little bit speculative, that's uh! I would not be surprised in the least bit to see that judy quran still has some ties with you know. Micro v, i shouldn't say microvision with ford and uh.

You know relations there. I i would not be surprised in the least bit to see ford. You know end up. You know looking into microvision as a company to acquire now what would happen with a microvision acquisition right.

This is a very, very lucrative lucrative process, so in a company acquisition right, what happens? Is a company like microvision would be bought out by a company like, let's say ford, it also could be apple, who is also looking into the autonomous vehicles game right, microsoft is uh. We know the tesla's already in it right and they've already got. You know the autonomous vehicle, but if they want to up their game, it's definitely possible. So with that being said, if they were acquired for, let's say 10 billion dollars, shareholders would be paid per billion dollars in acquisition.

A set dollar amount. I have seen different numbers float around. The one that is most common is seven dollars per share. So let's say that for 10 billion dollars, microsoft or ford buys out microvision right, you would receive per billion dollars, let's say seven dollars, which would come out to seventy dollars per share with a 10 10 billion dollar acquisition, which is a very, very lucrative deal, and I honestly don't think that's all that microvision is worth 70 bucks a share.

I think they're gon na be a much much bigger company than that they can really capitalize on this automotive 3d lottery sensor, but in a lot of ways i can see them being a really big leader in this technology industry similar to tesla. Now, no, i know hold on hold on that's a bold statement, bold statement, they're, not the same thing right, but they've got this automotive 3d lidar sensor, but they've also got so much other cool technology. My friends they've got this. The head mounted displays the ar the mr, the vr, which is honestly a sector in itself that could be a huge, huge moneymaker for any company right.

But they've got this. On top of the automotive 3d lidar sensor. They've got the security applications for lidar they've got these different projection engines right they've got these patents. They've got the silicon design, the hardware design the systems.

This is a huge company, my friends, and i think they could be a big big, innovative leader, like a monopolization of this huge technology sector. So i love microvision. This is my favorite stock, probably in the entire market, and that is the. Why the? Why should you care the fundamentals of the company recent news that could really help push the price action here on microvision? So, as it sits right now, we do have the beginning of a little bit of a bullish flag.

We did see this breakdown break up right here from the 15a away from the 200 dma. If you're able to keep up with the channel, you would have been able to buy in, as i had suggested, around 7.50 you'd be up over 200. At one point, if you wanted to sell out at 22, you could have very easily done that, in my opinion, leaving some briefcases on the table if you grab that bag, but to each their own to each their own. I'm glad if you secured profits.

That is the most important thing about the market, but we have that 15 ma crossover, 200 dma. The gap up right here indicating that microscopic price action is gapping up away from the macroscopic price action right on the rsi indicator. It was nearing 70 and honestly, the pullback was not that harsh right. We had a change in points of you know, 79 down to what would have been about 43, which is only about 35 points.

That's not that's not that harsh of a pullback. It indicates a lot of good buying strength on a fibonacci retracement. We only gave back at the very lowest about 38 percent just about and anything about, 50 percent of retracement indicates a lot of buyer strength, so a lot of people are still holding this stock guys. The volume is awesome right.

We got this great, consistent volume coming into microvision now, finally, and when the, when the red days come you're, not seeing as much red volume as green volume, which indicates to me that this is an investor stock, not a trader stock you're not having people come in. Here for quick, flips you're, getting people that are putting their money here and they're leaving it, and we see this on the charts, the psychology of the charts, because there's a lot of green volume - that's not leaving. We see this green volume here green volume here right, uh, green volume here green volume here on the red day right here. Nowhere near as much as green volume is coming in this is not a pumping up in my eyes.

I say this all the time. This is not a dead cat. This is not a dead cat. This is not a dead cat.

This is uh. This is a very live cat. I love them. I love microvision anywho.

We got that on the rsi right now. It's training at about 54.. We've got the beginning of this beautiful bullish, flag formation, which, if you're not familiar, is essentially a confirmation to buyers that you're about to see some pretty nice filthy price action. We always look for at least three touch points to validate any level of support or resistance.

We get that on the top here with this descending level of resistance. One two three, four five different touch points we get this on the bottom of the ascending level of support. One two three four different touch points right, so we've got this. This bullish flag formation - i don't anticipate sometime within the next day, and i'm willing to bet you'll - probably happen here in the pre-market that you're going to get a nice push.

Above this, this descending level of resistance we've got great volume, great consistent volume. On the our side sitting at 54, so there's not a lot of risk, pretty decent amount of upside, in my mind with microvision, but not a lot of risk. So what are you going to be looking at for a good entry point into the stock? Well, if you do see it end up pulling back down to about 17 and 30 cents, or so i do think it's going to treat you pretty well as a good entry point, i'm not guaranteeing that's going to happen, though i think there's going to be a Lot of great speculation, a lot of hype coming into microvision, especially with how much action has been happening here. You've got the new.

You know the the the uh lidar prototype that did come out here recently. You've got ford. This is just the perfect storm ford. Getting out of veloding so they can get into you know different companies potentially right.

We don't know that for sure, but it is very potential that you do see that happen in the future, especially with judy koran as a part of the team of management over at microvision. I don't know my friends, i don't know it seems pretty pretty awesome. I i don't wan na don't wan na get your hopes up, but everything about the situation is brewing up absolutely perfect. So if it does end up happening, like i said, i think, 17 and 28 cents 17 30 is gon na treat you pretty well, you may not see that happen, though.

So, if it doesn't, we do have this very small scale level of uh support right here. On the one month chart where you could get in at about 18 and 25 cents now, if you end up getting a bad entry point on this right, we don't see that pullback to you know 17, 30, 17, 35 or so right. I feel pretty comfortable with you buying in at the top right here with 54 on the rsi, and that is because, right now you know we see it sitting at 54 on the rsi. So it's not super overbite.

This isn't crazy buying territory. It's not overvalued right. So if you buy it at 1850 and it pushes for that 2237 you're - not even gon na - remember that you bought it at 1850. All you're going to be thinking about is dang.

I really wish i had bought more shares and if you hold this until the end of the year, my friends, i've got a price target on this of 100. If this ends up getting acquired, if they really capitalize on their automotive lidar presentation, their automotive light our gear right, i think this company is going to be a huge, huge, huge factor in upcoming. You know uh autonomous vehicle games. This is gon na, be a very highly uh desired company for many autonomous vehicles, so i i feel very good about where we're at right now.

I think this is a great long-term hold stock. The charts look, absolutely beautiful. We've got great consistent volume, 15 mah trading over the 200 dma. The rsi is sitting at 54, so you're not at a lot of danger or risk for downside.

If you get a bad entry point on this right, you bite at 1850, it's a false breakdown. It comes back down to 1730 or so average down my friends, you're gon na be absolutely fine. I promise you that, don't panic, don't panic, don't panic! This company is going to be a great great company. I love everything about this.

That's what we're seeing here on the one month chart. So if we change over here to the one day one minute chart i'm going to clear this off. If you do want to take a peek at the previous, you know stuff that i did drop. You can do that, but we did finish the day with the 15 ma cross over the 200 ema, which is typically a sign of bullish territory right, so we've got double confirmation on the macroscopic and microscopic price action saying this is in great bullish territory on the Rsi we ended the day at 47, so microscopically speaking, just a hair oversold, just a little bit right.

If you're able to get into this, you know in in the pre-market under 18 bucks. I do think 1730 is the best possible entry point that should treat you pretty well uh. I think you're gon na be very, very happy holding this for even just a month, but i would recommend holding this. You know for the year.

I think you're gon na see some great returns, 200, 300, 400 very very easily, and that is what i have for the video two days. So if you enjoyed it, please drop a like if it does help support the channel and consider subscribing. If you like to see more content like this, lastly, i have an affiliate link in the description box down below for weeble. This is version four for the desktop, absolutely great platform.

If you use my link, you get two free stocks, so the 100 deposit, i receive a free stock, great way to support the channel, my friends and, if you're, not interested, that is totally fine. I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos. I also dropped the merch link store the merch link store the merch store link down in the description box as well. If you're interested in that, thank you for watching the video today, my friends, that is what i have for you guys and i'll see you all.

Next time, peace.

By Trey

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