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You know, i think it's uh. I think it's story time with freaking trey's trades. I have had a lot of cats in my freaking day when i was a kid we had a cat named uh freaking killer. He was actually pretty nice cat.

It was ironic actually orange tabby, nice dude, fuzz, big fat, freaking, hairy black cat, never anything but sleep lounge around uh. We had a cat named princess. We thought it was a a dude actually turned. I thought it was.

A girl turns out that it was a dude uh, but we didn't change the name. We kept the same name and then a cat named jake. When i was, i think i was seven or eight years old uh. He ended up drinking antifreeze.

We had a basement. He would go around in the basement and somehow he popped the lid off of a big freaking gallon thing of antifreeze and he drank it. I thought he was dancing. It turned out he's having a seizure very sad, looking back now, it's it is what it is, but i've had a lot of cats.

Titan is the craziest cat, the most energetic freaking uh attention seeking cat that i've ever had man. This cat doesn't know anything other than play and sleep, and that is it like holy toledo guys this morning he woke me up. He was on my chest and just freaking. It was like two or three in the morning.

Just just got me right in my arm and i was like bleeding down in my hand. This dude has never never quits, it's uh, he's he's something else. I love him, though, right now he's looking out the window. What is up everybody? I'm going to trade trades, really freaking talk fast and don't skip class.

I like the purpose. I said: i'm not a fine advisor expert. So take it and say the grain of salt, let's get into the video. So today, my friends, my family, my fellow gamer, we're giving an update on ticker symbol amc here.

Obviously we did have a red day. We were down about seven point: four: seven percent. I did not end up putting out an update video here yesterday, but we did have a bull trap set up, which in hindsight, would indicate that you could see the potential for some sort of sell-off in the same sort of time frame, as you witness happen here Today, does this mean that the microscopic short-term sort of price action is not any longer bullish? No, not necessarily. It means that you did break a trend that you're waiting for a new trend to establish itself so that you can look at potentially options.

If that's what you're doing, i always recommend to buy stock first and foremost, because that does affect price action in and of itself the moment that you purchase it, i buy the books so, but you know this is something that we have to pay attention to. In terms of watching a new trend sort of play out, so you can predict what happens in the short term in the grand scheme of things waiting for the long term to come to fruition. So we're gon na go over the orthotex data. Give you an update on the short interest, the utilization, the short sale volume, percentage ratio, the cost to borrow all that sort of stuff and then finish it off with a technical analysis and what you should honestly look for in terms of trend and predictability over the Next couple of days, if that is something that you are looking at, if you are just diamond, freaking, balls or ovaries, holding this thing, you don't care what the short term price action is.

You're freaking chilling this thing, my friends, i think it's the best way that i can possibly put it is the best odds, lottery ticket that you have on planet earth right now for some pretty solid, life-changing money right now. That's a big thing to say: is it's a lottery ticket, there's nothing ever guaranteed about the stock market and you need to put whatever money you're into this right and just come out the other end, anticipating that there's no time frame, there's no price! You know a set price is going to hit. Nobody african planners knows that, but that's a decision for you to make that's your financial responsibility, i'm just here to give you the information. You guys make the decisions, as you wish, so without further ado baby.

Let's get into this bad boy, so the short interest, and what we got rocking right now, is that about 18 current short interest of free flow. If you do not know what the free float is, this is essentially how many shares are tradable to the general public, which is just a hair over 500 million total giving us that 92.06 million total current short interest. Number. Nothing really happened today.

Right, you didn't really see the short interest. Go up, you didn't see it go down. Utilization, however, did go down just a hair in the last two days comparatively to where it was. It wasn't.

91.77. Now it's a 9.97 today compared to yesterday. It is actually up a hair, meaning that you likely had some lenders who are willing to take on extra risk in handing out stock to people who want to borrow the stock and then either a hold it or b, lend it out again or c shorted into The market, so there could actually be new short positions that aren't just being reported yet because the finra report gives us the absolute truth in terms of the 85 percent of the exchange, reported data and short interest in what you're looking at on any given day. But in terms of the actual change, nothing worth noting right, the overall trend is still the same utilization still trending up.

You still have this overall upswing and utilization, something to watch for short interest. Also overall trending up, you had a huge parabolic spike up to about 19.2 percent and then it has dropped down here. It's about 18.01 overall trend is still going up, so it is something to watch for and keep in. The back of your mind costs to borrow nothing substantial happening here, and that is just basic supply and demand economics.

Once there is less supply overall available to the market, you are going to see that cost of bar go up in terms of uh the risk associated with any sort of short position. That's established in this stock. So that's what we got cooking up right now, like i said nothing. Substantial has really changed, but in case you wanted to see what's been happening.

That is what you can see, but, however, the short-sale fly. Percentage ratio has gone up again. It is on it up spike. Yesterday you saw that 57 of the overall market volume was shorted volume.

I think this is pretty particularly important, because if you look at the overall price action on the hourly candles, what did you see? You saw a test of this overall bull trap, setup that we ended up having come to fruition at that 38.50 mark and i'd be willing to bet you money. Shorts saw an opportunity here for a possible technical breakout to over forty dollars, which would continue to build momentum as we've seen, and they they took the opportunity to smash it down right. They try and push the stock price down lower than from where it was buddy. Get down from there get down don't climb on my mouth buddy! Stop! What are you doing? Stop titan titan come on buddy.

What are you doing? You just never stopped. You were crazy, you're, one, crazy cat. You are one freaking, silly chicken dude, oh buddy. Hopefully, hopefully he stays calm i might have to.

I might have to speed through this video he's gon na start attacking me he loves playing, but nonetheless that is uh. An important thing to note is that i likely think just based on technicals solely that this was a potential breakout point which you could have seen trend continuation over that 40 mark and the down it backs it up right. You saw an uptick in overall shorting. There are people who are playing algorithms out there, hedgies that are playing algorithms, that literally the computers are built to recognize specific price points that are critical to continuation of momentum.

They take advantage of those sort of opportunities. Now you might be thinking to yourself pessimistic sort of point of view. Well, if they can do that, then what's even the point right, but the point is: when there's enough momentum there's enough volume, there's enough trading interest or investment interest in any sort of stock. You can push through that hedgy, so to speak, because we've done it right.

You've seen this sort of price action where we're trading sideways, doing a whole bunch of up and down up and down up and down. This all happened back here right. It happened between freaking fourteen dollars and five dollars for literally three months three months, the difference now being that you just have more overall volatility in terms of dollar signs. The percent changes really aren't that much different right.

The only difference is the psychological piece of watching the price swing around three or four bucks comparatively to when it was maybe 50 cent, 30 cents, 70 cents or a buck. So that's the main difference here between what's happening now, what's happening back then, and you have more attention on the overall stock, so this will bring me to the technical analysis. Now that we talked about the fact that the shorting is relatively the same, you saw a big uptick yesterday, push back down off of a potential breakout point on the chart setup. What do we have rocking right? Now, i'm going to show you the daily candles, i'm going to show you the hourly candles and give you what to watch for in terms of trend and predictability coming into the next trading day.

We did see this bull trap setup come to fruition, which is essentially when you have a false breakout over a critical level of support or resistance, false breakout or breakdown. You saw that false break right. It tried to test it twice. It got rejected both times and it sold off here today now coming off of, that is something that i like to call a relief bounce, typically off of a relief bounce.

This will happen in two main scenarios. If a stock sells off too much or if you have a false breakdown back off of some critical level of resistance - and that is a potential opportunity here that you could see come to fruition, i want to point something out to you: it's not entirely the same, But i'm a guy that likes to pay attention to trend to be able to predict what may happen in the future. The last time that we had a very similar setup to this, where four bar candle, you know, candle bar setup, was back here right. We were at 12 bucks.

You got this break over that 1450 critical level of resistance, and it ran for a little while one, two, three four had a major pullback bull trap set up doji candle in a run. Now this is a little different of a setup right. We have a four bar sort of set up here on the daily candles. A rejection, bull trap set up right.

It pulls back, meaning that i think tomorrow the best case scenario. The best case trend is, if you get a daily doji candle now, a doji candle if you're not familiar essentially, is just a candle that does not cover any significant price action. It tried going up, it tried going down and it closed near. The opening point of the day that is a sign of indecision.

Unless it's in a bullish scenario, then it is usually bullish in a bearish scenario. It is usually bearish. You might be thinking to yourself. What are we in right now? That is the question that everybody would like to know, and that's what you're watching for overall is this trend to continue to play out because, in the very short term, this time frame right this time frame right here is bullish.

This setup right here bullish. If you get a doji candle off of this setup, you can see a very similar sort of move to the upside, probably not as much as this i mean that has a whole bunch of different volume, there's a whole bunch of different technical breakout points and momentum That played into that run up to 72, but in a much smaller way. I think you could see a recess of that 40 mark in the next sort of three to five day trading span. That will continue to build the momentum towards that grand scale.

Picture of setting up for the next big run for amc and pushing out those freaking hedges baby. So looking at the hourly candles right, what do we have in terms of trend? The trend today was just pure selloff. I mean, if you look at this guys. This is very obviously uh a combination of two things: high frequency trading, algorithms trading, the stock back and forth back and forth, pushing the stock price down right.

That's what big firms will do. It came off of a potential breakout point in a very small scale. Sort of time frame and short selling, you had a massive amount of short selling. We see that reflecting overall in the short sale volume percentage ratio, where maybe there's some hedges out there, that are scalping pending by penny by penny, which is why they're not holding positions that can also affect the price action.

So what you want to see on the hourly time frame to signify that you might get some sort of push back up to the 37 level so break over this downside level of resistance? That's what i'm personally watching for is a break of that downtrend to start and get that sideways training to build momentum back to the upside. You also have the potential for a break, a false breakdown underneath this level right here, 33 dollars and 84 cents, because, just as we have that bull trap set up right here, you've got a little bit of a potential bear trap, setup right here. Right you've got a candle that tried to break down underneath that critical level of support. It did not quite get that and in the after hours, we're down in just a little bit but keep in mind after hours, pre-market volume and after hours.

Pre-Market training does not reflect what will happen in regular market hours trading. I've seen it a million times. We've got a trend where it's green closes red right. It can happen.

That's what i'm watching for these two things. You want to see the bold case scenario in the very short term microscopic which, by the way, i'm still microscopic bullish, i've said it a million times when i'm bearish in the microscopic are bullish on the microscopic i'm still bullish in the microscopic. I think what you watched happened today was a in a sense, bear trap setup you want to see that reclaim over 33.82 and then a break out of this downtrend, which you will likely see happen, either a with a gap up immediately in the morning or b, With some sort of push back over 3380 immediately at market open similar to these scenarios, where you get a nice push back up immediately at open and reclaims that level to ultimately re-test for the third time that 37-18 level. This is also my favorite trend that i've seen out of amc, and that is the ford test trend.

I've seen this play out a million times, and i think it is going to happen again the fourth time that amc ever tests any critical level of resistance. It almost always breaks it. I've seen it happen, probably nine out of 10 times. Fourth test it'll get that level.

It's happened one time two times three times and this fourth time i think, is going to be the one that ends up coming to fruition. You might be thinking to yourself trey. How do i know that right? Well, i could show you because this is actually predictable. This is how i predicted the 1450 breakout that we ended up getting back here.

So if you look at the overall chart setup right here, what do you got right? You have four times that i tried to break over this level right here right, one, two, three false breakout, false breakout and it broke right. Well then, what do you get? You get a 1450 retest and that 1450 retest it tried to do that multiple times before it actually got that true break, and you can see it reflect right here. I'm gon na show you this on the daily candles, because that's probably the easiest way to be able to represent that 1450 breakout point. You had one test: two tests, three tests, four tests broke right.

I've seen this happen. Many many many many many times, and that is what i'm personally watching for to see that push up to 40 45 50 to get us closer to the end state. But that's what i've got for this video, so blah blah blah. I know this will drop a like super confidence catch you on the next one like that's always about i'm gon na start, throwing this in the end of my videos, i'm not gon na put at the beginning, because i don't want to waste you guys time, but I am gon na be doing that 2.5 kit.

100K challenge starting on september 1st. So if you want to watch that, i will be giving those weekly update videos uh on the youtube channel, i'm gon na be doing daily, update videos for the people in the discord. So that's what i've got? Everybody much love everybody likes as always, and peace.

By Trey

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